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Three Days (Part Two)

Part One 
Summary: (College AU) In which you’re excited about junior year, but don’t predict the romance that comes with it.
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 1,153 
A/N: Thank you as always to @lethargicprofessor for editing 

“How’d it go?” Steve asked, giving you a smirk. You rolled your eyes at him but tried to play it off. However, Steve was having none of it. He gave you one of his famous ‘I’m not buying it’ looks, and you caved and gushed over how good he looked and how he mentioned he hoped the two of you could go see him while he was on duty. As you continued to babble on, Steve just shook his head and smiled.

“I really, really, really just wish you would tell him how you feel Y/N.” Rolling your eyes at his comment, you knew that Bucky was a) way too pretty for you and b) was not going to be looking twice at a junior while he was a senior. Grabbing a towel, as well as a pair of jean shorts and a cute t-shirt, you told Steve you were going to shower but that the two of you should grab dinner later. As much as you wanted to see Wanda, dinner with her could wait another night. You and Steve were finally reunited after a summer of being mostly apart and you were going to take advantage of that.

As you came out of the shower, you heard Steve talking to Bucky. Smiling, you knew that since Bucky had grown closer to Steve, he would be over a lot more. You started to change into your clothes but noticed you didn’t have a bra. Cursing yourself, you knew you were going to have to walk back into your room with nothing but a towel on. While that wasn’t an issue with Steve, as he had seen you in much more compromising positions, it was a bit of an issue with Bucky.

Knocking on the door, you peeked your head into your room. Smiling awkwardly at the two of them, you excused yourself and grabbed a bra from your dresser. Steve shook his head while Bucky gawked at you. However, you completely missed Bucky’s response due to trying to not look at him at all out of embarrassment.

When you finally changed and got ready, Bucky was gone. You apologized to Steve for walking out in only your towel, but he just smiled at you. Raising your eyebrows, you asked what his smiling was about; typically he wouldn’t bat an eyelash at your interruption.

“Bucky was literally checking you out.” Grabbing Steve by his shirt, you asked him to tell you more. While the guy was big, you were still liable to do some damage to his shirt if you didn’t let go.

“I don’t know! We were just catching up on… stuff, and then you came in and he couldn’t take his eyes off of you the entire time.” Heat rose into your cheeks and you knew you were about the color of a tomato at this moment. Steve grinned and checked his watch. It was now dinner time, and he asked if you wanted to eat off campus before your school schedules got the best of you. The change in topic helped your heart calm down, and smiling, you told him exactly where you wanted to go. He obliged like the perfect gentleman he was.

After dinner, the two of you attended a mandatory RA meeting. In the meeting, Bucky went over dorm rules as well as emergency contact numbers. He also gave everyone his work number in case something happened in a room that needed maintenance or his help with. Everyone was exceptionally bored during this meeting. All except for you, enraptured with the sound of Bucky’s voice. You didn’t even notice the meeting was over until Steve nudged your arm, and you fought the blush on your face at his grin. Instead of letting him get to you, you decided to relax in the commons.

Grabbing your computer out of your room, you went to the lounge area on your floor. You lay on one of the couches and looked at different pictures and gifs on Tumblr for a bit before you got bored and decided to go lay down in your room. As you made your way back to your room, you saw that Bucky was on duty.

“First night and you’re already on duty?” You smiled, looking at him. Bucky’s eyes made their way from the desktop computer to your own and he smiled back.

“I asked to work Wednesdays. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t think about how Wednesday was the first night everyone would be here.” Bucky gestured for you to have a seat and you did so. “Y/N, right?”

You smiled back at him and mentioned that this was the first time Bucky had ever seemed to know your name. Instead of Bucky getting embarrassed, a cocky smile grew on his lips.

“I tend to remember a girl’s name if I see them in just a towel.” Bucky pointed to his temple and smiled, “helps to jog the memory”. Your face turned an exceptional shade of red and your only thought was to get out of there. When you started to go however, Bucky stood up too.

“Please don’t go, I was only joking. I’m sorry I embarrassed you.” He took your computer and set it down on the desk beside him. He coaxed you back into sitting down and sat beside you. Wrapping one arm around you, he looked to you. Asking if you were okay, he studied your face and wouldn’t leave your side until you were. You smiled in response, and started to feel yourself calm down. As you did so, Bucky squeezed your shoulder and let go.

The two of you talked until it was time for him to go on his rounds, making sure no one in the dorm was causing trouble, or at least not doing anything illegal. While this happened rarely, it was still part of the job description.

As Bucky locked up, you told him good night and headed back to your room. He made sure that the two of you were okay, and when you nodded in response, he let out a sigh of relief. Hugging you, he told you good night and watched you make your way back to your room.

It was eleven by the time you entered your room and Steve was already asleep. Turning on your lamp, you apologized quietly to him. Steve only stirred in response and you changed into your pajamas.

Looking at your schedule, you saw that your first class was at 9 am. The class was British Literature, and you were less than thrilled. However, it was a mandatory class and you would be there bright and early. You smiled to yourself, knowing that while British Literature was your first class, you were also taking three other English classes. The last class on your schedule was government, which also excited you. This semester wasn’t going to be so bad.

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From NCT’s extra lifestyle: 

Playing with self-camera 😂

| pro hero E R A S E R H E A D |

My SecretSanta-ee was @firefrightfic / @crumpeting who had requested “League of Assassins Jason and Red Robin Tim”. I really hope you like it, I enjoyed playing around with the tone on tone red : 3 Merry Christmas lovely!

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BONUS Maskless Tim (becaues his eyes are just too pretty)

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Jay Park went on IG Live for the very first time just to show off his blue socks lol! Since its his Bentley, of course he can put up his feet up on the dashboard ey…. his driver/manager is pretty good looking too! Jay then went live for at least three more times! In his words: “Shit is fun.” xD

“DEADASS BRUH, DEADASS! SHIT IS MAD CORNY YO!” Omg hahaha he’s imitating fans comments about his deadass antics lmao

Fan: Aye B!
Jay Park: C D! E F GEE! hahahaha omg Jay is seriously mad corny for sure. xD

Jay singing Merry Christmas is priceless. xDDDDD

Grandpa Jay with his wise words of wisdom. 

Look at my feet for inspiration……ahahaha…okay Jay, okay.

Dan’s eyes are too pretty to not draw

Alright, they’ve finally cast one of my favourite YA boys and I really don’t know if I like it. We don’t know much about him. All we know is :

- He’s new and he’s just been in a few movies and two tv series I think??
- He has a movie called beach boys coming out this year.
- He’s british and is like 6 ft tall ( Isn’t Amandla 5"3 ? That’s gonna be cute)
- He doesn’t look anything like how I pictured Liam to be.
- His eyes are pretty tho
- He looks a little too old to play Liam
- Alex said that she’s seen his work and she likes it.
- I’m very sceptical and I can’t see it really BUT he’s read all the books and that’s good, that’s great, that’s fantastic actually. That’s a start.
- Let’s give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Also I kind of trust Alex.

Also stay strong TDM fam, because we aren’t too far from finding out Chubs and Zu.