his eye wrinkles ;n;

Prodigy - Teacher AU

“Could you just close the door and come over here? You have no reason to rush out, I didn’t post your grade. I want to discuss it in person.”

You swallowed hard at his words but did as you were told, closing the classroom door and going over to his desk. He was looking through the stack of students’ sketchbooks on his desk, presumably for your own. He pulled one of of the stack and laid it in the middle of his desk, and you froze. 

You could feel all color draining from your face once you noticed which sketchbook he had pulled out of the pile. There was a Hello Kitty sticker stuck to the top right corner of it, indicating it was your sketchbook.

Your personal sketchbook.

word count: 10.1k

genre: fluff & smut (a lot of soft/domestic stuff, concludes w smut)

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You Think I’m Cute?

IMAGINE: Draco thinks that (Y/N) is cute when she’s angry, especially when he’s the cause of it. 

[gif is not mine]

warnings: swear words

words: 692 

(Y/N) stormed up the common room where her group sat, as soon as she saw Draco’s head she threw the closest thing next to her, which was a pen. With her Quidditch accuracy she was able to hit him in the middle of his head.

“What the fuck?” Draco’s hand came to back of his head, then turned around. As he saw (Y/N), he scowled, “(Y/L/N), what the fuck?”

(Y/N) however was not deterred by Draco’s tone, instead marching over to him and poking him in the chest, with her chin jutting out she poked him again. “Stop stealing my fucking clothes! Specifically my ties!”

As soon as she said that, Draco grinned, he curled his tongue behind his teeth, “I have no idea what you’re saying darling.”

She pointed her finger at him again, “You! I know that it’s you! I got in trouble with Snape, I have never ever had a problem with Professor Snape before and because of you and your childish antics, I have detention this Friday!” Suddenly the realisation of having detention dawned on her, and her face grew pale, “I have detention! Me! Oh god,” (Y/N) placed a hand on her head and sat down on the couch.

(Y/N) sat down on the couch, her head held in her hands. Theo, Pansy and Blaise looked at each other, wondering what to do.

“You’re cute when you’re angry,” Draco’s voice filled the void.

(Y/N) looked at Draco and scowled, “That’s all you have to say? I’m cute when I’m angry?” Again her voice grew angrier, and her scowl grew more prominent on her face. “Draco, this is serious! I’ve never had a detention in my life! Oh god, what happens if ruins my chances at being in the Dofan and East Firm?”

Draco looked at his girlfriend and sat down next to her, he gently rubbed her back, “I’m sorry. But don’t worry with your grades I’m sure that they won’t care that you got a detention.”

“But I care!” (Y/N) whined.

Knowing that (Y/N) would not stop, he racked his brain trying to figure out what would make her happy again.

“You could always change his hair colour,” Theo drawled out. Draco looked at his friend and scowled.

He then turned back to (Y/N) who had her eyebrow arched, “That might work.”

“(Y/N), no,” Draco pleaded.

(Y/N) pouted, “Fine.” She crossed her arms and leaned back into the couch.

Draco looked at her and rolled his eyes, knowing that she won’t talk to him until he caved in. “Fine, but it can’t be Weasley red or a neon colour!”

The Great Hall’s conversation promptly stopped as soon as Draco Malfoy walked in followed by Blaise and Theo laughing their heads off. The usual platinum haired aristocrat, was now a pink-haired aristocrat. Draco scowled as he heard whispers and saw fingers pointing towards him. As he got to his chair, he noticed that (Y/N) was in her usual spot and not at detention.

“I thought I had detention,” Draco asked. He looked up at the table and saw Snape sitting there, a small smirk on his face.

(Y/N) turned to Pansy, “Detention? When did I say I have detention? Pansy, did I say that I have detention?”

Pansy shook her head, “You’re (Y/N), you don’t get detention.”

(Y/N) turned back to Draco with a sly smile on her face. “YOU!” Draco pointed at his girlfriend.


“You were never in trouble with Snape! You made that up!” Draco spoke out loud.

“I never made anything up darling,” (Y/N) drawled out. “What did happen though was prove that you’re so in love with me that you would dye your hair pink, and you help me earn money.” She jingled the coin bag in her right hand.

Draco sat down, narrowing his eyes at his girlfriend. “Don’t do that, you’ll get wrinkles.” (Y/N) smoothed out her boyfriend’s face.

“You tricked me,” Draco whispered. He pouted for a while then looked back at his girlfriend, “My god, I love you.”

Song of Themyscira | Four

Summary: As an Amazonian warrior, you’re invited to Man’s World by Diana Prince. Ares, angered by the situation, decides to send an army, led by his son, to disrupt the peace. Will James be able to follow through, or will the Amazonians keep the peace?

Pairing: James ‘Bucky’ Barnes x Amazon!Reader

Word Count: 1108

Warnings: None (yet)

A/N: Update! I know it’s a slow burn with these chapters, but the build up is definitely worth it… (: || SoT masterlist

Originally posted by rohgers

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Aaron Hotchner / Afraid

As per anon’s request: 

Hotch x reader, where she meets jack for the first time and after a while they’re watching a movie and there is a wedding in the movie (Disney) and Jack casually asks them when they are getting married? She also works for the bau and is younger than him around 25?

I loooooved writing this. Dad! Hotch is the best, and if you guys could keep the Hotch requests coming I’d be thrilleddd. He’s literally the sweetest. Anyway, a few thoughts: I think Hotch would be insecure dating, given his history and his need to put others before his own desires, he would feel like he’s holding the person back from a more fulfilling relationship. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! 

Originally posted by youkicklikeanineyearoldgirl-cm

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Marry Me L.H.

Anon Requested: can you do an imagine where Luke is all frantic and worried about going on tour because he doesn’t want to mess up the relationship or put himself in a position to lose y/n, so y/n stops him by saying something like “Then don’t.” and then proposes to him Hope you like it babe (:

Tomorrow I’ll have the whole day to write so I’ll try to have something to post by tomorrow night. Feedback will be appreciated

Word Count: 638

Masterlist/ Requests/ Prompts (the prompts are not mine)

When I opened the door of the house me and my long time boyfriend shared I wasn’t expecting to see him walking around frantic, grabbing his hair with his hands, tugging it at some points. Luke looked like a mess, with an old t shirt with holes and his usual ripped black skinny jeans, bags under his eyes and his cheeks were red. I dropped everything I had in my hands and went running to the couch where he was sitting.

His head snapped up once he heard me, our eyes meetings and I could see the hurt in them. My heart broke at the sight. With my knees on the floor, I put my arms around his torso. He breathed out and broke down into sobs, his head on his hands. Though I had to bit my inside cheek to not cry, I stayed strong for him.

My hands made their way to his back, caressing him, feeling him relax shortly after. I left some kisses along his jaw, knowing how much that helped him to steady his breathing.

“I got you. I’m here and I got you.” I whispered in his ear.

We stayed like that for God knows how long, but then Luke pulled away and wiped his tears with the back of his hand. I put my hand on his and interlaced our fingers. I didn’t need to ask him what happened as he told me immediately.

“I have to go on tour again. I’ll be four months away.” But you have just come back from tour, I thought but decided not to. Instead I asked him where they were going to travel. “It starts in Australia and it will end in Canada.”

A few more tears left his eyes and I instantly remembered the fight we had while he was on tour. We both felt like we couldn’t take being away anymore but he didn’t want us to break up. We had a massive argument on a Skype call in which we tried to see whether we were going to split up or not. I had never watched Luke cry so much and later told me that it was because he wouldn’t be able to lose me.

When he got back from tour we spent a few days in bed, making love, cuddling and talking. The argument was something that was stuck in our heads. We promised to never let something like the distance fight like that ever again, though. But now he feared that the promise would be broken.

“I don’t want us fighting again and feeling like shit every day, fearing that the other wants to call it quits.” His voice was jittery and that was when I realized his lips had been quivering since he first spoke.

“Then why don’t we change it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Marry me.” I blurted out.

“You want us to marry?” He raised his eyebrows in shock, but I caught his lips forming a little smile.  

“I want to spend every moment I can with you. I want to spend every minute of this life thinking that nothing will ever make us apart. I want to play with the ring when you are not home and think about you and I want a family with you. I want my future with you, Luke. I’ve never been more sure.”

He made us stand up and pulled me into him, spinning me around the living room. He screamed a yes before kissing my lips with passion. We laughed between kisses, our hearts beating at the same fast pace.

“So you’ll be Y/N Hemmings.” His eyes now showed happiness. Wrinkles had formed in his eyes for smiling so much. I pecked his lips once more before telling him how I couldn’t wait to be called Y/N Hemmings.


Pairing: Scotty x Reader

Summary: Reader has a bad dream, and Scotty provides comfort.

Word count: 1390

Triggers: nightmares?, anxiety?

A/N: This is literally the first fanfic I’ve written and shared in over 10 years. So ANY and all constructive criticism is welcome. (Seriously, I’m in the process of writing my master’s thesis, so there’s no possible way you could make me cry more than my advisor has…). Also, the pic will make more sense later in the fic, and yes, I know it’s a swan not a goose, but I couldn’t resist using this (also for a good laugh, google image search “simon pegg swan”). Thanks!!

Goose Bumps Masterlist: Dreams | The Goose Parade

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Bones drabble - “Have you lost your damn mind?!”

Requested? Yes, by an anon
Word count? 379
Warnings? None

When Bones answered the door to his quarters, he had clearly just rolled out of bed; his hair was a mess, his eyes were half asleep, and his clothes were wrinkles. “Y/N?” he asked, his voice heavy with sleep.

“Hey,” you said as you let yourself in.

“Yeah, sure, come in,” he mumbled as the door shut behind you.

“I couldn’t sleep,” you admitted, taking a seat on his bed.

Bones rubbed his face. “So you came here? Y/N, I mean this in the nicest way possible, have you lost your damn mind?! I thought we wanted to keep our relationship private for a while. You coming to my quarters in the middle of the night is kind of an obvious sign that we’re together.”

You frowned and patted the spot next to you. “I know … I’m sorry.”

He sighed, taking a seat. “It’s fine, darlin’. Now, why couldn’t you sleep?” He wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

You leaned your head against his shoulder. “I missed you. I kept thinking of that away mission you and I went on where we got to sleep next to each other for a few days. I wanted to feel that way again.”

Bones huffed in soft laughter. “I miss that, too. But you can’t just show up at my door whenever you’re lonely, darlin’. Not if we want this relationship to be secret.”

You lifted your head to look at him. “Do you want to keep it a secret, still?”

He shrugged slowly. “I don’t know. Do you?”

“I don’t know,” you said. “Maybe not. I mean, it’d be nice to hold your hand in public and be seen together by the members of the crew. I know you’re technically a senior officer and some might think it’s inappropriate, but I don’t really care anymore.”

Bones smiled and pecked your lips. “Okay. Starting tomorrow—well, technically today since it’s three in the morning, we’ll start to show the ship we’re together. But, for now, what do you say we recreate that away mission and get some sleep?”

You lay down in his bed and smiled. “Only if you cuddle me.”

He smirked, lying next to you. He wrapped his arm around your torso and kissed your cheek. “Deal.”


Pairings: T’Challa x Reader

Words: 1.8K

Warnings: Angst – but there’s lil saving fluff as well, no worries x

A/N: Oh god, I worked with this for months – ever since I saw Civil War. I don’t know if it’s even good at all, but I just felt like posting it, so here we go lol. Please, tell me what you think, I miss getting feedback lol x

// I’ve lost the source of this gif, so if it’s yours please let me know!

He leaned his head against the white tile wall, the water of the shower running along with the curves of his tensed body. Signifying his unsteady breathing, he tried his hardest to calm it down –only managing to get the knot in his chest to keep tightening.

Rapid tears kept rolling down his cheeks, blending with the tepid flow of water. He didn’t know how things had end up to the point they were at, not really. Only few months earlier he was just a young man, unaware of the life he was about to have. He knew, that he was supposed to take his father’s place as the sovereign of his country; about to come the King of Wakanda, but no one had ever told him, how it was about to happen. No one had ever told him that he would be left with all the responsibility, all of a sudden, all alone.

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So this took so long and I am so sorry. It has been a very long week and I have not had a moment to myself!! This is for the every so wonderful @wardley10. I’m not sure this constitutes a first date but this kinda popped into my head when I started writing earlier. I hope you love it and that you’re feeling better!!


Hi. I was thinking about the reader is a regular girl attending her birthday party in a function room. Shes related to a female cast member on Dunkirk who shares a lot of scenes with Jack Lowden. Surprisingly, her relative brings Jack to this birthday party which sends the Dunkirk fanbase into a breakdown due to happiness as the birthday girl is essentially watching a first date going on with flirty banter and fluff going on between the two which is the cutest. Thanks if you can honey 😚

If there be any truer measure of a man than by what he does, it must be by what he gives. Jack/Reader
Warnings: Vague mentions of emotional abuse.

Her cousin was happy.

It was odd, to be honest, but odd in a good way.

Sadly, it was the first time in a truly long while.

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A Cheating Change- Part 2 (Jimin- angst)

Anonymous: Please write a part 2 for a cheating change 😭

Title: A Cheating Change- Part 2
Band Member: Jimin (BTS)
Genre: Angst
Summary: An event brings you and Jimin back together

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Heavy rain pattered against the thick glass of the coffee shop. Light bulbs hung from the low wooden beams, illuminating the shop with a weak glow despite it being early afternoon. A thick gloom darkened Seoul as grey clouds layered over the sky, thunder rumbled and wind howled over the chatter and hustle of the warm shop. The aroma of coffee was strong in the air, and the heat was comforting against the strong, angry rain and wind that beat the city outside.

You sighed hopelessly, staring out into the busy streets. Raindrops made the windows misty, and you had to squint to be able to see out onto the streets. Puddles were splashed by cars zoomed on by and people hurried under their coats and umbrellas for shelter. Finally, you saw him and a grin brightened your face as you noticed him jog to the shop and enter.

He shook his strands of hair that were dark and wet with rain, the small drops giving his silver hair a gleam. Little drops of rain hung from his long eyelashes. He blinked and they fell to his porcelain cheeks, rolling down his perfect skin till he wiped it away with a pink, numb hand. His lips were chapped and rough from the cold and you smiled, waving at him. He grinned and walked over to the table, shivering as he peeled off his damp coat.

“Lip balm?” You held out the small tin which Yoongi took, smiling thankfully.
“I was supposed to be treating you and I’m the one who got here late.” You laughed at his comment, shrugging casually.
“It’s fine. Let’s just order to warm you up.” Yoongi raised his eyebrows, his fringe ruffling.
“’Let’s??” You blinked. “I’ll order, Y/N.” You sighed, not even bothering to argue with your best friend.
“Fine. Hot chocolate as usual with marshmallows.”
“And cream, of course.” You narrowed your eyes at Yoongi, almost laughing.
“Have you seen the rain? I’ll freeze.” The handsome producer raised his eyebrows, pursing his lips as he folded his arms tightly across his chest in a way that resembled your former teachers.
“Are you really going to let the weather control your hot chocolate toppings?” You couldn’t help but laugh, grinning as you watched Yoongi join the end of the line. A feeling of happiness arose as you studied the slender man.

He was the best thing to have ever happened to you. You weren’t afraid to admit it. When you and Jimin had broken up you were empty, depressed and broken. Nothing made you smile. Nothing made you laugh and everything and anything made you cry. Your emotions were controlled by the hate, heartbreak and anger you felt, and nothing could make you feel better.

You were certain you felt all alone too. You felt deficient of any friends- after all, BTS had been your best friends but they were Jimin’s friends first. However, Yoongi was there. Yoongi remained your best friend even when you drifted away from other Bangtan members. He helped the new, happier, better person in you be reborn. So you loved Yoongi. You loved him more than you had ever loved anybody else.

“Here you go.” You smiled at the hot chocolate that was set in front of you. It looked perfectly delicious with smooth cream, sweet-smelling chocolate sprinkles and fluffy pink marshmallows all bobbing around in the creamy beverage. “I also got you a muffin.” You laughed at the chocolate muffin that was set in front of you before narrowing your eyes at Yoongi.

“Okay, what do you want?” He blushed, looking down so his hair fell into his eyes.
“That obvious?” You nodded, smirking as you rested your chin in your palm.
“What is it you need?” Yoongi was silent for a moment, trailing his index finger around the circumference of his mug before sighing. He opened his mouth and out tumbled his plead.
“A close friend is getting married soon and I need you as my date.” You furrowed your eyebrows, thinking hard as you sipped at your hot chocolate. Weddings weren’t usually your thing. You hated all the soppiness (breaking up with Jimin had made you less of a romantic), the cake was generally horrible and it meant you had to see more people than you usually liked.

“What’s in it for me?” Yoongi gasped exasperatedly.
“I bought a muffin and hot chocolate, Y/N!” A small giggle passed your lips as you bit your lip.
“Hm..get me two slices of chocolate cake and then I’ll come!”


A small smile crept on your face as you admired yourself in the large mirror. The dress was beautiful. Elegant, classy and a beautiful shade of blue, it hugged your body perfectly. It accentuated every flawless curve, showed off your beautiful legs and matched the silver jewellery you wore.

“You look beautiful.” You turned around, smiling broadly at Yoongi who was stood behind you. He looked handsome in his black suit, the white shirt neat and stiff with the blue tie that matched your dress tied tightly around his pressed collars.
“Thank you,” you said, your face flushed with pride. “You look handsome yourself.” Yoongi smiled as he combed his fingers through his hair, glancing at the mirror.
“Handsome? I look absolutely spectacular- Jimin will have to keep firm eyes on his bride so she doesn’t end up running away with me!”

As soon as the words left Yoongi’s pink lips, he clapped a shaking hand to his mouth and gasped, dark eyes wide. His pale cheeks reddened as you stared at him. You were frozen. Your face was numb. You didn’t know how to react as his shattering words echoed over and over in your mind. Do you laugh? Do you smile? Do you pretend to be happy and unaffected? Or are you allowed to break down in tears of anger, regret and irritation because you were the one that suffered but Jimin is the one that finds the love of his life? The love that isn’t you.

“Oh.” Your single utter shattered the painful silence. Yoongi swallowed, his eyes scanning your face in search of an emotion- any emotion.
“I’m sorry,” he began breathlessly. “I would’ve told you but I knew you’d say no and I just really want you to be there. I get if you want to punch me right now but maybe this’ll be good because you can finally move on from Ji-”
“Yoongi!” You cried, cutting him off. He fell silent, watching you with his eyes widened. To his surprise, a warm smile came across your face and you took his sweating hand into yours with an assuring squeeze.
“I don’t love Jimin anymore. He’s free to be happy with whoever he wants.” You weren’t sure whether you were assuring Yoongi or whether you were assuring yourself.


The wedding venue was a large hotel on the outskirts of Seoul. Surrounded by fresh air, lush greenery and high scenic hills, the view was beautiful. It was a lovely spring day with a gentle breeze billowing through the tall trees decorated with pink blossom over the sound of cars driving through the far roads. The hotel was fashioned from white stone, tall and regal with marble balconies and long windows. Expensive cars lined on the gravel grounds, water clinked from the stone fountain and lily pads glided along the pond.

Visible from the door was Jimin. He was stood alongside his best men- the other members of BTS- with a bright smile on his face as he greeted guests. Yoongi parked the car. He flashed you an assuring smile which you confidently returned before stepping out of the car. Breathing in the fresh air was refreshing and a shiver ran down your spine when Yoongi slipped his hand into yours.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I’m also one of Jimin’s best men.” He confessed quickly. You glanced at him, smiling warmly.
“I don’t mind.” Relief washed over Yoongi’s pale face which suddenly contorted with worry as you both approached the doors. Hoseok was the first to notice you both, his mouth falling open and his eyes wrinkling with a smile.
“Y/N! Yoongi!” Jimin looked up, swallowing hard. His dark eyes were rounded, staring at you with shock. He rubbed his palms that glistened with perspiration on his black trousers, straightened his tie and cleared his throat.

It was silent till finally Yoongi spoke.
“Congratulations,” he smiled. Jimin finally returned it, opening his arms and allowing Yoongi to hug him. The rapper then stepped back, glancing at you. “Y/N is my date.”
“We figured.” Seokjin smiled. The little hairs on the back of your neck stood up, sensing a slight hostility. You couldn’t help but furrow your eyebrows; was Seokjin being cold to you even though Jimin was the reason the two of you broke up?
“It’s lovely to see you. You look well.” Jimin spoke. His voice was soft and sweet, the voice you missed so much. It always brought a smile to your face.
“I am, thanks.” You glanced at Yoongi but realising he had to remain with the rest of the best men and the groom, you entered the hotel alone.

It was only some time later that finally the groom and his six best men entered the hotel. The main hall where the ceremony was to take place was a beautiful large room in the lobby. Ivory wallpaper papered the walls, pink sheer curtains were hung by the tall windows overlooking the pond. Tables had been set out with white chairs lined with pink ribbon and pastel flowers were arranged in pink vases.

You were stood by the windows, admiring the scenery with a glass of champagne in your hand when Yoongi returned, smiling kindly.
“Hey, you okay?” He asked. You turned to him, giving him a warm smile in reply.
“I’m fine. It’s just..you haven’t told me who Jimin’s marrying.” Yoongi’s handsome face fell, his eyes darkening and widening slightly. He swallowed, twisting his hands nervously- all signs he was anxious.
“I think it’s best if I tell you.” You turned around to the speaker, frowning at Jimin. You locked eyes with him, your stomach twisting. You regretted letting him go, but you couldn’t remain with a cheater. It hurts your heart to not see the one you love but it’d hurt even more to see the man who betrayed you every day.

Remaining silent, you followed Jimin to a side room. It was a small room, filled with filing cabinets regarding the hotel’s information.
“So,” you began, pacing the small room. “Who are you marrying?” There was a pause. Jimin’s worried eyes followed you as you paced the room. You stopped suddenly, turning to him. He quickly looked away. A thin sheen of sweat glistened off his handsome face.

It was like you had been slapped. You stared at him, mouth open with shock and hands shaking. You finally clenched them into tiny little fists but even then, they still trembled.
“For months after we broke up, you kept trying to tell me you were sorry.” Your voice was almost silent. You didn’t have the energy to shout.
“I still am, Y/N.” Jimin replied in a low whisper. “I am still sorry.” You looked up, your eyes piercing his. Whilst yours were hooded with rage, his were dulled with sadness.
“No you’re not. If you really were, you wouldn’t be marrying her.” Jimin shook his head firmly.
“I can’t marry her anymore. I-I love you.” Before you could respond, he stepped forward and grabbed you, kissing you desperately. His gentle hands held firmly onto you, one hand around your waist and the other in your hair, his fingers playing with your strands of hair. His eyes were fluttered shut, the shadows of his long, thick eyelashes creeping up on his porcelain cheeks. You were frozen, both hands laying stiffly by your side. Do you kiss back? It was a lie to say that you didn’t miss him. You loved the taste of his lips, the feeling of his skin on yours and the shivers he sent down your nerves. But he also made someone else feel like that.

You pushed Jimin away, eyes stinging with tears. A smirk crept upon your face.
“You really can’t stop cheating, can you?” He was silent for a moment.
“I love you.” He finally said.
“I hate you.” Yet you couldn’t meet his eyes. “Get married, Jimin.”

You left the room, followed closely by Jimin. The guests were all seated, waiting impatiently whilst the magistrate stood by the aisle.
“Hurry! The bride is here!” She urged him. Gloomily, Jimin went and stood by the magistrate whilst you took a seat at the front. The music began to play and the doors opened. Followed by her three bridesmaids dressed in pink was a beautiful woman. She was dressed in a long, regal white dress, a huge smile on her gorgeous face and a lace veil partly concealing her face. Her hands which held the bouquet of pink flowers shook and her bright eye were focused on Jimin. Snakes of jealousy twisted in your stomach, twining around your heart and devouring your nerves. You hated her. She ruined your life. You hated how she stood where you always wanted to stand across of the man you wanted. There was silence as the music ended. Then someone spoke.
“I can’t marry you.”

Fred Weasley x Reader: Focus (Part 2)

Originally posted by willi-weasley

A/N: This is really long and idk how I feel about it but I hope you all enjoy!

Warnings: None

Fred Weasley was not about to let himself be played by two women in one day. McGonagall? Okay, she had won that one. But Y/N? No chance.

She had left her notebook, and judging by the way she guarded it like a door that had no key, he deducted she wouldn’t have simply forgotten it. Fred thought she was egging him on, issuing him a challenge, and by the way she mesmerized him in the last class, he was game. He left the transfiguration room in a hurry, tucking the book under his arm.

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My Idol: Part Five

My Idol
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - 
Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22

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Snow Delay (Jr.)

Originally posted by sxy-jmn

8/25 days of Christmas!Got7 ❅

Plot: ‘It’s Christmas Eve and we’re both at the airport waiting for our plane but the flight was delayed by a huge snowstorm and hmm it looks like we’re going to be spending Christmas together’ AU (x)

Length: 1,696 words

Genre: Fluff

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The Corner Table [A.I.]

This was requested by a very special Anon

Author’s note: So this is one of my longer imagines…I really love this concept and the anon who requested it so I wanted to make sure I gave it the care and attention it deserved. This could maybe possibly become a series if y’all like it so feedback would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy! -S 💛

I rolled around my bed, pounding the snooze button, groaning at every alarm.

Why do I do this to myself?

I lethargically shuffled to the bathroom to scrub away my morning breath. Completely lacking motivation, I tossed my hair into a ponytail, pulled on some comfy jeans and a t-shirt that probably should have been retired years ago.

The cool spring morning rushed through the door of my ground floor apartment as I made my entrance into the new day.

Amy, who owned the coffee shop across from my building with her husband, Dexter, always greeted me with the warmest of smiles, today was no different.

“Hey Y/N!”

“Hi, Amy! How are you?” I called back.

“Can’t complain,” she answered, “I’ll get your usual started.”

I nodded and strode groggily to my table, still wiping the sleep from my eyes.

Every time I plopped myself on the ripped vinyl of the detached bench, I flashed back to the first day I stumbled into Amy and Dexter’s store.

I had been suffering at my kitchen counter with a particularly stubborn bought of writer’s block. I paced, I cleaned, I danced, I read; nothing was loosening the cobwebs. My last resort was stuffing a piece of paper and pen in my pocket and going for a walk. I ventured out into the overwhelmingly unfamiliar neighborhood trusting that every turn I made wasn’t dreadfully wrong. And of course two blocks from my apartment the sky unzipped to drop sheets of bullet-like rain.

The first door I came to was the coffee shop. I staggered inside, slipping a little on the rubber welcome mat, and there was Amy’s relentlessly cheeky grin offering me a towel and something warm to drink. I meandered around the shop, squeezing the moisture out of my sopping locks.

The wood floors were knotty and worn. The paneled walls were lined with mismatched tables and chairs. The air was saturated with the smell of chocolaty Arabica beans and the ticking of antique cuckoo clocks. Amy appeared at my side with a steaming mug that clicked against the saucer it rested on. I carefully accepted the scolding beverage and surveyed the room for a place to sit. Just as I turned I saw the rain begin to subside and something of a sunrise was emerging over the maleficent clouds. The beams of hazy sunlight that cut through the front window caused a glow to spread over the front corner table. Something about this spot, maybe the oddly endearing chipped paint on the corners of the table, the vintage “Visit France” poster hanging overhead, perhaps it was the mix of lavish and tattered, drew me in and didn’t let go.

Everyday since I have cozied up with my journal and steaming mug, hoping that my manic thoughts were malleable enough to be molded into something resembling art.

Business was exceptionally slow this morning. The only activity to speak of was the dishwasher buzzing and Dexter tapping his pen while attempting to solve a newspaper crossword puzzle.

The three of us were a bit startled when the tarnished, silver doorbell jingled out of nowhere. I didn’t get a good look at the man that walked in due to the black felt hat and matching sunglasses situated on the tip of his nose. Despite that, I could definitely tell he wasn’t a regular. There wasn’t a soul as tall, tanned, and muscular who frequented this shop.

Trust me I would’ve remembered

I darted my eyes up at the guy every few seconds trying my darnedest to be nonchalant. He ordered a large black coffee to which he added cream and sugar at the makeshift counter in the middle of the room. When he turned to find a seat, I noticed the disheveled leather-bound notebook clutched in his hand.

Our eyes locked through the hazy air and the corners of the man’s mouth curled into a friendly smile accompanied by a wave. Even from afar I could see the thick callouses on his fingers. He nodded towards the table next to mine as if to say ‘Is that open?’

“Oh yeah, of course. It’s all yours,” I stammered.

“This is quite the place,” he smiled gesturing around, “Do you come here often?” He paused for a second, “wow that isn’t a clichéd line at all…” he giggled sarcastically.

“Actually, yeah I do. It’s a good place to write,” I said.

His eyes lit up revealing small emerald flecks in his amber brown irises that caught the light like gemstones.

“You’re a writer?” He asked leaning in

“Uh, aspiring… I guess,” I muttered, swallowing hard, “I mostly write poetry and short story type things, but it wouldn’t exactly appeal to the masses,” I finished with air quotes.

“But isn’t that the best kind? The things so complex that only a special handful of people understands and finds solace in them. Eventually, it kinda becomes a whole new thing entirely.”

He sat back in his chair, clearing his throat. His expression showed concern that he had rambled too far.

I looked down at the page in front of me, the margins ladened with doodles and incoherent scribbles. I fought to stifle my smile but lost control over it when I looked up to see the mystery man already beaming at me.

“I’ve never thought about it that way,” I said.

He brought his coffee up to his lips, “I’m sure whatever’s in that book is really special.”

“You’re pretty confident about the merits of something you’ve never read,” I retorted, sounding more offended than I truly was.

Before I could protest, the man swept my journal up in his hand and began vigorously scanning over the words. About halfway down the second page, he slowed his pace even going back to re-read a passage. His expression softened and his eyes drooped a little.

When his gaze met mine I could see the sincerity clouding behind his pupils, “You’re really talented,” he said.

“Really? You don’t think it’s trite or over exaggerated?” I asked

“No, not at all. In fact, I can relate to it a lot…” he paused for a few seconds and flipped to a page in his own journal and slid it to me, “I’ve been trying to finish this for weeks but I keep getting stuck on that last part.”

“You want my advice?”

He simply nodded and rested his cheek against his palm, watching me read.

His handwriting was eloquent and flowing, each letter somehow connected to the next. The set of stanzas, which only took up about half of the page, started out heart broken but morphed into resilient, even reformed.

I lifted my pen up, “May I?” I asked

“Sure,” he nodded.

I rearranged some things with arrows, eliminated a few superfluous words, and pushed the book back across the table, “How’s that?”

He scanned over my suggestions then laughed, “Damn you really are good.”

Just then the alarm on my watch sounded, making me jump a little, traumatized by the dozens of panicked notifications I had silenced earlier.

“I gotta go…I have a class,” I stumbled off of the bench and slung my bag over my shoulder, a heavy blush rising in my cheeks.

“Whoa whoa, can I at least know your name?”

“Its Y/N”

He ripped a page from his journal and scribbled something on it, “I’m Ashton. If you’re interested I could really use your help on another song…”

“Song? What, are you some kind of singer or something?”

“Something like that,” Ashton scoffed, “Look, here’s the address of the studio be there at 5 tonight. My number’s there too, just call me when you arrive and I’ll come meet you downstairs.”

“Um, okay.”

“Y/N are you listening?” My professor asked from the whiteboard.

I nodded in his direction and quickly diverted my attention back to my laptop, pretending to type notes.

It’s not a lie if you don’t say it out loud right?

My Google search finally loaded. The building belonging to the address Ashton had given me earlier popped up on the screen.

Holy shit this is place is legit 

I scrolled through a list of high-profile artists that have recorded at the studio. Everyone from legendary crooners to punk rock bands and EDM DJs. 

I punched Ashton’s phone number into my phone and typed out a text.

“So you’re kind of a big deal huh?” I wrote

To everyone’s delight, class was dismissed early. As I merged into the flow of students leaving the room my professor called, “I hope you enjoyed the lecture today, Y/N.”

Seconds later my phone buzzed.

“Well, ya know I don’t like to brag…I’ll see you tonight?” Ashton replied

A quick urge to bail flashed through my mind, but curiosity overtook it.

“See you tonight.”

I put my car in park across the street from the high-rise building downtown. I took a deep breath and dialed my phone.

“Hey you here?” Ashton answered

“Yeah I just parked.”

“Alright, I’ll meet you outside. Be down in a sec.”

After almost being run over twice while crossing the street, I perched myself on a concrete bench adjacent to the crystal clear doors. The sun baked on my legs through the holes in my jeans, I could feel the melanin rising through my pores.

Should I have worn something more…business-like

I fiddled nervously with the hem of my t-shirt until one of the tall glass doors swung open.

Ashton stepped out into the heat, leaving one hand on the door to prevent it from latching closed.

The corners of his eyes wrinkled with a smile, “Hey Y/N! Long time no see,” he joked.

I followed him into the frigid air-conditioning and to the row of elevators, “What can I say, you peeked my interest.” I retorted

The elevator doors slid open to reveal a sprawling music studio. Ashton led me over to a couch where three other guys were plucking at guitars and humming incoherently.

He introduced each of them to me: Calum, dark-haired with golden skin and tattoos. Michael, bleach blonde, fair-skinned and an eyebrow bar. Luke, lanky with piercing blue eyes and impossibly broad shoulders.

“Hey I’m Y/N,” I said, taking the seat Calum offered.

“Ashton tells us you’re an amazing writer,” Michael interjected.

“Oh I wouldn’t say amazing,” I replied, “I’m just here to help.”

“Here take a look at this,” Ashton snatched a notebook from Luke and set it in my lap.

I scanned over the words, trying my best to understand the structure but it simply wasn’t clicking.

The rest of the band walked over to talk to the sound engineer about how the song was mixed.

I looked up at Ashton, “Can you play it for me?”

His expression twisted anxiously, “Really?”

“Yeah really,” I said, handing him one of the several guitars that were lying around. 

Ashton cleared his throat and adjusted his fingers to the correct chord. His hooded eyes slanted up at me and I offered him an encouraging smile, soon after he became to play.

The melody was hauntingly sinuous, continually repeating the same handful of notes in the most hypnotic way.

The lyrics softly fell from Ashton’s lips, he was hesitant at first but grew more confident as he traveled farther into the chorus.

I found myself completely entranced by him; His hands dancing over the strings with such little effort, the rasp that scratched in the back of his throat when he hit certain notes, the way his eyes were scrunched tight with passion.

Eventually, I couldn’t hear any of the other ruckus happening elsewhere in the studio. All I knew was that I was here and Ashton was in front of me, everything else blurred into the background.

“Well?” Ashton asked as the last note reverberated through the guitar.

I shook my head, trying to loosen the trance I was under, “That was…amazing,” I breathed.

Ashton smiled shyly at the ground, seemingly uncomfortable with flattery.

“I have an idea,” I added, “hand me that pen.”

He slipped the utensil into my hand and rested his palm on mine for the smallest of seconds. In that moment both of our gazes snapped up to lock in on each other. Sudden electricity surged through my chest, smearing every thought in my brain.

“So…um…” I stammered, “What if it ended something like this.”

I scribed 4 lines at the bottom of the page, which had clearly been worked on by all four band members.

Ashton read over it with a hum in his voice, presumably making sure it fit with the rest of the song. His rough hand squeezed over my knee, “Holy hell Y/N, you just saved my life!” He leaned in and pressed a kiss against the apple of my cheek. 

He froze, “I’m…I’m sorry”

“Don’t be,” I uttered, our faces still millimeters apart.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Luke stride into the room then turn around abruptly, “Whoa, sorry guys!”

“What do you need Luke?” Ashton called back, dropping his head and leaning back against his chair.

“We just need you to record this beat one more time,” Luke answered.

Ashton glanced over at me with a sympathetic expression then quickly rose to his feet. I watched him traipse past Luke towards the booth. A giggle escaped my mouth as I scurried past the towering boy to watch Ashton’s session from the soundboard. 


The next day I woke up in complete disbelief. The text from Ashton that popped up seconds after my eyes trembled open only made it harder to wrap my mind around what had occurred.

“Hey I have a couple things for you. Meet me at the coffee shop in 30?”

Shit, now I have to be cute

I quickly pulled together a respectable outfit and ran a brush through my tangled hair. Finishing with a few strokes of mascara for good measure.

Through the front window of Amy and Dexter’s shop, I saw Ashton already settled at the corner table where we first met. The bell jingled, Amy looked up at me with a smile but instead of waving she gestured over at Ashton and gave an approving wink. I shook my head at her and laughed then made a beeline to my table.

A few stray tresses fell over Ashton’s eyes as he stood to greet me with a hug. He nestled his face into my hair and whispered, “Thanks for meeting me.”

“Sure,” I replied as we both took a seat.

My usual order sat in front of me, “I hope you don’t mind. I took the liberty of ordering for you,” Ashton explained.

“That’s actually perfect. I really need the caffeine,” I took a sip, “So, what’s up?“ 

He riffled through his jacket pocket and pulled out a slip of paper.

“For your services last night,” Ashton said.

I unfolded the paper and realized it was a paycheck, a big paycheck.

“I cannot take that,” I stuttered.

“Yes you can,” he said sliding it back towards me, “you deserve it.”

I took a labored breath, “So what’s the other thing?”

Ashton’s brow furrowed, “Huh?”

“In the text, you said a ‘couple of things’.”

“Oh, right. Well, the second is more of a question.”

I raised my eyebrows at him as if to say ‘Go ahead’. 

He scooched across the shabby bench until we were hip to hip. Ashton’s hand found its way over my thigh much like it had last night in the studio. His breath brushed against my cheek as he spoke, “Y/N can I kiss you?”

My heart lurched in my throat, “Um,” unable to finish with words I simply nodded my approval.

Ashton’s forehead fell against mine, our noses fit next to each other like puzzle pieces. Our lips only grazed each other at first, Ashton pulled away slightly with a smug smirk on his face. His hand migrated from my thigh to trace along my hairline, carrying a few baby hairs away from my face.

"You sure are taking your time,” I teased.

Finally, Ashton’s layered his lips into mine with a chuckle.

Every muscle in my body melted into him, my arm wrapped around his waist in an attempt to completely rid the space between us. I felt a persistent smile crack against my mouth as I went in for another kiss.

I couldn’t keep myself from giggling at his animated expression, “What?” I asked

“It’s nothing really…Just,” Ashton shook his head, caressing my cheekbone with his thumb, “Where the hell did you come from?”


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A/N- This wasn’t requested, but I felt like it was time I wrote something for me. This is a draco x reader where the reader has a miscarriage and can’t have children.

She shook on the floor, gripping the baby blue blanket to her chest. They had tried. They tried so hard. She couldn’t shake the feeling of disappointment and shame as she soaked the fabric. 

How am I gonna tell him?

Draco was at Ollivander’s, finishing up some work. He could be home any minute. She cradled herself on the kitchen floor, waiting for the fireplace to roar.

‘Honey, I’m home!’ 

Draco strut into the house, laughing to himself. ‘I’ve always wanted to say that.’ He shrugged off his coat, dropping it on the sofa. He went into the bedroom, kicking off his shoes. ‘Babe?’ He began to become suspicious, and went to the nursery. She seemed to spend most of her time there since the pregnancy. ‘Y/n? You in here?’ He checked everywhere, becoming more worried and worried. ‘Y/N!’ He ran downstairs into the living room, turning when he heard a sniffle in the kitchen. ‘Darling? Are you alright?’ He walked around the granite island, crouching next to his wife. ‘Sweetheart, you had me worried sick. Why are you cryi-’ She lifted her head, revealing the dripping blue blanket. His eyes widened as he pieced two and two together. He fell onto the floor, his shoulders shaking. ‘Honey….I’m so sorry…I’m so so sorry, Y/n. I’m sorry.’ He shifted toward her, cradling her into his chest. She weeped, tugging on his shirt for support. ‘This is our third time trying, Draco. The third time! Why should we even keep trying?’ Draco shushed her, hugging her against him. ‘Hey, its alright. Come on, I’ll tell you what. Tomorrow morning, we’ll head over to St. Mungo’s and talk to our healer. How’s that sound?’ She nuzzled her head into his shoulder, sniffling. ‘Alright.’ ‘We’ll get through this, love. Together.’ She yawned, going in between his legs. ‘Together.’ He smiled at her ‘sleepy voice,’ watching her begin to rest. ‘I love you, Y/n L/n.’ He kissed her cheek, carrying her to bed. ‘I love you so much.’ 

The peaking sun awoke him, calling him to wake. He rolled over, smirking at his wife’s tiny snoring. He leaned over her, pecking her shoulder before going downstairs to the kitchen. He began sizzling pancakes, and as he was setting up their plates, he saw her sitting on the staircase. ‘Morning.’ He smiled down at her, flipping a pancake. ‘Good morning.’ She walked over to him, massaging his shoulders as he made their breakfast. It was a simple gesture, but he still got flustered whenever she showed affection. He turned around, staring at her with adoring eyes as she gave him a quick kiss. His lips lingered, yearning for her’s. She bit his lip, tugging it gently as she grabbed her plate, walking to the living room. He sighed, licking his lips to taste her once more before following her to the floor. They sat by a large window, staring at the city around them. He watched her eat, the sun shining through her thick, h/c hair. She looked at him when she heard him chuckling, asking what made him laugh. ‘I was thinking about the first time I talked to you.’ She joined in, taking a huge bite of her meal. ‘I remember it like it was yesterday. You bragged after the Quidditch game because you caught the snitch, and as you ran up to me, you slipped and fell into a pile of mud!’ He began snorting, an adorable habit, his eyes squinting from laughter. ‘I was about ready to kill myself! I mean, I finally gathered the nerve to speak to you, and I’m covered in dirt!’ ‘I felt so bad! I mean, you started stuttering and got so red, I thought you were going to burst!’ As the laughter disappeared, Draco looked toward the city, frowning. ‘We have our appointment in two hours.’ Y/n sighed, fiddling with her hands. He looked up at her, an idea clear in his eyes. ‘Do you think we can just have a nice, hot cocoa and lie around, like our first anniversary?’ She nodded, leaning over the food to hold his hand. She smiled, wickedly, leaning into his ear. ‘If you can catch me!’ She jumped up from the floor, bolting across the apartment. ‘Oh, no you don’t!’ He sprung from the ground like a panther, zooming after her. She ran for her life, turning a corner and hiding in a hallway closet. She saw his shadow under the door at the end of the hall, creeping, slowly, to the door. There were three seconds of silence, until the door burst open, revealing her husband, the madman. He flung her over his shoulder, flying up the stairs. ‘DRACO! STOP! DRACO, ENOUGH!’ She could barely be understood as her giggles interrupted each word. He swung into their bedroom, throwing her onto the mattress. Draco crawled over her, beginning to tickle her crazy. She cried out mercy, tears of joy sprinkling her cheeks. His laughter rung through the house, the individual chortles ungracefully leaving his chest. He could barely control his laughter, and his pig-like chuckle would show, his nose scrunching, involuntarily and his eyes wrinkling with delight. Y/n knew he was barely holding himself together, and used her feet to push him. She took the opportunity, turning him over so he slumped against the bed. She began peppering kissing across his face and neck, making him squeal. ‘I-IT T-T-TICKLES!’ She smooched right below his ear, which she knew gave him shivers. His back curled with glee, his arms wrapping around her as they rolled throughout the sheets. Even if for a minute, or two, it was good they had a chance to forget.

‘Three miscarriages?’ Y/n nodded, gripping Draco’s arm. ‘I simply don’t know what to do, Mr. Hilton. We’ve tried so hard. The test always says positive, but the baby never lasts.’ He nodded, leading her to the patient’s bed. ‘Please, madam, lift your blouse.’ He ran the tip of his wand along her abdomen, murmuring a spell. Blue and pink streams of light floated throughout the room, a peaceful aura accompanying. Draco shifted in his seat, questions flooding him. ‘W-What’s happening? What’s this mean?’ The healer looked to him, confused as well. ‘Mr. Malfoy, I, too, am a bit perplexed. You see, the tip of my wand is blue. This signifies your wife is inclined to have a male child. However, the pink also indicates she is plausible for carrying a female. You’re wife is highly fertile. Her uterus is more than capable for a baby.’ Y/n sat up, smiling widely. ‘You hear that, Draco! We can have a baby!’ ‘Not so fast.’ She looked to the doctor, who kept his eyes on Draco. ‘Sir, could you sit on the bed, please?’ Draco stood, lying across the slab. He lifted his shirt, shifting his glance from the wand to her eyes. At the end of the healer’s incantation, the room began glowing red, the wand shooting rays which were highly unwelcoming. ‘Ah, here’s the problem. You are infertile.’ Draco looked up, his eyes widening. ‘W-w-w-what? W-what do you mean?’ ‘See, Mr. Malfoy, you’re sperm is too weak to produce a fully functioning human baby. The sperm cannot produce a child more than a few weeks or months old. Her eggs can only do so much with so little.’ He began shaking, reaching for Y/n’s hand as a nervous tick. ‘I’m afraid you are incapable of bearing a child.’ His shoulders trembled as his chest began heaving. ‘I-I-I-I’m s-so sorry! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry-’ She ran a hand through his hair, quieting him down. ‘I’m sorry, baby! I tried so hard! I tried my best, but I’m not enough. I’ll never be enough for you!’ He sobbed, falling onto his knees and gripping her waist. ‘Please don’t leave me. I’ll die if you leave.’ She knelt down, holding his face in her hands. ‘Why would I leave you?’ She nodded to Mr. Hilton, who left to give them privacy. ‘I would understand if you left me for man who can give you what you want. I-I’d get it.’ ‘Draco, you’re everything I want.’ He shook his head, tears dripping onto the floor. ‘I’m so so sorry! I didn’t mean it! I really did my best! I tried so hard, Y/n! You have to believe I tried!’ She pulled him into her lap, his head resting in the crook of her neck. She hummed a calming lullaby, a tune which helped him during his night terrors, and kissed his forehead in between breaths. ‘This isn’t the end, Draco. This is only the beginning. We’ll hire the top healers to help us get our baby. I’m never going to leave you by yourself. You’re never going to be alone.’ He held her waist, nibbling on his lip while he quieted down. ‘I love you. I love you too much sometimes, but I love you.’ She brushed her lips against his, smiling. ‘How about when we get home, I make us some hot cocoa?’ He nodded, his dimples showing. ‘I’d like that.’ The doctor entered with an armful of charts, explaining the prominent issues and what medicines and fertility potions they had to offer. As Draco listened, studying every word, Y/n watched him in awe. Even if she could never have a baby, she was entirely complete, cuddling her lover on the tile.