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Hi ARCHie! Do you merge your personal Tumblr account with your art ones (like archatlas)? I have two art accounts and my very personal one but I'm scared if something happens to my main account and I lose everything on it. Should I migrate? What do you think ARCHie?

I don’t trust tumblr because @staff has shown utter disregard for users rights. Save all your work and other information on a cloud service or local drive, share here on tumblr as much as you want but very much aware that everything can disappear at any time without an explanation,

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I want to thank my wife, Blake, who is sitting right there, who is everything to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me - second only to this star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s the Hollywood Walk of Fame, cut me some slack here… You make everything better, absolutely everything in my life better. You’ve given us two of the most incredible children that I could ever hope to have. You’ve made me the father of my dreams when I thought I only had fun uncle potential. So thank you. I love you.
—  Ryan Reynolds about his wife Blake Lively during his speech at Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Hamilton au in which everything is the same, except when John dies his ghost gets attached to Philip and becomes his guardian. Phillip grows up thinking of him as kind of an invisible big brother or cool imaginary uncle, and John is there to protect Phillip during the duel so he doesn’t die and Ham and Eliza work out their problems and eVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT


Road tripping with Got7 Moodboard


then, she began to breathe;

and live, and every moment

took her to a place where

goodbyes were hard to come by.

she was in love, but not in love 

with someone or something,

she was in love with her life.

and for the first time, in a long time, 

everything was inspiring.

- r.m. drake

Let’s be honest, I only use R.M. Drake poetry for everything. His words really hit me in all the right feels. 

Request a moodboard here :) 

the struggle that is acrylic painting

on ikea cardboard because yay recycling

Gonna clean up tomorrow  (∗• ω • )

let’s just be us (part 2)

summary: based on this post (rockstar!killian and movie star!emma secretly dating, but those pesky fans figure it out…)

word count: ~4000

also found here: ao3, ff.net

the first part: here

an: i lost count of how many people requested that i write more, so i wrote more. thanks to meagan for beta reading and giggling and crying and everything in between! <3 (also this is entirely fluff and i don’t know who i am anymore weeeeeee)

“We’re home!” Emma says happily.

She steps into the apartment with her bag around her shoulder and Cocoa and Smee right on her heels. They charge into the place with excitement, eager to sniff everything and make sure it’s all still here.

Killian laughs warmly as he sets his stuff down. “I’ll go grab the rest.”

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Yet another one of the (MANY MANY) things I love about YOI is how it tosses all the gross old seme/uke trope shit to the curb. Because it’d be so easy to stick Victor and Yuuri into those roles, right? Yuuri is the delicate shrinking violet who would never have the nerve to take action or be forward, has to be cared for and protected. He’s the passive party, and Victor is the man of action who leads things along and makes everything happen. He’s the bold one, he’s the strong one. BUT THATS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT WE GET HERE. Everything, EVERYTHING happens because of Yuuri. He’s the driving force, he’s the one who inspired Victor and asked him to be his coach, he’s the one who initiates their first hug and makes it into a thing, he’s the one who explicitly tells Victor on several occasions what he wants and needs from him, HES THE ONE WHO BUYS A GODDAMN WEDDING RING. Meanwhile Victor has been following Yuuri’s lead all along, supporting and teaching him, yes, but only because of what Yuuri started and keeps moving forward. Yuuri makes everything happen. Victor is a lovesick puppy who can’t help but come along for the ride. They’ve got nothing in common with the old seme/uke tropes and I am DELIGHTED.


Magnus’ words to Alec made me shiver.

In not so many words, Magnus told Alec so much:

That Alec always finds the way to face challenges and he always will;

That even if Alec doubts at the beginning, even if he’s insecure, he will always do the right thing at the end;

How proud Magnus is of Alec for calling off his wedding, not because Alec’s decision gave him a chance with Magnus, but because it gave him a chance to choose his own happiness over everything else;

That Alec will do literally everything to make what he thinks is right, even putting himself in danger (and here Magnus’ face looks troubled, because even the idea of losing Alec is unbearable), just because he thinks it’s the right thing to do.

Probably nobody else before Magnus gave such a passionate speech to defend Alec. To defend Alec’s will and strength, not only physical but moral. And here’s Magnus, his words full of honesty, his face full of belief —a very strong, passionate belief— in what he’s saying. Magnus knows who Alec is and how worth he is, and he will defend Alec from anyone who say that Alec is less than that. Even from Alec himself. Specially from Alec himself.

The best thing? Magnus truly believes in what he’s saying.

I just hope Alec will be able to believe it soon, too.


Person of Interest - 2x22.

One of those amazing scenes that show what a truly decent and beautiful human being John Reese is. Forget the good looks, the hair and the badasserie. This is truly why I love him and what makes him one of the best fictional characters ever.

Here, basically, John just learned that Ordos happened because of Harold. Ordos, where he lost everything. His job, his partner, his illusions about his mission, and of course, Jessica. All because of Harold. Harold, of course, feels guilty, and apologizes. We would all expect John to be at least a tiny bit angry. At least hurt. He has every right to. He lost *everything* because of that laptop in Ordos. But instead of expressing any anger or pain, what does John do? He just makes a little face, and then, then, he smiles! And he reassures Harold. Because that’s what John does. He is the man who needs all the hugs in the world, but he’ll give you one instead.

Let's have Magnus initiate a kiss

Just imagine it.

Alec getting severely injured during an intense fight, worrying Magnus half to death. After he heals him, he decides to pull Alec down to him, locking their lips together in a frantic kiss because he almost lost him. He needs to be reassured that he’s okay, that the love of his life is still right here in front of him. Needs to know that he’s safe in his arms now, that everything is alright. Magnus pouring everything he has into the kiss. All his love, his worry, his affection. Everything.
Maybe they’re just on a date, Alec hasn’t had a mission in awhile and so they finally have time to just be with each other. They’re hanging out at Magnus’ loft, watching a movie, sitting by each other and genuinely enjoying each other’s company, and then Magnus grabs Alec’s jaw with his hand and turns his face towards him, leans over and kisses him spontaneously. It catches Alec by surprise but he kisses back immediately because he loves kissing Magnus. It’s a sweet kiss that shows how much Magnus truly adores and loves him, and Alec can feel the emotion Magnus puts into it.

Just imagine Magnus initiating a kiss !!!

[Werewolf AU] Jungkook Scenario - ‘Baby dreams’

Requested by the lovely @im-that-chesire-jax <3

Feel free to send in requests (Fridays & Sundays, Central time) guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Laymedown

               The weirdest feeling came over you as you looked at the baby in your arms. You’ve never felt so connected to anything like you did with this child. Your hand caressed the angelic face, and it smiled your smile. Was this baby your baby? Your heart raced and the connection you felt towards the child grew stronger. A smile broke your lips and you could feel tears slide down your face.

            “Hello,” Your voice barely came out. The baby’s tiny fingers gripped your finger and his round brown eyes stared right into yours. You saw a faint shimmer of gold flash through the child’s eyes. You’ve seen the same thing happen in Jungkook’s eyes countless times, and you knew exactly what was going on now. You couldn’t have been more elated, it was everything you’ve been dreaming for. 

            “Mommy’s here.” You cooed and the smile appeared again on his face. 

          Suddenly everything was gone, including the baby boy. The living room around you was colored blood orange from the setting sun. Yes, it was all a dream, but it felt so real. So real that there was now a huge weight of loss in your chest. Your hands wrapped around your abdomen as you began cry for the loss of a child you never had. It only took a couple of seconds for him to come running around the corner once you started crying. 

         “Jagi,” His voice was worried. “Are you hurt anywhere?” He removed the blanket and saw how your arms were wrapped around yourself. He tried to remove them but your arms were locked. “What’s wrong?” He nearly growled.  

        “Jungkook,” You finally unlocked your arms as you threw yourself into his arms. He caught you without faltering. Your hands cupped the face of the man whose child you had in your dream. The child was as real as the man in front of you. 

   “Let me carry your pups.” You suddenly told him and his eyes widened in surprise.

“Jagi it’s the night before the full moon.” His voice was strained and his eyes saying something completely different. A gold flashed through his eyes as he tried to look away. 

“You know I-” You cut him off with your lips, you knew he couldn’t stop you, especially in the couple of days before the full moon. His chest vibrated with a deep growl as he pulled back. His eyes were completely gold now. You were mesmerized as always. 

“We had a son.” You suddenly told him.


“In my dream. He was so beautiful, Jungkook.” You couldn’t help it as your eyes began to water again, but this time you were still smiling. You brought him into a hug and he hugged you back. His grip was abnormally tighter. 

“Was he…?” He began and you knew what he was going to say. 

“He was, but Jungkook, he was your child. You’re not like the others, Jungkook. Don’t torture yourself because of it. Let us start a family, let me have your children. Whether they are human or werewolf, it doesn’t matter. They would be our kids.” You couldn’t say anymore as his lips crashed into yours. He stood up effortlessly with you still in your arms as he carried you to your room. He laid you down gently on the bed and he lifted your shirt, exposing your belly. 

“So a son,” He cooed as he kissed your belly. His touch suddenly became much more intensified. “The ancestors have a funny way of doing things don’t they?” He began to undress you, exposing you to the chilled air, only making his touch hotter. 

“When women in our pack are ready to bare pups, they are- sent dreams, in a way. It seems you aren’t any different.” He said which made you chuckle. You grabbed the waistband of his pants, dragging him closer to you. 

“I don’t need to be sent dreams to know that I want to have children with you Jungkook.” A squeak escaped you as he suddenly flipped you over onto your hands and knees. You glanced behind you and saw him quickly stripping down. As he did, his golden eyes never left you. You watched him bite his lower lip as you settled into his favorite pose. 

“You’re such a good girl, jagi.” He approved before he smacked your ass. He leaned over you and nipped at your shoulder playfully. “I’m going to warn you once more, I won’t be able to control myself.” He growled as his hand slid over your heat. A moan escaped you as he did.

“I just want you to fill me up, Kookie.” You pushed yourself against him as you called him by his pet name. You’ve heard many growls come from Jungkook, but none like the one you just heard. It was a growl that almost made you shake from the inside out. You could still feel his growl against your back when he entered you. He’s never been in you unprotected, and you never knew it could feel this different. 

There was no mercy from him as he plowed into you. Each thrust had you gasping and moaning loudly. You’ve never been ravaged by him like this, and you’ve never felt more love for him than you did now. 

“Jagi, you’re so beautiful.” He nibbled at your ear. “I love you so much.” You would’ve responded back to him but you couldn’t say anything through your panting and moaning. He interlocked one of his hands with yours, and you squeezed it back tightly. 

When you felt him release himself deep inside of you, your whole body shuddered. The feeling of him filling you up was breathtaking. For a few seconds, the only noise in the room was the heavy breathing between the both of you. When he finally pulled out, he flipped you over and his finger trailed over your stomach gently. You were still recovering from your sexual high, so instead of saying anything, you placed your hand on top of his. 

You looked away embarrassed when his eyes wouldn’t leave yours. This time it felt so different. He was always careful to make sure you didn’t have a chance at getting pregnant, but this time it was the exact opposite. Knowing his seed was now in you made everything so real. 

“Are you okay jagi?” His voice was so sweet. 

“I feel like I’m still in a dream.” You sat up weakly as your hands cupped his face again. He then gently kissed you, holding your back gently. 

“Come here.” He pulled you over, and you climbed into his lap. “You’re not asking because you regret it, do you?” You shook your head immediately. Your hands went down to your abdomen and held it gently. 

“No Jungkook, I don’t even know how to put how I feel into words.” You grabbed his hand and together you held your hands on your stomach. “Knowing that there’s a chance that a new life could be starting in here… it’s unreal.” He grabbed your chin with his spare hand. He kissed you with a smile that couldn’t leave his face. 

“In your dream, did our son have a name?” He suddenly asked. It made you think for a second though, as the child in your dream didn’t have a name. 

“No he didn’t.” You told him. “Do you have anything in mind?” 

“I have a few ideas.” He chuckled before kissing you again.

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Day 8

Azkaban was no place for Christmas.

The air was too cold, the inhabitants too insane, and the Dementors were the embodiment of everything awful in the world.

So how did he end up here? How did Sirius Black, the bloke who once got in trouble for trapping all of Slytherin house under a massive bunch of mistletoe in the name of Christmas, end up in his very own worst nightmare?

“Pettigrew,” Sirius spat hatefully. That bloody rat had betrayed them, the Marauders, his brothers in everything but blood, rather than died for them. They should’ve known. Pete-Pettigrew always had a knack for hanging around the powerful and the popular, tending to stick to James like glue during their Hogwarts days. 

But his biggest regret, thought Sirius, was Remus. Remus, the kindest of the four, whose heart was simply too big and yet too guarded. How could he have ever thought his dear Remus was a spy? Remus, whose honey eyes could warm him across a room, whose terribly old jumpers fit like dresses on him, whose biggest fear was being the monster the world viewed him as, only to have his fiancé, his Sirius see him as one too.

He fiddled with the ring on his finger now. It was the one possession that he had been able to hide from the guards, and was the only thing that brought him comfort in his drafty, dusty, cell besides turning into Padfoot, that is.

Sirius cleaned the ring, a simple yet elegant band ironically made of silver. As he put the ring back on, his eyes wandered to the night sky, a tradition of sorts he had started in order to keep himself sane. When he was younger, Sirius always sought out his own constellation in the night sky, but nowadays he kept his eyes firmly on the moon, tracking it’s cycle on the wall near the small window so he would know when the full moon would appear above.

On those nights, Sirius would spend the day as Padfoot, lying under the window. At night Padfoot would howl, confused as to why he had been removed from his Moony, crying and keening and wondering where the werewolf had gone not like he didn’t do that in his human form as well but still. 

As he eyed the moon, Sirius glanced back to his moon chart on the wall. Counting the tallies, he sat up suddenly and rushed to the window, looking outside. Sure enough, snow was falling heavily into the sea, and while the moon was no where near full, the sight still brought tears to his eyes. A loud sob escaped him as he fell to the floor, clutching his engagement ring to his heart. Tearfully, he brought the silver band up to his face, kissed it, and hoarsely said,

“Merry Christmas, Rem”

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Hi! Can I request the RFA react to an MC with a really bad period? Like has super bad cramps and her mood swings from "Aw tell me everything babe, I'm here for you" to "So done with your crap, get out" in ten minutes. Thanks a lot!

i feel kinda bad tho i dont have personal experience with bad periods and cramps and all that jazz. it might me tmi for me to say this, but my periods are heavy and very uncomfortable, but relatively painless.

update: part 2 be here!


  • everything. everything was a pain in the ass
  • it’s too hot, you’re sweating and bleeding between your legs, and you feel gross and icky and dirty
  • you’re buried in blankets. yoosung is right beside you, a laptop balanced on his knees. he’s been nothing but good to you all day - quick to run to your call, gives you extra cuddles, bought extra pads
  • but really? why is he playing LOLOL in bed
  • the screen is so bright it hurts your eyes
  • the obnoxious music and explosions and loud sound effects from the game grate against your ears
  • and god, it’s so hot.is the heater on? why won’t yoosung get up and turn it off? why won’t he pay attention to you?
  • everything is just pissing you off
  • your mind buzzing with annoyance and anger, you act on emotion faster than reason
  • so you reach over and shut the stupid computer
  • there!
  • how does he like them apples?
  • ((a part of you knew you were being petty as hell thanks to the side effects of a period))
  • yoosung just gives a tiny gasp, and turns to you, his bottom lip trembling
  • “M-MC…i was just…in the middle of a dungeon!” he squeaks, fumbling to open his computer again
  • you growl - that’s right, growl, and slam your hand on his computer
  • “no. no more. don’t you realize that - that you playing your games in bed is annoying?!”
  • yoosung looks at you wide-eyed
  • he gets up with his computer, and walks out of the room, muttering a quick a sorry
  • you lie there in bed
  • oh
  • oh, what have you done?
  • biting your lip, you throw the sheets over your head
  • you’re such a terrible girlfriend
  • seriously how could you
  • your mind is racing, over-analyzing the situation. 
  • you’re just about to cry even, because what you did was terrible!
  • something tugs the sheets right off of you
  • yoosung’s bright smiling face appears, and he waves a tub of ice cream in one hand. in the other is a bag of golden fish
  • “i’m sorry babe. would…would eating ice cream and golden fish and cuddling help?”
  • next thing yoosung knew, you burst into tears and hears a choked up, ‘fuck yeah’ 


  • before jumin met you, he was aware of that time of month all females must deal with. of course, growing up, he’s been educated in such areas 
  • but jumin’s knowledge about periods can be compared to people’s common knowledge of the platypus. he knows they exist, he just never had…an up close and personal experiences with them
  • when you first had your period in his household, he low key freaked out
  • he’s never seen so much blood
  • your blood, drenched in the bed sheets
  • this boy didn’t even care your pajama pants was stained with period blood. he scooped you out of bed, his phone with the emergency number on speed dial already
  • you had to slap him and the phone out of his hand so he can calm the fuck down and not have the man ring up the CDC or anything
  • ((but c’mon, a tiny tiny part of you appreciated how much jumin freaked out and doted over you))
  • after proper explanation, jumin immediately orders a BUNCH of period products. tampons and pads. heat pads. all kinds of pills: fish oils, painkillers, vitamins 
  • he even hired a personal masseuse who’s job is to specifically alleviate period cramps
  • what a worrisome bab
  • he also called up jaehee to ask about how she dealt with periods. she hung up and couldn’t look at him in the eye for the next few days
  • each time your period hit, though, jumin didn’t seem to understand you can handle it perfectly on your own
  • the second and third time your period came around, he calls up your boss/school to tell them personally you are too sick to get out of bed. which you are not
  • you made it quickly clear you didn’t appreciate such a thing and he still needs to work on a little thing called communication. he listens, of course, and backs off
  • but it still takes a lot for jumin to properly understand
  • you dreaded each time your period came around, because you knew jumin was going to be all up in your face about it
  • finally the last straw is drawn when jumin told the chef not to cook any fried foods on your fourth period. nuh-uh. oh honey you did not understand what you have unleashed
  • because it was sweet at first but jumin needs to CHILL
  • so, you told the chef to go home for the week
  • you went out of the house. and you went into each fast food restaurant you saw. you haul  a load of junk food back home, and of course jumin is home early from work just because of your freaking period
  • when he sees you with the fast food, he opens his mouth to say something
  • you beat him to it, grabbing him by his tie. in the other hand, you are holding a cheeseburger
  • “honey. sweetie. dearest.” you say through a tight smile. “i need you to understand this and this early. you. do not. cannot. stop a woman on her period. from eating the food she wants. i can deal everything else, jumin, but do not fucking deprive me of junk food”
  • oh boy he’s actually scared and probably turned on of you for a moment
  • but finally, he understands.
  • that night you ate a grand meal of disgusting fast food but goddamn you you completely pigged out and enjoyed it


  • not gonna lie, he was unsettled and a little horrified when he realized duh, of course you’re both gonna have to live with your period
  • like? it was biologically unfair? that women have to deal with their blood leaking out of them? with cramps on top of that?
  • he himself can’t imagine having to live with it
  • so he gets over himself quickly to support you the best he can
  • the first time you had your period, though, when living together, he was a bit insensitive and clueless at first
  • he didn’t get why you would randomly snap at him or give random silent treatments. your refusal to cuddle because you wanted to be alone. where you’d get into little quarrels with him, you being irritated one moment, and then apologetic and sweet the next
  • after your period ends, you return to normal, but zen slowly started to dread that time of month for you both. but he never really made that clear
  • unconsciously and unintentionally, he made his schedule busier whenever you had periods
  • and you weren’t completely oblivious. you noticed how aloof and skittish zen got whenever your period came around. but because of your own pride and secret shame, you never confronted him about it
  • one time, zen tells you he scheduled a rehearsal for an entire saturday 
  • you get really quiet. like scary quiet
  • he tries asking you what’s wrong
  • “i’m fine.” you say, glaring through tears. he leaves you alone, thinking he knew better
  • ten minutes later, you snap
  • “okay you know what, i know i’m unbearable when i’m on my period, but i can’t control it, okay? and i hate that you’re trying to avoid me whenever i get it, because honestly, that’s a dick move, and i’m not sure if i’m being paranoid or not but, but i - i just hate being in this house all alone, dealing with my stupid freaking period.” 
  • seeing you so shaken up and sobbing, zen is bitch smacked with the truth
  • yeah, he pulled a dick move on you, what kind of boyfriend is he?
  • he cancels the saturday rehearsal and any late night rehearsals for the rest of the week so he can be there for you and do a better job of understanding how to deal with your periods


  • he covers it up pretty well with jokes and smiles, but he’s unnerved by the concept of periods more than he lets on
  • mostly because he hates seeing the sight and scent of your blood. his imagination immediately kicks into overdrive and he thinks of the worst - that you’re injured or in some pain and damnit, he can’t stop it
  • and like, he’s so freaking sweet about it, i can’t even being to describe how perfect this boy is
  • sure he’s a screw up in other areas
  • but damnit the least he can do is alleviate your pain - in anyway, so he’ll be the most patient person alive when you get your period
  • there was one time, though, he messed up when you were on your period
  • you were craving junk food. you needed to munch on something - anything. you went to the cupboard, and see a bag of honey buddha chips on the high shelf
  • shit - shit you’re too short!
  • somebody leans on you, and grabs the chips out of your reach
  • you spin around, and see saeyoung, waving the chips above your head
  • “saeyoung! c’mon! stop! please!” you plead, jumping up and down
  • he only cackles and runs off with the chips
  • usually you would’ve chased him
  • but you feel bloated as hell. you have the serious case of the munchies. and you’re just tired
  • so you just plop on the floor and begin crying a little bit
  • yeah yeah it’s pathetic that you’re crying over chips so what, YOU’RE FUCKING TIRED DAMNIT
  • he naruto runs back, and he’s all over you
  • “b-babe - don’t cry - not over honey buddha chips!” he begs. “see, i have them right here, i wasn’t really gonna eat them…”
  • afterward, he cuddles up with you to watch the star wars prequels and make fun of them 


  • the moment you find out about each other’s period schedules, your periods occurred in sync
  • and you know, it isn’t even that bad!
  • if anything, it was a couple bonding experience for you both
  • it was just the greatest for you to complain about periods together and bitch about things more than usual without any judgment
  • and even if you two snap at each other, there’s a silent mutual agreement and understand that: “don’t worry, that’s just the period talking”
  • in her household, tampon and pad never goes out of stock. she always buys an extra tub of chocolate ice cream on her grocery spree. and she gives the greatest massages omfg
  • tldr; not to be biased or anything, but i’m being biased, having periods with jaehee would be a relaxing breeze

Someone asked for sick Shiro and honestly, how could I refuse writing for my fave VLD character?? so here we go <3

He hadn’t even realized he had fallen asleep, until he was jolting awake.

Shiro barely got any sleep, to begin with - A result of his PTSD, he figured, was insomnia. Coran had mentioned something long ago named “hyper-arousal”, and Shiro didn’t question it. It sounded right - So why was he sleeping here, in the middle of the common area?

The ship was silent; Everyone, except him, was sound asleep in their quarters. He’d been unable to sleep that night, and as with most nights, he found himself wandering round the castle with no aim except to ensure everything was alright. It was his duty, as leader, to make sure everything was safe - and sometimes he wondered, really, if anyone would do so if he didn’t.

It was strange that he’d fallen asleep in such a place; last he recalled, he’d only sat down when his legs had started aching. Hoisting himself to his feet, Shiro stood with the intention of continuing his patrol, but he was struck by a wave of dizziness that had him crashing back to the (thankfully cushioned) chair beneath him. Odd, he thought, though he had no intention of standing again.

His body suddenly hurt, and even with sitting, dizziness was creeping into his vision. He leaned back in the chair and shut his eyes, trying to ward off the swirling of his eyesight that made his stomach curdle. It was no use, though - the rushing vertigo refused to fade and, as he sat for the next few minutes, he realised something was wrong. His face was hot, yet his body was cold, and that was a dead giveaway - he was feverish.

Feverish. How did one even contract a fever while in Space? Some pathogen must have worked it’s way on board the castle - Which meant everyone else was at risk, too. Oh, fuck.

Jerking upright, Shiro knew he had to move - to find Allura, or Coran. They had the knowledge of what to do - Shiro couldn’t let everyone else get ill, as well. Be this a fever, just like at home, or some rabid alien virus - they didn’t know. And he couldn’t take that chance.

Standing once more, Shiro took a deep breath and tried to collect himself. He snapped a hand out to the edge of the chairs as he attempted to right himself, but the dizziness crashing over him like a wave was too much. He could feel his stomach contents rising up his throat, and a hot flush spreading over him–

Oh, God, was he going to pass out? No, no - He couldn’t. He couldn’t let himself.

❝Allura?❞ He called out into the void room, praying someone would hear him. His knees were struggling to maintain his weight, and Shiro swallowed thickly as he tried to breathe through the crushing nausea settling into him. ❝Hello?❞

No response - Nothing. 

Shiro held his breath to stop himself from retching, and next thing he knew, everything started to turn white. He drooped to the floor, and clung to consciousness for as long as he could, but it was no use. He was… exhausted.

❝Oh, shit,❞ He registered a voice; it was at that time he felt hands settle on his shoulders and begin shaking him. ❝Shiro? Hey, Shiro, c’mon. Open your eyes for me.❞

When Shiro did so, he was greeted by a looming figure he slowly made out to be Keith. Next thing he registered was that his cheek was pressed to the floor of the ship, and the third thing: He was going to throw up.

Keith narrowly avoided getting hit in the face as Shiro jerked upright; He just managed to curl into himself and heave, bringing up a thin stream of bile on the first gag. The second brought up a thicker wave, and he coughed as he tried to clear his throat of the acrid substance.

When he finally raised his eyes, it was to Keith’s worried face.

❝You’re really sick, Shiro,❞ He murmured, only gaining a nod in return. ❝Can you sit here for a minute while I get Coran?❞ 

Gentle hands guided him upwards, and Shiro was soon planted back in the cushioned chair he’d started in. Shiro let his head loll back, but nodded and forced a weary grin.

❝I’ll be okay. I always am, right?❞

The Itch Under Your Skin

Tittle: The Itch Under Your Skin

Word Count: 803

Summary: Dan had this itch under his skin that just wouldn’t go away. (or the one where Dan is gender-fluid and didn’t know.)

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this, I will be writing a sequel. Here is the sequel.

Warnings/Triggers: Gender-dysphoria


Well, this was by far the most discouraged he had felt. His hair was being weird, his clothes hugged his body in unflattering ways. His face just looked a little off. His brain felt a little off too.

Dan was trying to cope with not feeling himself. It was just one of those days were everything felt wrong about him and his skin felt like it didn’t fit right on his body. Everything he would do to try to fix how he felt - putting on his favorite outfit, watching his favorite show, eating some good food - would refuse to help how he felt. It was aggravating and felt like being trapped in his own skin. Like a constant itch under his skin that wouldn’t go away no matter how hard he scratched.

This feeling would come around about twice a week. It was coming more and more often and Dan was only getting more and more frustrated. He refused to tell Phil - his partner and roommate. It wasn’t too hard to hide. Dan would just claim that he had a headache or he was tired. It was working for now, but he was getting more worried the more often it happened. He didn’t feel sick, he just felt weird. And off. And tired. And sluggish. A kind of depressed that would go away the next day or later in the day.

He figured he should google it or something, maybe watch a YouTube video on different types of depression. Instead he just put on a shirt, not wanting to look at his chest, and crawled back under his covers, bringing the blanket past his nose. It felt like a good day to hide away from the world and have Phil bring him breakfast in bed. Maybe some cuddling would fix the problem with his brain.

Dan groaned. He hated feeling like this, if that wasn’t already painfully clear. He heard a knock and muttered a muffled “Come in,” waiting for Phil to open the door and inquire about him. Usually, they woke up around the same time and had breakfast together. As if sensing that he day would be shitty, his body let him oversleep and miss a probably tasty breakfast with Phil.

As expected, Phil strode over to the bed and sat down on the edge, a few inches away from where Dan’s legs were curled close to his stomach. Phil looked him up and down, taking in how disheveled he looked. Phil’s face turned pitying as he realized Dan was having another off day.

“You know, we could go to the doctor or something. Your head shouldn’t be hurting you this much.” Phil said, reaching down to run his hand through Dan’s hair. Dan hummed in response, letting his eyes flutter shut. He debated telling Phil the truth, deciding it would probably be for the best.

“About that, Phil,” Dan opened his eyes, locking eyes with Phil. “I haven’t really had headaches. I mean, I do have them sometimes but I just feel weird. Like my body isn’t right or something. All my clothes look wrong on me and my body isn’t like it’s supposed to be.” Dan started to cry a little out of frustration. Phil looked puzzled but didn’t stop playing with his hair.

“Dan, it’s alright, don’t worry,” Phil soothed. “You just might be going through a bad day.”

“But it isn’t just today,” Dan whined. “It’s once or twice a week and I don’t know how to make it go away.” Phil didn’t respond, he instead continued to play with Dan’s hair and think.

“Have you ever thought that you might not be a guy?”

Dan’s eyes widened. “What?” He asked.

“I’m not saying you’re not a boy,” Phil reassured. “What you’re saying sounds a lot like what one of my friends, who is non-binary, said. They said that before they realized that they are non-binary it was really hard some days. It’s called gender-dysphoria.”

Dan bit his lip, thinking it over. It sounded possible. He hated how his chest looked right now and his shirts high-lighted how flat it was. He wasn’t in love with how big his feet were or how tall he was. He wished his hair was longer.

“Then how come I only feel like this half the time?” Dan asked, trying to figure out

Phil shrugged. “Maybe you’re gender-fluid? Some days your more feminine and other days more masculine?”

“Is that okay?” Dan questioned, all these past months, years, of his life clicking together and making more sense than ever. It was very over-whelming.

Phil laughed slightly before leaning over Dan and squashing him into a hug. “It is more than alright,” he whispered. Dan hugged back, thankful for such a wonderful person as Phil in his - their, her? - life.