his eyes are so green omfg

Let’s talk

Little reminder this will have spoilers.

I have a lot of things to talk about and speculate on, and I’ll probably add more as soon as I’ve watched the episode again don’t ask me which time it is plz Meanwhile tho:

  • First of all HIS EYE. Oh lord, no, his beautiful eye! I’m feeling guilty rn because I’ve waited so much for his powerful green eye to be shown and now… it’s lost it
    (Buuuuuut when Nina pointed that out he said I CAN STILL SEE YOU WITH ONE EYE OMFG MY HEART like, that was the important thing at the time right????? Right)
  • HIS WRIST. I don’t like that at all, seriously. It pains me and also worries me, becuase the episode’s title is still echoing in my head (losing of which arms??? Please don’t) pics at the end. Credits to @jolynecujo cause I didn’t have the time to screen
  • And since we’re talking about the wrist and the bracelet, please remember that back in episode 6 when Charioce went to save Nina from the Backstreet boys the bandits, their leader actually spotted this same bracelet and then cried for the retreat. 
    Why and how did he know about it? I thought it was a regal bracelet or something related to the king family, but now I doubt it. (Or is it?)
  • KAISAR SMILING LIKE A DORK. KAISAR YELLING FAVARO. KAISAR ASKING ABOUT FAVARO AS THE FIRST THING HE SAYS after Rita kindly woken him up. Rita was just g r e a t today btw
  • El going berserk. I sense that if Gabriel is going to disagree with him again, he’ll crush her. Go, El.
  • On a second thought, I’m glad Gabriel had to retreat, but I do pity her just a bit. She was shocked af, but at least she realized Charioce wasn’t fucking bluffing
  • He might have lost an eye in the game, but he knew what he’s got. NO WONDER he has the not impressed face 24/7 lololol
  • I see Jeanne can’t go against gods and kill them because of guilty. I feel you Jeanne, it musn’t be easy, as a former saint.

That’s it for now. I may add something with the edit warning. Let’s talk about it please, I need to talk about snb

books read in 2015 [2/?]

know not why by hannah jonhson
“Um,” Arthur says. He’s looking at me dead-on, like he’s forcing himself to do it. God, I wish he would knock it off. I also wish he’d lose his eyelashes in a freak eyelash fire incident. And his lips, too, because all of a sudden I’m looking at them, what is that. “Yes. I thought we should discuss—”
“You mouth-mauling me?” I ask loudly, indignantly, like a tough sonuvabitch who doesn’t want to be mouth-mauled. I make myself meet his eyes. They’re green; I never paid attention before. This really light, interesting, intelligent green—
FUCK, this guy needs to STOP HAVING A FACE.”

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omfg PLEASE do 5 w/Harry


Smut Warning

Harry’s fingers played with the buttons of his Xbox, the clicking sound being almost heard if it weren’t for the loud background music playing along with his videogame. Y/N didn’t know what was so interesting about watching Harry play with his new game while she was right beside him, wearing nothing but panties and a big old shirt of his. Although she enjoyed watching his facial expressions change while he put his tongue between his lips in concentration, something was getting into her. His eyes reflected the TV’s lighting, the usual green eyes brighter than ever, reminding her of emerald diamonds. Just as beautiful and as bright.

She noticed his legs shifting, the way he weirdly positioned his hand above his thighs and how time and time again he’d watch Y/N from the corner of his eyes. Maybe it was her position, the way she provocatively tried to get his attention by sitting with her crossed legs, giving him a full view of her thighs and the beginning of her crotch. “Are you alright, Harry?”

“No, I’m not” he said lowly, darting his eyes to the smile on her face instead of watching the game. “I’m really horny, babe.”

“I thought you were paying attention to the game.”

“I was! You’re just…”he left the sentence, groaning right after she couldn’t keep her chuckle to herself. “Can you blow me while I play Mario cart? Please?”

“What? No! What about me? I’m horny, too.”

And she really was, for what another reason would she be wearing those clothes – or the lack of them – and being sat the way she was? “I swear to you, really, that if you do that I’ll give you the best head ever. I will eat you out like Christmas, baby. Can you please? I just can’t… I can’t pause this right now.”

The words ‘eat you out like Christmas’ ringed in her ears, sounding as tempting as itself. Harry was marvelous in bed, no one ever could’ve beaten him in that aspect of relationship, and she felt pity for the girls he’d had an affair before, because then they’d just have to look for a man better than Harry, except that they would never be able to. “I fucking hate you, you know that.”

“And I love you a lot, and will love you even more after you blow me” he looked away from the TV again, only to wink at her. Even in that kind of situation, she couldn’t help but laugh at him.

Y/N sighed, adjusting her position so she was kneeled down on his side, her legs trapped between her chest and the couch, ass up in the air. Lowering her head, she put his underwear down until it hit the middle of his thighs and held his cock up in her hands, his hard cock warming the palm of her hand immediately with the drops of pre-cum that started to fall from the tip, to which she immediately cleaned it up with her tongue, swirling it around his head. Harry’s first gasp made Y/N go on.

Wrapping her hands around the base of his cock, she started to pump it up and down, while sucking on his tip. She felt one of his hands caressing the skin of her exposed cheek bum, thanks to the shirt that fell on her back. His fingers dig into her ass when she sucked him lightly, but the other hand still tried to play with the buttons of the control.

Leaving her hands aside, she started to bob her head up and down on his shaft, sucking on the soft skin of him, feeling the salty taste of his cum on her mouth. “Y/N, fuck…”

Taking his cock off her mouth with a ‘pop’ sound, she dipped her head aside to suck on his balls – something Harry wildly reacted to. Immediately, groans left his lips and his fingers tightened on her thighs. He bucked his hips up, and Y/N saw that as a warning to do something with his cock, to which she did, once again pumping him with her hand as fast as she could, licking and sucking on his balls just the way she knew he liked.

She liked to make him lose control, to hear him reacting to every single thing she did to him, because she was the only one that knew how he liked to have the tip of his dick caressed or how he liked when she complimented it. She was the only one that knew he liked to feel her gagging around him, or to feel her tongue playing around him when he was inside of her mouth. She liked to look at him when she sucked him off. It was obscene and hot, but something about it was fucking heavenly to her.

“Babe, I think I’m gonna…” he said, stopping in the middle of his sentence with a groan. She wasn’t there anymore, not her lips and neither her hands. Instead, she positioned herself back on her spot from before, adjusting her shirt like she hadn’t just stopped when he was about to cum. “What the fuck? Y/N, babe, why did you stop?”

“Can you turn the damn game off now?” She asked, arching her brows. Shaking his head, Harry smirked, but something in his eyes weren’t as pleased as his smile.

“You’re gonna fucking get it.”

Mystic Messenger - Bra situations

Okay this if funny idea I had of
“MC putting her Bra into her S/O bag without them knowing and then them discovering it….oh BOI



Jaehee was so busy sorting out Mr Hans Catsitting plans she didn’t even have the time to fully prepair for her presentation.
She reached in for her papers and a yellow material brushed her finger. Confused she frowned and picked it up.
Jaehee’s eyes went wide.
She swallowed and got out her phone dialing “MC” (who she already had on speed dial.)
You picked up, expecting her call.
“Hello…um…d-did you? Excuse me.” Jaehee stuttered regaining herself as she took the phone away from her ear for a second.
“MC did you put your bra in my bag.” She said clearly.
You couldn’t help but laugh on the other end.
“Did I? Sorry sweetie…it isn’t a problem is it?” You asked innocently.
“No…no it’s fine. Just as long as I can get my presentation done.” Jaehee smiled as she bought out her presentation…and the bra…
“Ah!” She yelped as it came out too.
Jaehee picked up the stapled papers that had fallen on the floor…but again…your bra came too.
“I don’t understand…” Jaehee said outloud. You were biting your tounge the other end. Trying to hold back your laughter.
Jaehee finally sussed it out and gave a loud sigh down the phone.
“MC did you stick your bra to my presentation.” Jaehee said seriously.
You burst out laughing on the phone! You were so evil!
“MC…” Jaehee sighed a small smile at hearing your laughter.
“Who’s brilliant idea was that.” She said sarcastically.
“Mine and Sevens-” you burst out laughing again.
“Halirious.” You herd her say sarcastically with a smile.
“Ah…it’s okay Jaehee, you can just pull it and it will come off.” You reassured her.
Jaehee rolled her eyes and kept the phone on her ear and shoulder as with both hands she held the bra and papers trying to pull them a part.
You subconsciously snorted of laughter as you herd her ragged breathing still trying to pull them apart.
“MC shutup.” She said playfully as you bit your lip on the other end.
Jaehee pulled again but did not suceed. Her smiles turned into worry as she pulled and pulled.
“I-I can’t get it off!” Jaehee panicked down the phone.
“What? It’s just glue? It should come off easily?” You said confused as you got more serious, worried for her.
“It’s not! It’s not coming off!” Jaehee panicked arms stretched pulling as hard as she could! without ripping the paper.


“I can’t! It won’t come off!” Jaehee gasped.
“Why not! It was only PVA glue! Not even sticky glue!?” You panicked for her.
Jaehee frowned and looked closely at the Attachment.
“MC you have got to be fucking kidding me!” Jaehee gasped.
“What!? Why whats the problem!” You sat up really concerned.
“You stapled it!” Jaehee said as loud as her voice could reach without being overheard.
You froze down the other end.
“-No? What! I didn’t staple it! I just glued it? Who…-”
“-Seven! Omg no!” You gasped down the phone.
“What do I do MC! The presentation is in 5 MINUTES!” She wailed.
You both had silence as you thought really hard.
“Can I cut it?” Jaehee said suddenly.
“Girl that’s Victoria secret! Do you have to!” You whined at her. You really loved that bra. It was her favourite colour as well.
“It won’t be a fucking secret if I can’t get it off!” Jaehee retorted back. Earning an unhelpful laughing fit from you.
“Oh sod you.” She laughed subconsciously down the phone.
After you finished laughing you had an idea.
“Jaehee?” You said quickly.
“Yes!?” She replied pulling at the papers again.
“You know that scarf I bought you for your birthday!” You exclaimed.
“Yes!?” Jaehee said eyeing her bag on the floor with the scarf half out.
“Could you wear it? And hide the bra underneath? That scarf is pretty thick and wide and even long!” You suggested.
“I don’t know!” Jaehee said getting on the floor grabbing the scarf quickly.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door.
Jaehee’s froze.
“Ms Kang the clients are waiting for you now. Your due to meet them.” Jumins voice called out behind the door.


“Shit! I have to go! Ah fuck!” Jaehee swore dropping the phone. You herd her cursing and papers rummaging in the background.
“Good luck!” You called down the phone before hanging up for her.

~2 hours later~

Jaehee called, you picked up quickly.
“MC.” She said her voice was tired and stressed.
“That was THE most embarrassing thing. I have EVER DONE.” Jaehee said down the phone.
“I’m so proud of you.” You laughed hysterically down the phone.

Ahhhhhh that was a fun one haha!


Oh NO.

He’s sitting in the library and he goes to take out his game console. He picks up his console quickly in a rush to get on his game…when he realises what comes up too! As the material goes flying and lands onto the library beanbag…
Yoousungs eyes go so wide!
Is that?! He’s so scared! A BRA! The light green bra is just laying there on a beanbag!
he FREAKS TF OUT! And superman dives onto the beanbag and stuffs it back into his own bag.
Did anyone see!? He quickly looks around the quiet library. No one saw! Thank god!

And the worst part was…he couldn’t help but looking at it! In class! He just couldn’t stop thinking about it! And he kept opening his bag to see it!
Sometime he would open it and smile!

Other times he would open it and he would cry!

All in all it was a very emotional day.

YOOSUNG WENT STRAIGHT TO YOURS AFERWARDS…you weren’t home so he let himself in and hung your bra up all neatly on your hanger!



Hahahahahahaha….damn. Jumin.

He’s rummaging through his bag for some work files when he notices something purple and lacy at the bottom of his bag.
He assumes it’s a toy of Elizabeth’s but realises when he pulls it out…it is a matter of facts his girlfriend MC’s bra…
He calmly holds the underwear in his hand and sighs with a small little smirk on his delicate lips ;-)

*internal screaming*

Jumin holds it in his grasp and he can’t help but bring it up to his nose to smell your scent. This gains a bigger smirk from him, which turns into a smile.
Jumin reaches into his pocket and gets out his phone and dials his assistant.
“Assistant Kang.” Jumin beings when the phones connect.


“Yes. Mr Han?” Jaehee responded.
“Please come up to my office.” Jumin said putting the phone down on Jaehee.

Jaehee finally arrives coffee in hand, and a warming smile behind gritted teeth and tired eyes.
“Yes Mr Han.” She repeats closing the door behind her.
“MC has seemed to have left one of her valuables with me, can you please return it to her.”

Jaehee nearly jokes on her coffee!
“E-Excuse me! I didn’t know you’d have her bra Mr Han!” Jaehee exclaims face becoming more flustered.
“Please return it to her.” Jumin replied holding the Bra out for Jaehee to collect.
“Oh god your serious aren’t you?” Jahee exasperated under her breath while trying to avert her eyes.
“When am I not. Please return this to her.” Jumin repeated trying to hold back the guilty pleasure on his mind. But he kept a serious composed face.
Jaehee reluctantly took it. And stuffed it into her bag, face as red as a Tomato.
She delivered it to you herself later.

When Jumin finally returned from work you were calmly on the bed on your phone.
He didn’t call your name when he came in he just came straight into the bedroom.


“MC? Did Jaehee return your possession?” Jumin said sitting on the bed back to you…trying not to smile. As he undid his cuffs.
“Oh yes. She did thank you.” You said casually trying to hold back the devilish smirk on your lips.

“How did such a possession appear in my bag.” Jumin asked after a while of silence.
“Oh I put it there.” You replied as simply as if you were talking about borrowing a pen.
“Oh…I see.” Jumin said turning to face you.
You were both still hiding your smiles with serious faces.
“Did you like the possession I gave you?” You said continuing to scroll on your phone.
Jumin bought his hand up and took your phone from your hands. Before you could react he smashed his lips into yours.


“It was a very nice surprise.” He said breaking away and then kissing you on your forehead. You both smirked as he went to feed Elizabeth 3rd.

Yes…u can take that how you wish ;-)



Zen was just finishing up a meeting with his director before heading over for a meet and greet with his fans.

It was when he went to get out his script he noticed a white lacy bra. Your white lacy bra.
He stared at it in his disbelief while biting his lip.
He knew straight away this was one of MC’s jokes at him, to tease him at work. But he felt proud. He was proud to show he had your possession.
And he wanted to SHOW IT.

He picked it up and then placed it back in the bag, BUT HE LET THE BRA STRAP HANG OUT OF THE BAG!!!


He met his fans and he took pictures and answered interviews. But people DID NOTICE.
Girls were whispering
“OMG, is that a bra?”
“Did one of the fan girls throw it at him?”
“No way! Because he wouldn’t have it in his bag!”
“Is that his girlfriends bra!?”

Of course Zen was so focused on camera flashing he didn’t notice the rumours that much. And the odd rumour gave him a thrill.

The meet and greet finally ended and zen happily got dropped off back home.
He was so excited to see you, his love.

He entered and he put his bag down before wondering into your bedroom.
“MC? Are you home princess?” Zen called with a smile the object in hand.
You were in the bathroom but you came out lazily in his big tshirt.
Zens mind began to wonder…
Was she wearing a bra at all!?
“What have you got there?” You smiled up at him innocently.
“Well someone placed a bra in my bag this morning.” Zen smiled holding the white material up.
“Ohhhhh did they now? Must have been a pretty eager fan.” You giggled knowing it was yours anyway.
“Very eager.” He said taking you by the arms and giving your a passionate kiss as he smiled on your lips.
Meanwhile he held the bra up in his hands above you like mistletoe as you kissed.


Zen smelt of cologne.


“Zen? Can we just chill on the sofa today? Snuggle up with a movie of yours and have a lazy night?” You asked yawning as you put your hand over your mouth.
“Sounds perfect.” He smiled.

After pondering around you both sat down on your comfy sofa and snuggled into each other as he turned on the Tv and the news automatically switched on.

“And on later news Star Actor Hyun Ryu commonly known as Zen. Was seen carrying a certain possession of his presumed girlfriends.”
A picture of Zens bag and half your bra falling out was put on screen.


You shot an angry look at Zen. His face just read. GUILT.

“The material was seen flying around at Zens meet and greet today. Here is what his fans said on the Matt-

You turned the Tv off.

“ZEN!!!!!!!” You shouted at the man beside you.

“MC I can explain!” Zen jumped up


Let’s just say he was in the doghouse…and slept on the sofa that night.



Saeran and his brother didn’t work so there was no bag to put the bra in. So instead when Saeran was sleeping you placed it CAREFULLY in his hand.


The next morning Saeran woke after a good sleep and he went to rub his eyes. But when his hand had reached his face he realised he had something in his hand. And something was CUPPING his face.

And it landed on the end of his bed.
He just stared at it for a few minutes…blinking and confused. This was not how he wanted to wake up!

He frowned and picked it up. It smelt like MC’s perfume. Ugh.
How the hell had it ended up in his bed!
They hadn’t? NO. NO WAY.

Saeran angry and confused picked up the bra, walked out of his room and knocked on your door with his fist.
“MC!?” He called tiredly.
“Uh huh, Come in.” You replied sweetly already up and dressed.
Saeran stepped in a closed the door.
“Where’s seven?” He gulped not planning out the conversation first.
“Gone to the shops?” You replied.
“Oh…right.” He said shuffling his feet.
“…Couldn’t you just have phoned him yourself?” You half laughed confused at the boy.
“That’s not why I came in.” Saeran sighed rolling his eyes and walking up to you.
“W-What. What was this! Doing in my bed!” He finally snapped holding up the pink bra.
You started to laugh and had to put your hand over your mouth. He was so serious.
He frowned, intimidated by your laughter.
You finally calmed down and replied.
“I thought it might be a nice surprise to wake up too.” You smiled up innocently.
“Oh…So…we didn’t?” Saeran began before you burst out laughing again.
“No! No! Saeran we didn’t! It was a joke!” You snorted laughter taking over. But then you saw his hurt face and you coughed to reply to him more seriously.
“Sorry I didn’t know it would scare you so much, I wouldn’t have done it if I knew it would be like this.” you sympathised feeling bad.
“It’s okay…well at least we didn’t do…anything” Saeran coughed running his hands through his fringe awkwardly.
“You didn’t touch me at all.” You reassured him smiling as you contained your laughter.
“Um..good.” He nodded awkwardly standing there…
…until he nodded again and begun to walk out.
“But that doesn’t mean someone else didn’t.” You replied smirking.
He froze at the door.
“W-What!?…you mean?…Y-You and Saeyoung!” He freaked out turning back to face you.
“You wouldn’t know though.Your a REALLY heavy sleeper.” You whispered with your hand.
He immediately slammed the door on you and you burst out laughing again.
As he shook his head back and forth as he walked downstairs. Many MANY disturbing thoughts and unpleasant imagery of his brother and you in his mind.


(will probably use both names in this.)


Again he didn’t work either. He just did the odd job on coding for a bit of extra money.
You hadn’t fed seven breakfast that morning so he would be hungry. So you waited patiently behind the sofa as you waited for his appetite. It came and he got up and wondered into the kitchen.

You ran to his desk and took off your bra through your t-shirt


You planned to show the trick to seven later ;-)
And you put it on his computer screen.
You quickly dashed into your bedroom and waited…and waited..
No sign of him.

Until you herd music in the corridor you were confused until suddenly it got louder AND YOUR DOOR SLAMMED OPEN WITH SEVEN!

“IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT” He threw his t-shirt off and screamed! He had the bra on underneath and he started to dance and jerk his hips up and down.
You fucking lost it! And you couldn’t stop laughing!
“Babe!” You laughed at him as he danced even more to it.
Well as a wise man once said
If you can’t beat em, JOIN EM!

The song played and you both sang!

You: Girl look at that body!~
Saeyoung: Girl look at that body!~
You: Girl look at that body!~
Saeyoung: I work out~
*kisses his imaginary muscles*
You: Girl look at that body!~
Saeyoung: Girl look at that body!~
You: Girl look at that body!~

You both burst out laughing and continued dancing THE WHOLE SONG! Shaking your hips! Throwing up your arms! Twerking! Jumping on the bed. Both of you dancing like teenagers!

What you didn’t know however was Saeran had passed by the door…
And backed up and stood there eyes wide! As he witnessed his brother and you both twerking and dancing on top of the bed in your bra’s.
He closed his eyes shook his head and quickly walked away.


The song finally ended and you were both a bundle of laughs as Seven rugby tackled you onto the bed and you ended up having a tickling fight in your underwear! Until he accidentally kneed you in the boob…
Let’s just say you won that tickle fight…

You finished off your giggles and both laid on the bed out of breath and both in your bra’s.
“You never cease to amaze me Saeyoung.” You giggled turning around to poke his boobless bra.
“Hey!” He laughed putting his hand up to poke YOURS… until he remembered his mistake in the tickle fight before and saved himself by moving his hand to poke your cheek instead.


You both laughed.
“Seven?” You asked turning to face him more.
“Yes oh bra one?” Seven replied mischievously.
You smiled and ignored the name.
“I put the bra on the computer screen about half an hour ago? Why did it take you so long to come in here and perform your…whatever that was!” You laughed again.
“Err well…bra’s are a bitch to put on.” He whispered into your ear, loudly.
You laughed loudly and nodded.
“Yeah they really are!” You whispered back louder into his ear as you both started giggling like teenagers on the bed.
“Seven!” You whispered into his again.
“Yeah!” He whispered back into your ear laughing.
“Would you like me to teach you how to put on a bra?” You whispered into his ear poking his bra again.
“Fuck that! I wanna know how to get bra’s off!” He said loudly into your ear. You burst out laughing!
“Seven!” You laughed as your reached your hand behind you. You smiled and leant your face close to his. He thought he was getting kissed but instead he got a pillow! You hit him round the face with the pillow behind you.
“Owww! haha!” Saeyoung laughed rubbing his face as you collapsed into his chest in laughter on the bed. Having a giggling fit.
“I guess I deserved that.” He laughed putting his arms round you and holding you tighter
“Yeah you did.” You smiled giggling into his warm bra chest. You felt your ear touch his cold cross necklace but you didn’t care.
“Oi!” He said ruffling your hair as you laughed into him more.
You laid like that for a while. With a smile plastered on both of your happy faces.
“MC?” Seven said breaking the silence as he rubbed your bare back.
“Mmm?” You responded on his chest.
“Do you have any more bra’s?” Saeyoung asked.
“Why?…yes I do.” You laughed sitting up confused.
“Good.” He smiled springing up and opening your wardrobe.
You turned your head on the side confused. You couldn’t see what he was doing as he had your back to you and you yawned as you waited.
Until he turned around and on his eyes was your other bra.
“Saeyoung omg!” You burst out laughing again!
“ET PHONE HOME!” He acted out acting like an alien.
“Oh ET I will help you! But where is your home!?” You played along.
“My home is right here.” He smiled leaning across the bed to kiss you delicately on the lips.
“Well you haven’t been paying fucking rent!” You retorted back making him laugh.
“What do you think I’m running here a bloody hotel!?” You continued as he cheekily kissed you again.
But you were pretty sure he kissed you to mostly shut you up…which you were okay with.
“Is there a hotel in space? Or a venue?” You asked when he pulled away.
“I think so why do you ask human?” Seven laughed propping up his nerdy striped glasses.
“Because there’s this alien I want to marry in a space station.” You giggled putting your arms around him and kissing him passionately.
“You want to marry ET!?” Saeyoung gasped out of the kiss.
You hit him on the head playfully.
“At least he might pay fucking rent.” You laughed causing you both to have another laughing fit!

Suddenly Sevens phone rang and you frowned as you kissed him one more time on the lips before he got up.
“Vanderwood? Yes! Yes! I’m doing it right now! …what do you mean I’m not! You can’t see me! Webcam? Fuck! I mean! I’m just getting a drink! No I’m not with MC why would you think that!?” Saeyoung lied down the phone.
You started giggling at his lies as you wrapped your arms around his waist.
“Giggling? No that’s not her! That’s my brother! He dropped the soda! He does not sound like a girl!” Seven exclaimed.
You giggled louder subconsciously and he was trying not to laugh too.
“I am not with MC! …fine I am with MC! Can’t a man have a social life!?” Seven wailed down the phone as you kissed his bare chest.
“Alright miss MUM! I’m coming I’m coming!” Seven groaned down the phone. He put the phone on the bed and turned to you.
“I have to go I’m sorry babe.” Seven sighed kissing your cheek.
“I know, good luck with work.” You kissed him putting your hand on his bare ribs as he flinched.
“Here’s your t-tshirt!” You reminded him picking it up from the floor.
“Ah! Yes thank you!” He laughed kissing you on the lips.
You both blushed and you started laughing again.
Seven reluctantly picked up the phone, he went to speak again but decided not to loose anymore pride and hung up.
He put on his t-shirt and kissed you one more time before going down stairs.

He finally arrived at his computer and skyped Vanderwood.
“So the code we have been looking for is…hold on it’s here-
"Saeyoung when did you have a sex change!?” Vanderwood frowned on the other side of the screen.
“Huh? What do you mean you nutter!?” Seven laughed shaking his head. He was confused.
Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder and saw his brother in the screen.
“What is it brother, im a bit busy at the moment Saeran, ask MC if you need something.” Seven began to his younger brother.
“Saeyoung…you still have MC’s fucking bra on.” Saeran said outloud, patting him on the back before walking away…to deal with Vanderwood…

As Saeran and you high fived in the hallway in a fit of laughter.

YAY IVE DONE! THAT SO FUN! I hope you enjoyed! I hope someone fucking sees this it took me ALL DAY to write! But it was super fun! And hope you found it funny as well! I hope to do more in the future!
Byeeeeeee from admin Megan!

[Fic] 森男 Forest Boy 2/2

Rating: E
Pairing: Ereri
Tags: Post-Canon, Outdoor Sex, Eren-centric, Older Eren,

Levi does not expect to find Eren sleeping against a tree. Naked.

There should be something ridiculously weird about sleeping stark naked out in the opening like this, but Eren looks like he belongs here. Like he is some forest spirit because of the way his brown skin glows in the golden sunlight.

PART 1 on tumblr | Ao3 Link

Read below or Part 2 on Ao3

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Jealous much? Niall imagine *smut*

hi love could you maybe write me a dirty niall imagine? like we are fuck buddies and at one of harry’s homeparty and he gets jealous bc i talk to some boy and we go off to a bathroom or smth? my name’s anna, i’m tall and have brown haur and green eyes thanks babe x

My god.  Omfg, I can imagine- NO!! I really already have an idea for this.. okay lets go!!!! xx Ehm. Is it okay is I use Y/N? I know its not what you asked for… I’m sorry. Its pretty long though, so I hope that helps :).


You and Niall were at Harry’s home party, and just chillin. It was a big party, but it wasn’t THAT loud. Niall went somewhere in the house, but didn’t know where. You were walking, then bumped into a guy, spilling your drink on his shirt. Your cup fell on the floor. “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” you said quickly. Good thing you were drinking water. “Ah, it’s okay. It happens,” he laughed. You smiled. Good thing he wasn’t a pervert. “I am so sorry. I didn’t look where I was going,” you blushed. “It’s really okay. No need to apologize,” he smiled. 

“I’m Jack,” he said. He lended a hand out. You shook it. “Nice to meet you. You probably know who I am,” you smiled. “No way are you…” he paused. You were a celebrity, with a high celebrity status, like the boys. “It took you that long?” you laughed. “S-Sorry, I was just- I don’t know. You’re really beautiful,” he smiled. You blushed. “Thanks..” you smiled. “I finally meet you. Y/N,” he blushed. “Haha, I get that a lot,” you smiled. 

“Can I have a picture with you?” he asked. You nodded. You walked to his side and your side forehead was touching his side forehead. Your bodies were touching too. You smiled and he smiled. He took one. Then a funny picture. 

Niall walked in. Seeing you two taking a funny picture. You did a crossed eye one and he did too. You got off him. “Thanks so much Y/N,” he smiled. You smiled back. “No problem," 

He walked away. Niall came over. His arms folded over his chest. "Hey Niall,” you smiled. “What was that?” he asked. His face was in disgust. “Just taking a picture with one of my fans?” you said unsurely.

“Did he slap your butt or something?” he asked walking to you. You stepped back. “No?”

“Are you sure?” he asked again. He was even closer now. At least no ones around in here. You were against the wall. He had his hands on the wall. His eyes were looking at yours. He had a smirk on his face.

You blushed. “Does he make you wet like I do?” He smirked. His hands began roaming through your body. His hands went down to your butt, then squeezed it. You yelped. He moved his hands up and then to your breasts. He massaged it. You began being wet. You closed your legs to help it. “Getting wet for me now huh?” he smirked again. He picked you up bridal style. He carried you to the bathroom. He let you down, and you stood up. He locked the door. He pinned you against the wall again. “Does he make you want me?” he asked chuckling a little. He roamed his hands down and started to rub your vajayjay (LOLOLOL I just hahhahaa!) outside of your pants. He could feel your wetness. “N-Niall,” you moaned quietly. “Is he yours? Or mine?” he chuckled. He kissed you. He kissed you very deep and hungrily. 

“Can he make you moan loud, or scream my name?” he smirked. You began to be very wet. He slowly took you jeans and shirt off. He saw how wet you were. He rubbed your clit over your knickers. (Its panites, but in a british term :D) He removed your panties. He blew on your clit, since it was wet. You felt the air hit you. “You are so wet for me,” he smiled.

He inserted his tongue inside. You moaned, and tangled your hands in his hair. He finished. “Niall.. I need you now.” you begged. He smirked. He took his clothes off. He inserted himself in. He thrusted fast. You and him were quietly moaning. But you were moaning loud. “Shhh they might hear,” he smiled. You bit your lip. He thrusted more. You screamed his name. He kissed you again. Couple minutes later, he got out of you. He began massaging your breasts, while kissing you. You moaned. He gave a moan. “Can he do that to you?" 

"N-No..” you smirked a bit. “Jealous much eh Niall?” you giggled. He laughed. “Your mines and no one elses,” he smiled. “I’ll do this again if you get naughty,” he smirked. You rolled your eyes playfully, and you both put your clothes on. “We’ll continue later love,” he smiled. You guys exited out of the bathroom. “Hey what’s up with your hair?” Harry asked. “Uh.. I was dancing,” you lied. “Oh did you get some Niall?” Harry laughed.  "Would ya shut up Harry?“ you blushed. "OH YOU GOT SOMEE!” Harry smiled and said louder. You chased after him. Niall joined you. You were both laughing. Tonight was gonna be a long night soon..

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bellamy + clarke zombie apocalypse AU [bc u slay my entire ass my love]?

okay I’m so bad at zombie apocalypse AUs so here’s a Mad Max: Fury Road Au- I hope it’s okay! sorry it took a million years, it’s bc of who I am as a person

When Bellamy Blake comes to, the first thing he registers is the burning of his back. As he slowly takes in his surroundings, he remembers the needle, the awful sting as the War Boys carved information into his back. They had finally captured him last night, after weeks on the run. They cut his hair and extracted some bone marrow before shoving him into the cage he’s in now, hanging from the wall with a drip flowing his blood into the vein’s of one of the sick War Boys.

He’s still waiting for the day when his survival instincts finally shut up and tell him it’s not worth it. Now that he’s lost Octavia, there’s not much to live for anymore.

“Treason! Betrayal!” A War Boy comes sprinting into the dungeons, heading for the pile of wheels in the corner. They all look the same: pale, bald, and sickly, with tumors and growths sprouting from random appendages. “There’s an Imperator gone rogue!”

“An Imperator? Which one?” The War Boy draining Bellamy’s blood perks up and turns to look at the other. When he turns, Bellamy can just make out his name, hastily tattooed at the bottom of his neck, right below the symbol of the Immortan.


“Griffin,” the other War Boy says, grabbing a wheel. Murphy’s eyes narrow and he draws himself up to his full height.

“That’s my wheel. You’re just my lancer, Dax.”

Dax smirks. “You can’t go anywhere without your bloodbag. This is my ride.”

Murphy lunges forward, grabbing the wheel and slamming his forehead into Dax’s. The latter stumbles backward, losing his grip on the wheel, and Murphy rips it free of his hands.

“We take my bloodbag with us.” He looms forward over Dax, grinning widely and showing off his chipped yellow teeth. “And if I die, I die historic on the Fury Road.” [AO3]

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