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Asking Out Their Crush (EXO)

“Heyaaa~ How would Exo ask their crush to go on a date for the first time?? Thankss”

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I can’t imagine him being shy. He would start off awkward, approaching you with a slight smile that could not be replaced. Then, he’d start up some small talk and it’d almost be completely natural. But, he still sounded a little off so you asked him whether anything was wrong. He’d chuckle a lil’, avoiding your gaze for a brief moment. He wouldn’t be able to contain his smile once you answered him “yes”.

“Ahh look (Y/N). The truth is, I like you and I wanted to take you out some time, is that okay?”

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This boy would be blushing from head to toe. He knew he had to do it; it was his final chance. However, such pressure can easily affect a boy. He would take a deep breath, approaching you slowly in which he’d try his absolute hardest to act casual. Yet, as soon as he saw your pretty face, he would melt inside and lose all focus. He’d manage to sheepishly stumble over the words, feeling at ease once you giggle and agreed.

“Um, I know this sounds a bit, uh, strange but I really like you.”

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Is that his crow?

Imagine your old man Kozik picking you up from school 

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You fought really hard with the heat of the classroom but you knew there was no use in hiding it. You sighed, taking off your thick green sweater and sighing, feeling the fresh air cool down how hot you were; as you leaned against your wood chair, going through your notes in hopes to pass this class. You got distracted of course, once again, with the beautiful black and silver crow inked up in your wrist, staring at you, with the neat “H.K.” under it’s wings, making you smile out of the blue. Your grandfather once told you that if something made you smile in a public place, just by the mere thought of it; it was good for you. He was right. 

The bell rang, meaning the last class of the day was about to start. You’ve been dating Kozik since you were about 17; only being his girl for about a year now. You had met him once at the gas station, while you were filling your bicycle tires, in one of your famous trips you made every Saturday. He was older, and he was wearing leather, and you were silly girl with a floral dress and scrapped bloody knees; You get the picture?. You were always an unusual girl, and you didn’t think much of it either. If people had troubles with you being in love with Herman, then it was their problem. You were happy. 

Behind you sat Amber and Rory Collins. Twins, beautiful, but dumb as hell; kind too, but too distracted for their own good. You didn’t had a lot of friends in High School to be honest and even thought you never did; it all became harder when people found out you were dating a Son. Your head them snicker and whisper behind your back and you tried to get over it, you knew those girls weren’t really that mean; until you couldn’t. The stood up from their seat and smiled at you; you had no choice but to smile back.

“Hi, girls.” You said.

“Hi,(Y/N).” They talked at the same time, sometimes. It was their thing, you guessed, being the stereotypical kind of twins. “We have a question.” You were hoping a math question, some schedule question, heck, even a prom question but now what they asked. 

“Is that  Son crow you got on you?” Amber asked, leaning over your desk; the whole scene remind you of a Grease musical number. You looked at the tattoo on your wrist and blushed slightly, you would never get used to people staring and let alone asking. 

“Yeah…” you gulped. “Kozik’s.” They smiled at you, admiring the tattoo, holding your wrist. You suddenly felt like a circus attraction, beard lady or the fat lady. You smiled once they pulled away.

“It must be great riding with them.” You smiled and closed your notebook.

“It is.”

“Is he picking you up after school?” You nodded. They giggled and the three of you started casual conversation, about your relationship, about school and the upcoming prom dance. 

The bell rang again and you found yourself walking down the stairs with Amber and Rory, laughing at the inside jokes of the school you understood. That until you say Herman, leaning on the seat of his bike, kutte on, cigarette in hand, wounds still healing all over his faace. Rory stopped and turned red, looking down an giggling while pushing you with her hip. They acted like little kids still and you like dthat.

“There’s your big bad biker, (Y/N).” You looked at him, getting dirty stares from the parents that picked up their kids; and him, being the hot head he was, staring back at them. This made you laugh as you turned around and hugged your new friends.

“I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Lunch, okay?” Amber nodded as Rory kept looking at your boyfriend.

“Ask him if he has a friend.” Amber laughed and you waved them off, climbing down the stairs and jumping into his arms, while Kozik dropped the cigarette and spin you around, lifting your school skirt.

“Hey babe.” He whispered into your hair, as he put you down, leaning over and pressing a soft kiss into your baby pink lips. “Had a good day?” He said, handing you  your helmet and grabbing your backpack, placing it in the bike.

“It’s better now, old man.” You said, swooping your leg to get on the bike. He smiled and lived up his Harley, earning glarings from the Principal always otside the school gate. You laughed at the old cow death glare as Kozik kept doing it, very aware he was being a problem.

“Let’s get you in trouble!” He screamed over the sound of the engine, as Amber and Rory laughed at the commotion he was making. You laughed again, holding tight onto his waist as your Principal started walking towards you.

“She’s coming, Koz. Let’s go!” You screamed as the blonde guy rode out of your school.

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uuuuuuuuuuuuugghhhhh thos high-riiiiiiise photos the annnnnnnnnnnngle of his faace and his looks i'M THIS CLOSE TO PRESSING MY CLIT TO HIS NOSE AND MAKE HIM DRINK FROM THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE i SWEAR TO GOD THOMAS I WILL



this might be one of the best sentences I’ve ever laid my eyes on


The difference between White Washing and Filtering, because people don`t know what the differences is.

So, I only edit on mobile only. I sometimes recolour and/or filter them. I use the app Picsart to edit everything, and today I`m here to show you the differences between these three pictures above of sehun.

The 1st picture is an original picture taken by fans. I did nothing to it, skin colour still the same.

The 2nd picture, I fucking enhanced his skin like shit. Its because I brighten and contrast his skin alot that his faace is white and you can`t even see the lines of his nose. Thats white washing fyi.

The 3rd picture is just filtered. The filter I use was from picsart called VintageIvory. All I did was filtered it and saved it like that. I just filtered it, the filter filtered sehuns skin to become lighter than the original, so does that mean I`m racist? No.

Not all editor is white washing, all of you are blind in seeing the difference in these kinds of things. Please don`t make society more worser than it already it. And you guys made some pale editors quit. So here is the damn differemce and have a nice day.