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Celebrity Crushes ~Bill Skarsgard Imagine~

Summary: You’re a world famous celebrity who goes to the premiere of the horror movie, IT. When you go, you find out that the famous actor who plays the clown has a crush on you. 

Author’s Note: Bill Skarsgard is beautiful and needs more imagines. So writers, where are you at? I mean, have you seen his beautiful face? His eyes makes me want to melt. 

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You were at the premiere of the new movie IT. You were invited to join the red carpet which you gladly accepted. You had read the book and was excited to see the new remake. You dressed in a nice, light purple dress ready to go to the premiere.

“Y/N, are you ready?” Your manager asked. 

“Yes,” You said, getting up and walking over. You went to the car which was waiting for you outside. You climbed in before your manager. You sat down and put in your headphones.

Once you made it to the premiere, you took off your headphones and stuffed them into your bag. You walk out and you smiled as some fans started to scream for you. 

You posed for some pictures before an interviewer asked to do a quick interview. You walked over to talk to them.

“Hi,” You smiled. 

“Hello. I’m here with the world famous actress, Y/N L/N. Y/N, how are you?” They asked you.

“I’m doing well. How are you?” You asked.

“I’m doing well. How excited are you for this film?” They asked you.

“I’m very excited. I loved the book so I’m excited to see the movie tonight,” You tell them.

“Well, in a couple interviews, others asked Bill Skarsgard, the actor who plays Pennywise, who his favorite actress is and he answered on all of them, the same person. You,” They said. 

“Really?” You asked, blushing a little. You watched his show, Hemlock Grove, on Netflix and found him very attractive. 

“Yes. Do you have anything to say about that?”

“I find him very attractive. I saw him on his show, Hemlock Grove, and thought that he’s a very talented actor,” You told them.

“Do you plan on meeting him tonight?” 

“Hopefully. Fingers crossed,” You tell them. 

“Well, we hope you have a great time,” They said. 

“Thank you. I hope you have a good time as well.”

You walked inside where you were talking to your manager about some next projects. 

“Are you sure you want to take a break from acting?” Your manager asked. 

“I’m sure,” You tell her. You needed a break. You wanted to finish your schooling and you wanted to lay low for a while. 

“Why quit acting? I’m gonna miss seeing you on screen,” You heard. You turned around to see Bill Skarsgard behind you.

“Hi,” You smiled.


“You were really great in Hemlock Grove. I’m kinda upset that it ended,” you tell him.

“Yeah. It was fun to film.”

“I’m excited to see your movie,” You tell him.



“I’m a big fan by the way,” Bill said. 

“Really? I actually was told that you had a celebrity crush on me,” You say.

“Yeah,” He said blushing. 

“Well, I actually have a small crush on you as well,” You admitted. 

“Do you want to go on a date sometime?” Bill asked.

“I’d love that,” you tell him. 

“Great,” Bill smiled. 

You smile at him before your manager brings you into the room to sit down for the movie. 

His name was Simon.

MSP: I used to live in this village in southern England with my family - all “pureblood and proud” not a single drop of muggle blood in our veins - complete and utter rubbish, all of it, of course, caused mostly by their pure inability to face the fact that my grandmother had a child from a muggle man. I swear, you could run around shouting Voldemort’s name but as soon as you mentioned the poor man? *laughs* Locked in your room for the rest of the day.

MSP: One summer a muggle family moved into an old house near my family’s mansion - you can imagine my parent’s reaction. I was not to come anywhere near the muggle boy-

MSP: Surely, it was all a big secret. We would meet in the forest behind the mansion, and he would beg me to show some of my “magic tricks” - I could do a bit of wandless magic, harmless stuff, nothing a ministry charm could trace. In return he would show me his muggle things - which, frankly, were as much of a nuisance to me as my magic was to him. 

MSP: We became…close.

MSP: Perhaps, a bit too close.

MSP: It was all fun and games and we felt invincible.

MSP: Until one day we were too careless and..the other boys, our neighbors they-

MSP: …about everything.

MSP: To say that my Father was livid when the news of his “dirty little traitor of a son” reached him would be a bit of an understatement. I begged him to leave my friend alone, I swore I would never see him again, but my Father he…wouldn’t hear any of it. He told me that wouldn’t be needed.

That he would take care of it.

I learned enough to know exactly what he was going to do when he stormed out of the house.

And I…

MSP: Everything happened so fast. I saw it all go wrong.

MSP: My Father’s anger made his spell unsteady and it clashed…with something inside my friend’s mind. It fought back. I’ve learned later how a conscious desire to remember someone strong enough could repel memory charms but back then all I could do was stand and watch as panic in his eyes melted into confusion. And then…blank nothingness.

MSP: My Father dragged me out of the house and I was sent back to Hogwarts immediately for the rest of that summer. I had no contact with anyone for the entire school year and when I got back home - the muggle family was gone.

MSP: I spent two months trying to find him until eventually I got a trace of his mother. She moved into another town and lived all by herself. She told me everything…how she started slowly losing her son. He could remember bits, she said, sometimes he would become manic about this particular idea that there was more to this world than we could see and that someone was going to take it from him. Then he became paranoid. Stopped eating. He…wanted to see me, she said. He sometimes described me even though he couldn’t remember my name.

MSP: She gave me an address and I went to see him. It was a muggle center for mental health, a cold place with white walls. But he was there. Thin as a stick, little of the life left in him - all in his feverishly burning eyes.

MSP: He asked me if I could show him a magic trick…

MSP: His name was Simon.

chemistry, part 1

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pairings: teacher!dylan o'brien x student!reader.

warnings: just some cursing.

a/n: I am really really excited about this new series, so I hope y'all like chemistry teacher O'Brien just as much as I do.

word count: 2k+

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Coincidences (Steve Rogers x Short!Reader)

Hello, readers, this is my first one-shot so please go easy on me. I’m actually contemplating if to make this a multi-part but we’ll see how this goes>.< And Enjoy!

Pairing: Steve x Short!Reader

Summary: Pre-CACW. You start off the day with people teasing you about the one thing you can’t control, your height. Then just when you thought your day couldn’t get worse it gets…better? You start seeing the same cute guy everywhere you go and you start to wonder if it is just a coincidence or fate.

Word Count:1,768

Warnings: A handful of swears.

(Y/N) – Your name

(L/N) – Last name

(s/c) – Skin colour

(B/F/N) – Best friend name

(F/R) – Favourite restaurant

(f/f) - Favourite food

“Hey, watch where you’re going!”

“Sorry I didn’t see you there…and still, don’t,” the stranger smirks at his own retort before going on his merry way. Probably to a business meeting with CEO’s and shite based on the way his snazzy Kenneth Cole suit made him reek sophistication, it’s always these types that feel to need to be pompous jerks to everyone else. I mean, I know that my 5’2 frame isn’t helping to lessen the insults but still, you shouldn’t be so mean to someone you don’t even know. But then again, when you’re out here on these crowded streets of New York during lunch hour, who’s being nice? I’m lost in my thoughts when,

“Oomph!” my face meets stone and I violently get pushed, my bum becoming best friends with the floor. Oh wait, that’s not stone, it’s someone’s chest which is covered by a navy blue V-neck…someone’s rock-hard and muscular chest. I inwardly drool as I look up towards his face which now makes me want to melt. His baby blue eyes grant him just enough softness to complement his killer jawline and blonde hair, and not to mention the worry that he held in them which makes me smile. And let us not forget those perfectly sculpted lips which urge me to just crash-

“Sorry ma’am, I didn’t see you there.” Alright, fantasy over.

“Don’t worry, most people don’t,” I shrug away his hand that he oh so generously set out for me with my own (s/c) colored hand and raise myself up from the ground, dusting whatever specs of gravel landed on my Levi blue jeans and a cream-colored blouse.

“Pardon me, ma’am, I meant no disrespect. I was on my,” he seems to pause as if remembering something, “iPhone and wasn’t looking at where I was going.”

“If you say so…,” I sigh, “well I guess no harm was done so enjoy the rest of your day.” I begin to walk towards my intended destination only to hear a faint “wait” from behind me causing my body to instinctually turn in his general direction, only to see him jogging towards me.

“I didn’t get your name, I’m Steve Rogers at you service ma’am.” He puts out his right hand and I hesitantly, but eventually shake it with my own, seeing how my (s/c) hand fit in his pale one.

“It’s not like you need it…but mine’s (Y/N) (L/N), and there is no need to be so formal either.” My phone suddenly rings shifting my attention to the screen which vibrates with impatient texts from my friend. “And I have to run. Nice to meet you I suppose?” and I trot off before he could say anything in reply.


“What took you so long? Look I know that love-making is a slow and sensual process but that shite is for the night alright, quickies are a morning thing for a reason. Oh wait I know, you were busy untying those goddam ropes with friggin’ origami knots, I already told you those kinks are-”

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Will You Be There?

A/N: I know this isn’t smut, but I wanted to do something different and write out of my comfort zone! I am not good with sad to just bare with me lol. I hope you guys like it! Feedback is appreciated. :) Oh and @nobravery​ here ya go I tagged you so don’t @ me. 

I sit on the grey ottoman by our window looking out into the empty night as I try to make sense of it all. How did we get here? When did everything go dark?  I wish we could change and go back, but it’s too late for any of that now. Everything is black and burnt. There’s no hope for us anymore.

I’m pulled from my thoughts as I hear tired footsteps down the hall headed toward the bedroom. I don’t bother to look up because I know the expression on his face will kill me. The door creaks further open as he slips inside and shuts it quietly behind him. He sits on the end of the bed staring in my direction as he lets out a strangled breath. I know his eyes are begging, his face broken. He puts his hand on my thigh, and I look away because if I find his eyes, I know I’ll break.

“Will you be here when I wake up? Please baby I can’t bare to look over and not see you there. Just one last time… I’m begging you.” He swallows hard, trying not to losing himself. I finally look up at him, his pain filled eyes blinking the tears away. He looks as if he could shatter into pieces as any moment. It breaks my heart seeing him this way, but I can’t find the right words to answer him with.

I’ve told him this wouldn’t work. Us. He’s always gone and lately he’s been so distant. He has become so infatuated with his music. Making sure everything is perfect to a T and it has put a strain on our relationship. I can’t stay here and be alone. Not on my own. I need someone who is here for me, with me. And actually present when he is here. We haven’t been us in a while, and I can’t bare the heartache any longer. We are a ticking time bomb waiting to explode at any moment.

It started with small things. Texts getting shorter, phone calls becoming less frequent, Skype calls becoming nonexistent. Then it progressed. Our sex life became obsolete. He stopped flying me out to see him. He doesn’t look at me with the passion in his eyes. The look that would melt me into a puddle inside my stomach. He doesn’t hold me anymore. He doesn’t touch me, kiss me. Nothing. I feel alone. Shawn is so wrapped up in tour that he doesn’t have time for me anymore. He’s stressed all the time. I get that, and I want him to live his dream. I am so proud of how far he’s come. He’s worked so fucking hard for this and deserves all the opportunities coming his way, but I can’t stand being alone here anymore. It’s time to accept  that we aren’t good together anymore. But for some reason something in me says to stay. For him. One last time.

I let out a deep, shaky breath and nod my head in compliance. I look up at Shawn as he nods back at me, his face hopeful that maybe he can change my mind, but the decision is final. I get up from the chair pulling up his old t-shirt to keep it from falling off my shoulders. I slip off my pants and pull back the duvet hopping into bed. I watch Shawn as he slips out of his grey t-shirt and black jeans to climb into bed next to me. He lays his head on the pillow as his brown eyes search for the blue in mine. He’s empty, and I’m the reason for it. I hate this I really fucking do, but how can two people stay together when the happiness is gone?

He tries to be strong, sending me a soft smile and wraps his arms around me as I burry myself into his chest. He pulls me tight against him, leaving a warm, lingering kiss on my forehead saying goodnight and then, it’s silent. The both of us hanging onto this moment. Knowing this is the last time I’ll ever lay next to him. I always loved falling asleep in Shawn’s arms. It felt so safe, so right to me. Like the world could be crashing around us, and it wouldn’t matter. Because he would be there to hold me and help me face whatever problem was coming our way. But not now, this is something he can’t fix.

I can tell Shawn is now asleep by the soft snores coming from his mouth. I look up and my heart skips a beat. He looks adorable, his brown curls a mess and his mouth slightly parted, cheeks flushed. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps. I slide my fingers across his jawline and leave a soft kiss. My eyes wander to his nose, watching the cute way his nostrils flare as he breathes. The first night I ever slept over at his place, I caught myself watching him sleep just like now. I fell in love with the simplicity of it. So pure and innocent. His crinkled nose, his skin covered in sleep lines from where he’s been in a deep sleep. And no matter how often he would toss and turn in his sleep, his arm always remained across my body, holding me. Admiring the sweet sight in front of me, my chest tightens at the thought of leaving him. I can’t bare to see his face in the morning, broken and distraught. He’ll try and get me to change my mind, and I’m afraid I’ll give in. I’ll decide to stay and be right back where I am now, coming home everyday trying to mask the pain and emptiness. I could stay and try to work this out one more time for the sake of us. We have so many memories together, and they are all so hard to let go of. I mean, how could I just let go of us and everything we’ve been through? The only problem is, we haven’t been us in a long time, and I don’t think we will ever get back there. Walking away from our relationship is not something I ever wanted to do. This day would never have come if he would have been there the way I needed him to.

With that, I let out a strangled breath and I pull back the covers, letting my feet hit the cold floor as I walk over to the closet and pull out my large duffle bag. I begin packing my drawer that Shawn had cleared for me in his dresser a few months back. This was a hard for him to do, considering his clothes take up so much damn room. He spent the day before rearranging all his clothes around just so I would have room for my things. The day he showed it to me, the gift of the drawer was also followed with a key to his place. It was a big step in our relationship, but we were so excited for what that change would bring us. Two kids, desperately falling for one another.

I walk into the bathroom to collect some of my toiletries. Looking over at the walk-in shower, I can’t help but giggle to myself in reminiscence. Every morning before work, Shawn would take a quick shower while I sat on our sink and did my hair and makeup. He would sing different melodies he had been working on because he knew I loved to listen to him. Sometimes he would sing off key on purpose because he loved to make me laugh. And one morning I was walking past the shower to grab my makeup bag from my purse and he pulled me into the shower with him, soaking the shirt I was wearing, but I didn’t mind. We just laughed as he held me against him, leaving wet kisses all over my face as I tried to free myself from his grip, but it never worked I just continued to chuckle at how silly he was. So in love, nothing else mattered but us in that very moment. I zip my bag and quietly tip-toe around the room, careful not to wake Shawn.

I walk around the condo, making sure I haven’t left anything behind when I see it. The photo of us on Christmas Eve last year, the day he told me he loved me. We were outside his parent’s house drinking hot chocolate, my head in his lap and his fingers ran through my hair. We sat out there cuddled close to one another for hours having meaningless conversation. I looked up to see him grinning like an idiot and I reached up to boop his nose making him let out a soft laugh. After asking him why he was smiling, the words just fell out making my heart burst. He was perfect, everything I wanted. This Christmas Eve was different. Shawn was in Japan doing an album promo, and I was at my parent’s house helping them wrap presents for our other family members. I only heard from him once that day, and it was a quick have a good holiday, then nothing. Like we were acquaintance. Like the I love you meant nothing to him now.

I walk down the hall into our room for the last time, staring down at a tired Shawn still sound asleep. I lean down and give his forehead one last kiss, wiping the tear from his cheek that had fallen before I turn and head for the door. I’ll miss this apartment and him. The laughs, the memories, the tears everything. Our love was built here and slowly faded here. I turn around taking one last look at the condo as I wipe my tears with the sleeve of my shirt. We had so many great things, but I know this for the best. I grab my bag off the floor as I turn the knob. Never looking back.

Shawn’s POV 

It’s been a month since I woke to the sound of the door closing. Looking over in disbelief at the sheets on her side of the bed that were pulled back. I remember pulling myself from bed, praying this is all a horrible nightmare. Walking around the barren condo, seeing that all of her things were no longer in their place, her drawer empty. She was gone and it was my fault. I got so caught up in work, and I fucked up. I loved her but I could have shown more to her, for her. I pushed her to her limits and I hate myself for it. I was lying to myself, saying the tough times would pass. Telling myself we were still happy—that we were just going through a rough patch with me not being home as much, but I was wrong. She was broken, a girl who used to have so much happiness burning inside her. Happiness that I burned out.

The empty feeling in my chest comes and goes. Keeping myself busy in my music helps even if all of it is about her. Being in a new condo, even better. I know I’m stronger at all the places her leaving broke me. But some days, after all the work has been done, and the clutter of the day has been cleared, I still find her in the back of my mind. Sometimes I play the old videos on my phone of her dancing and singing in the kitchen, just to hear her soft voice. I’m afraid I’m going to forget just how gorgeous that sound is, for the most beautiful moments always seem to accelerate and slip beyond our grasp just when we want to hold onto them for as long as possible.

I Brought Soup

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Raphael x Reader

I Brought Soup

Prompt: Hey there! I would love to read something about Raphael getting sick and his s/o wanting to take care of him. Would he be too proud? Or would he eventually give in and just enjoy the loving care? Of course only if nobody’s watching! ;D

Note: I actually had a dream about Raph last night, so here ya go. This turned out cuter than I had hoped :)

Warnings: None??

Word Count: 1105

Raph groaned as he adjusted himself on the couch. Somehow, he had caught a bug. A bad one. And while the big buff turtle was as tough as they came normally, as soon as he got a touch of sickness, he became nothing more than a big baby.

When you showed up to the lair, you had a care package tucked under your arm. Even with his blurry vision and pounding head, Raph still squinted to look at you. You were wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt, but you were still the most gorgeous person he had ever seen.

“Hey, Red. You feeling any better?”

“I am now.” His low voice was soft and hoarse.

“Oh hush,” You shook your head and tried to hide the embarrassing shade of red your cheeks had flushed to. Raph had a way of doing that to you, despite the fact that you were pretty sure he wasn’t into you. “I brought soup.” You held up a thermos and a spoon. He took it in one of his large green hands. “And tissues and a blanket and-”

“You’re too good to me.” Raph managed a tired smirk. He looked like his head was swimming, eyes unable to focus, breaths labored through a stuffed nose.

“And you, my green friend, are very, very sick.” You looked over to him. You had never seen him look so pathetic. “Why don’t you get some rest?”

“And what, miss spending quality time with ya?”

“Sleep, Raph. Now.”

“You’re hot when you’re bossy.”

“And you have no filter when you’re sick, apparently.”

“He really doesn’t.” Leo piped up from across the room. “Listen, thanks for coming to take care of him, (Y/N). We just can’t afford to get sick right now, but Don said you’d be immune to whatever he has so-”

“It’s no problem, Leo. Really.” You smiled. “It’s the least I could do.”

“Well, we’re headed out. If anything happens, don’t hesitate to call.” He and the other two left the lair, leaving you alone with Raph and Splinter, wherever the old rat had gotten off to.

“And then there were two,” Raph muttered. He ate a few spoonfuls of soup before setting it down for a while. “Sorry yer stuck on babysitting duty.”

“I don’t mind. I mean, you did save my life after all.”

“So we’re even?”

“Not even close.” You smirked. “I still owe you big time, Raphael.”

“After taking care of me a few hours, you won’t think so.” He chuckled to himself, leaning back against the pillows of his temporary nest. “I’ve been told I whine like a baby.”

“I have little siblings. I don’t think you could drive me away if you tried.”

“We’ll see about that.”


About thirty minutes after the guys left, Raph had drifted off into a nap. You learned very quickly that he snored like a chainsaw. This was an easy fix, as you had brought some headphones and a book to read in case something like this happened. You glanced up every few pages to make sure he was still out.

After a few hours, when you glanced up, Raph’s tired green eyes were fixed on you, a sleepy smile tugging at his lips.

“Well good morning, Sleeping Beauty.” You tucked a bookmark into your book and set it on the table. Touching the back of your hand to his forehead confirmed your suspicions that the large terrapin had developed a fever. “You need something to get this fever down.”

“I knew you thought I was hot.” He smirked. You rolled your eyes.

“Yes, Raphael, you are hot. You are running a fever. I’m gonna grab some meds.”

“You do that, gorgeous. I’ll be right here waiting.” You walked to Donnie’s lab, where he had labeled everything you needed and then returned to Raph to administer the proper meds. You handed him the pills and a bottle of water and then returned to your spot. “Thanks.”

“Need anything else?”

“I’m all set, Princess.”

“Alright then,” You opened up your book and continued to read.


“Yes, Raph?”

“Can you come here?”

“Um, sure.” You set down your book once again and walked over to where Raph was lying on the couch. His sleepy, sleepy eyes melted your heart.

“Thanks for takin’ care ‘uh me.” His voice was hoarse from all of the coughing and snoring and sinus drainage. “I really appreciate it.” You leaned forward to press a kiss to his warm forehead.

“Any time, Red.”

Raph took one of your hands in his large green ones, admiring each tiny little finger. There were so many.

“Yer hands are so small…” he murmured. “Have ya always had this many fingers?”

“Yes, I have. Are you sure you’re alright? Maybe those meds are kicking in.”

“I’m fine.” He insisted. Suddenly, something occurred to him. “Are yer feet that small too?”

“I think you need some sleep, bud.”


“Sleep. We can talk about foot size when you feel better, alright?”



As soon as he was better, Raph avoided you for at least a week and a half. Every time he saw you, his cheeks flushed red and he left the room. You couldn’t help but laugh a little before returning to your latest book.

But he couldn’t avoid you forever, and you both knew it.

He came around eventually, settling on the couch beside you. The other half dipped under his weight. Raph let out a sigh. You only raised an eyebrow in amusement, waiting to hear what he would say.

“So uh…I realize my fever may have caused me to uh…act different.”


“So I uh, I’m sorry if I made ya uncomfortable and stuff.”

“You didn’t.”

“I didn’t?”

“No, Raph. I actually kind of appreciated the honesty. It was like for once there wasn’t this wall between us.”


“You know, the unspoken wall that you put up to protect your fragile turtle feelings. I understand, believe me, but just so you know, I’ve lived in New York all of my life, so dating a giant turtle would hardly be the weirdest thing that’s happened to me.”

“What now?” He paused. “You’d date me?”




“So uh…”

“This is the wall I’m talking about.”

“I see it now.” He sort of chuckled awkwardly before pausing again. “Ya know, I never pegged ya as someone who’d date a giant mutant freak.”

“And I never pegged you as a freak in the first place.” You winked and got up to get a drink from the kitchen.

‘Huh,’ thought Raphael. ‘I might have to get sick more often.’

Riverdale Imagine: The Game Part 2 (Reggie x Reader)

A/N: Had quite a few requests for Part 2. Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to leave you guys hanging!!

Summary: After the reader discovers that Reggie only asked her out to win a bet, she is heartbroken and angry, promising herself that she would never talk to him again. However, she wasn’t expecting Reggie to try and explain himself the following day at school.

Approx. 1250 words

Part One Here

“Can I kill him now?”

I raised my eyes lazily as Archie stormed into my bedroom, a mixture of anger and concern showing on his face. He had always viewed me as his little sister rather than his twin, perhaps it had something to do with how much taller than me he was, and therefore in his eyes I needed protecting from everything. I smiled weakly, patting the space on the bed next to me to encourage him to join, and shook my head slowly. After he had climbed into bed beside me and put a reassuring arm around my shoulder, just as he had always done when I was upset, I leant into him and sighed.

“To be honest Arch, I think Ronnie has beaten you to it.” I joked.

“I sure do love that girl!” he laughed. Archie and Veronica had been together for a few months now and – although it was weird initially since she is my best friend – I now idolised them as a total power couple, Veronica held all the power of course. “You liked him though, right?” he asked sympathetically.

“Yes” I whispered. “I never thought I would, but I liked him very much. But, now he has shown me his true colours and it turns out that the person I liked never existed. The boy that I liked wasn’t real; he was just a player in a game, trying to win a bet with his friends.” I said bitterly. Archie nodded and rubbed my shoulder comfortingly.

“Well, I have something that might cheer you up…” he began. Just then there was a knock on the door and Veronica peeped into the room, holding a box of cupcakes.

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Welcome Home

Bucky x reader
WC 1376
Summary Bucky’s been gone on a long mission but the welcome home is well worth it
Warnings SMUT (yep), oral sex (M receiving), swear words, alcohol drinking
AN This was a request by @tieddown-withbattleshipchains   I hope you like it!\

It was Friday and your work day was almost at an end, thank goodness. You had had a long week and it felt even longer because you hadn’t seen your boyfriend, Bucky, for almost a month; he had been gone on a super long mission and you missed him terribly. Even though you spoke almost every night it wasn’t the same as being together.

You logged off your computer and tidied your desk - you never left the office on Friday without tidying up your desk. You quickly jotted down your Monday’s to do list so you were prepared. Getting up, you rolled your neck and shoulders, stretching out the sore muscles. You were glad it was Friday even though it meant another Friday home alone.

You reached your apartment and let yourself in. After kicking off your shoes, you went to run yourself a bubble bath. You quickly undressed and wrapped yourself in a fluffy robe and trudged your way to the kitchen to pour yourself a glass of wine.

Turning on some low music, you took a leisurely soak in the tub and before you knew it, the water turned lukewarm. Reluctantly, you got out and moisturized and threw on your pyjamas. You knew you needed to eat something but had no desire to cook anything for yourself and settled on some crackers and cheese.

When you walked back into the kitchen you gasped. Your table was covered in a dozen lit candles, casting a soft glow around the space. At the stove was Bucky, cooking you dinner.

“Bucky?” you whispered.

He turned and smiled at you, making your heart pound, “Hi baby, I’m back. Dinner’s almost ready.”

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Romantic Date

SUMMARY - You ask Bucky out on a date.

A/N - Send me prompts guys . I want to write them . 

PROMPT LIST      I  want to thank @themanwithovtfear for allowing me to use it . 

#15 - Are you naked under that thing 

#27 - This is what you call a romantic date 

#45 - WOW , you should invite me to dinner first 

Its my second fluffy I think . Taw @supersoldierslover I hope you like it . 

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Leaning back against the sofa with Bucky on your lap you were watching TV . Your fingers were in his hair , running through them , untangling the knots . He moaned every time you pulled a little hard . But he was so engrossed in the TV , he wouldn’t even turn his eyes away from it for a second .

Randomly as you were going through some channels you came across a show . A show where  the girls asked guys out on a date . Arranged something that the girls thought the guys would like and enjoy .

A few of them chose hiking , while a few took them to see the planetarium . Some girls went with the typical , dinner at a fancy restaurant while a few thought to go fishing .

“You never asked me on a romantic date .”, Bucky said turning his head and looked  up to face you . He was pouting like a fucking child .

He looked so adorable . Two years you were with this man and to this day , just looking into his eyes could melt your insides .

“You asked me before I could babe.”, you answer .

He whined and turned his head back to the tv with a frown on his face .

“But we could still go out on a date .” You say trying to lure him in the idea.

“Really?”  He had the brightest smile on his face as he jumped off your lap and sat facing you .

“Really . James Buchanan Barnes , would you like to go out on a date with me .”, you propose to him , like the first time he did to you .

“Hmmm , I don’t know .” IDIOT . Acting hard to get . You could still see his smug smile though .

“I don’t see any harm . I would love to go . When and where?” He was so excited that it was contagious . You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face .

You would do anything to keep Bucky happy . After all he deserved it . He deserved all the world . And if you could help him forgetting even a little of his past for him to see that he deserves happiness you would do it .

“Umm , tonight at 9 and on the rooftop .”

You say as you run out of the hall and into the kitchen .

“WANDA!!! “, you shout as you find her looking into the kitchen .
“Y/N!!!”, she says with equal excitement , mocking you . You both start giggling at the stupidity .

“I need your help.”

“Okay . For what?”, she asks as she comes to stand in front of you .

“So….I asked Bucky out on a date and I know he loves loves looooves carrot cake and I don’t know how to make any . Pleeeeeeease help me . Please.” You plead .

“You are dating right? So whats with the date . But it’s a cute idea . I will definitely help you .”

You both spend the next hour or so trying to make the batter and grate the carrots . After you are done you put it in the oven to bake and walk to your room to get dressed .

As you reach the door you hear Steve and Bucky talking .

“So…I like the maroon one , but she likes the red .”, Bucky says holding both the shirts .

“Both are good  . But what is it for again?”, Steve asks confused .

Bucky turns around and looks into the mirror. He puts both the shirts in front of him for comparison .

“She asked me out on a date . And it’s tonight . And I wanna look good . So , if you don’t mind , without asking questions can you help me decide .”

You walked away from your room and decide to go to Tony’s lab in hopes that he has a tent .

“Hey Tony.”, you greet him with a peppy tone .
“Hey kid . What do you need?” he says not looking away from what he was doing .

“Ummm ,  just wanted to know if you had a tent .”, you ask, uncertainty laced your voice .

“It’s in the storage room.”
Even before he could complete the sentence, you murmured a quick thank you and made way to the storage . You rummaged through it to find a cute pink tent , enough to fit the both of you .

You looked at the clock and realised it was 8:30 . With the cake in one hand and the tent and a few blankets in the other you entered the roof . The sky was beautiful , littered with millions of stars . The wind blowing slightly , though not enough to uproot your tent .

You cover the cake with the lid and try to get the tent up .After 20 minutes of hard work it was finally up . You lay the blankets in the tent making it extra fluffy and wrapped one around your body .

After a few minutes you heard Bucky open the door of the roof .You waited for him to come into the tent . He peaked through the crack of the tent .

“Hey baby.”, he said with his beautiful smile . How you wanted to kiss him just then .

“Hey pretty boy . Come in .”, you say as you move aside to give him space to settle in .A blush creeped up his face at being called pretty and it was adorable  . He always blushed hard when you complimented him .

You pull out  the carrot cake from behind you and put it in front of him .

“You made me carrot cake? It’s my favourite.” , he said it like a child who just received candy .

All you could do was chuckle . He picked up a piece and started eating . He eyes you up and down as he ate .

“ Are you naked under that thing?”, he says pointing to your blanket .

“Umm , yeah . I just thought …..”
“This is what you call a romantic date . WOW . You should invite me to dinner first .”, he says offended .

“Bucky!!” you say slapping his arm .

“It is romantic . There is cake , and we under the stars in a tent with fluffy blankets .And I thought we could cuddle . Naked….”, you argue as you whisper the last part and look down at your toes .

He lifts your chin up and places a gently kiss on your lips . It feels like the first kiss you shared with him . You didn’t want this to stop . But he pulled away quicker than you’d like .

“It is romantic . I love it babe.” , he says wrapping his arm around you as he pulled you closer to his chest . He got inside the blanket to get more comfortable .

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You both laid on your back and looked at the stars through the transparent top of the tent .

“I love you Y/N.”, he says turning his face to you as he nuzzles his face in you neck .

“I love you Bucky.” You kiss the top of his head and pull him closer to you .

You felt like the luckiest girl in the world . To be loved by Bucky was everything you hoped .

You prayed this happiness stayed forever .

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DannyMay Day Four: Alterations/Space

…His fascination with space was something quite endearing. The way his eyes would sparkle with glee at the mention of NASA. He knew the names of all the planets of the solar system before he knew all the states. He could tell you how many light years it would take to make a round trip from the Earth to Jupiter. He’s my adorable little junior astronaut in training.

His eighth birthday is tomorrow and I know exactly what to give him.

“Mommy where are we going?”

His birthday party ended hours ago. He went to bed and Jack and I started the cleaning. After the last chair was put back into place I marched up the stairs and into his room, dressed him up, put him in the back of the GAV and drove off.

“To a special place, its mommy’s birthday present to you.”

He gasps and all complaining stops. The anticipation is killing him I can tell, his legs are swinging. We drive for another hour. I look into the rear view mirror and see he’s fallen asleep again. It’s fine, this way it will be an even bigger surprise.

Finally, we get to the spot and I park the GAV. Stepping out and opening the back door I see Danny drooling on the seatbelt. He’s too cute for his own good. I set up the blanket and pin it down with some heavy rocks. Content with my handy work I wake him up.

“Danny sweetie, were here”

He slowly stirs, rubbing his eyes and looking at me all sleepily. My heart melts at the sight of him. I give him a big kiss unbuckling the seatbelt and pick him up. He leans on my shoulder, threatening to fall asleep again.

“Look Danny, happy birthday”

I say as I point up. He looks and gasps. All sleep forgotten, his eyes grow to the size of dinner plates. I put him down on the blanket and he’s mesmerized. Above him are thousands of stars shining brightly, not a single cloud in sight. The awe in his eyes gives me pause. it’s as if time has slowed down for him. He abruptly snaps his head in my direction with a serious expression, too serious for an eight-year-old child.

“Mommy, you’re the best mommy ever in the whole galaxy”

He hugs me tight and I know I did good. He gives me a kiss and I just about squeal at how cute my baby boy is. He let’s go, sits up and we start pointing out constellations.

“Look, mommy! It’s Ursa Major! Oh! And that one is the Big Dipper! And that one is Orion’s Belt!”

I smile while watching him. I’m very happy that he has found something he’s so passionate about. I have no doubts in my mind that he will make a great astronaut. Suddenly he gasps and stands up"

“Mommy look! It’s a shooting star! Quick make a wish!”

He closes his eyes and scrunches up his face in concentration. Little fists balled up at his sides. A few seconds later he looks at me and smiles, front tooth missing, and giggles.

“What did you wish for?”

“It’s a secret”

I laugh. Years later he finally tells me that his secret wish was for Jack and I to succeed in building the Ghost Portal™. When I ask him why he didn’t wish to be an astronaut he tells me that he knew he’ll get there on his own. Something very wise for a little boy.

We sit there for a while, just stargazing and even making up our own constellations. Suddenly the sun begins to rise and I know we’ve stayed out too late. Good thing it’s Saturday now, Danny can catch up on sleep. As we walk back to the GAV he yawns and rubs his eye whispering

“Best birthday ever”

Chapter 12 - When the Bough Breaks

The premise: What if Claire had conceived on her wedding night?

You can find previous chapters here.

October 8th, 1734; near Leoch

“What was that?”

Geillis paused a moment before responding, “It’s nothing but the wind, Claire.”

“No, listen,” I urged. In a moment, the sound came again. It was weaker this time, almost imperceptible, but my blood ran cold as I realized what it was.

It was a baby.

Dropping my basket, I plunged into the underbrush in the general direction of the infant’s cry.

“That’s a faerie hill!” Geillis hissed as she pulled me back towards the path, her eyes wide.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“That baby is no human child, it’s a changeling,” she impatiently explained, “When the faeries steal a human child away, they leave one of their own in it’s place. You know it’s a changeling because it doesna thrive and grow,”

I pried her fingers from my arm and turned away, “That’s just superstitious nonsense!”

“Claire!” she spun me back around to face her, “If you leave a changeling overnight in such a place, they’ll return the child they’ve stolen!”

“But they won’t because it’s not a changeling, it’s a sick child, and it might not very well survive a night out in the open,” I spat. “I have to go!”

“You go yourself, then, and good luck to you!” She dismissed me with a wave of her hand and disappeared into the fog.

The plaintive wail was closer now, pulling me ever onward and upward by my heart strings. It was a steep climb and the forest floor was slippery with wet leaves and mud. I struggled to find traction, grabbing onto branches and rocks in a desperate attempt to reach the abandoned child.

I burst into the clearing atop the hill and spotted the foundling nestled in the crook of large branch, laying completely still.

“Oh God,” I choked, my hands shaking as I gently lifted the tiny bundle from its resting place. The infant’s eyelids flickered and my heart soared as I realized it was still alive, then clattered to a stop as I took in its sunken eyes and deathly pallor.

The babe lay limp in my arms, making no effort to curl into my body for warmth or nourishment. It made a choking, wheezing sound as it fought to take another breath and I eased into an upright position against my chest, the crown of its downy head brushing my chin. I gently rubbed its back as I slowly bounced, swaying side to side. My tears mingled with the rain and an icy chill settled upon me. I clung to the baby, willing it to breathe, to fight to stay alive.

Oh, God.

There was nothing I could do. For all of my medical training, I was absolutely powerless to save this poor, helpless child. I couldn’t staunch the blood flow of a wound. I couldn’t give the relief of a salve or herbal tonic. I could do nothing but sit and wait as the baby’s life drained away.

“I’m sorry,” I sobbed as I slid to the ground, pulling my knees up as close as the baby in my arms and the growing swell of new life within me would allow, “I’m so sorry.”

Hunching over, I rocked back and forth, back and forth, back and forth until everything went numb. The forest around me faded away into a solid white fog. I couldn’t feel my hands, my feet; just the baby’s cold, clammy skin against mine. I couldn’t hear the sound of the rain on the leaves or the wind in the trees, the only sound that could reach me was the death rattle of the baby’s lungs.

Time stood still in the interminable silence between the baby’s breaths, each pause longer than the last.

Shifting the baby in my arms, I hummed the only lullaby I knew, my mother’s favorite song.

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside.

My fingers memorized the curves of it’s tiny ear, the perfect arch of it’s brows.

Oh, I do like to be beside the sea.

I cupped the baby’s tiny head in my palm and placed a kiss on it’s button nose as it quietly slipped away to be forever held in the arms of the angels.


Jamie’s voice floated thru the fog, a glowing beacon guiding me to a safe harbor. The mist surrounding me lifted for a moment, and I raised my head in time to watch him enter the clearing.

“I was too late,” I whispered as he sank to the ground before me.

“Aye, mo nighean donn,” he murmured, taking my face in his hands.

“I came up here… and the baby… was still alive, but… I couldn’t… I couldn't…” Understanding filled his eyes without my having to finish the sentence. His hands were warm as he brushed away my tears. “They just left it out here to die, Jamie!”

“Aye, I ken.”

He was silent for a time before bringing one hand to rest on the lifeless bundle in my arms. I could see the battle of emotions playing out in his eyes, echoing the war in my own heart. Sorrow, outrage, and terror fought to take control, but it was a quiet sort of resolve that won out in the end.

“You have a kind heart, but you’ve no idea what you’re dealing with.”

Jamie backed away slightly, offering out his arms.

I tore my eyes away from him to look down at the baby once more. I knew I would have to leave it here and, yet, I also knew I couldn’t bear to do so. The child had already been left alone in the forest once. How could I possibly abandon it for a second time?

Thig, mo ghràidh, come,” he coaxed, sliding his hands beneath the baby.

I resisted only for a moment before I caught sight of his face.

Tears welled in the fathomless blue depths of his eyes as he took the child into his arms, cradling it with a reverent tenderness. His lips formed a wordless supplication to the heavens as he stood, hesitating slightly before placing the baby back into its place in the shelter of the tree.

Crossing himself, he turned and knelt beside me.

“‘Tis dangerous to be out here alone, Sassenach.”

I pulled away from him, “Don’t tell me you believe in faeries and changelings and all that!”

“This is no’ about what I believe. These people… they’ve never been more than a day’s walk from where they were born, aye? They hear no more of the world than what Father Bain tells them in the kirk of a Sunday…” Jamie took my hands in his, brushing them against his lips as he continued, his voice breaking.  “Now for the parents of that child… it might comfort them a bit to think that ‘tis the changeling that died… and to think of their own child happy and well, living forever with the faeries.”

A strangled cry escaped my lips as I buried my face in the front of his coat, pleading, “Take me home?”

My body was shaking uncontrollably from cold and shock by the time we reached Leoch. I was wet to the skin, my thick outer garments were sodden with the frigid rain of a Scottish September. Jamie swung down from the horse, guiding my frozen limbs to do the same. I collapsed into him the moment my feet hit the ground and he lifted me into his arms with ease.

He moved thru the winding passageways and staircases that led to our chamber at remarkable speed, somehow unhindered by inquiring castle folk. Not only that, but he had us both devoid of wet clothing and wrapped in furs and blankets on the bed before I could even register what was going on.

“Your skin’s like ice, mo nighean donn!” Concern washed over Jamie’s face as I stared up at him, unable to form the words to describe the icy numbness I felt.

Jamie hovered above me, methodically messaging the life back into my limbs. My eyes shut of their own accord as his hands roamed my body, melting me with the heat of his devotion. The dense haze that had disappeared on the ride home was threatening to return once more. Fighting against it, I slowly lifted my hand, searching, reaching for him.

“Come… here…” I murmured, my lips feeling heavy and clumsy.

Ignoring my hand entirely, Jamie gathered me into his arms instead. He was so incredibly warm. I pressed my cheek against his chest, letting the reverberating echo of his heartbeat ground me.

All is well.

All is well.

All is well.

I blinked heavily once, twice as I tried to bring the room around me into focus.

“Do that again,” he breathlessly requested.

I was more than willing to oblige, but hadn’t the foggiest idea of what I’d done, “Do what?”

“Move your eyelashes slow like tha’,” he cupped the back of my head in his hand as he explained, his thumb absently stroking my hairline. “Ye feel like a wee butterfly spreading its wings.”

Smiling lazily, I did so.

“Is that what ye mean, mo chridhe? Does it feel like that when the bairns move inside ye?”

“A little,” I whispered as the memory of the sensation flooded me with a feeling of warm euphoria, “but it’s different somehow.”

He pulled my hips tighter against him, the now discernible swell of my womb pressing into his abdomen. I tilted my head back to see his face and he kissed me. The last vestiges of frozen terror melted away as I lay in my husbands embrace, our children safely nestled between us.

All is well.

Donald Pierce x reader

Logan (2017)

Warnings: Smut. Smut. Smut. ANNNNND SMUT


I walked through the halls, keeping the files close to my chest. Rushing outside, I crossed the cement, trailing beside the wired fences over to the other building. My tag hit my chest with each step, and the mist in the air cleared my lungs.

Scanning the doors, they beeped with the sound of locks, and I pushed my way through. Soldiers armed with guns stood beside them, glancing at me, they nodded, and I passed them. Turning the corner, I stopped dead in my tracks. Donald Pierce stood only a foot away from me. He smirked at me, and I swallowed with nervousness.

Slightly arching his eyebrow, Pierce reached over with his machine hand. Slowly sliding the files out of my grasp. I clenched my jaw and stared at him while he opened them; scanning his sharp blue eyes over the words. He then clicked his tongue, and looked over at me, his thick words low and gruff. I felt goosebumps rise on the surface of my arms.

“Hmm… Somethin’ tells me… You… Aint supposed to have those, now are ya darlin’?” I looked at the ground, and he stepped closer to me. Lifting his machine hand, and flicking a metal finger over the corner of my jaw. Sighing, he set his shoulders and cocked his head slightly. Kicking his heels back, and walking away. Suddenly, he halted and looked slightly back to me. “I suggest you follow me, ms. Y/N.”

I cleared my throat, expecting him to take me to Zander Rice. Who ran Transigen over him.

Turning a few corners, Pierce slowed, sliding one of the panels to a door open, and outstretching his arm-reaching to my back. Lightly grazing my hip as I walked into the room, he trailed behind. Locking the door behind him.

“Now. Let’s just say I forget about whatever you expect to get away with…” He sat on the desk that was slid against the back wall and nodded to the chair that sat in front of it. “If you, sweet thing, would do one thing.” His heavy southern accent teased me, and I took a deep breath. Trying to shake it off. Business.

“What do you want?” I could hardly stop my voice from wavering.

“Oh, darlin’ I think we both want the same thing. Isn’t that right?” His voice was now nearly a whisper. He lifted his metal finger into the air, and set it, slightly waving it to the left before resting it against his knee. “One thing….” He smiled smugly at me as his words lingered and left a numb taste in my mouth.

I watched him carefully, as he reached to the files again. The files I had planned to give to Gabriela-the files on the kids. He set them carefully next to him, before reaching over to my face. Touching me with his human hand, I felt his fingers shake slightly, as he dragged them down my cheek. Lifting my chin, I slowly stood up, and he wrapped his other arm around my waist. My heart slammed against my chest, as I felt his muscles tighten around me when he surrounded me with his tall frame. Leaning his head down, he kissed me. Gently, like he was savoring the taste of my lips. I sunk down, reaching my fingers to run through his thick blonde hair. Running them through, I twisted them and felt him reach under my legs. Thrusting me onto his lap, my legs crossed behind him, and he kissed me harder.

Sliding his hand up my back, I felt the cold hard metal press in between my shoulder blades. His tongue slid against my gums as he asked permission to kiss me deeper. Holding the back of my head with his flesh hand, he leaned forward, and I nodded against his lips. Letting him bite my bottom lip, slide his tongue against my teeth and the back of my cheek. I breathed in, taking in the scent of strong cologne and sweat.

Sliding his jacket off of his strong shoulders, my fingers contoured the lines of his muscles. Feeling him under my fingers, a low growl formed in his throat, and I parted my lips from his.

He stared at me with hunger, breathing heavy and sweat beading at his brow. Tightening myself around his waist, I felt him pull me up, set me on the desk, and crash against me. Moving my hips to his, my back hit the desk, and he pushed the papers to the floor. With the now-clear desk, he was able to rest his hands beside my head as he kissed me. With my knees pulled up and my feet sliding down his back, they fell to his belt, and I slid my toes underneath the leather. Pulling him closer by the caller.

His lips moved down my neck, nibbling at the sensitive skin. My fingers moved from his collar to the buttons on his chest. Pulling them apart, I threw his black shirt across the room. Leaning my head back, I let my fingers rest on his abdomen before he brought his head up from my collar bone. He slid his hands around my waist, holding me tightly, and I gasped as he dug his fingers into my skin. The pads on his machine fingers barely as soft as the others. I held his face, kissing him while he moved his hands around my pants. Pulling them off, he broke away and looked at me. I laid on top of the table, letting myself rest for a split second

Sweat moved down my hairline, and he slid my arms above my head. Tracing the curves of my body, and moving my shirt above my head. Gazing on my figure underneath him, he admired me with slow breaths.

With my black sheer bra revealed to his eyes, he bit his bottom lip, grazing his thumb over my nipple, before moving his lips over the tender area of my breast. Leaning over me, I grasped his hair, grunting as he pulled the fabric of my bra away from my flushed body.

Moving his hand down to my panties while he continued to suck at my breasts, licking my nipples and nipping at them while caressing my body, he massaged his fingers through the lips between my legs. I gasped at his movements, bringing myself up and holding myself by his neck. Pressing his thumb against my clit, I gasped, and he then leaned down and breathed in, pushing his mouth to mine until I suffocated in his breath.

Closing my eyes, I let his warmth envelop me, and I felt myself melting to his touch. An orgasm went through my muscles, and I grunted softly. His fingers only traveled deeper-opening me up to his greed.

Ripping my panties to the floor, he slid his black cargo pants to his ankles, stepping out of them in hurried trips. Letting his member spring free, he kicked his underwear next to his pants and angled himself to my hips. Pulling my lips apart, I slid my hand over his chest, and my other around his waist. Pulling him towards me in desperate whimpers. As he set the tip over my entrance, he throbbed against the inside of my thigh, and then suddenly thrust himself into me. Pulling out, and allowing my wet walls to open up to him before he slid in again, only deeper. I then heard him huff for air, thrusting until he found his rhythm. Digging his metal hand into the desk.

Grasping onto his shoulders, I wrapped my legs around his waist once again, letting him go deeper. His hair stuck to his forehead, and as he breathed heavily, I looked up at his gold tooth. Biting my lip as I yearned to feel his mouth on mine.

A moan suddenly pressed against my lips, and I strained against it. Waves thrusting themselves through my body at the beat of Pierce’s hips, and another orgasm tore through me. He kissed me through it, his words hard to swallow.

“Quiet-else they’ll hear us-“ He grunted, and nuzzled his head in the crook of my neck.

Pulling out, his skin stuck to mine with sweat, and he cursed, his voice now muffled. “Fuck-you kill me…Oh-fuck.” I took a deep breath, closing my eyes. He grazed his fingers over my lips and moved a strand of hair away from my eyes before pushing himself off me. Cleaning himself up, he then threw the cloth in the trash can, and I sat up.

“So, is that all you needed?” Rubbing the scruff around his chin, he looked at me and then slid his arms under mine. Pulling me off of the table, and against his naked chest.

“Baby… You know me…” I let him move his mouth across mine, caressing my face. My fingers pushed through his hair, and I pulled away. Sucking at the inside of my cheek, I then sighed. No matter how much he gave me, I always wanted more.

A knock on the door shook us from the trance we were in, and with a slight jump, I shook my head.

“Mr. Pierce? Mr. Rice is looking for you.” A Hispanic voice echoed through the room from behind the door.

He cleared his voice and buckled his belt.

“Thank you.” We listened to the small lady hurry off to do more files, as I pulled my jeans up to my hips. Clasping my bra, and pulling my shirt over my head. Tucking the smooth fabric of my shirt into my jeans, Pierce finished dressing and then walked over to me. Holding me by my hips, and letting out a small sigh. “You should be more careful, Darlin. Don’t want nobody to find you with those files now would we?” Smirking, he kissed my temple, grazing his mouth to my ear, where he whispered, “I know whatchu’s thinkin’ of doin’.” Even in a low mutter, his accent dripped from his tongue like syrup. I leaned against him. “And trust me, baby, it won’t work.”


Note: This one really sucks and I apologize.

Auston Matthews - Part 31

One more part to go and I’m emotional

Waking in the morning in a sea of sheets and Auston’s face nestled against my shoulder, I can’t help but stare down at him. His hair is a complete mess, and I can already see the shadow under his eyes from lack of sleep. We had spent the night gently waking each other until we were both utterly exhausted. Even though he had played games on back to back nights, he still lasted longer than I had. Now looking down at him, his bare chest just visible from me throwing the sheets off, probably from overheating from his body and mine, I can hardly believe I’m waking up next to him again.  

               I try to lay there as long as I possibly can, letting Auston sleep but my bladder doesn’t let it last much longer. Luckily, he’s only resting his torso against me and I’m able to wiggle my legs to the edge of the bed, though getting his head off my shoulder proves to be a little more difficult. I move as slowly as I possibly can but it still wakes him. Auston blinks his brown eyes at me, the tired expression on his face melting my heart and a small part of me dies.

               “Hi,” I whisper, smiling at him while lightly touching his face with my fingertips.

               “Hi,” he whispers back, taking a deep breath and sighing, nuzzling my chest and frowning when he realizes I have a t-shirt on. “I don’t remember you getting dressed?” He asks, picking at the shirt with his finger.

               “After the last time, you were kinda out of it after…” I bite my lip to keep from laughing when his eyes narrow at me.

               “I remember that very clearly, just nothing after,” he says and I giggle.

               “As much as I would prefer to lay here with you… I really have to go the bathroom,” I shift my legs and make a face at him.

               “Fine,” he pouts and detangles his arm from around my waist and lifts himself on to his elbow so I can slide out from under him. The sheet pools at his waist and I blush, quickly looking away. Auston chuckles and pinches my side.

               “Still shy?” He asks, grabbing my arm and pulling me down for a kiss.

               “I’m not shy! I’m just being respectful!” I protest but let him kiss me anyways.

               “You can disrespect me anytime you want,” he smirks up at me and I swat at his bare chest.

               “Auston!” I scold and he laughs.

               “Hurry back,” he says, putting his hands behind his head and giving me a look that makes my stomach clench.

               I make to stand up and instantly have to sit back down, wincing slightly.

               “Everything okay?” Auston asks, frowning at me and probably wondering why my face is fifty shades of red.

               “Uh… yeah, everything’s good,” I say quickly, gritting my teeth and cringing as I stand again. Oh my god! I whimper quietly as I retreat to the bathroom, closing the door behind me and leaning against it, letting out a sigh of pain. Dear God, what did he do to me? I stumble to the sink and look into the mirror. My eyes are too bright and my cheeks a dusting of red, a slightly smug look on my face but also a twinge of discomfort.

               When I walk back out into the bedroom he’s still laying on the bed, his eyes flash up my bare legs to my face.

               “Quit just standing there and come here,” he says, holding out a hand to me.

               I gingerly make my way to bed and hope he doesn’t notice. “You’re walking funny.” So much for that.

               “I am not,” I mutter, climbing onto the bed and resting on my knees beside him.

               “You are, I didn’t mean to make you sore,” he says outright and I blush furiously, looking anywhere but at him.

               “Why are you so blunt with everything?” I ask him exasperated.

               Auston laughs and rests a hand on my leg, squeezing it gently.

               “Because I’m comfortable with you,” he says and I warm at his words, biting my lip to hide my smile.

               “Come here,” he whispers, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me across him, kissing my neck before rolling me underneath him. “I’ll make you feel better,” he whispers against my skin and shiver.

               “I don’t remember you becoming a nurse,” I mutter and he grins.

               “Well, I feel a little responsible…” he starts and I cut him off.

               “A little?” I ask him and he laughs.

               “Okay, fully responsible. Although, you did wake me more times than I woke you,” he adds and I smile shyly up at him.

               “Worth it,” I mumble and as he nips at my neck.

               “However, you do need to lose the shirt in order for me to fully make up to you,” he says, his hands already at the hem and tugging it up my belly.

               “Right… I’m sure the shirt is just hindering your best possible performance…” I muse at him, though I arch my back to help.

               “You were hardly awake last night, obviously I wasn’t up to par,” he says, his lip trailing down my throat.

               “Less talking, more showing,” I whisper, my eyes closing on their own.

               “Whatever you want.”


               Less than an hour later I’m stepping out of the shower and towel drying my hair when I hear the front door open and my dogs bounding up the stairs, overly hyped up after a play session with Auston outside. They come barreling into my room and look around for a second before they spot me and jump around at my knees.

               “Morning, girls,” I laugh, leaning down and kissing them both on their soft heads.

               Auston appears behind them, a little out a breath still.

               “Mitch texted me and asked it was safe for him to come over,” Auston says, grinning at me.

               “Ahh, fun police Mitchell swooping in,” I roll my eyes playfully.

               “Funny, he says the exact same thing about you,” he says and I scowl.

               “Of course he does. It’s not my fault he’s like a five year old when he eats!”

               Auston holds his hands up in mock surrender. “I’m just relaying information, babe. Mind if I shower?” He adds, and I notice his overnight bag at his feet.

               “No, go ahead,” I say, moving past him into the bedroom and towards my closet.

               Auston gets in the shower, not bothering to close the door at all much to my embarrassment. Wonder what its’ like be so confident… I step back into the bathroom to brush my teeth and Auston’s phone goes off next to the sink. I glance at it out of habit of looking at my own and notice his background is a picture of me. Going still, I tilt my head at the screen and try to ignore my heart pounding against my ribs.

               “Hey Auston?” I ask through a mouthful of toothpaste.

               “Yeah?” He says.

               “What are you doing next Saturday? You don’t have a game do you?” I ask him, rinsing my toothbrush under the sink tap.

               “No, why?”

               “Well… um…” I blush for a reason unknown to me, suddenly unbearably shy.

               I hear the curtain pull back slightly and I can see Auston’s head sticking out.

               “Were you going to ask me on a date?” He smirks at me and I turn even redder.

               “No!” I snap, looking anywhere but at him, choosing the ceiling to stare at. “I mean yes,” I admit, chewing on my tongue.

               I don’t have to look at Auston to know that his face is nearly splitting in two with a grin.

               “Then ask me,” he teases and I make a face at him.

               “Do I have to?” I whine, and his face lights up even more.

               “Yep, I think someone asked me if I wanted to hang out with them next Saturday… better have a good reason to cancel on them…” he says and I know he’s lying.

               Scrunching my nose, I face him and right when I open my mouth he talks over me.          

               “Can you not look like you just stepped in dog shit while asking me? Kinda gives me a bad vibe,” Auston says, biting his lip to hide his laugh.

               I huff at him and put on the sweetest face I possibly can, leaning into him slightly until I feel the mist from the shower.

               “Auston, will you please be my date to my cousin’s wedding on Saturday?” I bat my eyelashes at him, and push my arms together which in turn presses my boobs together and his attention goes directly to my chest.

               “You stand like that, I’ll say yes to whatever you want,” Auston says and I smile, I go to pull away but Auston grabs my waist and pulls me half into the shower, my upper half once again getting completely soaked.

               “Auston!” I squeal, trying in vain to pull away. “I just got dry!” I complain through my laugh.

               “Oh, I don’t believe that for a second,” Auston whispers alluringly to me and I hit his arm.

               “What are you? A jack rabbit?” I pull back out of the shower much to his amusement and peel my now sopping wet shirt off and throw it in the sink. Auston peeks out at me right when I go for the clasp of my bra and I scowl at him, deciding to go into my closet to take that off, this time much to his disappointment.

               Half an hour later I’m scarfing down my cereal while Auston makes an omelet, he eyes my cereal warily and opens his mouth to speak and I cut him off with a wave of my hand.

               “Don’t you dare say a single damn thing about my cereal. I’m not the professional athlete, I can eat whatever the hell I want,” I say without even looking up from the maze on the back of my Reese’s Puffs box.

               Auston shuts his mouth and goes about getting his breakfast ready. There’s a knock on the door a few minutes later which surprises me, but then in barges Mitch and Will and the surprise disappears. They immediately weasel their way into the kitchen and Mitch opens the fridge and throws a scowl at me.

               “You didn’t even notice did you?” He asks me.

               I look up from my cereal puzzled, “What?”

               Mitch reaches in and when he pulls back, in his hand is two bags of carrots and he throws them on the counter in front of me and I raise my eyebrows at him.

               “I bought you your carrots and you didn’t even notice!” Mitch exclaims and I stare at him for a moment before bursting out laughing at the ridiculous expression on his face. “Too busy with your fancy new telescope to even care,” Mitch mutters under his breath and I laugh harder.

               “I appreciate the carrots, Mitchell,” I eventually am able to get out through my laughs. “You’re no longer on my shit list,” I wink at him and he rolls his eyes, flinging the carrots back into the fridge and going into the living room to pout and play COD with some guys online.

               Eventually Auston goes and joins them, all three of them with their headsets on. I lean back across the counter I just cleaned in the kitchen and watch them. My two dogs seem to decide that Mitch is at the perfect level for a kiss attack and I hear his protests as they knock him over onto his back and proceed to step on and kiss every exposed part of him, much to the amusement to Will who is apparently on a different team as Auston and Mitch and proceeds to kill Mitch’s character.

               The two quickly get into a heated argument once Mitch rights himself and fights off the attack of Zalla and Andie. I press my lips together in a smile as I watch them, and can only imagine what is being said by the guys who aren’t here.

               A beam of sunlight suddenly comes in through the window behind my sink and crosses across my toes on the floor. I move closer to the window, still facing into the living room and bring my wrist up to the sunlight, the beam hitting the center charm and sending a thousand sparkles across my kitchen and into the living room.

               Auston looks up from his controller and meets my eyes. A thoughtful expression on his face as I send another shower of sparkles sprawling across the room. I return my attention to the charm, zeroing in on the individual points and markings, wondering why I didn’t kiss Auston seven weeks ago when he slid it across the table to me.  

On Melancholy Hill

Jughead x Reader

The reader and Jughead are best friends, and whenever they want to talk, they meet by the tree on a hill. Based on the requested song: ‘On Melancholy Hill’ by gorillaz

Warnings: divorced parents

Word count: 2,256

A/N: lol can you spot the lyric i used as dialogue from Dear Evan Hansen bc i am trash? BC my HEART can’t TAKE it.

Originally posted by jughead-thethird


Up on Melancholy Hill

There’s a plastic tree

Sitting at lunch, I stare down at my food, not wanting to touch it. It doesn’t look appetizing. My friends are all conversing around me and I can’t help but just hear a bunch of white noise. I fiddle with a hair tie on my wrist, twisting it in and out and around my fingers, looking for anything to distract myself from my thoughts.

I’m normally not like this. Normally I’m talkative and involved in the conversation, looking people in the eyes. Lately though, I haven’t been feeling up to it.

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