his eyes were glistening

Sunday Six

Harry’s eyes stuck to Eggsy’s back much of the time, and it made Eggsy feel desirable and self-conscious at once.  Eventually he swam over to the edge of the pool closest to Harry and just hung there.  The concrete was sun-warmed, a nice contrast to the cool water.  He figured that if Harry was enjoying the view he might as well do the same. 

Of course, if Harry was bothered by Eggsy watching him- if he was even aware of being watched at all- he gave no sign.  Suddenly he seemed engrossed in his book. 

Except… his legs parted a little as he shifted positions on the lounge, and he wrapped his hand around his drink with a slowness that drew Eggsy’s eyes to how long his fingers were, how they glistened from the condensation forming on the glass.  How his lips glistened too after he took a sip. 

Eggsy swallowed heavily.

Harry’s gaze finally flicked up to meet his.  He had finished his drink, and he put aside his book without taking his eyes off Eggsy again.  “How’s the water?” he asked.

“Why don’t you come over and see for yourself?” Eggsy asked, remembering the way Harry had put his hand in the water the day before, the way it had made him think for the first time that the instant attraction he felt might go both ways. 

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warnings: graphic smut, dirty talk, spanking, oral sex, fingering, rough sex, asphyxiation (choking), ass play, degrading names, dom!jungkook + sub!reader

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Byun Baekhyun//Psych - Part 7 (Finale)

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Summary: After a month of being broke at college, you finally find a place to stay, but the only con is that there is nine other people you have to share a house with - one in particular who makes it his mission to irritate you at every turn - but they’re hiding something from you. Something big. (1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7)
Scenario: Werewolf!AU, college!AU, series
Word Count: 3,887

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Chapter 5

╳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

╳ Genre: fluff, smut, angst

╳ Summary: Being the Duff has really changed you.”“Excuse me, the Duff?” I asked, my voice rising a little at the end.“You know, the Designated. Ugly. Fat. Friend.”

No missed calls. No missed texts. Nothing.

It’s been 5 days since Jungkook and I’s little fling.  Most of my thoughts have been swarming around him. Disgusting, right? How am I supposed to act when I see him next? Am I supposed to act like it didn’t happen? Still treat him like the dick he is? But because I kind of liked it, should I act grateful? Okay, fuck that. The last option was too far. And I absolutely did not like it.

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Third set of ten Sterek fic recs!

You Only Live Once…or Twice | WonderWolf ( @teenshmolf ) | 32,949 | Explicit | 2015-05-09 to 2015-06-13

“Anything,” Derek’s eyes are determined, boring into Stiles’.

Stiles huffs a laugh, “Careful there, big guy. Don’t want to be promising anything to every necromancer you meet. Some might ask for your soul or someth—”

“I’ll give you my soul to bring her back,” Derek says, his voice steady and strong with resolve, “if that’s what you want.”

Stiles’ mouth gapes open for a moment before his brain kicks into gear and he stutters out, “N-no, I don’t ask for that. I only ask for money.”

(Or the one in which Stiles is a necromancer who needs help stopping a rogue alpha and Derek is the solution, but at what cost?)

Eyes Like Stars | @inthearmsofathief | 10,889 | Gen | 2017-06-11

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said indignantly. “And don’t think you can try anything on me. It won’t work.” Stiles had been attacked by his own kind before. Stiles wasn’t necessarily strong, but unbridled. And nothing ever seemed to really hurt him.

When the Okami stepped out, it wasn’t what Stiles had been expecting. The wolf was an actual wolf. His sleek black fur was hit by rays of the setting sun, his eyes glistened like rubies and his teeth were sharp. Sharp enough Stiles wondered if they could actually damage him.

“Kira said the village lost all its protectors,” Stiles mused. “Yet here you are.” The wolf growled again. Stiles scoffed. “I don’t blame you for abandoning them. Wouldn’t want to protect them either.”

And When I Wake You’re There I’m Saved | suchfun ( @fishcommander ) | 14,414 | Teen | 2017-05-17

“Derek,” Stiles says, firm. His hand is warm on Derek’s shoulder. “I’ll be okay.”

“You didn’t leave me,” Derek argues. “How can you expect me to leave you?”

Stiles rolls his eyes. “Oh my god, it’ll be fine. Even if I am captured, I’m just a boring human. They wanted you for your Lycan blood.”

Derek crosses his arms. Mainly so he doesn’t wrap his hands around Stiles’ throat in an attempt to throttle some sense into him. “That’s fine. But this isn’t a time when being a boring human is an asset. This is a time when being a boring human results in a shot to the head.”

Derek,” Stiles says again. He steps closer, so Derek is surrounded in his scent, his chemosignals—namely unwavering, resolute determination, distinctively sharp and entirely unbreakable—clouding Derek’s mind. “You’ll come back for me.” He sounds so sure, and he can tell the exact moment Derek gives in. Because Derek somehow always gives in to Stiles.

“I’ll come back for you,” he confirms. “And you better not be dead.”

Stiles grins, eyes sparkling with far too much humour for someone who potentially just sacrificed himself for a surly Lycan and bunch of strangers. “You do say the sweetest things.”

Somewhere to Start | @lissadiane | 33,552 | Teen | 2017-06-13

Stiles has always known that he isn’t quite human - the plant life that tends to sprout around him whenever he gets upset or excited gives it away. He’s never really fit in among the regular people in Beacon Hills and is determined to wait it out, go to college, and find somewhere to belong. He’s forced to abandon those plans, however, after he desperately agrees to enter into an arranged marriage to save his father’s life.

An arranged marriage with an angry, sometimes furry dude with trust issues. It’s all very Beauty and the Beast, without the singing candlesticks.

Something New Is Going to Happen | dragon_temeraire ( @dragon-temeraire ) | 4,766 | Teen | 2017-06-14

Stiles accidentally discovers that their school mascot is super cute.

Striking Matches | @eeyore9990, castielblues ( @dyjanobrien ) | 14,923 | Teen | 2017-06-09

Stiles has only ever wanted to protect his family and his pack. That’s not easy to do when you’re human and sarcasm is your only defense. Now Deaton is telling Stiles he’s a spark, and if that’s a weapon in his arsenal, he’s sure as hell going to learn to use it.

All Stiles needs now, to complete his transformation into a true badass, is a training montage and a decent soundtrack…

I’ll make you a believerElisAttack ( @iamonlydancing ) | 26,543 | Explicit | 2017-05-15 to 2017-05-26

Five times a memory charm is cast, and the one time Derek Hale doesn’t bother.

Or the one where Derek’s too old to be chasing an unidentified, unregistered wizard around the city.

An Unpredictable Amount of Turtles | skoosiepants ( @pantstomatch ) | 5,942 | Teen | 2017-05-16

Stiles says, “I have a five year plan. A five year plan to popularity that will tank the minute I meet this guy.”

“I feel like you’re exaggerating,” Scott says, but Scott has a katana-wielding badass waiting for him at the other end of the rainbow, and Stiles has terrariums.


A soulmate au with turtles and angst.

Stringbean | tintagel | 2,548 | Gen | 2017-06-04

Never compare your best bro’s body to a stringbean. Working out may result.

The summer when he’s back from college, Stiles takes up running, and Derek’s house becomes his halfway point.

Put a spell on me, please? | ssleif ( @do-what-the-knight-tells-you ) | 3,154 | Explicit | 2017-06-01

Derek has a dilemma, and figures Stiles, sneaky clever Slytherin that he is, might be able to help. Or: Teenage wizards having an illicit first-time rendezvous while their dorm mates are elsewhere.

Imagine Dean watching you take care of a baby and realizing he wants to have a family with you when it’s all over.

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“Aaaand- we’re done!” you grinned as you placed the small plate on the side and grinned down at the little puddle of happiness. The little baby girl giggled at you as you tickled her tummy.

“All clean and fed, aren’t you a happy little princess huh?” you grinned down at her as she squirmed happily in your arms, lifting her hands and legs as if reaching out to you. You chuckled as you picked her up.

You were on yet another case with Sam and Dean, when you realized that your witch was targeting innocent children of all ages. The baby you were holding as of now had just lot her mother who had decided to fight rather than let her daughter die. You had decided to take care of her until the case was over and you could find her father that, as the woman had said, happened to be out of town. There was no way you’d let her to the cops who would take her who knows where.

“Look at you-” you cooed at her “So pretty, you like your pink shirt? Dean picked it up for ya! Gotta admit, I never expected him to have such a good taste. Who knows, maybe you inspire him.” you winked at her as she giggled, bubblingand trying to say Dean’s name.

“I’ll try not to be offended at what you are actually implying.” came a voice behind you and without even having to turn you smirked.

“Oh you definitely shouldn’t!” you chuckled, picking up the little baby “The clothes you picked are pretty darn good!” you grinned at him as you turned with the little girl in your arms. Your smile flattered only for a split second as you saw a kind of emotion you could not understand wash over his face.

“Geez thanks.” he mumbled looking away and you giggled.

“No problem” you shrugged, looking back at the little girl “What? What is it little one?” you cooed at her once again, making a funny face at her and eliciting a giggle from her.

“Isn’t it amazing?” you asked Dean but still didn’t look at him “She’s always so happy… despite what has happened.” you added with a sad mumbled and heard him sigh.

“At least she has her father, hopefully he’s not going to change after-” he stopped himself and cleared his throat “Yeah”

You dared glance at him for a second and instantly felt the need wrap your arms around him and comfort him. It wasn’t as if things were any easier for him lately, even with Mary’s return. If anything, it seemed that he had one more worry to burden his shoulders.

“Hopefully” you mumbled as silence followed for a moment, but it was broken by the little girl bubbling at you and you couldn’t help a giggle “Besides- look at this beauty! Who could ever resist her?” you grinned down at her as she laughed.

“Yeah” he breathed out but this time you didn’t look up at him, too focused on the little girl in your arms to pay attention to anything else.

Maybe it was your instincts kicking in, you wouldn’t know since you didn’t have nor had thought of having children, but you were willing to make the most of your time with her. And while doing that you were willing to shower her with love and make her as happy as she could be.

“What? What little princess?” you giggled at her as played with your necklace, a gift from Dean on one of your birthday’s “You like the necklace?” you chuckled and she giggled.

“It’s a gift.” you said with a grin “Hey!” you chuckled as she pulled on it alone with some of your hair “Easy there little one.” you pushed her tiny hands away from you for a little “If you want to pull on some hair, we have Dean here for that!” you said and she giggled as you glanced at Dean who was glaring at you.

“What?” you chuckled “She wouldn’t be the first woman to, after all.” you shrugged and he scoffed with a roll of his eyes.

“Dah! Deh- D!” she bubbled and you giggled when she finally exclaimed and Dean himself couldn’t stop a chuckle from leaving his lips.

“She already adores you, unbelievable.” you laughed as you pushed a few short strands of hair out of her face. Although it was not all that hard to believe considering you had such a soft spot for the older Winchester- well, it was much more than just that but you were scared to admit it even to yourself.

“Hey princess, want your stuffed bee?” you asked when you noticed her eyes were on the toy Castiel had brought her.

“Beeee!” she squealed and you laughed, grabbing the stuffed animal and waving it in front of her as she giggled, reaching out her hands with a small pout when she couldn’t reach for it as much as she’d like at least.

“Here” you giggled as she wrapped her tiny arms around it, a wide smile on her face. You chuckled kissing the top of her head, making her big green eyes look up at you in a second. They were so big an beautiful, adorned by long eyelashes that made your heart swell inside your chest.

“You love it a little too much don’t you?” you asked with a chuckle “Uncle Cas made a great choice too huh?” rubbed her tummy, making her laugh adorably. A laugh that cut short by a yawn leaving her lips, making you chuckle.

“Well, someone’s tired, aren’t you?” you chuckled “Come on, princess. Let’s get you to sleep.” you said as got up from your bed and walked towards her port bebe. It was the only thing you had for her to sleep. You tried taking the stuffed animal from her hands but whining she only tightened her grip around it.

“Or not.” you mumbled with a shake of your head, making sure as you got up that the shirt didn’t move much. Dean’s shirt by the way, because you were just too comfortable to take it off and you loved Dean’s smell a little too much.

“D!” she let a soft whine, reaching for something behind you and you turned to look at Dean that was still standing there, eyes almost wide as the little girl reached out for him.

“What? Want Dean to put you to sleep?” you smiled softly, looking between her and the hunter who seemed all the more nervous.

“D!” she exclaimed and you chuckled, looking at him.

“Come on, she wants you to hold her.” you said and he hesitated for a moment “Come on Dean, she won’t bite you.”

“But what if- what if she-” he stuttered, taking tentative steps towards you.

“What? Falls from your hands? Don’t be silly Dean. Alright, see-” you placed her down on your lap “Not hard. Now come here, because I see a crying feat coming if you don’t take her now.” you said a little sternly and he swallowed thickly, complying like a little kid.

“Just put your arms around her like this.” you said softly, guiding his hands so that he could hold her “Told you so, easy.” your hands rested on top of his holding her.

“She’s-” he started, eyes focused on her “She’s so beautiful.” he confessed and you smiled widely, nodding your head softly.

“She definitely is.” you whispered “Just look at her, staring up at you with so much adoration. I don’t know how you do this Winchester.”

“What can I say-” he chuckled “Chicks dig me.”

“Hmh” you hummed, subconsciously rubbing your thumb over his hand “That they do. Must be the charming smile.” you pointed out and he grinned almost shyly “It wins their heart over.”

“All of theirs?” he asked you, finally locking eyes with yours and for a second you frowned at what he could be really asking. But you didn’t have to question it as the little girl spoke up.

“D!” she jumped slightly and you chuckled as Dean’s eyes widened for a moment, scared she’d fall from his hands any given minute.

“Gosh you’d be an amazing father.” you whispered, tucking a few strands of hair out of her face; your eyes moving between her and the hunter.

“Not as much of a wonderful mother you’d be.” he confessed and you smiled shyly.

“I doubt it but thanks.” you mumbled and he gave you a look.

“You wouldn’t if you’d seen all the things I did today.” he confessed and your eyes locked with his, finally realization downing on you like a tone of bricks.

He had been watching you. His eyes had been focused on you the entire time, not the baby. At least not entirely the baby. He had been watching you acting all motherly with her, feeding her, changing het, putting her to sleep, playing with her and doing pretty much everything a new mother would. And all of that while wearing his clothes. All of it now was able to explain the look of nostalgia written all over his face and just why his eyes were glistening with unshed tears. He wanted all of this… with you.

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overstimulation with coups? but after it all, him being a cutie and asking if you are ok and stuff and then cuddling to sleep.

this took me SO long oh my god and while I’m still not sure how I feel about this, I hope you like it! ♥

happy Valentine’s day! 😘

Seungcheol had come home earlier than usual that night, and after a whole lot of suggestive messages from both of you, it wasn’t all that surprising that while you had welcomed him home warmly, his first words had been “You, me, bedroom - now.”

You had had no objections.

His lips had been hot and needy against yours from the very first kiss he gave you, and they had you excited in an instant. Not that his messages of how he’d definitely make you feel good that night hadn’t already, of course; spending most of the day thinking about his body pressed hard against yours, his hips pushing into yours and his tongue gliding on your body had had you burning.

Seungcheol was half on top of you as you made out, his right knee between your legs and his right hand, having sneaked under your shirt and into your bra with ease a few moments earlier, was cupping your breast. His fingers were playing with your pert nipple in a way that had you breathing shallowly, and he grinned against your lips when he noticed that.

“What would you think about us having a long night, baby?” Seungcheol asked huskily, nibbling gently on your ear. You gasped, both at his breath hitting your ear and the suggestive words, and your hips bucked slightly against his leg as your fingers threaded into his hair. He pulled back, and you looked straight into his eyes while playing with his hair.

“Oh, I’m all up for that.”

With a cocky smirk spreading to his lips, Seungcheol leaned down for another heated kiss, his fingers sliding out of your bra to fiddle with the hem of your shirt, which came off you rather soon, as well as your jeans and bra, which only left you in your panties. You continued kissing, and Seungcheol took some of his clothes off in the process as well, roaming his hands on your body whenever he wasn’t tugging at his clothes in a desperate attempt to get them off as soon as he could, just so that he’d be able to return to exploring your skin.

His fingers danced over your chest and on your sides, and eventually found their way to your legs and ass, which he squeezed while muffling your gasps with a deep kiss, his breathing getting heavier. He slid his hand to your front slowly and rubbed you through your panties with his fingers flat against your pussy, which only turned you on further, your fingers curling in his already messy hair.

Some ten minutes later, you were a panting, wet mess as you looked at your boyfriend. Seungcheol took your favorite pair of fluffy handcuffs from your bedside table and swung them in the air for a while, biting his lip sexily while you ogled at the object. “How’d this be?”

“Really damn good,” you said in excitement and licked your lips, already instinctively getting your arms up and your hands so that they were close to the headboard. Seungcheol hummed to himself while attaching your wrists to the headboard with the handcuffs, and then proceeded to look at you approvingly.

Sitting on his knees next to you, he grinned and brought his middle finger between your breasts. Your breath hitched at that alone, and Seungcheol chuckled smugly.

“I can do anything, and you can’t touch me,” he muttered with a low voice while dragging his fingertip down your body, all the way to the waistband of your panties, knowing full well how much you loved touching him during sex - but that was a lot of the fun of what was to come.

He moved lower on the bed and took your panties off painstakingly slowly, kissing his way down while removing the piece of clothing. If you were wet already, you only got more so with how his lips felt against your skin and how excited you were for what what would happen soon - when Seungcheol promised you a long night, he meant a long night.

With your panties now fully off, you licked your lips when Seungcheol parted your legs, and you placed your feet on the mattress. He inhaled your scent and let out an appreciative sigh before grabbing your left leg and pressing his lips to your inner thigh, which elicited a surprised gasp from you.

“Any idea how good you smell?” he asked huskily and looked at you from the corner of his eye, his lips dragging up your inner thigh. Trying not to shake too much, you let out a quiet giggle.

“Apparently pretty good,” you said playfully, and got a chuckle from Seungcheol.

“Try absolutely fantastic,” he muttered, then continued kissing his way up your leg, until his lips met the sensitive skin near your heat. You could already feel yourself clenching with anticipation and your legs starting to quiver a little as you waited for Seungcheol to give you what you wanted.

Without another word, Seungcheol brought his tongue out of his mouth and gave your pussy a long lick with a flattened tongue, which made you sigh contently, your hips desperately trying to follow his mouth when he pulled away. He smirked to himself, and with one hand on your hip and one holding your leg, he began lapping at you. The first few licks were slow and teasing, and he stopped right before reaching your clit, but gradually he built up the speed. When his wet tongue finally met your clit, your breath hitched and you tried to buck up with your hips, but it was in vain with how he was pinning you down.

“Stay still, baby,” Seungcheol rasped, running his tongue over your clit again and again, circling the very tip of it around your sensitive bundle of nerves, kissing it sloppily - doing everything he knew drove you absolutely crazy. You whimpered, your hands clasped together tightly and your chest heaving at an increasing speed while the knot in your stomach tightened second after second and lick after lick. Noticing that, Seungcheol chuckled. “Don’t come until I tell you to.”

“But,” you whined, looking down at Seungcheol, who was staring right back at you. His eyes were dark and hooded, his lips glistening with your anticipation and his tongue moving lewdly between them as it moved up and down on your soaked pussy. You were ruined.

“You can do it,” he breathed before closing his eyes, his long lashes beautiful against his skin, and all you could do was moan when he pressed his tongue to your clit and shook his head a little, only to go back to licking you fast. The long licks from your entrance to your clit were driving you crazy, but you knew the worst was only coming.

“Oh my God,” you whimpered when you felt Seungcheol wrap his soft, plump lips around your clit and suck on it lightly with his tongue gliding over it. Your legs were tight by his head, but Seungcheol didn’t mind - he never did - and just went back to giving you fast flicks of his tongue, both of his hands now holding your hips down while also pulling you closer to his mouth. Quivering, you felt your orgasm approaching, fast. “Fuck, can I–”

“Come for me,” Seungcheol mumbled against you, his tongue not once stopping as you released to his mouth with satisfied moans slipping through your lips one after another. Slowly, he began pulling back and propped himself up on his left elbow, looking at you with a lopsided grin. “You good?”

“Sure,” you said, feeling a bit lightheaded in your sated daze, and smiled at Seungcheol. He began kissing your inner thighs again, both making you relaxed and turned on all over again.

Little by little, he moved up on the bed, caressing your breasts and left side while his lips found yours in a sweet yet passionate kiss. You could taste a bit of yourself on him, but didn’t mind and just focused on how soft his lips were against yours and how good his tongue felt as it rubbed into yours while his hand cupped your breast.

“Are you ready for another one?” Seungcheol asked with a low voice as he pulled away from the kiss and looked into your eyes, as though making sure you were. Biting your lower lip a little, you nodded, already feeling the anticipation grow within you again.

Painstakingly slowly, Seungcheol dragged his fingers over your breasts, rubbing your erect nipples, before sliding them just as slowly down your stomach and to your wet, swollen heat. His lips caught your moan when he massaged your clit lightly, and they caught the whine you let out when he slid two fingers into you with ease just as well.

He remained by your side as he fingered you, his eyes occasionally moving from his fingers disappearing into you to your face, your features contorted in pleasure and your cheeks considerably more flushed than usually. He was hard in his boxers, which he had yet to take off, and his desire to be inside of you was only growing with each noise you let out and each wet sound of his fingers pushing into your wet pussy.

With your hips bucking against his fingers desperately, Seungcheol moved to hover slightly above you, peppering your chest with kisses and his hips grinding a little against your bent leg. “You’re so beautiful like this, baby.”

Right then, he brought his thumb to your clit and rubbed it as well as he could from that angle, with his fingers thrusting in and out of you at a speed that only seemed to get faster.

“I’m so sensitive,” you whimpered, unsure of what you were trying to convey with your words, and got a chuckle from Seungcheol, who gave your breasts a few more sloppy kisses before bringing his lips to yours.

“I know,” he said huskily, nibbling on your lower lip while curling his fingers inside of you in a way that had you moaning. Seungcheol massaged your sensitive spot shamelessly while grinning against your lips while his muffled your moans. “Just wait until I’m fucking you into the mattress, princess, because that’s when the fun starts.”

The mere thought of him pushing into you in all his thick gorgeousness made you nod enthusiastically - you couldn’t wait, no matter how sensitive you were.

With his lips leaving yours to travel back down to your chest, Seungcheol gradually brought you closer to your second orgasm, all the while kissing your sensitive skin and sucking lightly on your nipples and telling you the lewdest things he could in that moment. About how ravishing you looked, how damn hard he was and how wet you were, and how he’d wreck you in the best way possible in just a moment.

“Can’t wait to have your pussy around me,” Seungcheol grunted by your ear, and latching his lips back onto yours to give you some sense of support, he began pistoning his fingers into you even faster, his thumb rubbing your clit erratically albeit messily.

Your hips rose off the bed with the force at which your orgasm hit you, and Seungcheol’s lips only caught some of the loud cry that you let out as your back arched. You were more sensitive than you could recall being in a long time, yet Seungcheol didn’t stop his fingers until your hips fell back to the bed and your legs fell down as well, and you weakly tried to pull away.

“Good girl,” he whispered and kissed your ear, from where he moved to kiss your cheek and then your lips, while you panted, sweat collecting at your hairline. Seungcheol cupped your cheek when he kissed you, and you leaned into his touch. He smiled. “You did so well.”

“Thank you,” you managed to say, and whimpered when Seungcheol pulled his fingers out of you, glistening with your release. He pulled away from the kiss and looked at his fingers, as sticky as they always were after fingering you. You could only watch in awe as Seungcheol brought his fingers to his mouth and took them in, sucking them clean with his tongue sliding between his thick digits.

Had you said you didn’t have a thing for Seungcheol sucking on his fingers when they were coated with your juices, you would’ve been lying.

When his fingers were clean, Seungcheol finally took off his boxers, revealing his cock in its hard state and dripping pre-cum, and opened your handcuffs to let your hands free. He spent another moment giving you gentle, long kisses while caressing you with one hand and stroking himself slowly with the other, and you got your hands in his hair while kissing him back. Knowing you were in for another round of intense chasing of your orgasm, you greedily took in all the affection and gentleness he was giving you.

A good while later, Seungcheol got between your legs and caressed your thighs, grinning at the way you were shivering.

“Ready for one more?” he asked, slowly grinding into you with the shaft of his cock, hard and proud, as it rubbed raw against your pussy, swollen and sensitive almost to the point of it being painful. You grabbed at the plush pillow underneath your head and nodded weakly.

“Bring it on,” you managed to say, voice slightly strained with the two orgasms already behind you, and whimpered when Seungcheol aligned himself with your entrance, still dripping with your cum, and began pushing in.

“God, you feel good like this,” he grunted and bent down, kissing your collarbones and chest while continuing pushing into you slowly. Your legs wrapped weakly around his waist, and after a while, your arms found their way around his neck, too. Seungcheol didn’t budge for a while, and just took in the way you were clamping down around him and how your nails were digging into his skin.

“Move,” you whimpered when Seungcheol rolled his hips a little, stretching you out and rubbing against your inner walls. Bringing his lips to your neck, he complied, and soon you had him thrusting into you with the vigor of a man who had just brought his girlfriend to two orgasms and was only chasing his first one - not that he’d had any regrets, naturally, because if there was something he loved, it was knowing that he had made you feel good.

You were whining and moaning and nearly crying, all at once, as Seungcheol’s hips met yours thrust after thrust, his pelvis meeting your sensitive clit with each one.

About to reach his peak faster than he wanted to, Seungcheol pulled out and merely ground into you again, his cock rubbing against your bundle of nerves. You whined as you hid your face in his shoulder and held him even tighter.

“Stop,” you said weakly, although your hips were bucking against Seungcheol’s. You were so sensitive and it was almost painful on your end, yet it felt so sinfully good.

Seungcheol chuckled and kissed you by your ear, since he couldn’t reach your lips. “Do you really want that, though?”

Tugging at his hair, you whined and brought your head back to the pillow, looking at Seungcheol’s dark, lustful expression with only desperation visible in yours. You swallowed, shivering when his cock rubbed into your clit again, and shook your head in a small motion. “No.”

His lips stretched into a smirk, and he gave you a long, sweet kiss during which his hips were completely still, before guiding himself back to your entrance and pushing back in and starting a relentless speed right at the beginning.

Moans slipped through your lips almost as often as quiet profanities did, with Seungcheol’s name coming out every now and then as well, as he fucked you to your third and quite likely the most intense orgasm of the night, if not your life. You held onto him tightly when your high began washing over you, your lips parted in a silent scream and your fingers digging into his broad shoulders while a few tears escaped your eyes.

“Yeah, that’s a good girl, come for me,” Seungcheol groaned when he felt you clenching around him, and moved his hands so that he was holding onto your shoulders from underneath while moving his hips against yours in small, sensual and slow thrusts. You whined with oversensitivity, still holding onto him, and some thrusts later you could feel yourself fill up with his hot release.

Seungcheol grunted when his orgasm hit him, after so much waiting, and kissed your neck sloppily as his hips stuttered to a stop. You were both breathing heavily, and slowly Seungcheol let go of you and caressed your sides instead, and moved his lips from your neck to your lips to give you a gentle kiss.

“You did really well, baby,” he whispered to you, one of his hands caressing your cheek and the other stroking your side soothingly. You nodded with a small smile and unwrapped your legs from around him, and after giving you a few more sweet kisses that you gladly replied to, Seungcheol pulled out.

He lied down next to you and took you into his arms, looking at your slightly tear-stained cheeks that he wiped with his thumb and leaning down to peck your lips. “Are you okay?”

You gave him a small nod and cuddled up to him, drawing circles into his bare chest. He chuckled.

“We should probably clean ourselves up a little,” he said quietly and kissed you on your forehead. You giggled with a nod, and not much later Seungcheol was standing up and scooping you up from the bed, from where he carried you to the bathroom.

“You could’ve given me a warning,” you laughed when he let you down, and he gave you a sheepish smile while making sure that the water coming from the shower head was lukewarm.

“I thought you saw it coming,” he defended himself with a playful pout and gave you a soft kiss on your cheek while turning the shower off. “The water’s good now.”

You thanked him and got into the bathtub first, and were joined by Seungcheol after a while. He kissed your shoulders gently while helping you clean yourself, and by the time you were both clean and fresh again, having used some soap after the cum and sweat were mostly gone from your bodies, you were exchanging long, sweet kisses while embracing each other under the warm water.

“I think we should get back to bed,” you giggled and hugged Seungcheol, pressing your body against his as you hid your face in his shoulder for a moment, wanting nothing more than to remain close to him. He hummed and stroked your back.

“I think we should.”

Some time later, you were cuddled up to each other under your blanket and Seungcheol was stroking your hair.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You’ve been quiet after we stopped,” he said in a quiet mumble, and you nodded, lifting your face a little so that you could look at him with a small smile.

“I’d tell you if I wasn’t. I’m just tired,” you said and yawned, snuggling closer to him. Seungcheol chuckled and leaned down to kiss you, holding you close to himself.

“Good night, honey.”

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BTS reacting to you saying ‘I hate you’ during an argument.

Kim Namjoon:
He stared blankly at you for a while and just nodded at your words, smiling to cover up the pain your words have caused. He couldn’t believe how easily those words slipped from your lips and how easy it was for you to move on like nothing happened. 
His gaze met yours and he searched your eyes for a hint of grief and when he couldn’t find one, he said, 

“Of course you had to say it. Because it’s easier than admitting that, for once, you’ve been at fault.” 

Kim Seokjin:
His words were cut off by you yelling those words out in frustration and he looked at you in confusion, his chest tightening as your words repeated in his mind continuously. The reason for your argument seemed long forgotten as he worried about the meaning behind your words and apologized to you immediately. 

“I don’t know what I’ve said to cause you to react the way you did but, please never say such things ever again without knowing the consequences of it.” 

Min Yoongi:
As much as your tried to hold it in, the pain to be understood came out like an uproar from your throat in the form of a scream and Yoongi halted in his seat, staring blankly at the plate in front of him. You immediately wanted to apologize for not having your emotions under control and not thinking straight when his gaze met yours. His eyes were glistening with fire. 

“Say that again.” he commanded in a raspy voice, his eyes never leaving yours. You gulped, slowly taking your eyes off Yoongi, not being able to stand his intense stare any longer. “I didn’t mean to-” You started, your voice cracking in an attempt to find the right words but Yoongi cut you off by throwing his fork across the table and jumping up from his seat, the chair dropping to the floor behind him. He slammed his hand down on the table and looked at you with intensity, 

“Say it like you fucking mean it and I’ll be out this door but quit yelling empty words at me that have absolutely no meaning to you.”

Jung Hoseok: 
He couldn’t believe what just slipped out of your mouth so easily and felt quilty for being the reason for you to act the way you did.
He paused and looked at you in silence, looking for a hint of uncomfortableness in your saddened expression before pulling you into his arms and wrapping his arms around your waist. He gently caressed your back as he buried his face into the crook of your neck, a single tear rolling down his reddened cheek. 

“Let’s not fight anymore. No matter what has caused us to act like immature children and throw our love away so easily…I’m sure it’s not worth it.”

Park Jimin:
Your words cut deeper than a knive and Jimin needed a minute to sort his thoughts before releasing a silent giggle at your hurtful words, smiling at you to not make you aware of the pain your words have truly caused. He took a step closer, his mouth only a hairs-breadth away from your lips and his gaze met yours. 

“When did we manage to get so lost in the things that define us as the demons we are that we lost sight of the things that guide us?” 

Kim Taehyung:
He sat down on the bed next to you and let out a frustrated sigh, not daring to look at you to give you a chance to sort out your emotions. He didn’t believe that you actually meant the things you’ve said and he didn’t take them for granted. When he noticed a stray tear making its way down your face, he turned his face towards you and wiped it off with the sleeve of his sweater before smiling at you ever so gently.

“Let’s stop playing games. Let’s not say things that could potentially ruin the story we’ve written for ourselves.”

Jeon Jungkook:
His heartbeat quickened and his pupils widened by the ache your words caused inside his stomach. He looked at you with lost eyes, trying to understand the meaning behind your words. His chest tightened and he wanted to release all his emotions at once when the realization slowly hit him. When you noticed the anxiety on his face, guilt rushed through your body and you slowly pulled his shaking body into your arms.

“I’m sorry Jungkook. I wasn’t in control of my sences. I didn’t think straight. I shouldn’t have said the things I have.”

Hey I’m back! I’ve finally got a few days off college and will be more active on this blog whenever I have some spare time. Please bare with me, summer is almost here! 


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Hey loves just wondering if you guys no of any stand outs from the Stereo reverse bang that u guys could rec? Thx for all u do

Hey there!

Sadly, we couldn’t check all the fics written for the Sterek ReverseBang. However, we definitely read and even recced some of them. Here they are!


Here Comes the Sun by looks_on_tempests_and_never_is_shaken

He has never been known to sit still very well. Apparently that also extended into jobs, because Stiles Stilinski cannot settle on a job even if his life were depending on it. Maybe that will change when he becomes house master to the infamous Hale manor.

The Start of Our Forever by Cobrilee

Stiles is ready to get out of Beacon Hills and start his new life, free of the supernatural. A random discovery in an antique store in Denver proves you can never leave it all behind… and encourages him to find it again. What ensues is four and a half years of pining, self-discovery, personal growth, a whole hell of a lot of love, and a realization that nightmares can still become fairy tales (happily-ever-afters included).

Somewhere to Start by Lissadiane

Stiles has always known that he isn’t quite human - the plant life that tends to sprout around him whenever he gets upset or excited gives it away. He’s never really fit in among the regular people in Beacon Hills and is determined to wait it out, go to college, and find somewhere to belong. He’s forced to abandon those plans, however, after he desperately agrees to enter into an arranged marriage to save his father’s life.

An arranged marriage with an angry, sometimes furry dude with trust issues. It’s all very Beauty and the Beast, without the singing candlesticks.

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Without You

Peter Parker x Reader
As part of my request a prompt, 300 follower celebration.

@not-peterparker requested: 7, 53! Congrats btw!
Prompts: “I can’t do this without you.” and “I’m crazy about you.”

Thank you for your request and for following me! Ok, so you didn’t specify what you wanted, so I apologize if this isn’t what you had in mind (in fact, I’m sure it won’t be,) but this is kind of what fell out of my brain for those sentences. Words: 1.9K.

Peter is in his 20s. Peter and reader have been together for a long time.

Warnings: This is a little gory. Or a lot. It’s a lot gory. Angsty fluff.

The tightly woven sheet of clouds outside your window blanketed the sliver of a moon hanging high in the sky, offering none of its luminance to the city below, making the already cold, rainy night seem even more dreary and off-putting in its darkness; darkness that made it difficult to see him in your equally blackened room. The masked form of him had practically fallen into your arms the moment you’d slid the window of your shared bedroom open at the sound of his panicked knocking, the entire weight of him supported by your chest; your back protesting the angle; his wet, sticky arms around your neck as he slumped against you.

When the bridge of his nose found the crook of your shoulder he released a soggy sigh into the skin there.

The dampness of his suit spread over the front of you, your borrowed t-shirt quickly soaking through and warming your skin. He groaned when you shifted, an arm pulling too tightly at his back to prevent him from sliding down your body, chests smashing together as you tried your best to support his drooping, lethargic form. “Hey, c’mon,” you encouraged as you started taking slow, measured steps towards your bed, his booted feet lagging and unintentionally smashing against your bare toes. “Peter, hun, you’re really heavy.”

He nodded, the corrugated material of his suit chaffing against your wet skin. You freed up an arm to pull his mask off, his wet hair sticking to the insides, lifting as you freed the strands and flopping back down onto his ears and forehead, dampened curls sticking to his skin as you dropped the fabric to the ground at your feet.

“Pete?” you adjusted your arms again, looping them underneath his, pulling his face from off of your shoulder, his chin bouncing off of a bony collar, to get a better look at him, “Peter, what’s wrong?” His hands hung limply at his sides, cascading pitifully over the tops of your own. When his eyes met yours, you were startled by how utterly exhausted he looked; the darkness in the room accentuating the bruised coloration beneath dull brown. It was the color of his skin that bothered you most, or really, the lack of; so pale that his skin was nearly glowing, rain water and sweat glistening, his clamminess casting its own ghastly light.

You furrowed your brows, voice escaping you in a whisper, “Peter?”

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Imagine being in a relationship with your teacher Dean Winchester.

Originally posted by winsync

“Alright, and don’t forget that if the assignments are not ready and on my desk by the end of the week it’s an official- fail.” he said the word with such a pleased grin that wanted to make you giggle and feel terrified at the same time. He just loved messing with his students it was very much obvious.

You bit your lip to keep the grin from spreading on your face as you gathered your things. You took a look around you at the rest of the students as they all swarm out of the class as you were the only one that made your way to him “Uh proffesor can I ask you a few things about this part on norse mythology?” you asked tentatively as he held your gaze for a moment.

“Of course miss (Y/l/n).” he said, giving you a small smirk that had even the girls behind you giggling like schoolgirls as they exited.

“Goodbye Mr Winchester!” they all said in obnoxiously synchronized voices.

He didn’t even look up from the books you had laying on his desk and only waved a hand, mumbling a “Bye” to them.

“Is this the part that troubles you?” he asked pointing at a paragraph about Loki and you bit your lip, nodding as you tried not to get too carried away by how green his eyes looked under the sun light when he looked up at you through his eyelashes.

“Yeah” you mumbled, fidgeting with your hands as he was still bend over the book, reading it, as you took a look around you at the students still leaving; some taking their sweet time with it.

“You were amazing.” he breathed out and your head snapped to him, a frown setting on your face. You weren’t sure of what you heard or if he was talking to you in the first place. You didn’t say anything and he seemed to sense it.

“Last night.” he breathed out, his eyes roaming the book but he wasn’t obviously focused on it “You were amazing.” he said softly, peeking up at you with a small grin.

A smile started spreading on your lips and you parted your lips to speak but stopped yourself when more students passed behind you, saying goodbye to your professor, so you suppressed it and Dean looked back down at the book again. You bit your lip, hesitating before you spoke.

“No more so than you.” you whispered, eyes on the book too “Couldn’t stop thinking about all of it all the morning.” you confessed and saw a grin slowly spread on his face, this time he was unable to hide it.

“Bullshit” he mumbled, trying to brush it off but the boyish smile on his face told you otherwise.

You wanted to laugh at him but you bit your lip to keep yourself from doing so. Instead you cleared your throat, looking from the corner of your eye at the students that were still exiting, some having a chat amongst them which was starting to annoy you.

“It’s this part about him and Thor that I do not understand Mr Winchester.” you pointed at the book, him looking at you then following your gaze at the rest of the students that were still leaving.

“Oh it’s quiet easy, don’t worry I’ll explain.” he said with a small smile, words mostly void as the both of you were focusedon the students that were still there.

“Hey kids, if you don’t have something to ask then mind leaving? I’m trying to explain something here.” he pointed at the book and they nodded their heads as they walked towards the door which they luckily closed behind them.

Silence fell for only a few seconds, both you and Dean looking at the door for a while. IT had become a habit anymore, as much as the both of you wanted to jump right into each other’s arms you needed to be careful- Or at least you did. Because he didn’t even wait a split second anymore and walked around his desk and grabbed you, lifting you up in the air; eliciting a squeal from you.

“D-Dean!” you giggled as his only laughter warmed your heart.

“Gosh” he breathed out, voice rough “I love it when you call me by my first name.” he breathed out, hands around your waist now as he set you down; squeezing you.

“Really?” you smirked softly “Because I clearly remember someone that looked a lot like you teasing me and ordering me to call him professor and Mr Winchester all night just a week ago.” you said slyly and he scoffed, rolling his eyes.

He gave you a dark look as he grabbed your thighs and wrapped your legs around his waist, your own arms wrapping around his shoulders to steady yourself. Oh boy you knew that look so well.

You had seen it numerous times and every one of them it had your heart racing and your face heating up. The things this man could do to you with only one look was impossible to understand. But that was just a side of him. The other one you got to see more often was the gentle and playful one. He had such a bright smile and was always so soft with you that he didn’t have to try hard to win your heart over.

That along with the cheesy comments and jokes as well as cute pick up lines had you melting for him. It didn’t help at all that the looks he sent you during lesson had you biting your lip, or the small notes he’d pass to you along with your assignments were the cutest ones ever. He tried to be subtle about it but you were sure the looks you shared, him all flirtyand cute when he stuttered, and you all shy and unsure sometimes could give out everything Even if it had been hard for you at first, the guilt almost eating you up on the inside every day, he had made you see the bright side. He made you realize that what you two had was not wrong and you should enjoy it.

He was your professor yes but when it was just the two of you, you forgot all about it. He had tried so many times, when you weren’t hiding at least or trying to ran away because you spotted someone you knew in public, and you were mostly at his place he’d be the sweetest boyfriend. You teased him for being a softie and he pretended to hate it but you couldn’t love anything more than the fact that he’d get up early in the morning, despite his sleepiness, to cook breakfast and bring it to bed for you.

“What was that sweetheart?” he asked in a low gruff voice “Complaining?”

“N-no, no!” you rushed to say, your voice coming out as squeaky “I’m- I’m not Mr Winchester.” your eyes were wide as he made you sit on his desk.

“Really? Because it sounds an awful lot like that to me.” he let a small growl as his face got closer to yours.

“M-Mr-” you didn’t have time to utter another a feat of giggles and laughter left your lips when he decided to attack your sides with his fingers and the crook of your neck with butterfly kisses; his small scruff tickling you all the more.

“No, D-Dean!” you tried to keep yourself from screaming although your voice did raise slightly “P-please no, please!”

“Gosh” he breathed out in a rough voice, pulling away to look at you “I love this laugh so fucking much.” his eyes were glistening, laced with adoration that made your heart swell inside your chest.

“And I love it when you smile.” you confessed in a low voice and he grinned more, resting his forehead against yours.

“With you in my life-” his lips brushed past yours “It’s impossible not to baby.” he pressed butterfly kisses to them, making you sigh in content.

“Even during class?” you asked in between kisses and he hummed.

“All the time, princess. Especially when you wear tight black jeans like these.” he squeezed your thighs, making you grin softly.

“I was going to wear a skirt but-” you sighed as his lips moved to your jaw line and then neck “You left too many marks from, and even if its been three days they haven’t disappeared yet.”

“Mhm sorry about that.” he whispered and you smiled to yourself.

“Come on professor, we both know you’re not.” you whispered and he pulled away with a smile.

“You’re right- I’m not.” and he attacked your lips with his, kissing you hungrily as in the meantime with one swift movement he pushed away, throwing practically to the floor, everything that was on his desk; helping you in laying there.

“Gotta show those boys you’re not available.” he mumbled into your skin.

“I’m not some piece of meat.” you mumbled and he pulled away to look at you sincerely in the eyes.

“I know.” he rubbed your cheek with his thumb “They need to understand it though.”

You couldn’t help a small smile at his words, mostly because you knew he was being honest. Just because you couldn’t be open about your relationship didn’t mean Dean wasn’t possessive or wouldn’t defend you every chance he got. If anything, he used his power as a teacher most of the time to make any guy’s that looked at you like some possession life a living hell.

“I love it when you get possessive professor.” you smiled and he grinned more seductively as he pressed himself closer to you, making you gasp instantly.

“Wait-” you glanced at the door “What if someone walks in?”

“Nobody will, lessons are over for the day.” he mumbled and without another word dominated your lips with his, kissing you hungrily. It almost felt like the previous night had not happened because of how much you craved of each other.

But then again, that’s how it always was. Be it the fact that this was a forbidden relationship and you had to sneak out every time you wanted to be together or the fact that to you Dean was perfect in every possible way, and so were you to him, you could hardly stay away from him for a moment.

You couldn’t help a small moan as his hands roamed your body, squeezing everything he could get a hold of, and making you whimper beneath him as his hands practically left you a hot mess. You fisted the back of his white button-up shirt as his tie tickled you when it touched the exposed part of your chest.

“D-Dean” your voice trembled as his hot tongue teased your soft spot “Are we- really- in here- now?” you couldn’t form a proper sentence from how breathless he had you with those lips of his.

“Oh didn’t I make it obvious?” he pulled away, looking down at you and your, you were absolutely sure, deep red face. Shirt half unbuttoned and hair a mess already.

“This is my classroom, sweetheart, I think it should be only right for me to teach you a few things, right?” he grinned down at you and you bit your lip.

“Wh-what things?” he always had you so exited before he could do something really. Just like now, when he was only taking off his already lose tie and slowly undoing the first buttons of his white shirt.

“Oh you will see, baby. You will see.”

13 Going on 30 (Part 9)

Summary:  When your 13th birthday party goes awry, and you make a life changing wish - you wake up to discover you’ve flash forwarded 17 years ahead.

Word Count: 985.

A/N: Second to last part of the series! Gather around your tissues folks, and prepare for the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

13 Going on 30 (Masterlist)

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

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A/N: This is the kind of stuff I came up with at the pool in Croatia. I can’t really tell if that’s a good thing or just really, really bad. Anyway, I hope it’s kinda enjoyable to read!

Words: 1683
Warnings: oral sex, swear words

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Niall Horan - “Marry Me”

This picture gave me wedding vibes so I was like .. gonna write it. Enjoy! 

Part one of two. Part two coming soon!

Niall was going to do it as soon as they had arrived at your friends party, but then one drink in he chickened out. Two drinks in, you were off dancing with friends and he used it as an excuse not to do it yet again. By drink three, he was feeling a bit more confident but still felt the nerves shaking his hands a bit. 

“What’s wrong, babe?” You ask him, picking up on his anxiousness. You eye him over the rim of your glass as you take a sip but he just smiles and takes the glass from your hands, placing it on the table beside him before pulling you into his arms as his lips find yours. You laugh against his mouth, tasting the beers he’d had on his lips. “Well okay.” You pull back to say, smiling at him. “Come dance with me?” 

“Sure,” He stands from the stool he was sat on. “Give me one second, though.” He leans down to press a gentle kiss to your lips before he heads off towards the person who was in control of the music. You watch as they discuss something, both of them grinning before he heads back over to you. “Shall we dance?” You smile and rest your hand in his, allowing him to pull you over and out to where everyone was dancing. 

The two of you danced to the song, and the one after that, both of you laughing and just having fun, much like you always had. Both of you were a little bit tipsy, his hands may have roamed a bit more than they would have otherwise but you didn’t mind at all. You could still pick up on his slight anxiety, especially as the song ended. Instead of being followed up by another one, the speakers grew silent. 

“What’s going on?” You question, pulling away from Niall who took a step back and looked more anxious than ever.

“We have someone who needs to say a few things before we continue on.” The person in charge of music calls, gesturing towards Niall who gives a little smile and a small wave of his hand before taking a deep breath. 

“Niall…?” You question, glancing around as everyone quiets down and turns to watch the two of you. You see his band mates standing off to the side, all of them grinning. As you turn back to Niall you frown at him as he takes your hands. 

“I’ve had maybe one drink more than I should ‘ave before doin’ this bu’ we’ll just go for it anyway.” He starts, giving a nervous and tipsy laugh. “Love,” You watch as he takes a deep breath, looking into your eyes. “We’ve been together for four marvelous years now. You’ve been by my side through so much and I wouldn’t be half as happy as I am if it weren’t for you.”

“Niall..” You whisper, thinking you knew where this was headed. You grip at his large hands tightly, staring into those blue eyes as he gives a small smile. 

“I’ve thought about this moment so many times the last year or so. Where I would do it, how I would do it. And then after I got the ring, I kept waking up every mornin’ beside you and just kept thinkin’ about how I could do it right then and there. How, watching you sleep so peacefully, just made me fall in love with you more and reassured me every mornin’ that you are who I want for the rest of me life.” You, at this point, at a couple of tears falling down your cheeks and no one in the entire room was making a sound. “I don’t really understand how I got so lucky to land such a beautiful, smart, loving, selfless and brave girl like you but I want to give you the world, for the rest of our lives. I want to give you the life that you deserve. So,” He releases one of your hands then and you give a small hiccup as he fishes around in his pocket a bit, a look of determination before his fingers finally clasp around the ring. “Y/N…” He sinks down to one knee. “Will you marry me?” 

“Oh, Niall…” You gasp, grinning down at him. “Of course I will.” You tell him and everyone breaks into cheers. “Now get off your bad knee before you hurt it again and kiss me.” You tug on his hands and he laughs, standing up. While everyone around you cheers and claps, he slides the ring onto your finger and then he meets your eye. He had a a tear or two sliding down his cheeks and his blue eyes were shining bright and glistening with more un-shed tears. “I love you, Niall.” He takes your face in his hands, clasping your cheeks in his palms and leans down to press a heated kiss to your lips. You wrap your arms around his torso, hugging yourself tightly against him. 

“Our little babies are engaged!” Suddenly there were three bodies enveloping the two of you, causing you to pull away from one another. “I can’ believe this. It’s abou’ time!” You laugh and look up at Harry who stood beside you, his arm across your shoulders, grinning at the two of you. 

“Great speech, lad.” Louis compliments from beside Niall, giving him a slap on the back. 

“Yeah, had me tearin’ up a bit, even.” Liam wipes at his eye a bit before everyone laughs and then leans in for one large group hug. The whole group then pulled away and began to laugh when Marry You by Bruno Mars began to play. 

“Shall we dance then, love?” The guys took a couple steps back from you as Niall grinned at you, holding his hand out towards you. You give a small, elated, laugh and rest your hand in his. He swings you around and pulls you into his chest. 

You had known for a long while, probably just a couple of months into the relationship, that Niall was who you were going to marry. It was always just an idea though, a far off and abstract thought that was now put into reality. Here you were planning your wedding to Niall and, while stressful, was the best time of your life. 

“Okay, but what about this one?” You ask, holding up a small square of fabric. The two of you were trying to decide on the tablecloths for the wedding reception but he was being no help. 

“It looks the same as this one.” He points towards the one you’d just put down on the table a second before and you sigh. 

“Niall, that one is cream, this one is eggshell.” 

“Aren’t they both just white?” He questions then, a look of pure confusion on his face. You actually give a small laugh at how adorable he looked before you grab for a third fabric swatch. 

“No,” You say, holding it up. “This is white.” He looked extremely confused then, his eyebrows creased together, his lips pursed together as he took in the three swatches. 

“Look the same to me.” He mutters but then looks up at you, and a small smile begins to creep up onto his handsome features. “Which one do you want? I like this one.” He points at the eggshell one and you can tell he simply chose that one to appease you. 

“Thank you.” You lean over, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. The entirety of wedding planning had been going like this. Picking out dishes for the reception was a similar affair. He had picked up and examined each plate and glass before stating they looked the same. You pointed out how some had a bit different gold detailing than the others, the glasses for one were crystallized while the others were not. He had given you the exact same confused look before pointing to one but ultimately agreeing with whichever you chose. 

“How come you don’t really want much of a say in what we do for our wedding?” You asked him one night as you laid in bed. The two of you had been wedding planning all day. He had to leave to do interviews and a couple of shows the next day and would be gone for two weeks. The wedding was two months away so the two of you tried to cram in as much as you could today. There was planning the menu, went and made a gift registry, planned the final touches on the cake and started picking out what flowers the corsages and bouquets were to be made of. He had given some input but mostly let you make the final decisions once again. “Do you not care?” 

“Of course I do, love.” He pulls you close against his chest, kissing at the top of your head. “I jus’ want it to be exactly how you want it. ’m not one much for caring what flowers there are or what color the tablecloth is. You know that. So whichever is going to make you happiest is what is goin’ to make me happiest. This day being exactly how you want it to be and how you imagined it will make it the perfect wedding day for me. You happy and beside me is all I need.” His words brought tears to your eyes. You couldn’t help but smile and press your lips to his. All conversation was over as he rolls over, his body pressing yours into the mattress and his tongue meets yours. 

“I feel like I’m forgetting something.” You say one day, sitting on the dining room table. You had papers strewn about before you. Plans, phone numbers, pictures, all sorts of things were placed upon them. The wedding was only a week away now and you were freaking out. You groan, pushing your fingers through your hair. 

“You didn’t forget anything, love.” Niall walks up behind you, his arms going around your shoulders and his nose pressing into your hair. He presses a soft and gentle kiss to your temple before pulling away. “Everythin’ is set to go and it’s goin’ to be perfect.” He assures you but when you still sigh and shake your head he begins pressing kiss after kiss to your cheek. They were sloppy, wet and loud kisses. 

“Niall!” You giggle, going to push him away from you but he continues for a few more moments before he pulls away, grinning. 

“You’ve done everything that needs to be done, I promise.” He assures you, taking a seat beside you. He takes your hand in his, squeezing it reassuringly. “Tomorrow you are goin’ to go get your hair and nails done, you’re gonna get all pampered and relax.” 

“I’m gonna miss you.” You grin over at him, seeing his matching grin. The two of you had decided to spend the week leading up to the wedding apart. The plans were finished now it was all about prep. He had one last fitting for his tux before he and the guys picked them up and he was going to have his hair trimmed. You had gotten your dress already, your bridesmaids had theirs. Everything was planned and in motion. 

“You’re the one who suggested this week apart.” He reminded you. “Somethin’ about building anticipation.” He playfully rolls his eyes but his grin remains. 

“It will make the moment we’re reunited that much sweeter.” You argue, reminding him of your reasons. 

“I know, love.” He leans forward, pressing a gentle kiss to your lips. “Jus’ gonna miss ya, is all.” He kisses you again. “Our wedding night sure will be somethin’ else though.” He gives you that smirk that almost always made you weak in the knees and you had to resist the urge to drag him to the bedroom right then. Last night and this morning you spent together, it sort of being a ‘one last time’ sort of thing. Much like the two of you did before he left for tour or something of the sort. You’d said your goodbyes in that manner already. 

“Don’t smirk at me like that.” You push his face away playfully as you both give a laugh. “I can tell what you’re thinking.” 

“Oh, you jus’ wait. It’s gonna be the perfect end to a perfect day.” He vows, kissing you again. 

Once he left that night, heading off to stay at Harry’s for the week, you packed a bag and headed off to your own friends house where you would be staying. The two of you were going to be having a girls week of relaxing pool side, getting your hair and nails done, a massage. After all of the stress of wedding planning, you needed this. Your wedding planner was on top of making sure everything was being done correctly and she assured you that it was okay to relax finally. 

You just wanted to marry Niall already. He was your perfect man and you couldn’t want to call him your husband. 

[I'm On Fire] - Part 2

AU!Jeffrey x Reader

[Summary: Jeffrey picking you up from school, and the scandal when everyone who thought he was your father, finds out he’s actually your boyfriend]

A/N: OMG YOU GUYS! I didn’t expect the response to be so insane! I appreciate all your comments, likes and reblogs. You guys are so beautiful 😭here’s part two, enjoy ;))) – okay I know I said I was going to make this super smutty, but I got another idea, so I’m breaking up the smut a bit? hehehe there’s smut here too though! don’t worry! sorry if this took longer thane expected lol 

Part 1 || Masterlist

**Special shoutout to: @noodlecupcakes for helping me out in my time of need. Guys, she’s also a fantastic writer. Her Hot For Teacher fic is FIRE, I mean it’s Negan as a teacher, what more could you ask for ;) CHECK IT OUT!!  Also to my amazing beta readers who give me the confidence to post my work, love you long time fam <33 @boohoolisa @niaisawallflower @stileswolfi xxxx 

Tags: 18+, daddy kink, smut, light fluff

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Jeff’s apartment was always immaculate. You would never have expected him to be such a neat freak because of his laid back personality, but now you assumed it was his surgical habits coming into play because he obsessively had to have everything in its place. Regardless, you loved coming here. Whatever hour of the day, his apartment always smelt like wood sage and sea salt. As you entered there was a long, narrow hallway that opened up to his spacious loft. The hardwood floors matched the earth toned brick wall that surrounded his living room. His color scheme was simple, black and brown with hints of red and blue to contrast. He had a large bookshelf that was filled from end to end encompassing all genres: fiction, poetry, biography, and science. Centering the bookshelf was his big screen T.V, which faced his coffee table that had a few magazines laying out and a couple of his yellow patient files. Towards the right, a smooth black marble island stood away from the wooden kitchen. The shiny, unused oven shimmered as the sunlight beamed through the high windows. 

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That One Dreadful Call (Part 5)

Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,493

Warnings: language, angst as per usual lol 

A/N: This is for SPN Angst Appreciation Day 2017 :) 

TODC Masterlist

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5 | Red Skies

WORD COUNT: 2,921 


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Birds chirping in perfect harmony outside the window woke you from your slumber, the first good nights rest you’d had in days. Sitting up in bed you smiled to yourself brightly at your surroundings. The bedroom was duck egg blue, adorned with white frills and embellishments, it was cute, positive and had character. Nancy had sorted some clothes for you, rummaging through the back you found a black turtleneck jumper in your size, with the tags still on, and a pair of black skinny jeans. After showering you tied your damp hair up into a high ponytail and got dressed. Feeling strangely optimistic you headed downstairs to find Jimin on the sofa.

He sat with his back to you as he looked out of the window, silently enjoying the wonderful view.
“I noticed there’s some stuff in the fridge so, eggs or bacon?” You asked Jimin as you walked past him and into the small cottage like kitchen.

“I’m super hungry, can’t we have both?” He called out after you, earning a small sincere smile to dance across your lips.

“Sure.” You chuckled as you got everything you needed out of the fridge and started to make breakfast.

Once the food was cooked, Jimin set the table and poured you both a glass of orange juice, sitting down at the table in front of the large bay window. The view from the table was beautiful, there was a small green park that overlooked a little pond complete with ducks and fishes. Happy children played amongst each other as their parents kept an eye on them from the side benches. Remembering the houses former owner your heart weighed heavy in your chest, Namjoon probably decided on the area because of the park and pond, if he and his mate were considering starting a family.

“What’s wrong?” Jimin asked as he wolfed down enough bacon sandwiches to feed a large family.

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