his eyes are one of my absolute favorite ones


Meeting Robin ♥️ (Writing on mobile full of feels and happiness so might be a bit unstructured with pics and text lol)

Sooo I met Robin today at the Heroes & Villain Fan fest!! Aaaaaaaah! It was so amazing and he is a pure cupcake of kittens! As we know since before! Ugh. So me and my friend went right to his booth for the autograph! It took a long very worthy wait until he showed up ♥️♥️ And it felt so unreal to just see him IRL. Ugh he was so nice and cute. I came to the three first in line but then he had to go to photo op. And when he left from his chair we happened to make eye contact aaaah because he saw my shirt, the oswald’s club, and also my sidebar for like 2 years now heh, and he shined and said aaah I love your shirt! And gave me the cutest smile and a wink!! Omg! And i just got so hit by surprise and just heeeeh thank you so much!!! :333. So then we in line got these cupouns thing so we would get first in line when he would be back aftet op, so that was really nice! So then we went back a bit later and got to almost front. And so I took up my photo I wanted sign, one of my favs ever of Robin! And so his manager I think it was sat first to like structure stuffs and she was soo impressed by the pic haha like “woaaah that is an amazing pic where it’s from??” And I said it was one of my favs ever and she just yeaah it’s beautiful! THEN I got up to Robin aaaaah, and to get that eye contact was just so magical and he was smiling and shining like he always is uuuugh ♥️ So we said hii! and nice to meet you! And I told him here this is one of my absolute favorite pics of you!! Because it’s just so stunning and perfect aaaah. And he said it was a really nice picture! And asked my name and I told him so! And he smiled so nice and then we took the selfie and to get to just touch this amazing cupcake for a selfie hug, guess I was just a total blushing mess all throuh it lol. Then I said thank you so much and he said thank you and have a nice day and again how he thought my shirt was amazing :3.

Then it was the panel, which was lovely too and to see all the other casts too ♥️ But yas Robin is my fav as you might know heh. AND I CAN’T BELIEVE ALL THIS AND I FEEL SO HAPPY AND FUZZY INSIDE ♥️♥️He is the sweetest ♥️♥️

And yes that is an emoji on me, I prefer to stay lowkey faceanon :P But maybe some of you recognize me from my outfit anyway if you were there ;)

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Have you ever done an analysis on the gifset you just reblogged, with Phil saying 'You loved it, you wanna do it more'? When I first watched that moment I thought it was very flirtatious, the sort of thing that (back then) they wouldn't have normally said anywhere except at home with the cameras off

Could you pls talk about the you loved it iconic moment? I believe there’s not much to say apart from the obvious teasing and giggling but I still adore to read your opinions and what you believe they thought during that kind of moments ♡

ugh wow BLESS both of you for asking about this moment, bc i am truly emotional over how much i love this moment and really the whole scene that precedes it with phil quizzing dan about dragon words. you might think i don’t have a lot to say but like,,, do you know me?? ?? ?? naturally, i have SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS and am hAPPY to ramble about it at length. 

this video came out a few months before i started watching dan and phil and i remember going on an odyssey of watching all of their videos and seeing this moment and thinking that it felt so substantially different to any other particular scene from their vids in the past few years. and i decided that it’s because it is one of the only times where dan treats one of phil’s questionable remarks/innuendos as though it’s directly being addressed to him (bc it literally is lol) and he reacts accordingly (that blush!!!! the averted eyes!! !) when i first saw it i couldn’t decide if i thought it was super fucking cute or just horrifically cringe and awkward (i still kind of think it is the latter tbh, because something about it makes you, the viewer, really aware that THEY are really aware of the camera and the audience and you can physically feel them being constrained by this amorphous audience gaze in that moment). i settled on it being both though–that awkwardness is definitely there, where they’re flirting but they’re doing it in a somewhat stiff manner and dan is clearly searching for a sarcastic reply to phil’s “you wanna do it more,” in order to turn it into a typical ‘weird phil/normal dan’ exchange. this is why he starts saying “alright–that’s–that was–” but he’s clearly a bit too flustered to come up with anything witty and dismissive. so then there’s a really obvious jump cut and it’s just ,,, so good. cute that phil succeeded in making dan so flustered and just sat there gently giggling about it in his very phil way, cute that dan was so blush and giggly too, and then super fuckin cute and significant that they decided to LEAVE THIS WHOLE ExCHANGE IN THE VID and happily share it with us. i mean looking back on it now there’s hardly anything remarkable about it in comparison to all of the ridiculous and blatant flirting they get up to these days on dapg, but for that time it seems like the decision to not cut that part out was a big one. 

regarding the lil quiz scene before it … damn. some actual Gold. i feel like dan was genuinely surprised by phil introducing this bit (as in, it wasn’t pre-planned at all) and i love how candid his reaction to it feels. i think that the lack of preparedness for it is the reason that dan seems unable to even slightly conceal his fondness throughout. it’s just bursting out of him no matter how much he bites down on his smile, and it’s so fucking cute. the way he almost proudly is like ‘if you’re wondering what it’s like to be phil’s friend in any social situation … he comes prepared with icebreakers,’ to underscore how creative and funny phil is. THE LEVEL OF WARMTH AND SOFTNESS IN HIS VOICE and the cute, disgruntled exasperation when he’s like “that’s a phil” in response to “skeen,” it’s so!!!!!!!! ! !! ! ! the really intense way he just stares at phil with a tiny smile when phil is wrapping up the quiz and saying “come for the game leave with some knowledge.” ahhhhhh. dan tried so hard to maintain that sarcastic veneer of like,, ‘phil wtf u and ur weird ideas this is so dumb wtf it’s taking the momentum out of the game wtf i’m going to roll my eyes so hard they fall out w t f’ but like in actuality it is one of the softest things i have ever seen. it really reminds me of one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE dnp videos: the great baby animal quiz. i used to watch this ALL THE TIME when i was sick or sad bc it’s a solid 2 and a half minutes of some of the softest bants they’ve ever had, and dan just blatantly adoring the shit out of phil and his animal facts :( they are so cute and good and nice :(

The reading list is back!!! Welcome to week 8 my friends! Since I took such a long hiatus and there was no way I could possibly catch up with all of the stories I missed, I narrowed it down to just the stories posted within the last 10ish days. There are so many incredible writers on this list, so please make sure to send them a little love!! xx

Also, I have made one small adjustment to this list. From now on, I will only review one fic per person on this list. I think it’ll be easier that way, plus I don’t want it to seem like I have favorites :)

Don’t forget to tag me in your fics, guys!! It makes my life a whole lot easier :-)

Here are the fics I read this week:

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usha [ jin ]

verb : to enjoy looking at the opposite other ; appreciate their beauty by staring.

knock knock. who’s there? two idiots who are in love with each other.

pairing: kim seokjin x reader
genre: fluff
type: hogwarts au
word count: 2,380 words
warnings: none
author’s note: it’s been over two months since i had last written anything, and last night, i was reminded again of how intrinsically rewarding and absolutely wonderful writing is after talking to @jheartseok, so thank you again, ave ♡ this is based on bits of my own dreams and how i see #seokfie aka @syubits and jin in a hogwarts au ily elfie even though i know you love jimin most but you refuse to admit it still

As one of the Hufflepuff prefects, you are making your rounds around the basement floor in the hallway opposite from your house’s entrance. You had passed the barrel fifteen minutes ago, now strolling down the kitchens corridor. It is quiet, which is the usual noise level down here. Hufflepuff students tend to stick to curfew hours more so than other houses, so you rarely find them sneaking out. Any clamor made by the house elves in the kitchens is sealed away behind the massive painting of the fruit bowl. You have not seen The Gray Lady floating by, so you assume she is haunting a place elsewhere tonight.

 A soft melody stuck in your head, you hum quietly and loosely hold your wand in hand, rhythmically tapping the tip of it against the side of your thigh as you continue your stroll. Suddenly, the edge of a heavy metal painting frame makes its way into your peripheral vision, and you quickly scamper away before you can suffer from a possible concussion, or a future visible bump on the forehead at the very least. 

Your eyes are met with the outer corner portion of an ebony cloak first, then the golden lining stitched inside of it, and finally, the rather handsome side profile of the perpetrator is brought into view. Moments later, you can clearly see the man you caught red handed, who is still hastily attempting to shove something beneath his robe—Merlin’s beard, is that a two layer, frosted, decadent chocolate fudge cake with all the works?

“Seokjin, what the heck?”

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Player: Morgan Rielly – Toronto Maple Leafs


Mentions: None.

 Warnings: Angst, Insecurity

 Preview: You were so lost in thought that you had not noticed the front door open and shut. Morgan was suddenly in the doorway. “Hey babe, I’m home.” He said as he put his equipment bag down in the hallway.

 Characters: 549 words

The Masterlist is right here. 

Originally posted by pavszacha

You and Morgan had been dating for a little over six months. You had never been happier but it was moments like this that brought out all your insecurities.

You were sitting on the couch scrolling through Instagram. You saw all the other girlfriends and their posts. You couldn’t help but feel so much younger than you were. You were 19, closer to age to the rookies than your boyfriend. The thought would come to mind often, why did he choose you? You were the same age as the same kids that called him “Dad”

 You were so lost in thought that you had not noticed the front door open and shut. Morgan was suddenly in the doorway. “Hey babe, I’m home.” He said as he put his equipment bag down in the hallway.

 He suddenly rushed to your side, “what’s wrong Hun?” he asked reaching up to wipe your cheeks. You didn’t even notice that you were crying.

 You were quick to wipe your own tears, placing your phone on the coffee table. “It’s nothing” you smiled trying to convince Mo you were fine.

 “It is not nothing. Something is bothering you. Don’t shut me out.” Mo pushed it.

 “It’s stupid.” You shook your head trying to convince Morgan to leave it alone.

 “None of your concerns are stupid, Babe Talk to Me.” He pleaded stroking your hair.

 “Why me Morgan? You’re 23 and I’m 19, the same age as Auston and he calls you Dad! You could have someone older, more mature, … prettier even.” You finally responded, looking down.

 “Y/N, where in the world is this coming from?” he asked

“It’s just, all the other girlfriends like Lucy or Sydney are just absolutely gorgeous, and they are closer to Matt and Jake’s age. You could have that.”

“But I don’t want that! I want you! I love you!” Morgan said sternly.

You looked up at him quickly. Neither you had ever said the L word.

“Wait, what?”

“You heard me Y/N. I love you. You are the one I want. I don’t care what your age is, it’s just a number. I love that you are so supportive, I love the way you laugh when I am not being even remotely funny. I love that you pretend you know how to skate when you are probably the worst I have ever seen. I love the way you crinkle your nose when one of the rookies say something stupid. And someone prettier? You are always absolutely breathtaking. Even if you are just sitting around the house in one of my suit shirts. To be honest, It’s my favorite look, when you are dancing around in the kitchen trying to make something somewhat edible. I don’t want a relationship like Lucy and Jake or Matt and Syd. I want a relationship like ours.” He never took his eyes off of you, and you knew he was sincere.

You wiped the happy tears from your eyes. “I love you too Morgan.”

“Plus you are 19 going on like 35, my little old lady” he chuckled.

 You playfully pushed him, “Hey!”

 He answered you back with a playful shove and suddenly you were being attacked by his tickles.

It's Just a Little Crush

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Singer!Poe Dameron x Actress!Reader

Summary: Despite being a celebrity yourself, you had a celebrity crush on world famous singer, Poe Dameron. Many of your followers on your social media knew this…including tv show host, James Corden. With his help, you end up facing your celebrity crush.

You were a big upcoming actress. Sure, you were known for playing memorable side characters. However, about a year ago, you landed a role that changed your life. In the movie adaption of young adult novel “Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell, you landed the role of both Cather and Wren. It was amazing because 1) You loved the book to death and 2) This was your big break! So now you’re here on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

“So there’s this young adult novel called Fangirl and it’s written by Rainbow Rowell.” A few cheers are heard from the audience, “Yes! So now there’s a film coming out! So let’s give it up for the star of the movie Y/N L/N!!” The audience erupts in cheers and screams as you walk onto the stage. You hug James and sit down, “Hello, Y/N and welcome to the show!”

You smile and bounce in your seat, “Oh my gosh! Hi! I’m so nervous and happy to be here!”

“You’re nervous? Why?!” James asked.

“Well, you’re one of my favorite tv hosts. I absolutely love carpool karaoke.”

James scoffed, “Girl, please! Flattery will get you..everywhere.” You laugh. “So, Y/N did you read the book before even auditioning?”

Your eyes widened in excitement, “Yes! I did, actually and I love it! And, of course, I read it again when I got the role to help me get into character.”

“Because you’re not playing just one person. You’re playing two?”

You nod in confirmation, “Yup! I’m playing the twins Cather and Wren!”

“So, this movie is all about fangirls. Are you part of any fandoms or do you consider yourself a fangirl?”

“Yes, actually! I do! I’m in the Disney fandom, DC fandom, and Harry Potter fandom.” Cheers come from the audience and you cheer with them, “Yeah! Fandoms!” You giggle at the end.

“So do you fangirl over any celebrities?”

“Oh definitely! Yeah! Like Beyonce, Orlando Bloom, Henry Cavill.”

“Yep! Me too! Fanboy and proud!” He sticks his hand up and you high five with both of you giggling, “So, I have to ask: are you a big fangirl of the singer Poe Dameron?”

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vampire yoongi

Originally posted by bwiseoks

  • i wanna take nap because i had an academic team tournament today but  i wanna finish this series!
  • college series will be next
  • wedding series
  • percy jackson au lets gooo
  • okay so here’s vampire yoongi!
  • yoongi was born into a vampire family
  • he grew up a lil baby vampire
  • like imagine chubby baby yoongi with lil fangs waddling around okay get that in your head
  • his parents were relatively known vampires in the vampire community, and yoongi grew up in wealth
  • but he also grew up in isolation because his parents were socialites okay?
  • always keeping up appearances, holding parties at their mansion, constantly in the public eye of the vampire world
  • yoongi never liked the attention and he would much rather sit in the music room and play the grand organ
  • growing up, yoongi was a pretty sickly kid
  • he didn’t agree with his parents, that drinking human blood was okay like he was totally against it actually
  • he would refuse to drink any human blood and so often he would go months without feeding himself
  • which explains his more lethargic and slow type nature, he usually doesn’t have enough energy to do much
  • when his family would go on hunts, he would go out and involve himself in the human world, because he’s always felt more at peace there
  • nobody expects something out of him because he’s the son of important people
  • nobody is trying to force their beliefs and traditions down his throat
  • he doesn’t need to wear capes and dress like he’s from the 1600s like he can just be normal for a few hours
  • one day he’s out in the human world, but he overestimates his strength and while he’s out getting some tea at this cute cafe, he completely passed out
  • when he wakes up, there’s a young boy standing there, holding his arm and… sniffing it?
  • yoongi jerks away and rubs his eyes, then looks at the boy curiously
  • “wow a vampire, i’ve never met one before! no wonder you’re so pale!”
  • yoongi curses and tells the kid to scram, because he knows it’s another monster, he can tell by the smell of his blood
  • “look kid, i don’t know what the f-”
  • “i’m a who, and my name is jeongguk. i’m a werewolf!”
  • yoongi kinda coughs bcuz gross but they actually exchange numbers because poor little jeongguk was worried about him passing out
  • from that moment on jeongguk actually helps yoongi with his blood supply issue
  • like vampires can eat human food but it won’t nourish them right?
  • so jeongguk will go werewolf and yoongi now understands why local farmers have complained about their cows going missing
  • yoongi gets involved with a lot of other mythical creatures, specifically a witch down the corner and an innocent little ghost boy
  • okay but some other things that are super important!
  • yoongi has black hair for sure, he keeps it natural
  • he has long dangly cross earrings in both his first piercings to piss his parents off, and then studs in the other holes
  • he wears holey black skinny jeans all the time
  • he has a large jacket that reaches his knees that’s black too
  • and his shirts are always red, white, gray, or black
  • sometimes he wears turtlenecks just because he can mm hmm bless ugly turtlenecks but cute ones
  • when he goes out, no, the sun will not destroy him and turn him into ashes, but it definitely hurts his skin and it’s like getting extreme sunburn
  • so he carries a cute umbrella around and cute i mean yes cute because seokjin got it for him
  • it’s cream with vintage looking hot air balloons all on it
  • it really offsets the dark gothic look he’s got going on lmao
  • he’s like the mysterious boy of town because he’s been to every shop and knows all the shopkeepers and he always leaves really nice tips for stuff but nobody knows his name or where he comes from
  • he’s loved by everyone in town because he’s such a mystery? like who is he and why is he so flawless??
  • he loves being out at night though because that’s his element?
  • especially when the moon and stars are out he feels like he can really be himself ya know?
  • that’s when you two meet actually surprise
  • boy is having a really hard time dealing with his parents one time because they’re like “yoongi darling, now there is nothing wrong by drinking human blood! embrace the fact that you are a VAMPIRE son!”
  • and he kinda snapped “well maybe i don’t want to be!”
  • like he’s been alive way too long already, it gets depressing watching everyone you care about grow old
  • like before seokjin and tae, he didn’t have friends because he was so scared of losing them
  • jeongguk and seokjin are also immortal so they understand him and it’s okay
  • but he’s so scared of forming relationships to watch them crumble and sometimes he just wishes he was human
  • his parents are so mad though because what well to do, influential vampire would want to give that up? like when he’s older others will literally bow to him in respect and in awe, like why would he give that up?
  • they don’t understand him and they don’t try to understand him and that hurts yoongi more than he likes to let on
  • anyway that day he needed to get away from the house and so he went out for his nightly walk and guess who was also out and about?
  • oh right it’s you!
  • you were coming home from work and you were like oh i can walk but as winter approaches here at least it gets pitch black at like six so you’re like greeeeaaaaaat
  • you’re walking alone and it’s cold and you’re freezing and it’s dark and you swear you can hear noises behind you and you’re so busy panicking you slam into someone
  • surprise it’s yoongi !
  • he curses under his breath but helps you up and you’re like hey waIT
  • “you’re the guy that comes in and tips the waiter more than your actual waiter! i bus tables but they always tell me about you and-”
  • “yoongi. the names yoongi.”
  • you’ve never really seen him because you work back in the kitchen but the staff always talked about how handsome he is, and even though it’s hecka dark outside you can see he’s absolutely stunning?
  • your heart is fluttering and wow you kinda just wanna,,, idk,,, kiss him under the stars,,,
  • “you want me to walk you home?”
  • you don’t hear him at first and you kinda blink but then you realize what he’s asking
  • and you know that stranger danger but if all the wait staff loves him then he’s probably a good person or something and it’s better than being alone…
  • and so you accept his offer and you two begin to walk towards your house
  • you tell him your name obviously
  • and a little bit about yourself like school and work and stuff like that
  • he tells you that he lives a little ways away from downtown with his mother and father
  • and that they’re rich and he’s not the biggest fan of them so he hangs around town
  • he also tells you that the restaurant you work at is his personal favorite
  • and you don’t know why but that gets you all blushy and happy
  • there’s something about yoongi like he’s so composed and so calm and so reserved but at the same time he gives you enough information to leave you wanting more
  • and he sends a shiver down your spine whenever he looks at you, and you don’t know what it is but you’re slightly terrified but it’s exhilarating at the same time
  • your walk isn’t very chatty but is not silence either and it’s really calming actually just to have someone who listens
  • and when you reach your door you thank him and smile and go to leave but then he coughs
  • “um maybe if you have off anytime soon i could show you the cool hobby shop down the street?”
  • and obv you say yes like how could you not and you tell him that you get off work at five tomorrow and he says he’ll meet you after work!
  • okay next day you go to work and you’re doing your thing, cleaning some dishes, living the dream
  • it’s getting closer to the end of your shift and you find your heart racing because wow yoongi? is basically taking you on a date?
  • you’re so busy being excited and nervous that you don’t realize that…
  • yoongi is standing outside the kitchen, hands stuffed in that big jacket of his, eyes narrowed and small smile on his lips
  • the waiters let him back to the waiter station to wait for you when he explained the dilemma because they think it’s actually absolutely adorable??
  • one of the other bussers nudges you and you look up and wipe a strand of hair from your eyes and low key get soap all over you in the process
  • and yoongi is like !! what the heck that’s adorable what is this feeling in my chest !!
  • you rush out and take your little apron on and grab your things and you’re embarrassed because you didn’t think he would pick you up at work!! you haven’t even changed out of your uniform!!
  • but yoongi says he doesn’t mind, like if you’re cold, he says he’ll give you his jacket and you’re blushing so hard and all the waiters are teasing you when yoongi isn’t looking
  • because they know
  • they know y'all are gonna fall in love they called it
  • okay anyway y'all head off to the hobby shop!
  • it’s like does anyone know what FYE is? it’s like that but twenty million times less cringey
  • it has lots of old vinyls and cassettes and guitars and other musical instruments
  • but also art supplies and old cameras and craft stuff too it’s really chill
  • the employees are really nice and they all love yoongi so when he comes in they’re all like!! hey man!!
  • they give you a look and they’re like oH hello there ;))
  • and yoongi is like lmao it’s not like that but he’s blushing so hard and he will not make eye contact with you
  • because how funny is it that yoongi, the one who’s always tried to hard to push people away, already finds himself smitten with the one he’s only known but a few hours
  • like he doesn’t know what to feel about you but you make him feel alive and he craves that
  • “here lemme show you some of my favorite musicians yah?”
  • okay but hear me out, yoongi, being absolutely in love with foster the people
  • like that’s all he listens to like imagine him laying in his vampire bed with earbuds in and the music makes him so happy he just starts to float?
  • especially listening to waste oh man
  • anyway he takes you over to the music and you’re lollygagging and looking at other things that he grabs your wrist and gently pulls you along
  • “what kind of music do you like?” he asks softly, because he’s so scared like
  • he knows that deep down he’s a monster so he tries so hard to be gentle and sweet and soft with you because he’s scared that one day he’ll really give into his monster side
  • but as you get to know yoongi, you realize that he’s not always quiet and reserved
  • like when he’s angry, he’ll get red in the face and clench his fists and start to curse until he’s yelling and the only thing that can calm him down are you whispers against his skin
  • and he tries to hold things in, oh he really does but when he’s upset you know what helps him the most is crying and sometimes when his family becomes too much he’ll sit there in your arms and cry
  • but he never talks about it
  • he says the one rule he’ll ever have with you is don’t ask about his family
  • and so you don’t
  • but you can’t help but wonder about why things are so complicated between them
  • okay but like!!
  • yoongi knew he loved you from like the moment he saw you
  • you took your time to fall in love
  • but at this point it’s so obvious that you two are so in love like there is no avoiding it
  • like y’all basically act like a couple like when you’re hanging out during the day he keeps you under the umbrella with you and holds your hand
  • “cold hands mean a warm heart” you always tease and he gets red and pouts
  • you don’t realize it’s because he’s a vampire yikes
  • now that yoongi is like in love with you he’s even more outspoken against his parents
  • which means they’re more upset with him and at this point yoongi basically lives at your house
  • which is when he runs into problems
  • yoongi is getting ready for the morning, like he’s in the bathroom, brushing his teeth, laughing because the only thing he can see in the mirror is the toothbrush
  • last time he checked you were still sleeping so he has time to goof off
  • but guess what!
  • groggy little you felt the immediate warmth leave your side and yoongi is never up this early so like, you kinda stumble into the bathroom to find out where he went
  • you get in there
  • then stare the mirror
  • your eyes widen
  • “yoongi…?”
  • he gulps and spins to face you because it was bound to happen sooner or later
  • “surprise?”
  • you blink and shake your head and sprint out
  • yoongi calls after you and he starts to chase after you but you’re out the door already and he can’t figure out which way you went
  • he searches everywhere for you though
  • he runs to the restaurant; you’re not there
  • he checks the hobby shop next; you’re no place to be found
  • this is what he was afraid of
  • losing someone when he had grown so close, hell when he had fallen in love, because of the monster he truly was
  • night falls, and he heads back to his actual home, somewhere he hasn’t been in months
  • he slips inside and tries to head up to his room
  • but noooo
  • his parents are there
  • his mother goes to hug him but immediately draws away, eyes narrowing “you smell like a human yoongi, what is this?”
  • yoongi shrugs because at this point he’s so done
  • he doesn’t have the strength
  • being with you, he tried so hard to hide his true self that he wouldn’t go anywhere near blood, even if it was animal
  • and he was searching for you the entire day that he completely exhausted himself and he’s worn out
  • “yah, yah… i’m in love with a human who i completely lost because of this MONSTER i am!”
  • switch over to you
  • you’ve come back him to find yoongi is not there
  • you don’t expect him to be
  • you shouldn’t have run off like that but you were scared, how were you supposed to react?!
  • but your bed feels empty and you’re already missing him more than you could ever imagine
  • you don’t know what to do because you’ll probably never see yoongi again and you never let him know how important he is to you and so you lay there and sob into your pillow because life is unfair and you can’t take all of this at once
  • you’re worried too because yoongi is reckless when he’s upset and he makes dumb decisions and the way his smile faded when you screamed you could like see his heart shatter
  • and so you sob and sob and hit the mattress and slam your pillow against the wall because there’s nothing you can do
  • but then the phone rings
  • you blink because who’s calling you? yoongi doesn’t have a phone??
  • you grab it and blow your nose before answering
  • “yah hello?”
  • it’s seokjin “have you seen yoongi? i’m worried because he usually would come see or jeongguk? and he’s nowhere to be found and god i’m scared.”
  • you tell him about what happened and seokjin comes clean and tells you he’s a witch and jeongguk is a werewolf and you feel like maybe you could pass out because you’re so stressed but yoongi is most important
  • “you don’t think he went home did he?”
  • and everything freezes because of course he went home where else would he go? when he felt like he couldn’t trust anyone
  • after all those late night talks about how he trusted you with his life you had ruined him
  • you tell seokjin you’ll be hurrying over to help search for him
  • you hang up and start to get dressed
  • but there’s a knock on your door
  • you hurry over and open it
  • and yoongi completely collapses into your arms
  • blood is dripping from his mouth and you think maybe he’s passed out
  • and now things make sense because he seemed more lethargic as time went on and you realize he must have been starving himself for the sake of keeping his secret
  • you hurry and drag him to the couch
  • he’s coughing and stammering
  • you wipe the blood from his mouth and brush the hair from his eyes
  • “yoongi what happened to you?!” you sob because you can’t do anything else
  • he smiles and reaches up to thumb the tears from your eyes “i um… told my parents i love you… they kicked me out, and uh…”
  • his eyelids flutter and you start to cry harder because he’s so malnourished and you don’t know what to do but you’re not going to lose him
  • but then it hits you
  • “yoongi… yoongi are you listening to me?” you shake his shoulders gently
  • he nods but murmurs something under his breath and you know he’s slipping fast and so you spit it out
  • “yoongi bite me”
  • his eyes open immediately and he pushes himself up best he can with a pained groan escaping his lips
  • “i, im not doing that.”
  • “you’re going to DIE yoongi! you need to do it!”
  • “you'll… you’ll turn… and it’ll hurt you…”
  • you shake your head and smile softly “yoongi… please… i won’t live if you don’t. i can’t. you have to… you can’t get anything else fast enough… yoongi please!”
  • he buries his face in the crook of your neck
  • and then he bites you
  • you wake up the next morning, snuggled in your covers
  • your head is throbbing and there’s a sharp pain in your neck but other than that you feel okay
  • you roll over and yoongi is facing you already, worried frown on his lips
  • “you blacked out” he says and he strokes the hair from your eyes “shit you have nice blood though. oh that was weird, i’m sorry…”
  • he laughs and leans in and he kisses you softly
  • he pulls away and ruffles your hair “so i guess today we’re gonna go shopping for your umbrella?”
  • “i think i’d rather share with you…” you mumble and then lean in to kiss him again

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Ray spending lots of time with Team Flash and cue jealous!TeamLegends (like Cisco/Ray is my favorite interteam thing ever)

honestly the thing is that ray is a very useful and smart person and if cisco wanted an extra set of eyes on what he’s making, ray is his best person to contact, and i’m kind of like, why don’t they interact more but i’m also like U KNOW WHY

so like ray would absolutely take a day to go help cisco, and this is one of those things where like, you’d think sara is the one who would be like um hello ray is on OUR TEAM we can’t just SWAP like that, especially because we’re the BEST TEAM! but it’s actually nate, who is drowning in jealousy, and is like, excuse me1!!! and at first everyone is like, nate you soft jealous meatball, but i think nate is actually secretly clever enough to turn this into a competition and everyone on this fucking disaster spaceship is a competitive nightmare

and like just them crashing the fucking ship into star labs like OH SO YOU GUYS THINK YOU CAN GET RAY TO BUILD YOU ALL ATOM SUITS SO YOU’LL BE A BETTER TEAM THAN US??? IS THAT IT????

and cisco is like, i literally just needed his help checking the wiring in the building holy shit


anyway this quickly dissolves into a series of competitions, and the winning team gets to Keep Ray, and barry is like wait but ray was never even- he’s not a member of our team
sara: oh wow sounds like someone’s a CHICKEN
barry: say that to my GODDAMN FACE

they do red rover but it’s just everyone getting clotheslined fucking repeatedly

they do the challenge thats just PAIN and team flash is like WE’RE NOT DOING THAT meanwhile sara has already got the dart in her hand staring everyone dead in the fucking eye and they’re still like WE’RE NOT DOING THAT

they attempt to do a three-legged race and len just shoots out barry’s kneecap bc it’ll heal in a few hours and all of team legends is like HE’S FINE HE’S SUCH A BABY and barry is rolling around on the ground like OH MY GOD THIS HURTS WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT and also, jax and amaya still do the three-legged race part while barry rolls around on the field and everyone yells at each other
jax: this is getting stupid you want to three legged walk to starbucks
amaya: idk what that is but sure

PAIN: part 2 which is just mick doing stuff to his arms like huh. those nerve endings really are fuckin fried while team flash is like STOP. STOOOOP.

i think at the end of all of this they just grab ray by the arm and drag him back onto the ship and team flash is like, THIS WASN’T EVEN A COMPETITION THIS WAS JUST YOU TERRORIZING US

sara: haha and don’t you fucking forget it nerds, LATES

cisco, who i assume has just been like watching this happen the whole day is like and you know, the wiring still isn’t fucking fixed

Favorite moments of Zouis ?

I got an ask, and decided to TRY and answer it. :P

You know, this is a difficult question for two reasons. First of all there are soooo many great moments with Zouis, so it’s hard to just pick a few. And secondly, one of the things I love about Zayn and Louis is how low-key and natural their relationship always seemed to be. It just was and they never seemed to “act it up“ in front of the cameras. I could probably include 100 moments and still feel like I left out some really great ones. Still, I’ll try to sort out a few of my absolute favorites.

1. YOU

This has to be in the top, and I don’t think many Zouies would disagree… It’s so genuine, and Louis is so shy but happy about it. Zayn could have said ANYTHING! It wasn’t even supposed to be a person, but he picked Louis, and he even waited for everyone to quiet down before he have his answer so that he could say it properly eye to eye.

2. I love you!

I mean, this one too is quite obvious. They say they love each other, and the whole video is just full of Zouis love and teasing. In general young Zouis were so damn attached and cute!

3. Speaking of “I love you”, this video has always been a favorite for me.

Zouis showing love gives me life. It’s kind of a joke, but I get the feeling that is simply how they decided to say it to “hide it“. (No matter what reason they might have to keep it secret, maybe it was just for fun.) Seriously, this video, they don’t include the other members either. Maybe it was just the two of them in the cab?

So, I guess this video is at least a little less common. But I just like the joking nature, but how it kinda feels like a secret code between them. A lot of Zayn and Louis’ interactions are like that…

4. Partners in Crime

This I love just in general. How they have their ZAP club and always need to whisper secrets together and how they always team up. But the prank will always have a special place in my heart. Especially thanks to that hug in the end.

5. How they can’t stop touching each other!

That kiss on Louis’ hand is definitely a favorite! But there are so many nice moments to choose from, so I’ll just give you a whole bunch at once, even though I guess it’s kinda cheating. (But you never gave me any limit so…) These particular moments I just adore for various reasons:

6. Always there for each other.

I am also very weak for them helping each other… Because they do that a lot! And it’s just shows how they depend on each other and are just naturally like a married couple. Again, it’s just natural!

I think a lot of Zouis charm are in the small moments. <3

7. Whispering and secrets

That little gulp Zayn does, and how they barely have to use words to understand!!! And the eyes of course! I mean, just look at it. Also this is so typical for Zouis, to be in their own world together:

8. This moment! It almost looks sensual… ^^’‘

I mean, this interview, and this moment. I just can’t get over it! I don’t think I have to explain why?

9. A Zayn-smie and a Louis-smile

They just light up when they are together! I could watch these GIFs on repeat forever.

10. Candid

Not sure if it’s a moment, (it’s at least two) but I just love their candids… I’ll never get over these two moments in particular. Heathrow airport.

And of course I can’t forget about:

So there we go! I definitely forgot some moments, but again, there are so many that I love. I also cheated already with giving you maybe more of “things“ than “moments“. Still, I hope you all enjoyed reading this, and that you forgive me for including a few quite random moments while leaving out other quite big ones.

Also, Zouis-hour of 1D-day is just great all the way through! ;)

Keep loving Zouis everyone. <3

Kismet [03]

Note: This is an AU based on Sari’s ( @rainbowatnight ) head canons for modern Saizo with no real drama or an engaging plot. I was just writing whatever comes into my head which is a bit of a mess and this Saizo might be a bit OOC cause I did not include his tendency to push people away. Leave your thoughts, tell me if it’s okay to tag you next time~!

Episode List

Kismet : Episode Three

“Oh my gosh Saizo!”

That high-pitched screech followed by the light shuffling of footsteps approaching close - he knew it too well and inadvertently, found comfort in hearing those sounds as it only meant one thing.

She’s arrived. The little lady has come to visit and distract him again, which gives him a good-enough excuse to put on hold his work.

You wouldn’t believe what I just found out!” A few seconds later, Akiko showed up in his office at the back of the bar - her face beet red as she gasp for air, her hair windblown and unfashionably sticking to places.

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Um... Would it be possible for a holiday request to do with exchanging gifts with V or Unknown? //

Why not both? :^))


  • He put a lot of thought into his gift for you, so he’s positive that you’ll like it
  • Upon unwrapping his gift, you gasped and teared up
  • It was a framed photograph of the sun
  • ‘You are my sun’ was written on the back
  • On the first Christmas you shared with him, he gave you a photo album
  • So you took the idea of giving him one that you made
  • Unlike his album that was filled with professional looking photos, your simply contained all the random candids of him and selfies
  • V sleeping, V eating a bagel, V watching the sunset, the selfie you took with him at the town’s fountain…
  • He absolutely cherishes it
  • “Merry Christmas, Jihyun.”
  • “Merry Christmas, my sun.”


  • Saeran was really worried about his gift to you
  • He really wanted a memorable gift for your first shared Christmas with him; one to thank you and show his love
  • Thank god your eyes lit up upon opening his gift
  • A beautiful, silver circle locket sat inside the box, and your favorite picture of the two of you sat inside
  • You immediately bounced on him with a hug, “I love it, Saeran, thank you!”
  • When it was time for his gift, we swore he saw the box move
  • ‘I wonder what she got me–oh my god it’s a kitten’
  • If he thought your eyes lit up when you opened your gift, his eyes could light up the whole world
  • He’s like a child, protect him
  • “Thank you. I promise to not let Saeyoung touch our baby.”

And, I just realized I had never uploaded this one here. How come?! This one is mandatory to be on my blog.

Years ago, my first reaction upon reaching Oni Island’s top and seeing Ninetails was… wow. I was really amazed. His design caught my eye, and his villainy was the sharp one expected from a fox. The battle theme is absolutely powerful and he instantly became my favorite, so I swore to myself I’d draw him someday.

Until now, this is the drawing of mine I like the most, maybe because of the story (?) behind it, haha.

Rainy Days: Josh Dun imagine part 3

A/N: Huge thank you to @sebastianstan-crazed for such nice feedback! If anyone else wants to be tagged for each part, feel free to message me or drop by my ask box. Love you all! Xoxo Thanks so much for such quick feedback and love! You’re so amazing and I’ve missed you all so much :)

Part one: http://thepatricktreestump.tumblr.com/post/152921350232/rainy-days-josh-dun-imagine-part-1
Part two: http://thepatricktreestump.tumblr.com/post/152976236092/rainy-days-josh-dun-imagine-part-2

After many, many, many rounds of playing Super Smash Brothers, Josh finally decided to drive you home. He had been staying at a hotel and hooked up the game system to the television, inviting you over and feeding you Oreos and Red Bull. The rain finally did let up, and he drove you home, both of you listening to your favorite bands. Although anyone might’ve thought spending time with a twenty some year old man would be awkward or creepy, it was actually the best experience of your entire life. He had your contact number in your phone, and he had texted you last night, asking if you were okay and saying sorry that he didn’t take you home right away, along with a really sweet goodnight text. And as much as you’d like all those past fantasies of your favorite band member falling for you and going on adorable coffee shop dates and cuddling late at night while watching TV shows, your mind kept arguing that this was still all too good to be true. Even if it was actually real, which you started to think maybe it was, Josh would never like you. Right? However, all the adorable texts and flashbacks about earlier today proved otherwise.

The next day at school felt like a million years long. You decided not to tell anyone about your experience with Josh yesterday, not even your parents, who you had lied to and said you stayed at school for a study club. You couldn’t even find the courage to tell Sarah about it. She would get jealous or not even care, or think you were insane or just making it up. And if you told anyone else, well, they probably wouldn’t even know who the hell Josh Dun was.  Plus, your doubt was constantly trying to convince you this wasn’t actually happening, so you pushed it all aside and tried to focus on whatever was happening in algebra today. That’s when you felt a buzz in your pocket. You sneakily took your phone out and glanced at the text. It was Josh.

J: Hey y/n. You out of school yet?
Y: Lmao no. I wish.
J: Dang. What are you doing?
Y: Being bored to death in algebra.
J: Oh fun.
Y: I hate this class.
J: How come?
Y: Aside from it being miserably boring, I suck at it, and I’m failing too.
J: I’m sorry. You should probably pay attention though if you’re failing and stop texting me.
Y: Whatever. I just want to leave class.
J: Really?
Y: Really.
J: Well just hang in there my fren. Go pay attention. Stop texting me.
Y: Lol okay.

You rolled your eyes and stifled a laugh, putting your phone back in your pocket. You could pay attention just once, right? For Josh. You looked up and tried to follow the lesson, but ten minutes in, your eyes quickly grew tired looking at the equations scrawled on the chalkboard, and you were just about to doze off to sleep when there was a loud ringing in your ears. You bolted up, looking around, only to find that the fire alarm had gone off. This was perfect!

Your entire class started filing out the door, you following them, the disgruntled teacher putting down the piece of chalk and ushering students out. You felt another buzz in your pocket, and you started to suspect that maybe this was Josh’s doing. When you got outside into the school parking lot, you sneaked a peek at your phone, eyes widening at the realization.

J: Did that work for you?
Y: Holy shit. Did you pull the fire alarm?
J: Maybe…?
Y: Joshua William Dun!
J: Shut up, silly. Meet me by door #8.
Y: You’re here?!?!
J: Of course I am. How else would I pull the fire alarm?
Y: Oh right.
J: Just meet me by the door. There’s only half an hour of school left. Nobody’s going to notice you’re gone. Don’t worry.
Y: Haha okay.

This was absolutely crazy. On top of just being able to spend time with Josh yesterday, now he was helping you escape from your algebra class? You couldn’t help but laugh as you snuck past the crowd and made your way around to door number eight, where you spotted Josh instantly. It wasn’t hard to find him, especially with his snapback hat, bright red hair, sparkling brown eyes, X Files tank top, and ripped jeans. He held up his car keys and flashed you a smile. “You’re crazy!” you cried, walking up to him. He giggled, reaching out and hugging you, which took you by surprise. As he released the embrace, you blinked twice, trying to process what just happened when he laughed again.

“Was that too crazy?” he raised an eyebrow.

“What? No, no! That was perfect,” you chuckled. “That was amazing.”

“Come on, let’s go before I get us both in trouble,” he decided.

“Where are we going?” you inquired, following him past the crowd of students and to where he had parked his car in the parking lot. If a teacher caught you, you’d be dead. You quickly scanned the area, noticing that you were clear, and then slid into the shotgun seat.

“I was thinking we switch it up today, Chipotle maybe?” Josh asked, turning the keys in the ignition and rolling out into the street. This was actually insane. And you loved it.

“That’s awesome,” your eyes lit up. “Better than Taco Bell.”

“Don’t let Tyler hear you say that,” he joked. You picked up the aux chord and plugged in your phone, scrolling through your music until you found a good playlist, and then hit shuffle. Josh smiled at your choice, one of your favorite songs playing, and you both couldn’t help but start to sing along.

“You know this one?” you wondered.

“Of course I do,” Josh rolled his eyes. “It’s one of my favorite songs.”

“No way,” your eyes grew big. “It was my favorite song first.”

“Fine,” he sighed, trying to hide a smile. “It can be your favorite. Nothing selfish about that, right?”

“Shut up,” you teased.

“Hey! I’m buying you food,” he reminded with a giggle, starting to park the car.

“You know you’re absolutely crazy,” you narrowed your eyes. “You just helped me escape school so I can go eat burritos with you.”

“So what?” Josh shrugged. “That’s what best friends do.”

“I guess,” you laughed. You’ve only known him since yesterday and now you’ve already become best friends. As Josh opened the door and ushered you into Chipotle, you didn’t even try to hide your smile. Right now, Josh was making you the happiest person in the world. First picking you up in the rain, then Taco Bell and video games, and now helping you escape from school to go eat Chipotle. You loved every bit of it. And you couldn’t wait to see what other crazy stuff he had in store.


“You’re gonna break, you know that?”

Be still my heart. I was about to sleep yesterday when this AU popped into my head OTL

I love NO.6 with all of my heart and it’s one of my absolute favorite series ever, and I think I’ve like… dwelled a bit deep sometimes lol
It’s not the first NO.6 AU I’ve come up with for Haikyuu!! (first being TsukkiYama over a year ago, but I’ve never posted the pictures, I will one day)… but KyouHaba…..

I choose to use violet eyes instead of red (since they used red-violet-ish in the novel) and I believe it suits Yahaba a bit more. The fact that Yahaba actually has canon grey/silver hair only makes me go more *doki doki* lol

Also, his mark is in the form of arrows instead of the snake Shion got (because Yahaba = Broad Arrow) :’)

I will probably be back with me haha

Special Instructions

For the anon who asked if I could write them some fluffy Destiel that somehow incorporated The Great Gatsby. [read on AO3]

The first time Cas sees Dean Winchester’s name it’s on the receipt for an online order. One double steak burrito with extra cheese, pinto beans and just a drizzle of hot salsa. He works almost on autopilot, scooping out the correct portion sizes and trying to keep his eyes away from the line, which nearly wraps around the drink station. It’s always stressful to work on online orders when the customers in the store are getting impatient. Cas rolls the burrito deftly and he’s about to deposit it into a bag when he notices the special instruction section of the receipt.


Cas does a double take at the words. Usually people abuse that section of the order form to ask for extra guacamole or meat because the system won’t charge them automatically. Occasionally he sees someone request light cheese or beans as a side so their burrito doesn’t get soggy, but he’s never, in his four months working here, seen someone ask for this.

He glances up again and sure enough, the line is still growing. He sees girls shifting uncomfortably in their high heels, dressed to the nines in short sequined dresses. He can actually smell the alcohol wafting off most of the people in the store and, for the millionth time, he regrets agreeing to work the Friday closing shift. He doesn’t know why he reaches for the marker, he’s way too busy to be dealing with this shit, they’re completely understaffed and the unwashed masses are murmuring unhappily but Cas sets to work anyway.

He pauses, the tip of his Sharpie just barely hovering over the foil wrapping as he contemplates what to draw. It’s a split second decision to go with the bumblebee, but he doesn’t regret it until he starts sketching it out. The curvature of the burrito makes the drawing difficult and when he’s finished he’s only pretty sure it looks like a bee, so he draws an arrow to it and helpfully writes ‘bee’, just in case there is confusion. As an afterthought he adds a little speech bubble coming from the bee that says ‘Enjoy your food!’.

Castiel glances at the name on the receipt again and finds himself wondering if Dean Winchester likes bees.

The first time Cas hears Dean’s voice, it’s just laughter. He isn’t even on the assembly line at the time but his friend Balthazar is working the cash register and calls him up from the back.

“It seems this is for you,” Balthazar hands him an online receipt with a smirk and Castiel furrows his brows in concern. They’ve got another order from Dean Winchester. It’s the same ingredients, but this time he’s ordered a burrito bowl. Cas’s eyes immediately flick to the instructions.


Cas doesn’t know why he’s fighting a smile, he knows nothing about this person. Well alright, he knows they appreciate his, ahem, artwork…if it can even be called that. And of course, he knows that Dean has nothing better to do with his Friday and Saturday nights than order almost the same food online. Then again, Cas has nothing better to do than be at work, and he’s pretty sure there’s something there about people in glass houses and stones…

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@crossroadscastiel did a tag where you cite 5 of the last lines of your fics, either your favorites or most recent. and i wanted to do it, too!

1. “Do it again, mon cher.“ (Birthday Plans)

2. “Going up?” Will asks, peering over the top of his sunglasses, eyes full of mischief. (A Little Bird Told Me)  (this is my absolute favorite)

3. “Darling,” Will purrs, kissing him slowly and then pulling away far too soon. “You and I both know that I wasn’t the one begging last night.” (Kintsugi)

4. “Oh, Will,” he sighed again. “You’re the only one who’s ever been able to inflict pain on me.” (tied up at the moment, come back never)

5. “My beautiful Persephone,” he sighs as he pulls at Will’s hair to hear that sound again. “You gave up serving in Heaven to rule by my side in Hell.” (Danse Macabre)

i tag anyone who wants to do this challenge!

cupilblog  asked:

That 3 sentence fic meme seems interesting. Pairing: Starco SaintOlga au if it's not too much trouble?

“Marco we’re almost there you can’t give up.”
“Star I can’t… Even if I did manage to make it they would pull me back” he said as he let a few tears fall from his eyes.
He waved goodbye to Star as she ran out the door, both of them not realizing that they would be together soon; back as Lady and Sol.

Oh wow that was really fun but it’s super hard writing in only 3 sentences! Thank you so much for the request!

Earned It

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words: ~1,598
Warnings: Almost smut/mentions of smut but pretty much fluff (If you’re upset about skipping the smut I’m thinking about a very smutty series after I do all of of these challenges.(:  )
Summary: From Sam’s POV. Sam meets Reader in a library and quickly falls in love with her.
A/N: For @mamaredd123 100 Followers Challenge! My song was Earned It by The Weeknd and quote was “For me, having you here, it fills the biggest blank.” I hope you like it!(:
Also: This hasn’t been edited yet so I’m sorry for any mistakes(:
Tags: @fangirl1802 @jared-padaloveme @disneychic8 @impalaimagining @ellen-reincarnated1967 @fernandasvaldi @tmccarney @atc74 @supernatural-jackles @jensen-jarpad

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

I was sitting in a library, off to the corner in the back where I wouldn’t be bothered. I had been rereading an old novel from high school when I saw someone out of the corner of my eye.

She had beautiful hair that fell perfectly around her face. She was wearing skin-tight jeans, a tight-fitting tee, and converse. I wasn’t sure why I was so drawn to her, it almost seemed like magic. She was the only one that had ever caught my attention while doing absolutely nothing. I had to go talk to her.

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What's Life Without a Few Dragons

So, I didn’t want to write a part two to Vodka Cannot Kill a Dragon but I did because I’m out of control. Someone needs to stop me. Seriously.

I blame people from Twitter again because I’m an adult and that means I can run away from my responsibilities if I want to.

Also available on Ao3.

“It’s your bachelor party and I’m your best man,” Jace had said. “You owe me to get drunk.”

Alec is pretty sure he’s heard those words before, or something close enough.

He also knows that two things came out of it. One, he got engaged to Magnus, which is a good thing. Two, he experienced the most embarrassing week, maybe month, of his life after that, which was a very, very bad thing. Simon, the living (or dead – or undead, damn this vampire business can be so confusing) proof that vampires cannot be trusted, had recorded him blathering about Magnus’ skills with his mouth (among other things) and forwarded it to all of their friends. For a while after Jace and Clary’s wedding, he had had to deal with knowing smirks and snickers behind his back every time he walked through the Institute. He is not going to make the same mistake again.

Except he already has because before he can register what happened, he’s hammered again.

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