his eyes were drawn as blue

You are made of the stars, and he’s made of the sky.

I can’t say why, but you are drawn to each other.

From the very beginning, since the very first time you saw each other, he saw galaxies in your eyes, big bright and beautiful and you saw the midnight blue sky in his, deep, dark and easy to melt into.

He swirled around you, with a billion questions, and asked them with the ease and swiftness of the breeze.

You looked up at him, with your bright eyes, that held the entire universe within them and answered some, as the stars were always meant to intrigue humans, from the very beginning, so you answered a few and disappeared in the morning as if you never existed.

He mourned, he searched every corner within himself, but you didn’t resurface till the evening, where you came with all your allure, brightness and mystery, ready to entice him with your words and knowledge.

You discussed the universe in depth, of all the secrets it held, of each and every person you admired and disliked, everyone and everything were discussed.

You embraced, and created something that was much more beautiful than both of you existing separately, you created a combination which is the stuff that poetry is made of, the stuff that lyrics comprise of, the stuff that lovers use to whisper sweet nothings into each others ears.

You both created something so absolutely magnificent and awe inspiring whose combination would exist for eons to come.

You disappeared every morning, and no matter how much he would will you to stay, you respected the sun, and faded away gracefully.

Of course, this made the sky very sad, but he waited faithfully for you, going through every morning just so he could see you every night.

You always came, without fail, no matter how cloudy, no matter how cold it was, you were always there.

It’s funny how the stars and the midnight blue sky became friends, then lovers,and are still together,its a tale as old as time,as old as the universe itself, it’s a tale that gives all the hopeless lovers the best thing of all: Hope.

Punk (Chap. 9)

Summary: You’re head over heels for you’re best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 3423

Warnings: Language, mission/war related violence and gore, shooting, enemy deaths, i think that’s all…*shrugs*

A/N: Chap.9  finally, I know!  This is a it of an information dump/setting the rest of the story arc up chapter.  I tried to dial down the angst since you lovies all told me how you cried on the last chapter :( and put some action and humour in instead.  I hope you like this one and I CAN’T WAIT to give you guys chapter 10 in a few days so please stick around through this one!  it’s worth the wait!

**I’m actually legit terrified that i peaked with the last chapter and nothing will ever be as good, especially this chapter, but i hope to give you guys a good story for the rest of the series.

Feedback fuels my life btw….and the picture is from google…i searched for beautiful things… ;]

“Kiddo, wake up we gotta go.”

Clint’s rough, scratchy voice woke you from an uneasy sleep.  Your head was pounding and your eyes felt sticky, as if they’d been glued together in the night.  “Mmm, wha—w’as happ’nin’?” you mumbled, rubbing a hand down your face. 

“Problem in Brooklyn, we gotta go.  Get dressed,” Clint replied.  He smacked your leg and the bed bounced as he got up and walked towards the closet.

“What about the desert? Nebraska?”

“New Mexico,” Clint clarified with a snort. “There’s no desert in Nebraska. Remind me to get you a map for your birthday.  Now, get—up.” He ripped the blanket away from you, causing you to squeal as cold air rushed over your legs.

“Gah!  I’m up! I’m up!”  You jolted upwards and scrambled out from the bed.  

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What’s really problematic with all this Riley Discourse going around is how y’all are ignoring Bellamy and Riley’s relationship. I mean, are you guys forgetting how Riley was a janitor with Bellamy on the Ark? How in Bellamy’s darkest, loneliest hours, he found solace with Riley in the broom closet, after their shifts were done. His touch was the tenderest Bellamy ever knew.

In fact, I think it’s clear that Bellamy was only drawn to Clarke because she reminded him of Riley, her blonde hair like Riley’s thick hair, her hands sure like his, her eyes the same shade of blue. I mean, it’s clear the first time Clarke approached him in the dropship, Bellamy thought, hoped, it was Riley.

Please, remember Rillamy.

Blue and Gold - Jughead X Reader Imagaine

[A/N: Yeah so before I went to sleep last night I did kind of have an idea of where this fic would go if it had another part! It’s a little different to what I originally had planned and has taken a bit more of an angsty tone. Hope you guys like it regardless!]

(gif source: @juggiehead​)

‘Listen,’ (Y/N) started quietly, as Jughead took his seat next to her, ‘I know that for some reason – and I don’t care why- but you don’t like me.’

(Y/N) began to fan out sheets of paper, written on with detailed notes, photographs accompanied the papers and Jughead realised they were character profiles. Each piece of paper included the names, birth dates, home addresses and alibis of various students from Riverdale High on the day that Jason Bloom was murdered.

‘How did you get all of this stuff?’ Jughead asked in awe, reaching out and picking up Reggie Mantle’s profile. (Y/N) sighed.

‘I’m a nice person Jughead, I just asked and people were more than willing to tell me – it’s called being a people person.’

‘There’s being a people person and then there’s this.’

‘Yeah well, Betty told you I was useful and she was right. Anyway like I was trying to say-‘

‘Yeah, yeah. I don’t like you. We’ll get over it.’ Jughead continued to absorb himself in the papers. (Y/N) huffed, but rather than press the matter further she began to point out the places in which peoples alibis didn’t quite match up.

Soon both of the kids were absorbed in the tangling web of Jason Bloom’s death.


The next couple of weeks continued in the same fashion, (Y/N) would spend the week collecting intel on new students or returning back to those who didn’t quite make sense, and by the end of the week the information she had gathered was delivered to Jughead. Together they had gathered a tonne of evidence and the case for Jason Bloom was really beginning to come together.

(Y/N)’s true project however was not going to plan.

‘Betty it’s not working.’ (Y/N) sighed, sipping on her colossal strawberry milkshake.

‘Maybe he just needs more time?’ Betty tilted her head and smiled sympathetically, her pony tail bounced with the motion.

‘No he’s just getting worse. I mean at least with scathing comments came some form of acknowledgement, now it’s like I don’t even exist.’

‘I thought he was being nice to you at Blue and Gold, though?’

‘Yeah, in that room he’s all smiles and talking but then we sit here and he won’t even look at me.’ (Y/N) chewed on her straw. ‘I really don’t know what’s worse.’

‘Okay, I’ll talk to him, see what the deal is?’ Betty smiled sincerely.

‘No!’ (Y/N) shouted a little too loudly, the other patrons in the diner looked over at the girls before resuming their own activities. ‘No,’ (Y/N) repeated quietly, ‘I don’t want him to know that it bothers me- and if anyone should speak to him, it should be me.’


‘Can I ask you something?’ (Y/N) sat in the Blue and Gold room, her legs drawn up onto her chair and her head lightly tucked into her crossed arms.

It had been a quiet week in regards to new information being discovered, people were beginning to become curious about the motive behind (Y/N)’s questions so she had decided to place herself on the backburner for a week. Jughead was mulling over some of the older profiles, scrutinizing them for anything that could have been missed.

‘Yeah, sure.’ He mumbled as his eyes traced over the profile for Ethel Muggins.

‘What is it that makes you hate me?’ (Y/N) exhaled with a breath she didn’t know was being held.

‘You’re irritating.’ Jughead immediately replied in the same monotone voice.

(Y/N) took in a breath, ‘Yeah okay, but what is irritating about me?’

‘Everything.’ He replied again quickly.

(Y/N) began to unfold herself from the chair, she sat up straight and began to pick at loose thread on the sleeve of her blouse.

‘I thought that maybe we were getting somewhere.’

‘Yeah, well-’ Jughead turned his head to look at (Y/N), his next words caught on his tongue as he took in her sullen expression. Immediately his eyes returned to the Muggins profile and a silence descended on the room.

‘You make me feel like I’m not good enough, Jug.’

The boy didn’t respond, his eyes remained fixed on the paper in his hands.

‘Like I’m not good enough to sit at the booth,’ (Y/N)’s voice was quiet, ‘or to be friends with the guys – friends with you. I planned all of this – so you could get to know me but it just made things worse and I just wish you could give me a reason.’

Jughead made no move to acknowledge (Y/N), the silence was punctuated by the slight creak of (Y/N)’s chair as she shifted. A light puff of air left through her nose and she stood to leave.

‘That’s probably all I can get for you now,’ her eyes nodded to the paper work on the table despite the fact that Jughead was not looking at her, ‘people are finally getting suspicious of me asking so many questions.’

(Y/N) reached for the door, before she left she took one final glance at the beanie-clad boy still sat with his back to her.

‘Good luck.’

The door clicked shut.

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A/N: So, originally, this was supposed to be a thing in my fanfic “Colour Bruise” which I haven’t updated in ages. I am planning on finishing the story but for now, enjoy this. ;-)

Words: 1789
Warnings: lime, a lot of swearing

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“Ted looked smaller than I’d expected. Even after he straightened up he stayed stooped, short of his full five feet eleven inches. He was incredibly lean, taught as catgut. I could see in his face how once he had been handsome, but now he looked drawn and worn. His hair was short and coarse, a dull gray. His skin was lifeless, ashen. Ted looked like a walking cadaver–except for his eyes. Just barely blue and clear as glass, Ted’s eyes looked newly born, fully alive, fully communicative. In fact, whenever I talked to him I felt like I was having two conversations at once, one with our words, and one with our eyes. It was as if Ted’s eyes were peepholes someone else was peering out of. Someone deep inside, predating his horrible history and the worn-out exterior that reflected it.”

Ted Bundy’s final lawyer, Polly Nelson, describing Ted during her first face-to-face meeting with him on April 6th, 1986 from “Defending The Devil”

Turf Wars

Hey guys! This is a new series I’m thinking about continuing! Let me know if you like it and if I should do more! Thankyou so much angels!

“This is just absolutely ludicrous!” Cheryl Blossom shouted from her seat at the front of the auditorium, her body practically shaking with anger.

Archie elbowed Jughead and smirked imitating the crazy female redhead. That girl needed to be put on some serious medication and fast, she always seemed to be up in arms about something or another. Of course this time her outrage was slightly warranted, it seemed everyone shared similar feelings regarding the announcement Principal Weatherbee was making.

“Calm down children please!” He shouted over the murmuring and shouting of the entire Riverdale class.

Archie dropped his smirk and put on his most serious face “I just don’t see why they have to come here. Is not like any of them go to school anyway.”

Jughead winced at the judgmental tone of his best friend. Yeah Archie could be fairly insulting but he was also incredibly sheltered so he couldn’t really be blamed. Veronica smacked Archie’s arm frowning at him in disdain
“You don’t know them Archie. You can’t group all of them as a whole just because of some bad seeds.”

The huge highly anticipated announcement weatherbee had been talking about for days was that the south side school had been damaged in a fire and all of the students were going to be attending Riverdale until it was fixed.

The south side was the most dangerous part of Riverdale. It was for the lower class, the people who couldn’t afford Riverdale High, it was mainly notorious for its very own gang “The Southside Serpents”. Jughead knew first hand what it was like to live on the south side.

A few years ago his family fell apart. He was left with just his dad. Eventually his father lost his job and they were forced to move to the south side. He had only been there for a few months when Fred Andrews took him in, he loved Jughead like a son and knew how smart the boy was, he wanted him to have a good education and a stable home life. He was forever grateful for the Andrews family, but he still thought about his father all the time, Fred had decided it was best to cut contact until his father could sober up. He hadn’t heard from the man in three years.

Shaking his head and coming to present day he heard weatherbee introducing their newest classmates.

“And please show our new students a very warm Riverdale welcome!” Suddenly the doors opened and in came about sixty teenagers all dressed vastly different than what the school was used to. Messy hair, ripped up jeans, dirty combat boots. They were all dressed like Jughead.

Each of the south side students looked angry, shuffling down the aisle and shooting nasty looks at each Riverdale student who dared make eye contact. One in particular was smirking at Archie’s letterman jacket.

“Reggie Mantle.” Archie grumbled under his breath, his face set in stone. “He’s captain of the Southside football team, Chuck says they play dirty. I’ve never played them every time we go to play, Chuck gets into some kind of fight.”
Veronica moved closer to Archie and he threw an arm over her shoulder.

Almost like Jughead was in a movie, his eyes were drawn to the very last girl in the group, she was moving lazily, her hands shoved into the little black leather jacket she wore, the snake shaped S displayed proudly on her back, a sure sign she was a part of the infamous Serpents. She was absolutely beautiful though, Jughead couldn’t look away. Her honey blonde hair was hanging low on her back, the messy curls wild and smooth, she wore skin tight blue jeans and black combat boots. Her skin was a gorgeous olive color and her face was makeup free. The most striking thing about her was her piercing green eyes fanned by heavy dark lashes.

“Betty, I swear to god you walk like a damn turtle.” The long haired boy in front of her was keeping pace with her lazy stroll.

Her name was Betty. Suddenly her bright green eyes locked on his and she quirked an eyebrow, a curious expression on her face. Jughead swallowed heavily, trying to keep his laid back carefree facade. She was looking at him like she knew him, only breaking eye contact when her long haired friend pulled her by the hand.

Everyone made way as Betty walked through them all, almost as if she were Noah parting the Red Sea, she was respected, that much was obvious. They all took seats in the available spots in the front of the auditorium. As weatherbee went on about how happy everyone was to have them. Veronica leaned over Archie and whispered in jugheads face

“That pretty blonde was totally checking you out. She’s definitely gonna be my new best friend, I’m gonna set you two up. It’s like we’re destined to be best friends.” Veronica clapped excitedly

Kevin nodded from beside him
“You can have the blonde but I want the friend. mister Puerto Rican Fabio is all mine.”

Jughead chucked at his friends antics. All too soon the principal was finishing up and sending them all back to class. As soon as the auditorium doors shut …War begun.

It was a screaming battle the Southside against Riverdale, teens were at each other’s throats and cheerleaders were pitted against cheerleaders while the football players came nose to nose. Suddenly a loud whistle rang out and all the Southside students ceased fighting, causing the Riverdale students to stare in confusion as their opponents backed away.
The gorgeous blonde who had caught his eyes earlier was now making her way through the crowd and standing in front of her classmates.

Cheryl blossom must have sensed the shift in power and moved to stand directly across Betty.

“I don’t know who you think you are, coming to our school and thinking you can get away with whatever you want, but that won’t fly here. This is my school. You may have been important in whatever trash can you ruffians called a school, but things are different here. You’re under my roof.” The riverdale side cheered obnoxiously causing Cheryl to smirk cockily at the girl in front of her.

Betty just smiled lazily and seemed to be waiting for everyone to finish

“We don’t want to fight, none of us want to be here, but we are. And we’re staying. So either you accept that and go about your own business or you cause trouble with my people. The choice is yours. I said we don’t want to fight but I never said we wouldn’t. You threaten us or do anything stupid and you’ll regret it. I’m not afraid of you Red, and I never will be.” With that she turned around, her classmates following, leaving a very quiet Riverdale student body and Cheryl blossom with her jaw on the floor.

Kevin was practically bouncing with excitement as Veronica leaned over and whispered “that was so badass!”

Betty made her way past their little group and once again made eye contact with jughead, this time she shot him half of a smile, the indent of a dimple rising to the surface. Jughead swallowed heavily and Archie slapped a hand to his shoulder, smirking

“You’re in for it now buddy.”

Jughead watched the back of her blonde head walk away and sighed. He most definitely was.


It seemed to him that he had stepped through a high window that looked on a vanished world. A light was upon it for which his language had no name. All that he saw was shapely, but the shapes seemed at once clear cut, as if they had been first conceived and drawn at the uncovering of his eyes, and ancient as if they had endured for ever. He saw no colour but those he knew, gold and white and blue and green, but they were fresh and poignant, as if he had at that moment first perceived them and made for them names new and wonderful. In winter here no heart could mourn for summer or for spring. No blemish or sickness or deformity could be seen in anything that grew upon the earth. On the land of Lórien there was no stain.

A Blue Hope

Sooooo I read a poem and was inspired to write a short (1,456 word) langsty fic. No ships, no deaths/injuries, just Lance and Blue doing some bonding. Hope you like it!!

The mission was simple enough, most intelligence missions went off without a hitch. It was almost routine at this point, Shiro, Hunk and Keith would catch a ride in the Green Lion, masked by its stealth capabilities. Allura and Coran would call shots from a secluded vantage point and Lance would use Blue to scan the base, giving a clear picture of what they were up against. It was kind of boring to Lance, really, he would sit and wait nearby looking for any fighters or any signs of oncoming trouble. Unless one of them was spotted, usually there wouldn’t be any.

Inside Blue he leaned back and closed his eyes, a soft robotic humm filled the cabin and he smiled. Blue was the best lion in Lance’s opinion, though he realized he might be a bit biased. She never failed to keep him cool in hot situations. If he was honest, Blue (and Yellow by extension) were the most vital part of Voltron. They literally lift the team up. But why him of all people? “Hey Blue,” Lance started “Why did you pick me over Keith?”

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Nothing At Stake - 9


Okay guys so after much ‘mmm’ing and ‘ahhh’ing I’ve realised this probably as good as it is going to get. Like this chapter was written mainly for the smutty stuff and the things around it just kind of happen and yeah blah. Also shout-out to @isitfuckingfridayyet for being freaking amaze <3

A lot of smut in this one, it’s pretty erm explicit - or at least to me it is, and so if you don’t like smut and especially don’t like Jug smut then please do not read this. You have been warned, any complaints about the smut unless they are constructive criticism, will be ignored.]

Word Count: 2262

[Previous chapter]

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Well, Shit. (A Voltron Fanfiction Chapter 7)

Hey guys! Here’s Chapter 7! I hope you like it! Chapter 8 is on the way not to worry! Thank you to all the love and support! I’ve gotten some great messages and I’m so happy that you guys are enjoying the story! It’s nearing the end but please enjoy!

Want to read from the beginning? Here you go!








When Lance confesses every bad thought he’s had to the team, and it doesn’t go well. Lance has to get out . The team has to come to terms with what Lance said and figure out how they can make it right.

Chapter 7: Well, Mierda.

Lance ran as fast as he could. He could feel Blue calling out to him, she could feel his fear, his panic, his pain and she wanted to help. So when he made it to the hangar she was ready and waiting, mouth open ready to protect him. He ran inside.

I need to get out of here I feel like I can’t breathe. Lance said to her, through their bond like so many times before.

I understand. She replied.

Lance sat heavily in his chair, console lighting up. He leaned his head back and let Blue into his mind. Then he was seeing through her eyes. She looked at the hangar door, ramming it trying to get out. She was desperate or maybe that was Lance it was hard to tell when they were like this.

Her attention was drawn to a voice, Shiro looking panicked and worried, running into Blue’s hangar.

“LANCE!” Shiro shouted, “PLEASE STOP!” Shiro begged.

Blue looked at him and turned back ramming the hangar door again. Lance needed to get out. They had to get out.

Shiro was still shouting but Lance couldn’t hear him.

“LANCE PLEASE! DON’T GO!” SHiro shouted. Suddenly Hunk appeared next to him, dragging Shiro out of the hangar.

“HUNK! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Shiro shouted at him with anger.

“Shiro. Stop. Let him go.” Hunk said seriously.

What?” Shiro asked incredulously.

Hunk let the tears that he had been stopping slide down his face.

“Please. You have to let Lance go. He won’t stop when he’s like this.” Hunk said, another bang came from the hangar, Blue desperately trying to escape.

“Lance just confessed a bunch of stuff that we know he didn’t really mean, his emotions are off the wall. He needs time to gather himself, then we go after him.” Hunk said wiping tears from his face.

Everyone had joined them outside of the hangar door, crashing sounds becoming more frequent.

“If we try to talk to him now…” Hunk said shaking his head, “He’ll just become more panicked and we’ll make it worse. Please just… wait.” Hunk said.

Shiro’s whole body seemed to sag, like all the energy had been drained. Finally there was a huge crash and an alarm sounded.

“Lance and Blue have left the hangar.” Coran said finally.

So they all stood in the noise of the alarm, completely silent.

Lance and Blue went out into space, dark and quiet. They need to go someplace, some place with a breeze and water. But they were too far from Earth so another planet would have to do. Images floated across Lance’s mind, a beach with pink sand and green water. A yellow sky with purple clouds, a planet similar to Earth and it was close.

Let’s go. Lance and Blue said together and they did.

They flew for a long while passing stars and planets of beautiful and terrifying color and shape. Lance couldn’t believe that he had gotten used to space, something he could only dream about when he was younger. Here he was floating among the stars and he felt nothing.

Then the planet was in front of them, a colorful version of Earth. They descended. Blue landing on the beach. Lance slowly opened his eyes coming back to himself. He felt empty, like he had left everything back on the Castle and maybe he did.

He got out of Blue, a breeze whipping his brown hair around. The beach was similar to Varadero beach, where he spent his childhood. The sand was pink instead of the beautiful white, the water a vibrant green framed by a light yellow sky. Lance went to a spot next to the water and sat. He let the breeze wash over him and watched the water come in and out in a constant beat.

Before he realized hot and heavy tears streaked down his face, what had he done? He curled in on himself, bring his knees up, arms wrapped around them.

“They must hate me now.” He said with such raw sadness.  

No, they do not. Blue said.

“But how do you know? Blue, I-I said horrible things to them. Every passing thought I had, everything I’ve thought bad about them I sa-said.” Lance said the breaths hitching in his throat, tight and hot. “They didn’t deserve that, it was cruel. How could I…” Lance said not able to finish because sobs were racking his body shaking him to his very core. He couldn’t remember the last time he cried like this.

They do not hate you. I can feel it. The lions are connected. They are confused and sad but they do not hate my Lance.  Blue said, they know my Lance is kind and they know my Lance is hurt and they didn’t notice. That’s how they feel.

Lance just tried to breathe, tried to calm down but his heart hurt so much and it wouldn’t stop. It was like he had lost all control of his emotions.

You know she lies to you, right?

Lance looked up hesitantly, it was Lotor not the real one but the one in his head.

They hate you now. They won’t come for you. Just stay on this beach, it’s nice here.

Lance shook his head, this wasn’t real. He wasn’t going to continue to let this hallucination walk all over him. Lance stood, Lotor watching.

Shut up.” Lance said.

Oh he speaks.

Lance set his jaw, “Leave me alone. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” Lance said.

Lotor looked shocked and then smiled, his face began to change and Lance was once again staring at himself, the self without the scars, the way he was before.

I can’t leave Lance. I’m you. There’s no escape.

Lance paused and suddenly something clicked, the steel that had covered his emotions cracked and began to fall apart. The thing that was created on Lotor’s ship. The steel fell away, but he didn’t need it anymore, he didn’t need to hide anymore. He realized that now, he was allowed to feel afraid, he was allowed to feel jealous, he was allowed to feel.

No you’re right.” Lanced breathed, understanding.

“I can’t get you out. You’re me, the part of me I wish I didn’t have. You’re my doubt, my sadness, my anger, jealousy, fear and every other crappy emotion. You’re all of it in one.” Lance took a breath, looking himself in his own blue eyes, “But I need to accept that you’re a part of me, not separate from me. Just like me and Blue when we fly, we have to accept one another. I’m sorry I keep pushing you out, that I keep ignoring you.” Lance said.

His hallucination looked afraid, and he backed up.

“I accept you, okay? And I forgive you. You’re the part of me that… makes me human. I’m sorry.” Lance said, tears streaming down his face.

His hallucination shook his head and slowly, little by little he began to fade. Lance knew that his wasn’t a normal thing, talking to your own hallucination or accepting yourself in this weird way. But if it was what it took to move on and to accept what had happened to him. To accept the new him then that’s what he would do.

And Lance was left on the beach with Blue.


“Better.” Lance said.

The team had gathered in the lounge on the couches and they didn’t say anything for a long time. Hunk was worried, they all were. He was the one to suggest waiting but they could at least productive.

“We have to talk about what Lance said.” Hunk stated.

Everyone remained silence but began to straighten, Shiro nodded and although everyone still looked pale and a little shocked they looked determined.

After a pause Keith started, “Do you guys know why he said um… why Lance kept calling me perfect and the stuff he said about Shiro.” Keith asked.

To their surprise Pidge answered.

“Well Shiro pays a lot of extra attention to you.” Pidge said, like it was obvious.

Shiro blinked a little shocked, “What?” He asked.

Hunk nodded, “You do. Like when Keith held a sword to that one guy when we were trying to rescue? And when you chose him for the Blade of Marmora mission. Lance had a point that Keith can be a hot head. No offense Keith. But despite all that you seem to trust Keith the most out of all of us.” Hunk said.

Shiro looked shocked.

“But you and Keith have a past so I guess it makes sense. But still you seem to pay extra attention to him. I think maybe Lance felt useless. I can only count on one hand the amount of time you’ve complimented or even talked to Lance just the two of you. Mostly you just tell him to focus and stuff. And Lance looks up to you, you’re his hero so it must have hurt. But we kind of all hurt Lance.” Hunk said, looking disappointed.

There was an awkward silence.

“I’m sorry.” Allura said, they all looked at her, “I um… I forget how young you, I mean we are. I try to treat you like soldiers. But that’s just a part of who were are. I forget that sometimes and I think that really hurt Lance.” She swallowed.

“Every time he opened his mouth and said a joke it was just to get us out of that serious mindset. To get us to act our age. And every time I tried to get him to stop when all he was trying to do was help us in his own way. But no matter how many times I told him to stop, or ignored him, he would always check on me after a hard mission. Give me a compliment, make sure I was okay and I always felt better. But I never did the same for him and I should have.” Allura finished.

More silence.

“I’m also sorry.” Coran said, “I think I saw something wrong, a long time ago but I failed to notice in time to help Lance.” He said.

“What do you mean?” Keith asked.

Coran looked at them all with sad eyes.

“After the explosion where Lance saved me, I went to thank him personally after he recovered. After I thanked him he said, don’t worry Coran you’re important so of course I’d save you, don’t worry about it. That silly boy has a way of making you feel at ease and I didn’t think about it. But today when he said he wasn’t important, that he doesn’t deserve to be here… It made me think of that moment. Like he was implying that because he wasn’t important, then of course he’d save me someone he considers important.” Coran finished.

Thoughts ran through everyone’s mind, thinking back on what Lance has said before.


Why? There’s nothing you or the rest of the team can do. It’s not important.

Maybe I don’t have a thing.

Don’t worry about it.


Please stop.

Pretend you didn’t see this.

Everyone quickly realized that they really hadn’t noticed and Lance had been right all along. They had ignored him, treated him horribly for a long time. Lance was supposed to be their brother, their buddy and they treated him like trash.

“Without realizing it, we’ve been hurting Lance this entire time. And he just kept it down, didn’t confront us. He just took it. Maybe it was little things but it’s obvious that it affected him and we just continued to do it. Even when Lance was tried to tell us how he felt the entire time. He feels like he not a part of this team but despite that he protected us with everything he had.” Shiro said feeling shame and guilt growing in his chest.

“He lost his eye saving us.” Pidge said in a whisper.

“He’s been trying so hard to catch up with the rest of us, not realizing that he’s actually the best out of all of us.” Keith said.

“We have to make him feel like he is a part of this team because he is. He keeps us together, makes us laugh. We need Lance back.” Allura said.

There was a long silence.

Hunk smiled, “Then let’s go get him!” Hunk said.

Everyone smiled.

“Yeah!” Shiro said.

The team got in the black lion, since they didn’t need to take all of them for this. Allura’s face popped up on the screen.

“Lance has landed his lion on a planet not too far from here. It’s atmosphere and gravity is similar to your Earth. I sent you the exact coordinates of the signal.” She paused, “When you find Lance, we’d like to hear what you’re saying to him or if he has anything to say to us. So if you could keep your comms on…” Allura trailed off.

Shiro smiled, “Of course Princess.” He said.

Allura smiled, her face disappearing from the screen. So they flew. It would take about fifteen minutes to get there.

“What do we do once we get there?” Pidge asked quietly.

“Just follow my lead.” Hunk said smiling, “Just do what I do!” Hunk said.

“Okay.” Shiro said hesitantly.

They arrived at the planet, it really was similar to Earth and after locating the coordinates they descended. They landed down the beach from the blue lion. They got out and Hunk led the way walking along the beach. As they got closer they saw Lance, sitting just before the water staring at the Technicolor scenery with a serene expression on his face.

Hunk sat just behind Lance, not speaking and the rest of the team did the same. The pink sand was warm under their fingers and they joined Lance in staring at the ocean before them. They were silent for a long time until Lance spoke. They looked at his back focused on his form against the scenery.

“I grew up near a beach like this one. I always went there when I needed space to think. I grew up in a house of seven kids and although I loved it ninety-nine percent of the time I sometimes needed to clear my head so I would go to the beach. Something about the moment of the water always calmed me down and put things in perspective.” Lance took a breath before continuing, “Although my family was big I was always showered with a lot of love and attention because my mom is that kind of woman. She’s the best, a single parent since my dad died after my youngest sister was born. But my mom always makes sure that we know we’re loved and important.” Lance said. They couldn’t see his face because he sounded like he was smiling causing the rest of them to smile.

“It was because of her that I joined the Garrison. She said to me once, Lance if you ever have a chance to go get your dreams then go, family never leaves you but dreams can. So go and we’ll be here when you come back. It because of that that I took that ridiculous test and joined the Garrison with a new American name and three months of English under my belt. So I went, I wanted to learn about space and explore and everything. But when I got to the Garrison it wasn’t what I imagined. I was at the bottom of the pecking order again in terms of smarts and skill. So I worked hard really hard. Really hard. I got to the top of the cargo pilot class and when I was upgraded to fighter class I thought my hard work had paid off.” Lance said, his voice falling a little bit.

“But I only got in because Keith dropped.” Lance said.

Keith felt a pang in his heart, he could feel where this was going.

“And believe me they really liked to remind me of that. Every time I fucked up they would remind me that I was just a replacement for the best pilot of our generation. Maybe that’s where it all started, I don’t know.” Lance took a breath, “And when we got Shiro and I actually met Keith and actually talked to him, I had already made this competition in my mind. Because in the Garrison I was already competing against you Keith, even if you weren’t there… I honestly hated you. I don’t anymore but I was jealous and mad and I didn’t even know you. I’m sorry about that.” Lance said.

He curled his legs up to his chest, resting his head on his knees.

“And when I met Blue I thought, this is what I was meant to do, all the stuff I went through before was all leading to this. Finally I would belong to something greater, something I could do to help people. I was happy.” Lance took another breath, “But in the end I was compared to Keith, constantly. Told to focus, to be better. I fell behind. That wasn’t anyone’s fault really and the more time that passed the more I realized how ordinary I am compared to everyone. Shiro is the great leader and pilot in his own right. Pidge is super super smart for her age. Hunk is the best person and the best engineer. Keith’s the best pilot of his generation and just really cool. Allura’s the super awesome and pretty space princess and Coran keeps us all running in top shape. And I’m…” Lance paused, “I’m just a boy from Cuba fighting a space war I’ll never win, a cheap replacement for someone who you all deserve more. That feeling kept growing and growing and when I decided to blow up the ship…” Lance took a breath, “There was a small part of me that wished that I died, because at least I would have been important then. I would the blue paladin that helped his team escape an enemy by sacrificing himself. That would have made a great story.” Lance paused.

The team let that sink in but it was hard to absorb. Shiro wanted to speak, to Lance he was wrong but Hunk shook his head, Lance wasn’t done yet.

“But I didn’t. And I don’t think that way anymore. But I got captured on Lotor’s ship and was tortured. But there was this moment that I was so so scared. I was terrified of dying, of being hurt and I wanted to give up. But something clicked like my emotions just disappeared for a bit. I didn’t feel afraid. I didn’t feel much of anything. I thought that I had a job to do, to protect you guys because you guys are the important protectors of the universe. It was the only way I could cope and when you rescued me it didn’t go away. Neither did Lotor.” Lance said, “I see him sometimes, when I was captured he would say things to me. Not the real thing, just my mind. He’d say things I didn’t want to hear. Sometimes he would change into other people, Shiro, Pidge, Hunk, Keith, Allura, Coran, my mom, siblings and sometimes he turned into me. But those hallucinations, I thought they were because of the pain or some weird Druid thing. But when I woke up from the healing pod… he hadn’t gone away. He was standing right there but I couldn’t say anything.” Lance said, his voice becoming tight.

“I thought that if I said anything then you would doubt my ability as a pilot. I thought you would send me back to Earth. I thought you’d tell me that you didn’t need me and no matter how much I want to go back to Earth, I know that I want to belong here. But I always felt like I was never quite part of the team. When we form Voltron it’s the only time I feel like I belong. But outside of that, I just…” Lance trailed off.

“I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry for everything I said. I didn’t mean any of it, not a word. I love you guys, I love Voltron, I love helping people and I’m so sorry that I said that stuff. I wish I could take it back. I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Lance put his head in his hands, tears flowing freely in quiet sobs.

They were silent and Hunk moved and so did the rest of the team. Hunk put a gentle hand on Lance’s knee, Pidge a hand on the other. Shiro stroked Lance’s hair. Keith had a hand on his shoulder. They were all so warm and the feeling made Lance cry harder.

“Lance…” Shiro began, “You have nothing to be sorry about. We’re sorry. We’ve been hurting you this entire time and we didn’t know. I’m sorry we didn’t notice sooner.” Shiro said.

“Yeah you’re a part of this team. The entire time you were gone we were going crazy without you keeping us grounded. The castle, the lions, nothing felt the same without you man.” Hunk said.

“Lance I love you, a lot. You remind me a lot of my brother Matt, always helping me out and checking up on me, making me laugh. I don’t know how I’d be here without you.” Pidge said.

“Listen, Lance. You’re a part of this team and we’re sorry we haven’t treated you that way. But we’ll get better. We’ll try to be better.” Keith said.

They stayed like that, holding onto Lance as he cried. They stayed like that for a long time and Lance finally felt like he finally belonged.

anonymous asked:

i hope you'll somehow still run this blog because ppl followed for your work and what you had created with your imagination and empathy. I hope you will cheer up, Love. If you still do requests, how about a vocation thingy ? With Jesse, Solider or Genji ? If you feel like it~ Lots of Love and best wishes, Anon

;-; thank you, sweetie <3 Also I went nuts. Roadtrip :D 


Jesse McCree

 The strums of “Stand by your man” reached your ears as the bright, burning rays of sun began to dance across your face, waking you from your slumber at the back of the car. You slowly lifted your head off the leather of the back seats, the warm wind rushing through your hair, the sun-beaten landscape decorating your surroundings, bare yet beautiful. 

You rubbed your eyes, stretching your limbs and yawning. Your gaze was captured by your cowboy in the front seat, his chestnut strands dancing in the humid breeze, drumming his fingers on the wheel in-time with the beat of his terrible country songs. Jesse caught your movement in the rear view mirror and shot you a wide dog-like grin. 

“Hey, doll.” Jesse chuckled, leaning over and picking up his Peacekeeper from the passenger seat and placing it in the glove compartment safely. “Enjoyed your nap?” 

You leaned forward, kissing Jesse on his scruffy cheek before clambering into the shotgun seat, running your fingers through your hair, humming affirmatively. You pulled a face at his choice in radio choice, reaching over to change it. 

“Nuh uh, honey.” Jesse playfully slapped your hand away, instead intertwining his fingers with yours, stroking his thumb across your knuckles. 

“Where are we anyway?” You asked, squeezing his hand and looking around, the landscape looking like something that should be in an old western movie.

“I don’t know.” Jesse threw his head back and laughed, turning to gaze at you. “That’s amazing isn’t it?” 

“Being lost is amazing?” You questioned, smiling in spite of yourself. 

“We’re so damn lost.” Jesse sighed happily. “Talon doesn’t know where we are, Overwatch doesn’t know where we are, the world doesn’t know where we are. Kinda feels like freedom, don’t it?” 

You melted slightly. You kissed his knuckles lovingly before reclining back, stretching your hand up, letting the rushing wind press against your palm. Yeah. It did kinda feel like freedom. 

Soldier 76/ Jack Morrison: 

The highway your car was on was completely deserted, almost entirely silent if not for the steady hum of the engine. You looked up from the book you were reading out loud to Jack to look out of the window, the darkness coating the world in a dark blue tint. You dog eared the page you were on, tossing the book into the backseat, before looking at Jack, his silver hair gleaming in the moon-lit night and occasionally the artificial light of the bare street light. 

He didn’t seem as old in this setting. The night gently obscured the dark shadows underneath his tired eyes, made his harsh scars seem like they were lovingly drawn onto his face. His Alaskan-ice blue eyes momentarily glanced at yours, the edge of his lips quirked up in a smile. 

“Alright there?” Jack asked softly, watching the soft light dance over your features. 

You thought about your answer for a moment before smiling at him.

“Hmmm… Yeah. Yeah, I am.” You whispered. “You want me to take over the driving for a little bit?” 

“No, I think I can do a few more miles.” The soldier replied, looking the clock on the dashboard and rubbing under his eyes. 

You rolled your eyes slightly but accepted his answer, leaning over and kissing his cheek before tucking your legs underneath you on the seat, curling up slightly. 

“Are you all prepped to go on the Hanamura mission when we get back?” Jack asked, frowning slightly.

“Hey, Jack?” 


“Forget Talon and missions and everything for a little bit.” 

Jack looked at you quickly, eyebrows raised slightly before smiling lovingly. He reached over and curled his pinky around yours, leaning back comfortably in his chair. 


Genji Shimada

 The sun was slowly coming up, it’s rosy-golden glow washing over you, painting the scenery in light. You sighed softly, glancing to the passenger seat next to you where a certain cyborg was napping, his mouth open and drooling slightly. You smiled at the sight, turning your gaze back to the road, tapping your index finger against the wheel and humming along to the J-Pop band that was singing on the mixtape you and Genji made for this trip. You pressed a button on the dash, the roof of the car reclining to let the cool air wash over you. 

Leaning over, you playfully poked Genji’s scarred cheek a few times until he stirred from his slumber, quickly shutting his mouth once he realized it had been open the whole time. He straightened up, wiping his mouth, the breeze making his soft ebony hair dance slightly. 

“Woooah. Look at that.” He noticed the dawn breaking, transfixed by the sight.  

You hummed in agreement, gazing at Genji lovingly for a moment before turning back to the road. Everything was slowly properly lighting up, the day slowly heating back up. You felt something gently nudge against your lips. Genji was gently poking one of his sweets against your mouth, grinning widely at you, eyes laughing. 

“Candy for breakfast?” You questioned him, taking a bite. 

“We’re on holiday, we could have cereal for dinner if we wanted.” He reasoned, popping the rest of the sweet into his mouth and stretching his limbs out. 

“Can you even taste it?” You asked, taking your hand off the wheel for a second to grab your water bottle. 

“Yeah, but the taste is dulled.” Genji replied, taking the bottle from you and opening it for you before giving it back to you. 

You drank deeply before giving it to him, enjoying the breeze against your face, his cool fingers touching your heated ones. Genji placed your water bottle back, smiling at you before looking back at the sunrise.

“Do we have to go back?” He suddenly asked. “Back to the headquarters? To the endless missions and training and… Everything?” 

“What makes you ask that?” You looked over to him, tilting your head. 

“It’s just… I’d rather do this. With you. Going nowhere, just happy with breathing and seeing.” 

“Soon, Genji. When all this is over, we can do this freely.” You promised, catching his hand and squeezing it. 

“I hope so.” 

The Middle of the Night

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: StilesxReader

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: Kinda long, a little rushed at the end 

Prompt Summary: Reader and Sitles are in a relationship. When Stiles starts acting weird, reader decides to take it into their own hands

You and Stiles had been dating for a couple months now. And needless to say, it was the best few months of your life. Full of compassion, funny jokes and numerous Star Wars marathons. For the most part, you two were completely oblivious to the outside world and were only infatuated with each other. However, the past two nights, Stiles had been acting peculiar. He was fidgety and anxious, and hardly listened to what you said to him. It was as if he was living on his own planet; his own Death Star. 

On top of his abnormal acting, Stiles had been disappearing during the night. You had only noticed when around 1 A.M you woke to an empty bed and drawers left open with shirts spilling out. You worried about Stiles, he usually told you exactly where he was going and when he’d be back. So tonight, you devised a plan.  

You and Stiles sat in silence as drove home from school in his old blue jeep. His thumbs twiddled with the steering wheel, only the soft hum of pop songs from the radio could be heard between the two of you. 

“Stiles..” you murmur, keeping your eyes pinned to the road. He doesn’t reply, in fact he doesn’t even acknowledge your voice. “Stiles!” you say more sternly. Stiles merely jumps out of his skin, the jeep swerving in the middle of the road. “What?” Stiles asks. His face was pale. You furrow your eyebrows, “Stiles, are you okay?” you ask. Stiles shoots a glance towards you, “Yeah, yeah I’m fine”. You flopped against the back seat, completely unconvinced. 

11 P.M soon rolled around. You and Stiles had spent the day studying for a chem test atop his bed. For the most part, he remained quiet and focused, yet you could still spot multiple times where his mind wandered off. You both decided to call it a night, snuggling underneath the covers of his bed. With his arms latched around you, you could feel the tenseness of his muscles beneath his shirt, his uneasy breathing on the back of your neck. Your worry for him only peaked.

At 1 A.M, you felt him get out of bed. He opened the drawers, threw on a sweat shirt and strode out of the room, making sure to quietly close the door behind him. Once you heard the blue jeep engine roar in the driveway, you hopped out of bed, through something on and grabbed the keys to your own car. You ran downstairs, got into your car and waited till Stiles was a safe distance away, then you started up your car and drove after him.

You had been driving for about half an hour when Stiles suddenly made a sharp turn down an old rugged path leading into the forest of Beacon Hills.        “What are you up to Stiles?” you asked yourself, parking your car on the side of the road. You decided that continuing this journey on foot would be the safest choice.

The night air was bitter, sending goosebumps along your spine. Your tucked your arms close to your chest, desperate to keep whatever warmth you had close to your body. The moon hung alone in the sky with faintly shining stars accompanying its side. You kept your eyes pinned to the dimly lit tail lights of Stiles’ jeep. As you walked on, dead leaves crunching beneath the soles of your shoes, you noticed a looming shadowy figure come up in the distance. Your breath hitched, it was the old Hale house. 

Stiles jeep came to a halt and you found yourself hiding behind a tree, watching as Stiles stepped out of the car and briskly made his way up to the entrance of the Hale house. You shook your head, how did he even know the Hale family? Reluctantly, you followed him, taking uneasy glances around the huge, yet collapsing, house. You watched as Stiles opened the front door and stepped in, no hesitation what so ever. Your head lulled back, the last thing you wanted to do was go into the Hale house and merely 2 in the morning. Yet, you carried on, silently jogging up to the front of the house.  

You gingerly walked up the stairs, coming face to face with door. You stood there frozen. What were you supposed to do? Knock? Walk in? You took a deep breath and gripped the brass doorknob, the feeling of the metal cold against your sweaty palms. You opened the door, peeping your head around the corner to see five pairs of eyes staring at you. 

One of the eyes glows blue, long jagged teeth emerging from his mouth, claws drawn at his sides. You let out a scream, pressing your back into the wall as the man strides towards you. 

“Woah wait!” you hear Stiles’ voice call from behind the ginormous man. You stare at his glowing, electric blue eyes as they slowly return to a normal brown color, teeth receding into his mouth. The man glares at you.

“Stiles.. who is this?” the man asks in a low voice, his eyes not leaving you as he speaks. The other three people shift uneasily, all making there way towards you. 

“Who are you?” you hiss at the man. His upper lip twitches, “Derek Hale”. You stare in awe, “Stiles why are you hanging out with Derek Hale and why does he have glowing blue eyes?” you ask. Stiles runs his hands over his face, “Ok ok.. well um. Derek that’s my girlfriend Y/N.. and uh erm.. Y/N that’s Derek Hale” Stiles says. You shoot him a glare, only to notice Scott standing right next to him along with two of your other friends from school, Lydia and Allison. 

“What are you guys doing here? Is this some kind of cult?” you ask nervously. Derek snorts, “Close enough”. You look at him wide eyed. Scott turns to Stiles, “Does she know?” he asks. You shake your head, “Do I know what?” 

Derek rolls his eyes and lets his head slam into his hands, “Stiles, you didn’t tell her?” he groans. You begin to grow impatient, “Tell me what?” you groan. Stiles throws his hands in the air, “How am I supposed to tell my girlfriend that my best friend is a werewolf with werewolf friends that I secretly visit in the night!” he retorts. Shock floods your body and your eyes dart around the room.

“Wait, so you are all werewolves?” you ask. “No, only Scott and I..” Derek murmurs as his eyes glow blue once again. You look at Scott and with ultimate hesitation, he lets his eyes flash a deep crimson color. You stand there in silence, keeping your mouth squeezed shut. 

“So, you’ve been sneaking out every night to hang out with your werewolf buddies?” you ask Stiles. He licks his lips and nods his head.

“That’s so awesome!” you laugh. The whole pack looks at you in awe. 

“What?” Stiles asks in surprise. 

“Dude, you gotta tell me these things. You know I’ll want in” you say, still shocked yet excited about your new found friends of the supernatural. 

“Uhm.. alright then” Stiles replies, letting a huge breath flow through his lips. You then spent the rest of the night with the pack, learning about werewolves and other supernatural creatures with Stiles sitting right next to you, arm hooked around your shoulders the entire time. 

The Perfect Shot

Part One

Originally posted by marorra

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: mentions of death

Summary: Jughead and the reader have hated each other for years, but are forced to work together when Betty recruits the reader for The Blue and Gold

It was not supposed to end like this: tied up in an abandoned building, dust stinging my eyes and something most definitely crawling up my leg. Wait, what’s that I see flushing itself down the toilet? Oh yeah, that would be my hopes and dreams for the future. Pretty sure they don’t accept corpses to college. A scholarship is no good to my dead ass. I knew I shouldn’t have listened to them. I knew Jughead Jones would do nothing but get me into trouble.

I guess I’ll start with the day it all changed; the day Betty Cooper approached me in the park.

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The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader

Originally posted by michveo

Title: The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader.

Genre: Angst, mafiaau!

Member: Jongup.

Word Count: 1339.

Description: You knew your father would spend his remaining years in dept and you probably would to. But you didn’t think the son of the family your debt went to would want to marry you on his own will, there had to be something more. It was time for you to see how dangerous he really was.

You followed behind your parents as they walked into the fancy restaurant. This was a place you could never afford to eat, but there seemed to be a first time for everything.


When you sat down at the table you knew it must have been something about that mafia group your father was in debt to that was worrying your parents. You weren’t too well off in life, but you weren’t poor to the point of starvation either. All you knew was it was because your father was once part of a gang that tried to kill off a mafia, but never succeeded.

You didn’t blame your father for your life and could never bring yourself to hate him, but there was one thing that brought you close to it.

“Y/N you’re going to be getting married” As those words reached your ears you rose an eyebrow at your father who sat across the table from you and he sighed as he leant forward, his hand reached out for yours and you silently gave him your hand to hold. He clasped your hand with both of his and his voice was gentle as he spoke.

“Moon Lee Jong has resigned from his mafia group, his son, he has decided to be a lot nicer to us. So to end this debt quickly, he wants you to marry him” Your father explained and you simply blinked at him. You father was calm, so you remained calm as well, you trusted that your father knew what the right thing to do was.

“I understand father” You answered and he smiled gratefully.

“Thank you, Y/N”


You sat down next to your father, three men sat across from you and your parents, immediately your eyes were drawn to the one with dark blue hair and tattoo’s peeking out from the collar of his dress shirt.

“And this is your daughter, I haven’t seen her since she was just a child” A strong staring contest was going on between you and the man sitting across from you. And the deep voice talking about you forced you to look away from the tattooed man.

“Yes, this is Y/N, she’s grown into a tremendous young women sir” You listened to the way your father talked to the man sitting across from him, it seemed you were sitting in front of the youngest of the three.

This must be Jongup. He looks mean, unlike how father told me he is.

Jongup’s eyes scanned you, your features were automatically engraved into his memory and he smirked as his hand lifted from the table, effectively shocking you.

“I’m Moon Jongup, nice to meet you Y/N” Everyone on the table looked at the two of you and you reached for his inked hand, bowing your head as you greeted him.

“Nice to meet you Jongup”

“Are you all ready to order?” A waiter cut the interaction short and you placed your hands back on your lap as a silent shaky breath left you.

You prayed he would be nice to your family.


You watched the three men interact with your parents. It seemed like a formal friendly dinner, not an arranged meeting to someone your family was in debt to. Lee Jong was being rather kind to you all and you found yourself finding no need to talk as you listened to his conversation with your parents.

“Jongup, why don’t you ask Y/N for that dance you wanted?” Lee Jong turned to Jongup suddenly and the younger male nodded with a curt nod, even he was being nice to your family. He seemed respectful and kind, like an average man sincerely here to marry you, not fill a debt, and you continued to think you had misjudged him as he stood and asked for your hand.

“Would you let me have this dance with you, Y/N?” He asked, a sweet smile crossed his features and he suddenly reminded you of the innocence you and your friends had in school.

“Certainly Jongup” You smiled and put your hand in his as you stood. You walked away from the table and towards an open floor where everyone else in the restaurant was ignoring the few dancing couples that followed the calming music.

“Your parents don’t seem very nervous to hand their daughter to the future leader of the mafia” Jongup commented, he held you close, with one of his hands holding yours and the other on your lower back as he led you to follow the music.

“Well, should they be Jongup? You don’t seem so bad to me” You answered honestly and that brave smirk returned to Jongup’s lips, only it was more cunning.

“I think rather than them being worried, it’s you who should be worried Y/N. You don’t seem to realise how dangerous this marriage will be” It was like he was giving you no option to leave, he pulled you until you were flush against the warmth seeping through his button-up shirt and his grip on your hand tightened just enough to force dominance over you.

“Because you’re mine now, and that comes at a price”


“What are you doing here?” This was meant to be the only place where you could pretend you didn’t have any problems, you could just worry about the gossip in your group of friends and your upcoming assignments.

“You need to come with me Y/N” Jongup answered, how did he even get in here? Wasn’t there some sort of rule about anyone besides students and teachers being in the school grounds?

“Who are you?” Hana asked and you looked at Jongup in a way that told him not to answer.

“Just come with me Y/N” Jongup ignored her and you gave him another look.

“I’m not meant to be seeing you until Saturday” You answered and he looked at you dangerously. His hand reached out to you and you looked at it just the same as your friends did, immediately seeing the decorative lines covering it.

“This is not for that matters, this is a different matter. Just come with me before I have to drag you out of the school Y/N” Jongup demanded and you soft palm landed on his, his fingers immediately wrapped around your hand and he pulled you to your feet.

“Bye guys” You waved to your friends and Hyoseong pointed at the man walking away with you.

“I know who that is!” She exclaimed and Hana blinked at her.

“Who is it?”

“That Moon Lee Jong’s son Moon Jongup, what is Y/N doing with him?” She began to wonder and your friends all grew worried.

“Where are you taking me Jongup?” You asked as he stormed through the school grounds with you in toe. He glanced back at you momentarily and found you looking at him with wide eyes.

“Look out” He shoved a male student that you almost ran into and continued walking as the student stumbled, becoming lost for words when he saw who pushed him.

“Just get in the car for now Y/N” Jongup demanded and you found yourself silently doing so. You couldn’t see through the black glass to know who was driving the car. Bit it took off out of sight from your school and Jongup called your attention as he reached into his pocket.

“Y/N” You looked at him to find him shifting to one knee on the floor in front of you. The journey was a smooth one but upon seeing him not in his seat your hands reached out to keep him still.

“What is this?” You asked looking at the small box and Jongup took your hand from his shoulder. The small box was placed in your lap and Jongup took the ring out as he placed it on the rightful finger.

“It’s your engagement ring” He answered, his hands resting on your knees before he looked up at you.

“I have to let people know you belong to someone”

Shape of You

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

Word count: 600+
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff & female!Reader
Warnings: Implied sexual content
Summary: Drabble: Pietro wants to surprise you, but you’re the one who’s faster.
A/N: Since today this one spooks around in my head and I wanted to write even something little. Happy Valentine’s Day! 💕

“How much do one hundred roses cost?”

Pietro Maximoff’s smile slightly faltered as the florist answered him. It wasn’t like he wouldn’t want to spend so much money for you on Valentine’s Day, he simply didn’t had it. He was an Avenger, not someone who could pull hundreds of dollars out of his pockets.

He cleared his throat. “What about twelve?”

The florist laughed lightly at Pietro’s stressed face and continued tying a bouquet of exactly twelve red roses. “Twenty dollars.”

The smile returned on the speedster’s face and he took out a twenty dollar note. “I’ll take a bouquet,” he said. “Do you have one in pink?”

Pietro could already hear the music blasting from yours and his apartment before he had opened the door and stepped in. He could also smell the sweet scent of chocolate throughout the whole room and he couldn’t imagine what delicious threat you had prepared for him. Trying to be silent (even though you probably wouldn’t even hear him if he came in through the glass of the window), he closed the door again, slipped out of his shoes and made his way to the kitchen to surprise you.

The scent of chocolate intensified and the music got, if even possible, more louder. But Pietro stopped dead in his tracks as he saw you.

Not caring about anything or anyone around you, you sang along to Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”, occasionally stopping when you tried from the meal you prepared for yourself and Pietro. The latter couldn’t take his eyes off of you as moved your body to the music. They wandered over your bare legs to your really short shorts and over your back, shoulders also bare as you were just wearing a tank top.

”Boy, let’s not talk too much, grab on my waist and put that body on me.” During the last verse you sang along, you had whirled around, one finger coated in chocolate and slowly making its way to your mouth. Your gaze fell on your boyfriend and realization weren’t even fully shown in those e/c eyes of yours before you softly hit a mattress.

”Pietro!” you exclaimed shocked, eyes wide and looking around frantically to help process where you were. Bedroom, you realized, but your attention were quickly drawn away with Pietro gently grabbing your wrist.

”Hey, gorgeous,” he greeted, accent heavy, lips pulled into a smirk. Slowly he closed them around your finger, licking off the chocolate you originally wanted to try yourself. Your face flushed deep red and you stared at Pietro slightly disbelieved. But he simply closed his eyes as he savored the taste of the dark sweetness in his mouth and laced your fingers together. “I wanted to surprise you, but instead you surprised me.”

”Really?” you asked, eyes fixed on Pietro who had his eyes opened again and returned your gaze with darkened blue ones.

”Hm,” made Pietro and suddenly held a bouquet of pink roses in his other hand. They were slightly disheveled due to his fast running to get you in the bedroom. A smile formed on your face.

”Pietro! That’s so sweet of y- what the hell?!” Shock was evident on your face again as Pietro tossed the bouquet carelessly on the floor.

”Boy, let’s not talk too much, grab on my waist and put that body on me. Yes?” Pietro grinned satisfied as your red face only deepened in color and he slipped his free hand under your top, slowly pushing the fabric up.

”Let me show you how much ‘I’m in love with your body‘.

Last night you were in my room. Now my bed sheets smell like you.

*Sketches* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Newt x reader. Newt finds his wife sketches of all his creatures. After she went to tend to their daughter. He asks her if can use them in his book

❤ I absolutely love this request! I hope you enjoy ^_^

You glanced up at the relaxing graphorns before turning your gaze back down to your sketchbook in your lap. Your pencil moved gracefully over the paper as you bought the beast to life. Smudging your charcoal to perfect the shading, you were instantly taken away from your work when you heard the cry of your young one year old daughter, Eva. Setting your sketchbook down, you instantly made your way in to the hut where she was resting in a tiny crib. Lifting her up in to your arms, you began swaying her back and fourth while rubbing her back.

“Shhh.. mommy’s here… mommy’s here…” Kissing the top of her head you continued to sway until her crying died down. Moving over to the rocking chair Newt had added in the corner so you could watch him work while tending to Eva, you sat down and began rocking her hoping she’d fall back asleep.

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As he towered above me I studied him, as he was looking down at me. I studied his eyes, the way they had stars shining in them when he looked at me, I studied how their colour was a pulchritudinous consolidation of green, blue, gray and a tiny bit of brown.
I studied the way his eyebrows were aligned above his eyes, how a few small freckles were placed on his nose bridge and the way his smile curved a little upwards at the right.
And at that particular moment I felt drawn to him, but not in the way they describe in romance novels. I didn’t want to kiss him at that moment, and eventhough I couldn’t help and think of his features as enticing, I wasn’t thinking about how handsome he was.
The way I was drawn to him was more on an asomatous level, I felt like I could read his soul from his facial expressions when he looked at me.

And his soul was very enthralling…

—  excerpt from a story I’ll never write

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Title: wild
Pairing: Oh Sehun/Reader
Genre: Bad boy!AU
Summary: “‘Cause when you look like that, I’ve never ever wanted to be so bad.
Inspired by the Blue Neighborhood album. BLUE NEIGHBORHOOD MINI SCENARIOS

Just like cherry blossoms, that’s the best way to describe his presence.

His lips were painted of the most beautiful cherry color as he brings the cigarette down from his lips, throwing it on the floor and stomping over it with his thick, stylish boots. His black hair was sleeked back and his eyebrows were drawn in the most attractive of frowns. His eyes spoke about million of stories that will be written in books as the epitome of youth, as wildness, but he likes to keep them all a secret. The neighborhood is coated with the deep blue of the sky and turns it into a passionate atmosphere as she gets out of her house, her backpack long left in her house as she went out to meet her boyfriend, instantly stopping once she sees his lips curving into one of those beautiful smiles. The flowers seem to blossom in his cheeks as they turn of a pink shade and his lips look delicious, calling her over as she wraps her arms around his waist as his hand stops over her cheek, rubbing over the flesh lightly.

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Loving Insanity pt. 1 {{Jerome x Reader}}

Author Note: writing this because my awesome new tumblr friend put it in my mind💙💜 also this is going to start with Jerome and the reader meeting at the circus and this is the start to an emotional joy ride of a series 😉😂 also the reader is related to Jim Gordon but you’ll see how in this part😉😉😉 and I know I have requests to post but I got excited and just had to go ahead and post this
Word count: it’s very long
Requested: sorta kinda is a request/collaboration
Warnings: None for this part

“Come on Daddy!!!”

You held his hand as you ran through the circus. Even though you were only 6 you were fast. And he had a semi hard time keeping up.


Your father stopped and smiled when he saw a friend from work. He walked over to talk to him. His grip on your hand loosened to the point where he let go. You stood beside him just staring off into space when you got bored you decided to wander off.

You kept wandering around and looking at all the side shows. You were fascinated by all the acts and costumes. But something caught your eye.

There was a huge snake in a cage and you felt drawn to it. You leaned forward and looked at the beautiful snake.

“Hey be careful!”

You stepped back quickly and looked over to see a red headed boy with crystal blue eyes that looked around your age.

“I’m sorry!”

“It’s fine, she just gets irritated after a long day of preforming.”


You turned back to look at the snake and the boy walked up and stood beside you.

“What’s her name?”


You nodded and looked back at her.

"I’m Jerome by the way.”

"I’m Y/N!”

You smiled brightly and he smiled brightly back. The two of you continued to talk and walk around the circus. Holding hands in an innocent way. He showed you around and showed you some of the best food stands and side shows. Your father ran to you and hugged you tightly.


You hugged him back tightly and yawned. He sighed.

“I guess it’s time to go home… Say goodbye to your friend.”

You turned around and hugged Jerome tightly. He hugged you back tightly.

“Bye bye.”


Little did you know that at this moment your destiny would be tied to Jerome’s and that he would change your life forever.

12 years later:

It was late in November on a Friday night. You were heading to Haly’s circus because you hadn’t been in a long time. You kept wanting to return but you couldn’t between work, family, friends, and school. But you finally had a free weekend and decided to go.

You gave your money to the ticket booth person and got your ticket. You entered the circus and walked around looking at all the attractions. You saw people entering a huge tent but you wanted to see all the side shows.

You stopped every now and then to watch but nothing really caught your eye. Well except the huge snake in the cage you saw out of the corner of your eye. Ever since you were 5 years old you had loved them. You walked up to the cage and bent over to look into it. The snake stuck it’s tongue out and started to move in its little coiled position.

“Hey be careful.”

You looked up to see a red headed boy who looked to be around the age of 18.

“She gets aggravated after a day of preforming.”

You knew you had heard this from somewhere before but you couldn’t recall from where. The boy walked towards you and smiled while looking down.

“My name is Jerome.”

It clicked.

“OHMYGOSHJEROME?!?! I haven’t seen you in forever!!!”

You tackle hugged him to the ground and he looked at you confused.

“Do I know you?”

“It’s me! Y/N!”


He quickly hugged you back smiling.

“God you’ve changed so much!”

“I could say the same for you.”

You looked down at him and smiled before standing up and brushing yourself off. He did the same. He hugged you again.

“I didn’t think you would ever come back.”

“I guess I just got caught up in school and family and work and friends…”

You laughed and he laughed too. You had never heard his laugh before and honestly you were in love with it. He slowly took your hand in his as he started to lead you away to the ruckus of the circus grounds. The two of you talked about random things and the subject constantly seemed to change. The two of you wove your way through the crowd.

Although there were hundreds of people there all you could focus on was the two of you. To you no one else was there. He led you away from the noise and the crowd and down towards the huge river nearby. He picked up a stone and threw it across. You sat down on the cold grass and he soon joined you.

“You know I never really got to know you. Technically we have only met once before.”

He looked over at you.

“True but I don’t have many friends here or any at all really. You were more of a friend to me that day than anyone here has ever been to me.”

“Do you not like them?”

“It’s not that. There are just some…. Issues between circus families here. Making friends isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do here.”

“Well you got me.”

“Yeah… I guess I do…. Don’t I?”

The two of you continued to sit there in silence. You didn’t know why but you felt comfortable around Jerome. Hell you have only ever met him twice and you feel more comfortable around him rather than you do around most of your friends. You noticed that there were few people left at the circus and sighed.

“I should probably head home…”


He jumped up quickly at the statement.


His face froze when he realized what he had said.

“I-I’m sorry I just…. It felt like I didn’t get much time with you.”

“I guess time flies.”

You could see sadness in his eyes.

“Would you like to walk me back to my car?”

He looks at you and smiled before nodding. The two of you walked back in silence. You wouldn’t know his reason for not talking but you knew your own. You were trying to figure out what pulled you to Jerome. You were certain it wasn’t normal to become best friends with each other after only meeting twice. You shrugged it off and realized that your feet had taken you to your car while you were lost in thought.

You turned to Jerome to say goodbye and noticed his gloomy expression. You frowned.

“Hey cheer up.”

“What if you don’t come back?”

The question struck you by surprise. You sighed and gave him a half smile.

“I promise I’ll come back. In fact…. I’ll come back tomorrow. Deal?”

If put his finger on his chin as if to think.

“Okay but if your not here tomorrow you’re in trouble missy.”

You both laughed. You hugged him one last time before getting in your car.

“I’ll see you tomorrow!”

You drove off leaving Jerome by himself.

“Yeah… Tomorrow…”

Author’s note: I know it’s kind of a calm start and kinda boring but to start this I have to start with where y'all meet!!!! Things will escalate quickly after this though 😉😉 Anywho I hope y'all enjoy this and I hope it’s good because I worked a lot of today on it💜💜💜🐢🐢🐢 love you babes!!!!

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