his eyes are close

Pictures on the wall

In TFP, when Sherlock wakes up in the room with the pictures on the wall, after seeing a prev post where someone found a pic of smol ben, I thought I would investigate, and boy was I in for a treat 


Here’s a real close up of smol ben (just his eyes) next a picture of his lovely parents - Wanda and Tim - together.

Here’s smoll Mark and some smaller pics of Mark (maybe in his early teens?) next to it! 

Here’s a smoll but not too smoll Mark.

smol ben in primary


smol ben (wearing a wig(?)) and smoll mark



“I’ll tell you what I miss most, being away from home, I really miss my turtles. I bet they’re all dead. I have great big, huge sea-green turtles in my bath-tub at home. I mate them… well, no, they’re not huge actually, but I do have small turtles as pets, they fascinate me. They have no personality at all and I like that in a pet, I have one that’s this big [about ten inches] and I let him out all the time. He’ll lay on my chest and close his eyes. They’re more affectionate than you might imagine. I used to keep them outside in a kid’s swimming pool, but they all escaped. Then I had a dream one night that they came back… and two days later they did. Spooky. Some people keep cats and fish and birds, I like turtles, I dunno, I just like them because they haven’t evolved since the days of the dinosaurs. They haven’t changed at all.” - Kurt Cobain.

“I brushed it away and leaned back on one elbow, watching him. His lashes were long, seen thus with his eyes closed, and thick. Oddly colored, though; dark auburn at the tips, they were very light, almost blond at the roots.
The firm line of his mouth had relaxed in sleep. While it kept a faintly humorous curl at the corner, his lower lip now eased into a fuller curve that seemed both sensual and innocent.
“Damn,” I said softly to myself.
I had been fighting it for some time. Even before this ridiculous marriage, I had been more than conscious of his attraction. ”

- Outlander

(Who wouldn’t)

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As involuntary immortality au trash I have decided that I needed to binge read it the whole thing. I now want Percy to kick Zeus' ass again. Will we get to see that anytime soon?

thank you so much for the support!! soon is sooner than you think~ 

  • the forges were a miserable place for everyone except a cyclops and unfortunately for Percy, he wasn’t a cyclops
  • ten years had gone by painstakingly slow, even for an immortal
  • ten years of the sound of clanging metal, of volcanic temperatures, of feeling like the black soot that stained his body may as well be permanently tattooed onto him
  • but more importantly, it had been ten years without a single sight from above
  • every day it got harder for Percy to remember the chubbiness of Eleanor’s cheeks, or the exact gray of Annabeth’s eyes but Zeus be damned if he didn’t try
  • he spent days off laying in bed with his eyes closed, desperately pulling at the  memories of his family, wanting to etch every inch of their face into his mind’s eye
  • Percy’s only solace in the darkness of the forges was his brother Tyson
  • he figured Zeus must not have considered Tyson a family member when he banished Percy to the forges, but for Percy, Tyson had become his ray of light in the darkest corner of the deepest ocean
  • his brother, Percy was sure, was the only thing keeping him sane
  • Tyson loved his life in the forges, and considered Percy being there an incomprehensible blessing from Olympus (he wasn’t totally wrong)
  • he reminded his big brother that life, even the dark moments, can come with some light
  • and unlike Percy, Tyson made trips to “the top” as the cyclopses liked to call it
  • Tyson visited with Poseidon to get orders from Olympus, and every now and then he even made trips to Camp Half Blood to give supplies to the Hephaestus cabin– “Sorry, brother. Still no little Annabeth.”
  • “That’s okay, buddy. Thanks for checking. I don’t wanna get you in trouble though so no questions to Chiron next time, okay?” 
  • Tyson nodded in understanding before engulfing Percy in a bear hug
  • “Don’t be sad, big brother. Daddy will fix it.” 
  • that was always Tyson’s response on Percy’s hard days, and on Percy’s good days, he liked to pretend it was true
  • as much the bear hug hurt, Percy had to admit he needed it. Tyson’s hugs made him think of when he was little and his mom would swoop him up into her arms, and how she always smelled of fresh cookies.
  • and that made him think of how small Eleanor had been in his arms when he first held her– how tiny and fragile she had seemed, and how much he wanted to shield her from the world, especially one filled with monsters
  • he wiped a tear away before Tyson could notice and went back to work

  • Annabeth was so caught up in her work that she almost missed her phone ringing, Big House flashing across the screen
  • “Hello?” 
  • “Hey, Mom!” 
  • “What’s wrong?” 
  • “Nothing! Why do you always think something is wrong?” 
  • Annabeth pinched the bridge of her nose and let out a long exhale 
  • “Last time you called me from the Big House, it was because you made the toilets explode.” 
  • “Fair point, but La Rue started that, which I told you and- That’s beside the point. I called because I do need to tell you something but I also need you to promise me you won’t freak out.” 
  • “I make no such promise.” 
  • “I got a quest- wait. You were supposed to promi-”
  • Annabeth slammed her work folder closed and started shoving things into her bag
  • “I’m calling Blackjack. I”ll be there in 30.” 
  • “Mom, you don’t have to-” 
  • “See you soon, Eleanor.” 
  • Annabeth could hear her daughter’s eye roll over the phone
  • “See you soon.”
B.I | Jinhwan | Seungri | G-Dragon | Jimin Reaction || Girlfriend Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night Because She Had A Nightmare


He turned the night light on as soon as he woke up and turned towards you

“What’s wrong?”
Y/N: “I… I just had a nightmare…”
“You shouldn’t have nightmares with me around”

He hugged you and kissed your forehead. He left the nightlight on and let you lie on his arm so you could fall asleep easier before he, too, drifted off to sleep


His eyes were still closed, but he put his hand on your cheek and softly caressed it while whispering to you

“Did you have a nightmare? It’s ok now. I’m here with you”

You felt better as you snuggled up to him. Feeling his warmth took a lot of the fear away


“Look at me. It was just a bad dream~ You’ve got me here, and I’m one scary man. No one will hurt you or I will deal with them, you know?”

He looks into your eyes and gives you a small, yet reassuring smile.

“Sleep well”


“Hey, you can’t sleep?”
Y/N: “I had a nightmare…”
“Oh, poor thing… I want you to feel better”

He scoots closer to you and embraces you from the back, becoming the big spoon. He kisses your neck and tells you to think of him until you fall asleep


“I know what can help! Let’s have a quick cup of hot chocolate? I will hug and sing for you when you’re ready to sleep again, Okay?”

He proposes and goes to the kitchen to make both of you something warm and sweet to drink. After half an hour, both of you went back to bed and Jimin held you close to him and sung for you quietly like he promised

Hope you liked it~


robert is the type of person who has to sleep with at least a little light on so that he can get to sleep. aaron of course lives for complete darkness and always reaches over and turns off the amber glow, moving his body closer to robert and wrapping his arms around him whispering “i’ll protect ya from the dark if ya like” teasing and kissing his fiancé’s shoulder lightly before closing his eyes and relaxing as he feels robert finally sleep soundly against him.

Do you know that poem?” John asks him. “’Do not go gentle into that good night’?”

Sherlock closes his eyes, briefly. Imprints the image in front of him into his synapses: John, smiling. John, tender. John, old; John, young; John, in-between. John. Just that. John.

“Yes,” he says.

“’Rage, rage, against the dying of the light’?”

“I know it.”

John takes his hands between his own. The texture of his skin is pressed against Sherlock’s once more. For the last time. Calloused at the fingertips, soft in the middle. A metaphor, in that, Sherlock thinks. The wedding band that has been there so many times cold, but always clean, shining, and warmed by the both of them now.

“Let’s go gently,” John says.

—  Teatrolley, The cosmology of you and me

A bit of after-wedding fluff on what’s sure to be a very trying day :)

The pub is loud, the sounds of family, their family, moving around-laughing, happy and excited and he closes his eyes, relishes it, amazed and in awe of all he’s gained-he’d thought, for so long, that his life was to be defined by his losses and yet somehow, some way, he ended up here and he opens his eyes, sees Aaron smile at him from across the room and is struck by him, his unguarded expression- his gaze steady and strong and so, so full. Full of their past and present and all the memories that make up them and Robert’s already been given so much-he’s not sure he deserves this, but when he thinks of Aaron, thinks of everything they’ve done and said and lived and loved through he knows he doesn’t belong anywhere else.

Because when he thinks back, it’s all Aaron, it’s all them, always.

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The Tarmac - a fix-it fic

so i wrote a story of the tarmac scene gone differently, based on m-theory. it got kind of angsty since that’s how i’m feeling after the fucky problem, but it made me feel a lot better to let sherlock and john kiss, and to establish mary is a villain. i hope it can help some of you feel slightly better as well! (it ends on a hopeful note of course, i’m never again gonna even look at a johnlock story that doesn’t end well.)

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perchance to dream

It takes her a second too long. Morgana turns to cast, to stop the other mage, but the woman’s spell has already hit Alistair and he’s falling. The mage laughs and says something in Orlesian, something Morgana can’t quite catch.

Morgana throws a fireball at her, lets Leliana do the rest, and then runs to him. She already knows it won’t be enough. If she weren’t in the middle of a fight, she’d wince at the sound of armour hitting the ground.

His eyes are closed, and his sword has fallen somewhere next to him, his shield still on his arm. There’s barely a scratch on him - nothing that could have caused this. It doesn’t look like an entropy spell, and there’s nothing to tell her what could have caused this.

“Alistair,” she manages, putting her sword aside, dropping to her knees beside him and checking the pulse at his neck; it’s still strong and steady, but he doesn’t stir. “Alistair,” she tries again. “Please.” The last word is barely a murmur, and her hand lingers on his skin. She’s reaching out with healing magic before she can help it, trying to understand, but she can’t get a grip on any pain and her magic is telling her that nothing’s wrong with him. That’s impossible, surely. It’s as if he’s only…

“Asleep,” Zevran says, crouching next to her. “As I suspected.” He looks up. “My dear bard, are you thinking as I am?”

“I am,” Leliana replies, joining them. “I’ve seen this before, but it’s been a long time.” She meets Morgana’s eye then, and looks worried, almost… sorrowful. “Morgana… we need to talk.”

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Summary: Astonished, she watched as he licked his lips and inhaled the bittersweet coffee scent. His eyes, still partially closed, roamed through the small room as he properly sat on the bed and crossed his legs, facing Judy. She noticed how messy his fur was, and how much softer it looked when it was not carefully smoothed out. The cream fur of his chest and stomach seemed inviting, and she wondered what it would feel like to run her fingers thro-

“You’re spacing out.”

“Yeah,” Judy looked away embarrassed, “I was wondering about the case.”

She was unsure of why she lied.

Rate: M - Parings: WildeHopps - Genre: Suspence, Romance, Mystery

AO3 Link - Fanfiction.Net Link

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If you're still taking requests for your blurb day, I'd love some fun malum, like maybe something involving pranks or jokes or some other lighthearted cuteness which hopefully ends in a lot of making out!

Calum’s body immediately relaxed the moment the hot stream of water hit his back, a relieved sigh escaping his lips as he closed his eyes. Tour had been over for months now, but stress still managed to find its way into his life even while he was supposed to be taking a vacation. He found himself waking up at ungodly hours to write down thoughts that wouldn’t seem to leave his head, followed by insomnia keeping him company until the sun had finally risen over the horizon. He chased his sleepless nights with at least five cups of coffee before starting the day, running on caffeine and two hours of sleep. He knew the scalding shower couldn’t rinse off all his problems, but it was a good start.

After soaking for a few moments, Calum swiped the bottle of shampoo off the shower rack and uncapped it, pouring a small amount into his hand before scrubbing it into his newly-shaved head. He noticed the shampoo smelled a little sharper than usual, but he brushed it off. 

Once Calum was out of the shower, bathroom door cracked slightly to let out all the steam, he started to see his reflection becoming clearer in the fogged-up mirror. To his shock, he saw a lot of… blue? 

The short hairs on his head had a blue tint to them, almost strikingly vibrant in the bright bathroom lighting. Calum knew who was behind this. 

“Michael?” He called out, eyes not leaving his reflection for a moment. “Mike, get in here!”

Heavy footsteps trudged down the hallway before the door creaked open, revealing a smirking Michael, clad in his boxers and a destroyed band shirt. A loud laugh immediately cracked from the blonde, his hand slapping over his mouth as he glanced up at Calum’s hair. Calum’s eyes only narrowed in response. Though Michael had sneakily dyed his hair blue, Calum couldn’t bring himself to feel mad. It actually looked kind of good

“Do something new to your hair, Cal?” Michael finally managed out through his laughs. 

“Ha ha,” Calum deadpanned, a small smile tugging on his lips. “Why is this so funny? You knew what was going to happen.”

“I didn’t think it was going to be so vibrant,” Michael giggled, reaching upwards to run his hand through Calum’s wet and freshly-dyed hair. “It looks good, Cal.”

Calum playfully rolled his eyes before looking back into the mirror. Michael was right- it did look good. He vaguely remembered Michael telling him about the hair dye, how it was a quick wash-in dye that he was going to use to turn his hair another funky color to take a brief break from blonde. He also remembered that Michael was a severe prankster, and he was mildly stupid for thinking he wouldn’t be affected by his boyfriend’s antics. 

“Well, now we can match,” Calum commented, grinning over at Michael. 

Calum finished getting ready, drying his hair, completing his skincare routine (courtesy of Ashton, expert on facial cleansers and toners, whatever those are) and pulling on some comfortable clothes before joining Michael on the couch. Michael couldn’t stop staring at Calum’s new hair, an idiotic grin plastered on his face. 

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” Calum teased, leaning into Michael’s side. Michael threw an arm around Calum’s shoulder, pulling him close and pressing a kiss to his temple. 

“I’m still in shock over how good it looks on you,” Michael mused, fingers returning to comb through Calum’s hair, soothingly massaging his scalp. “You look so cute. My little baby blue.” 

Calum blushed, nudging his boyfriend playfully before tilting his head upwards, kissing his lips appreciatively. Michael responded by kissing him back, eyelids slowly fluttered shut as the same rush of warmth and happiness surged through him. 

ok this isn’t as much make out as i originally was planning but this is some cute malum i’m proud ! -noah

Little Steps

The morning was quiet for a change and the sun was a warm touch on his back. Gentil sat with his back to the window of his cottage, sipping his morning tea. Syn’s return letter had come several days past and it sat sealed on the table until that day - making every excuse not to have time to open it. But there was always going to be a lull in the excitement sooner or later.

He steeled himself for the worst, taking his time to read every word and found that he had no need for the tightness in his fingers as he gripped the paper. Syn forgave him and he was happy. He was happy. Gentil released his breath and sat back in his seat, shifting to look out the window.

Syn had been the one he’d thought about the most, pained with realizing that his disappearance would have affected this musical elf more than any other. The blond let the relief come over him and closed his eyes. The courage to write to him had been worth it.

He imagined his friend’s smile, always genuine and inviting. They had seen one another through so much in the past that he quickly realized that he was a little foolish to think he would turn his back on him now. That smile brightened someone else’s heart now and Gen was hopeful that whoever it was, would offer Synicus everything he’d always wanted.

The sun disappeared behind the clouds and the delicate Sin’dorei tucked the letter away safely in his satchel. He had a long journey ahead.

@synicus @forgottenvixen  


Jacob: You know, now that you mention it, this stuff is going straight to my head – I already feel kind of… weird. 

Adi: “Weird”? Weird, how?

Jacob: Weird like… not drunk, just – not… right.

Adi: What’s wrong? Do you need to go lie d–

Jacob grimaced and pressed a hand to his temple, swaying dangerously on his barstool. He closed his eyes in an attempt to dispel the dizziness, but the next moment, he’d toppled out of his seat and onto the floor.

Adi: Oh my God – Jacob!!

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Hi! How about a prompt(o) of Noctis having a nightmare about Ardyn, and Ignis is comforting him when Noctis wakes up? Or Ignis protecting Noctis from being hurt by Ardyn? Not exactly dark fics, but I imagine both can be twisted that way before Igtis moments happen. c: And I just combined the three characters for ideas since they're your favorite. xD

Here you go anon! Enjoy some ignis/noctis Ignoremymistakesplz

He was still exhausted, there was no doubt about it. He could fall asleep right now on the cold floor but he was afraid to close his eyes. It was odd, the lingering feeling that was left after a nightmare. It was a helpless state of mind, and Noctis couldn’t help it, he was terrified of falling asleep again and even closing his eyes for longer than two seconds had him hearing noises that weren’t there. He was still in high alert for enemies and he knew he was being stupid for sitting down on the cold hallway with MT corpses not too far away from him, corpses that liked to entertain themselves by coming back to life when Noctis moved towards them. He just couldn’t be in that small room anymore, even if he felt safe around his friends, the four walls were choking him.

The door made a soft noise as it slid open and Noctis looked up from his spot on the floor. Ignis was standing there, his walking stick in front of him as he tilted his head and then turned it towards his direction. Even if he couldn’t see anything anymore he was still as sharp as ever, almost as if he had a sixth sense for knowing where the prince was.

“Noct, its not safe out here.” Ignis sighed quietly and even though he was questioning the prince’s actions he was walking towards him, stopping only when his stick touched Noctis’ foot. Ignis leaned back against he wall behind him and slowly lowered himself until he was sitting down next to Noctis.

“Yeah, sorry.” Noctis kept watching Ignis the whole time, just in case he needed help.

“Am I correct to guess you were having a nightmare?”

Of course Ignis would know why the prince wasn’t deep asleep like he usually loved doing, sleeping after all was a pretty high priority for Noctis. If Noctis wasn’t deep asleep then Ignis could always know why by simply guessing in between two different choices. One, Noctis was in pain from his childhood wound from when he was attacked by a deamon. It happened a long time ago but after dealing with a lot of stress or physical endurance, his body would start acting up. Two, Noctis was having a nightmare, and that would be giving it a nice name. When the prince was attacked and his mother killed, Noctis started suffering from night terrors, which were atrocious to deal with. Back then Noctis would run to his room if his father was missing, he would cry and cling to Ignis until his shaking body was under control again.  The first time it happened Ignis was at lost of what to do and was forced to call the king to ask what was happening, Regis was the one that guided him through the process of getting Noctis back to bed, except the prince ended up sleeping in Ignis’ bed that night, and the following time the same thing happened. Noctis’ night terrors eventually became almost non-existent but in return the prince was very sensitive to nightmares, he would often just sleep through them like nothing but once in a while he would wake up in the middle of the night, his eyes wide and sweat clinging to his body. Noctis couldn’t go back to sleep after that, no matter how much he wanted to.

“Yeah, you guessed right.” Noctis chuckled, and tilted his head back against the wall behind him. He was looking at Ignis with an amused smile, even if Ignis couldn’t see it.

“What was it this time?”

Ignis voice was full of concern and that only made Noctis’ gut twist with guilt. He wanted to tell Ignis about his dream, he wanted to tell him about how he couldn’t close his eyes without hearing Ardyn’s voice. How he couldn’t sleep without the damn monster creeping up in his dreams. He would taunt him, reminding him of how helpless he was, how very naive and useless he could be and Noctis couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t do anything as he saw himself hurting Prompto while thinking it was Ardyn, and he saw himself getting Ignis and Gladio killed while trying to protect him. The images were still vivid in his mind, fresh and stinging like a deep wound. The deamons were attacking them and Noctis was powerless to do anything, his weapons failing him as Ardyn stood next to him, holding him back as he tried to run to his friends. He was kept in place by a tight grip and that voice was whispering on his ear, pulling him closer and closer until Noctis couldn’t even struggle against the tight hold. And he would watch, he would watch as the deamons would attack Gladio first, and Ignis could hardly do anything to protect himself. Noctis couldn’t do anything as his friends were killed in front of him, and even as he tried to reach for them, all he could see was blood on his hands from what he did to Prompto.

He wanted to tell Ignis all of this, but he couldn’t. It was just a nightmare, it was not real and he just couldn’t burden Ignis any further. He couldn’t push this on him again, not when he was still dealing with his own issues. Noctis couldn’t even imagine what Ignis was going through, and worst of it all, he felt like it was nothing but his fault. Ignis was another victim he wasn’t able to protect, just like Luna. Maybe the nightmare wasn’t so wrong after all.

“Nothing important, just…just stupid crap. It’s fine.” Noctis sighed quietly, his tired eyes staring up ahead at the long hallway. They were silent for a minute, and Noctis almost thought he was asleep again but a hand moving towards his face reminded him that he was still very much awake. Ignis bare hand was resting against his cheek, Noctis didn’t even noticed when he took off his gloves.

“When I first lost my vision, one of the things that kept me up at night was that I wasn’t going to be able to see any of you guys again. All that I have left are my memories, that is all. I am never going to be able to see Prompto’s pictures again. I will never know what’s ahead of me, no matter how much planning I do. No matter how much I prepare myself, I am always going to have a major disadvantage. The idea was just horrifying. I couldn’t sleep, I could hardly eat, not only because the food was pretty atrocious…” Ignis chuckled at his words. “but because I was also not going to be able to cook again, at least not right now.”

“But above all, I could remember thinking to myself, ‘Noctis doesn’t need me anymore’. That mere thought made me feel weaker than ever before. I tried to be as independent as I could, to cause as less troubles as I could manage, just to show that I was still worthy of standing by your side. I guess you could say I wanted to be a shadow, just a step behind you but still there. I was still going to be there with you no matter where you went. I was still going to try to protect you, and I was going to be standing by your side no matter what. I know I might not feel like much right now, but that is something I hope to improve on.”

“And although this might sound rather odd, the idea that I wasn’t going to be able to see your face anymore was just as terrible. I am never going to be able to see Noctis’ face again, I said to myself, how would I know how he feels, how would I know when something is troubling him. I take high pride in being able to read you like an open book, but you know what? I’m glad your voice is just as honest as your eyes.”

Noctis was looking at Ignis, his face leaning against his hand as his vision slowly became blurry. He was fighting back the tears in his eyes but his lips were trembling, a knot in his throat was making it hard to breath and he had to take a shaky, deep breath that almost turned into a sob. The prince covered his mouth with one of his hands, quieting his noises as the tears began to fall. He let Ignis’ arm pull him in, and he quickly hugged him like he did so many times when he was a child. Noctis’ arms were tight around Ignis’ chest, his face buried against his chest while Ignis hand gently rested on his head, his fingers lightly stroking his hair.

“So, I beg of you Noctis, don’t be afraid to come to me. I know you feel guilty, I know you don’t want to burden me, but this burden is my choice. If I couldn’t handle it, I would have left a long time ago. It is not only my duty, but my pleasure to stand by your side.” Ignis smiled and his arms pulled the prince closer.

Noctis was a trembling mess, his eyes shut tight as he kept crying against Ignis’ chest. He hated feeling this weak, he hated it so much but he was exhausted. He wanted nothing but to be out of this place now, he wanted all of them to walk out and ignore they were ever in this demented prison. He wanted to end Ardyn, he truly did, he wanted to bring peace, but it was so draining. The worst part of it all was that he just didn’t know how to do it, Ardyn was immortal. He couldn’t be killed, if he decided to do anything at any given point then they wouldn’t be able to truly stop him. He could show up here and kill them all and no matter how much they fought, it would be meaningless. The mere idea had the prince shivering and his body shaking.

“I know you are afraid…” Ignis voice was quiet, just for Noctis to hear. “We all are, and I know you are upset due to that fear, but being afraid is part of dealing with the unknown Noctis. What matters is how we deal with that fear, and no matter what keep your head held high and remember that you have me, all of us. To be honest I would be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid, I am, I’m scared of not knowing what’s in front of me now, but the idea of not being near you, the simple idea of not being by your side in this journey is far worse. Thank you, for not leaving me behind, when you could have.”

“As if I would ever do that.” Noctis voice hoarse and cracking, but he couldn’t help himself but to chuckle in between his tears. He felt Ignis smiling again and the hand was back on his head, slowly stroking his hair as Noctis tears began to dry. It was peaceful like this, he felt as if he was back home in his room in the palace, like all of those years ago when he would run to Ignis room and hide underneath his blankets, and as he felt Ignis’ heartbeat against his face, Noctis couldn’t deny that he was definitely home. Noctis breathing began to even out and the last bit of his tears clung to his eyelashes as he succumbed to slumber once more, not letting go of Ignis at all, and Ignis was glad he didn’t.

Poor Woo

“Oh Sangwoo. I know I’ve heard of you somewhere.”


“The name rings a bell and that face of yours is unforgettable.”

 He blinks.

“I have a favor to ask of you. It’s pretty small but I’d appreciate it more than I can say.” She blinked slower.

Oh Sangwoo raises his chin, never losing eye contact. She is not even close to perturbed. “Okay?”

The woman stretches, revealing a chubby belly not quite to Woo’s liking, but something about her has him enthralled. She’s a bitch. To his shock she turns around and bends over. Now in his face is a fine ass. “Please spank me, young man.” 

Sangwoo is lost for words. He never plays with a woman’s body typically. Their minds are so much more fun to fuck with. This one has left him frozen and feeling like his body and soul are separated. “Okay,” he blurts finally, and swings his hand back. 

It was loud. 

It was loud when Oh Sangwoo hit the ground. The cuffs were like ice. Shit, he thought. One person’s face stayed glued in his mind as someone led him away. They were already gone.

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fanfic WIP meme: hurt

(It makes sense that so many of these are from the Serious TASM/Fant4stic fic since it’s the longest WIP I have open but really so many of these are from the Serious TASM/Fant4stic fic)

But Victor had dropped his eyes to Johnny’s mouth and said, voice rough, “Don’t tell Susan,” and humiliation had curled in the pit of Johnny’s stomach. Of course - one more person who wanted Sue, but settled for him. Somehow it hurt more when it was weird, wryly funny, brooding Victor.

That he’d ever thought of Victor like that - funny, handsome, someone to want - made Johnny feel sick. He slid his hands up Peter’s hard chest, tugging a little at his shirt.

Peter broke away with a little questioning noise, his Bambi eyes huge in the gloom. Johnny had to suck in a breath through his teeth, had to close his eyes so he wasn’t looking at him. He tugged at his shirt again, and Peter’s long fingers curled reassuringly around his wrists.

“I just need a sec,” Johnny said. “That okay?”

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Zona where Nami hugs zoro from behind in comfort (or the other way around ;))

I am so here for comforting ZoNami! This has probably been one of my favorite prompts to write!

Zoro really, really hated losing.

Of course, no one on board took being robbed of half of their gold easily. But Zoro couldn’t get over his moment of weakness. If he had just been a little bit stronger….

The telltale squeak of his door opening broke into his thoughts. Nami stood in the doorway. “Zoro?”

He sighed, not turning to meet her eyes.

“Zoro, are you still beating yourself up over that?” She padded across the room. “It’s fine, you know.”

He gritted his teeth. “I let them get through me. If I’d stopped them, they wouldn’t have gotten the gold. And they wouldn’t have hurt you.” Every time he closed his eyes, he saw Nami facing off against the band of thieves, badly outmatched.

“They didn’t hurt me that much. I can fight, too.” Nami sighed, and he could feel her cheek pressing against his back. “And you need to stop throwing yourself in life-threatening situations like that. What would we do without you? Even when you sulk in your room because you made one mistake.”

Zoro thought about responding, but Nami’s arms around his waist made his head buzz. He let himself be held until he felt his shoulders drop and his muscles relax.

“Plus, I have good news,” Nami murmured, her voice muffled in the fabric of his shirt. “I came down here to tell you that we’ve found the thieves’ trail. We’ve almost caught up to them, but Luffy wanted to wait for you first.” She removed her arms from around his waist and he couldn’t help but feel disappointed. She offered him her hand, a smirk playing at her lips. “Ready to fight?”

@scareqrowbranwen continued from here.

“Come here - Little Brat!” He snapped, loud enough for anyone eavesdropping to think this was just a simple matter of discipline. Muninn snatched his arm in a vice grip, dragging Qrow away. Only stopping when they were a distance away from the closest dwelling - some two hundred metres away at least.

Muninn released his grip on the boy’s arm, rounding on him and gripped him by the collar.

“I know you, boy. I taught you everything you know. I know you better than anyone - You think I can’t see what’s going on in that head of yours?!” He hissed quickly, dangerously. Teeth bared in a furious visage. He closed his eyes and collected himself.

“I am trying to get you out, Qrow!” Muninn told him, anger still quite present in his features. His voice was calm now, but still quiet like a whisper. “I want to get you out, cause you want it more than anything - even if you can’t see it. And I can’t get you out if you’re dead.”