his expressions in these were so damn adorable

so i just saw falsettos in theaters and here is everything awesome i managed to remember
  • Trina wears a small silver star of david necklace throughout the whole show
  • Whizzer has such intense anxiety during “This Had Better Come to Stop” that he is just wringing his hands like crazy, and this anxious habit follows him noticeably through the rest of his solos
  • During “March of the Falsettos”, the pit was tossing blocks up to Andrew Rannells and he screams “HIT ME” as he catches one and then goes “HIT ME TWO TIMES” as he catches another
  • After Jason’s torah portion at the makeshift hospital bar mitzvah, Whizzer grabs his shoulder, looks him in the eye, and whispers “Thank you” before walking out for the last time
  • Marvin was essentially crying throughout the entire second act including: choking up during “Days Like This”, laugh-crying during “Unlikely Lovers”, when Charlotte pulls him aside to tell him Whizzer is gonna die, trying to hold back tears during “Jason’s Bar Mitzvah”, and trying to belt through tears during “What Would I Do?” 
  • Christian Borle and Andrew Rannells do such an AMAZING job at changing their emotions on a literal dime during the chess game scene
  • The crazy raw emotion in “I Never wanted to love you” from each and every character
  • On that same note, Marvin’s FUCKING FACE after he hits Trina was so brilliant and like, immediately regretful and so full of emotion i wanna cry just thinking about it again
  • On ANOTHER note, after Whizzer answers do I love him with “No”, there’s a whole like 20 second pause before the music starts up again where everyone is just dead silent 
  • Whizzer was literally crying through the entirety of “Days Like This” as everyone kept gathering around him telling him everything was gonna be ok
  • During the first act Marvin was scary. Like his aggression in the recording does not do his character justice because it is so much more intense live
  • Every time Charlotte and Cordelia entered frame, the theater cheered obscenely loud (myself included)
  • All of Trina’s solos were brilliant and i swear to god Stephanie J. Block makes that stage her god damn bitch
  • During the “Falsettoland (Reprise) the mic picks up Marvin audibly sobbing as he walks away from Whizzer’s grave
  • While Jason is reciting his torah portion during the bar mitzvah, Trina is standing behind him mouthing the words to the verse 
  • “I’m Breaking Down” got the most applause in my theater out of any number, and my grandma said that it truly “stole the show" 
  • Trina and Mendel are sleeping on each other and are so adorable when Marvin storms in and wakes them up before “Marvin Hits Trina” cause they start blinking and rubbing their eyes like someone just turned all the lights on in the middle of the night
  • You can literally see the freckles on Christian Borle’s chest during “What More Can I Say?” that’s how clear it is
  • The relationship between Mendel and Jason was so cute and there were so many great choreographic parallels of the two of them throughout the whole show. Like just the two of them siting together or dancing together or just being a part from the rest of the family 
  • The entire cast having to dance around using the words fuck and shit
  • Charlotte’s hair was just amazing

HEY Guys. This one’s about how budo confesses his love for Ayano and how it goes. At least how I think it might go. So I tried writing Ayando again… and I’m loving this lovesick budo thing. It feels like it comes full circle. Anyway, sorry if it sucks (typos may occur) and I really tried hard on it so no hate please and thank you!! -Im out

P.S. 3, 2, 1 READ!


“I like you”

Budo closed his eyes after he said those words. They’ve been sitting at the back of his throat for so long. He didn’t think he’d have it in him. But here he stood outside the school gates under the cool shadow of a sakura tree in spring. The whisper of the breeze was what filled the silence that was lasting for what felt like hours.

The quiet was beginning to make him feel anxious. The heat in his cheek was starting to die down as he opened his eyes. Her cold grey eyes were still looking straight at him. Her usually pale cheeks were tinted with a light pink. The dark black hair Budo adored was swinging in the wind, the sakura leaves following.

Budo looked down. His cheeks heating up, once again. Damn, what’s she thinking Budo thought. She was impossible to read, even before today. Her expression always looked the same, with eyes that he felt could scare away anyone with just a glance. He didn’t know what it was about her that pulled him in so much, that he could not stay away from her for too long. Maybe it was the strong way she carried herself, or the fearlessness he saw in her. All Budo Masuta knew was that he was entranced by the small dark haired girl in front of him.

What would happen next for the two of them, he had no clue. He couldn’t imagine going on a first date with her. Holding her hand. Kissing her. The thought made him blush harder to a more deep red. Maybe he could.

He wanted to be near her. To protect her. To keep her to himself. His hope was that she might understand.

That hope he had was hanging in the air between them. If something went wrong, he didn’t know what he would do. He wanted to push away those thoughts but they kept coming back up. His heart was beating fast but he was still perfectly silent.

A movement in his vision caught his eye. He lifted his head slowly. She was taking a step closer, slowly opening her mouth to say something.

“Budo…” she said carefully. For the first time, Budo saw something in her eyes. Pity? No, he probably was imagining it, he assured himself.

“Masuta-senpai” as she started again “You are a very g-good person but”. She looked confused as she paused, an emotion Budo had never seen in her before as well. He enjoyed this side of her, one filled with emotion and mystery, quickly though, he was brought back to reality noticing the but in her word choice. Did he do something wrong? She was all he cared about and she was about to reject him? He felt defeat. No one had every defeated him before, at least in combat. One last push of hope made Budo do something he would never have done.

Desperately he reached forward and grabbed her left hand that was previously at her side. She was about to say something when he did this but was immediately cut off. Her eyes widened and started to struggle underneath his grip.

But he held on. He wasn’t about to let go of her.

“Please” he said. The crack in his voice sounded pathetic but this was all he could do. Her beautiful face turned from surprise to disgust. She stopped struggling and brought her gaze up to his eyes. They were drilling into him with a glare as frigid as ice.

“Let go of me” she said steadily with a threat behind her tone. It scared him, but he did not oblige. Though, he knew, in the back of his mind he was only digging himself a deeper hole as he continued.

“Why?” Budo asked quietly his voice cracking again. She was still looking at him with that awful glare, and it hurt. It hurt like someone was punching him in the gut, or even choking him. He mustered out all his courage and asked again but louder.

“WHY?”. She jumped letting the cool glare rest a minute. She finally managed to pull out from his grip and put her hands close to her chest. The red marks on her wrist from Budo’s own hand made his stomach turn upside down. How could he do that to her when he loved her? He wanted to cry. To start over.

“Why don’t you like me?” he asked in a slightly lower voice, looking back down.

He heard her sigh and finally answer. “ It’s because I am in love with someone else”. She said it calming almost, in a soft way that made Budo only more depressed. He had lost her, even if he never had her. And what bothered him the most was that he never had a chance. Questions swarmed in his brain as he spoke again quietly and without hope.

“Who?” Budo paused “Who do you like?”. He hated himself for wanting to know more. This would only make him feel worse. He looked up into her eyes and she was blushing. A bright pink was on her cheeks while her eyes sparkled and were brought to life more than he had ever witnessed. She was dreamily gazing at the setting sun that was beginning its journey down the skyline changing the sky from red to orange to pink and so on. He knew this look. He often had it himself.

It was love.

He wanted to scream. To kick something. To make her snap out of it. He wanted her to look at him like that, he realised.

“He’s from class 3-2” she said as she shook her head. After seeing the look on his face she turned and walked away. Budo was still in shock of the whole ordeal. He stood in the same spot under the sakura tree till the last drop of sun had finally disappeared from the sky leaving only darkness. And anger.

The boy she loved was in class 3-2. He scanned from memory all of his male classmates. Riku Soma. Ryuto Ippongo. Taro Yamada. He had never seen any of them talk to her before but he couldn’t let this go. He couldn’t let her go.

Budo started with the most likely candidate. Riku Soma was one of the most popular boys in school and it is very likely many had a crush on him. Could she be one of his admirers? Thinking about who she might like hurt him more than anything, but he didn’t even understand why he was doing all this. He wanted to do something. He wanted to get out this anger. This rage.

He checked his watch. Nearly an hour had passed since the school closed. He wondered if she had returned to her house by now. Was she safe? Was she alone?

He went on his way, deciding to stop by her home to make sure. All he knew now was that he wasn’t going to lose her. She was everything to Budo and it wouldn’t be easy for her to get rid of him.

He wasn’t going to let anyone take his Ayano Aishi away from him. He would do anything. Even, he thought suddenly, kill.

3 Days of Carnival (Park Woojin fic)

Okay HUGE A/N: OMGosh you don’t know how perfect this request is. So after i saw this in my inbox, i like went to this big carnival + international exhibition that happens in my city and took pics of carnival booths there to go with this post cause I thought it would be cute so ejincnewdnvjebnweiuhvnoweb im so ExCiTeD to write this. And this may or may not be super long. I apologise if it sucks but thanks for requesting hun ♥‿♥  

(so fyi two carnival shots below are mine :D)

Day 1: 

You tugged at you friend’s hand hurriedly across the entrance gate. You were so excited to spend some time at your local carnival today. Though carnivals don’t seem like a big deal, this one was. Vendors and stores all over town set up booths, there were countless rides and your favourite part, a midway with several booth games. You were quite the competitive girl, so of course anything game related caught your eye. So as you were walking through the crowd, a red headed boy with cat face paint on his face caught your attention. “Give a hand at the ring toss folks, get a ring on any bottle and win a prize!” he called out with a cute smile. 

“Hey, can I try that?” you questioned your friend. 

“Seriously Y/N, those games are just cunning ploys to get your money.” 

“Ah Please!!! I’ll die if I don’t try it. PWEASE!!!!” 

“OMG fine” 

You squealed in delight and pulled her towards the booth. You ever so willingly handed over your money to the boy at the booth. “Is the young lady confident that she’ll win?” he questioned, his eyes sparkling. Either he was really passionate about running a game booth or super sweet, you couldn’t tell. “I am, I never give up!” He laughed and handed you your rings “Good luck!”. Three tries… and three fails. 

“Ah man c’mon!” you flapped you hands around in misery. 

“Told you this was a waste of money” 

“You were really close the last time, I thought you almost got it” the booth boy offered. 

You were about to go again when your friend dragged you away before you could protest. Though the rides were amazing, a certain prize and red head were on your mind for the rest of the day.  

Day 2: 

You tiptoed over to the booth and tugged at the sleeve of the red head, who had his back towards you. He turned around and a flash of surprise crossed his face. 

“You came back!” and that was when you noticed his snaggletooth smile for the first time. 

“I couldn’t help myself. I have my eye on a certain prize” You pointed up towards the large Squirtle plushy that was hanging over your head. 

“He’s so cute! He was worth another visit!” Inside you knew you meant both Squirtle and Snaggletooth, but of course you wouldn’t admit that out loud. 

He laughed and leaned closer. “Well, miss-” 

“Y/N… Y/N + your last name” 

“Ah yes, Miss Y/N. I’m really glad you came back today. And I’m Woojin by the way, Park Woojin.” If you weren’t wrong, his cheeks were staring to flush a rosy pink. 

You grinned and handed him your money. And the grand result… three fails again. 

“WTF, you’ve got to be kidding me!?” 

He giggled at your profanity but immediately composed himself. 

“You know, I would just give it to you if I could but-” 

You shook your hand “Don’t worry. I know you can’t do that. I guess I’m just really unlucky”. Then you trudged away sadly, distracted by your failure to see his pouty expression at the sight of you leaving.  

Day 3: 

He watched you amused as you tied your hair back and rolled up your sleeves, glaring down at the menacing bottles that were lined up before you, their necks poised up in the air so proudly. 

“Wow Y/N. I swear I see fire in your eyes. Nice, burning passion”

You smirked “I’ve got this Woojin. I have the perfect strategy. If I aim for those bottles in the corner at a 55 degree angle, that damn adorable Squirtle is mine! Muhaha!”. 

He just laughed and handed you your rings. “I’m praying for you Y/N. May the Squirtle be yours!” 

Your first shot was actually quite horrible. It hit the edge of the booth, and tumbled to the floor. He winced but gave you an encouraging smile. Your second one was a bit better, it hit one of the bottles at least. You huffed and carefully aimed the last one. It caught on to one of the bottles and twirled around. You two looked at each other with excited expressions as this one truly seemed like a winner. But then it tumbled off and gracefully flew away across the booth. Both of your jaws  dropped to the floor. 

“Like wth? I know I run this game, but I think these bottles are rigged” Woojin scowled. 

You sighed heavily and looked at him with a sad smile “It’s okay Woojin. I’m just super unlucky. Ughhh forget it! Later, I’ll see you around” You ignored his calls, and left the booth quickly. 

You were embarrassed that he had to see you fail so many times. He probably thought you were an idiot. You plopped down on a bench with a bag of cotton candy, and started stuffing your sorrows away. After awhile of replaying the miserable game attempts in your head, you got up to head home. 

“Y/N!!! Wait!” you stopped and turned around to see a breathless Woojin, the Squirtle plushy in his hand. 

“Oh? Woojin! What’s this?” 

“Here, this is for you” he huffed, handing you the plushy. You immediately wrapped your arms around the soft toy tightly.

“But I thought you couldn’t just give it to me?” 

“No, I played for it. Three times just like you. But I won on the last one” He smiled. 

You felt your cheeks heating up as you made eye contact with him. Not only was he cute, but so sweet and considerate as well.

“Thank you Woojin! You didn’t have to…” 

“I wanted to. Really!” he looked a little nervous now “So… I don’t know if this is too soon. I mean I’ve only known you for 3 days, but uh … I have a day off tomorrow and um maybe we could meet here. I could teach you, the tricks to winning carnival games.” 

You ignored your inner soul scream in delight and tried to stay calm. 

“Are- are you asking m-me on a a date?” You failed at the calm part. 

He flashed a shy snaggletooth smile “Yeah…I guess I am” 

You smiled and nodded your head quickly “Sure. I’d like that, alot.” 

And that was when 3 Days of Carnival became 4. But the last day was filled with winning lots of Pokemon plushies, laughter and sweet loving gazes.

Imagine Desmond telling you that you look cute when you're cold

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You didn’t ask for much. You were even quite content at the stage of life you were in. Except…

Why the hell does New York get so damn cold?

“I hate this. It’s only October and it’s snowing?! That should be illegal.” You grumbled loudly, slamming the door. Too bad you had to go pick up some groceries. Desmond and you really needed to work on not running out of food at inopportune times.
“It’s only a light snow. It’s melting as it hits the ground.” Desmond pointed out. You glared at the cold, slushy ground, “It’s still frigging cold. I haven’t been outside for nearly five minutes and my nose is running.”
Desmond laughed, “It’s not so bad.”
“Coming from you, Mr. ‘I grew up in the Midwest’.”
“South Dakota is pretty chilly, but I’m not like, immune to cold weather.”
“So that explains why you’re only wearing a sweatshirt and jeans then, Hm?” You pointed out sharply.
Desmond knew that you were only bitter because you were cold. He took a look at your face, and smirked, barely holding back a laugh. Your cheeks were all red, as was your nose, and your pouting expression was so damn adorable. Why had he never noticed before? Ah, right, because this was your first fall together. You noticed the amusement playing across his face and glowered, “What’s so funny?” You asked, huffing.

Desmond couldn’t stop himself from laughing, “You look adorable when you’re cold!”
You, personally, felt like a Popsicle.
“I am not adorable. I am a seething ball of frozen rage.” You mumbled angrily. Now your face was red because you were embarrassed.
“An adorable ball of seething frozen rage.” Desmond added. Taking your hand, he led you into a coffee shop, “The groceries can wait a bit. Let’s get some coffee. It’s on me.”
You felt your lips curl into a small smile, one you quickly tried to cover up, “Fine.” You tried to sound indifferent, but then the smile broke through again. Desmond just chuckled; if you looked this cute when you were chilly, he wondered how cute you would look once you warmed up again.

GazettE Drabbles: First Kiss

Ruki: You two were very close, you noticed. How did this happen? One minute, you two were just talking about your day, and now all of a sudden, you found yourself facing Ruki, his face merely inches away from yours, your foreheads touching gently. The closeness of his face, along with the fairly suggestive situation, made your face grow warm. But in that moment, you couldn’t help but be enchanted.

Ruki was so beautiful right now. Sure, he was always beautiful, but right now, he looked downright gorgeous. The way his kohl-lined eyes fluttered lightly as he took in the sight of your face, his gaze made all the more intense thanks to the makeup, the way his red-painted lips were slightly parted, the way he looked so amazed by you, it was truly stunning. 

Likewise, Ruki himself had no idea how you both got into this situation. But right now, he couldn’t care less, not when you were standing before him. You looked really cute right now. The way you blushed, the way your eyes shyly glanced downwards, the way you smiled bashfully, it was so sweet. Reaching out, he gently caressed your cheek while smiling slightly, making you look up.

You looked up in surprise, only to see that Ruki was looking at your lips. He slowly moved closer, but paused, his eyes curious. As if he was making sure that you were okay. As a response, you leaned closer to him until your lips were inches apart from his, your hands on his upper arms. Smiling slightly, Ruki closed the distance between you two, capturing your lips with his in a soft, yet loving kiss as you both closed your eyes.

Ruki’s lips were amazingly soft, and the kiss was a unique mix of sweet and sensual. He took his own time kissing you, gently cupping his hands around your face and caressing your cheeks as if he were cherishing you. You kissed him back in the same manner, holding his shoulders as you felt a warmth in your heart. Neither of you wanted this moment to end. However, you both knew that all good things had to come to an end.

When Ruki pulled away, you were surprised to see a light blush in his cheeks. As he smiled sweetly at you, you shyly averted your eyes, feeling yourself blush. Yet you smiled back before wrapping your arms around him in a hug, which Ruki returned with a light chuckle, kissing your cheek. You’d never felt so happy before in your entire life, you thought as you hugged him tighter, your heart pounding against your chest.

Uruha: It started out as a simple conversation between the both of you. However, now Uruha was holding you close to his body, your head resting near his heart. You could hear the steady rhythm of his heart, and the feel of his arms around your body made your face grow warm. He’d hugged you many times before, so why was this different? Why were you feeling so flustered?

You felt his hand gently take your chin and tilt your head up so that your eyes met his. And you definitely did not expect Uruha to look so damn stunning in that moment. The way he looked at you with an almost intrigued expression, enhanced by the black kohl lining his eyes, it was so ethereal. 

Uruha himself couldn’t stop looking at the wonder in your eyes. Right now, in this moment, you looked so adorable, and he couldn’t help but smile. A lock of hair fell in front of your eyes, and Uruha gently pushed it out of your face, tucking it behind your ear. He then moved his hand behind your head, holding it gently as he moved closer to you.

As if on instinct, you leaned closer to Uruha, your eyes slowly closing. Soon enough, you felt his lips gently pressing against yours in a gentle, soft kiss. 

Uruha’s lips were so tender as they moved against your lips, kissing you sweetly. You kissed him back as you took in his clean and light fragrance, wrapping your arms around his body. The way he held you close was loving and sincere, almost cherishing. The warm feeling grew even more, and it felt like your knees were growing weak. It was almost disheartening when the kiss was over.

When Uruha pulled away, he gently caressed your face again before planting a kiss on your nose. You couldn’t help but giggle as he moved his lips to kiss your cheeks and eyelids before he planted a short kiss on your lips again. Uruha smiled as you giggled, pulling you into a warm hug. You hugged him back, not saying anything in order to enjoy the moment.

Aoi: It’d started out as simple teasing between the two of you. You’d been playfully teasing Aoi about his latest photo-shoot and he’d been teasing you back about how you felt about it. But somehow, the teasing had resulted in you falling back onto the couch, with Aoi leaning on top of you. It was quite an intimate position to end up in. But surprisingly, neither of you even made an effort to get back up.

This position also seemed to make you feel very daring as you looked up at Aoi’s lips. You couldn’t help but wonder what his lips felt like, and how it would feel to kiss him. After all, between his charisma in interviews and his sensual moves onstage, you’d found yourself very attracted to him.

A small smile crossed Aoi’s face. He’d never thought that he’d end up in such a predicament with you, but here you both were, in a compromising position. Though Aoi didn’t mind. Instead, he leaned in closer to you, pausing. He had to make sure that you were okay with it. 

When you saw the questioning look in Aoi’s eyes, you nodded. This relaxed him, and he swiftly closed the distance between you two and captured your lips with his in a kiss, his hands moving to your body.

Even as you kissed him back, you were taken aback by the sheer passion in his kiss. You felt Aoi’s tongue against your lower lip and you deepened the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck. Aoi responded eagerly, kissing you deeply as his hands began to roam over your body. The sensation of his hands on your body made you grow warm, but it did not prepare you for the sensation of Aoi slowly grinding his hips against yours. You let out a moan into his mouth, and whined slightly when Aoi pulled away, smirking seductively at you. Before you could ask what he was doing, Aoi kissed your jawline before moving his lips down to your neck, kissing it heatedly and gently biting it. Just as you thought it couldn’t get any more erotic, you heard Aoi murmuring seductive words in his low voice, making your face grow warm as he kissed your neck. You felt so good right now that you felt so disappointed when he pulled away.

Aoi smiled lovingly at you as you looked up at him, panting softly. Your face was flushed, your lips parted, and your heart was pounding against your chest. Nevertheless, you smiled back at Aoi before pulling him down for a hug. At this, he smiled and hugged you back, gently kissing your shoulder. You two lay on the couch in a content silence, enjoying the moment together.

Reita: He’d simply been showing you how to play the bass guitar. You’d been curious about it, and Reita had been more than happy to show you. He was sitting behind you, demonstrating the different chords, making sure you were following his movements. It’d been very simple. But somehow, it changed and now he was facing you, the guitar set aside.

You noticed that Reita looked almost shy right now, the way he lowered his eyes. It was so cute, you thought. You loved how Reita could go from being the bad boy bassist of the GazettE to a shy and blushing schoolboy within the span of a few seconds. Right then, he wrapped an arm around your body and pulled you close. Your heart skipped a beat as you noticed the way he held you. He was gentle, almost as if you were a delicate flower that could be easily crushed.

Right now, Reita felt hesitant. But at the same time, he couldn’t help but admire your sweet and gentle smile. It was full of warmth and kindness, and he wanted to make you smile like that. Before he realized, he found himself leaning closer to you.

When you noticed how close Reita was to you, your face grew even warmer. There was something so adorable about how Reita hesitated while looking at your lips. You moved closer to him, giving a hint. Reita picked it up quickly, and he gently pressed his lips against yours.

Reita’s lips were slow and almost hesitant, you noticed. But at the same time, you felt the way they were sweet and gentle against yours. It truly was adorable, and you definitely didn’t want this moment to end. However, the kiss was short, and Reita pulled away. But then he moved his lips to your eyelids, kissing them so tenderly that your face practically flooded with warmth. He then moved his lips to your nose, kissing it sweetly, before giving you a short kiss on your lips again.

By the time he pulled away, your face felt really warm, and you hid your face in Reita’s shoulder, feeling flustered. Reita was also feeling very shy, as he averted his eyes. Nevertheless, you were both so happy, and you wouldn’t have given up this moment for anything.

Kai: How did you end up in this situation from wanting to learn how to cook? Really, you’d asked Kai if he could teach you one of his recipes, which he happily agreed to. You two had been in the kitchen, with Kai helping you prepare the ingredients needed and get everything ready. But somehow, once the food had been left to cook, you two had ended up against the table in a somewhat intimate position: you leaning back on it with Kai standing close in front of you.

The position you were in reminded you that Kai wasn’t just the sweet and cute drummer of the GazettE. You recalled the Inside Beast PV, specifically him whipping a masked person while holding them by a leash. Even though Kai appeared to be a total sweetheart, he was also dangerously seductive and powerful. And to be honest, that other side to him truly excited you.

Kai noticed how you bit the inside of your cheek as a blush spread across your face. He knew that it meant you were thinking of something about him, and trying not to show it. It was cute, really. Before he knew it, he was moving closer until his face was inches apart from yours.

Your face heated up quite fast upon seeing how close Kai was to you. You moved just a little bit closer to him until your lips were inches apart. Getting the hint, Kai pressed his lips against yours in a sweet kiss.

However, the kiss was short. When Kai pulled away, you looked at him curiously. But then he pressed his lips against yours again, giving you several short kisses on your lips. You couldn’t help but giggle when Kai moved his lips to your cheeks, kissing them repeatedly before planting a short kiss on your nose, and then your forehead. You giggled and laughed as Kai kissed you all over your face, and Kai also smiled at you, his dimples showing. Eventually, he slowed down, and Kai pressed his lips against yours again. This time, the kiss was longer and sweeter, and you kissed him back in the same way as he pulled you into a hug. It was tender and sweet, and absolutely adorable.

When Kai pulled away, you knew that he saw the blush on your face. But he simply smiled and planted a kiss upon your forehead, making you blush even more. You both laughed as Kai pulled you into a hug, which you eagerly returned. This was the happiest you’d ever felt right now, and you never wanted this happiness to end.


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Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Lucifer, Michael. Adam

Pairing: Michael x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: A few curse words, nothing much other than that I think. This is purely fluff with Michael. Italics show the readers thoughts.

Word count: 1366

Summary: A run in with the oldest archangel gives Y/n his happiness.

A/N: Some fluffy weirdness with Michael, cos he’s gorgeous and I love him. Hope u like it!!

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“Deeeaaan! Saaaamm! Seriously, dudes. Where the fuck are you guys?” 

Y/n had been wandering around the bunker for the past hour. 

He’d only recently moved in with the Winchesters, reconnecting with them on a case after three years apart. 

But with the bunker being so large and confusing, he was completely lost. He had absolutely no idea where he was. 

Hearing faint voices coming down a large hallway, he walked down, praying he would find his way back to his room. 

That way, he could easily navigate his way to the bathroom, in desperate need for a pee. 

Going down the hall, he ran into a dead end.

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A/N: I don’t even know where this came from. Maybe finals are getting to my head. Complete randomness.

Summary: I honestly think this is just about Rob Benedict’s face … yeah, I’m not even sure. 

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: Dashes of fluff and angst 

Word Count: 977

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There was a variety of sensations you felt when you were near Rob. There were some that you could describe and some that you just couldn’t, words having come at a complete loss. Why limit those explosions of blissful phenomena with stiff letters and tight pronunciations?

On lazy days, when he was wore out from conventions and shows, throat sore and voice raspy, he rested his head in your lap, exhausted blue eyes peering up into the depths of yours. His body sprawled out across the soft expanse of his bed, fingertips either tracing mindless patterns into the mattress or resting against the light material of his T-shirt. Meanwhile, you sat up against the headboard, hands reaching and touching wherever they could.

You probably enjoyed touching Rob just as much as you liked looking at him, merely unable to keep your hands off of what your eyes couldn’t. Your fingers often delved into his hair first, fingertips stroking through the softness of the dark waves. You rode out the gentle ripples, nails cutting through the thick surges as you ran your hands through his hair. Upon your calming touch, his eyes rolled back and then fluttered shut, tongue faintly dashing at his bottom lip in bliss. At which point you hummed in disapproval, letting your hands glide down the frame of his face to his jaw, urging him to open his eyes, to surrender those depths for you to fall into.

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B.A.P  Jongup 'Worth the Risk'

Anonymous asked: Could you do an expansion on Jongup for the reacting to the blind date one?

A/N: Here you are dear, hope you like it. ^^

This is a drabble expansion on a reaction I wrote here.

You really hated the idea but after much nagging from your best friend, you finally let her hook you up on a blind date. She swore up and down that he would be perfect for you. Not getting any other nibbles for longer than you cared to admit you shrugged and said fine. She coordinated things and got you two set up for a week later.

As part of the clothing department for TS it was your job to make sure all the outfits were the right size for the guys. They were in that morning getting measured and trying things on. It was a normal day, with normal small talk until you mentioned your upcoming blind date in passing. Suddenly you heard Jongup’s voice off to your right.

“You’re going on a date, Noona?” He was trying to walk toward you despite the stylist working with him getting a little frustrated.

Not thinking much of it you replied off hand, “Yeah, I’m starting to collect dust over here so I took my friend up on the offer.”

Jongup didn’t say anything and you moved on, concentrating on your work. When it was time to adjust Jongup’s outfit he was sullen and didn’t look at you. Odd. He was always a shy one, especially at first, but he’d warmed up to you and treated you to his unusual outlook on life. You didn’t realize how much you enjoyed hearing him talk until he didn’t.

Not wanting to pry you asked cautiously, “Is everything ok, Jongup?”

The silence continued as he stared at his feet but now he began clenching and unclenching his fists at his sides. He seemed…nervous, upset, you didn’t quite know but it broke your heart to see this normally jovial person in such a state. Tentatively you touched his forearm. “Jongup?”

His eyes snapped up and he whispered, “I need to talk to you, Noona. Please.”

At a loss for words you nodded and he spun on his heel leaving you to follow. He led you to an out of the way area at the end of a long hallway that afforded some privacy. Again he seemed upset as he fidgeted and refused to make eye contact. You were starting to worry. “Jongup, whatever it is you can tell me. What’s going on?”

He chuckled under his breath once and rubbed at his arm, the place where you had touched him. Still looking at his feet he stammered out, “I…I wish you would give me a chance. Before y-you go on your date, g-give me a chance Noona.”

Well that was unexpected. You were stunned. He’d always been shy with you but figured that was part of his personality. As you watched he became more agitated and blushed fiercely.

“You’re interested in me? Why? I mean, you’re an idol. You could have anyone.”

Shaking his head vigorously he focused on you for the first time. Passion apparently taking over nerves he opened up. “Everyone looks at me on stage but no one sees me. Not like you do. You understand me. I can say whatever I want and you don’t think I’m weird. And I don’t have to explain things to you, you just follow my train of thought and it blows my mind every time it happens. You’re so sweet and nice and smell good.” He ducked his head again, clearly that part wasn’t supposed to come out. “It’s hard to tell you this, and I was going to when we were done with this next promotion. But now I know I can’t wait. I…can’t lose you to this other guy. Please consider me first, Noona. I’ll do my very best to make you happy.”

Still blushing and obviously, painfully shy you were so moved by his sincerity and determination. How could you be the cause of this? This man was sex personified, fierce on stage. Mesmerized by this thought you whispered, “Are you this nervous because of me?”

Jongup merely nodded. Of course you liked him but you’d always tried very hard to view him only professionally. Never in your wildest dreams did you think you’d turn his head. You considered it. The possibilities of everything that lay before you. It could get messy and be bad for your career. But truth be told, the same could be said for him. And he was brave enough to put himself out there, you could at least do the same. However, one thing had to go.

“Ok, let’s give it a shot.” Jongup’s face lit up and you were surprised his face could contain his smile it was so big. “One condition though.”

Immediately his expression sobered and he focused on you intently. Was it your imagination or was that the cutest thing you’d seen in a long time? You knew you were in trouble. “No more calling me ‘Noona’.”

He relaxed and smiled, “Ok, Noo-, um, ok.” Adorably he rocked on the balls of his feet and blushed again. But he was all smiles.

Damn. You were in big trouble.


My SEVENTEEN hi-touch experience.

I loved seeing these boys and it was such an honor to be meet them. I actually got MAMAMOO hi-touch first when I checked in but I was very lucky to find a girl who was willing to trade her SVT hi-touch for my MAMAMOO! (SHE WAS SO NICE 😭) Okay now to the actual hi-touch session.

Seokmin: He was the first one in line and he walked towards me while I was walking up the stairs and held my hands. It was so amazing, his hands were bigger than mine and I felt very secured while holding them haha. I told him he was an amazing singer and he said thank you and just smiled so brightly, he was just so cute.

Joshua: OFNSJD HE IS SO HANDSOME IN REAL LIFE. I told him I loved his voice and he was just moving my hands as if we were shaking hands and said thanks. He is so stunning. 

Woozi: Sadly, there was barely any interaction between us. I just hi-fived him or might’ve held his hand as well I’m not really sure. Woozi didn’t look too happy in my opinion.. I think it was just because he was nervous. I don’t blame him though, he’s in a foreign country. But I quietly bowed to him before leaving and he did the same. He was shorter than me and I am 5'3 LOL.

Seungkwan: GAH ONE OF MY TOP 3 BIASES!! He looked so cute, he was very smiley and I could tell he was very excited! I told him he was handsome and he said “thank you thank you!!” it was so cute. He was like a little puppy that is excited to see their owner LOL!

Jeonghan: Oh my gosh.. my bias. It was so nice to see him. Jeonghan looked so heavenly in white. He is so pure and friendly in real life. Once I got up to him, I bowed to him and he bowed back. He’s so polite omg. Then I told him I loved him (I tried saying it in Korean lol) and he just nodded. After that, I did his “neo yeppuda” part in Pretty U and he tried to follow along but I used the wrong fingers (my index + middle) so I stopped but he continued xD. I realized what I did and quickly covered my face in embarrassment LOL! I looked up and I saw Mingyu laughing and clapping at me. Jeonghan was just smiling, he’s just so handsome in real life. How can he be real.. ㅠ.ㅠ

Mingyu: Pfft the guy who laughed and clapped at me ㅠ.ㅠ (Also the germ freak that sneezed into his hand before hi-touching with fans XD) We locked hands and he was just moving my hands around. It was like we were making a mini bridge (similar to the Adore U dance I guess.) I don’t remember much about what happened with Mingyu but he was so handsome. He was not as tall as I expected but he was still WAY taller than me haha. 

S.Coups: Oh my goodness. He is so good-looking. Seriously, pictures do not do him justice. He looked amazing. He had a middle part but he rocked it so well. His hair color looks good on him. Before I even moved on to him, I could tell he was staring at me and was waiting for me to come by because the girl who was in front of me was already almost done. My friend told me I held up the line lol (I’m sorry Carats behind me!!) When I got up to him, he immediately linked hands with me. He was grinning so widely and he was so nice. I felt like I wanted to hold hands with him forever. It was such a warm feeling. I bowed to him and he returned it. That was all, I wish I actually said something but I didn’t think quickly enough and then I had to move on..

Vernon: THIS LIL MEME HAHA! I went up to him and excitedly said “My friend loves you a lot!” because I came with my best friend but I wasn’t able to find a hi-touch for her. We linked hands and he was literally shaking my hands excitedly while saying “Thanks!!” His facial expressions were so cute and funny. He was just so excited.

Hoshi: Another one of my top 3 biases. He is a real life hamster. I wanted to squish his cheeks so badly since he looked so cute. I told him he was cute and he freaking smiled at me.. I just died right there. His 10:10 smile was just so damn adorable omg. I think we were linking hands. I don’t really remember. 

Minghao: LOL WE WERE BOTH SO AWKWARD. I got up to him and was trying to remember what I wanted to say but my lame self just stood there and bowed to him. We were linking hands and we just stared at each other while smiling and kinda dancing to Pretty U haha. 

Dino: Agh the maknae (who is 2 years older than me) was so cute in real life. Why can’t cute guys like him exist in my school? He was a bit taller than I expected. When I got to him, we linked hands and his hand was very cold. I was just muttering “Oh my gosh Dino :0” and he stared at me while smiling. I’m pretty sure he was confused because he moved a bit closer to hear what I was even saying. My fangirl heart couldn’t handle it omg.

Jun: Last but not least, he was stunning. Just like S.Coups, pictures do not do him justice. He was so attractive. I liked his outfit and hair. His body is very nice hoho. (Sorry I sound like a creep LMAO). We linked hands for a bit and I bowed to him just like I did for the others. I was planning to tell him I loved him in Mandarin but I ran out of time.. ㅠ_ㅠ I had to get off the stage.

Once I got off the stage, I was fangirling hella hard. The staff was staring at me. They were probably like “Wtf is wrong this girl?” xD I was shaking so much throughout the whole fan engagement. When it was over, I was walking out the door, only to trip on the way out. Some girls were concerned (One of them actually tried to catch me.. Carats around me were so caring..) and told me to be careful but I just told them this was my normal self. I was actually surprised I didn’t trip on the stage.

Okay, that was my full experience! Thanks for reading~ I love SEVENTEEN and I miss them already.

Negan’s little buddy (Negan x Reader) Fluff !

Okay well I was wondering if I could request kind of a fluffy one where I’m in charge of the day care and I end up adopting a four month old boy whose mother died shortly after arriving and I don’t tell anyone but negan figures out that I’m struggling to have enough points to take care of Gabriel (the baby) with all the medicine and stuff and still get food and clothes for myself so he tries to convince me to be a wife. I don’t know if you use names or not but I’m Abby and I love lov love your blog and writing" - @5secondsofanon


If people thought it was easy, they were kidding themselves, being a full time daycare worker was hard. Especially in the midst of the apocalypse. For some reason, people thought it suitable to tease that you were not on the front lines, or that you were just a glorified housewife and it angered you so much you could hardly contain yourself. It was true, you were not risking your life anymore, but you were taking on the task of providing a future for all the abandoned children who were never given the ability of stability.

One woman had sneered in your face this morning when she asked how many points you got per shift at the day care work, when you had stated only two, she snorted and replied with a taunt,”I get more than that for taking a shit”. It didn’t anger you like her behavior had, you knew how little food there was, you were lucky to be able to feed all the children anyway.

However, your time working the daycare center was not all misery. You were a very maternal person which had surprised you. You found your heart was stolen by a four month old baby boy, Gabriel. Not much was known about him other than his mother died shortly after being brought to the sanctuary’s infirmary.

It was not an explainable bond between the two of you and as soon as he nuzzled to your chest you knew he was meant to be yours. Living off of only two points was hard enough on your own, but with a baby? You wouldn’t dare imagine how you would scrape by.

You had a room at least. It was less of an apartment than the other workers as you had a less ‘important’ job than them. Bullshit.

You lay awake on your rented fold-down bed. Gabriel cried relentlessly for the most part of the night and you weren’t sure what else to do. You did not sleep anymore. You hardly ate due to feeding Gabriel first. You hardly lived anymore and it was difficult to admit you were struggling. 

He was not teething, he was crying in pain. Over the course of a few days, a blazing rash had spread across the expanse of his left leg. You had tried to take him to the infirmary, you really had, but you were rejected during each attempt. Your name simply did not carry enough weight to reward him the treatment he deserved. 

Pushing your hair up and out of your eyes, you stood upon shaking legs and tried to shake the pain of your spinal cramps away.

“Gabriel, i’m trying. Please. Just please stop crying.” You begged as tears formed behind your burning eyelids, wincing as you stumbled towards the cot and scooped him into your arms - which were skinnier than you remembered them being.

The rash had become a dire problem, his skin had began to peel and exposed red welts. He shook in his limp curl of a body, however he cried with impossible determination. Wrapping him in soft cotton blankets your arms halted under his weight, you really needed to eat. You had not showered in three days either, you were so weak, your spirits destroyed.

You were taking him down to the infirmary, and this time you were sure you would make them unable to send you away. If they did you would surely starve. 

Silently as you could with a crying baby, you stumbled hastily through the corridors of the sanctuary. They did not appear as empty as you had expected at 6am in the morning. Corners and twists and turns were becoming more difficult as your eyes began to close themselves in hesitation to the harsh corridor lights.

 Shaking your head to snap yourself out of impending sleep you were suddenly thrust backwards. Shit. Shit, you hit something. You thought it was a wall. Body falling to the floor, you protectively clutched Gabriel closer to your chest and protection in fear he would hit the floor. Whimpering, you let yourself go and cried on the pile you were on the cold floor.

There was utter silence for a moment and you thought you had been concussed until it broke harshly but comfortingly. There was a distinct sound of the swish of clothing material and the squeak of leather, and then a warm hand upon your shoulder, the touch burnt your skin and radiated shudders from your fragile form. 

“I- I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to” Your eyes would not open, they were so heavy you were terrified you would sleep right there. Gabriel’s cries flared from the blanket and you were alert again and could see through the sore tugging notion of your sockets. “ Gabriel ?” You shook in desperation, slightly lifting your hooded gaze to the person you had collided with.

He crouched nonchalantly over the two of you, his expression slightly amused.

“I am so sorry, Darlin’ for my Damn clumsy behavior” He cooed to Gabriel in adoration, noticing his crying. “Oh come here little buddy !” The man, who you now recognized as Negan, The Negan, Scooped your most prized possession into his leather clad arms and stopped the crying instantaneously. 

“That’s it, little man” He smiled, “Whats his name, sweetheart ?” He asked sympathetically, re positioning himself to sit on the floor with you.

“Gabriel” Was all you managed through your burning throat. Noticing people were beginning to watch the situation, you grew increasingly self conscious. You were not worthy of this mans help, you couldn’t even take care of a baby on your own. Your eyes began to slip into a closed state again. Gabriel had stopped crying, he was safe you knew, Negan’s smile had proved to you that everything would be okay from now on. As you slipped slowly into a deep sleep, the warm hand smoothed down your hair and a deep voice lulled to you deeply. “ Thats right, Gabriel, you little fucking bad ass, You and your mother are my new favourites and have no damn thing to worry about any more. Isnt that right? Yes it is buddy, Yes it fucking is.” 

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I'm sorry I'm so obsessed, but...Naruto/reverse!Kurama platonic soulmates. Grown Naruto following Kurama around and laughing his ass off exactly as Kurama thought he would. And being flabbergasted at Kurama sleeping with Zabuza & getting it on with Kakashi.

Oops Naruto/reverse!Kurama platonic soulmate anon. To clarify, #29 because it’d be hilarious if Naruto was the ghost he was terrified of. 

Ooooh, this is fun! Thank you for being obsessed! ^-^

Kurama drags a hand through his hair as he staggers upright, casting a glance back at the bed. Kakashi is nothing but an unmoving lump under the blankets, only the very top of his silver hair visible, and Kurama has to roll his eyes. It’s not like he did all the work last night, lazy bastard.

Deciding that coffee sounds like just about the best thing right now, Kurama staggers out of the room and shuts the door behind him, then turns and yelps, finding himself nose-to-nose with the ghost of his best friend.

“Sage damn it, Naruto,” he hisses, taking a quick glance down the hall to make sure none of the kids are up. “Could you stop fucking sneaking up on me?”

“Can you stop sleeping with my teacher?” Naruto hisses back, flailing his arms. “First Zabuza and now Kakashi? Kurama, it’s weird!” The last sentence is nearly a wail.

Oh, for fuck’s sake.

“We,” Kurama says slowly and clearly, because he adores Naruto but the kid is as thick as a damned brick, “are platonic soulmates. I know Sakura gave you the talk about that, and I know you had sex with Sasuke multiple times while I was present, so how the fuck is this any weirder?”

Naruto’s face contorts into an expression of horror. “You were watching us? Kurama!”

For about twenty seconds, Kurama just stares flatly at his idiot of a soulmate. Then, taking a breath, he closes his eyes, counts to ten, and says, “Naruto. I was sealed inside of you. Where the hell else was I supposed to be?”

This time, the face Naruto makes is definitely more in line with him as a genin, forced to eat vegetables, rather that the nearly forty-year-old veteran of two wars that he actually is. “That doesn’t mean you had to watch!”

Kurama rolls his eyes again. “Idiot. If I had to put up with front row seats while you and the Uchiha screwed every time you had ten minutes alone, you can put up with me spending one night with Zabuza. And Kakashi is a long-term thing, so fucking get used to it. You don’t even have to stick around while we’re screwing. You know that, right?”

“But I know what you’re doing!” Naruto protests, though when Kurama growls he raises his hands. “Okay, okay, fine, but that’s my body you’re wearing and it’s still creepy.

If Kurama could touch him, he’d thump Naruto’s head against the wall a few times to try and rattle some sense loose. As it is, he has to content himself with another very obvious eye-roll as he walks right through the man, heading for the kitchen.

Naruto squawks in loud offense, and Kurama hides a grin.

Oblivious Lovers (G-Dragon Scenario)

Archived | Posted August 30, 2015

Requested by anonymous

Hope you’ll like it, anon ^^ Enjoy!

Summary: You’re a foreign idol and also TOP’s step-sister. You like Ji Yong and he likes you, but you haven’t told each other. Everyone else notices, though.

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It’s kinda late in my country now but I still decide to up this post, cuz I have seen several comments saying why Jimin doesn’t care about Jungkook anymore (as much as he did in the past), or VMin’s more real,….. which makes me feel so funny tbh. Guys, I won’t bash other couple. All I want to say is:
1) As an Army, of course I did watch so many shows, performances, fancams and replayed a lot, so I did see all types of members’ moments (skinship, hug, kiss,…), but just Jimin and Jungkook, only Jikook did impress me. Tbh, I was so shocked when seeing their moments. Seriously, they are literally the only couple in BTS that both of them are so weird. Even the non fans, my friends from another fandoms can make it out, why do Jikook shippers like us have to worry?
2) Still don’t understand why people can say Jungkook hates Jimin a lot,.. bla bla (have a check-up as soon as possible pls cuz I’m pretty sure ur eyes are short-sighted….)
I dare to state that JIKOOK IS 100% FISHY. Want some proofs, no ‘some’, cuz there are f*cking SO MANYYY subtle evidences that when being discovered, they make u get goose bumps literally, yet so over-excited. Even some hints that only after USING EARPHONES to watch the FULL HD videos, fancams AT NIGHT (no noise at all or being distracted) was I literally taken aback by what I made out.
In conclusion, I’ll start sharing with u guys all Jikook hints, just from 2015 until now, cuz this is the time when Jungkook did change gradually, I’ll post when I have time~ u have my words. Here is the first one. It’s kinda clear tbh

Don’t u guys seeing Park Jimin was so damn jealous?? Just by looking at the way Jimin acted and the way PD talking with Jungkook - freaking gentle, he must have been found maknae too cute to handle lmao:)))
BUT wtfff were u doing Jeon Jungkookie?? omgg his face his expression his smile,… all exactly the same when he met Minwoo. Jungkook is the type who gets shy easily to strange hyungs, sunbaes so he automatically becomes a super adorable/cute shy boy that hardly resistable at all. It’s the reason why the PD acted like that, he even patted and smiled fondly at Kookie, which made Jimin walked away lol:))))) I love this fancam tks a lot for sharing this^^ u really make my day~

Request: I accidentally deleted the request so I am not 100% sure what it was exactly. If I remember correctly, it was about Atobe, Tezuka, Sanada, Yukimura, Marui and Niou trying to confess to their crush. The crush it oblivious and the boys get flustered. Oh god, I really hope I remembered it correctly and I hope you like it, love! <3


First Atobe considered to make his confession pompous, but he knew you wouldn’t like that so he decided on a more ‘normal’ approach. He walked you home after school and when you stopped in front of your house Atobe stopped you and gently grasped your hand “Wait a minute, love.” You tilted your head in confusion, but waited for Atobe to continue speaking. He gave your hand a soft squeeze “You are really enchanting (Name) and I have to admit that I enjoy spending time with you. I really like you (Name).” You blushed a bit and Atobe already thought he managed to get his feelings across when you suddenly broke into a huge smile and wrapped your arms around his neck “Aww, you didn’t have to say that! Obviously I like you too. We are friends after all!” With an inward groan Atobe wrapped his arms around you, glad that you couldn’t see the small blush on his face. You were completely oblivious to his feelings, but well that was part of your charm. Maybe he should really go with the pompous confession next time, at least you wouldn’t be able to misunderstand him then and a hug was more than good enough at the moment.


Tezuka had just finished a study session with you when he stopped you from going. His voice and expression were calm despite how nervous he felt. You gave him an encouraging smile, urging him to tell you why he stopped you. Tezuka took a deep breath “We already know each other for quite some time and to be honest I wanted to tell you sooner. I wanted to tell you that I developed feelings for you.” Your eyes widened before you broke into a grin “Ahh, I’m so glad! I always thought you didn’t like me at all and I thought I was kind of a bother because you constantly had to help me study. I’m so glad you stopped thinking that way…” you continued to babble on and Tezuka slowly realized that you didn’t really understood what he was trying to say. Tezuka cleared his throat to interrupt you and his expression wasn’t so calm anymore “I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. I developed romantic feelings for you (Name) and I never thought about you as a bother.” Now it was your turn to get flustered and you nervously looked up at him, embarrassed about how dense you were “Oh… I-I developed romantic feelings as well!” Tezuka showed you one of his rare smiles, you were adorable.


Sanada was nervous. He was damn nervous. He wasn’t really good at talking with people and he was especially bad when he had to talk about his feelings, but he had to confess to you – he had to do it today. He already tried to confess, but was just too shy so he would do it today. Definitely. When you stood opposite of him, innocently blinking up at him Sanada carefully picked his words “Uhhm… I have to tell you something (Name)-san.” He actually had planned a better way to confess, but he only said “I like you.” a small blush spreading across his face. You still looked completely unfazed “Oh, I like you too Sanada-kun, but that’s pretty obvious. We wouldn’t hang out together if we didn’t like each other, right?” With a worried glance you added “Are you sure you are feeling okay? You are a bit red…” Sanad blushed even more. You did get it all wrong! Oh god! Sanada straightened himself “N-No. I am fine. No need to worry (Name). I’m going to walk you home after school. See you later.” You laughed and nodded your head. You gave him a small hug and waved at him before you ran back into the school building. He would have to practice his confession again.


Yukimura took you to a small cafe after school. He paid for you and you were smiling all the time, so he thought it would be a good time to finally confess. He led you to a nearby park afterwards where you sat down on a bench together and he softly placed his hand on top of yours to gain your attention. When you turned to him Yukimura gently smiled at you “You look cute today (Name)-san.” You blinked innocently “I look the same as always.” Yukimura held back a chuckle – exactly that was cute about you “You are right. You always look cute, but that’s not the only thing I like about you. I like everything about you, so I want you to know that I have strong feelings for you.” You grinned and leaned your head on his shoulder “Thank you! You are always so nice Yukimura-san! I don’t understand why a lot people are scared of you…” Yukimura immediately noticed that you were completely oblivious. To be honest he got a bit embarrassed about his “failed” confession, but he wasn’t one to give up so easily. Yukimura gently lifted your hand and pressed a small kiss on the back of it “It’s good that you don’t find me scary because I wanted to ask you to be my girl(boy)friend.”  You flushed and immediately lifted your head “Ohhh… I’m so stupid. I-I wanted to say that I would love to be your girl(boy)friend!”


Marui tore off the wrapping of his lollipop, plopping it into his mouth before casually walking up to you. You were sitting on a bench while reading a book during lunch break and Marui sat down next to you, waiting for you to pay him attention. After finishing the page you closed your book and beamed at him “Hey, Marui-kun!” Marui grinned and offered you a lollipop as well. You happily took and started to open it when Marui started to talk with a confident voice, “ You know (Name), I really like you! A genius like me needs someone like you!” He sent you a wink, but you simply continued to stare at him “U-Uhm. I like you too, so I guess I can help you when you need me. Know I somehow feel like your personal assistant.” Marui’s eyes widened, wondering how you could misunderstand his words completely. He was at a loss for words for a few moments until he managed to stutter “Y-Yeah, that sounds awesome… t-thank you (Name). I would need you after school, can you go with me to get some ice cream?” You eagerly nodded your head. Well, he would just try again later – after he bribed you with ice cream and this time he would be as blunt as possible.


You walked up to the rooftop where you usually had your lunch with Niou. He was already there, leaning against the wall with closed eyes. You sat down next to him and he slowly opened one eye to look at you “Hey (Name), you are late.” You nodded your head and started to rant about your stupid teacher who made you stay to talk about some equally stupid project. Niou watched rant with a small smile and decided that now was as good time to confess. He slowly opened his other eye and waited for you to finish speaking “Aww, poor (Name).” He teased lightly before his expression turned serious and he simply stated “Hey (Name). I like you.” You sent him a soft smile “Yeah I like you too. Why would we always eat lunch together if we didn’t like each other. We’ve been friends for such a long time, but it’s really nice for you to say it.” Niou almost laughed about how dense you were until he realized that he had to confess again to make things clear. Searching for the right words he muttered “You are an idiot (Name). I meant that I like you more than a friend, that I want to take you on dates and stuff.” Niou tried to look calm and cool, but he nervously played with his chopsticks until he hears you gasp, seeing the look of understanding cross your face “I’m really stupid. I-I like you too and I would love it when you take me on dates… and stuff.”

for apalapucian, who deserves all the smiles in the world.
i’ve included some of your favorite things, sweetheart.

James woke reluctantly, groaning. His first order of business was to roll over and displace the bloody traitorous cat, who’d been sitting on his chest, pawing at his face. Not yet ready for consciousness, he ignored her mews of displeasure at this rough treatment and mashed his face into his pillow, determined to fall back to sleep.

It’d been a hell of a night.

It’d been a hell of a night and his entire body felt like it’d been repeatedly hit by a rogue bludger. His head simultaneously swam and throbbed; his stomach squirmed with that unfortunate combination of not enough food and even less sleep. He would’ve called it hung over…and it was, after a fashion: an empty glass bottle was definitely responsible for his current misery. The bottle in question, however, was rather smaller than an average alcohol bottle, lacked a gold foil label. Instead of a cork, it boasted a rubber nipple. And instead of being filled with his favourite whisky, this particular bottle had been filled with milk.

Awareness came whether James wanted it or not and he realized there was no familiar dip in the mattress next to him, no sweaty thigh plastered over his calf or arm tucked under the hem of his shirt. He wasn’t surprised to find her gone—obviously, the little bloke had woken up again—but that he hadn’t heard the wailing or her departure? He must’ve been knackered.

He was stillknackered, but just the same, he lifted his head enough to squint at the rocking chair in the corner.


Was it night, or had morning come? Did it even matter?

Time had devolved from the dayand nightinto a jumbled mix of Harry-is-awake or Harry-is-asleep or Harry-is-nearly-asleep or Harry-is-sleeping-but-only-just-so-for-the-love-of-merlin-and-circe-be-quiet or Harry-is-going-to-wake-up-any-moment-nowor Harry-is-sleeping-and-it’s-been-three-hours-do-you-think-everything-is-alright-should-we-owl-the-healer or  Harry-is-only-pretending-to-be-tired-because-he-smells-our-desparation-and-delights-in-our-misery.

Or something like that.

They stole snippets of sleep however they could, though it was rarely together. He’d found them snuggled on the sofa the day before. Earlier this week, she’d discovered him sleeping with Harry in the crook of his arm on the floor in front of the cot.

Since the bits they stole were never quite enough for either to get on functionally, they shuffled around the house at all hours in a hazy stupor, stifling too many yawns and crashing wherever they could. Inferi, they’d joked, though they knew it wasn’t funny.

In the second week, James had put a small novel in the toaster and nearly set the cottage to blaze. Four days later James had pointed out, as Lily calmly sipped her tea, that she’d poured breast milk into her cup. She’d spewed it out across the kitchen table.

Currently, dim grey light filtered through a crack in the curtains. Morning, then, or close enough. He ought to get up, try and hunt them down, if only to bring one—or both—back to bed with him.

The cat batted at his leg, impatient for milk.

For good measure, James released a loud groan as he rolled out of bed. He stopped in the loo to splash water on his face…a half hearted attempt to rouse himself.

In school, he’d refused coffee, even when he was exhausted, or what he’d mistakenly and naively called exhaustion back then. He’d refused it on principle, stating somewhat self-righteously that he didn’t believe in stimulants. And he hadn’t, for exactly two consecutive overnights for the Order. He’d been so drowsy he fell asleep, missed his mark, and the humiliation was enough to make him swallow his pride and the coffee and it quickly became a necessary part of his routine.

He’d been relieved to give it up when they’d been forced into hiding. But desperate times, desperate measures, and all that; James found himself setting pots to brew at all hours. Coffee sounded bloody fantastic right now. He was on his way downstairs to brew some, but upon exiting the toilet he heard the mechanical winding of the camera, the familiar snap of the shutter. He opened the door infinitesimally, just in time to hear it go off again. Despite the early hour, Lily was awake and leaning over the cot, camera in hand, snapping pictures of Harry, who was presumably fast asleep.

He mustbe asleep; else she’d be holding him. 


James walked in and stopped behind his wife, reaching ’round to brace a hand on either side of her, palms resting against the cot rail. “I never knew, before he came,” whispered James, nodding towards their sleeping baby, “that you enjoyed taking pictures so much.”

The camera he’d got her at the end of sixth year had been used more in the last month and a half than the previous three years combined. He wrapped an arm around her abdomen, pulling her snug against him, and peered into the cot, to their little man inside it.

“How many pictures do you plan to take of the little bloke?”

She leaned her head back on his shoulder and looked up toward him, answering in an undertone, “As many as I can get away with before he starts snatching the camera out of my hand, or covering his face, or protesting…“

James rolled his eyes and ran his fingers lightly over her stomach, teasing. “You cannot be thatmum.”

“Your mum, you mean?”

“Exactly. Took pictures of me constantly. Drove me barmy.”

She squirmed under his wandering fingers and pawed at his hand. He stopped, realizing she close to laughing, which definitely would have woken Harry up. “I know she showed you the albums—she had an album a month,” he half warned, half pleaded into her ear. “Please, don’t be her.”

“Yes, love, I’ve seen them all. But you’ve got to understand, James, that I have hardly any pictures of myself as a baby. Mum was too busy chasing after my sister. I don’t want that to happen to him.” She pointed to his exposed toes, “Anyway, look how perfect he is.”

“You weren’t saying that when he sicked up all over your shirt a few hours ago.”

“Well, no,” she admitted. “But a shower and a few hours’ sleep helped my perspective. I’d be a rubbish mum if I held it against him—he can’t help it, after all.”

“No, he can’t.” Just then, the absurdity of their situation compelled him to ask, “Lily, what in the bloody hell are we doing awake when he’s fast asleep?”

“He justfell asleep, James. You took him after he sicked up…”

“To be fair, you burst into tears.”

“Can you blame me? He sicked upon my favourite shirt. Like the bloody cat—“

That reminded him. “Oi, when was the last time we actually played with the cat?”

From his vantage point, above her, he saw her brows knit together. “Erm…I dunno. Merlin, we are terrible cat parents.”

“She’ll forgive us, right?” he asked hopefully.

She shrugged a shoulder, knocking into his. “We’ll add a few toys for heron Padfoot’s next shopping list.”

He nodded his agreement and kissed her hair. They’d just have to remember to use the toys and actually playwith the cat.

“Anyway,” she whispered, redirecting the conversation back to Harry, “he woke an hour or so after you came back. We’ve been up since 4:30 and he just went down. I was going to sneak back to bed but I saw his little toes, the camera was right there—“

“He’s going to catch cold with his booties off,” frowned James. He leaned forward, half crushing her against the cot as he reached for the discarded garments.

She pulled his hand back. “You worry too much. It’s August, James. If there’d been the slightest draft, I’d have put ’em back, straight away. It’s not like I took them off for the picture, you know. He kicked them off.”

This satisfied James well enough, and he moved to stand next to her, elbows on the rail. He examined their baby for a minute, then looked sideways at her, to see her profile. “I stood here and watched him last night, you know, after I got him back down. I’ve never seen someone wiggle so much in their sleep.”

Lily pressed her hand into her mouth, trying to muffle a strangled snort, and looked at him incredulously. “That’s only because you can’t see yourselfsleep, James. You nearly kicked me off the bed last week.”

He pulled a face at her. “At least I don’t hog the covers.”

But she was right, and he knew it. On cue, Harry shifted in his sleep.  James ran a finger lightly down the bottom of his, half-smiling as the toes curled in.

“How long will he have this reflex for?”

She shrugged, knocking his shoulder with her own. “Dunno. It’s in one of the books though, I’m sure.”

He glanced at the camera, now lying on the table next to the cot. “Padfoot’s going to hex us, you know. That’ll be three rolls of film this week.”

“Four,” said Lily, smiling sheepishly.

“You’re mad.”

“Oi, says the bloke who snapped an entire roll of him sleeping Tuesday afternoon.”

“He was doing that thing with his mouth,” defended James, “it was bloody adorable. Andhe had his first Potter jersey on. Needed to be well documented, now it fits.”

“Ssh!” she reminded him, and smiled, “James, it was still four sizes too large for him.”

He shrugged.

“I think they’re this adorable so we don’t lose our shit at the—“

“Sicking up on our clothes in the middle of the night?” he said knowingly.

She leaned her head against him. “Exactly. We make damned adorable babies, James.” She wiggled a toe. “Look at them. I could eat them.”

 “That’s an awful expression.”

“It is,” she agreed. “Doesn’t make it untrue though. Anyway, you’ve done it.”

“Done what?”

“I saw you lot on the sofa last week, when you thought I was having a lie in. You were blowing raspberries on his toes.”

“Well, yes, but he loved it. He was smiling.”

She tucked an arm around his waist and kissed his shoulder before resting her head against it. “It was just gas. He’s too young to properly know who we are yet.”

“He will, though, just in time to find out we’re nutters.” He kissed her hair, and hooked an arm around her shoulders. “By the way, you can’t tell Padfoot I was blowing raspberries on Harry’s feet. Never let me live it down.”

“I won’t.”


“Solemnly,” she said, grinning. “I mean, I did send him the picture, and I expect he’ll bring it up at supper tonight—”

Evans—” began James, staring at her in horror, but she cut him off.

Potter,” she’d interrupted him, only to interrupt herself with an errant thought. “Merlin, how weird is it that one day I’ll say that—Potter—and you’ll both say, ‘what’? And he’s going to wonder why you call me Evans all the time. You can’t tell him the truth—that you call me that when you want to jump me…”

He stepped away from the cot and pulled her with him. Her arms slinked around his neck as his found purchase around her lower back. He nuzzled her nose with his own, and whispered into her ear, “Don’t know how to break this to you, Evans, but I alwayswant to jump you. He’ll have to get used to it sooner or later. And the hellI can’t call you Ev—”

She was going to shush him but changed course, silencing him with her lips in another way. Much more effective, that, and more fun.

And—it’d been too bloody long for both of them, and they pressed against each other and lost themselves in their kiss. His hand slipped under her shirt, and she was toying with the waistband of his bottoms, and he backed her up against the cot. The cot, where their baby was sleeping.

He pulled away, breathless, and said, “Wait.”

“What?” she asked, trying to pull his face back down to hers. “Wait? James, it’s been a bloody sodding month—“

“Not wait, wait, Lil. It’s just…can we do this in front of him?”

She sagged against him and sighed. “Oh, right. Our lives just go so much more complicated, didn’t they?”

“In ways we never could have imagined,” he agreed. “Are our days of snogging and shagging whenever we want really over?”

“We were never thatbad,” said Lily. It was James’s turn to snort at her, and she smiled because of bloody course theywere that bad. “Think we both knew I was bluffing on that one.”

She tilted her head back to look him in the eye, “You know, Potter.”And she used thatvoice, and he didn’t stand a chance, not that he’d wanted one. “He just went down—he’ll be good for an hour at least.”

He didn’t waste any time, or words, simply grabbed her hand and led her, laughing, back across the hall.

Night 7

Night 1


Warning: contains no jump scares just a little bit of PG-13 behaviour ;)

It was Halloween: the time for costumes, sweeties, scariness and drinking. The flatmates had joyously partaken in all of these activities. They’d gone out into Wellington and drunk luminous cocktails and danced with a group of giant pumpkins. Back at home, Meg had insisted upon Halloween themed karaoke which had turned out to be pretty hilarious. 

Eventually, far past witching hour, Peter had squeezed Balthazar’s hand on the sofa next to him and loudly announced that he was going to bed. Balthazar had made the swift decision that he too was very tired.

As soon as the door closed behind them, Peter tugged Balthazar towards him. “So?”

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Practice Makes Perfect

Summary: Bucky and the reader have to practise kissing so their relationship seems real to others.

Pairing: fem!Reader x Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 1,183

Tagged: @anitavalija, @lit-lit-lit, @littleingram, @matthewmurrdock, @marzipan-romanoff, @smilescar, @sarcasmismyfirstlove, @arelirhl

Part 3 in the ‘Witness Protection’ series. Read Part 1, and Part 2 here.

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More Hat Family AU headcanon stuff! This has to be my most adorable arting problem, because I CAN’T STOP DRAWING THEM and they are just SO DAMN CUTE! Check it out, I drew Sips!

Ross is totally my favorite here, because THAT POSE. His expression sells it.

Also, it occurs to me that for a long time, wee Trotty may have to get help with his trousers, having a button back there for his tiny little walrus tail. He does figure it out after a while.

Look at this guy. He’s adopted some strange kids, and he loves ‘em all as if they were his own flesh and blood. Another thing is… I love how his hat came out. You want silly there? I can’t draw hats for shit, and I drew a damn good hat on Sips’ head.

Do these kids hate shoes? Nope, I just hate DRAWING shoes. It also occurs to me that little Ross probably gets in a lot of fights defending his odd family.

I make some really long comments on these…

A late submission for AkaFuri Day! An RP between myself and tetsucchin, reformatted for posting. 

It seems fitting that my first post be AkaFuri, even if the blog itself is still under construction. :D

Pairing: Akashi/Furihata

AU: Voice Actor!Furihata

Setting: First Date

Word Count: 9000+

ShipThePuppy: Akashi Seijuuro

Tetsucchin: Furihata Kouki

Can be read under the cut.

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