his eyelashes ; ;

the night was ink black in the alleyways, the air like ice shards as magnus made his way through the labyrinth of small walkways between tall buildings with blackened windows. he was part of it, the shadows stitching themselves into his suit as his boots clinked with every step he took. he was walking with a purpose, a man with somewhere to be and that was clear enough with every step he took.

ahead a black door waited, a single red light hanging above it and magnus’s dark eyes were trained on it. whispers spilled out from the shadows, blinking eyes, but he ignored everything save for that door. when he got to it he stepped in close, rapping his knuckles against the metal. the whispers in the shadows got louder but he didn’t move. he stood there bathed in blood red light, raising his chin and staring at the slats in the door as a small window slid open with a metallic sound.

the red was dripping down his eyelashes, pooling over his cheeks, catching on the dark goatee that hung around his mouth. he had a lazy look on his face, but there was something like flint gathered in his eyes. something hard and sharp. something that wanted to burn.

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everyone is beautiful…like so so beautiful i LOVE looking at different people and just kind of stare and hope i don’t look like a creep and just like “wow her cheekbones” “wow his jawline” “wow her freckles” “wow his eyelashes”

Layover - cc ficlet

Title: Layover
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length/Rating:  ~1,450 / PG
Summary: As requested, a small follow up to Departure.  Now where are my promised mimosas?


Chris’ stomach twists in cold knots when the landing announcement sounds through the cabin otherwise quiet cabin. They’re arriving in Los Angeles and Chris doesn’t know what comes next.

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A smol plant