his eyes are melting me

Walking down the hallway, fresh out of the shower, I started having second thoughts. I wondered if it was such a good idea to try to seduce my Dad. I’d been flirting, and teasing him for weeks. And now, walking down the hallway, soaking wet and wrapped in a towel, I was really starting to consider that I might actually fuck my Dad. With every step, my legs got weaker. And my pussy got wetter.

I stepped into his room. The door was open so I didn’t bother knocking. He was at his desk, doing some last minute stuff for work. “Hi Daddy” I said in a sing-soggy voice. He turned his head and looked at me. After a quick moment of him eyeing my towel covered body, he smiled. His smile immediately melted me, and all my second thoughts evaporated.

“Hey there, cupcake.” He said cheerfully. “Have a good shower?”

I hesitated for a moment as I recalled myself in the shower only 10 minutes about, furiously fingering myself through two orgasms. I smirked. “It was really good Dad.”

“Good. So do you have any plans for tonight?” I could see him shift in his chair uncomfortably. After teasing him so much, having me standing in his room almost naked might have been getting to him. “Your Mom wont be home till late. We could order out, or we could…” I couldn’t even hear him. His voice echoed in my mind but I couldn’t hear the words. My breathing was getting heavy, and I couldn’t wait any longer.

In the middle of his sentence I released the towel that shielded my naked body, allowing it to unwrap from around me and fall to the floor.

He sat there, unable to finish his sentence. He looked at me for what felt like forever, but was really only a couple seconds. My skin burned everywhere his eyes wandered, and my pussy dripped. He snapped out of his shock and confusion, slamming his eyes shut. “Jesus Marie. Put your towel back on!” He shifted in his chair again.

My throat was dry as I spoke back to him. “No, Daddy. I need this.”

“You need this? Need what?” He asked, his voice flustered.

“I need you to look at me, Dad.” My voice was unsteady as I spilled everything. “All the flirting, and the teasing. Did you think I didn’t know I was doing it?” His hand dropped, and he looked at me. His eyes didn’t wander, they met mine and were fixated there. “I’ve seen how you look at me, and it makes me wet, Dad. When I’m alone, I think of you. When I’m with my boyfriend, I think of you. I hear you fuck Mom sometimes, and I imagine myself in Moms place.” My composure began to unravel the more I spoke. My voice was a nervous mess. “I’m giving myself to you, Dad. Please…”

He leaned back in his chair, looking me in the eyes for a long while before they began to linger down my body. I watched as he drank in every inch and curve. My face went red as he stared intently at my body. I blushed more when I noticed he wasn’t trying to hide the growing erection in his pants. The silence was deafening when he finally spoke, his voice unsure. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

I bit my lip, and nodded confidently.

He slowly reached for the zipper of his slacks. My spine shivered as I watched him slide it down. “Your mother can never know about this…” I smiled, almost crying, as I agreed. He reached in, and grabbed his cock, pulling it out. It stood proudly, straight up out of his pants. My once dry mouth was now watering in anticipation. I stepped forward, kneeling down in front of him. I locked eyes with him, and he gave me a reassuring smile. “I never thought this would happen…”

“I did.” I said as I reached forward and took his cock in my quivering hand.

He moaned as my fingers wrapped around him. “I don’t want this to change anything. You still mean everything to me, cupcake.” My pussy tingled. He still used the pet-name he gave to me when I was little, even while I was touching his cock. I kept my eyes on his and smiled wide.

“I love you too, Dad.” I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around him,

Ugh. So great.

His name was Simon.

MSP: I used to live in this village in southern England with my family - all “pureblood and proud” not a single drop of muggle blood in our veins - complete and utter rubbish, all of it, of course, caused mostly by their pure inability to face the fact that my grandmother had a child from a muggle man. I swear, you could run around shouting Voldemort’s name but as soon as you mentioned the poor man? *laughs* Locked in your room for the rest of the day.

MSP: One summer a muggle family moved into an old house near my family’s mansion - you can imagine my parent’s reaction. I was not to come anywhere near the muggle boy-

MSP: Surely, it was all a big secret. We would meet in the forest behind the mansion, and he would beg me to show some of my “magic tricks” - I could do a bit of wandless magic, harmless stuff, nothing a ministry charm could trace. In return he would show me his muggle things - which, frankly, were as much of a nuisance to me as my magic was to him. 

MSP: We became…close.

MSP: Perhaps, a bit too close.

MSP: It was all fun and games and we felt invincible.

MSP: Until one day we were too careless and..the other boys, our neighbors they-

MSP: …about everything.

MSP: To say that my Father was livid when the news of his “dirty little traitor of a son” reached him would be a bit of an understatement. I begged him to leave my friend alone, I swore I would never see him again, but my Father he…wouldn’t hear any of it. He told me that wouldn’t be needed.

That he would take care of it.

I learned enough to know exactly what he was going to do when he stormed out of the house.

And I…

MSP: Everything happened so fast. I saw it all go wrong.

MSP: My Father’s anger made his spell unsteady and it clashed…with something inside my friend’s mind. It fought back. I’ve learned later how a conscious desire to remember someone strong enough could repel memory charms but back then all I could do was stand and watch as panic in his eyes melted into confusion. And then…blank nothingness.

MSP: My Father dragged me out of the house and I was sent back to Hogwarts immediately for the rest of that summer. I had no contact with anyone for the entire school year and when I got back home - the muggle family was gone.

MSP: I spent two months trying to find him until eventually I got a trace of his mother. She moved into another town and lived all by herself. She told me everything…how she started slowly losing her son. He could remember bits, she said, sometimes he would become manic about this particular idea that there was more to this world than we could see and that someone was going to take it from him. Then he became paranoid. Stopped eating. He…wanted to see me, she said. He sometimes described me even though he couldn’t remember my name.

MSP: She gave me an address and I went to see him. It was a muggle center for mental health, a cold place with white walls. But he was there. Thin as a stick, little of the life left in him - all in his feverishly burning eyes.

MSP: He asked me if I could show him a magic trick…

MSP: His name was Simon.

Riverdale Imagine: The Game Part 2 (Reggie x Reader)

A/N: Had quite a few requests for Part 2. Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to leave you guys hanging!!

Summary: After the reader discovers that Reggie only asked her out to win a bet, she is heartbroken and angry, promising herself that she would never talk to him again. However, she wasn’t expecting Reggie to try and explain himself the following day at school.

Approx. 1250 words

Part One Here

“Can I kill him now?”

I raised my eyes lazily as Archie stormed into my bedroom, a mixture of anger and concern showing on his face. He had always viewed me as his little sister rather than his twin, perhaps it had something to do with how much taller than me he was, and therefore in his eyes I needed protecting from everything. I smiled weakly, patting the space on the bed next to me to encourage him to join, and shook my head slowly. After he had climbed into bed beside me and put a reassuring arm around my shoulder, just as he had always done when I was upset, I leant into him and sighed.

“To be honest Arch, I think Ronnie has beaten you to it.” I joked.

“I sure do love that girl!” he laughed. Archie and Veronica had been together for a few months now and – although it was weird initially since she is my best friend – I now idolised them as a total power couple, Veronica held all the power of course. “You liked him though, right?” he asked sympathetically.

“Yes” I whispered. “I never thought I would, but I liked him very much. But, now he has shown me his true colours and it turns out that the person I liked never existed. The boy that I liked wasn’t real; he was just a player in a game, trying to win a bet with his friends.” I said bitterly. Archie nodded and rubbed my shoulder comfortingly.

“Well, I have something that might cheer you up…” he began. Just then there was a knock on the door and Veronica peeped into the room, holding a box of cupcakes.


By the following morning, after I had spent all night spilling my heart out to Veronica and eating my favourite red-velvet cupcakes that my best friend always ordered from New York when I was upset, I had decided that I was done with Reggie Mantle, he wasn’t worth my tears after all. I was sitting in the student lounge during lunchtime, reading a new book while my friends – Veronica, Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Kevin – chatted contentedly around me, when someone approached our table. I wasn’t even going to look and see who it was, nobody ever came looking for me, when I heard two chairs hastily scrape back as two people rose quickly to their feet. I raised my head to see what was going on and to my absolute horror; Veronica and Archie were standing in front of Reggie who was clearly trying to get my attention.

“She doesn’t want to talk to you Mantle. When is that message going to sink into your stupid head?” Veronica spat maliciously.

“Why don’t you let Y/N decide that for herself, Veronica?” Reggie shot back in irritation as he tried to step past her.

“I know, let’s bet on it. You’re good at that” she said pointedly, raising her eyebrows at him questioningly.

“That’s not what happened” he hissed at her, “I’m trying to explain myself to her.”

“She doesn’t want to hear it Reggie, back off” Archie warned as he took a step forwards and put a hand on Reggie shoulder, urging him to leave. Reggie cursed loudly and kicked a soda can that was lying on the floor before he stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him. I bit my lip as I watched him leave, he was clearly upset and that pained me, but I reminded myself of what he had done and returned my attention back to my novel, avoiding the sympathetic glances of my friends.

For the rest of the day I had tried to forget the incident in the student lounge, but I couldn’t. The expression of hurt on Reggie’s face in the split-second that we made eye-contact before he left the room haunted me like a recurring dream as I left class and headed home at the end of the day. I wondered why he had been so upset. If going out with me had just been a game all along then surely he had won, why was he still trying to talk to me? I sighed, cursing my own weak-mindedness as I remembered that I had promised myself that morning that I was done with him. At that moment my phone made its familiar text-sound.

RM: Meet me at Pop’s now? I needed to talk to you. Please?

I clenched my jaw in annoyance as my heart fluttered unintentionally at the sight of his name on my screen. Why couldn’t I just hate him? It would make my life so much easier. I sighed again and I typed out my reply.

Fine. But you’re buying.


Ten minutes later, I was sitting opposite Reggie in my usual booth at Pop’s. I watched, scowling and with my arms crossed, as he tentatively pushed a chocolate milkshake towards me like I was a wild animal that might attack him at any moment.

“You have until I finish this milkshake to give me an explanation as to why you screwed me over” I announced bluntly. He nodded.

“The first time I asked you out, after the football game last month, it was for a bet. Chuck and I made a deal that whoever scored the most points during the game got to ask you out on a date, and I won” he began.

“How delightful for me” I muttered. “I’m glad I refused.”

“That’s just it Y/N! I never expected you to actually turn me down, that doesn’t really happen to me” he said, somewhat excitedly.

“This isn’t really helping you case Reggie” I said, rolling my eyes which made him chuckle.

“You have never made me work harder for a date in my life! That’s why I began to like you, because I had to know you better in order for you to actually accept my offer. By the time you finally agreed to go out with me I was so excited, I never thought you would actually say yes, and I had completely forgotten about the bet with Chuck until he announced it in the student lounge the following morning” he pleaded, looking up at me with his dark eyes, making my heart melt. I bit my lip and looked down at my now-empty milkshake glass.

“You really hurt my feelings, Reg” I whispered, refusing to return his gaze.

“I know, and I’m so sorry Y/N. Please can you give me another chance?” he begged. I smiled slowly and nodded, watching his eyes light up. He jumped around to my side of the booth and slid in beside me, pulling me swiftly into his lap and hugging me tightly as he softly kissed my shoulder where my skin was exposed.

“I have one condition Mantle” I warned, causing him to pull away from me slightly as he nodded.

“Of course Y/N, anything!”

“I want another milkshake” I announced with mock seriousness, making Reggie chuckle. He leant towards me and kissed me sweetly on the mouth, he tasted of the vanilla milkshake that he had been drinking and I smiled into the kiss. Just at that moment the bell on the door chimed as two people walked into the diner, it was Veronica and Archie. Reggie shrank down into the safety of our booth and pulled me down with him in an attempt to hide.

“Oh god” he muttered, “Can I buy you that milkshake tomorrow instead?”

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DannyMay Day Four: Alterations/Space

…His fascination with space was something quite endearing. The way his eyes would sparkle with glee at the mention of NASA. He knew the names of all the planets of the solar system before he knew all the states. He could tell you how many light years it would take to make a round trip from the Earth to Jupiter. He’s my adorable little junior astronaut in training.

His eighth birthday is tomorrow and I know exactly what to give him.

“Mommy where are we going?”

His birthday party ended hours ago. He went to bed and Jack and I started the cleaning. After the last chair was put back into place I marched up the stairs and into his room, dressed him up, put him in the back of the GAV and drove off.

“To a special place, its mommy’s birthday present to you.”

He gasps and all complaining stops. The anticipation is killing him I can tell, his legs are swinging. We drive for another hour. I look into the rear view mirror and see he’s fallen asleep again. It’s fine, this way it will be an even bigger surprise.

Finally, we get to the spot and I park the GAV. Stepping out and opening the back door I see Danny drooling on the seatbelt. He’s too cute for his own good. I set up the blanket and pin it down with some heavy rocks. Content with my handy work I wake him up.

“Danny sweetie, were here”

He slowly stirs, rubbing his eyes and looking at me all sleepily. My heart melts at the sight of him. I give him a big kiss unbuckling the seatbelt and pick him up. He leans on my shoulder, threatening to fall asleep again.

“Look Danny, happy birthday”

I say as I point up. He looks and gasps. All sleep forgotten, his eyes grow to the size of dinner plates. I put him down on the blanket and he’s mesmerized. Above him are thousands of stars shining brightly, not a single cloud in sight. The awe in his eyes gives me pause. it’s as if time has slowed down for him. He abruptly snaps his head in my direction with a serious expression, too serious for an eight-year-old child.

“Mommy, you’re the best mommy ever in the whole galaxy”

He hugs me tight and I know I did good. He gives me a kiss and I just about squeal at how cute my baby boy is. He let’s go, sits up and we start pointing out constellations.

“Look, mommy! It’s Ursa Major! Oh! And that one is the Big Dipper! And that one is Orion’s Belt!”

I smile while watching him. I’m very happy that he has found something he’s so passionate about. I have no doubts in my mind that he will make a great astronaut. Suddenly he gasps and stands up"

“Mommy look! It’s a shooting star! Quick make a wish!”

He closes his eyes and scrunches up his face in concentration. Little fists balled up at his sides. A few seconds later he looks at me and smiles, front tooth missing, and giggles.

“What did you wish for?”

“It’s a secret”

I laugh. Years later he finally tells me that his secret wish was for Jack and I to succeed in building the Ghost Portal™. When I ask him why he didn’t wish to be an astronaut he tells me that he knew he’ll get there on his own. Something very wise for a little boy.

We sit there for a while, just stargazing and even making up our own constellations. Suddenly the sun begins to rise and I know we’ve stayed out too late. Good thing it’s Saturday now, Danny can catch up on sleep. As we walk back to the GAV he yawns and rubs his eye whispering

“Best birthday ever”

Romantic Date

SUMMARY - You ask Bucky out on a date.

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#15 - Are you naked under that thing 

#27 - This is what you call a romantic date 

#45 - WOW , you should invite me to dinner first 

Its my second fluffy I think . Taw @supersoldierslover I hope you like it . 

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Leaning back against the sofa with Bucky on your lap you were watching TV . Your fingers were in his hair , running through them , untangling the knots . He moaned every time you pulled a little hard . But he was so engrossed in the TV , he wouldn’t even turn his eyes away from it for a second .

Randomly as you were going through some channels you came across a show . A show where  the girls asked guys out on a date . Arranged something that the girls thought the guys would like and enjoy .

A few of them chose hiking , while a few took them to see the planetarium . Some girls went with the typical , dinner at a fancy restaurant while a few thought to go fishing .

“You never asked me on a romantic date .”, Bucky said turning his head and looked  up to face you . He was pouting like a fucking child .

He looked so adorable . Two years you were with this man and to this day , just looking into his eyes could melt your insides .

“You asked me before I could babe.”, you answer .

He whined and turned his head back to the tv with a frown on his face .

“But we could still go out on a date .” You say trying to lure him in the idea.

“Really?”  He had the brightest smile on his face as he jumped off your lap and sat facing you .

“Really . James Buchanan Barnes , would you like to go out on a date with me .”, you propose to him , like the first time he did to you .

“Hmmm , I don’t know .” IDIOT . Acting hard to get . You could still see his smug smile though .

“I don’t see any harm . I would love to go . When and where?” He was so excited that it was contagious . You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face .

You would do anything to keep Bucky happy . After all he deserved it . He deserved all the world . And if you could help him forgetting even a little of his past for him to see that he deserves happiness you would do it .

“Umm , tonight at 9 and on the rooftop .”

You say as you run out of the hall and into the kitchen .

“WANDA!!! “, you shout as you find her looking into the kitchen .
“Y/N!!!”, she says with equal excitement , mocking you . You both start giggling at the stupidity .

“I need your help.”

“Okay . For what?”, she asks as she comes to stand in front of you .

“So….I asked Bucky out on a date and I know he loves loves looooves carrot cake and I don’t know how to make any . Pleeeeeeease help me . Please.” You plead .

“You are dating right? So whats with the date . But it’s a cute idea . I will definitely help you .”

You both spend the next hour or so trying to make the batter and grate the carrots . After you are done you put it in the oven to bake and walk to your room to get dressed .

As you reach the door you hear Steve and Bucky talking .

“So…I like the maroon one , but she likes the red .”, Bucky says holding both the shirts .

“Both are good  . But what is it for again?”, Steve asks confused .

Bucky turns around and looks into the mirror. He puts both the shirts in front of him for comparison .

“She asked me out on a date . And it’s tonight . And I wanna look good . So , if you don’t mind , without asking questions can you help me decide .”

You walked away from your room and decide to go to Tony’s lab in hopes that he has a tent .

“Hey Tony.”, you greet him with a peppy tone .
“Hey kid . What do you need?” he says not looking away from what he was doing .

“Ummm ,  just wanted to know if you had a tent .”, you ask, uncertainty laced your voice .

“It’s in the storage room.”
Even before he could complete the sentence, you murmured a quick thank you and made way to the storage . You rummaged through it to find a cute pink tent , enough to fit the both of you .

You looked at the clock and realised it was 8:30 . With the cake in one hand and the tent and a few blankets in the other you entered the roof . The sky was beautiful , littered with millions of stars . The wind blowing slightly , though not enough to uproot your tent .

You cover the cake with the lid and try to get the tent up .After 20 minutes of hard work it was finally up . You lay the blankets in the tent making it extra fluffy and wrapped one around your body .

After a few minutes you heard Bucky open the door of the roof .You waited for him to come into the tent . He peaked through the crack of the tent .

“Hey baby.”, he said with his beautiful smile . How you wanted to kiss him just then .

“Hey pretty boy . Come in .”, you say as you move aside to give him space to settle in .A blush creeped up his face at being called pretty and it was adorable  . He always blushed hard when you complimented him .

You pull out  the carrot cake from behind you and put it in front of him .

“You made me carrot cake? It’s my favourite.” , he said it like a child who just received candy .

All you could do was chuckle . He picked up a piece and started eating . He eyes you up and down as he ate .

“ Are you naked under that thing?”, he says pointing to your blanket .

“Umm , yeah . I just thought …..”
“This is what you call a romantic date . WOW . You should invite me to dinner first .”, he says offended .

“Bucky!!” you say slapping his arm .

“It is romantic . There is cake , and we under the stars in a tent with fluffy blankets .And I thought we could cuddle . Naked….”, you argue as you whisper the last part and look down at your toes .

He lifts your chin up and places a gently kiss on your lips . It feels like the first kiss you shared with him . You didn’t want this to stop . But he pulled away quicker than you’d like .

“It is romantic . I love it babe.” , he says wrapping his arm around you as he pulled you closer to his chest . He got inside the blanket to get more comfortable .

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You both laid on your back and looked at the stars through the transparent top of the tent .

“I love you Y/N.”, he says turning his face to you as he nuzzles his face in you neck .

“I love you Bucky.” You kiss the top of his head and pull him closer to you .

You felt like the luckiest girl in the world . To be loved by Bucky was everything you hoped .

You prayed this happiness stayed forever .

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Auston Matthews - Part 31

One more part to go and I’m emotional

Waking in the morning in a sea of sheets and Auston’s face nestled against my shoulder, I can’t help but stare down at him. His hair is a complete mess, and I can already see the shadow under his eyes from lack of sleep. We had spent the night gently waking each other until we were both utterly exhausted. Even though he had played games on back to back nights, he still lasted longer than I had. Now looking down at him, his bare chest just visible from me throwing the sheets off, probably from overheating from his body and mine, I can hardly believe I’m waking up next to him again.  

               I try to lay there as long as I possibly can, letting Auston sleep but my bladder doesn’t let it last much longer. Luckily, he’s only resting his torso against me and I’m able to wiggle my legs to the edge of the bed, though getting his head off my shoulder proves to be a little more difficult. I move as slowly as I possibly can but it still wakes him. Auston blinks his brown eyes at me, the tired expression on his face melting my heart and a small part of me dies.

               “Hi,” I whisper, smiling at him while lightly touching his face with my fingertips.

               “Hi,” he whispers back, taking a deep breath and sighing, nuzzling my chest and frowning when he realizes I have a t-shirt on. “I don’t remember you getting dressed?” He asks, picking at the shirt with his finger.

               “After the last time, you were kinda out of it after…” I bite my lip to keep from laughing when his eyes narrow at me.

               “I remember that very clearly, just nothing after,” he says and I giggle.

               “As much as I would prefer to lay here with you… I really have to go the bathroom,” I shift my legs and make a face at him.

               “Fine,” he pouts and detangles his arm from around my waist and lifts himself on to his elbow so I can slide out from under him. The sheet pools at his waist and I blush, quickly looking away. Auston chuckles and pinches my side.

               “Still shy?” He asks, grabbing my arm and pulling me down for a kiss.

               “I’m not shy! I’m just being respectful!” I protest but let him kiss me anyways.

               “You can disrespect me anytime you want,” he smirks up at me and I swat at his bare chest.

               “Auston!” I scold and he laughs.

               “Hurry back,” he says, putting his hands behind his head and giving me a look that makes my stomach clench.

               I make to stand up and instantly have to sit back down, wincing slightly.

               “Everything okay?” Auston asks, frowning at me and probably wondering why my face is fifty shades of red.

               “Uh… yeah, everything’s good,” I say quickly, gritting my teeth and cringing as I stand again. Oh my god! I whimper quietly as I retreat to the bathroom, closing the door behind me and leaning against it, letting out a sigh of pain. Dear God, what did he do to me? I stumble to the sink and look into the mirror. My eyes are too bright and my cheeks a dusting of red, a slightly smug look on my face but also a twinge of discomfort.

               When I walk back out into the bedroom he’s still laying on the bed, his eyes flash up my bare legs to my face.

               “Quit just standing there and come here,” he says, holding out a hand to me.

               I gingerly make my way to bed and hope he doesn’t notice. “You’re walking funny.” So much for that.

               “I am not,” I mutter, climbing onto the bed and resting on my knees beside him.

               “You are, I didn’t mean to make you sore,” he says outright and I blush furiously, looking anywhere but at him.

               “Why are you so blunt with everything?” I ask him exasperated.

               Auston laughs and rests a hand on my leg, squeezing it gently.

               “Because I’m comfortable with you,” he says and I warm at his words, biting my lip to hide my smile.

               “Come here,” he whispers, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me across him, kissing my neck before rolling me underneath him. “I’ll make you feel better,” he whispers against my skin and shiver.

               “I don’t remember you becoming a nurse,” I mutter and he grins.

               “Well, I feel a little responsible…” he starts and I cut him off.

               “A little?” I ask him and he laughs.

               “Okay, fully responsible. Although, you did wake me more times than I woke you,” he adds and I smile shyly up at him.

               “Worth it,” I mumble and as he nips at my neck.

               “However, you do need to lose the shirt in order for me to fully make up to you,” he says, his hands already at the hem and tugging it up my belly.

               “Right… I’m sure the shirt is just hindering your best possible performance…” I muse at him, though I arch my back to help.

               “You were hardly awake last night, obviously I wasn’t up to par,” he says, his lip trailing down my throat.

               “Less talking, more showing,” I whisper, my eyes closing on their own.

               “Whatever you want.”


               Less than an hour later I’m stepping out of the shower and towel drying my hair when I hear the front door open and my dogs bounding up the stairs, overly hyped up after a play session with Auston outside. They come barreling into my room and look around for a second before they spot me and jump around at my knees.

               “Morning, girls,” I laugh, leaning down and kissing them both on their soft heads.

               Auston appears behind them, a little out a breath still.

               “Mitch texted me and asked it was safe for him to come over,” Auston says, grinning at me.

               “Ahh, fun police Mitchell swooping in,” I roll my eyes playfully.

               “Funny, he says the exact same thing about you,” he says and I scowl.

               “Of course he does. It’s not my fault he’s like a five year old when he eats!”

               Auston holds his hands up in mock surrender. “I’m just relaying information, babe. Mind if I shower?” He adds, and I notice his overnight bag at his feet.

               “No, go ahead,” I say, moving past him into the bedroom and towards my closet.

               Auston gets in the shower, not bothering to close the door at all much to my embarrassment. Wonder what its’ like be so confident… I step back into the bathroom to brush my teeth and Auston’s phone goes off next to the sink. I glance at it out of habit of looking at my own and notice his background is a picture of me. Going still, I tilt my head at the screen and try to ignore my heart pounding against my ribs.

               “Hey Auston?” I ask through a mouthful of toothpaste.

               “Yeah?” He says.

               “What are you doing next Saturday? You don’t have a game do you?” I ask him, rinsing my toothbrush under the sink tap.

               “No, why?”

               “Well… um…” I blush for a reason unknown to me, suddenly unbearably shy.

               I hear the curtain pull back slightly and I can see Auston’s head sticking out.

               “Were you going to ask me on a date?” He smirks at me and I turn even redder.

               “No!” I snap, looking anywhere but at him, choosing the ceiling to stare at. “I mean yes,” I admit, chewing on my tongue.

               I don’t have to look at Auston to know that his face is nearly splitting in two with a grin.

               “Then ask me,” he teases and I make a face at him.

               “Do I have to?” I whine, and his face lights up even more.

               “Yep, I think someone asked me if I wanted to hang out with them next Saturday… better have a good reason to cancel on them…” he says and I know he’s lying.

               Scrunching my nose, I face him and right when I open my mouth he talks over me.          

               “Can you not look like you just stepped in dog shit while asking me? Kinda gives me a bad vibe,” Auston says, biting his lip to hide his laugh.

               I huff at him and put on the sweetest face I possibly can, leaning into him slightly until I feel the mist from the shower.

               “Auston, will you please be my date to my cousin’s wedding on Saturday?” I bat my eyelashes at him, and push my arms together which in turn presses my boobs together and his attention goes directly to my chest.

               “You stand like that, I’ll say yes to whatever you want,” Auston says and I smile, I go to pull away but Auston grabs my waist and pulls me half into the shower, my upper half once again getting completely soaked.

               “Auston!” I squeal, trying in vain to pull away. “I just got dry!” I complain through my laugh.

               “Oh, I don’t believe that for a second,” Auston whispers alluringly to me and I hit his arm.

               “What are you? A jack rabbit?” I pull back out of the shower much to his amusement and peel my now sopping wet shirt off and throw it in the sink. Auston peeks out at me right when I go for the clasp of my bra and I scowl at him, deciding to go into my closet to take that off, this time much to his disappointment.

               Half an hour later I’m scarfing down my cereal while Auston makes an omelet, he eyes my cereal warily and opens his mouth to speak and I cut him off with a wave of my hand.

               “Don’t you dare say a single damn thing about my cereal. I’m not the professional athlete, I can eat whatever the hell I want,” I say without even looking up from the maze on the back of my Reese’s Puffs box.

               Auston shuts his mouth and goes about getting his breakfast ready. There’s a knock on the door a few minutes later which surprises me, but then in barges Mitch and Will and the surprise disappears. They immediately weasel their way into the kitchen and Mitch opens the fridge and throws a scowl at me.

               “You didn’t even notice did you?” He asks me.

               I look up from my cereal puzzled, “What?”

               Mitch reaches in and when he pulls back, in his hand is two bags of carrots and he throws them on the counter in front of me and I raise my eyebrows at him.

               “I bought you your carrots and you didn’t even notice!” Mitch exclaims and I stare at him for a moment before bursting out laughing at the ridiculous expression on his face. “Too busy with your fancy new telescope to even care,” Mitch mutters under his breath and I laugh harder.

               “I appreciate the carrots, Mitchell,” I eventually am able to get out through my laughs. “You’re no longer on my shit list,” I wink at him and he rolls his eyes, flinging the carrots back into the fridge and going into the living room to pout and play COD with some guys online.

               Eventually Auston goes and joins them, all three of them with their headsets on. I lean back across the counter I just cleaned in the kitchen and watch them. My two dogs seem to decide that Mitch is at the perfect level for a kiss attack and I hear his protests as they knock him over onto his back and proceed to step on and kiss every exposed part of him, much to the amusement to Will who is apparently on a different team as Auston and Mitch and proceeds to kill Mitch’s character.

               The two quickly get into a heated argument once Mitch rights himself and fights off the attack of Zalla and Andie. I press my lips together in a smile as I watch them, and can only imagine what is being said by the guys who aren’t here.

               A beam of sunlight suddenly comes in through the window behind my sink and crosses across my toes on the floor. I move closer to the window, still facing into the living room and bring my wrist up to the sunlight, the beam hitting the center charm and sending a thousand sparkles across my kitchen and into the living room.

               Auston looks up from his controller and meets my eyes. A thoughtful expression on his face as I send another shower of sparkles sprawling across the room. I return my attention to the charm, zeroing in on the individual points and markings, wondering why I didn’t kiss Auston seven weeks ago when he slid it across the table to me.  

On Melancholy Hill

Jughead x Reader

The reader and Jughead are best friends, and whenever they want to talk, they meet by the tree on a hill. Based on the requested song: ‘On Melancholy Hill’ by gorillaz

Warnings: divorced parents

Word count: 2,256

A/N: lol can you spot the lyric i used as dialogue from Dear Evan Hansen bc i am trash? BC my HEART can’t TAKE it.

Originally posted by jughead-thethird


Up on Melancholy Hill

There’s a plastic tree

Sitting at lunch, I stare down at my food, not wanting to touch it. It doesn’t look appetizing. My friends are all conversing around me and I can’t help but just hear a bunch of white noise. I fiddle with a hair tie on my wrist, twisting it in and out and around my fingers, looking for anything to distract myself from my thoughts.

I’m normally not like this. Normally I’m talkative and involved in the conversation, looking people in the eyes. Lately though, I haven’t been feeling up to it.

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IM GOOD, don’t worry. Harry Styles IMAGINE

I surly feel nauseous the moment I get out of the house but of course I didn’t tell harry about it. He was already anxious about the tv show , I didn’t want him under more pressure.
We we’re heading toward SNL , it is a big night for him and I know how much he wanted this moment to come.
As a girlfriend it is a pleasure to be his company and I was so excited about it as well, seeing harry performing and acting short stand up comedy but I didn’t expect this sickness come to me. Not now that I need my best for him.
But it did come and I try so hard to hide it as we drive so studio “here’s so hot” he said as he looses one of his shirt buttons. I hold his hand in mine though mine is cold and shaky compared to him but he didn’t notice as he hold it tightly in his.

We drove the rest of way in silence, once we got out of car paparazzi starts yelling and shoving their cameras in our faces. The overwhelming feeling of shining light in my face makes me slower as I trying to hold my stomach and not empty it on them.
My head start spinning and I already was away from harry to hold on him. His bodyguards was around but I just couldn’t, he glanced back at me so suddenly with worry in his eyes like he felt how I feel.
He stops his bodyguards and mumbled something in his ear, his bodyguard nods as he comes to me.
My feet start shaking and I feel like fainting as harry hold on my waist in his arm. He whispered in my ear “we’re almost inside, just hold on love” he said as I nod. Once we get inside he hold my face in his hands “darling what’s wrong? You scared the shit out of me” I hold my breath longer still feeling nauseous “I’m good” he shakes his head hold me in his arms “no you’re not, I’ll ask for a doctor” he pull me in his dressing room “sit on this couch love” I nod as I shakily sits on the couch, I feel better still I can’t speak, too afraid to throwing up.
Harry give me a cup of water as a sits in front of me on his knees, caressing my hair “it’s ok, you’re ok, my beautiful y/n” I nod as I drink the cool water. It really felt better.

“Sir, do I need to call ambulance?” One of his bodyguards said , I shake my head “no I’m good. Just little dizzy” he look at me with such worry in his eyes that melt my heart “we still can call to make sure you’re ok” he said as I put my hand on his that is actually on my face “no harry I’m good. Just go and burn the stage. I’ll be good until you come back” he shakes his head this time “no I can’t go there knowing you’re ill” I hold his beautiful face in my hand as I lean closer to him however I prefer staying still “I’ll ask for you if I feel worse, so just go there, I’m here with Mitch and others soon after you’re done”
He hesitated but nods anyway. Kissing my head he stand up telling his bodyguard “don’t take your eyes off her and ask for me if she doesn’t feel good” he nods “I’ll sir”
He kiss me one more time before leaving for his performance.

Part 2? If yes then tell me because I don’t know if you like it or nah.

Donald Pierce x reader

Logan (2017)

Warnings: Smut. Smut. Smut. ANNNNND SMUT


I walked through the halls, keeping the files close to my chest. Rushing outside, I crossed the cement, trailing beside the wired fences over to the other building. My tag hit my chest with each step, and the mist in the air cleared my lungs.

Scanning the doors, they beeped with the sound of locks, and I pushed my way through. Soldiers armed with guns stood beside them, glancing at me, they nodded, and I passed them. Turning the corner, I stopped dead in my tracks. Donald Pierce stood only a foot away from me. He smirked at me, and I swallowed with nervousness.

Slightly arching his eyebrow, Pierce reached over with his machine hand. Slowly sliding the files out of my grasp. I clenched my jaw and stared at him while he opened them; scanning his sharp blue eyes over the words. He then clicked his tongue, and looked over at me, his thick words low and gruff. I felt goosebumps rise on the surface of my arms.

“Hmm… Somethin’ tells me… You… Aint supposed to have those, now are ya darlin’?” I looked at the ground, and he stepped closer to me. Lifting his machine hand, and flicking a metal finger over the corner of my jaw. Sighing, he set his shoulders and cocked his head slightly. Kicking his heels back, and walking away. Suddenly, he halted and looked slightly back to me. “I suggest you follow me, ms. Y/N.”

I cleared my throat, expecting him to take me to Zander Rice. Who ran Transigen over him.

Turning a few corners, Pierce slowed, sliding one of the panels to a door open, and outstretching his arm-reaching to my back. Lightly grazing my hip as I walked into the room, he trailed behind. Locking the door behind him.

“Now. Let’s just say I forget about whatever you expect to get away with…” He sat on the desk that was slid against the back wall and nodded to the chair that sat in front of it. “If you, sweet thing, would do one thing.” His heavy southern accent teased me, and I took a deep breath. Trying to shake it off. Business.

“What do you want?” I could hardly stop my voice from wavering.

“Oh, darlin’ I think we both want the same thing. Isn’t that right?” His voice was now nearly a whisper. He lifted his metal finger into the air, and set it, slightly waving it to the left before resting it against his knee. “One thing….” He smiled smugly at me as his words lingered and left a numb taste in my mouth.

I watched him carefully, as he reached to the files again. The files I had planned to give to Gabriela-the files on the kids. He set them carefully next to him, before reaching over to my face. Touching me with his human hand, I felt his fingers shake slightly, as he dragged them down my cheek. Lifting my chin, I slowly stood up, and he wrapped his other arm around my waist. My heart slammed against my chest, as I felt his muscles tighten around me when he surrounded me with his tall frame. Leaning his head down, he kissed me. Gently, like he was savoring the taste of my lips. I sunk down, reaching my fingers to run through his thick blonde hair. Running them through, I twisted them and felt him reach under my legs. Thrusting me onto his lap, my legs crossed behind him, and he kissed me harder.

Sliding his hand up my back, I felt the cold hard metal press in between my shoulder blades. His tongue slid against my gums as he asked permission to kiss me deeper. Holding the back of my head with his flesh hand, he leaned forward, and I nodded against his lips. Letting him bite my bottom lip, slide his tongue against my teeth and the back of my cheek. I breathed in, taking in the scent of strong cologne and sweat.

Sliding his jacket off of his strong shoulders, my fingers contoured the lines of his muscles. Feeling him under my fingers, a low growl formed in his throat, and I parted my lips from his.

He stared at me with hunger, breathing heavy and sweat beading at his brow. Tightening myself around his waist, I felt him pull me up, set me on the desk, and crash against me. Moving my hips to his, my back hit the desk, and he pushed the papers to the floor. With the now-clear desk, he was able to rest his hands beside my head as he kissed me. With my knees pulled up and my feet sliding down his back, they fell to his belt, and I slid my toes underneath the leather. Pulling him closer by the caller.

His lips moved down my neck, nibbling at the sensitive skin. My fingers moved from his collar to the buttons on his chest. Pulling them apart, I threw his black shirt across the room. Leaning my head back, I let my fingers rest on his abdomen before he brought his head up from my collar bone. He slid his hands around my waist, holding me tightly, and I gasped as he dug his fingers into my skin. The pads on his machine fingers barely as soft as the others. I held his face, kissing him while he moved his hands around my pants. Pulling them off, he broke away and looked at me. I laid on top of the table, letting myself rest for a split second

Sweat moved down my hairline, and he slid my arms above my head. Tracing the curves of my body, and moving my shirt above my head. Gazing on my figure underneath him, he admired me with slow breaths.

With my black sheer bra revealed to his eyes, he bit his bottom lip, grazing his thumb over my nipple, before moving his lips over the tender area of my breast. Leaning over me, I grasped his hair, grunting as he pulled the fabric of my bra away from my flushed body.

Moving his hand down to my panties while he continued to suck at my breasts, licking my nipples and nipping at them while caressing my body, he massaged his fingers through the lips between my legs. I gasped at his movements, bringing myself up and holding myself by his neck. Pressing his thumb against my clit, I gasped, and he then leaned down and breathed in, pushing his mouth to mine until I suffocated in his breath.

Closing my eyes, I let his warmth envelop me, and I felt myself melting to his touch. An orgasm went through my muscles, and I grunted softly. His fingers only traveled deeper-opening me up to his greed.

Ripping my panties to the floor, he slid his black cargo pants to his ankles, stepping out of them in hurried trips. Letting his member spring free, he kicked his underwear next to his pants and angled himself to my hips. Pulling my lips apart, I slid my hand over his chest, and my other around his waist. Pulling him towards me in desperate whimpers. As he set the tip over my entrance, he throbbed against the inside of my thigh, and then suddenly thrust himself into me. Pulling out, and allowing my wet walls to open up to him before he slid in again, only deeper. I then heard him huff for air, thrusting until he found his rhythm. Digging his metal hand into the desk.

Grasping onto his shoulders, I wrapped my legs around his waist once again, letting him go deeper. His hair stuck to his forehead, and as he breathed heavily, I looked up at his gold tooth. Biting my lip as I yearned to feel his mouth on mine.

A moan suddenly pressed against my lips, and I strained against it. Waves thrusting themselves through my body at the beat of Pierce’s hips, and another orgasm tore through me. He kissed me through it, his words hard to swallow.

“Quiet-else they’ll hear us-“ He grunted, and nuzzled his head in the crook of my neck.

Pulling out, his skin stuck to mine with sweat, and he cursed, his voice now muffled. “Fuck-you kill me…Oh-fuck.” I took a deep breath, closing my eyes. He grazed his fingers over my lips and moved a strand of hair away from my eyes before pushing himself off me. Cleaning himself up, he then threw the cloth in the trash can, and I sat up.

“So, is that all you needed?” Rubbing the scruff around his chin, he looked at me and then slid his arms under mine. Pulling me off of the table, and against his naked chest.

“Baby… You know me…” I let him move his mouth across mine, caressing my face. My fingers pushed through his hair, and I pulled away. Sucking at the inside of my cheek, I then sighed. No matter how much he gave me, I always wanted more.

A knock on the door shook us from the trance we were in, and with a slight jump, I shook my head.

“Mr. Pierce? Mr. Rice is looking for you.” A Hispanic voice echoed through the room from behind the door.

He cleared his voice and buckled his belt.

“Thank you.” We listened to the small lady hurry off to do more files, as I pulled my jeans up to my hips. Clasping my bra, and pulling my shirt over my head. Tucking the smooth fabric of my shirt into my jeans, Pierce finished dressing and then walked over to me. Holding me by my hips, and letting out a small sigh. “You should be more careful, Darlin. Don’t want nobody to find you with those files now would we?” Smirking, he kissed my temple, grazing his mouth to my ear, where he whispered, “I know whatchu’s thinkin’ of doin’.” Even in a low mutter, his accent dripped from his tongue like syrup. I leaned against him. “And trust me, baby, it won’t work.”


Note: This one really sucks and I apologize.

Bucky Barnes Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: can you do a bucky barnes imagine where you celebrate bucky’s birthday and you arrive and it was time for him to open presents. and so as bucky opens your present, you sneak out the back and leave the building. you leave bucky completely confused and worried, and than he says he wants to drop everything, he doesn’t care that it was his birthday, he wanted to find you. and know that you were safe. fluff plz! thx, i love your writing so so much!!

A/N: love you to nonny <3

Warning: fluff

Whispers were spreading all around the building, there was a cake waiting to be lighted. The lights were dimmed low so it seemed that nobody was there, you were waiting in the livingroom, the curtains were blocking the light from shining in. You look over at Steve who was watching out when Bucky gets back from shopping, you sent him off to get some random stuff so you could throw him a surprise birthday party. He had no idea that you were coming back, and he hasn’t seen you in two years, so two surprises in one night! The whole morning the team made him think that they totally forgot about his birthday.

 And it seemed that Bucky was actually believeing it, which was the plan. Steve’s eyes went wide and he snapped his head towards everybody who was chattering.

‘’Guys! Bucky’s back! Hide!’’ steve demanded, diving to the ground.

Tony slapped the lights off and the room went pitch black, you kept running into people because you didn’t know where you were going. You felt around and finally just hid underneath some kind of table, as you crouched down, you hear the door open and you look towards the door. Bucky enters and flickers the lights on.

‘’SURPRISE!!’’ everybody yells, popping up from out of their hiding space.

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When Daydreams Come True *SMUT*

Author: stephobrien25

Pairing: Stiles X Reader

Warning: SMUT, it’s pretty long

A/N: First of all, I would like to thank everyone who like/re-blogged the first smut I posted! I really didn’t think it was gonna go so well! Since we’re FINALLY in November and Teen Wolf starts in 2 weeks (TWO WEEKS!) I decided to share with ya’ll the first smut I ever wrote and it’s a Stilinski one, so I hope you enjoy it! 

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines


‘God I want him.’

We were in Stiles’ room ‘studying’ and I couldn’t stop staring at him. I was on his bed while he was across the room in his desk. Mr. Stilinski had already left for the night shift. Stiles and I have been best friends for the past three years since I moved to Beacon Hills from Florida. On my first day of class, I overheard him talking to Scott about ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Marvel’, and saying how Thor is the best hero out of the Avengers. My geeky self couldn’t help but jump into the conversation and state that he was wrong, that Captain America was the best Avenger. We argued back and forth during the whole lunch period, until the bell rang signaling to get to class. Ignoring the bell we just sat there glaring at each other, finally Stiles smiled and held out his hand, “I’m Stiles Stilinski. You’re the new girl, right?”

Smiling back I shook his hand, ignoring the small tingles that shot up my arm, “Yeah, I’m (Y/N).”

“Well (Y/N), despite your horrible taste in heroes…I think we’re going to be good friends.”

Ever since then we’ve bonded over Star Wars and Marvel and me teaching him Spanish, with him always saying ‘It’s a sexy language.’ I’ve also become the third human in the pack, helping them with all the supernatural problems plaguing the town. But for the past couple of months I couldn’t get my mind off of him. Every night I’d have these dreams of him and wake up panting, sweating…and with a certain itch I couldn’t quite scratch no matter what – if you know what I mean.

And today was one of those in which my eyes lingered on his lean frame for too long. Not that he noticed. ‘Thank God.’

My eyes traveled to his tousled brown just-had-sex hair that I wished to run my fingers through, wished to pull while writhing in pleasure underneath him. His handsome face that I wished to see panting above mine or buried in between my legs. His beautiful amber eyes made me melt every time, and I wished to see them clouded with lust whenever he sees me. His sexy mouth, the wicked things he could do to my body with his mouth.  His freckles, they were so adorable yet sexy at the same time, oh how I wanted to kiss every single one of them and trace them with my fingers. His long neck was made for love bites, my love bites, showing everyone that he was mine and only mine. His lean muscular back, oh how I wished to leave scratch marks while he’s pounding into me mercilessly. His arms, god those were my weakness along with his large strong hands and long calloused fingers. I can just imagine holding onto his broad sexy shoulders as he invades my body or him holding my arms above my head with his large hands as he dominates me. Imagine him thrusting his long fingers into my –

“(Y/N)?” My dirty fantasy was interrupted when his sexy voice called my name. I wished to hear him moan my name while I pleasured him with my mouth.



Stiles looked at me with concern, “You okay?”

Ever since these thoughts have been invading my head, I’ve been meaning to tell him. But, I’m too afraid of losing the friendship that we have. Plus, everyone knows that he’s head over heels for Lydia. There’s no way he’d want me.

“What? Oh, yeah I’m fine. Why?”

“Well for the past five minutes you’ve been kind of spaced out and um,” he gulped and briefly looked down to my lips while licking his own. “You’ve been biting your lip a lot.”

Mesmerized by him licking his lips I answered, “I was thinking of – “ I blushed and shook my head. “Nothing.  Don’t worry about it.”

“Are-are you blushing? Oh my God! You were thinking of someone weren’t you?” He teased.

“Wha- ? Pfft. No!” I stumbled out my lie. I inwardly groaned, ‘totally believable right?’

Stiles just smirked, “So who was it?”

“Stiles it was no one,” I groaned. I put my red face in my hands while he continued to tease me.

“Let me guess, it was Scott.” I just shook my head.

“Liam. No? Derek. Umm Kira…”

At that I glared at him, “I’m not gay.”

“Okay then, Mason?”

I laughed at that, “Stiles! He’s gay!”

He smiled, “I’m not going to stop you know,” I groaned and put my face back in my hands. “I’ll keep on saying names if you don’t tell me.”

True to his word, when I didn’t respond back he continued listing off names; Deaton, Peter (I literally growled at that one), Coach, he even want as far to saying Sheriff Stilinski. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I did the most reckless thing I’ve done in my whole life – and that’s saying a lot since I deal with the supernatural on a daily basis.

I quickly got up from his bed and grabbed his surprised face in between my hands and growled, “It was you,” before planting my lips onto his. At first he was shocked, but then I felt Stiles kiss back. When I felt his hands travel to my waist, warning bells went off in my head.

I quickly pushed him off me and turned away. “I should uh, I should go.” I grabbed my bag and opened the door.

“(Y/N)! Wait!”

I didn’t listen to him, I just rushed down the stairs while mentally kicking myself. ‘Stupid, stupid, stupid!’

Before I could reach the front door, I felt Stiles grabbing my shoulder and turning me to face him, “I said wait, dammit!”

There was no room for me to escape; I was trapped between him and the wall. Oh, the irony of being able to escape from supernatural things that want to kill me, but not this infuriating boy. I tried to look anywhere but him, I didn’t trust myself to see his face mere inches from mine.

“Look at me.” I refused.

I felt his hand on my chin, forcing me to look at him and I quickly closed my eyes. I heard him sigh. “(Y/N). Baby, open your eyes for me.”

Baby. The way he said it sent shivers down my spine. I gave in and slowly opened my eyes. “There are those beautiful doe eyes,” he whispered while stroking my bottom lip with his thumb. Unconsciously, I licked the tip of his thumb and lightly bit it while staring into his eyes.

His eyes got darker and I heard him groan before crashing his lips onto mine. I couldn’t help the little moan that escaped my lips as I felt him grope my ass through my leggings. Stiles smirked into the kiss and groped even harder.

‘Two can play that game, Stilinski,’ I thought to myself. My hands went up to his hair and softly pulled while biting his lower lip. He groaned into the kiss, just that sound made me wetter than I already was. I could already feel myself dripping. Stiles tightly gripped onto my waist and grinded his hard dick into my wet core, making me gasp. He took the opportunity and shoved his tongue into my mouth, fighting for dominance with my own until I gave up and he started sucking in my tongue making me moan. My hair tugging became more persistent and I started to grind back against his hard dick. Too soon for my liking, I had to pull away from the kiss to breath. That didn’t stop Stiles though.

His wicked lips traveled down to my jaw all the way down to my neck making me whimper. Softly turning his head to the side I started to kiss his neck, loving the taste of his skin on my tongue. Boldly, I bit into the crook of his neck making his knees go weak and moan into my neck. I began to lick at the fresh love bite, when I felt him do the same to my neck. I couldn’t help the loud moan that came from my mouth, “Ay, papi si!”

Stiles stiffened before me and looked into my lust crazed eyes. “’Papi’ means ‘daddy’ in Spanish, right,” he asked huskily. Smirking, I leaned into his ear and whispered, “Yes, daddy,” before biting lightly onto his earlobe. He growled and quickly lifted me into his arms, my legs wrapping around his waist like it was second nature. He turned us around and started walking up the stairs, while I continued kissing his neck, he stumbled a few times making me giggle.

Once inside his room, he softly threw me onto his bed and jumped on me making me squeal and laugh. He chuckled as well before softly kissing my lips and taking his hoodie (that I stole a while back) off. He gazed down at my bare chest, while I blushed under his lustful stare. “Oh, baby,” he whispered. I closed, my eyes and moaned when his hot mouth latched onto my right breast. My hands gripped his head as he softly bit my nipple making me gasp over and over again. Stiles moved his head to my left breast giving it the same attention.

“Stiles,” I moaned. He hummed in appreciation. With a burning need to feel his chest against my own, I gripped onto it and pulled it off. Once it was off, Stiles wasted no time before sucking at my breast again, feeling his hot skin against mine was indescribable, but everything I ever dreamed of. He then started kissing his way down my chest and stomach, until he reached my leggings. In a quick second he roughly pulled them down and took them off along with my underwear and shoes.

He was above me looking at my naked body before him. Suddenly, I felt shy under his gaze and I tried to cover myself with my hands. When Stiles saw my intentions he growled and held onto my arms above my head. “Don’t. Don’t you dare cover yourself before me. You’re so fucking beautiful. Even better than what I imagined.”

I looked up at him in confusion, “You’ve thought about this before?”

He gazed into my eyes as he replied, “Ever since I saw you on you first day of school. God, you have no idea how hard I got when you started to argue with me over Marvel.” I softly laughed at the last part.

“I love your laugh,” he whispered before kissing me on the lips. His lips made their way to my neck again, giving me even more hickeys. Suddenly I felt his calloused fingers on my pussy making me moan. “Baby, you’re so wet. Is this for me?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

He pushed one finger in me, “Yes what?”

“Stiles,” I gasped.

“Uh uh,” he lightly bit on my earlobe making me jump. “Say it in Spanish baby,” he whispered as he pushed in another finger.

“Yes papi!” I moaned as his thumb circled my clit.

“That’s my good girl,” his words were a trigger to my already moist area making me even wetter if possible. I whined when he took his fingers out. Lazily with my hooded eyes I looked up at him longingly as he stuck one finger into his mouth and sucked, “Mmm, you taste delicious baby girl. Wanna taste?” I opened my mouth when he offered me his other finger. I sensually sucked on it while looking at him right in his beautiful amber eyes. On impulse, I grazed his finger with my teeth.

Before I knew it, his finger was out of my mouth, my arms were free from his grasp and his hot breath was fanning on my wet cunt. “Time to taste it from the source.” He slowly licked from the bottom all the way to my clit and then softly blew over it, my eyes rolled all the way to the back of my head. “Oh God, Yes!”

My moan must’ve spurred him on, because he started feasting on my pussy like it was his last meal on earth. With my arms finally free, I grasped his head and pushed it even further.

“Mmm, you like that baby? You like my tongue on your sweet little pussy?” The sight of him between my legs was the sexiest thing ever.

“Oh, fuck Stiles! Yes right there. Oh, god baby you eat my pussy so good.”

I finally lost control when he stuck his tongue deep inside me. My back lifted off the mattress and a silent scream left my lips. That didn’t stop him though, Stiles continued to lap up my juices and sucking on my clit. It was like his tongue was making love to my pussy and it felt, oh so good. My pussy was still super sensitive from my last orgasm, so when he looked me in the eyes, pushed his fingers into me and lightly bit on my clit, I screamed. I screamed louder than Lydia. Even then he continued his ruthless attack on my pussy and I had to literally pull his face up. His whole face was covered in my juices.

“Your taste is so addicting, I can eat you out all day and never get tired.” He went to lick me again, but I tugged on his hair.

“Stiles, I’m sensitive right now.” I pulled him to my face and kissed him, tasting myself on his lips. Slowly I ran my fingers down his chest, smiling when I felt him shiver under my touch. Since he was wearing sweats it was easy to slip my hand into his boxers and grasp his hard dick. He groaned into my mouth.

Somehow, I managed to flip us over and I was straddling his waist. Looking down at him, I teasingly started to grind my hips into his dick making him moan and close his eyes and tightly hold my hips. Keeping up with my grinding, I leaned down and began to kiss every single one of his freckles. All the way from his face, to his neck, to his shoulders, down to his chest, until I reached the waistband of his sweats. I pulled them down and the only barrier left between us was his boxers.

Locking my eyes with his I grasped the waistband of his boxers with my teeth and slowly pulled down. His Adams apple bobbed up and down while he looked at me with lust. Finally, his dick was before my eyes and my mouth watered, it was perfect. Like in a trance I took it into my small hand and began to move it up and down motion. His groan encouraged me and my movements became faster. Stiles eyes were screwed shut in pleasure, until I licked his dick from the base all the way to the tip, like it was my personal lollipop and I couldn’t get enough of it. There was some precum on the tip; it looked to inviting I had to taste it. Licking it off the tip I said, “Mmmm, Stiles you taste so good.”

“Shit, (Y/N) you’re driving me crazy,” he moaned. While he was lost in his own pleasure I wrapped my lips around the head and slowly began to suck. “Fuck!” His hand automatically went to my hair and he pulled. I moaned loving the feel of him in my mouth. Looking up at Stiles I could see that he was panting heavily, “(Y/N), baby, oh god. I’m so close.” His words only encouraged me and I sucked even harder. Wanting to see him lose control before me, I lightly grazed my teeth against his dick and he lost it.

“Baby! Fuck!” His cum came in huge spurts into my mouth and I greedily swallowed it up. He tasted delicious. Swallowing his cum, I let go with a ‘pop’ and said the same thing he said to me, “You’re taste is addicting, Stilinski.”

Next thing I know I’m pinned underneath him and he’s devouring my mouth with his. His dick was already hard again and I felt it against my wet pussy like a burning hot iron, and I felt the tip go in. Stiles looked at me in the eyes and asked, “Are you sure? We don’t have to.” Smiling, I touched his cheek and nodded. He slowly began to push in, “Fuck, you’re so tight.” And then as I expected to happen, he stopped when he came across a barrier.


“Yes Stiles, I want you to be my first. Please, you’ve made this night so special and made me so happy and wanted. Take me. Make me yours.”

His eyes were shining with love as he kissed me passionately and took my small hands into his large ones. “This is going to hurt a bit. But, I’ll be gentle.”

And true to his word he continued to push into me gently, and made me his. I closed my eyes in pain, but Stiles whispered sweet nothings into my ear and peppered kisses along my neck, and I relaxed. He stayed still for a minute, giving me time to adjust, once the pain subsided I began to clench my walls around him. “I’m ready Stiles. Make love to me,” I whispered.

He smiles down at me and began to kiss me with so much passion, I almost came right there. At the same time he began to move slowly at first, not wanting to hurt me. His dick felt perfect inside of me, as cliché as it sounds it was like a perfect puzzle piece. But I wanted more. My body knew how to ask what it wanted and my hips began to meet each of his thrusts. “OH, Stiles. Baby harder,” I moaned.

“Anything for my princess.” He slid almost all the way out and slammed right back inside making me arch my back and groan aloud. “You like that baby? You like my dick inside you?” His dirty talk was so sexy all I could do was nod. “Tell me baby, what do you want?”

“Let me touch you,” I managed to say.

“Oh fuck, as you wish baby.” He let go of my hands and I immediately grabbed onto his shoulders.

“Fuck Stiles. Oh my god. Faster, papi, faster.”

“Shit, I love it when you call me that.” His thrusts became faster and faster. “You’re mine now. Understand? This pussy belongs to me. You’re all mine.” Possessive Stiles was hot as fuck, all I could do was dig my nails into his back. He groaned and hid his face into my neck; kissing, licking, biting.

His movements started to become sloppier and I was getting close to my climax, “Stiles, I’m gonna… fuck! I’m going to…”

“Come for me baby. Let go.”

His words were my undoing and I cried out his name. My walls clenched tightly around him and he groaned my name, when I felt him shooting his hot seed into me.

After a minute he looked into my eyes, removing my hair from my face. “You’re so beautiful. God, I’m lucky. I love you (Y/N). From the minute I laid eyes on you, I knew ‘love at first sight’ existed.”

I felt tears spring to my eyes as I looked up at my best friend and now the love of my life. “I love you too Stiles. So much. You made my wishes come true.” I brought his lips to mine and he began to slowly kiss back. “But I still have some more wishes I’d like to fulfill,” I huskily said while moving my hips a little, I felt Stiles harden inside of me.

“(Y/N), don’t start something you can’t finish. I’ll have you screaming my name all night,” Stiles said while holding my hips still.

Smirking, I moaned, “Stiles…papi,” and bit his lip.

He growled, “You asked for it baby.”

I laughed and moaned.

‘God, I love him.’

Twice the Love

Something where Y/N is the female Spider and on Team Cap. Both her and Tom fight one another while flirting. At school, they both have crushes on each other even though Y/N is the most popular girl at school, she still has a huge crush on Peter. Then as their alter egos, they both ask one another for help and the truth about their identities come out?

“You hit like a girl!” yelled the spiderling.

“That’s because I am a girl you shit.” I remarked back, flinging my webs at him. I fell to my back and kicked him with my leg, sending him backwards. I flipped myself back up and didn’t see him where I expected him to be. My senses felt him behind me and I ducked, as semi truck was thrown at me.

“You missed.” I snorted, crossing my arms.

“I didn’t want to mess up your makeup.” he mocked.

“Please. I’ve seen tighter tights than yours.” I said, as he swung down.

“Is that the best you got?” he remarked, laughing. I arched an eyebrow and saw behind him, a bunch of crates. I started to fake cry and he stopped laughing.

“Whoa hey? Are you seriously crying?” he asked, coming over. I nodded and sniffled for more of an effect.

“Hey hey. Don’t cry.” he said, placing an arm on my shoulder. I stopped and sniffled, looking at him through my mask. He looked concerned. Good. I grabbed his arm and flipped him backwards.

“What the hell was that for?” he said as my foot stood on his chest, my hands holding his arm up.

“Didn’t Stark ever tell you not to let your guard down?” I teased. Before I could make another remark I was flipped upside down and he sat on top on me.

“Whose guard is down now?” He teased. I smiled and brushed his cheek with my hand. I felt him tense up and I brought him closer to my face.

“Still yours.” I said, webbing up his hands and flinging him towards the crates I saw with a kick of my foot.

“You really like using your feet.” he groaned, standing up.

“It never fails me.“I said, seeing Sam flying over. "See ya Spiderling.” I said, blowing a kiss and shooting a web to latch onto Sam’s foot, flinging myself away.


Chemistry. Or as I like to call it, boring. Mr. Callin was a good teacher, don’t get me wrong, but his class was too easy. For me and the 19 other students to be precise. His teachings were taught as if we were first graders. That’s why I took an extra Chemistry class after school for more of a push. Which also meant… Peter Parker.

“Hey Audrey! We still on for Jacob’s party tonight?” Nat asked, her long black hair swinging behind her.

I hated parties to be honest. I would rather be home playing some videogames or watching movies. But everyone expected me to be there cause I was popular. What a stupid label.

“I’ll see Nat. I have a lot to study for this week.” I told her, smiling. She pouted but nodded, waving goodbye, turning to take the bus with her brother. I loved how even though Nat was more popular than me, she didn’t care that people knew she took the bus.

I sighed and headed towards Mrs. Lane’s room for the Chemistry lesson. As I entered, I saw Peter, doodling in his notebook. I marveled at the way he furrowed his eyebrows as he doodled.

“You good there Audrey?” Mrs. Lane asked. I nodded and took my seat near the window, next to Peter. Mrs. Lane liked the thought of us two being together since we were the top two students in her class and wanted us to be assistants to those who needed assistance. I opened my backpack and saw my suit was at the bottom.

Crap… I forgot to put it in the washer after I got home from Germany.

“Y-you dropped this.” Peter said, holding up a pencil. I took it and gave him a shy smile, thanking him. Our hands touched and my heart skidded to a halt. He started to blush and smiled at me. I looked away, wishing for my heart to beat normal again.

~Later on that Night~

I sat next to a gargoyle, watching through my lenses.

“Fancy seeing you here.” said a familiar voice.

“Don’t you have somewhere else to be Spiderling?” I teased, knowing he hated that name.

“You know I do. But I might just have to stay here until you get my name right.” he said sauntering over and plopping himself next to me. I rolled my eyes and looked at my phone, seeing a text from Nat asking if I could make it. I told her I couldn’t and she sent a sad face.

“You missing something?” he asked.

“Just a boring party.” I said, stuffing my phone back into my small black bag.

“Yeah. Me too. I hate going but I only go because the girl I like goes.” he said. I looked at him and smiled.

“I took an extra class knowing the guy I like would be in it.” I chuckled. He chuckled too and sighed.

“How is she like?” I asked.

“Aw man. She’s adorable. Her laugh is adorable. I love the way how she’s all natural. She doesn’t wear makeup and doesn’t even try in her appearance. She could wear sweats and a sweatshirt and still look great. She’s not like most girls, she’s independent and I just.. Really like her.” he said, leaning against the gargoyle as if he was going to fall off.

“Mine is like that too. Except he’s extremely shy. I like that about him because he’s not a meathead. I hardly know him but he’s sweet. And his eyes make me melt.” I gushed.

“Care to give me a name?” he chuckled.

“Only if you do it too.” I said, pushing him with my shoulder slightly.

“Okay. On three.”






I nearly fell off the perch as I heard my name.

“That’s my name.” We both said together.

“Peter? As in.. Peter Parker?” I asked, feeling lightheaded.

“Audrey?” he said. I nodded and slipped my mask off. He did the same and I nearly died.

“Well… Guess the cat’s out of the bag.” Peter said.

“I guess it is.” I said, stunned from confessing my love for him.

“Audrey?” Peter. I turned to look and he kissed me. I kissed him back without hesitating and instantly melted.

I’m kissing Peter. The boy who’ve I’ve fallen for since sophomore year. It took two years to finally kiss him.

We pulled apart and he was blushing like crazy.

“That’s out too.” he said smiling. I laughed and let out a small snort, covering my mouth as soon as it slipped out.

“That’s adorable.” he laughed. I punches his shoulder softly and he laughed.

“So what now?” I asked, looking at Peter. His fingers interlaced with mine and he smiled.

“I guess we’re dating. Miss Spiderling.” he teased.

“So we are Spiderling.”

Summary: The boys get minor injuries whilst they are out and you take it upon yourself to fix them up.


The noises that were emitting from the back of Gladio’s throat were anything but human, so deep and soft that you didn’t actually realise they were coming from him at first. “I’m almost done.” You assumed him, dabbing away the excess blood from around his wound and moving on to begin stitching the area.

“It doesn’t hurt.” The burly man grumbled and it made you stifle a giggle as you continued to work on stitching him up. It appeared that Gladio was always trying to be the macho man – most of the time succeeding too. “Are you laughing at me?” He cocked a thick tuft at you and once again you had to stop yourself from laughing.

With a soft sigh you responded. “No, no.” And shook your head before turning your gaze up to look at him. “I just think it’s cute how you act so tough all the time.” You responded before attempting to focusing on your work once more but once again being distracted by the handsome man in front of you.

A deep scoff left Gladio’s chest then as he responded. “It ain’t an act. I’m tough because I need to be. It’s my job.” Then he flashed you that trademark grin of his that melted your heart. “Quit giving me those googly-eyes and start focusing on what you’re doing. The last thing I need is your stitching my shirt to my chest.” He quipped but gave you a little smile.


A deep hiss came from the back of the slender mans throat as you dabbed away the blood, pushing aside his tight fitting button down shirt trying not to make anymore of a mess of the expensive looking material than there already was. “I’m almost finished.” You assured him, wincing yourself.

“It’s quiet alright.” The sultry tones of Ignis made you shudder softly and then gaze up to his features. “I would prefer you to take the time that you need and do the job properly, than rush and I end up in this same position again.” He stated and nodded your head gently, grabbing some thick bandages from beside you and beginning to line it up with his shoulder wound.

A little sigh slipped from your lips. “Are you sure that there is nothing that I can give you for the pain?” You questioned, tilting your head and turning your gaze up to him again. “I-”

“No.” Ignis quickly shook his head before responding. “No, we shouldn’t waste our supply of curatives. We won’t know when they would come in handy.” He informed you as you frowned gently and continued your work trying to fix him up as best as you could with the experience that you had.

The next couple of moments it was quiet between you two, Ignis was wincing gently, flinching when you touch his would a little two are, but before you could start worrying again he then opted to change the subject, get your mind off his pain. “Perhaps tonight I shall cook your favourite meal. As a thanks for all your hard work.” This made you smile gently and nod your head in response. “Wonderful~”


It was a little daunting working on someone like Noctis, especially with the three pairs of eyes that were watching your every move. It was as if the Prince was able to see how uncomfortable that you were and turned his icy gaze up to his friends and ordered them all gently. “Will you give us a little space?”

All three of them muttered soft apologises before wandering around the camp doing their own thing. “Thank you.” You breathed softly before finally being able to focus a little harder on fixing up the gash in his arm now. “I have to admit, it was… difficult to concentrate with someone like Gladio breathing down my neck.” You explained before hearing a breathy little laugh slip from Noctis lips and he nodded his head.

“I can understand how that would be a problem.” He explained nodding his head. “I’ve been training with the guy for years, I’ve got used to his… breathing.” The Prince explained and that made you giggle and nod your head, feeling a little more at easy now with the young Prince, he was easy to get along with. “Don’t let them worry you. Just focus on me-”

The moment those words slipped from his lips Noctis stopped himself and winced. “I mean, uh… focus on my wound.” He explained before you gazed up to see a delicate little blush on his cheeks. “Uh, yeah…” Noctis winced before opting to close his eyes, having to avert his gaze too worried he might say something else.

“Yes, Prince Noctis.” You nodded your head gently, having to hold back little giggles. Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all.


“I’m sorry.” A quick apology sprung from your mouth as you heard Prompto mewl in pain dramatically again. “I’m trying… trying to do this as quick as I can.” You explained, trying to keep a tight hold on his arm as you continued to clean the wound with a clean cloth.

A deep scoff came from Gladio who was being forced to hold down the dramatic blond as he withered and winced in pain. “Ow. Ow.” Prompto continued to inform you all that he was in a lot of pain. When really the pain was only minimal, nothing worse than a little cut and some bruising.

After a little while he seemed to calm down, especially when you were just wrapping his arm in some clean bandages, he was unable to take his sparkling blue eyes and head slightly tilted to the side. “Are you feeling better now?” You questioned softly before a little smirk pulled across your lips. “Or would you like me kiss it better?”

It was those words that shocked him, eyes widening and mouth falling open. “Would… would you do that?” It actually made you giggle and squeeze your eyes shut before looking back up at the blonde to see that he was now blushing slightly. “Maybe another time when you’re feeling a little better.” You assured him gently. “For now I think you’ll all fit and ready to get back into the fight.”

Want to Request Something?

All About Us- A James Potter Imagine

A/N: So I decided to go with this due to popular vote. This is a little imagine based off the song “All About Us” by He Is We. Just some James fluff because Lord knows I could always use more James in my life. Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by everythingrelationshipsx

There was always something special about James Potter. It was more than just the certain charm he had, or the dashing smile he seemed to always be wearing. It was how he loved. He loved with his whole being, every ounce of him poured into his affections. It was how he made you feel. It was how he ruined you.

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Stranger in a Crowd

Prompt: Imagine Remy LeBeau (Gambit) seeing you in a crowded street and he just has to meet you.

Word Count: 1782

Warnings: Maybe language? A non gorey fight scene? Other than that it’s pure unadulterated fluff, y’all.

Note: Beta’d by the great @like-a-bag-of-potatoes. Also, this is my first Gambit fic and I REALLY wanted a southern fic lately.

Tags: @munlis @amarvelouswritings


Remy’s POV

Tonight wasn’t as humid as it usually was around Mardi Gras, but my lord, it was warm. The sea of bodies didn’t help a thing, either. My eyes scanned the crowd as I walked, checking for any threats. I hadn’t been bothered in a few weeks, which was nice, so tonight, in celebration of Fat Tuesday, why not have a little game of cards with some poor unsuspecting fellow at a nice watering hole? Of course, the French Quarter was crawling with tourists as beads flew, the smell of alcohol sweeping the streets, the perfume of seafood hitting my nostrils as I walked along, the warm air clinging to my skin like a blanket.

I had to find a good bar, and soon. The sun was setting, casting a handsome pinkish blue into the sky above us, but when the sun sets in New Awlins, lord, you better hold onto your hat here in the French Quarter.

Just as I looked up, I saw her. Her face was…it was like lookin’ into the face of an angel. My word…Her lips, her eyes, her mere presence was piercing. The way her hair swirled as a cool wind whipped through the streets and alleys. I don’t know what it was about her but she was completely captivatin’. Like a siren in the night, I was drawn to this girl.

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I Am An Alpha Ch 9: The Rest Of The Pack

“So who were those other wolves out there?” I wonder as I peek out behind Kris. The four wolves that had peeked out of the forest have now collected the alpha I fought with and returned to the forest, not before giving me a dirty look. At the same time my other mates appeared their alpha pheromone dominates the air, making me feel like I’m suffocating. The six of us are still standing inside, we had decided to at least go into the living room to let the others catch more of my scent. My hyungs are close by, I can smell them but they must have noticed the new wolves and decided to hang back.

“They are our brother pack,” Kris tells me.

“They must not be too happy that I attacked their pack member are they?”

Yixing growls, “I don’t give a fuck about how they feel, they’re just lucky we didn’t tear him to shreds for touching you.”

I cling to the back of Kris’s shirt when I begin sensing Yixing’s anger, “Hyung.”

“Sorry,” He takes a few deep breaths in a sad attempt to calm himself down.

I glance around, “Where is Baekhyun hyung?”

“He went out to talk to your pack, we were planning on having them here before the others returned but I guess that isn’t going to be happening,” Tao sighs.

Kris groans, running his hands through his hair he decides, “We should do this now, they are going to get mad.”

“Suho and Minseok hyung are already fuming,” Kai clucks his tongue.

“Someone go grab them some clothes, we don’t need them flashing her the first time they meet. Yixing, keep an eye on Chanyeol, I’m expecting him to be the most eager to get closer to her. I’ll keep an eye on Minseok hyung since he might be pretty bad too.”

Kai sets off in search of clothing.

Sehun scoffs, “Are you really going to try and get in between Minseok, Luhan, and Suho hyung and our mate? They are going to fight you hard on that one.”

“How do you think they are going to react to my past and my pack?” I wonder, feeling uneasy about these new mates.

“I didn’t even think about telling them about your past,” Yixing sighs in obvious frustration.

“Let us take this one step at a time, starting with walking out there,” Kris officially decides. “Open the door back up.”

Tao sighs but obeys, he slowly unlatches the door and pushes the massive wall of windows to the side, opening the room to the cold. Kris forces himself to step aside but keeps his arm around my shoulders. My eyes go wide at the sight of six beautiful wolves sitting in the snow. I don’t feel scared as bad as I did yesterday, but it’s still there gripping my heart, ready to send me into panic mode.

“They are so pretty,” I mumble softly, unconsciously reaching out my hand to run it through their fur but I notice and pull my hand back. “Sorry, most alphas probably don’t want to hear that.”

Kris chuckles, “So bashful again aren’t we?”

“Do you want me to start fighting again?” I tease.

“Please no, someone is going to loose it.”

“Can I go touch them?” I look to him for permission, which he gives me with a gentle nudge forward. I take a deep breath and step out onto the cold stone patio. A few more steps and I’m back in the snow, I should have asked for shoes but I’m this far, no going back. Unconsciously I approach one specific wolf, his scent draws me in, coffee. “You are the one who distracted me during the fight,” I note mostly to myself but they hear. The caramel colored wolf looks away from me to glare at the head alpha. “Don’t be mad at him,” I quickly defend, “I was just causing trouble. I tend to do that.” I’m trying my best to be playful but he just continues to glare, actually making Kris gulp. I cock my head, “You must be Minseok hyung.”

His head snaps back to me.

“So is that a yes?”

A nod.

“They actually haven’t told me much about any of you, or the fact that any of you existed but they mentioned a few names. Who is Luhan hyung?” I’m trying so hard to be warm, and I’m actually really impressed with how little my hands are shaking and that my heart hasn’t pounded out of my chest. Hesitantly a pretty auburn wolf comes forward, I give him a small smile and a bow. “And than I think it was Chanyeol hyung?” A silver wolf steps forward, this one with much more excitement, he makes me think of Baekhyun but Baekhyun has a much pinker tint compared to this new wolf. “Who was the scary one you mentioned? Soo hyung?” I nervously scan the three other wolves, none of them look particularly scary in fact one stands out to me. His big eyes lock with mine making my heart melts. “So cute!”

Jongin sees me take a few steps toward the wolf, “That is Kyungsoo hyung, or Soo hyung. He doesn’t like being petted.”

“Oh, thank you for letting me know,” I bring my hands to my chest to keep myself from touching them recklessly. But out of the corner of my eye I swear I see Kyungsoo giving Kai a death glare. “After that I think they mentioned Suho,” I watch the last two and see a tan wolf nod his head at me. I bow back before looking at the last one. With an encouraging nod of Kris I approach the last wolf who is a beautiful dark shade of brown, “I’m sorry they didn’t mention your name, you must be the well behaved one, from what I’ve heard in these brief ten minutes is that all the others are trouble.” The wolf laughs making me smile.

“I have clothes for them,” Kai mentions with a giant stack of clothing in his hands.

“Could I go talk to my pack so you can have a good talk with yours?” I ask Kris with a big smile. A chorus of growls erupt from the wolves sending me back on to the patio and into Yixing’s arms.

“They probably don’t like the idea of you leaving at the moment,” Yixing informs me.

“I think they are coming our way again anyway,” Kris sighs, “They must have felt your fear spike suddenly.”

“There they are,” Tao nods toward the forest where a black wolf appears. “Or at least one of them.”

Without a thought I book it pass my mates and right into the snow without a single thing on my mind other than for, “My pup!” I basically scream when Kookie and I get closer. I didn’t realize how much I missed him, I know it has only been a day but that is a long time for us. He tackles me to the ground and licks my face all over, making me a giggling mess beneath him. “Kookie!” I scold through my laughing.

“Hyung!” Jimin and Taehyung yell as they also bust out of the forest, behind them is the rest of my pack and Baekhyun who is just glaring at our touchy interactions.

He pushes through my pack to get to Jungkook and I, “Unless you want your throat ripped out, I suggest you remove yourself from her. We may know what is going on but our other pack members don’t and they are not in the best mood right now.”

Kookie growls.

Baekhyun’s sweet playful demeanor from yesterday seems completely different as he grabs Jungkook by the back of the neck and pulls him off me. “Come with me little wolf before the backyard becomes a battle field. You will be able to talk with your pack after we explain things,” He offers me a hand.

“Please go with him Insoo,” Namjoon quickly encourages me. “I would prefer not to fight with the black dragons.”

“I’m with Namjoon on this, please,” Yoongi almost begs, looking to the house with worried eyes. I follow his gaze back to the house to see eleven of my mates staring us down with angry blood red eyes. Jungkook whimpers with his head bowed to the obviously more powerful group, in fact looking to my pack I see that they are all backing down with their eyes to the ground. I gulp nervously but accept Baekhyun’s hand, he surprises me by just scooping me up.

“It’s freezing cold and you are out here dressed like this, what kind of mates let their mate out like this,” He mumbles mostly to himself as he carries me back across the field. “We should take this inside before she catches a cold.” He doesn’t even bother to wait for his brothers he just carries me inside like I’m a fragile little egg that is going to break. He sets me down on the cold couch before wrapping me up in the blanket that one of the others brought. Kris is kneeling in front of me peeling off the socks he had just put on me that are now soaking wet.

“No more going outside until we have proper clothes for you,” Kris declares. The wolves come in, two of them rush passed with their clothing in their teeth, Minseok and Suho, while the others stop by me. Chanyeol is the first to come right up to me, he sniffs my clothes, his nose wrinkles.

“Do I smell like my pack again?” I sniff my sleeves and only find Yixing’s sweet scent now mixing with another sweet smell, like fresh cakes.

“You reek of Yixing hyung since you slept in his room and his clothes,” Baekhyun explains as he fetches me a mug of tea. “Even thought he is also your mate, we don’t like any other alpha smell near our mate.”

“Sorry Hyung,” I reach other without a thought and stroke the silver blue wolf’s fur. He cocks his head in confusion, “Ah, the hyung thing, we will explain that when everyone is here.”

“So you need to go upstairs and get dressed,” Kris commands. I’m surprised when the big wolf just comes closer and nuzzles his snout into my stomach. “Chanyeol,” The head alpha tries again, making the younger whine.

“Don’t you want to be able to talk to me?” I tempt the wolf with a smile. He groans but quickly heads off towards the stairs, leaving the other three behind. They stare at me, Chen and Luhan are closer, within touching distance while Kyungsoo is far out of my reach. “Are you all going to transform? I actually kind of want to see you react to my past, I didn’t get to see yesterday because I passed out.”

All eyes go to Kris who already has his hands up, “It was an accident.”

“We were gone for a week and all hell breaks loose,” An unfamiliar voice snaps from the hall. Two men come in, they are about the same height but one looks much younger than the other. The last three wolves are off to transform so they can join the conversation as well. One with cat like eyes glares at Kris for a moment before looking down at me huddled on the couch and his face softens. “Hello little wolf.”

I sniff the air, “Coffee,” I hum. “You must be Minseok hyung.”

He smiles cutely, “I am, I’m very happy to meet you my lovely little wolf.”

“It’s nice to meet you too,” I try to stand to greet him properly but the second I try Kris’s hands are on my shoulders pushing me back into the couch.

“Your feet are freezing, how can you not notice?” The older scolds as his large hands gently massage my shoulders.

I look down at my feet, “I haven’t really noticed, I think they are numb.” I try to curl my toes with little to basically no response at my brain’s command, “Yep, they are completely numb.”

“Can you feel this?” Minseok is suddenly a lot closer, his hands are on my ankles, his touch sends a shot of electricity up my leg making me jump away. He holds his hands up, showing me that he means no harm but it’s not that I’m scared, my heart is just racing.

“I can feel that,” I whimper.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you,” He stands up and takes a few steps back.

“You didn’t frighten me, you shocked me,” I look down at my hands nervously.

“Do you want another bath?” Yixing offers, he joins me on the couch, sitting as close to me as possible. I see the way Minseok watches our physical interactions with irritated jealousy.

I pout, “Another one? I guess, just to warm me up, but only if you sit with me again.”

“Why him again?” Sehun pouts.

Tao joins in on the whining, “Why not one of us?”

“Because from what I’ve heard you guys can’t control yourselves around me, but lets say I give you the benefit of the doubt, do you think you can handle being locked in the same room as me while I’m completely naked and basically defenseless?” I cock a brow at them, “Kai saw me in just a towel and went complete alpha on me, do you think you can handle it?”

The two boys share an angry look but say nothing more. Baekhyun steps forward, “I can do it.”

“Okay, lets go Hyung,” I try to stand up but Yixing has his arm around my shoulders in and instance.

“She asked for me,” The older of the two snaps.

“Can both of you just come along? The more the merrier,” I suggest, hoping to defuse the situation.

“Where are we going? Can I come too?” A tall man bounces into the room, silver hair a ruffled mess, a massive smile on his handsome face. The scent of cake tickles my nose.

“Chanyeol hyung?” The other three come into the room, one with big round eyes catches my eye, “Soo hyung?” The man stops, his eyes seem to get bigger when he sees me. I can’t help but smile at him, something about this man makes me feel more warm at just the sight of him.

“Hello,” He bows his head, “I am Kyungsoo.” He makes me think of hot chocolate. From his dark brown hair to his chocolate colored eyes, heart shaped lips make me think he is a soft person but I remember Jongin’s words and curl back into myself.

“Of course, I’m sorry for speaking so informally,” I bow my head apologetically.

“Ignore him Love,” Yixing guides my gaze back to him with a soft caress of my cheek. “You look cold, lets get that water going.”

I’m about to agree when movement on the edge of the forest catches my eye, “What about my pack? Aren’t we going to explain everything?”

“What do you need to explain?” One steps forward, “Did something happen?”

I look to my six mates who already know, “Should I just say it?”

Kris sighs, “Might as well, Tao, can you go get her pack in here? Take them in the front go and down into the basement to hang out while we talk about this.”

“Why do I have to take them?” Tao pouts, earning himself a dirty look from me.

I narrow my eyes at him, “Do you have a problem with my pack?”

“Of course not!” He replies quickly followed by soft words that melt my heart, “I would just rather be up here with you.”

“How about if you are nice to my pack I’ll let you come in when I take a bath too?”

His eyes light up like fireworks, “Really?”

“Yes, but only if my pack gives you a good review so be nice.”

He nods eagerly before rushing outside. I chuckle as I watch him go to my waiting pack.

“Now what is the world is going on?” Minseok asks as he sits on my other side.

I look at Kris, “Any suggestions on where I should start off?”

“How about your name?”

Meanwhile in Mauritius…


‘‘mm alright!’

‘I know you’re alright, but come here anyway. That’s it, just put your arm round my shoulder will ya?’

Aaron pulls him close, taking his weight. He slips his other hand around his waist, enjoying the feel of the softness of that part of his body through his shirt.

Robert’s head lolls against his. His arm rubs against the sunburn on Aaron’s shoulders.

It was that last mojito that did it. Aaron had stuck to beer, but typically, Robert had insisted on trying every cocktail on the menu.

‘Take us to the beach! Let’s go skinny dipping!’ Robert slurs.

‘What, and get us arrested? No thanks!’

Robert staggers and Aaron holds on tighter, curling his fingers around his shirt. He knows that under the white cotton, Robert’s skin is warm and golden from the days spent in the sun, and covered in a myriad of tiny new freckles. Aaron spends hours every day tracing them with his eyes and lightly with his fingertips, trying to keep up.

‘Did I ever tell ya how much I fancy ya?’ Robert nudges against his shoulder, misjudging his own strength, almost knocking Aaron sideways.

‘Only about twenty times in the last hour.’

‘I just fancy ya so much.’ He nuzzles against Aaron’s ear.

‘Thanks, but, do you think you could just concentrate on trying to walk in a straight line, right now?’

Robert pouts. The hotel is almost in sight.

‘You’re going to regret this in the morning.’ Aaron points out, but his voice is soft, loving.

‘I’ve done some terrible things. My life is full of regrets.’

Aaron rolls his eyes. Robert has gone from lusty drunk to maudlin drunk.

Robert stops dead, Aaron turns still holding him, now with a hand under each elbow. He watches him with amusement as he sways to keep his balance.

‘I’ve never regretted meeting you.’ Robert declares. His eyes are fixed on Aaron’s face.

Aaron sighs, but when he looks back in his eyes he’s melting.

‘Me neither.’ He whispers. At heart, it’s always been true. Always.

Robert lunges forwards and into a kiss. It’s wet and sloppy, and awkward, but Aaron doesn’t mind. All that matters is that he’s with his husband, on honeymoon, and that he’s never been this happy.

‘Come on, let’s get you back and into bed.’

‘I like the sound of that’

Aaron likes the sound of it, too. You never know with Robert, he can be pretty determined, drunk or not, he might fall straight asleep, on the other hand, he might just not.