his eyebrows are perfect just saying

Lyatt hug breakdown for SCIENCE

HYPOTHESIS: They’re basically in love


- Lucy flying into Wyatt’s waiting arms

- Wyatt kinda closing his eyes for half a sec as he pulls Lucy to him

- Wyatt’s strong arms just sorta completely folding around smol Lucy

- Lucy instantly moving to fit in the crook of his neck, a perfect puzzle piece

- Wyatt cradling Lucy’s head and neck in his hand

- Wyatt just pressing his face close to her


- Wyatt’s thumb moving from her hair to almost her cheek (!!!)

- His eyebrows furrowing with emotion as he finishes saying “You’re alright”

- Lucy pressing her cheek even harder to him

- Lucy smiling in relief

- Both of them exhaling a happy sigh as they part

- Wyatt, still holding onto her, double checking to make sure she’s not hurt, and giving her lots of smiles ft. dimples

- Lucy laughing in purest elation

Conclusion: HYPOTHESIS CONFIRMED THEY ARE JUST HUGGING REALLY TIGHT AND HARD AND CLOSE AND HAPPY AND SWEET and I’m really just so blessed to be alive during this most marvelous scientific breakthrough. Here’s one for the history books ;)


Because this isn’t talked about enough. 

His expression goes from, “Wow is she actually going to do it?” to “I can’t wait to meet the new you.” And it’s beautiful. 

@tessmays prompted a follow-up in the Snapshot verse where boudoir photographer!Gold is taking pictures of Belle for their mutual pleasure, or where Belle is taking pictures of Gold. @woodelf68​ also wanted to see Belle turn the camera on Gold. I think I’ve managed to combine the two scenarios quite nicely. 

Snapshot is here and a follow-up is here.

Rated: NC-17


“You’re such a tiger,” Rum says as Belle pins him to the bed, her hands splayed over his chest. She just smiles down at him and gives a little growl in the back of her throat. Rum laughs and she growls again, raking her fingers over his skin and showing him her ‘claws’.

“I could take a picture of you right now,” he continues. “Just like this. It’s the perfect angle and light, and you, my darling, are absolutely divine.”

Belle grins at him. “Go on then.”

Rum raises an eyebrow and catches her hands in his before she can play-scratch him again, bringing her fingertips to his lips and kissing each of them in turn.

“There’s a slight problem there,” he begins, “in that you’ll notice a distinct lack of a camera in the immediate vicinity.”

“Well, that’s easily rectified.” Belle pulls her hands out of his grasp and climbs off him, leaving him sprawled on their bed as she swipes his keys from the nightstand and pads out of the room and down from the apartment to the studio where Rum keeps his cameras locked up. She just grabs the closest one to hand since she’s got no idea which he wants for this particular shot. (He separates them by various different categories and she’s never quite understood his system, if it’s even a system as opposed to random chaos.) Making her way back up the stairs, she turns the camera over and over in her hands. She keeps meaning to get Rum to teach her how to use it properly. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity. She can take pictures like the best of them, but she’s used to the camera on her phone or the cheap digital that mainly gets used for holiday snaps. This is the real deal, this thousand-dollar piece of electronic marvelousness in her hands. Rum is still lying where she left him when Belle returns to the bedroom, and he turns over to watch her enter.

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Alexander Skarsgard x Reader ~ Line

Alexander Skarsgard x Reader ~ Line

A slight smile appears on your lips as you look into Alexander’s clear blue-green eyes. He opens his mouth to say something, but not a single word comes out. An awkward silence appears between the two of you. “I forgot my line”, the Swedish actor admits finally. You couldn’t help yourself, but laugh. It just looks so cute how helpless he runs his fingers through his hair.
“I’m really sorry! I just… was distracted…”, Alexander doesn’t really know what to say. It’s maybe not the best moment to confess that he has lost himself in your eyes. “What could distract you? Maybe my beautiful eyes? My perfect smile?”, you tease him grinning. If you would know how true your words are.
Alexander stares at you for a brief moment, “Uh…” Surprised you furrow your eyebrows as your slight smile faints away. “Maybe it was your beautiful eyes, your perfect smile, your soft hair, your…”, the actor couldn’t end his sentence, because you cut him off with a soft kiss.
“Wow, that’s how you get your crush to kiss you. Just forget your line and then say something cheesy. I should remember this”, one of the other actors comments the situation chuckling. The two of you break apart with red cheeks. You almost forget that you are still on the Set. “You didn’t forget your line at all, right?”, you look at him smiling. “Maybe. Maybe not. You’ll never know, darling”, Alexander replies happy.

Hope you liked it :)

Odd things I've noticed about the signs(personal observations)

Aries: They go from being quiet and tired one second to being some loud hyper little child the next. Like how fast does that change even come about!?

Taurus: They have food in like weird places and are so sly to hide it. Or they might even run of with you food. I had this one Taurus who came and said hi to my friend and then ran of with her Pringles.

Gemini: They have like perfect hair but they all seem to hate their hair. WHY?! You can swap your hair with mine any day! Or they keep on raising their eyebrows. ALL Geminis I know ALWAYS move their eyebrows no matter what expression their giving.

Cancer: When they make a point or something they will just stare at you, WITHOUT BLINKING, as to say yep I’m right. HOW DO YOU NOT BLINK FOR SO LONG!?

Leo: When their alone they are all calm and don’t talk to anyone just walking about like their lost or something. But they moment they see a friend BAM! They transform into some talkative lion.

Virgo: They can’t pronounce their T’s properly. Idk ib noticed so many Virgos and they just don’t pronounce their T’s properly. They’ll be like DAT instead of that. Like no! Its T-H-A-T

Libra: When they walk alone they walk about like some classy ass little thing. They walk so calmly and look all soft but its there! They walk around looking at the people they don’t like with dirty looks and with a straight face and the moment they see their friend BAM! Your amazing smile shows up. Like if someone didn’t know you they’d think you never smile!

Scorpio: They can be So So hyper active and childish and loud and omg. These guys look so normal and like they don’t talk but get them in a group of friends and they are just so immature! Like all your teachers think your all good and stuff talking to them all sweetly but the moment your placed with your friends all your class hears is you laughing!

Sagittarius: Sagittarius people I’ve noticed are wow when their angry! They will storm into the class and just wow. You won’t want to go near them. But then they can just be all sweet to other people when other people are upset. Oh and not to mention these people have am issue about drawing on other peoples things. LIKE! NO DON’T DRAW ON MY FOLDER!

Capricorn: These people seem so immature and everything but then you see their social networking sites and the way they talk to their friends. Wow. Its just flirt, insult,flirt, threat, flirt oh another insult. They cannot talk properly to their friends on social networking sites. Just no.

Aquarius: These guys are always so amazing in the way they talk! How do you talk so formally with perfect grammar and perfect vocabulary! AND AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THESE GUYS ALL HAVE AMAZING SMILES?!

Pisces: These guys just think on and on and on about what happened they a month ago. You’ll be sitting their eating your lunch and out of no where their just like “I can’t believe she spoke to me like that! I should of said this to her!” And your all like “to who” and then Pisces says “*inset name* and your just like ” THAT WAS 3 WEEKS AGO!!!”

but I love everyone despite their odd little things - well maybe I like them cause of these odd little things.

*this is like personal observation so I’m not sure if its like everyone but all this I’ve noticed from at least 5 people of that sign. What do you guys think?*

headcanon: Adrien wears make up

Being a model and childhood friend of Chloé, he probably knows his way around make up really well. He knows just what to do to make his eyes pop, to accentuate his cheekbones etc. and how to make it look natural

so when one day the guys are all together in the locker room or wherever it is the boys get together without the girls (a treehouse with a no girls sign? idk) Kim is ranting about something and for some reason, adresses Adrien’s ‘perfect’ looks, i mean, look at his fucking skin its shining

and adrien just. blinks.

‘Well, yeah,’ he says ‘thats the foundation’ 

and all the guys are just kinda gaping at him (except nino, who knows and doesnt care about the make up but is a little freaked out by the fact that adrien is willing to get up early for nice eyebrows) because wait you wear make up, but thats for girls and Adrien is just really insulted because really? is looking nice only for girls? is having on point eyebrows only for girls? is feeling confident and sexy and enhancing natural gifts only for girls??

and then adrien makes nathalie bring over a shitload of make up and spends the rest of the break showing the boys the miracles of make up

and then when class starts and the girls come into class they notice that theres something different about the boys. like theyre shinier. did kim’s cheekbones always look that sharp? did nathanaëls complexion always compliment his eyes like that? and alya just looks at nino, who is kinda looking dazed, and asks ‘what the hell happened to you guys?’

and nino just whispers ‘a miracle’ and the boys all nod in unison

meanwhile Adrien looks positivly gleeful

and the girls never really find out what happened


Diego leaned against the doorway of Kevin’s booth arms crossed against his chest. “I just so happened to be listening to my radio when I heard someone mention me and my, what was it, perfect hair?” Diego had to say he had never expected someone to be talking about him so passionately over the radio no less. “I take it you are Kevin. Have we ever crossed paths before?” He asked one eyebrow raised.

Reason #444 Why David Castro Is A Perfect Raphael

Based just on that Simon and Raphael sneak peek:

  • The way he walks. Like he’s so proud and confident and superior and intimidating
  • HIS GLARE. He never takes his eyes off Simon. He doesn’t even blink
  • The way he slams the door behind him without even looking at it
  • When Simon says Raphael can have it out with the Shadowhunters, ‘especially the blond one’, David’s eyebrows go up just the teeny tiniest bit, but it completely changes his whole expression. He goes from purely threatening to amused but in a very intimidating way, and it’s so fucking subtle!!
  • He says ‘on the contrary’. That’s such a Raphael thing to say. Plus he also says that he needs Simon but we’ll skip over that because it#s not meant to be a good thing
  • HIS VOICE. Okay so it’s not quite book!Raphael, that’s not what I’m saying. But it perfectly fits the older, TV!Raphael. It’s deep and kinda growly and menacing and just asdfgfdswsd ooh my god
  • David Castro looks fucking amazing with fangs
Tantrum / N.M Imagine

holla mami it’s chelsea :D | and here’s another request of Nate. hope you enjoy. oh yeah, and those people who requested imagines, it’s coming honey, don’t get your panties in wad, anyways on to the imagine.

It was a fine, sunny morning. A perfect day to stay in bed and cozy up with Nate, but unfortunately, he woke me up to go with him to his meet and greet.

“Nate, babe? Do i really have to go?” i asked in a whiny tone, furrowing my eyebrows.

“Of course, the fans don’t only come there to see me, but also you!” he said smiling and eating his Lucky Charms cereals.

“Uhh, are you kidding me? They absolutely hate me.” i said, chuckling and rolling my eyes.

“No, you’re just saying that. We all know it ain’t true, lil’ mama.” he said still chewing on his cereals.

“NO, Nathan you don’t get me, do you?” i shouted.

“THEY. HATE. ME.” i told him taking a deep breathe and asking myself why this boy won’t get what i’m saying.

“Still don’t believe you, lil’ mama.” he said without looking at me.

“NATHAN! WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT-” i was cut, he suddenly grabbed me by my waist and lifted me and put me on one of his shoulders and carried me upstairs.

“PUT ME DOWN, NATE!” i screamed on the top of my voice and at last, he put me down on the bed.

“Listen babe, whether you like it or not, you’re coming with me.” he said staring at me with death in his eyes.

“Fine.” i said rolling my eyes.

“Love you, Carli.” he said in a sweet little girl voice and kissing me on my forehead and hopped off the bed.

“We have to get ready babe, Sam’s picking us up in a couple of minutes.” he said taking his shirt off and changing into a hoodie.

I went in the bathroom and chaned into a tank top and sweatpants and put my hair up in a messy bun.

“Ready.” i said just as i finished tying my bun.

We walked down the stairs and just as i was about to open the door,  a car horn went off.

“That’s probably Sam.” Nate said slipping his vans on.

I opened the door to see a Sam inside his car.

“Aye, wassup Carli.” he said with a big sile on his face.

“Hey, Wilk.” i replied, grabbing my purse that was hanging behind the door.

Nate and Sam did their special whatever handshake before getting in the car and drove off.

“So, Carli, you decided to come, huh?” Sam said, keeping his eyes on the road.

“Not to offend you or anything, but the fans hate you.” he added with a chuckle.

“Told you.” i said, looking at Nate and raising an eyebrow.

“Ok fine, but trust me, nothing will happen.” he said, with a tone of assurance.

A few minutes later, we arrived at the building of the meet and greet. We got to the lobby and met Sam and Nate’s manager.

“Okay, the meet and greet is in the 3rd floor, i’ll meet you there.” their manager said outside the elevator. Sam pressed the number 3on the elevator and the doors opened at the third floor.

Fans were screaming, shouting their names, even though they haven’t seen the two of them yet. Apparently, there was this big thing seperating the room in half. The other half was where the m&g was.

“Hey babe, would you mind staying with us?” Nate asked me.

“I know you feel uncomfortable, but can you just stay with me and Sam.” he added.

“Do i have to dance or anything?” i asked him, giggling.

“If you want to, but seriously you don’t have to do anything, you’ll just sit between me and Sam.” he said, holding my hands.

“Okay.” i replied.

A few minutes later the event started. As Nate said. i just sat between the two them, watching as they take pictures with fans, big stuff, and talk.

“Hi, can i take i picture with all 3 of you?” this pretty girl said.

“You okay with it, babe?” Nate asked me.

“Of course.” i said, giving her a genuine smile then taking the picture.

An hour and a half has passed since we the even started, i was bored to death so i just opened my twitter. I didn’t mind the fans that passed by the table. There was this girl, who looked stunning, she had long, blonde hair, who wore a cute crop top, shorts, and some boots. I bet even Nate found her pretty.

She said hi to me before talking to Nate, which was quite weird.

“Hey, can we take a picture?” she asked Nate.

“Sure thing.” Nate said, smiling beside her looking into the camera. Then all of a sudden after she took th picture, she turned around to face Nate and kissed him on his lips, passionately. She grinned at me, after kissing me.

“Woah.” Sam said, looking at me.

Nate looked at me awkwardly, knowing what had just happened. I stood up, and left my chair. I walked in the hall and i could still hear fans screaming. I decided to go inside an empty room with a long table and chairs. I slid down the wall and broke down. I brought my knees up to my chest. A few minutes passed by before Nate found me.

“Hey, look what happened back there was-.” i cut him off.

“Was what? Huh?” i asked him, standing up.

“Look, what you saw back there wasn’t what it looked like. She came onto me first.” he tried explaining, walking towards me.

“I know that, Nate. I saw it with my own eyes.” i shouted angrily at him, crossing my arms.

“What’s bothering me is that, why didn’t you back away?” i added and even shouting louder.

“Even Sam noticed!” i added.

“I- I, Look i’m sorry.” he said, trying to calm the situtation down.

“See? This is why i didn’t want to come here in the first place! She was obviously trying to piss me off.” i shouted, rolling my eyes at him.

“I already said sorry, what else am i supposed to do?” he said to me, raising his voice.

“Now, you’re the one getting mad? I should be mad!” i told him.

“I’m not getting mad!” he replied, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Yes, you are, you’re raising your voice. You know what, i’m leaving, i’m going home.” i said, storming out of the room.

I walked out of the room and slammed the door. I didn’t bother anyone who was looking at me. I went in the elevator and went downstairs. I know i had to take a cab to get home. 

“Darlin’, you okay?” the cab driver asked, looking at me through the mirror.

“I’m fine, thank you.” i replied, letting out a small smile.

5 minutes later, i arrived at home. I went straight upstairs and laid on my bed and just gathered my thoughts. I knew Nate wasn’t gonna be home for another hour, he can’t just leave the fans.

The next hour, i heard a car enter the driveway, i knew it was Nate. I heard him run up the stairs and into my room.

“Carli?” he whispered, opening the door.

I turned around to face him, not angry anymore.

“I thought about what you said a while ago, and i’m sorry.” he added, sitting on the bed next to me.

“No, look, back there, i overreacted. I was kinda, jealous.” i said, not looking at him.

“Are you serious?” he said.

“Why in the world will you be jealous? You’re mine. and i love you.” he replied, letting out a small laugh.

“I’m sorry.” i replied, putting my hands on his face.

“No, i’m sorry, too.” he replied, putting his hands on top of mine.

“You don’t ever have to be jealous, i want you to know that you’ll always be mine, and i’ll always be yours.” he added, looking in to my eyes.

“I love you.” i said, pulling him in for a kiss.

“No, i love you.” he said, pushing me to lay on the bed and kissed me everywhere and tickled me.

“Nate, stop it!” i said, giggling and trying to push him off.

“St-stop!” i added, giggling even more.

“I can’t breathe.” i said.

“Love you.” he said, planting one last kiss on my forehead and went off the bed.

That’s it, hope you enjoyed. Requests? Just ask | much love

Sterek Week 2015:- Day 1, Sunday Funday

“You know I love you right?” Stiles turned to Derek, sun causing a gorgeous glow on his face, eyelashes shadowing his cheeks.

“Yes Stiles, I’ve fortunately heard you say it many times, why do you ask?” Derek replied, admiring his partner, taking in the view of him, still basking in the sun, torso bare, his normally pale skin looking more tanned after spending the majority of the past week on the beach.

“I just needed you to know, before I asked you something.” Stiles smiled at him, warm and caring before he turned to look in one of the bags they’d bought with them.

Derek’s eyebrows drew together in slight confusion, wondering what on earth Stiles was going on about. This week had been perfect, the getaway they needed after the stress of the last few months with supernatural interferences, a pack of werewolves trying to claim the hale territory. His pack had managed to make them leave with their tails between their legs.

Derek was happy. Something he hadn’t allowed himself for years before Stiles and yet here he was sitting next to the love of his life, sipping cocktails having a holiday he never thought he’d get. A glimpse of something perfect in his life and it was all thanks to the new family he had and the gorgeous man sitting next to him. Derek noticed Stiles’ scent clouding in anxiety, a higher level than normal, his heart beginning to pound a little faster, becoming an unknown beat compared to the one Derek was used to.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Derek leant forward, shifting his position so he was sitting up straight, leaning into Stiles’ space.

“Nothing, nothing, I just can’t- yes! Okay, okay, Derek, can you stand up for me?” Stiles said finally, putting his hands behind his back and looking back at him with a bright smile on his face.

“Stiles, I don’t understa-”

“Just stand up Derek, please”

Derek did as he was asked, thankful there wasn’t anyone on this side of the beach, they had managed to find a secluded part where they could just enjoy the scenery and revel in each other’s company. They may have christened this spot once or twice over the last few days, unable to keep their hands off each other while they were both practically naked in their swim wear.

Derek looked down at Stiles, trying to not think any lewd thoughts while Stiles was so far beneath his hips. He raised his eyebrow, trying to provoke a response. Stiles moved into a kneeling position, kneeling only on one knee in fact. Wait, what was happeni-.

“Derek, I want you to know, that since you’ve been in my life, I don’t think I’ve ever come across someone so stubborn and self-depreciating, someone who knows how to irritate me and push all my buttons, someone who is so wound up on trying to be the protector of everyone that you constantly nearly get yourself killed. I mean, you nearly did die, many times and I thought I was going to die.”
He took a breath, closing his eyes and shaking his head.

“I’m going off topic” Stiles said, opening his eyes again and clearing his throat.

“What I’m trying to say is that, even though you are those things, I managed to see behind that and see what a loyal and caring person you are. Someone who sticks by their own no matter what, someone who, even though you had no reason to, trusted when you had to. Someone who helped make me a better person, who balances me out when I go too far, talks sense into me when I go off topic, someone who loves me for me and who lets me love you, even when you didn’t feel like anyone could.”

Derek could smell the saltiness in the air as tears formed in Stiles’ eyes. He couldn’t say anything, trying to just listen to the soothing rhythm of Stiles’ erratic heartbeat. The way it hadn’t faltered when he was talking, not once. He gulped, waiting for Stiles to continue. He watched as Stiles moved forward to take hold of one of Derek’s hands. Holding something in the other. Derek felt his breath catch.

“I need you to know that you’re it for me Derek, trying to imagine a world where you and I don’t coexist and fall in love is too painful and it’s a world I couldn’t live in. You are amazing and wonderful and I just want to say that I love you and was wondering if maybe, just maybe, you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me.” Stiles moved his hand to open the now exposed box in his other hand; he opened it and held it in front of Derek.

“So Derek Hale, is there the slightest chance that you’d like to marry me?”

Derek was so taken back, he couldn’t believe that Stiles had proposed to him. This man, who had done countless things to save him, mostly from himself. The man who stuck by him and made sure he knew just how important he is. Not just to him, but to their pack as well.
Yeah, their pack. The one that started with just him, Stiles and Scott. A poor excuse for a pack that grew, welcoming others and slowly creating a loyalty that came close to what he had with his old pack. The memories of his family still hurt, but Stiles made it easier. Allowing him to be sad when he needed and cheering him up when he went down too far.
There was no doubt in his mind that having Stiles next to him forever wouldn’t be one of the best decisions he could allow himself. His emotions came rushing to the surface, making his heart swell, creating a lump in his throat. He moved down to his knees and took Stiles’ face between his hands.

“My answer is yes. It’ll always be yes with you” he whispered before leaning in and pressing their mouths together; pushing all his love into a single kiss. Stiles sighed into the kiss; Derek could feel the tension leave him and the smell of anxiety lifting. He pulled back slightly, pressing one more kiss before looking down at the box. They both sat down properly on the blanket on the sand, Derek taking the ring and admiring it. It was beautiful.

“How did you-” Derek started to say, tracing the familiar swirls of the triskele, printed on the ring.

“I wanted it to be special, so I had to make it something that was important to you, to your pack. It felt right to make that part of this too” Derek kissed him again, feeling the happiness bubble inside him.

“May I?” Stiles asked, pointing at the ring. Derek nodded and let Stiles take the ring from him, sliding it onto Derek’s finger.

“I don’t know what to say Stiles, it’s perfect.”

“How about, I’m the most amazing person you’ve ever met and you can’t believe you fell in love with me” Stiles said, grinning like the idiot that he is, an idiot Derek apparently loved very much.

“You know, I’m beginning to regret my decision saying yes to you.” Derek dead panned, rolling his eyes.

“Hey, I resent that, you said yes because I’m awesome and we’re even more awesomer together.”

“Stiles, ‘awesomer’ is not a word” Derek said, small smile creeping onto his face.

“Well, it should be, because that’s what we are.” Stiles commented, pouting a little.

“You’re such an idiot” Derek laughed, pushing Stiles onto his back and straddling his hips, leaning down to kiss him. When they broke apart, Stiles was smiling, that gorgeous smile that always made Derek’s heart flutter.

“Yeah, but you love me anyway” Stiles said playfully, running has hand up Derek’s chest and neck, winding his fingers into his hair.

“Yeah Stiles, I really do”