his eyes ........... * *

Tony telling (lecturing) Peter not to spend all night in the workshop because he needs his full eight hours of sleep and good meals. He begins doing this when he catches Peter stumbling out of the workshop at eight in the morning and finds out from Friday that the only thing Peter’s eaten is half a sandwich and over five cans of energy drinks. 

Tony seems himself in this kid way more than he thought. 

okay i know it Doesn’t Actually Work Like That, but i love the fact that the Blue Eyes White Dragon and the Dark Magician are referred to as natural enemies by shadi (and I think others too).

because, before the Egyptian mythology of yugioh was really fleshed out, this is pretty easy to buy. Atem and Seto are adversaries. dragons and wizards are common fixtures in fantasy and often pitted against each other in stories. okay, cool. but then there’s the revelation that monsters, ESPECIALLY those two, are tied to human souls. and it just makes me laugh because I’m like 99.8% certain Mahad and Kisara never ONCE met each other but their souls are apparently ready to throw down on sight, any time of day, no questions asked, because their respective loved ones are engaged in an eternal pissing contest

Now introducing, Prince Roman!
Art for @prinxietys The Princess Bride AU! Since his name isn’t buttercup (lol), I called him his actual name, Roman. This is the scene in the movie where the king announces the prince.