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Start at the lower band of Atem's necklace and go left until you hit blue, boom, his other earring, hiding. He hasn't given one to Seto yet so he still has them both on.

I’d say how did I miss that, but it’s blending in very nicely. It’s given me a real appreciation for just how gold Atem’s hair is. Now if you were a part of a culture where your leader was born into the role as an actual god, tell me the fact that they had this kind of hair wouldn’t have given you confidence.

Also look at how that earring is held on. I mean first, props for the detail, but second, are we saying his ears are pierced or not? I mean maybe extra clasp, going behind the ear and up for extra stability, but I can’t imagine it’s held on that well otherwise, with it being two strong clasps and no actual attachment. Does Atem have pierced ears? This is my burning question of the day.




Okay before the big plot reveal I just want to point out that Doumeki waited at his front gate for his chance to see Watanuki this morning, called out to him as soon as he saw him, then chased after him when Watnauki didn’t slow down. And on top of all that he just VOLUNTEERS the fact that his eye is all better (which Watanuki didn’t even ask about, BUT WE KNOW WHY). 

I can’t decide how much of this conversation is Doumeki purely excited and wanting to talk to Watanuki (which is so great on its own) and at which point he grows the suspicion that Watanuki was the catalyst for his recovery. Maybe he suspected from the start, or maybe he didn’t suspect at all until he grabbed at Watanuki’s arm. I honestly don’t know which one I like better. 


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aira aira aira did you fucking see.. did you SEE WHAT THEY DID?!?!? can you believe?!?!? ?!?!??! jimin going full dominant on kook.... they're in public goddammit!!!!!

hello nar this is me talking from beyond the grave BC I’M FUCKING DEAD?????? THEY DONE DID IT THEY FINALLY KILLED ME I’M !!!! jimin just grabbed him by the neck and kook didn’t even mind…….does he do that often???? also the way he closed his eyes……..fuck me i need to lay down for a second 

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16 namkook please?

The waiting room buzzes with that pre-show energy that somehow is at once lethargic. There’s that sense of limbo, and Jungkook hates it–hates the limbo because he doesn’t know what to do with himself, and hates being bored. He’s bothering everyone because he doesn’t know what else to do. 

Namjoon’s just finished his make-up. Jungkook slithers over, props his chin on his hyung’s shoulder. Meeting his eyes in the mirror, Jungkook smiles his bunny smile and says cutely, “You look really handsome, hyung.” He likes this game. 

Namjoon blushes and smiles cutely. He gets all flustered. “Ah, Jungkookie…” 

“No, really,” he emphasizes, still staring at him. “You look really handsome.” 

The blush makes Namjoon’s cheeks a deep red. “Thanks, Jungkook-ah.” 

Jungkook steps back. Mission accomplished. 

pick a ship and a number and i’ll write a drabble

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I was re-re-reading "Under New Management" (which I love to death!!) but I must admit tumblr kind of ruined it for me. Every time I see Alec's eyes described as "nut brown", I hear a New Yorker and a British Accent simultaneously going "NUTTING" and when Magnus said he married Alec for his ass, I just had question marks floating in my head. I still adore the fic though, the characterisation is fantastic and I love the twists and storyline <3

anon, i’m crying holy shit that’s a good point about nut brown. i might have to go edit that…  that married for his ass, was admittedly a private joke, but more people drag matt for his ass now, so it’s less private.

Thanks for reading, though, anon! 

finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡

Do u ever think about the goblins in carry on and how the goblin that succeeded in killing simon would become king?

What if like 70 years later, baz was taking a stroll outside while simon was resting in bed cus he was getting v old (baz too cus I don’t support the immortal baz theory, but like he’s more fit bc of his vampirism). And on his walk he sees this cute lil goblin in a park playing with flowers, even tho it seemed too old for that. And baz is like “what are u doing here? Aren’t u supposed to be planning the downfall of the chosen one?”

But then the goblin answers “no, I don’t want to kill anyone, I just want peace and flowers”

So baz has this wonderful idea and he takes the goblin home with him (after the goblin agreed ofc) and the goblin is free to live with them for a while.

Then when simon is really getting weak, the goblin starts to read books to him, which baz thinks is adorable and simon thinks is the best thing ever (they see the goblin kinda as their child now)(I’m just ignoring baz and simons future kids okay shh).

And then simon finally closes his eyes for the last time, when the goblin was still reading, and baz and the goblin are both sad but they know simon had a great life and blabla

BUT THEN (all the build-up for this lmao) a few days later there are lots of goblins at their door and baz is confused. One of the goblins says like “we’ve heard the chosen one has been killed by one of ours” (get it? Cus they think the smol goblin killed him bc he was reading to simon in the last minute of his life)

So then flower goblin gets to be king and now he rules peacefully over goblin land and honestly I have no idea where I wanted to go with this… That’s what happens when Im sick lmao

But yes!! Flower goblin king!


those eyes (and eyelashes) should be made illegal tbh

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