his eyebrows are so beautiful in this film i want to cry

It’s A Comfort Thing

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Dylan x Reader
Word Count: 3,738


A/N: i was gonna keep this fluffy, but we all know it’s pretty impossible for me to not write sin for dylan, so here you go!! also i apologise for how dirty this got. fUCK. and thanks to my bby @sabrinas-wolves for helping me with this and the puthey… and this is dylan pov

listen to this

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my baby: text me when you’re on your way home so i can start dinner xo

dyl pickle: will do xx

I shove my phone back into my pocket with a smile and rub my hands together eagerly. It had been five months since I’d been home, which also meant five long, agonisingly lonely months since I last saw Y/N. Admittedly, I’d much rather be home with her right now, either fucking the shit out of her, or holding her close to my chest as I wash her hair in the bath tub. She always loved corny shit like that. But unfortunately, I wasn’t. I was in my dressing room, waiting with T-Pose to be interviewed with Ellen DeGeneres.

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Imagine - Protective Tony x reader

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@vivi-ccw Request: “Tony and the reader are close friends and during the situation with the tapes the relationship grows into love? and that Tony is always really protective when someone tries to flirt  with her or yeah I don’t know something like that maybe 🙈🙃”

You and Tony had been best friends since you two were only children, which is understandable considering that the two of you were neighbours. Your parents would always bring you over to Mr. and Mrs. Padilla’s house for play dates with their son. Which is how Tony and you became inseparable. You told Tony everything, he was your shoulder to cry, your light in a dark room. Tony was your sun, he brightened up your life and made everything seem more bearable. As long as you had Tony beside you, you could conquer anything.

And right now you really needed Tony, and Tony really needed you. Because Hannah Baker, your friend, one of the sweetest girls that you have ever had the pleasure of meeting, had just killed herself… And you had no idea how to cope with that. You’re not really sure if Tony knew either, but he seemed strong on the outside. He was always so cool and collected that it was hard to depict what he was feeling.

The night Hannah killed herself, you were at Tony’s. The two of you were cuddled up on the couch, watching a horror film. The two of you saw Hannah walk up Tony’s drive way and leave something at his door. But at the time, you thought nothing of it, ‘if it was important, she would’ve knocked, right?’ How wrong you were…

Tony opened the door to pick up the box that Hannah left on his door step, a couple minutes after she left, and the two of you read the note that she left.

Hannah was going to commit suicide.

The minute that you read that, you and Tony rushed outside to his car and sped to the Bakers household. But you were already too late… You saw them drag Hannah’s body out, saw the devastated and heartbroken looks on Mr. and Mrs. Baker’s faces. You felt sick. Knowing that you could have somehow prevent all of this from happening. If you would’ve  opened the door when Hannah came to drop of the tapes… She could’ve still been alive right now…

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Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word count: 2475

Warnings: body insecurities, verbally abusive relationship, smut, severely fluffy Jensen, cussing, i think that’s it. let me know if there is more please!

Request: Unpretty by TLC with Jensen x Reader from @mysteriouslyme81

A/N: I thoroughly enjoyed writing this, it’s hands down the quickest I have ever written anything because I was so into it. I don’t care who you are, we all have had some sort of insecurity at some point in our life. I hope this is a way for whoever may be struggling with this to learn to accept themselves and if you are in a toxic relationship, you can do so much better. You are all beautiful!! Thanks yall! As always thank you to my forever beta @avasmommy224

It was your second week working as an extra on the show Supernatural. Your boyfriend was beyond unsupportive, he always told you that you were never good enough to be an actress. You weren’t skinny enough for this role or too skinny for that role. You would get an offer for a part and as excited as you were to get his opinion, he always had something negative to say. This time it was for a love interest of Dean Winchester’s. You were a vamp that he’d met in a bar a few episodes behind but you slipped out of the bar when you found out that he was a hunter.

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Dress (Sugar daddy!Calum smut)

Summary: You wear a dress guaranteed to send Calum up the wall (okay pls I can’t do summaries but it’s sugar daddy and they fuck and ahhHH hot stuff!)

Word Count: 4.8k (SO LONG OH MY GOD)

Warnings: There’s three sections of smut! Yes, three! Also daddy kink and bondage ;)

A/N: Jfc you have no idea how much effort I’ve put into this! I really hope you like it, I think it’s pretty good, if I do say so myself <3

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For my CEO!5sos blurb night with @felicityash and @pretendtobepunkrock!

Crisp shirts. Sparkling cufflinks. Neat sheets. 

Just some of the many things that spring to mind when you think of him. 

Calum Hood, CEO of Hood Incorporations, hasn’t left your mind ever since you met to discuss a partnership deal. Your father owns a business similar to Calum’s and you, his devoted daughter, handle some of the more day-to-day tasks, including meeting with the extremely attractive business partner.

From the start you knew Calum was different. Maybe it was the elegance in which he operated, the silky smoothness embedded in his voice. 

Or, perhaps, it was the fact that he’d had you spread across his desk within ten minutes of your first encounter. 

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Beauty And The Buck

Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.7K
Warnings: Angst, fluff, swearing

A/N: Sorry this took so long to write and post!

“What’re you watching?” you jump as the gruff voice sounds through the dark living room. Your heart begins to race before you even turn around to confirm who was standing behind the couch. It was Bucky, you would know that voice anywhere.

Glancing over your shoulder, you give the super soldier a small smile, “Tangled,” you inform him, “I’d ask you to join but it’s almost done,” you curse yourself, watching a movie with Bucky would be a perfect way to get to know your crush better,

“It’s really good quality,” Bucky keeps his eyes locked on the huge tv, while you keep your eyes locked on him. It was dark in the lounge room, the only source of light coming from the tv, but you can see that he’s tired; bloodshot eyes and dark circles giving it away.

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HELLO! i’ve met some people who have wanted to stan shinee, and asked for information on them, so i decided to make this huge post for anyone who wants to know more about shinee and/or potentially stan!!! all are welcome!!!

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Imagine Jensen surprising you with the best birthday present ever. 

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: teeth rotting fluff, Jensen being a TOTAL nerd, Harry Potter references (duh, it’s a warning and it’s hilarious)

Word Count: 1.8k

A/N: 6k Celebration and One Year Fic-i-verary Celebration Fic TWELVE. The line requested was, “If somebody is willing to judge me, then I don’t really care what they think. ” It was requested by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing  . It will be highlighted in the fic. Thank you so much for celebrating with me. I am combining it with my challenge submission for @winchester-writes Birthday Drinking Challenge. She gave me the line “Why are your eyes so damn pretty?” and the alcohol Crown Royal. So that’s worked into this little diddy as well. Hope you guys enjoy it, it’s TOTALLY nerd central. I’m kind of in love. You may consider reading King of the Nerds. The reader will make a brief comment about it in the fic. 

Side note, HAPPY 21st birthday ROSIE POO!

Feedback Appreciated

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They don’t know - Yugyeom scenario (fluff, requested)

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Members: Yugyeom x You
Genre: Fluffy 
Word count: 1384

“Oh Yugyeom get out of here. You can’t feel that way“ Bambam laughed looking at him
“Don’t even say that in front of other hyungs. They will make fun of you” he added laying down on his bed

Yugyeom licks his lips, looking down at the ground.
“It was just a different feeling. I can’t help it.” He spoke
Bambam looks to the side at him and sits up.
“Listen. She’s a fan. What if you will never see her again. Like maybe she was beautiful and you just felt the rush and felt that way.” He explains
“I know what I feel.”
“Yugyeom. You never had a girlfriend.” Bambam looks at him
“Did you ever have one?” Yugyeom raises his eyebrows and leaves the room


— Few hours before —

“Hii everyone!” Jackson said to the microphone and waved smiling. All the iGOT7’s started to scream and wave back.
“OPPA!” fans were shouting

Yugyeom smiled, talking to a fan. She hand him a cute flower crown.
“Do you want to put it on?” Yugyeom looked at her and leans his head down and she smiles and puts the crown on his head.
“I am pretty, am I?” he laughs, so does she
“I love you Yugyeom” she said as she moved to next member
“I love you too” he smiled

“JINYOUNG OPPA! Hi” fan said from the crowd
“Jinyoung oppa, hi? Jinyoung oppa HELLO” he said to the mic
Fans sent him hearts and he flicks them away and laughs.

Yugyeom takes the album.
“Hi” you said feeling super nervous and you wanted to cry how much excited you are.
“Hi-“ Yugyeom looks up at you, and stops for a moment. Staring at you. You felt like your face is super red.
His eyes observed your whole face. You were just too beautiful.
Him realizing he’s staring he chuckles and looks down sighing the album.
“Can I hold your hand” you put your hand over your mouth
“Of course” Yugyeom takes your hand in his, and two of held hands.
“You are very beautiful” he spoke looking up at you
“I..I.. Thank you” you blush
“I got you something” you add and take the flower crown
“Oh, but you already have one” you make a sad face
“It’s okay, put that one too” he leans his head down and you without taking your smile off put the flower crown on top of another one.
He slowly lifts his head up
“Is it falling?” he tried to look up and you laugh
“It’s steady for now” you smiled and two of you kept looking at each other, actually enjoying the silence.

He felt his heart racing, it was just something so different about you. He never wanted you to go. He wanted you to stay, that he gets to know you. Already talking to you he sees how great personality you have.
But you had to move forward.
“I’ll see you again, right?” he quickly asked
“I hope so. Yeah” you smiled, letting go of his hand and moved to Jaebum.

There were no words to describe how happy you were. No matter if they don’t come to your country, you’ll go anywhere you need to just to see him again, see them again and talk to them.

Yugyeom would always look to the side, and look at you while you’re still there.
Admire that smile and how cute you are.

After the sighing, boys come to the front of the stage. To talk to everyone who came.
“I LOVE YOU” Yugyeom did aegyo and made a heart with his arms

They would do a sexy dance off, make jokes, do aegyo, and just sit down and talk to everyone.
“We will come back hopefully again. I will miss you a lot” Youngjae said
“You were so beautiful today, all of you! Bambam winks and dabs
“I want you to come back home safely, and get a lot of rest okay?” Jackson asked
All of you shout “Yes”

For the end all of you get to hug or high five them.
Seeing the line, Yugyeom couldn’t wait for you to walk by.
As you did you smiled and hugged him tightly.
“I’ll see you soon” you said
“I love you” he smiled and let go of you and hugged another fan.


“Hey Yugyeom I heard something” Jinyoung sat down on the couch in their practice room
Yugyeom danced and stopped, looking at him in review of the mirror.
“Did BamBam say something?” Yugyeom asked with his heart racing. He didn’t want anyone to know how he feels and what he feels.
“No, I just saw couple of pictures and videos online. On that last fan meet you were constantly looking at one fan” he explains
Jackson jumps on the couch next to Jinyoung.
“I likeee to hear that” he laughs
“It’s nothing. She was just pretty that’s all” Yugyeom turns around, towards them
“All iGOT7’s are pretty, they are beautiful” Jackson smiled
“Why were you staring at her?”
“I said. She was pretty” Yugyeom looks away and sits on the ground
“Oh come on. Did you feel somethinn” they started teasing
“Yeah. I did. So what?” Yugyeom looks up, his voice cold and serious

Jinyoung and Jackson look at him for a moment with a serious face on. Slowly their lips form into a smile then they let out a loud laugh. They clapped hands, grabbed onto each other how much they thought it was funny.

“Wait. You don’t even know her and you fall in love or something. Oh God” Jinyoung laughed
Jackson wiped off his tears
“Oh damn, that was funny”

Yugyeom kept looking at them, coldly and just calmly. He didn’t want to care what they think or how much they laugh about it, but he did in a way and it bothered him.
But he knew how he feels.
As he stood up, taking his stuff, Jackson and Jinyoung stopped laughing.
“Oh come on are you mad now?” Jackson asked
“Like you care?” Yugyeom just looks up at him and walks out of the practice room, shutting the door.


For months boys were preparing for another comeback. Working on their songs, choreography’s, and MV filming. 

Next comeback was “Never ever” era.

Even though it was long time ago when Yugyeom saw you, he still gets excited of a thought of you. And of a thought seeing you soon hopefully.
Still he was more focused on the comeback and wanting to work hard.

As the comeback era started, they started to perform and soon they had a fan meeting.
It was the same city where he saw you. The more and more the fan meeting was close he was getting too excited.
Bambam pushed him a bit.
“Think you going to see her again?” he smiled at Yugyeom
“Yeah. I have a feeling she’ll be here”

They came out on stage and sat down, waved, greeted everyone.
It was like all over again. He was sighing an album just talking to a fan.
He took something and began to poke Jackson with it. He laughed and took the album, sighing it and he looked up, and saw a familiar face.
It was you.
His smile grew bigger.
“It’s you again” he said
“You remember me?” you were surprised and blushed
“Yeah, of course I do. You were the most beautiful girl in here” he looked at your eyes

You put your hands on your face.
“Yugyeom, I can’t stop smiling” you laugh
“Don’t cover up that pretty face. I want to see your smile” he placed his hands on yours and moved your hands away
“Theree you are” he chuckled
“What is your name?” he added
“Y/N” you smiled looking at him while he was writing something, you could notice how he was smiling
“That is a beautiful name… I really wish we could be friends” he spoke and your face went shook
“I mean- I’m sorry” he laughs shaking his head
“No, I am just like. You are and idol and I am just a fan.”
“That doesn’t matter. At least to me.” He said

You had to move next.
“I’ll see you again soon Y/N” he smiled and waved
“I’ll see you” you smiled and waved back to him

Overhearing a confession

Hi! First, I wanted to thank everyone who takes the time to read my One Shots. It makes me so happy! :) 

This is a One Shot about Harry being your best friend and falling asleep on top of you. Unfortunately, that’s the exact time your friend decides to talk about how obvious it is that you have feelings for each other. 

Picture is not mine, I found it in the depths of Tumblr. 

It would be accurate to say that Harry was exhausted. Filming a movie taking place during world war 2 had really began to take it’s tool on his strength - physically as well as mentally. When him and the band had first started to think about taking a break, he hadn’t imagined feeling more emotionally drained than when he was touring. But then again, becoming an actor had been more something than he’d stumbled upon and not something he had planned.

When it was announced that filming wouldn’t be continued for two weeks, Harry was quick to decide that going home would do him good. He bought a plane ticket and the same evening he was back in my tiny apartment in England. I had been very surprised at his sudden appearance, given that I hadn’t heard from him for a few days and when I did, he had always claimed that he couldn’t wait to go back to America. But instead of his sunny porch in LA, he stood on my doorstep in ever rainy London. After ushering him in, Harry apologized profoundly for interrupting my quiet night in with my friend Mary, but unaware to him, seeing him had been all that was missing to make me happy.

“It’s fine, Harry,” I’d assured, stopping his ramble with one finger raised, “Perfectly fine, actually. I’m always happy to have you here, you know that.”

What he couldn’t have known was that when my eyes had found his, my heart had speed up and beat so fast I’d feared it’d jump straight out my chest and to his feet. Self-consciousness crept up on me and I wished I would’ve worn something more flattering than thin leggings and a white t-shirt adorning my torso. I wasn’t even wearing a proper bra but a simple black bralette I’d gotten for £7. Luckily Mary was quick to step in and invited Harry to join the two of us for a glass of wine on the couch.

As soon as I’d settled down comfortably, Harry moved closer and lay down beside me to rest his head in my lap. His face was nestled against my stomach and my body tensed upon feeling his warm breath against my thinly clothed skin. My friend’s raised eyebrows didn’t go unnoticed by me, but I couldn’t be bothered. It wasn’t unusual for Harry and me to cuddle and to be genuinely more comfortable with each other than other friends were, but normally no one else was around to whom it could’ve looked odd.
Harry didn’t care about that though. All he cared about was how at ease he felt since he had entered my apartment. He sighed in content when I carefully laid a blanked over him and his arms around my waist squeezed me gently after I loosely placed my own arm over his shoulders. Harry didn’t engage much in the conversation Mary and I carried and after feeling the rhythm of his warm breath slow, I knew he had fallen asleep.

Me and Mary still sat with each other, talking quietly. At some point I subconsciously began stroking my fingers through Harry’s smooth hair. It still felt strange to touch the soft strands and have them end so close to where they began, but I loved it either way, long or short. My hand gently caressed his cheek every now and again and I smiled upon remembering how nervous he had been when he had first revealed the newly short haircut. There hadn’t been any reason though. Harry was effortlessly beautiful. He always was, as well as was so warm, soft, gentle and kind. Mary knew of my feelings for Harry and smiled when she noticed my hesitant touches to his face.

“You do know that he fancies you, right?” she asked. “At least as much as you do him.”

I looked up at her with a small smile and shook my head. “Don’t make fun of me, Mary.”

“I’m being serious,” she assured, “He looks at you and his face lights up. When he has news, you’re the first person he calls. Filming is interrupted, yet he doesn’t go to his family or to his home in LA. He comes to you. Those are pretty obvious signs, honey.”

I quickly shushed her when her voice rose slightly. “Why does the time you find fit to have this conversation when he’s right here?”

She rolled her eyes. “Relax, he’s asleep. You’re just trying to escape this conversation, as you always do.”

I shook my head and focused my attention back on Harry. His forehead was wrinkled and I gently smoothed it with my thumb. His pink lips were slightly open and I admired how his long eyelashes rested on his soft cheeks. He looked vulnerable and innocent. My heart swelled at the sight and I could practically feel myself fall even more in love with him. All I wanted was to cuddle him and shield him form any harm.

“You love him,” Mary continued in a cooing voice.

“Pst!” I scolded and shot her a glare. “He’s right here, for crying out loud! Are you trying to ruin my friendship with him?”

She threw her arms up and sighed dramatically.

“I’m sitting here, observing two people completely unaware of how smitten the other person is with them and you expect me to just keep my mouth shut?”

“What I expect is that you don’t take the piss out of my feelings for him. Feelings I’m sure he doesn’t return,” I muttered harshly and focused my gaze back on his flushed cheeks. “He told me about some model from Spain he was thinking about going out with,” I admitted quietly. “He wants someone he can sleep with for a while and go on crazy adventures with, without her getting her hopes up. And that’s not me. He just has to look at me from across a room and my hopes shoot up into the sky.”

Mary giggled and shook her head. “You would sleep with him, though.”

“Shut up.”

“I think you don’t quite realize how he sees you,” she continued in a more serious manner. “Maybe you should just tell him and see how it goes. It could be worth it.”

My hair shielded my vision when I shook my head and I quickly pushed it back. Harry’s grip around me had slightly tightened and I shifted to adjust myself.

“No way I’d risk loosing him with a weak attempt at getting him to want me, Mary. I’d rather be stuck by his side as a friend than not be with him at all.”

“Well,” she took a long sip of her wine glass, “the fact remains that his head is in your lap and nobody else’s.”

I giggled and urged my heart to stop jumping so badly. With his face pressed against me I feared the sound could wake him from his slumber.

While we quietly conversed some more, my fingers found their way back into Harry’s hair, from there to his neck and from there to his shoulder. His peaceful expression brought me joy and set me at ease. Harry released a long sigh and cuddled closer to me. He even moved his legs up to completely rest in a fetus position.

“I’m gonna get going,” Mary decided as she got up and I moved to do the same, but she quickly stopped me. “Don’t. Stay like that. It’d make a lovely picture. One that you could send everyone as a christmas card when you celebrate as a couple for the first time.”

“Text me when you get home safe,” I asked her quietly, ignoring her comment and she nodded. She waved one more time before she left the room and shortly after I could hear the front door shut.
I sighed in content and focused my vision back on Harry. With him cuddling me like that I could almost pretend that he loved me. That he was mine and had returned to me because his heart had ached from our separation as much as mine had. My fingers were in the middle of drawing a pattern against his temple when Harry suddenly pursed his lips and blew out air. I shrieked at the tickling feeling and tried to move away, but his arms held me still and he continued his playful torture, only stopping to laugh.

“Harry,” I cried and pushed at his head. “Please stop!”

He didn’t move away though and I felt like a bucket of ice water had been dropped over my head when I felt his lips press against my tummy in a kiss. Or maybe it was steaming hot water.

“I thought you were asleep,” I stuttered and he moved into a sitting position next to me. My lap felt cold and empty already.

“I wasn’t really,” he shrugged, a smile gracing his lips. “Just enjoying a snuggle and hearing the newest gossip.”

My rapidly jumping heart jumped straight down to the very pit of my stomach while all the blood shot up to my cheeks. Harry still looked at me with a confident and wide smile, his eyes sparkling and my brain went through every possible scenario of how I could possibly talk my way out of this. He couldn’t have heard what Mary and I had discussed, right?

“Did you get some rest?” I asked and he frowned. “Are you hungry?”

I moved to get up but was stopped by his hands reaching forward and clasping my wrists.

“Where do you think you’re going, love?”

“To fetch you something to eat,” I answered and freed my wrists from his hold.

“I don’t want anything to eat. Come here.”

He sat up straighter and opened his arms. Though part of me wanted to leave the room and hide from his suspicious gaze, I had never been able to resist him. My still burning face was buried where his neck met his shoulder and I inhaled his familiar scent. Harry sighed and wrapped both arms around me, pulling me up so I was sitting in his lap.

“You have no idea how much I missed you, Y/N,” he whispered against the shell of my ear before pressing several kisses to my cheek. “I hate being away from you.”

Not as much as I hate being away from you, I thought, but decided to only answer by pressing myself closer to him. Harry moved his hands down and cupped my thighs before wrapping both of them around his waist. A harsh breath escaped my lips at this sudden closeness and when I felt him press more kisses to the skin of my shoulder, moving up to my neck. I shuddered. He knew. He was always cuddly and affectionate, but he might as well have kissed me on the lips and taken me to bed. He acted as if he was about to.

“Stop it,” I muttered and pressed my hands against his chest.

“What’s wrong?”

He stayed sat but his eyes followed me when I stood up in front of him and I cleared my throat.

“What is it that you were just doing?” I asked, my voice quivering. “You heard me and Mary’s conversation, didn’t you?”

Harry swallowed hard, but continued to smile, not looking guilty at all. “Yes, I did.”

I didn’t give my stomach time to knot itself and continued to speak. “And now you think that just because I have feelings for you, I’m going to share your bed?”

“What?” Harry seemed surprised at my sudden accusation. “No, of course I don’t think that.”

“You were practically kissing me!” I almost shouted.

Harry reached up to smoothen his messed up hair and got to his feet too, the smile had been replaced with a serious frown on his face.

“Y/N,” he spoke, reaching for my hands, “You don’t have to be scared, okay?”

His green eyes stared into mine and the grip on my hands tightened in a gentle squeeze. The black cross on his knuckles stood out against the pale skin.  "I love you.“

I shook my head in denial. If I allowed myself to believe him now, it’d hurt more later when he was done with me. I had watched him parade his lovers around one too many times and wasn’t willing to suffer the same end as they had. Always pushed away and to the side by him.

"Don’t say that.”

“Oh, I’m going to say it many more times, because it’s true.”

He reached up and gently caressed my cheek. “I love you and I know that you don’t believe that I mean it and that you think I’m just looking for something easy and meaningless, but I’m not.”

“You said you were,” I protested. Wasn’t that the reason why I had laid awake so many nights, thinking about what girl he was with for that night? Because he had said that he wanted to have an easy and no strings attached kind of relationship with someone who didn’t even understand his mind or care for his heart?

“Only because I was certain that I could never have you,” he swore. “When you are all I ever wanted.”

My breath hitched in my throat when he moved closer, both hands resting against my jaw and neck now. His lips looked impossibly soft and inviting and I had to bite my own in order to restrain myself from kissing them. He seemed to feel the undeniable pull between us, too, because his breath was uneven.

“Please,” he muttered, “Please let me.”

A nod from me was all he needed to lean forward and close the distance between us. His lips pressed against my mouth, feeling every curve. He moved them slowly but in a way it felt like he wanted to mesmerize every detail about my mouth. My breathing got irregular and I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding him down and closer to me. A low moan escaped his throat and my entire body froze, but his roaming warm hands eased my tense muscles and soon I melted into him. One hand fisted his hair, the other moved to hold him by his cheek. When I felt him smile and pulling away, my head instantly followed in search for another kiss. The laugh died in his throat when I pressed another needy kiss to his full lips, one that he returned willingly. His hands gripped my hips and he squeezed the bare skin there. When I did finally allow him to break the kiss his face had transformed into an even bigger smile than the one that had graced his features earlier.

“Does that mean you’ll go out with me sometime?” he asked, his voice husky.

My brain still had it’s doubts, but my heart couldn’t be more confident. This man in front of me, this insanely handsome and good person had owned my heart for longer than I cared to think about. He was my best friend and though I didn’t know how we would transform our friendship into a relationship yet, after kissing him all those doubts seemed to have been thrown right out the window.

“I’ll think about it,” I giggled and cuddled myself closer against his chest. He rolled his eyes with a playful huff before connection our lips once more. After kissing some more he moved his head and pressed several pecks down my neck and to my shoulder. 

“I want you to be my boyfriend,” I confessed before I could stop myself. I felt his lips stretch into a smile and my heart squeezed in relief. He squeezed me tightly and nodded. 

“That sounds like something I’d like very much.” 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you like it and as always, feedback and requests are always very welcome. :) 

Sing || Conor Maynard

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Requests are currently [ OPEN ]

Masterlist can be found [ HERE ]

Word Count: 1k+ 

Summary: After never hearing you sing before, the boys are shocked when the opportunity finally presents himself.

Dedicated too: Moana. That movie is life, that movie is life.

Your boyfriend was an amazing singer; that was a give. He’d sold out concerts, climbed the UK charts within hours of releasing a song and won several awards. You’d always been so fucking proud of him, for achieving his dream and staying humble whilst doing so. His fans were loyal, and the few you’d met were lovely. He was living the dream, and the new friends he’d made on the way through were now insanely important to him.

No longer did people only get to hear him sing, now they got too see him be the stomach achingly funny person he was. From his alter ego characters to the stupid things he did whenever the opportunity presented itself.

When his brother first moved from Brighton to London, he immediately insisted that they rent an apartment together; and even ended up with a tree size human living with them too. Thankfully, your apartment was nearby and so you spent the majority of your free time at their place. You weren’t a youtuber, nor were you a singer, but you did run a highly successful blog and guest star in quite a few of the boys’ videos. Other than the occasional hater, everyone seemed to quite like you - mostly due to the fact that whenever you were around, Conor was alot louder and more outspoken. Not that he wasn’t before, you just seemed to bring a larger percentage of that side out of him.

You and Jack got along like a house on fire. You could turn virtually any subject into a listen worthy conversation and often conducted research for his videos and your blog together. When Conor left to go on tour for two months, you spent that time either with Jack and Josh or at home, binge writing to keep your mind occupied. When he returned, you hugged him and woods let go, later on telling him that you were never letting him leave you for more than two weeks again.

After a long day of filming followed by a quiet stroll around Hyde Park, you and the boys were snuggled under your duvets on the sofa and were eating ice cream straight from the pot as Moana played on the TV. You’d never actually seen the movie, but you’d listened to the soundtrack on repeat for days and by now the fact that you’d never actually watched the movie was ridiculous.

So far it was amazing, and your eyes were attached to the TV screen - when you were like this, the boys knew never to bring you out of your trance, the last time they’d done that all hell had broken loose. All because Jack wanted to know if you had any more ice cream.

When the familiar tune of the song you adored began to play, you leant forward in anticipation and sang along subconsciously, having already had multiple jamming sessions to this song hen you were in the shower. It didn’t even occur to you at the time that you’d never actually sung infront of any of them before - but that was the last thing on your mind as the song ended and the movie progressed.

With an hour, the movie was over and you were stunned, leaning against your boyfriend with your eyes wide and your breathing shallow. “Holy fuck, that was beautiful.”

“Yeah, the movie was fine, but you?” Josh exclaims, looking over at you with wide eyes. “Since when can you sing?”

Your heart speeds up and you frown, laughing in confusion and looking between all of the boys who were staring at you with their eyebrows raised. “What the hell are you weirdos talking about?”

“Somehow you knew the entire bloody soundtrack!” Jack says, disbelief written across his face as he looks over at his brother and shakes his head slightly. “Did you know she could sing?”

Conor scoffs and looks down at your red cheeks with an annoyed frown. “No. And now I think about it, I’ve literally never heard you sing until then.”

You wince slightly and look down at your hands. “Sorry. But honestly, I’m not very good. I’m a shower singer and that’s it.”

Conor scoffs and wraps his arms around you, pulling you into him tightly and rolling his eyes at your statement. “Oh please, you hit those high notes like a fucking professional.” He exhales in shock and rests his head on her arm with a loud sigh. “Babe, we could have a number one single by now, you understand that, right?”

Rolling your eyes, you push him away and climb out of the duvet and onto your feet, collecting up the empty pots and metal spoons that’d been placed onto the coffee table at some point throughout the movie. You walk into the kitchen and can’t help but giggle to yourself at the mere thought of being ‘good’ at singing. That was Conor’s job, you only excelled in writing and that was that.

Though when you logged onto snapchat later that day and watched Jack’s story, your heart dropped. He’d managed to record you singing along to the movie, along with the shocked faces of your boyfriend and Josh, all you wanted to do was cry in embarrassment. Thousands of people had probably seen you singing already, and you had absolutely no idea.

You dared to log onto your twitter account a few minutes later, and came across a tweet from your boyfriend which simply read ‘apparently my girlfriend is a better singer, cook, writer and artist than me. go figure.’

You can’t help but smile and like it, before checking your mentions and pursing your lips when you noticed that quite a few of your friends had reblogged the video (that Jack had conveniently posted on literally every social media site), and had expressed their shock. Your large following had also stumbled across the video, and the hashtag #(Y/N)cansing was trending number seven worldwide.

You cheeks flush and you like a few more tweets and even reply to a few before placing your phone down and walking into the kitchen, wrapping your arms around your boyfriends waist and pressing your lips to his back silently. “Have you started writing our number one hit yet?” Her tone was laced with amusement, and he turns around and looks down at her with an eye roll, brushing their lips together and smirking against them.

 “So, these lips can do more than one breathtaking thing, huh?”

“You’re such a man whore.”

“Don’t try to deny loving it.”

Acting with Feelings.

Here we go! I got a request sent in and I thought I’d give it a go!!! WOOOO here’s for my first imagine EVER!

Request (by anon):I want to request a Harrison fic! One where the reader is like an actor too and they’re on the same tv show and just fluff on set?! (I took a little creative liberty and did what I did haha it’s open for a part 2 or a continuation if people want it.) 

Warnings: none.

Word count:1346

You sighed as you sat in your dressing room, your makeup artist and hair stylist having just left. Today you began filming season 4 of your latest TV series, it loomed upon you that this was the last season and your character was finally going to meet her soulmate before she died and apparently you were meeting your counterpart, Harrison Osterfield, in a few minutes when you got called on set. 

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We’ll Be Okay

Author’s Note: Hey guys! So this is my entry for @impalaimagining‘s 1k Followers Challenge, and I chose the song “Everlong” by Foo Fighters. I really hope you all like it! I also used a song called “Cinderblock Garden” by All Time Low. As always, requests are open and if you would like to be tagged in my fics just send me an ask! Enjoy!

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Language, i think that’s it

Word Count: 2,104 (Including Lyrics)

It was hard. Just all-together fucking hard. You both knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but it was getting easier and easier to think about just walking away from it, like it would be better for you. And him. You barely saw each other, and when you did, all you did was fight about never seeing each other. No one was at fault; he filmed nine months out of the year and it seemed like when he had those two to three months off, you were on a tour and he wasn’t up for travelling that much and you couldn’t blame him. Occasionally, when you had a couple of days off of tour, you would fly home and see him for maybe a day-and-a-half, then you were right back at it. It was exhausting. It was almost becoming a chore to the both of you, and that broke your heart.

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Daddy Daughter Day: Tom Holland x Black Actress

Requested:  How about one where tom as has to do his daughters hair without reader there to help him, cause she on location or something. And he wants to spend the day out with the little one but he was threatened by reader to not let her baby go out looking a mess. 

Tom was asleep until he felt a foot pressing into the side of his face. He woke up and looked over at his daughter and smiled. Her body was tangled in the lush covers, he moved his body and fell back asleep. 

“Daddy wake up!” The voice of the little one shrilled in his ear. “Huh?”

“Wake up!” See started jumping on the bed and tossed a pillow at him, “Lee, can you calm down.” He grumbled, quickly grabbing her legs and catching her. She giggled as he placed small kisses all over her face. She rested her head on his chest, “I miss mama.”

“Me too darling, me too.” You were away on set, filming for a highly anticipated movie while Tom took care of your 5 year old daughter, Leah. “What do you want to do today babygirl?” He asked. She shrugged and played with his hair, “Do you want to go to the park?”

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It’s Always Better When We’re Together

Originally posted by sevastisaurus

This one DEFINITELY got away from me.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1.3k (Lyrics included)

Warnings: Pure fucking fluff

Jensen joined Louden Swain on stage and the crowd went crazy. You laughed and clapped along with the crowd. You couldn’t help but cup your hands around your mouth and scream out along with the rest of the screaming fans. 

“Ow! OW! Jensen!” you yelled, giggling a little when he heard you and glanced sideways off the stage in your direction, a mischievous grin creeping onto his lips. 

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Skype with B.A.P

Bang Yongguk: The moment B.A.P arrived at the hotel he immediately went to his room, which he luckily didn’t had to share, threw himself on the bed and grabbed his phone. He checked the time difference to make sure he wouldn’t wake you up. He missed your voice and your face, but he wouldn’t disturb you if it was in the middle of the night in your country. But it wasn’t. So he hastily logged in into Skype and called you. “Gukkie! I missed you!” Your voice sounded a little bit different, coming out of his phone, but it didn’t fail to make him smile his lovable gummy smile. “I missed you too, Jagiya.” He hid his face behind a pillow, but continued to stare at you. Yongguk was wondering how it was possible for you to still look so beautiful, even though you just came home from work, exhausted and tired. He was so lucky to have you.

Kim Himchan: It hurts. Seeing you so close, but knowing that you were so far away. He bit his lower lip and looked down. A poor attempt to stop the tears from falling. But Himchan couldn’t fool you. “Look at me, Channie.” You whispered and placed your fingertips on your laptop screen, right where his cheek was. He inhaled deeply and looked up to your pixelated face. “Jagiya, I…”, his voice cracked and a single tear rolled down his face. “Don’t cry, Himchan. Just two more weeks and then we will see each other in person. You know what they say? The greatest pleasure lies in the anticipation!” Himchan closed his eyes for a second and sighed. “I want a kiss for every day I don’t get to spend with you.” He murmured and you giggled softly. “You even get ten kisses.” Finally a smile appeared on the visuals face. “Is that a promise?” He looked directly into your eyes and placed his thumb on the screen of his phone, right on your lips. “Of course it is.”

Jung DaehyunOne hour before the concert started, the singer decided to call you. Normally he would have done the V-app, but he forced the maknae line to do it for today. Daehyun searched for his phone on the make-up table, looked in the mirror to fix his hair and after that, he called you. You answered instantly and wanted to greet him, when his picture froze. “Oh no, really?!” He sighed in annoyance and started wandering through the corridors of the backstage area. Every ten seconds he tried to call you again, only to lose the wifi signal whenever you answered. When the signal got stronger, he followed the path and clicked the green video-chat button once more. Your face appeared and the internet remained stable. “Ah Jagiya, finally. I was wandering around like an idiot who was trying to find the place with the best internet connection.” A laugh escaped his mouth. Someone cleared his throat. Only then he realised he went straight into Jongup and Zelo’s V-app filming.

Yoo Youngjae:  Everyone was asleep, when he decided to video chat with you. He sat in the back of the van, Jongup and Daehyun in front of ,- Zelo next to him. According to their loud and relaxed snores they wouldn’t be bothered by his quiet voice. He pulled out his phone, plugged his headphones in and called you. You answered a second later. And the moment he saw your face, stressed and tired from the lack of sleep because you had to study for an exam, his face lit up with the biggest possible smile. “How are you?”, he asked and happily listened to everything you had to tell. Even if it was just the smallest thing that has happened to you.

Moon Jongup: “Can I call you?” Jongup sent the message on Skype and awaited your answer in anticipation. “Don’t… I am wearing a face mask right now…” Of course he called you immediately. You greeted him with a sigh and hid your face behind your hands. “Let me see your beautiful face.” Jongup serenaded. You grunted and looked into your cam. “Happy now?” You asked and your beloved boyfriend couldn’t hold back his laughter. “I’m glad to see you too.” If you would be honest with yourself, you were happy that he had a reason to smile. Well, laugh, in this case. Jongup suffered from the distance between both of you a little bit more than you did. “I’m sorry Jagiya, but you look so cute. Just like a snowman.” Now you couldn’t hold back your smile. “I’m Olaf and I love warm hugs.” You imitated the character from Frozen.  Jongup grinned and kissed the webcam. “And I’m Jongup and I love you.”

Choi Junhong:  “Okay, let’s have a break from coordinating the choreography, Zelo.” Jongup stretched his arms and legs. “I’m gonna get myself something to eat, you want to join?” Zelo shook his head. “I’d like to.. you know.” He held up his phone. “Oh, of course. Greet her from me, will you?” Zelo nodded and sat down on the floor. The maknae opened the Skype app and clicked on your name and then on the green button with the video function on it. His lips curled into a smile when you accepted his call. “First of all: I shall greet you from Jongup. Second: I love you and why are you crying jagiya?” Zelo furrowed his brows. “Ah, you shouldn’t see me like that.” You blew your nose and tried to smile. “I just… I just… I saw my best friend and her boyfriend today and it made me realise how much I miss you and how much I want to be with you right now and-”. Your voice cracked and you started to sob again. “No, don’t cry! We will see each other soon, I promise! Jagiya please… I can’t stand to see you crying like that…” He chewed on his lip as you still didn’t stop to sob. “Do you know what happened yesterday? Daehyun stepped out of the shower and slipped. He shouted for help, but nobody bothered to look because we all thought he was practising singing again. That’s funny, isn’t it?” Zelo raised his eyebrows and a comforting smile formed on his lips. You stopped crying and looked into the camera. “He is such an adorable Idiot. And so are you, for not checking if he’s okay.” Zelo pouted. “But you still love me, right?” You nodded and wiped your tears away, a shy smile appeared on your face. “Of course I do.”

~Admin Tatsmato~ (Remember what I said yesterday about me and the search for B.A.P gifs? Yeah. I am stupid.) 

Request something, cutiepies <3

Similar In Scars

Chibs imagine based off the request;

“I was thinking an imagine where the reader works at chibs favorite diner. She has major facial scaring because of an incident with a nasty ex. She doesnt know the reason he comes in every day is just to see her. One day he hears a few male customers talking about her making her cry. He takes care of them. Confesses his feelings and takes her home maybe end it with some smut??”

It was like clockwork.

Seven thirty seven every evening. The same man. The same booth. The same black coffee and the same dreamy smile.

He’s been in everyday over the past two weeks, and he stays until you clock off, wishing you a safe drive home and going his way as you go yours.

But you’re not an idiot. You see the MC branding on his jacket, you know what sort of life he has. The life of drugs and crime, killing and slaughtering, but also the kind of life where loyalty is at its strongest. Where everybody protects one another, loves one another. The kind of thing you’ve never had but always yerned for.

You can’t lie, the Scotsman intrigues you. The scars on his face, similar to your own, the mysterious aura he carries around with him, the beauty of him that you find so alluring yet you’re unsure to as why. You’re supposed to be scared, run away from the dangerous gang member and never look back. But you couldn’t.

Today it was Friday, and you couldn’t wait to spend the whole weekend relaxing. The thought of wine, films and food made you want to throw off your apron and leave right now. Shaking your head, you look at the clock. Only two hours left of your shift.

The door chimes, the familiar figure walking in. He takes off his glasses, folding them up and putting them in his pocket as he walks to the booth in the corner. The same booth as always. You roll your eyes, smiling to yourself as you watch him get settled.

It was a pretty quiet night, people probably getting ready to go out drinking and dancing rather than coming to a lonely diner just off the highway. There is a young couple to the right of the place, maybe eighteen, wrapped up in each other in a small booth, a table of three men talking loudly in the other direction. Other than that, and Chibs of course, it was empty.

Walking over to the regular customer, you open your notepad, getting ready to jot down his order. The process was unnecessary, his choice probably being the same as always.

“Welcome to Sal’s Diner. My name is (Y/N) and I’ll be your server today. Are you ready to order?” You spew off the familiar opening lines, Chibs smiling as he knows you have no choice, your boss perched just behind the bar.

Of course he knows your name, it’s been brandished in his brain since the day he came in here, spotted it on the way back from a run and decided to pop in for a break.

“Come on, lass. You should know what I have by now.“ He teases, grinning to let you know he’s joking. You roll your eyes, not being able to control your smile.

“You know it’s protocol, Chibs, you’re no different from anybody else.” You flirt, him raising his eyebrow in question. “But let me think. Black coffee, two sugars?”

He folds his hands in front of him, nodding to let you know you’re correct. As you’re jotting it down, you hear one of the men from a few tables away whistle.

You look up at the customer, your forehead scrunching. Was he seriously whistling to get your attention? What are you, a dog? Rolling your eyes, you look back at Chibs.

“I’ll be back with your coffee in a few minutes.” You smile, his gaze harsh on the men, before he turns back to you. You walk away, heading towards the rowdy group.

“Can I get you anything?” You force a fake smile onto your lips, even when the men nudge each other and whisper, laughing quietly to each other. They stare at you, your cheeks burning as you realise they’re laughing at your scars. Your stomach burns in anger, your eyes threatening to fill up with tears.

If only you weren’t in work, you would’ve gave these bastards a piece of your mind. But with your boss hanging over your shoulder, and your bills calling in the back of your mind, you will yourself to be calm.

“Nah, we’re good.” The dude who whistled says, trying to contain his sniggers. You glare at him, spinning around on your heel to go to the bathroom.

Staring in the mirror, you lightly trace the permanent lines on your face. The one above your eyebrow, the one linking your ear to your lip, and the one just under your eye. The marks are rough, jagged, sunken in, and angry.

Closing your eyes, you tilt your head back, trying to keep the tears at bay. You take deep breaths, the feeling of the knife ripping in to your skin so fresh, even though it happened over 2 years ago.

A relationship that started out so beautiful, so wonderful, yet ended so horribly, so life changing. Stop it, you tell yourself, shaking your head as if it would free you from your mind set.

Looking at yourself, you dab under your eyes, trying to smile at yourself in encouragement. You can do this.

Chibs watches you enter the bathroom, his fists tightening. He witnessed the whole encounter, his blood was boiling at how these pricks had treated you.

He watches as they get up, laughing amongst each other. They each throw a few bills down onto the table, walking past him towards the entrance.

“Damn, she’s ugly as fuck.” The ringleader says, his friends agreeing. He listens for the chime of the door, before sliding out of his seat and heading in the same direction of the men.

Once outside, he sees them leaning on the wall at the back of the diner, smoking and chatting. They looked in their late twenties, but Chibs didn’t give a fuck anyway.

“Oi, shithead.” He walks up to the men, their gazes turning to the angry biker walking up to them. He reaches them, seeing the fear in their eyes. Chibs smiles sadistically to himself, enjoying the effect he has on them.

“Can we help you, old man?” The main one asks, laughing and looking to his friends for back up, but they stay quiet, looking down at the floor. The ringleader looks lost, gulping.

“Aye, you can start by losing the fuckin’ attitude.” Chibs demands sharply, getting in the man’s face, the two of them about the same height. “Does it make you feel tough, picking on a lass? Get you going?” He asks, grabbing the man’s crotch in his hand and squeezing.

The man immediately groans, curling over in pain. He tries to pull Chibs’ hand off his crown jewels, only making Chibs squeeze harder in response.

“Now, if you wanna give some poor wench a wee bairn someday, I suggest you go in there and apologise.“ He twists his hand, the man squealing in pain. “And you better mean it.”

“Alright man! I will, just let go.” The man manages to wheeze out the words, Chibs continuing to hold for a second, before he let’s go. The man falls over in pain, covering his junk with his hand, rolling from side to side and moaning. Chibs spits on him, turning to walk back into the diner.

He slides back into the booth, his timing perfect as he sees you walking into the kitchen.

Walking out of the bathroom you go to kitchen making a black coffee two sugars and carrying it out.

“Your coffee.“ You gently place the cup down on the table, Chibs looking up from his newspaper to look at you. “You sure I can’t tempt you to try one of our famous pies?” You try to joke, your mood a lot more sad than it was before.

Before Chibs gets a chance to respond, the door chime goes off, your eyes widening as you see the three men from before coming in. Probably here to take the piss some more, you think.

You look at the main man, confusion hitting you as you see him cradling his crotch like it was going to fall off. They walk towards you, eyeing Chibs nervously.

“We wanted to say sorry for earlier.” The main one says as he reaches you, his body slightly bent over. “We’re sorry for being disrespectful, we’re just a group of pathetic lowlives.” Another man chimes in, not giving you eye contact.

You raise your eyebrow, confused as to why they’ve suddenly come back to apologise. You look at the men closely, their eyes shifting quickly to the Scotsman before looking back down again.

You look at Chibs, him taking sips of his coffee as he watches the men menicingly. Did this have something to do with him? Your heart warms at the idea, your brain telling you not to get ahead of yourself.

“Erm, thanks I guess.” You say, the men nodding and practically running out of the place. You look back at Chibs in question, his expression giving nothing away as he meets your gaze, a gleaming twinkle in his eye.

“Enjoy your coffee. Just give me a shout if you need anything else.” You turn away from the table, walking to serve a woman and a little girl who have just came in.

As you recite your familiar lines, your mind is elsewhere, thinking about the biker across the room.

Walking out of the diner, your shift finally at an end, you rustle around in your bag for your car keys. Managing to find them, you get into your car, putting on your seat belt and starting the ignition.

Well, trying to start the ignition. Today just wasn’t your day, it seems, your car deciding to splutter and choke instead of actually working.

Groaning, you slouch in your seat, sighing deeply. Could this day get any worse?

You almost jump out of your skin when there is a knock at your window. You see Chibs on the other side, chuckling slightly at your fright. Blushing in embarrassment, you open the door, stepping out of the car.

“Jesus, Chibs. You scared me half to death.” You hold a hand to your chest, trying to calm down your racing heart. He smirks at you, his face glowing under the beam of the street lamp. “I thought you’d already left.”

“I was just having a smoke. Good job I was, your motor giving you trouble?” He asks, his hands in his pockets. You smile sheepishly at him, nodding as you run your fingers through your hair.

“Yeah, I’m not sure what’s wrong with it. The engine keeps turning over when I try to start it. I’m just gonna call my brother to come pick me up and I’ll get it towed tomorrow.” You lean into your car, grabbing your bag from the passenger seat. Chibs feels his pants tighten as you bend, your ass plump and round in your jeans.

“Don’t be daft, I’ll give you a ride. I work at a garage, I’ll have someone come get it, it’ll be fixed up by tomorrow.” Grabbing your phone and your keys before pushing the bag under the seat, you lock the car, turning to him.

“You don’t have to do that, I’m sure you’ve got better things to be doing on a Friday night. I’ll be fine.” You insist, even though you really want to take him up on his offer.

“I wasn’t askin’, lass. Come on.” You shiver, his voice holding a hint of dominance. He starts to walk before you can reply, so you just follow him.

As you reach his bike, your heart stops. You’d never been on a bike before, but not wanting to seem like a wuss, you take the helmet he offers you and slide it on your head.

He does the same, before mounting the bike and gesturing you to get on. You put one leg over the bike, sitting down, not really being sure where to hold.

“You might wanna hold on to me, sweetheart, unless you wanna fly off.” You laugh, cautiously sliding your arms around his waist and holding on.

You can feel the heat of his boduy through his kutte, as you inhale the scent of him. Aftershave and smoke, just what you imagined. It was as intoxicating as he was, your mind foggy due to your close proximity.

“Where am I heading?” He asks, revving the engine. You tell him your address, holding on to him securely as you pull off.

Pulling up to your house, you step off the bike. Chibs kills the engine and does the same, running his fingers through his helmet hair. You take off your own helmet, handing it to him smiling.

“Thank you, Chibs.” You tell him, his fingers brushing yours as he takes the helmet from you. You feel a jolt of electricity shoot through your body, his touch igniting flames within you.

“It’s no problem, love.” His voice is quiet as he looks at you, the tension between the two of you evident.

Biting the bullet, you shove your nerves to the bottom of your stomach. “You wanna come in for a drink or something?” You slap yourself internally as soon as you ask, you’ve probably burdened him enough tonight.

“Sure.” He accepts, your heart skipping a beat as he does. You smile, turning to walk up your path. He falls into step behind you, your hands fiddling with your keys once you reach the door.

Once you’ve unlocked the door, you step in, holding the door open for your guest. Locking it behind him, you turn on the lights, telling him to take a seat in the living room and make himself comfortable.

You go into the kitchen, your hands shaking slightly as you grab two glasses. Butterflies are swarming madly in your stomach, your throat closing up with nerves. You tell yourself to calm down, pouring some wine into the two glasses.

“I wasn’t sure what you wanted to drink, so I poured some wine. I’ve got tea or coffee if you want one of those instead, don’t want to encourage drinking and driving.” You walk into the living room, him sitting on the couch, his jacket laying on the table.

“I can handle my liquor, lass, don’t worry about me.” He takes the wine glass from you, taking a sip as you sit down next to him.

You curl your feet up under you, your trainers discarded on the floor. “Can I ask you something?” He turns to you, nodding as he takes another taste of his drink.

“I could be completely off the mark here, and it might just be me thinking things but I have to ask or else it’ll drive me crazy.” You laugh nervously, looking down into your glass. “Did you say something to those guys earlier? The ones at the diner?”

Your question throws him off, him placing his wine glass on the table and sighing. He doesn’t know whether to be honest with you, as he doesn’t want to come on too strong or scare you away. But this is who he is, and he doesn’t want to lie about that.

“Aye, I might’ve spoken to them. Is that a problem?” He asks, his defence already up. He’s grew up surrounded by criticism and judgement, so as soon as anybody questions him, he’s immediately on the defensive.

He doesn’t know what to say when you smile at him, your beautiful eyes softening.

“You didn’t have to. I mean I’m thankful that you did, and it means a lot,” you ramble, pushing a hair behind your ear, “but I didn’t expect you to, you didn’t have to.”

“Listen, I know what it’s like to have people look at you different, whisper whenever they see that your skin has a few more marks than theirs.” Your heart warms as he opens up to you, your attention completely on him.

“But I just want you to know, I think you’re stunnin’, scars and all. Just don’t want horrible bastards making you doubt it.” A crease forms on his forehead as he talks, him wishing he would’ve done more to the men than just hurting his baby maker.

You watch him, his gaze drifting behind you before he meets your eyes. Tears are brimming the surface, your body tingling as you take in his words. Placing your glass on the table, you slide slightly closer to him.

You see his gaze flicker to your lips, your face near his as you admire it from this closer distance. The wrinkles around his eyes, his pink lips, the faded yet visible scars that adorn his cheeks.

Throwing caution into the wind, you slowly start to move in, not wanting to move too fast and ruin the moment.

You close your eyes, your lips touching his, just resting there. He makes no move to reciprocate, so you start to pull away, embarrassed.

However, he kicks into gear, his hand sliding into your hair as he pulls you towards him, locking his lips with yours. The kiss is deep, slow, both of you gently caressing the other as if they would break.

His tongue slips into your mouth, massaging softly as he explores the new territory. You pull away slightly, biting on his lower lip teasingly.

He pulls your hair lightly, a small groan leaving his lips as the kiss gets more heated. You straddle his lap, your hands moving to his hair as his settle on your hips.

Biting and sucking, the kiss is fiery, fierce, hot. The opposite of what it was a couple minutes ago, but neither one of you is complaining. His hands move to your ass, a palm on each cheek as he squeezes, rolling your hips onto his prominent bulge.

He watches you as you take control, grinding onto him as your eyes close in pleasure. Your core is throbbing, your panties already wet. He feels so good as you move onto him, his hands slipping under your jeans to feel your ass with no barrier.

Your cheeks are soft under his hands, him pulling them apart as you roll, the feeling making you moan. The noise makes him crazy, his own crotch aching for some attention.

“Are you sure about this?” He asks, his lips peppering kisses on your neck. Your nod of consent is all he needs as you’re suddenly picked up, your lips latching back onto his.

He carries you towards the staircase, slamming you against the hallway wall. He places you down, deciding he’s not going to make it to the bedroom without ripping your clothes off.

He quickly goes to work on his jeans, undoing them just enough to pull his hard cock out of his jeans. Your eyes widen at the sight of it, it being bigger than anyone you’ve been with.

His hands pull down your jeans quickly, your feet kicking them off and across the room. Your hands pull him by the shirt, your lips hovering over his as he pulls your thong to the side desperately.

The air is knocked out of you as he slides in, your wet, warm walls stretching to accommodate him. You squeeze the fabric between your fist, your head dropping back as you wince in slight pain. It’s been a while, but damn he feels good.

He gives you a minute to relax around him, his cock pulsing inside you. He pulls out completely, sinking back into you as he places his hands on the wall beside your head. His eyes are locked on yours, his gaze so intense that you almost come right there.

He starts to fuck you, your back slamming against the wall as he drives deeply, in and out. You’re a moaning mess, his movements undoing you bit by bit. The whole thing is so erotic, so hungry as he takes you against the wall, the neighbours probably being able to hear your shouts of pleasure.

His mouth covers yours, your lips slightly sucking on his tongue, a deep moan leaving him as he ferociously drills you, bringing you closer and closer to the edge. You never wanted it to end, the feeling of him inside you being one you would happily feel for the rest of your life, but you knew your orgasm was fast approaching.

“Fuck. Tell me how it feels, (Y/N). Tell me.” He pleads to you, his thrusts slowing down, destroying you just as wonderfully as before.

“You feel so good inside me, Chibs. Oh god, right there.” Panting, you squeeze your eyes shut as he hits your gspot, his cock perfectly hitting it everytime he slips back into you.

“I’m gonna come.” He manages to force out the words, the rasp and desperation in his voice making you reach breaking point, your orgasm hitting you as you scream. The pleasure is so intense, so powerful, that your eyes close, not being able to keep them open.

Your high drives his, his cock tensing before you feel his juices shoot inside of you, his teeth biting into your shoulder as he comes, his lips suckling the mark he’s left.

He pulls out of you, your body feeling empty as you feel the mix of your juices start to drip down your thigh.

“Jesus Christ.” He utters, his hand wiping his forehead as he pulls up his boxers and jeans. He disappears for a second, returning with his kutte. He moves back to you, grabbing your face as he kisses you deeply, your body tired as you manage to kiss him back, still reeling from your orgasm.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Your face is still in his hand as he looks into your eyes. You nod sleepily, his lips curling into a smile as he kisses your forehead.

And like that, he’s gone. You slide down the wall, your heart rate finally slowing down as you try to understand what just happened. You smile to yourself, deciding that whatever did just happen, you’re more than happy for it to happen again.

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Title: Red

Summary:  James’ head snaps up. This is a different kind of red entirely, and probably the most wonderful kind. The kind of red he’d never get tired off.

Characters and Ships: James Potter, Lily Evans; Jily

People, James thinks, are entirely too obsessed with the color red.

James hadn’t noticed until now, standing right next to Madam Pudifoot’s, that there is entirely too much red in his life. The red of the Gryffindor banner—bloody obsessed everyone is. He’d say it was just a horrible cliché, but yes, Gryffindors actually do wear that much red—and now, those many different variations of red hearts plastered on the wall.

James loves red just as much as the next Gryffindor, but he thinks that this is entirely too much. He thinks that he may be getting a little sick of it.


James’ head snaps up. This is a different kind of red entirely, and probably the most wonderful kind. The kind of red he’d never get tired off.

She bounds up to him, cheeks red from the cold, a red scarf wrapped around her neck. Her dark red hair falls in gentle waves around her face and James cannot help but be entranced by the way they shine.

“You made it.” And maybe he lets out a little sigh of relief.

Red lips open up into a bright, little laugh.

“I said I would, didn’t I?” she says. “It’s not everyday I say yes to a date to the Gryffindor Quidditch captain.”

James hands her the roses he brought her, though shoves may be a more apt term. His hands are shaking quite horribly. Her hands automatically come up to take them, eyebrows jumping in surprise.

“Not lilies?” she asks.

“I just thought you’d be sick of them,” James says, cheeks coloring. “Besides, I heard you liked roses.”

“And where did you hear that? I don’t usually go around telling people my flower preferences.”

James’ face is entirely too hot. It feels as if he’s been dropped in the middle of summer instead of standing near the end of winter.

“Well, you know, I have my ways. And word gets around,” he finishes lamely. The truth of the matter is that he heard it from Sirius who heard it from Peter who heard it from Mary when he was scouting the castle for the map. As a rat.

“You’re a very strange person James Potter,” she says, but there’s a smile on her lips so it must not be that bad. “But the flowers are lovely. I love roses, cliché as it might be.”

James internally preens. Outwardly, he clears his throat.

“Shall we go in then?” he asks. He offers an arm, just like his Dad taught him how to do.

She takes his arm, looking more than a little pleased and together, they walk into Madam Pudifoot’s.

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