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Ziam Kid Fic

Liam grabbed the binder from the shelf above the Lost and Found cupboard, flipping it open he traced his finger down the entries for the last few days he had been off, surprised by the great number of items.

Ziam High School Reunion AU

Liam Payne shook away the memory as he pulled open the door next to the main office.

What a Beautiful Day SongFic

Zayn wasn’t sure where he was as he blinked his eyes open.

Untitled Ziam Uni Fic

Niall promptly spit the gum into the nearest hand and continued to stride towards Liam, who was praying the floor would open up and swallow him whole.

Untitled Ziam Radio DJ AU

The door was yanked open and they were greeted by a shirtless Tarzan-esque creature. (Hee hee - guess who!)

Road Trip AU

Cracking open one eye, he spotted the head of the arts department making her way into the building.

Puppy Ziam “We gotta get the door open!” Niall shouted, stretching to reach above the doorframe, glaring when Harry reached up easily and retrieved the key.

Fake Marriage Once it was open, he pulled the bags out and slammed the boot shut, startling when he realized that Liam had exited the vehicle and was standing just a couple of inches from him.

Drabble Prompts(Currently working on HandyMan!Liam Prompt)

The smile on Zayn’s face was open and bright, his tongue pressing against the back of his teeth.

Author/PA AU

“Should be another ten minutes or so,” Zayn told him, using a hand to motion for Liam to step back so Zayn could pop open the oven and check on the garlic bread.

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