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This is the result of a conversation with @permanentcross with her anons and the ideas they put in my head. Enjoy!


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It had been going on for longer than he could tell, probably. He was already on the verge of bringing you over his knee when you left the house, your cute little bum in need of a good spanking for all the teasing you’d put him through.

Harry was back for a week, free from his relentless shooting schedule for a little while before he had to go off again with Nolan and the production. You begged and pleaded with him until he was convinced to go back to the UK, stay at the place you shared now, instead of jetting off to LA. All because of a stupid party.

The start of your semester was just around the corner and your friends from uni were planning on celebrating the last year of suffering and bad nights of sleep with a big party on the next Friday night. Harry, your loving boyfriend, had agreed to go with you, after much pestering and begging and lots of “pretty please, baby, I’ll do anything you want”.

What he wanted, well, he hadn’t gotten it. He wanted a nice, quiet night at home with his girl, a nice take out and maybe he could make love to you, just the way you liked it - a slow, passionate, toe curling fuck in your warm bed, while you moaned his name in pretty little whispers and pleaded with him to just “please, fuck me harder”. That’s what he wanted.

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Best Friend’s Sister

character: Shawn Mendes

warning: SMUT, more of touching and no sex

It was the holidays season That means getting to visit my family for a few days and getting along with each other while sharing multiple stories from my university life while my brother tells stories about him touring with his bestfriend.

“Oh and my roommate was a total bitch,” I continued but my mom scolding me, “Y/N! language.”

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15 years; a Jungkook Drabble

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genre: mostly angsty, a tiny bit of fluff. im sorry eek

a/n: tbh i don’t know what this is. i don’t kno wherE THIS came from i was trying to write ILYSB part 5 and i was listening to jungkook’s cover of fools late last night and i felt super angsty and this just caME OUT i’m sorry if this lw breaks ur heart but :~) lmk what u think ahhh

word count: 3151

The first time you remember feeling pain was when you were seven and your dad had made your older brother teach you how to ride a bike, but he really really just wanted to play on his Nintendo, so he reluctantly got you on a bike at the park next to your house, and simply, pushed, focusing his attention back to his rectangular screen.

You remember being one with the wind, flying and flying, until you realized you didn’t know how to pedal and suddenly you were face first on the ground with a scratch on your forehead that had everyone calling you “Harry Potter!” for weeks.

Eventually the scar faded, the name faded, and even your anger towards your brother had faded and everything was alright again.

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