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Happy Birthday Shouta Kisa 14.3.2016~! (´∀`)♡

imagine receiving a tiny parcel and when you open it, pocket-sized jimin pops up with a huge grin and shouts “happy birthday!! would you like my spECIAL FANTASTIC HUG?”

The full RWBoYs thirsting experience, via tumblr user nerdgasmz
  • Me: Aw, Jaune is adorable. He shall be my son, but none of the boys in this show so far are really-
  • Lie Ren: hi
  • Me: OMG REN IS SO GORGEOUS??? I don't think anyone can top him he's so pretty??? Look at his hair. Look at his eyes! Ahh, he is perf-
  • Sun Wukong: Hi
  • Me: SHIT. SHIT!!! okay be cool be cool its not like they can get more attractive
  • Team SSSN: 'Sup
  • Fox Alistair: Ay
  • Nadir Shiko, Bolin Hori: Yo
  • Nameless background characters: Sup
  • Me: CAN Y'ALL S T O P