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The sun was just starting to come up, peaking through the branches of the trees that were straight ahead. The light shed through them so beautifully, and the world seemed so quiet and peaceful.

I sat and admired the sunrise, picking at my hangnails without realizing it. I watched the way the sun made shadows on the ground and the way the sky changed color.

I wasn’t sure how much time had passed before I heard a faint noise that was undoubtedly from someone who is no longer alive. This had brought me back to where I really was in the world,which is a watchtower at a prison.

All I did was sigh as I watched the walker roam through the trees and into the grass, stumbling around and roaming pointlessly.

“Times up sunshine!” I heard a voice yell from the bottom of the latter. A cross bow came swinging up and Daryl quickly followed behind it.

“See anythin’ good last night?” He asked with a crooked smile. I just shrugged and grabbed for my gun, ready to be off guard.

“Well I’ll see ya later, that is if we’re still on fence together?” He smiled at me again and I nodded, and then climbed down the latter.

I always felt bad when I didn’t speak back to Daryl when he talked to me, he was different from the others. Something inside of me wanted to try to respond, very much unlike with everyone else.

Back at the barn with Maggie’s family, my sister had been bitten, and the group left her behind, including me. Ever since that night something inside of me wouldn’t let me speak. No matter the situation, I had no will to open my mouth and use my voice. I couldn’t forgive myself for leaving, I thought about it everyday, which dug me deeper into silence. All I wanted was to go back and save her, but what’s done is done, and she’s gone.

It had been almost a year that’s passed since I heard the sound of my own voice, and I couldn’t fix it.

Daryl’s the only one who still talks to me like I’m speaking back, he hasn’t given up, and he shares the pain I feel. He understands what it’s like to know someone was left behind, because the group did it to Merle too.

When the others try to talk to me they don’t know how to handle it, so they smile and go about their business, leaving me standing there feeling helpless.

I walked back to my cell with my head hanging low and occasionally kicking rocks along the way. I decided now was a good time to take care of my weapons considering I’ll be on fence duty tonight. I cleaned my gun and sharpened my knives while I waited just to pass the time.

Cleaning my weapons didn’t take as long as I had intended, so I thought exploring the prison might be something else to do. I didn’t worry much about going out by myself considering it was clear for the most part, so I set out.

The halls were dark and the pipes were dripping, causing puddles to form all over the place. There wasn’t much to look at around here, it was dark and gloomy, much like my own thoughts.

I had come up to an intersection, and before I knew it, a walker was right in my face. Considering it was such a sudden action, I wasn’t ready and I was startled. I was struggling a bit to keep it off of me, but once I pushed it hard enough I had time to reach for my knife, stabbing it in the brain.

It fell to the ground and I felt my back hit against the wall, and my body went sliding down it, slowly, until I got to the floor. My knees were held tight against my chest and when I looked down I could see a faint reflection of myself in a puddle on the ground.

I looked older, worn, and was starting to look like one of them. I instantly became angry, an emotion I had felt too often, and stomped on the puddle, ruining the mirror effect it had on me.

I decided exploring was over for me, and I was just going to hop onto fence duty early since I didn’t know what else to do with my time. Eating or sleeping were out of the question, both I couldn’t seem to do properly.


“He sunshine you’re here early.” Daryl said as he approached me from behind.

I just gave one quick nod and kept looking out into the distance, looking straight out into what felt like absolutely nothing to me.

“I didn’t see much up there either today.” Daryl remarked as he played with one end of the stick used to kill the walkers.

“Sometimes I just think there isn’t much.” He added to his last statement. This caused me to turn and raise my eyebrow, feeling like he read my thoughts, but I turned away and looked back out.

He just chuckled for a second, causing me to look back again. I gave him a look, he knew that it meant ‘what’ without me having to make any more gestures or facial expressions.

“Nothin’ darlin’.” He said smiling, which made me try to smile, even though it was small and weak.

“There ya go, I see you wanton’ to smile.” He smiled bigger at me and I just quickly looked away. He made me feel things other than angry and upset, but only occasionally. He made me want to try.

“I’m gonna tell ya somethin’ it’s gonna be alright, you’ll be able to do it one day.” He said and put his hand gently on my shoulder.

I turned to look at him, and something inside me wanted to say something back, so I opened my mouth to try. Nothing happened, it felt like my stomach had dropped to the ground and my heart was stuck in my throat blocking my voice.

I was embarrassed that I couldn’t do it and turned back towards the fence.

“It’s okay, I know.” Was all he said after that.

The two of us sat there, waiting for walkers, waiting for the sun to set, I wasn’t sure at this point.

Soon enough the sun did start to set, and all that meant to me was another day of unspoken words, unspoken thoughts, and unspoken feelings. I was, in fact, the definition of a disappointment.

“Beautiful tonight, makes me forget sometimes.” He said as his head tilted up and his arm rested on his knee.

Once again the sound of the undead interrupted a moment like this, causing me to become angry. It was headed right for us, so I stood up and got my spear ready.

“It’s alright darlin’ I got it.” Daryl said standing up next to me.

I pushed his spear back down and turned to face the walker. I killed it with no problem, quickly and easily.

What got me was when I saw the next one. It was wearing a shirt that my sister used to have, which made me feel every emotion possible. I didn’t wait for it to come to the fence, I started running towards the gate.

“HEY! Y/N! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING?!” Daryl yelled as he started running after me.

Before I knew it I was outside, forgetting about protection, I let all my guard down. The feeling was different, it was like everything was happening in bursts. The gate flashed before me, flashes of blurred trees, and then the walker. I continued to stab it even though I knew it was already dead.

And that’s when I felt arms wrapping around me from behind, forcefully, but protectingly.

“Y/N, it’s okay. Calm down.” He said as he held me in his arms.

I felt myself pulling him down to the ground with me, falling back into his arms. And it took me until now to realize sound was coming out of my mouth. Screams and sobs were projecting out and it was the first time in almost a year that I had heard my own voice. It burned and ached, but the feeling was amazing, I had broken a wall that I was so afraid to break.

“Daryl… Daryl..” I whispered in between sobs, gripping onto his shirt and pulling him closer.

“It’s okay.” He said as he smoothed the hair down over my head.

“Thank you.” I replied and he nodded his head and held me there until I was ready to go back in the walls and to my cell.

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Sleeping With the Wrong Winchester

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Pairing : Dean x reader
Words : 2,028
Warnings: Smut, penis talk
Author : Mel

A/N : I got tired of Winchesters forever having big dicks in fics, so I wrote about smaller Dean who’s a bit self-conscious about his size when someones a cunt, but he still rocks your fucking world.

Dean fucking Winchester. Gods gift to women, if you listen to the bullshit he spews. And it is that. Bullshit. Or so you thought, at first.

You had met the Winchester boys when your suddenly jealous and abusive boyfriend turned out to be a werewolf. And something had happened between you and Sam. Apparently, that happens to him often. He swoops in to save a girl, fucks her, and sometimes she ends up dead. Or turns out to be a monster. You were lucky to be neither. Thanks to Dean.

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You got put on watch with Derek, again. And again, he wouldn’t let you do anything.

“Derek!” You shouted, jogging up to him. “Why the hell did you run of? I don’t know if you noticed but-” you waved over yourself. “Human.”

“Keep up,” he said simply.

“Well maybe if you didn’t run off faster than a human can I would,” you muttered, stuffing your hands in your pockets. “Why don’t you just trust me to help keep watch.”

“I don’t trust anyone,” he said simply.

“Well you need to learn too,” you told him.

“In all honesty, Y/N,” he said. “The last time I trusted someone my family was killed.”

You narrowed your eyes. “Don’t try to guilt trip me, got it wolf boy.”

His eyes went blank as he stared at you. “I guess your right.”

“What?” You asked. “Right? You agreed?”

He shrugged. “I guess I was guilt tripping you. No one ever called me out on it.”

You raised an eyebrow. “Something’s wrong with you.”

“What?” He questioned.

“You’re being, normal.”

“You’re an ass,” he muttered.

“You trust me,” you decided, walking away.

“To an extent I guess,” he agreed. “Don’t count on it though.”

“There’s that Derek I know and don’t love.”

“You love me,” he said.

“To an extent I guess,” you agreed.

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So how about this: Aurora gets into Klaus' head and finds about Caroline and kidnaps her and Cami, making Klaus choose one(no pregnant Caroline, yuck), but Caroline can take care of herself so she saves herself and Klaus is all mesmerized with his wifey and smut please :)

Written by one of our new guest writers, @thedisdainfullysilentvisitor

She Finds Out

“You betrayed me? After all your promises of love?” Aurora protested as Tristan, her brother, lay sprawled in the chair beside her, his neck broken.

“I meant to keep those promises! It was you who shattered them when you took Rebekah!” Klaus exclaimed.

He grabbed Tristan’s chair and neared Aurora, towering over her with his chin tipped high.

“Now I have your brother,” he stated. “Sibling for sibling. I want Rebekah back.”

Aurora gritted her teeth, her eyes full of tears.

“And what about Cami?” she hissed. “Who else, pray tell, holds your affections apart from me?!” she exclaimed, pressing her hands firmly against Klaus’s forehead, causing the hybrid to roar in surprise.

A hard, breathtaking face, curly blonde hair.

Younger than Klaus, younger than even her.

A smile given to him after he told her a story he’d never told anyone.

A kiss given to her on the cheek after she had graduated high school.

A kiss on the mouth, given to him.

What happened after.

She wrenched her hands away from his head. Klaus’s threatening demeanor had vanished, making way for sheer, bloody panic. Aurora smiled.

“You will regret going up against me, Nik,” Aurora whispered, stepping closer to him.

Klaus could not help but lose his breath at their proximity.

Aurora spun away and Klaus’ panic grew.

She knew about Caroline.

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