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Strut Your Stuff

“Hey Ackles!” you chuckled as you watched him strut up to Jared with that sassy ass look on his face. “Did you ever audition for a part in Zoolander?” you chortled, getting both his and Jared’s attention. “Because with that sexy ass strut, and you’re blue steel look, Ben Stiller may never have gotten that part if you’d been there,” you teased.

Jared doubled over, laughter shaking his body violently.

Jensen however seemed unfazed as he continued his walk, the smirk on his face growing to the point that the little crinkles at the corners of his eyes appeared.

Your breath hitched in your throat as Jensen approached you. Your skin burned with the desire for him to touch you, but no one on set knew the two of you were together, so what you wanted most in that moment couldn’t happen. And man you wanted Jensen to shut you up with that talented mouth of his.

Jensen crowded your space, his left hand landing on your hip and slightly pulling you close to him, whispering in your ear.

“As I recall, you very much enjoy the way I strut my stuff,” he teased his breath hot on your neck as he slowly pulled away.

Your heart hammered in your chest as you went to shove him playfully. He caught your wrists in his hands, pulling you back to him, his lips inches from yours as he breathed you in. What he was doing, you had no clue, but everyone was going to figure the two of you out if he kept it up.

“Jensen,” you warned, half-heartedly before you were interrupted.

“Kiss her already, Ackles, or I’m gonna do it my damn self!” Misha called from offset.

You gasped and turned to give him a death glare, but suddenly Jensen’s hand was at the back of your neck, pulling your lips to his. Your were vaguely aware of the entire cast bursting into cheers, but Jensen’s lips on yours were so distracting that you grabbed two fistfuls of his jean jacket and pressed yourself against him.

“Cats out of the bag,” he smiled against your lips, chasing them as the two of you pulled away.

“Finally,” you breathed a sigh of relief, wrapping your hands around his neck and pulling him back to you.

Hiding your relationship with him had been stressful. Not being able to touch him, kiss him when you most wanted to.

Now, the secret was out. Jensen kissed you hard before whispering against your lips.

“I love you, woman.”

It was the first time he had said it, but you knew if he would say it here, in such a vulnerable way, that he meant it.

You were gonna marry that boy. You just knew it.


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