his eyes :(

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Draw my boy Raz being rad

You asked for Rad, but somehow my brain jumped to bring your son to work day two nerds in lab coats. I’m…so sorry;;; I hope you can still get some enjoyment out of it lol

“Well there it is! 350 followers!” Flug sighs. “Let it never be said I’m not a man of my word. I said I would show you all my face when this happened and I meant it.” He takes a deep breath and clutches the sides of his bag with shaking hands. Slowly, he removes it.

“Hello, everyone… This is..what I..,” he clears his throat, “What I really look like. Anyway, the askbox is open and you can ask me questions while I’m not wearing my bag. The mun is going to go to sleep and when she wakes up, the askbox will be closed. You have until then to ask me whatever you like! All questions will be given a drawn responses too!”


Here’s Natsu Disney style! Hope you enjoy (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


THEORY!! LORD OF SHADOWS by @cassandraclare


Remember part when Dru saw a fairy boy? First i thought maybe it was that lost heir of Fairy King. BUT THEN WE HAVE THE FOLLOWING aaahhh

Blondie White HAIRS and GREEN EYES… His Eyes were GREEN!! and then that boy talked about mother i mean…PEOPLE!!!  HE IS SEBASTIAN’s and Seelie Queen’s SON!! remember that there were no news/information  about Queen for a long time!!!! I think YES. THIS explains everything, and why she want a Peace !!

i love seeing baekhyun so happy because you can genuinely see a sparkle in his eyes when he looks at us…his eyes soften and shine with such a special type of love for his eris and it SHOWS in the way he smiles and carries himself, he doesnt look at anything else the same way…its always particularly the encore days where he brings out more than 300% of him for his fans and i love him so much and how he glows from within with gratitude