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Band: EXO

Genre: Fluff, Angst?

Members: Kai, mentions of Chen

Description: Sometimes things get a little weird

Warnings: Cursing

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 1746

This was usual. Almost too usual. Every day of your high-school life you were used to waking up earlier than you actually needed. You were used to sit in the front row, right next to the window. You were used to people asking you for help in English, seeing you were the best of the class. You were also used to your other classmates looking at you weirdly. Why? Well, might be that you’re not Korean. Or even Asian. Who knows though.

What you weren’t used to though was the kind of attention you received from the football team of your school lately. You’ve been used to being ignored from them most of the time. Sure, once in a while Jongdae would bug you for your notes from class, but other than that? Nothing. So Why were they paying attention to you now? Did Jongdae tell them about your English skills? Do they want your notes too now? Nah. Couldn’t be.

Shaking your head to snap out of your thoughts, you closed your locker after grabbing all the books you would need for the next class. Maths. Ugh. The only good Thing about Maths was that there would be nobody sitting besides you. Literally. Ever since beginning of the year, a guy out of your classes, also a member of the football team, wouldn’t ever Show up to the lessons. Honestly, you were kind of glad. If he did come, you would have player sitting next to you. Not just a football player, oh no sweetie. From what you’ve heard, this boy also plays with feelings. How many stories you’ve heard by now? Too many.

Sitting down in your usual spot next to the window, you looked out. You almost ignored the door opening again, thinking it may just be the teacher or some Student running late. But you were greeted with gasps of your classmates, mumbling, girls squealing, and this made you turn your head.

You had almost gasped as well. Standing in the doorway of the classroom was none other than Kim Jongin. Also known as Kai in the football team. The one who didn’t show up for classes. Never. And now he was here? Maybe his grades really went down.. But that still didn’t answer the look on his face as he spotted you. Or Why he was coming right into your direction. Was it the empty seat? He could have it as long as he wouldn’t talk to you. That`d be fine.

After coming over and sliding into the seat next to you though, you noticed that his intentions weren’t exactly what you hoped.


“Uhm..can I help you maybe?” He only scoffed in reply and you raised your eyebrow. “No?” “Don’t talk to me, nerd.” Now that caused you to scoff. “Why are you looking at me then?” Instead of answering, Jongin thought it would be a better idea to just ignore your question and look into your notebook instead. Immediately, you covered it up, not wanting him to see the things you sometimes doodled in there. ”Don’t look.”


“Because I’m telling you not to.”

“Wow, what a great answer, smartass.”

You scoffed, shoving the notebook more to your left, making sure he wouldn’t be able to take a look at it from this distance. Even after the class began and you tried to focus on your work, his glances at you would never go unnoticed.

It has now been a week of Jongin managing to come to all of his classes, which he apparently almost always shared with you. No matter where you’d sit, he would sit nearby. And no matter how much you ignored him, he’d never look away from you.

It has come to the point where you confronted Jongdae. Confronting him if he did tell Jongin anything. If yes, what, and if he needed help in English, why wouldn’t he just say so? Jongdae laughed. He ruffled your hair, telling you that if things went well, you would find out in no time of what Jongin really wanted from you. But this only confused you more. If things went well? What is that supposed to mean? No matter what it was, you hoped to find out soon.

It was Wednesday. Two more hours of school and then you were safe. It was almost time for English class. Closing the door to your locker, you started to make your way down the hallway to your classroom, as you noticed multiple eyes watching your back. Stopping in the middle of the hallway, you slowly turned your head, only to see some of the football team members watching you. Catching Jongdaes glance, you raised your eyebrow at him, while he nodded towards none other than Jongin who seemed to be talking to the rest. You pointed at yourself as if asking ‘Is he talking about me?’, and Jongdae only grinned response. Muttering an ‘okay then..’ under your breath, you quickly made your way inside the classroom and sat down at your usual front-row-window-seat. As the bell rang, the rest of the students started to find their way in as well. You almost forgot you had a neighbor until the chair next to you was pulled back and a smirking Jongdae plopped down in it. “What?” He chuckled. “Oh, nothing.” Eyebrow raised, you moved to look back forward at the board, when Jongdae nudged your side. “How is he?” “How is who?” “You know who”, he scoffed, “Kai. Is he nice?”

Sucking in a breath, you leaned back in your chair. “I guess nice isn’t how you’d call this..He’s more likely..rude.” Looking back at him, you noticed the big pout taking over Jongdaes face. “That bad?” “Well certainly not nice. He’s weird. It’s almost creepy by now, he just stares and doesn’t talk.” The chuckle erupting from his throat had you confused. “How adorable, he really doesn’t talk to you?” You shook your head in response, reacting just in time to slap Jongdaes hand away before it managed to mess up your hair once more.

“You’ll figure out soon enough.”, he said. Just like every day the past week.

The days went by, so did weeks, months, and slowly Kim Jongin would start talking to you. You were still mad at Jongdae for telling you 'soon’, when actually two months passed already. But Jongin actually greeted you sometimes now. A short nod, a silent 'hi’, and you could swear you saw him smile last Tuesday before your third lesson.. not that you cared. Right? Sometimes in your English lessons, Jongin would turn to you. He wouldn’t say a lot, just glance at you and back at his papers, and you immediately understood and shoved your answers towards him. If he really didn’t understand, he’d mutter a soft 'Help me..’ and scoot closer, wanting you to explain it to him. Jongin was by no means bad in English, you were actually surprised. He messed up some grammar here and there, but that was perfectly okay. You actually found it somewhat cute when he read his sentences out loud because of his accent. And for the small smile forming on his face whenever he understood the task in the end, it was definitely worth it.

What actually surprised you was that Jongin asked for your help with the homework after classes. Asking if it was fine to meet him in the library for lunch. Of course you agreed, who wouldn’t when he looked so adorable, lips formed in a light pout, eyes casted to the side and a soft red coating his cheeks. For a school jock, way too adorable. So you met him there.

Actually finding him was the bigger problem to you though. Even though Jongin was fairly tall, you weren’t, and the library was big. It took you about ten minutes until you found him sitting in the far end of the library, eyes focused on a book in front of him. You smiled, moving over to him. Sitting down, you placed your bag on the chair next to you, which made Jongin look up.

“Hey.” You greeted, and already took the smile on his face as a 'Hello’. “Hi.”, he replied, and closed the book. Just before you were able to ask him about his problem with the homework, he began to talk again. “I..don’t really need help with the homework. I mean- I do..but.. uhm..that’s not the reason why I wanted to see you here.” He scratched his cheek, eyes darting aside once more today. “You.. want to talk to me about something else then?” He nodded. “Well.. uh.. okay.” It did confuse you, not going to lie. He didn’t talk to you at all, maybe a 'hello’, a now he’s practically presenting a speech? Wow, okay.

He took a deep breath before continuing. “This..feels weird.. but I uhm..”, he cleared his throat, “I kind of..like you.”

You don’t really remember how many seconds passed before a small “What.” came past your lips, and boy did he look nervous. “I..like you? I don’t know.. I just..Okay here goes nothing. I watched you for some time. Before I came to our classes together. Jongdae hyung just always..said so much about you. How kind you were..and what a dork you are..”

You gulped.

“I really wanted to meet you too.”

You blinked.

“I’m kind of an asshole though..”

Your mouth opened.

“I just thought I shouldn’t talk, maybe that makes me seem less like a jerk.”

You wanted to interrupt him.

“It didn’t really work though right? Hyung..said you think I’m creepy. Sorry for that.”


“And that’s another reason. You never call me Kai, why? Everyone does, why don’t you? Why do I like it when you say it?”

Before you could say anything, he stood up, hands running through his hair, back turning towards you.

“I’m so weird.”, was what he whispered, loud enough for you to hear. The next thing you did kind of surprised him though, for once. Your hand gently placed itself on his arm. “I like weird.” was all that you said.

It was weird when he looked down at you. It made you feel small, but you liked it. It was weird when he smiled, you weren’t used to it, but you liked it. It got really weird when he hugged you. It surprised you,

but you liked it.

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True Genius [Spencer Reid Imagine]

*Requested* Can you do a ReidxReader where he is insecure abot his genius and she comforts him and fluff?? thanks!

Author’s Note: Requests for non-Halloween related things are still closed and will be reopened around Thanksgiving! This is set straight after 7x11: “True Genius”, which is arguably my favorite Reid-centric episode.

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“There is no greater sorrow than to recall in misery the time when we were happy.” Dante.

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scenario for karasuno and nekoma: their s.o is naked/half naked checking themselves out in the mirror (stretching, turning around, basically just looking at themselves) when they walk in. Reactions?

Hinata: His entire face lit up red and his mouth was hanging open some, so it took him a minute before he stuttered an apology and exited the room.

Kageyama: One look at them and he instantly shut the door again, his face going completely red as he leaned against the wall and tried to calm himself.

Daichi: He did it, too, a few times, so it wasn’t a big deal to him, but he didn’t know if they were comfortable with him. “Do you want me to leave?”

Sugawara: “You look very nice, _____.” He complimented you with a smile. He winked after before leaving you in peace.

Tanaka: He stuttered out an apology, bowing his head several times before leaving the room.

Nishinoya: “Lookin’ good!!” He grinned brightly at you, and then he left—though once outside, his cheeks turned red and he was pretty embarrassed.

Asahi: His face turned red and he was practically steaming—he couldn’t say anything so he left in embarrassment.

Tsukishima: He didn’t seem fazed by it at all, and merely smiled lazily at you. “You should do that when I’m here with you.” He teased.

Yamaguchi: His cheeks heated up and he tried to avoid looking at you. “Sorry, _____! I’ll knock next time!!”

Ennoshita: He bowed his head to you some and covered up his eyes with a hand, biting his lip some. “S-Sorry for intruding, _____.”

Kuroo: “Isn’t checking you out my job?” He grinned at you, leaning against the frame of the door as he literally wiggled his eyebrows some.

Kenma: The DS in his hands almost fell to the floor because he almost lost his grip on it, but he gripped it hard, swallowing as he stared at you. After a moment he mumbled a sorry then swiftly left.

Yaku: He walked right up behind you and placed a kiss to the side of your neck with a smile. “You look nice.”

Lev: “Can I do that too?!” He was already starting to strip off his clothes, his pants off and his shirt hanging halfway off his body. He was the one who embarrassed you this time.

Kai: Admittedly, he stayed and observed for a few moments, enjoying the sight, but he shut the door and let you have your time.

Inuoka: “You’re so confident, _____!” He smiled at you, going up to you and kissing your cheek. But he left after, so he wouldn’t interrupt anymore.

Yuuki: He stayed quiet, watching you for a moment before you noticed him. He blushed dark and shut the door, covering his eyes with an arm.

Fukunaga: He was silent, as usual, but his cheeks turned pink, and he backed out of the room to let you have your time.

Yamamoto: He almost choked on air when he saw you, his cheeks turning bright red.

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Jongin please?~

5 - Getting jealous

“Babe, is your shift almost over?” Kai asked, looking up from his phone.

“Just fifteen more minutes! Then I’m done, promise.”

Kai had decided to pick you up from your night shift, so now he sat aimlessly in a booth as he waited for it to be over.

You approached your final table for the night. “Here’s your check. Can I get anything else for you guys tonight?”

“Nope! Thanks darling.”

Kai’s eyebrow raised at the use of the word ‘darling’. It irked him, but he held his tongue.

“And a nice tip for a pretty girl.”

He gripped his phone tighter and stared sullenly at their table. You were fairly unfazed; things like this weren’t uncommon, so you only accepted it and bade them a nice night.

Once you had changed out of your work uniform and clocked out, you met back with Kai, who was still sitting at the booth.

“Let’s go!”

He didn’t say anything, only grabbing your hand and following you out of the restaurant. You could tell he looked tense so you paused on the sidewalk.

“What’s wrong?”

“Why did you accept that tip?”

“The tip…?” You weren’t exactly sure what he was getting at.

“They were clearly flirting with you. And you let it happen,” he said, voice laced with annoyance.

“Kai, it was just for a tip… you know it didn’t mean anything…”

He huffed, and you stood on your tippy toes to give him a peck on the lips.

“Come onnnn, cheer up,” you said in between pecks.

He smiled, his head dipping down in defeat.

“You’re so cute, that’s why everyone flirts with you,” he mumbled into your neck.

“But I’m all yours,” you sing-singed, making him chuckle. He laced his fingers in between yours and continued walking down the sidewalk.