his eyes. oh my god his eyes are beautiful

Aaah look at this! His tattoo and his hair and his eyes oh my god. This is so cool!!!!!!

This was submitted to me by reallygeneralbread based on a fic I wrote called Forever Stained. The tattoo in the picture is one that Dex has in the fic (and look how beautiful it is, holy hell, I love this so much). 

Thank you so much for creating this masterpiece and everyone go send reallygeneralbread love and affection for this work of art!!

Business Doing Pleasure Part 2

“Oh, my god,” Spencer panted, his shaking body still pressed against (y/n)’s. “That was… You’re so…”

Spencer’s brows furrowed as he licked his lips and swallowed roughly. He wanted to praise her, their experience together, her beauty, but something about her body language stopped him.

During their encounter, (y/n) had been warm and inviting. She reached for him, tugged on him, held him close, and begged him. Now her arms laid at her sides, her legs had unraveled from his, and most troubling were her eyes. When he looked into her eyes, he was met with something completely different from what he had been experiencing. He felt anger, worry, hatred even. The emotions radiating from her eyes to his were harsh and uncompromising. Nothing like he had expected them to be.

A surge of panic struck Spencer. All this time he had been careful in their experience– profiling her each step of the way, ensuring that she wasn’t only willing because it was her job to be, but now her body language suggested that he had been wrong in deducing that she wanted him, wanted it. He felt sick.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

Her head cocked in confusion, tilting to the side and eyeing him.

“You’re sorry?”

“I just, um, I didn’t mean to… I didnt want to make you do something you didn’t want to do, and I was sure that you wanted to. Your pupils were dilated, your breathing rate had increased, and the tone of your voice was sincere. I profiled you exactly. I’m not sure where I went wrong–”

“You profiled me? What does that mean?” She shifted, a different type of worry seizing her features, “Are you a cop or something?”

“P-profiling is… I’m a profiler. I’m not a cop. It… It’s just basically the study of behavior, and I studied your–”

“A profiler? A profiler of what? What do you mean–”

“Serial killers, mostly. Sometimes kidnappers, rapists, anything that–”

“You study serial killers, but you’re not a cop?”

“N-no, not technically. I’m… I, um, I’m an FBI a-agent–”

“A what?” Her eyebrows jumped, her heart beat increased, “You… You’re here with me to–”

“I’m not here on business,” he stopped her, realizing her fear.

“You’re not? You’re an FBI agent who’s enacting something extremely illegal just for the fun of it? You’re corrupt? That’s what you want me to–”

“I didn’t… I didn’t think of it as being corrupt. I, I guess I just… We had a tough case, and I…” He looked away solemnly, embarrassment blending with his sorrow, “I don’t have friends or family or anyone that I can be with. I just, I wanted a distraction from it, and more than anything I just didn’t want to be alone.”

He looked back at her, tears glistening in his painful eyes.

She looked away, feeling a bit embarrassed at her harsh assumptions about the seemingly sensitive man, but her job had taught her to be so skeptical that the feeling passed quickly and was replaced by her original contempt.

NG “Do you think maybe you wanna get off of me now?”

She looked at him with a facade of apathy, but internally she hoped he would say no.

“Oh, I’m, I’m sorry,” he shook his head as he looked down at their bodies, easing himself from her slowly.

Rolling on his side and lying next to her, Spencer bit his lip as he eyed her.

“Do you, um,” he swallowed harshly and furrowed his brows, scolding himself inside his mind.

(Y/n) stared at him suspiciously wondering why he hadn’t jumped from the bed and hurried into his clothes, and then it hit her.

“You don’t pay for the night, you know,” she scoffed, “You pay for the session.”


“You want to go again, right?”

“Go again?” Spencer’s brows furrowed, “You mean have sex again?”

“Isn’t that what you were about to ask?”

“No, I…” Spencer looked away, biting his lip shyly.

“Alright,” she exhaled, propping herself up on her elbows as she studied him, “What were you gonna ask then?”

“I just, I know this is your job, so I’m sure you don’t really… I don’t know if you have other a-appointments tonight or–”

“I don’t–” she interjected, her eyebrow raising slightly.

“Ok,” he breathed nervously, slightly smiling, “So, do you think I could maybe h-hold you? Just for a little while.”

“Hold me?” Her brows tightened, her lips parted in what appeared to Spencer to be anger. “You want to hold me?”

Spencer inhaled deeply, embarrassment rushing to his cheeks again. He knew it was foolish to ask. He knew it was foolish to try. This entire experience was foolish. Why did he have to be so weird? So awkward? Why couldn’t he be normal?

“Why?” (Y/n)’s voice cracked as she whispered.

Spencer looked over to her quickly, recognizing the pain which dripped from her lips.

“Why?” He questioned, unsure of her meaning.

“Why do you want to…” Her brows furrowed again, and her lips closed hurriedly as they quivered. Spencer realized she was attempting to hold back tears.

“Why do I want to hold you?” He tried to clarify, his brows lifted in determined curiosity.

“Y-yes,” she looked up to him, her eyes glistening with confusion.

“You’re beautiful,” Spencer whispered before inhaling, and continuing, “I just… I don’t do this often. I don’t do this ever, and I didn’t want to just leave… I figured I might have to. I told myself I’d have to. No matter how badly I wanted to stay or talk with you, no matter how amazing you were, I told myself that I couldn’t become attached. See, Morgan… This guy I work with, he tells me that the key is not to get attached. He says that’s how you protect yourself. But then he always jokes that vi– He says I’ll get attached no matter what, that I’m doomed. He says everyone feels clingy after their first…”

He looked away from, his brows furrowed as he scolded himself inside his mind. After a calming exhale, he looked back to her and tried again.

“I know this is your job. I know you don’t want to be intimate beyond what intimacy you offer as a service, and I prepared myself for that. But now that I’m here with you… Profilers, we, we can read people. We can see things about you, small, subtle things that others would miss. And in those tiny details, we can understand more about you than someone you talk to everyday may understand or know. For example, when you poured the drinks, you made sure that I could see your hands at all times. You didn’t want me to worry about the situation I was in, and that tells me that you want people to be comfortable. You aren’t just here for a service. You want people to be relaxed and at ease with you. You also kept your eyes on me which tells me that you’re vigilant. You don’t want to be worried about the situation that you’re in either. This also tells me that you’re smart. You aren’t naive. You know the dangers of the world, this job you’ve chosen, and you take precaution. I can tell from your body language that your confident, but every now again, there’s a hint of insecurity or doubt, and I imagine that comes from the type of interaction you’re used to having. Of course, I’m no expert on social interaction, so I can’t blame you for how you react to so much of it. And I noticed your books on the way in. You have a lot of Poe in your collection. Poe is my… He’s my favorite. And this comfort that I feel with you, I’m always nervous. I’m always thinking, worrying. I was able to lose myself in our experience together, and I… I know that there’s something about you… I just… If I have this one night with you… Please just let me have this one night with you… Not just because I need, but because I’m worried that you might need it too.”

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"come on... your eyes, your smile — don't you think our baby would be beautiful." Oh my god I'm squealing this prompt it so cute ASDFGHJKLSNSNHG!!1!!1!

GYAH It is so cute!!!

This is the first thing I thought of when I saw this prompt ^^ High school AU!

“Don’t you think our baby would be beautiful?”

The question had Killua stumbling over nothing on the sidewalk. His heart lurched and his brain stuttered to a total standstill.

”I- you- our- what?!”

Gon simply laughed like Killua had told a funny joke.

“Our babies, Killua.” He smiled at Killua and his eyes shone like the setting sun. “Babies. You know?”

Killua scowled, silently praying that Gon couldn’t see the redness he knew was rising on his cheeks. Idiot Gon, saying idiotic things.

Babies. What the hell had gotten into his head this time?!

“No, I don’t know,” Killua said flatly and shoved his hands deep into his pockets. “We- we can’t have babies, Gon.”

“I wasn’t saying that!” his friend chirped. “I’m just asking if you think we’d have a pretty baby. That’s it.”



“Stupid,” Killua said, for lack of a better word.

“I don’t think so!” Gon’s step was more of a skip and Killua fought down the urge to trip him. 

Gon twirled around to face Killua, expression bright and glowing. “Just think, Killua! If we had a baby-”


“- they would be beautiful, ‘cause they’d have your smile. And your eyes, too, of course. So, naturally they’d be pretty.”

“You clearly don’t have any understanding of human genetics,” Killua managed to say. His entire face was on fire, skin tingling. He couldn’t bring himself to look at Gon even though what they were talking about was literally impossible.

Out of the corner of his vision, he saw Gon grin. “Oh, yeah?” 


“How’s that?”

“Our baby wouldn’t just look like me, dumb-ass!” Killua blurted out. “It’d have half of your genetics, s-so it might have your eyes, or your smile. And…”

“And?” Gon cocked his head to the side. It looked like he was barely keeping himself from laughing. Killua wanted to punch him in his stupid face. 

Why was he friends with someone who asked such insane questions?!

“What are you trying to say, Killua?” Gon pressed and nudged him with his elbow. 

Killua gritted his teeth. 

“I’m saying that I think we’d have a pretty baby!” he snapped.

He twisted on one heel and stomped away. Gon’s laughter followed him all the way down the street.

Preference #15 He sees you naked for the first time

Bellamy Blake:
(Y/n) straddled Bellamy’s waist as his large hands rested on her bum. Heatedly making out as he gave it a cheeky squeeze. She giggled before sitting up mind locking eyes with him. Lifting her shirt as his eyes widened slightly. Her boobs spilling from the top of her bra.
“Help me out?” She murmured as he nodded. Unbuttoning her pants as she unclipped her bra. His eyes drifted to her boobs as he boy back a moan.
“God you’re fucking gorgeous.” He smirked.
“Oh. Hush.” She giggled as she leaned back down onto him.
“You’re beautiful though…like…a goddess.”
“Then thank the stars you’re my god.” He shivered at her tone before saying cheekily
“I bet you’ll look even hotter without those pants on.”
John Murphy:
John watched as (Y/n) stepped out of the shower. The two had been in the lighthouse for awhile, but had only taken their relationship so far. He smirked as she gave him an innocent smile. Before releasing her towel in the door way. Having only just woken up, Murphy went from cocky to blank minded in seconds at her
“Well. Good morning to me.” He winked as she giggled.
“Seriously you’ve been holding out on me baby.”
“Yeah okay Murphy.” She teased.
“You wound me you know that?” He pouted.
“You wound me by not being in the same state I am.” She winked.
“Oh. You play a good game babe.” He winked back as he took his shirt off.
Jasper Jordan:
Jasper was practically sprinting to his tent he shared with (Y/n) eager to see her. He didn’t know that she was getting undressed from her sticky clothes, so he was shocked when he barged in.
“(Y/n)-babe-OH MY GOD!” He shouted when he saw her boobs.
“Oh my god-JASPER!” She shouted as she blushed. Both of them froze before she finally covered her boobs. Jasper swallowed hard.
“If it’s any consultation…they’re really really really nice.” She blushed before quickly turning back to hide herself.
“You have really nice…it’s all um…nice system…it’s beautiful-okay I’m leaving.” He blushed as he moved from the mouth of the tent with a half hard cock. Image forever engraved in his brain. But something told him he’d see it again soon.
Monty Green:
Monty never thought he’d get a girl into his room let alone his bed. So that’s why he was shocked when he came into his room to find (Y/n), his girlfriend (much to his surprise), was under the covers. Nude. His eyes widened as he drank in the sight of her bare breasts. Admiring how truly beautiful they were. The way they-
“Monty?” She murmured as she woke up.
“What the hell? Come on. Undress and cuddle with me.” She rolled her eyes as she lifted her head. Covering her breasts much to Monty’s internal protest.
“R-right on it baby.” He blushed as he removed his clothing quickly.
Lincoln was one for taking things slow. He didn’t want to rush you. He made you feel like an absolute princess. Right now, he was hovered over (Y/n)’s naked form. Caressing her delicate skin, kissing it sweetly.
“You are the most beautiful…amazing…being to ever grace my life.” He kissed the tops of her breasts with joy. He finally got her to reveal how truly beautiful she really was. And Lincoln made sure to make sure he knew how grateful he was for it.
Roan had been training all day. He was stressed as his mother had been forcing more training on him lately. He was always so…stressed. And (Y/n) was going to help him.
She was laid across his bed, nude, in a seductive position as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Roan burst through the the doors, the vein in his forehead and neck prominent in anger.
“Hello my prince.” She sang with a innocent smile. His head whipped to look at her. Smirking as she slowly rose from the bed.
“What a goddess you are…” He said huskily.
“Allow me to worship my goddess…”

Even More Beautiful

Anon: Can you write a fic where Dan and y/n are friends and she does his makeup for a video and while she’s helping him remove it they kiss and such (no smut please) sorry that was a really long prompt

I hope this is okay love, sorry if it’s not what you wanted :) let me know what you think xxoo

“Oh god this is terrifying” Dan states as you apply coal eyeliner on his bottom water line

“Oh hush” you giggle as he tries to keep his eyes open

To say you were excited to be doing this would be an understatement. Dan was a close friend of yours and this was the first video you had ever done with him so you were a little overwhelmed.

“Beautiful. Now I’m going to apply some mascara” you inform the camera

“Please don’t stab my eye out”

“At least I’m not shaking everywhere like you were” you argue. Yes that’s right, being a makeup tag meant that Dan had done your makeup too and that didn’t turn up so nicely. To say it kindly, you looked like a raccoon. Thick eyeliner was all around your eyes and right up the sides of your face to your temples.

“Hey! Made you even more beautiful!” He dates. Even more? You can’t help but blush at his choice of words.

“Yeah sure, if the joker gave birth to a raccoon. Now shut up so I can put on lipstick” you order causing Dan to chuckle

Your face moves closer to Dan’s in order to concentrate and you can’t help but notice the change in his breathing pattern. That and how perfect his lips are, the bottom one nice and plump, they are slightly chapped yet still so kissable… I mean no, not kissable… Stop that.

His lips move as the vibrant red colour runs along. The room silent as you almost forget about the camera currently filming you.

“Finished” you say, your voice coming out in almost a whisper as Dan’s chocolate eyes stare into yours.

You both giggle as you turn back to the camera. Dan grabs the mirror and looks at your work.

“I’m bloody gorgeous!” He states with wide eyes. You both laugh as Dan finishes off the video, saying your fare wells and hitting stop on the camera. (More than thankful he didn’t want to do the sexy end screen dance)

“Well, I’m going to go wash this off now but I think your ready for a night out!” Dan informs you as he gets up from the bed

“Definitely” you reply sarcastically.

You follow Dan to the bathroom, leaning over the sink and splashing your face with water before cleaning your face with cleanser until all the makeup is gone. You sit up on the basin and watch as Dan scrubs at his face.

“How the hell do you get this off!?” He complains as he rubs at the red lipstick staining his lips.

“Come here” you say, pulling out cotton pads and makeup remover.

Dan moves to stand between your legs where you sit. You dab a small amount of makeup remover on the cotton and then lift it to his perfect lips.

As your fingers delicately work at removing the makeup Dan places his hand on your thigh, a simple action that releases butterflies.. No, dragons in your stomach. Flying around and making it almost impossible to breath.

Dan’s face is so close to your own that you can feel his fresh and warm breath on your face. His thumb begins to run on your thigh and his eyes flicker between your eyes and lips.

You place the cotton on the basin beside you and run your finger along his lip slowly to be sure you got all of it. As you do this Dan’s face moves even closer.

“You even more beautiful without makeup” he mumbles, your finger still on his lip

“Thank-you” you whisper, a blush evident on your warm cheeks.

I’m these few seconds, Dan can’t stop himself anymore, his head tilts slightly as he closes the gap between you. It always sounded silly to you when movies talk about seeing fire works when you kiss someone you love, but now it was happening to you as his warm, soft lips moved against your own. His lips tasted like a mix or cherries and a little bit of makeup remover, but everything was perfect.
His arms wrapped around you as he held you close.

The kiss that seemed to last forever stopped as you both pulled away for air, foreheads leaning against each other as you looked into each others lust filled eyes.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that” Dan whispers, his voice smooth and loving.

“I’m glad you finally did it”

“So… Would you care to go on a date with me?” Dan questions

“I would love to”

And you both seal the agreement with another heart stopping kiss.


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Are you still receiving request for 3 sentence fic? If yes can i have one where Youngjae make a surprise dinner for 1 year anniversary with his girlfriend?

“Annndddd, open!” Youngjae exclaimed, taking his hands off of your eyes as you blinked rapidly, trying to gain your vision back; when it finally settled in, you gasped at the view in front of you: all of your favorite dishes perfectly placed on the beautiful table cloth, complete with champagne to drink and red roses as a centerpiece. 

“Oh my god, Youngjae,” you whispered, feeling happy tears begin to build up behind your eyes as you took a step towards the dinner table and then looked back at your boyfriend saying, “I love it so much, thank you,” as you pulled him into a hug and kissed his lips lightly.

Youngjae squealed happily and grinned, kissing the top of your head before saying, “Happy anniversary, jagi,” as he walked over and pulled out a chair for you to sit down; within minutes, the two of you were eating, drinking, and laughing as Youngjae said a ridiculous pun and you tried not to die of laughter, both happy just to be in each other’s company.

Give me a pairing, an AU, and I will write a three-sentence fic~

"Remember when you thought you were in love with me?"

AN: English is not my first language, and I apologize for any spelling/grammar/etc. mistake that I may have made.

Summary: Y/N is in love with her best friend, but he already has a girlfriend… 

 ”What about when I pushed you in the pool with all of your clothes on and you wouldn’t talk to me for three days? Or when I fell on my bike and you carried me all the way home? Or when you let me use my mother’s makeup on you?” It’s always like this at your sleepovers – basically just refreshing all your old memories from when you were younger. From when things weren’t so complicated and you weren’t in love with your best friend.

“I looked soooo good with red lipstick,” Calum laughs and you can’t help a smile either. You’re sure that his beautiful smile could light up the whole world and his laugh cure all sickness. And his eyes, oh god, his eyes, when you look into his chocolate brown eyes you feel yourself falling harder for the maori boy – if that’s even possible.

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I just really want to do Oswald's eye make up for him. Can you imagine staring into those gorgeous eyes like that?

Oh my God, you’d get lost in them, I bet! These pretty eyes of his… Ahhh…. My heart… And you start to daydream while doing the eye make up for him and startle when you realize he’s calling you by your name and you blush and apologize and tell him he just has so beautiful eyes, you got lost for a moment and he smiles, takes the make up and put it aside and his lips slowly are coming closer to yours…….. 

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What if you and Harry are newly married and there's some areas in your newly bought house you're deciding what color to paint but inspiration hits you and you remember one day laying in bed with Harry with the sun hitting his face perfectly and his eyes shone beautifully and his eyes were mesmerizing and you decided to paint his shades of green and when he curiously asks why those colors you shyly say why & look at the ground the heat on your face from blurting your thoughts (a dream 💤)

This is such a wonderful and beautiful concept oh my god yes 100% yes do you know how happy this would make him!


genre: fluff

word count: 2.3k

warnings: overuse of the word love and unnecessary squealing, swearing

extra tags: proposal, established relationship, reality


insp. by this post

Phil looks at him, his Dan on the floor, on one knee with a ring in his palm and fingers around it awkwardly and his eyes can’t stop because shit, this was them without the cameras, with their terrible hair and bad lighting, but Dan’s eyes are beautiful anyway, and they’re the same ones as he first saw through a terrible screen years ago.

“Marry me,” Dan says, not a tremor in his words.


to my lovely valentine’s exchange buddy who, unfortunately, I cant reveal right now, I hope you enjoy!!! This is for you <3

edit; to the amazing @helpimphanningandicantgetup here you go!! its been a pleasure to write for you <3 (ngl i was kinda scared bc i was scrollin through your blog to get a feel for what u might like and then i realised you were that one who had written that smiles fic so i was like *gasp* bc that was amazing dude)

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Me when one of my co-workers shows me their new baby:

Co-worker: [proud] Look at my new baby!
Me: [tries to act interested but couldn’t care any less] Aww, how cute.

Me when my OTP’s baby is revealed:

Me: [screams and falls to hands and knees with gross crying] OHHHH MYYY GAAAWD [x10] Oh my sweet BEAUTIFUL BABY! My sweet, beautiful SON! Look at this beautiful masterpiece PRECIOUS gift from above with a gene pool full of absolute PERFECTION oh my dear GOD his eyes he has his daddy’s eyes oh my sweet JESUS

Current situation :
In two weeks starts the winter exam session and besides the French exam, the linguistics exam and the general grammar exam I have to prepare my English literature exam in three weeks, which involves the reading of two novels and the history of the English literature from the eighteenth to the twentieth century with related essays/poems and the analysis of six critical essays. But oh my God I fell in love with a long-haired, blue-eyed, perfect nose, shy anarchist/communist musician whose ego is bigger than his person, who I asked very timidly to go out with and oh, he is so cute when he talks making eye contact and forming a super cute wrinkle under his left eye. I love and I’m annoyed by his strong attach to his art and I think he won’t ever manage to love someone that isn’t him but he is so beautiful and last night we were on a couch and he lay with his head on my shoulder and his arm on my leg like it was the armrest of an armchair, I was seriously excited like I was back to my seventeen but more conscious.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Someone please stop Dylan Sprayberry because he's so beautiful and what do you mean he's only seventeen because those biceps tell me otherwise and his eyes oh my God his eyes I melt everytime I just want to hold him in my arms forever he is so precious someone please hold me I am not alright call 911 give me CPR because he took my breath away hurry I'm dying
Imagine Sam getting dosed with a love potion...

“Hey Sam,” you said casually as you walked through the kitchen. Sam was sitting at the island looking over some papers.

“Oh my God,” he said abruptly.

“What is it? Break through on the case?” you said over your shoulder as you reached for the orange juice in the fridge. You slammed the door shut with your foot and turned around to face Sam. He was staring at you his jaw slightly dropped and his eyes wide. You narrowed your eyes at the peculiar expression on his face. “What… why are you looking at me like that?” you asked, pulling the top off the juice bottle.

He closed his mouth and his lips formed a tight smile. His eyes were dewy. “You are so beautiful,” he said suddenly. You had been pouring some juice into a glass and the assertion made you twitch and spill juice all over the counter.

“Shoot! Wait–What?!” you looked at Sam incredulously. 

He still had the little smile on his face and was looking at you with a sickly sweet expression.

You stared back at him, completely unsettled, but unable to deny the fluttering in your stomach.