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“Some of my fondest memories of working with Bryan on Malcolm in the Middle are of Bryan taking care of those boys, the kids who played our naughty children. He took care of them onstage and off. He counselled them, he encouraged them, he coaxed them to stop goofing around when enough was enough. But most especially, Bryan frequently invited Erik Per Sullivan - the little boy who played Dewey - to come home and spend weekends with the Cranston family. 

Now this may not seem like a big deal until you know that Erik lived with his mom in the Oakwood Apartments for the entire time that we filmed Malcolm in the Middle. So coming home with Bryan for the weekend meant that Erik’s mom could fly back to Boston to see her husband, and Erik - who was an only child - could come spend some normal time with a normal family! Well…sort of a normal family. They would go to Taylor’s basketball games together, Taylor and Erik would play make-believe in Taylor’s treehouse for hours on end. Erik was there when they adopted Sugar the dog, a very memorable weekend. And Robin reminded me of all the Halloweens that Erik spent with the Cranston family. And most especially when Bryan dressed them up as Siegfried and Roy complete with a stuffed tiger and blood all over Erik’s neck. And when I heard about the blood I thought ‘Wow, shades of Walter White even back then!’ And on Sunday mornings Bryan would make his extra special, much-beloved, very thin buttermilk pancakes…that no one really liked except Bryan.

Now evidence to the contrary, I liked those TV-kids as much as much as any TV-mom would. But there was no way I was bringing one of them home with me for the weekend! But Bryan did. And he did it a lot.”

Jane Kaczmarek on Bryan Cranston’s paternal tendencies