his eyes are so cute in the first one

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What does yoongi look like in person? I'm so sad I feel like I'm never going to see them live 😭😭

yoongi is beautiful in person, they all are. they strangely all look better in person than they do in their airbrushed photos which I don’t even understand how

he’s small, and does these little hand gestures constantly that I think he does without noticing/realizing in the moment. he’s extra tiny it’s so cute. his hair is extra flooffy, he’s so so so so so so so so so sooo pale, sugar->suga really fits cause wow. his features are so soft, he doesn’t have one that truly stands or over the others, everything just fits? him so well. wait I take that back, his eyes are so dark and are probably the first thing that draws you in. oh just like the gestures, he has the ‘swag’ in the way he walks at time, you can tell he’s feeling himself but then others just kinda shuffles around and it’s so fucking adorable and is also an a+ meme it’s embarrassingly great

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BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE CUTE HUSBAND CRUSH STUFF: He had to escort his mom to the store earlier and I was home listening to pandora alone and one of our songs came on (your guardian angel by the red jumpsuit apparatus) and I remembered the first time he played it for me. I was 16 and afraid to show emotion so when I cried listening to it I told him "it's hot my eyes are sweating leave me alone" but now I'll cry happy tears around him all day idgaf and he helped me reach that level of comfort

YES PLEASE CUTE HUSBAND STUFF aw im so happy you get to be so comfortable around him :“) i love hearing about u and your husband

Boyfriend The8

Anon #2, that’s a good question ;;w;; I find it hard to pick just one but if I HAD to, either S.Coups or Woozi … or Minghao. I love Seungkwan so much too though … I love ALL of them, it’s so hard to pick >.<

And I hope that everyone reading this is having a good day! :)

His attempts of Skyping you always end up in shambles. It’s starts off cute, you both catch up and he tells you about the tour. Then the boys pile in one by one until there’s twelve loud boys screaming down the phone and Minghao’s pleading with his eyes for you to save him.

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Not overly affectionate at first. Skinship is shy and mostly in private, but as he grows more comfortable in the relationship and matures, he’s less awkward about publicly showing love. Although he would never do something like make out in front of well … anyone, he’ll definitely hold your hand on dates or kiss your forehead, even if the boys are around. He likes sweet gestures to show he cares.

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You can bet that Jun pushed him to ask you out. You were introduced to the boys through a mutual friend and although Minghao kept to himself at first, his dry wit and sense of humour made you try hard to befriend him. The more time you spent together, playing video games or laughing at his savagery, the more feelings grew between you.

It probably would have continued like this for months if Jun hadn’t played cupid and done that whole “invite you both to the cinema, pretends he’ll ill & leaves you both alone on what’s now a date” thing. It works, luckily for him. Minghao would have killed him for that move if it hadn’t.

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Facetiming works out more often, as he locks himself in the bathroom to do so. At first they thought he was doing “dirty things,” locked up for so much time in there but when they realise he’s talking to you, they stand outside the door and make animal noises. Well, the sunshine line do and 95 line try getting them to stop.

He gets frustrated but hearing you laugh melts that feeling away. It seems like one on one time with you is impossible, between living with 12 others and having a busy idol life. But he always tries to talk to you, through the power of the Internet, so you never drift apart.

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You worry about him, that he’s working too hard and loosing too much weight. Jeonghan is your inside man, always filtering back info to you if Minghao’s in a bad mood that day or if a fan made a negative comment during a fansign. Those are the days you show up to their place randomly with enough take out to feed an army. Minghao doesn’t know how you know when to show up to pick his spirits up but he’s glad that you do.

“Thank you for coming today. Shall we eat?”

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Sometimes you feel like you’re the only one who remembers his martial arts background. He likes to show it off to you, leaving you in awe of his talent. He’s so smug and proud of this fact.

You also help him deal with his processed hair, with deep conditioning treatments and you both throw on face masks for a pampering sesh. He loves those times, not bc of how soft his skin and hair is afterwards, but bc of how chill and relaxing it is. You both cuddle up on the couch to a good movie, with those animal face masks on and take cute, funny pics.

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He melts every time you do something cute.

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Isn’t afraid of calling you out and that’s good. The spats between you two help you grow as people and to mature. They’re a healthy part of a relationship, as you both learn from them and grow stronger.

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Not above getting silly with you. When you visit the dorm, only craziness ensues. He loves that you get on so well with them, since they’re basically his family. He has no worries about you, even if he’s not there, since the boys take such good care of you and you them.

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Takes you as often as he can to his home in China. Watching you fish with his little cousins or seeing his mom try teaching you how to cook his fav dish leaves him with a soft smile on his face.

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Brings you to the practice room so he can show off his b-boy skills and the choreo to their upcoming comeback. You even get to play with their crocodile toy, the loser having to buy the winner chocolate milk.

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Your relationship is very strong and sweet. There’s enough trust to be able to point out each others flaws without worry. And that helps you both grow. There’s a lot of growing tbh, as he’s still young and learning. This only makes your bond stronger, as you’re there for him through thick and thin.

Sometimes he worries that the relationship isn’t “mature” enough it’s hard to do those things w so many protective boys around but don’t worry about that. You’re young and there’s time in the future to worry about “mature” stuff or starting a family and things of that nature.

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When the baby that LOOKS like it’s gonna be the biggest troublemaker actually grows up into the biggest troublemaker…


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Do you think Yoonmin ever has fights/get mad at one another/etc? They're so cute and happy all the time, it just makes me wonder what it looks like when they're like that 🤔🤔🤔🤔

I dont think they fight a lot but when they do I bet its a lot of eye rolling, impatient sighs, jimin keeping his distance, one of them might even start to raise their voice but stop themselves right away because they refuse to yell at each other no matter how mad they get. after the actual fight I bet its a lot of avoiding each other, not making eye contact, yoongi sleeping in his own bed for the first night in months, complete silence between them. until 6 AM the next morning when jimin walks out of his room (he didn’t get much sleep anyway) and sees yoongi sitting at the kitchen table, looking as tired as jimin feels. and they just stare at each other for a few moments until yoongi stands up and walks towards him, until jimin is eventually meeting him in the middle, yoongi setting his arms around jimins waist and holding him close, jimin pressing his lips to the curve of yoongis shoulder as he hugs him back, both of them mumbling ‘I’m sorrys’ and ‘love yous’

Scorbus headcanon #3

I have this headcanon that Scorpius is utterly fascinated with muggle culture while Albus is like “meh whatever” (except when it comes to music). Scorpius especially loves old Polaroid cameras, but he was too afraid to get one due to his grandfather who still despises muggle technology, so Albus gets his a pastel blue one for his 16th birthday. Scorpius was ecstatic, and the first picture they took was of them hugging. Scorpius was beaming into the camera, his eyes scrunched up, and Albus was looking fondly at his best friend, thinking Oh shit I’m in love


Jinni couldn’t contain herself anymore. Ever since she saw Keramisa’s beautiful hair she wanted to braid and decorate it :3

Keramisa belongs to @flame-squad (I wanted to draw her so bad) , Jinni to me!

Her hair is decorated with flowers and pearls, the dress is handmade by Jinni’s younger twin brother Zott (one of his first designs)

And if i’m not mistaken it’s Keramisa’s birthday today :D

Happy birthday! Now go have an awesome birthday in that cute outfit >:D

And be sure to make Brokko very jealous ;)

14. Valentine // Nurseydex

« {Part 14 of my Valentine’s collection.}

a/n: damn, i just barely missed valientine’s day… so close. oh well. this is the last piece in the series, so thanks for sticking with it for this long! enjoy a cute sick fic for Nursey’s birthday :)

When Nursey opened the door, Dex’s first thought was that he looked awful.

“What the fuck happened to you?” Dex asked. Nursey was still wearing his sweatpants and an off-white sleeveless work-out shirt, which wasn’t altogether unattractive. However, the bags under his eyes were so dark that they almost looked like bruises, and his hair was matted on one side, and his nose was red. He did not look like the kind of guy who was going to be ready to go out on a date in ten minutes.

“I think I’m sick,” Nursey said. His voice was low and raspy.

“No shit,” Dex said. “I’m guessing this means we’re not going out tonight?”

“Sorry,” said Nursey. “I know it’s Valentine’s day, but—”

“And your birthday,” Dex cut in. “It’s Valentine’s day, and your birthday.”

“Yeah…” Nursey said, shoulders slumping. He somehow managed to seem even more dejected, despite already looking like death. “We can meet up tomorrow, if you want.”

“If you’re this sick right now, you’re probably not going to be better tomorrow,” Dex said. “Why don’t we just spend the night in? Is your roommate here?”

“Oh, no. Sam left a few hours ago. He said he had a midterm and didn’t want me getting him sick,” Nursey said, rubbing absently at his temple. “You really don’t want to come in here right now, it’s like, really nasty. A den of pestilence. Tissues everywhere….”

“Oh, please,” Dex said. He shouldered past his boyfriend and stepped into the dorm room.

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‘carry on’ headcanon

okay so i was thinking about how simon and baz decided to live together after they finished uni. and they moved in one of baz family’s house. it’s not huge but it has a lovely garden. and once simon brings home two little goats just because he loves them so much and they’re so cute he just couldn’t walk by them. so he brings them home and baz at first was like no snow are you insane ????? but then he just can’t say no to simon bc he does his puppy eyes and just begs baz to keep goats. 

they keep this two little goats and live happy 

the end

BTS Reaction to you having a huge ass butterfly tattoo on your back

Seokjin: He would react so dramatically I mean he isn’t an actor for nothing but he will be amazed of the fact that you actually got this tattoo. 

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them veins popping out tho

Yoongi: He’ll be amazed in the inside but on the outside he’ll be cool about it, he’ll also probably give you one of his gummy smiles.

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kjdhsjfvdhjfdjhbr im not ok just look at him the disrespekt

Hoseok: So jhope over here would probably look at you with such amusement and ask questions like “did it hurt?” or “did you really want this tattoo?” and he’ll be so cute. 

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hes so cute imma sue

Namjoon: His eyes would widen as he sees your tattoo for the first time. He’ll also try to play off the fact that he would want to get matching tattoos. he’ll also smile a lot trying to tell you that he wants to get a matching tattoo with you 

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knjfkjnerfjnerfgjnergknjgjnr im not ok hes just too cute 

Jimin: this boy will look at you shocked and then give you one of those smiles that just messes you up. Then he’ll ask “did it really hurt?” worried that it hurt a lot. 

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biased wreckedx1000

Taehyung: this boy oml he’ll be so spooked, then he’ll want to touch your tattoo bc he’s so curious. he’ll be giving you one of his rectangle smiles that just makes you melt as he’s asking to touching your tattoo 

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Jungkook: He’ll be jungshook after he sees your tattoo, then he’ll ask you all these questions about the tattoo like “did you get it because of our song butterfly?” and “wow, when did you get the tattoo?”

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he looks so cute here im biased wreckedx100000000

What is up, its yah boi lupe. lol anyways sorry for having the person who requested this wait so long its just school and family problems you know? any who hope it doesnt suck im just waiting until summer comes cause i can post even more lol anyways hope you guys have a good day or night—- love, admin lupe 

Happy Birthday, Pretty Girl

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Summary: It is the first birthday that the reader is spending with Bucky as a couple, but it turns out he wont be there to celebrate it.

Word Count: 2370

A/N: I wrote this around my birthday, and I thought it was kind of cute.

*gif not mine*

It was one week before your birthday. You were so excited about it because it was your first birthday that you and Bucky Barnes were a couple. A few days before your birthday, Bucky woke you up with blueberry pancakes and coffee in bed.

“Pretty girl,” Bucky whispered, “Pretty girl, wake up.”

You rolled over to face him. When you opened your eyes you saw him caring a tray and he had a sweet smile on his face. You rubbed your eyes to make sure you were actually seeing him, “Buck, what the hell?” you mumbled as you sat up.

“I made you your favorite breakfast. Sit up.”

You sat up and he sat the tray on your lap, “Bucky, you didn’t have to do this. But these do look delicious!”

Bucky sat next to you in bed as you stated to eat, “How are they?”

You smiled and nodded your head, “They are so good! Why have you not made these before for me? Are you holding out on me Barnes?”

He laughed, “No, I asked that breakfast place that we go to all the time for their recipe.”

You put the fork down and put your hands on each side of his face, “You are amazing, do you know that?” you pulled him in and kissed him. You went on eating and something made you stop. You looked over to him, “What’s wrong?”

His face saddened a little, “No, nothing is wrong,” he trailed off.

You moved the tray from your lap and turned to him, “Bullshit. Bucky something is up. You hate to cook breakfast food. And you went out of your way to get a pancake recipe from a restaurant that we go to? What have you done?”

He looked down and grabbed your hand, “I’m leaving for a mission tomorrow morning, and they don’t think we will be back till after the 3rd. I tried to get them to put someone else on the mission, but they need me. Y/N, I am so sorry, I’m going to miss your birthday.”

You nodded your head trying to keep your face strong and your eyes clear of tears, “Buck, it’s okay. I know you would be here if you could. You have work and that is important.”

Bucky’s metal hand cupped your cheek, “You are important. You are the most important thing to me, pretty girl. Please don’t be mad at me.”

You leaned into the cool touch of Bucky’s hand, “I’m not mad, I promise. You are going to save the world. How many girls can say that their boyfriend saves the world for a living?”

“I promise you, I will make it up to you a thousand times over! Whatever you want, I’ll get it for you. Whatever you want to do, we will do it!”

You let out a laugh, then got serious and cupped the back of his neck, “All I want for my birthday is you to come home safe, okay?”

He pressed his forehead against your, “Deal. But I am still going to get you gifts.”

You snorted and kissed him quickly. You pulled away and brought the tray back up to your lap, “So tell me about the mission?”

You and Bucky spent the whole day watching movies and cuddling like you normally did before one of you went on a mission.

The next morning, Bucky had to be down at the pad at five. When he was about to leave he sat down on the edge of the bed, “Pretty girl,” he ran his flesh hand through your hair, “I have to go.”

You groaned as you sat up. You were always sad when he left, but this time there was more sadness. You wrapped your arms around his neck and you mumbled, “Don’t go.”

He wrapped an arm around you, “I wish I could stay pretty girl. I got to get down to the pad.”

You let out a sigh, “I’ll walk you down.” You walked down with your arm wrapped tightly around his waist and his around your shoulders.

When you got down to the pad Bucky turned to you, “I promise I will call you as much as I can.”

You nodded and felt tears building, “You better come through with that promise you made for my birthday gift.”

He pulled you into his arms, “I will come home safely. I promise.”

You pulled away, “You better go before I throw a tantrum to Tony and Steve about you being gone for my birthday,” you pushed him slightly and gave him a weak smile.            

“Come here,” he cupped your face and kissed you passionately. When he finally pulled away he rested his forehead against yours, “I will be back in a couple days, and we will celebrate your birthday.” He pulled away and trotted towards the jet, “I promise, pretty girl!”

You waved as the jet took off.

Wanda walked up next to you, “Don’t worry, your birthday will still be kick ass, promise!”

You raised your eyebrows, “Will it now? What do you have in mind?”

“Come on! I was sworn to secrecy! All I can say is, this birthday will be hard to top,” she wrapped her arm around yours and led you back towards the tower.

The days past slowly, and the nights pasted even slower. You would finally fall asleep, but roll over to hit a cold empty bed.

You constantly were checking your phone to see if you missed a phone call, Face Time, or even an email from Bucky, but it was radio silent from him. Every time you looked at your phone your heart sank a little. He said that he would call, even when he couldn’t call, he would at least email you to let you know that he was okay. If it weren’t for the emails from Steve, you would think the worst. Thank God for Steve.

It was the night before your birthday and you stared at the ceiling like you had for the last 23 years. You would always wait up and watch the clock turn to 12:00 on the 2nd. You looked over to the clock, 11:59.

You waited for it to change. When it clicked over to 12, you let out a sigh, “Happy Birthday to you.” You rolled over and started to drift off to sleep.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Wanda, Sam and Vision yelled the next morning.            

You jumped up and grabbed your chest, feeling like your heart was going to explode. When you came to and saw your friend wearing party hats and had balloons in hand. You smiled and rubbed your face, “Thanks you guys.”

“Get ready and meet us in the kitchen,” Wanda pulled you up from bed and pushed you to the bathroom, “Your birthday festivities will begin!”

You let out a chuckle and started the shower.

Twenty minutes later Wanda stormed back into your room, “Y/N! What the hell are you doing? Just because it is your birthday doesn’t mean you can be late.” She stopped when she saw you sitting in your closet crying. She ran up and wrapped her arm around you, “Y/N, what’s wrong?”

You looked up at her and sniffled, “Bucky hasn’t called. He said he would call. It’s bad enough that he isn’t here, but he hasn’t even called me to wish me a happy birthday. It’s like he doesn’t even care about me.”

Wanda brushed the hair out of your face, “Y/N, he does to care about you. He cares so much he made me promise to keep all the birthday plans he already had made for you! And believe me, he went to the extreme to make sure that your day was perfect! Now, chin up as Bucky would say, and get your butt down to the kitchen!”

You wiped the tears off your cheeks and laughed, “Okay, I will be down in a minute.”

When you finished getting ready you walked over to your bed and checked your phone. Still nothing. Instead of taking the phone down with you, you left it on your bed.

You walked down to the kitchen and when you turned the corner you stopped dead in your tracts. Hundreds of sunflowers filled the counter tops, purple balloons and streamers were hanging from the walls and a big banner with the words “Happy Birthday Y/N!” written on it.

You put your hand over your heart and let out a sigh, “Bucky Barnes, what have you done?”

Sam was sitting at the table and pulled out your chair, “Come sit! We made breakfast, exactly like Barnes said to.”

You guys ate together and talked about old times and past birthdays. After you ate you guys went to the living room and watched three of your favorite movies of all times, Mary Poppins, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, and The Great Gatsby. You sang along to all of the songs in Mary Poppins and Sam rolled his eyes whenever you recited any of the lines from the movies.

When the movies was over, Wanda ushered you back to your room to get ready for the last part of your big birthday surprise. When you walked into your room there was a white box with a purple bow sitting there. You looked at Wanda who gave you a smile and walked away.            

You walked over and opened it. Inside was a card with Bucky’s handwriting on it.

        Y/N- I am so sorry I wont be there to celebrate your birthday with you and see how beautiful you look in this tonight. I love you more than anything       Pretty Girl. Bucky.

You pulled back the tissue paper to see the dress that you had been staring at in the same store for the last two months. It was a navy blue high low dress with silver sparkles all over it. You held his card close to you and sighed, “Damn it Bucky. You sure do know how to make a girl fall head over heels for you.”

You got ready and put the dress and heels on when Wanda knocked on the door, “Holy shit! You look amazing!”

You smiled, “Thank you. You look great too!”

“Come here,” she walked over with a blindfold.

“What are we doing?” you asked.

“Just following Bucky’s orders,” she smiled as she tied it over your eyes.

She held you tight as she led you down hallways and to an elevator.

You could hear music as you walked closer to God knows what. You stopped, “Wanda, what is going on?”

“You will see,” she said coyly. A couple moments later she said, “Okay, take off your blind fold!”

You took the blindfold off and saw a big orchestra sitting on a stage with a dance floor, tables with sunflowers and purple flowers as centerpieces. All of your friends were standing smiling and they yelled, “Happy birthday!”

You looked at Wanda in shock, “Are you kidding me?”

She shrugged, “I told you that this would be the best birthday you would ever have. He did this all for you.”

You made your rounds and hugged everyone. When you finally sat down in the seat that had a sigh that said “Birthday Girl” on it. When you sat down Wanda walked up to the mike in front of the orchestra.

She let out a chuckle, “Well, as you all know, we are here to celebrate Y/N’s birthday! And as all of also know, Bucky had this whole thing planned out, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to be here, so I am stepping in! But, Y/N, you do have a message, so if you will look at the screen please, and enjoy Birthday Girl.”

You let out a chuckle and looked at the screen.

Bucky’s face popped up with a big smile on it, “Hey there Pretty Girl. I hope that Wanda is pulling everything off as perfectly as I planned it. I am so sorry that I am not there to celebrate your birthday with you, but I will be home as soon as I can. I hope you get everything you want and more for your birthday. I love you pretty girl, more than anything. Happy Birthday Y/N.”

You wiped the tears away from your eyes, and smiled. He was the best thing that could have ever happened to you, and he wasn’t even there for you to thank him.

You talked to everyone. You ate, drank and laughed. It was the perfect birthday, with only one thing missing, Bucky.

As the night started to end, you got up and thank every one for coming and their warm wishes. You thanked Wanda for pulling everything off, and you thanked Bucky, even though he wasn’t there.

You walked back to your room and sighed when you saw the phone calls and text messages from everyone but Bucky. You put the phone back down and went to the bathroom to get ready to bed.

You curled into bed and looked at the clock, 9:29 pm. You closed your eyes and fell fast asleep.

“Wake up Pretty girl,” you heard whisper in your ear.

You turned around quickly and saw Bucky lying next to you. You wrapped your arms around him, “You’re home.”

He kissed you deeply, “I’m home,” he whispered against your lips. He pulled away and brushed some of your hair out of your face, “Did you have a good day?”

“I had a great day,” you tightened your grip around his neck, “Thank you for everything. Bucky, you didn’t have to do all that stuff.”

He pulled you closer, “I know I didn’t have to, but I wanted to do even more, but I don’t think Wanda could have pulled off what else I wanted to do.”

You smiled, “Well, thank you for everything. And my gift.”

“Happy Birthday pretty girl,” he brushed his lips against yours.

“It isn’t my birthday anymore.”

He looked at the clock and you smiled. It was 11:59.

He looked at you and smiled, “It is still your birthday for another minute,” he leaned down and kissed you. It was the perfect end to a great birthday.

Dating Park Jimin Would be Like


  • he’s S U C H a switch
  • and i don’t mean that just in the sexual sense
  • literally one day ur gonna get cute squishy shy chimchim who kisses u but giggles and can’t look u in the eye
  • the next HOUR he fukcin gives u a lap dance or some shit or just like undresses u with his eyes and licks his lips and flashes his tummy all the time like damn dude can you c h i l l
  • but most of the time u get darling sweetie pie Jimin who loves to cuddle and hold u close 24/7
  • i dont think he would be as touchy as Taehyung just bc Tae has No Shame when it comes to his gf but then Jimin is a Smol Shy and wants to love u but he gets v v shy and embarrassed 
  • not bc he’s embarrassed to be around u or to love u but bc he’s still kinda insecure about himself 
  • bc ur so ethereal and beautiful and kind and all around a Total Package 
  • and he doesn’t feel like he brings much to the table
  • which when he gets in lil sad moods bc of these feelings u make it ur NUMBER ONE GOAL to cheer up ur darling Squish 
  • if he’s feeling bad about not having abs for the fans then you go online and show him all the comments about how they love him when he’s chubby
  • and u tell him that it doesn’t even matter what they think bc you love him chubby and you love him the way he is with no changes to anything
  • but if he really wanted to, you would offer to go work out with him to keep his spirits up and he would a d o r e that
  • u probably would die from trying 2 keep up w him and he would have to piggyback you home and put u in a warm bubble bath to ease ur aching muscles but its the thought that counts and he really truly appreciates how much effort u put into him and doing anything to make him feel good about himself
  • when he wants something really bad u get the dreaded Puppy Eyes and you can’t escape them
  • U and Suga both mope over that fact that u both are weak for park Jimin
  • being besties w Taehyung and going on dates with Jimin and Tae just tags along
  • the first few times he does this ur worried about him being the third wheel but it ends up that you’re the third wheel lmao Vmin am i right
  • you can never stay mad at him for very long and vice versa he could never be angry at you for more then 20 minutes max
  • when you argue its over little things like him leaving his wet towel on the bathroom floor or you leaving stuff like yogurt out of the fridge too long bc u forgot about it
  • and even when you have more serious fights where doors are slammed and there are raised voices and he has to leave your apartment for some air and time to himself to think
  • he always comes back even if it’s at 2 AM bc he just CANT go to sleep without apologizing and telling you he loves you bc anything could happen and he doesn’t want his last memory of you to be an argument should something bad happen to you 
  • like that is his worst fear that he would be away on tour and something would happen like you would get in an accident or the saesangs would attack you stuff like that
  • and those fears would pop up in his head every time he left the apartment when u two fought and he would forget how to breathe until he snapped out of it and fuckign SPRINTED his ass back to your place
  • and he would burst into your room (bc he used his key okay he didn’t kick down the door. u gave him a key after the second time he did that)
  • and he would see you laying on his side of your shared bed, curled up in a tiny ball, a pile of tissues in the trash can next to you, and tiny sniffles and hiccups coming from you every once and a while
  • Jimin would ever so quietly walk around to the side of the bed and kneel down in front of you, and his heart would just break
  • you had messy hair, your face was covered in dried and fresh tear tracks, and you were holding onto the little stuffed kitten he had won for you on your first date
  • he would start crying as well and he wouldn’t want to even dare to touch you because he didn’t feel like he deserved to hold you if he had caused the person he loved the most so much pain
  • but you would say fuck that and throw your arms around his neck and he would break down and start sobbing into your neck, wrapping his arms so tightly around your waist and drawing you so close to him you two were almost one person 
  • and the two of you would just rock back and forth until you both calmed down and gave makeup kisses
  • and then comes the makeup sex ;)))
  • so i see a lot of conflicting things on here
  • either he’s Mr Dom, second to Namjoon(who i firmly believe is 100% DADDY but that’s for another time) or the Subbiest sub to ever sub.
  • and personally i think he’s a switch? it really just depends on his mood
  • like i probably have said that for every one of these that i have done lmaoooo but seriously 
  • it just depends on his mood either he’s kissing you gently and his touches are so soft and he’s taking you so slowly and lovingly and caressing every inch of your body, practically worshipping it as he kisses every inch of skin he can get his lips on
  • or he’s fucking smacking your ass as he takes it from behind and pulls your hair while dirty talking you
  • there’s just no in-between 
  • except for maybe morning sex bc he would want you to take over in the morning and be on top but damn he wants to touch you so bad
  • ur sex life can be described as Mindblowing 
  • bc with his dancer hips and his stamina and your ability to toughen up and take it for as long as he wants to you
  • most of the time you can’t actually remember what happens bc it’s so amazing lol 
  • he’s pretty vocal but not as much as taehyung lmao the only one louder then Tae is Hobi(of course) but he’s a pretty close 3rd 
  • he strikes me as a moaner and a whiner? sometimes he groans when he’s close to finishing but usually he’s a p consistent moaner
  • he’s v cuddly like i said before
  • his favorite this is pillow talk
  • after yall are done w ur thing he likes to draw patterns on your bare back while you lay on his chest, nuzzling his neck and you have to guess what he’s drawing on your back
  • literally when i say he loves pillow talk he LOVES IT
  • like Jimin basically has sex w u, not just bc ur the bomb dot com w a smoking hot booty but bc its so he can just bask in the warm afterglow of your lovemaking session but also talk about serious things and silly things and the in-betweens 
  • this is your guys favorite time to talk about the future
  • he shyly tells you that he wants to marry you someday and he almost launched himself out of bed if u hadn’t tackled him and gave him lots of kisses 
  • it’s nothing permanent yet, bc he’s still really focusing on BTS promotions and growing as a group and as a dancer and singer with them 
  • but you don’t mind him taking his time and waiting for him
  • and he loves that more then anything 
  • like to him that’s the biggest sign of love you can give him is just being patient and waiting for him with anything you two do
  • Jimin would try to be almost as dedicated as you to your relationship as you were
  • bc he feels like it’s the only way to pay you back for waiting for him to have time for you while he’s working 
  • if he’s away on tour over your birthday or your anniversary or something he’ll arrange it so that he can send something to you can be face timing you as it arrives at your door so that he can watch your face as you open it
  • facetimeing 24/7 when he can’t be there with you
  • no matter if you’re texting, calling, face timing, or seeing each other in person he NEVER fails to tell you he loves you 
  • you come with him to inkigayo once and almost cry backstage when BTS wins the first award for their comeback song 
  • and he runs backstage to you after its all over and he picks you up and spins you around in a hug and gives you kisses and Jimin is looking up at you from under those long lashes and he just pushes some hair out of your face and when he puts you down he gives you a promise ring he was saving for your 2 year anniversary but he just couldn’t wait
  • Jimin has you wrapped around his finger but he never really realizes it bc he think that he’s wrapped around your finger and it’s true u could ask this boy for the moon and he would give it to you and he could ask for the sun and you would get it for him
  • his love is intense at times but it’s sweet and kind and gentle in the best possible ways 

end my life this series is making me slowly lose my mind
also i feel like these scenarios are slowly getting longer?? idk guys give me some feedback here ro send me some lil prompt ideas!! i love doing reactions but i haven’t done any in a while. 
<3 you! ~Admin Hedgehog

Iron Bull is so fucking problematic like…first off, he likes the color pink. He approves when you HELP ppl?? He thinks nugs are cute and disapproves if you kill one for no reason. He saved some random dude he didn’t even know and lost his eye for him?? Like who tf does that? He’s a fucking monster. Disgusting

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Can you write little Mermaid au? It's soooo CUTE! Please!!!

Of course I can! If all goes as planned and you guys want more, this should be the second to last one! haha, I hope you enjoy it! I had fun with this one!

Read the last one here! http://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/158379807637/first-of-all-i-love-your-fanfiction-its-amazing


Star perked up when she heard the door open. But when Tom and Marco entered, avoiding eye contact she slumped back down. Marco was blushing like crazy, and Tom was looking down so Star couldn’t even see his face. “So… how was the canoe ride?” Star asked. Marco almost jumped and he rubbed the back of his head.

“It was uhh… n-nice.” He blurted out. Star stared her friend down for a good long minute until Rafael poked his head out of the kitchen.

“Kids! Dinner is ready!” He cheered. He stopped when he saw the faces across the room. “Everything okay in here?” he asked.

“We’re fine dad, just um… hungry!” Marco said quickly. “Let’s go eat.” He smiled over at Tom who blushed a bit and followed him into the dining room. Star grumbled and trudged behind them. She stopped when a little blue figure floated right next to her head.

“How’s matchmaking going?” Glosseryk asked. Star jumped when he startled her.

“Don’t do that!” She gasped. “And poorly. Tom likes him so much! I can see it!” Star cried. “But Marco won’t make a move because he’s too damn shy!” She exclaimed. “And besides, he doesn’t recognize him at all. And from what Marco told me, he DOES have a crush on Tom, but the demon Tom he knows! So as long as he doesn’t recognize Tom, I don’t think it’s going to work.” Star admitted.

“Oh, that may be a problem.” Glosseryk bit his lip. “I wish you luck Star, but this is their battle that you decided to help with for some reason.” he tilted his head.

“I’ve always wanted to play matchmaker.” She explained. Glosseryk rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers, causing him to teleport away, most likely back into the spell book. Star crossed her arms and followed her friends into the kitchen.

“So Tom, where are you from?” Angie asked.

“He can’t talk, mom.” Marco reminded. Angie blushed and laughed awkwardly.

“Oh um…” She trailed off and Tom smiled happily, showing her it was okay. He pointed down with his hand and she tilted her head. “Downstate?” She asked. Tom shook his head and kept pointing down. “The next state power, you aren’t from California?” She asked. Tom just made a face and nodded, giving up. “Oh here’s an idea!” Angie clapped. She gave Tom a pen and paper. “Why don’t you just write it down, love?” She asked. Tom smiled big, why hadn’t he thought of this!?

He scribbled some words down and held it up with a big smile, only to be greeted by confused looks. “Uh… Tom is this… your handwriting?” Marco asked. Tom looked at the scribbles and didn’t see anything wrong. He nodded. “Wait… is this even english?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head. It was in Enochian, the only language he could write. Marco sighed. “This might be an issue, can you write in english? Spanish?” He asked, hopefully. Tom shook his head and pointed to the demonic symbols on the paper.

Star practically dropped her head in her plate, frustrated with this whole situation. “Star, pick your head up.” Angie told her.

“Sorry Mrs. Diaz.” Star mumbled. Angie looked over at Marco.

“So did you ever buy those dance tickets?” She asked. “Are you going with Star again?” Angie asked her son. Star shot up out of her chair so fast that it fell over.

“YOU SHOULD BRING TOM!” She cried. Marco looked at her oddly and Star fell back. “It’s just… I’m going with Janna, and you know our history with school dances.” Star joked. Marco rolled his eyes at his friend. “And you and Tom seem to get along so well, why don’t you bring him so you aren’t lonely while I’m with Janna?” She asked.

Marco blushed deeply. “Star this is a little… I mean we hardly know each other don’t you think you’re pushing him a bit?” Marco asked. Star huffed.

“If you think that, ask him!” She motioned over to the redhead. Marco blushed when he realized he had been talking about Tom like he wasn’t even there. The truth was he was the one embarrassed and put on the spot.

“Oh, sorry Tom.” Marco blushed deeper. “W-would you like to go with me?” He asked shyly. “You don’t have to! But It might be fun.” Marco offered. Tom blushed and pointed between the two of them a few times. “I-I don’t know what you’re signaling.” Marco admitted. Star smiled and leaned in, getting it rather fast.

“He wants to know if you mean like a date.” She explained. Marco’s blush grew deeper still and he played with his hoodie.

“I-if you w-w-want it to be a date th-then it could be…” Marco muttered. Tom smiled and nodded, causing Marco’s face to light up. “R-really?! That’s great!” Marco exclaimed. “I-I can’t wait!” He cried. Angie nudged her husband and the two smiled, they could tell at once that their son had something for this strange boy who showed up out of nowhere.

After dinner Marco showed Tom the spare guest room. “You can stay here for as long as you need or want.” Marco offered, he still thought that this boy was homeless. Tom smiled at Marco’s hospitality and nodded his head as to say thank you. “I’m really glad you decided to go out with me.” Marco blushed, Tom did as well.

“To be honest… I sort of met this person who I kind of liked, but have no chance with. It’s best I move on.” He sighed. Marco seemed really torn up about this. Tom felt a little twinge of pain in his chest at hearing this, but sat down next to him anyway. “You know about the demons right? The ones said to live below us?” Marco asked. Tom nodded. “I met one, I talked to him almost everyday but…he never told me his name.” Marco started. Tom’s eyes widened. “He had pink hair and purple skin… I really liked him but… it would never work.” Marco sighed. “I’m sorry for telling you this, it rude of me.” Marco noticed, but he just had to vent about it. Tom shook his head to show Marco it was okay.

It was more than okay. Tom’s smile was bigger than ever. Marco liked him! Marco liked him back! Everything was perfect! Maybe getting this kiss wouldn’t be so hard after all. They had a date tomorrow! If he was lucky they would kiss at the dance, and just in the nick of time. Then Tom could be a human and they could finally live happily ever after!

Tom;s happy thoughts flooded his head and he blushed when he realized what he was going on about. What was wrong with him? He wasn’t a hopeless romantic, he wasn’t gushy and cute. Tom blushed and looked over at the human next to him.

Love really does make a fool out of you.

Wanting and recieving

Also known as the five times he almost kissed you, and the one time he did.

NOTES: this takes place in the cant help falling in love universe, but you dont have to have read that one for this to make sense. im a little bit in love with this universe, so you can probably expect some smut or a sequel to the first one soon.


“Are you wearing my shirt?”

He leaned against the doorframe, eyes raking over your body. You laughed, lightly, and his gaze snapped to yours.

“All my pajamas are in the wash. Don’t I look cute?”

He swallowed thickly, licking his lips.

“I- yeah, it’s a good look for you.”

He took a step closer to you, arms reaching out hesitantly, before you closed the distance, wrapping yours around his torso. He took a deep breath, and the next time he spoke, his words shook slightly.

“How was your day?”

You smiled, breathing in the scent of him.

“Good. Better now.”

His arms tightened around you slightly, and you rested your face in the crook of his neck.


The word was soft, breathy. You backed away slightly, arms still circled around his waist, and stood there, face inches from Lin’s. His eyes shifted to your mouth, and lingered there, for a fraction of a second. Neither of you moved, too caught up in the weight of each others gaze, and time seemed to slow. He leaned in, just barely, breath warm on your lips, and-

The doorbell rang.

He snapped backwards, and his eyes had a faraway look to them, as if he had just woken up from a dream that had tasted better than reality.

By the time you answered the door, you had nearly forgotten about his breath on yours lips, and way you had wanted him to close the distance.


“How much did you drink?”

His arm wrapped your shoulders, steady grip guiding you towards your shared apartment.

“Just enough to have fun,” you teased, stopping in the middle of sidewalk, and wrapping your arms around his neck.

His eyebrows furrowed, gaze turning downwards, and for the first time in months you remembered that almost kiss.

“I’ve been good all week,” you said, still teasing, but something in your voice was softer.

“Is that so.”

His tone was light, but you could hear the strain in his words.

“So good, in fact, I think I deserve a kiss.”

His eyes snapped to yours then, quick and wide with something you thought might have been fear. But as quick as it came, it was gone, and he let out a hollow laugh.

“You look like you could use a burger. I’ve been told I know New York’s finest.”

When you woke up the next morning, hung over and hating life, he was there to hold your hair back. Neither of you said anything about the almost confession. You had forgotten. He never would.


“You look cute in glasses.”

The frames were thick, black rims resting low on his nose, and you pushed them up with your index finger.

“Not as cute as you.”

Before you could blink, his arms wrapped around your middle, lifting you gently as you laughed loudly.

“Put me down!”


You could hear the smile in his voice, and it spelled trouble. Without warning, he took two steps into the bedroom and tossed you ass down onto the comforter, body following to press against yours. Your laugh bellowed, full bellied and loud, before you became aware of the proximity. Dazed, you glanced up at him, and the look in his eyes sent a shiver down your spine.

“Lin, I-”

Fingers trailed your collarbones, down the soft skin of your neck, and you swallowed audibly.

That did the trick.

He sat up so quickly you wondered for a moment if he had teleported. The distance in his eyes was back, and you reached out to touch him, to hold him, anything.

“Lin, honey.”

Your voice was soft. For the first time in your life, you almost didn’t know what to say to him.

“You know I love you right?”

“I know.”

You looked away so fast, you almost didn’t see the look in his eyes when you told him you loved him. Almost.


“Wait a minute, are you jealous?”

Across the room, you could see his jaw clench, and the gesture was so unlike him, you could feel the dread beginning to pool in your stomach.

“It’s… it’s not even a date, you know?”

You felt sick. Why did you feel sick?

“What do I care, it’s not like were dating.”

Definitely sick.

He turned then, away from you, and you could feel it, the sense that everything you could possibly say was wrong before you could say it.

“He’s kind of annoying.”

The anxiety buzzed in your chest, swelling and expanding, waiting for him to turn and look at you.

“Maybe i’ll just stay in instead.”

His head snapped to you then, and you could see it in his face, relief, and the joy felt suffocating almost, like you had forgotten how to breathe for a moment when he’d looked at you like that, eyes so deep and brown and full of love. You saw it, then, the moment his gaze flickered down to your lips, and it startled you, with how much you wanted.

How much you wanted what?

It didn’t matter. He grabbed your hand. Whatever he’d seen on your face was enough.



Eyes flicked upward, your gaze meeting the object hanging on the doorframe. He cursed under his breath

“It’s not even December yet.”

You frowned at him, reaching upwards to grab him by the lapels, hands fisting in the soft wool of his coat.

“Oh, hush, Mr. Grumpy pants. Come on.”

He looked at you then, eyes wide, darting between your face and the single sprig of mistletoe between you.

“Come on what.”

“Come on and kiss me. Tis the season, and all that.”

He sputtered, stepping out of your embrace for a moment, before pausing, eyes flicking to your lips. Reaching forward, one hand steadied itself on your cheek, hesitantly, as if worried he’d spook you, the other fisting in your hair, and as he leaned in, all you could think was how every moment had seemed to be leading up to this, like you had standing on the edge of something beautiful your whole life, and were only just about to get a taste of it, and his breath was on yours, stuttering and warm, and-

His lips landed on your cheek. You left so quick you hardly even had time to let yourself wonder what his lips would have felt like on yours.


“I’m gonna write a rap about your collarbones. Quick, what rhymes with collarbones?”

“Oh my god, Lin, if you don’t start fucking me five minutes ago i’m gonna lose it.”

He huffed a laugh, breath coming out heavy as he snapped his hips forward. Laughter turned into a moan, fingers reaching up to curl around yours.

“I love you.”

You smiled, free hand tracing patterns down his chest, before he hit you just right, and your fingernails raked down his arms.

“Lin, honey, I’m gonna-”

His head tilted upward, eyes meeting yours, and his smile was soft, spreading across his face slowly, like he had all the time in the world to spend, right here, with you.

“Come for me.”

Hips met yours, breaths mingled, and the last thought you had before you came was how blissfully happy you were, right in that moment.

Later, as you lied there, sweaty and gasping for breath, you’d reach out for his hand, and he’d hold on like a dying man, desperate for you, just like he’d always been.


The word broke the soft silence that had settled around the room.


“ …It rhymes with collarbone.”

You hit him.

He kissed you.

It was perfect.

okay so l know in future!fics Bitty generally like owns a bakery or something of the sort, and I love that headcanon, but I now have a little twist on it.

So I just got a postcard in the mail about a food truck (it’s ridiculously popular also) that only sells pies and I can’t stop thinking about Bitty doing this. 

Like Bitty travels in his food truck to all the different cities the Falconers are playing so he can support Jack at every game. People on the home team get super excited when the Falconers are playing them, because even though it means their team is likely to lose, they have a chance of having one of Zimmermann’s boyfriend’s famous pies and it’s worth it.

Or even better: A cute meet fic where Bitty and Jack meet because Bitty happens to be with his truck in providence and Jack buys out his entire truck because he falls in love at first sight with this cheerful boy with the bright eyes selling homemade pies out of a truck.

Idk man just give me Bitty with a food truck