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O KA Y but can we talk about the fact that matsuhana would COMPLETELY BE ALL OVER EACH OTHER TO PLAY WITH USHI but at the same time theyre protecting their little oikawa. Like they act like theyre doing it just to screw with ushi but its for oiks too

IS THIS ABOUT MY RECENT MATSUHANA SEIJOU MERMAIDS COMIC? BECAUSE YOU ARE 1000% RIGHT. They’re totally doing it to be little shits and make Ushi’s life difficult, but also because they know Oikawa doesn’t want to deal with Ushi getting all up in his business about being the figurehead of the Shiratoizawa ship and they want to shield him from that. Like, I think the rest of the Seijou mermaids would take turns being on lookout at the entrance to the lagoon to head off Ushi and his crew, but Mattsun and Makki would be there the most.  

I just love love love Mattsun’s and Makki’s relatioship with Oikawa. I know Iwa-chan is the most prominent relationship in his life, but they definitely can’t be discounted. That scene where they start calling out ramen orders just before Oikawa’s serve? They’re obviously trolling, but at the same time they’re giving him reassurance that it’s okay if he fucks up/isn’t perfect all the time because they care for him and believe in him totally - the worst that will happen is that Oikawa has to buy them dinner, and they’re not going anywhere. 

For Oikawa, someone who is harshly self-critical to the point of damaging his own body in order to eke out improvement, that kind of support system is really important.

OKAY WOW we went waaay off-piste there but I have a lot of feelings about the Seijou third years whoops

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The boys reacting to seeing their s/o dressing up in their outfits and imitating them when s/o didnt realize them there (like ichi dressed as Kara that one time) (and let's say s/o is really small and petite so the outfits are to big)

Osomatsu:  When Osomatsu was heading over to see his s/o, he might hear them talking to someone and pout as he’d sneak over to see what was going on.  They’d been planning to hang out today, so he didn’t imagine that his s/o would have invited someone else over to tag along.  Peeking into the room from his spot, hiding behind the door, he’d raise his brows when he noticed that they were wearing his usual red hoodie.  Huh-?  Wait- was that right?  No- when he peeked from side to side, he became sure of it.  There was nobody else there.  He was confused at first– but when he saw them rub that single finger under their nose and start babbling on about pachinko, he realized what was going on.  He’d stroll in casuaally with a grin on his face.  "Ehhh?  Pachinko?  And you didn’t invite me?“  He wouldn’t announce himself before entering the room, so that they’d turn and look at him in shock.  He’d mimick the shock on their face and joke around, "Woah!  Who’s this–?  It’s like a cuter version of me- and that’s pretty hard to do, you know!”  He’d snicker and shove his hands into his pockets, grinning widely and feeling pretty happy about the whole situation, despite his teasing.  He’d hook an arm around their shoulder and tug them close before teasing, “Ahh, but I’m afraid I’ll have to cancel on going out today…  If anyone else saw someone this cute, they might not be able to hold themselves back!  Let’s just stay in- right?”

Karamatsu:  He would be one of the few brothers who wouldn’t actually hide when he saw his s/o wearing his clothes.  Instead of spying on them, he’d want to approach them immediately.  As they were saying a particularly painful line in their best ‘cool’ voice, he’d barge into the room and pose dramatically, probably clinging onto the door frame with one hand and clutching his chest with the other.  "Ahh!  Be still, oh beating heart!“  He’d drone before taking another step inside and tilting his head back, running his hand through his hair.  "Ahh, my perfect darling in my perfect fashion!  My…”  He’d take a moment to look at them quickly, giving what he assumed was a sexy gaze while he spoke in choppy English, “Perfect angel!”  He would go out of his way to be as exageratted and dramatic as possible, in order to emphasize how happy he was.  If they started laughing at him, he’d probably go pink and look at them in shock at first before walking over to them and fumbling, “I-Is everything alright, my darling?  Ahh- it must be too much– the pain of being as dangerous and cool as me-!  Life must have been so cruel, my sweetie!”  He’d hesitate before fumbling, “B-But… if it’s not too difficult, my love– then…  maybe you could keep wearing this for a little while longer?”

Choromatsu:  At first, he definitely wouldn’t think anything of the fact that his s/o was talking to someone else.  He’d definitely be aware of it, but it wouldn’t strike him as being odd.  He wouldn’t make a big entrance- he never really did- and the door was open anyways.  Naturally, he’d go to step into the room and announce himself politely, but he’d freeze with wide eyes when he saw his s/o facing away from him, wearing his sweatshirt.  Quickly scrambling out of the room before they noticed, he’d hide behind the door and put a hand over his heart as he tried to steady his breathing.  W-Was his mind playing tricks on him-?  No- impossible– that was…  He’d peek back into the room to make sure and then hide again.  Ah–!  They really were wearing his sweatshirt-!  That was– that was… too cute!  He’d bury his face in his hands and slide down with his back against the wall, curling into himself at first as he tried to calm down.  Once he was able to breathe properly, he’d lean close to the open doorway, trying to hear what they were saying.  They might say something that was intended to lovingly make fun of him and he’d go red, fumbling out a “H-Hey!” before covering his mouth.  A short silence would pass between the two of them before he’d poke his head into the room and give a small, sheepish wave.  "I mean– H-H-Hey!  I’m… here?“  He tried to save himself, but the situation was way too obvious.  His s/o might get embarrassed that he’d been spying and he’d rush to his feet and run over to them, defending himself with, "B-ut- you were just too cute!”  If their eyes met after that, he’d tense and then cover his mouth, averting his eyes as his face burned.  "Ah-… now we’re both embarrassed.“  If they laughed at that, he’d definitely smile in a loving way as he looked over at them.

Ichimatsu:  Out of his brothers, it would probably take him the longest to realize what was actually going on.  He’d very casually walk over towards the room, not entirely aware of the fact that his s/o was talking.  When he stepped into the room, he’d look at his s/o for a minute and not even really be aware of the situation.  "Hey…”  He’d make his partner aware of his presence and then, when they looked at him in shock, he’d be confused at first.  Slowly looking down, he’d see the emblem on the sweatshirt and then give a small, “Ah-…”  Slowly, but surely, realization would dawn on him.  He’d be stunned into silence, his whole face flaring up bright red, thinking that the sight was really cute.  However, once he got his bearings and settled into the situation, which would admittedly take him a moment, since he has his own pace, he might actually become really afraid.  If she was talking before he came in, and wearing his sweatshirt, and no one else was there…  Was she mocking him?  He’d get a gloomy look on his face and go, “Ah-…  Having a trashy boyfriend like me…  I’d be disappointed, too…”  He’d probably sit on the floor and pull his knees up to his face, getting a little bit depressed.  He hadn’t heard what they’d said before he came in…  Were they making fun of him?  He was a pretty awful boyfriend, after all…  He wouldn’t blame them…  If his s/o asked what he was upset about, he would look away and mutter, “…It’s okay.  I don’t mind that you were making fun of me… or anything…”  He sighed and rested his head on his arms.  When his s/o said that they weren’t making fun of him, he’d look up at them quietly, his brows scrunched up.  "…Huh?“  If his s/o shyly admitted that they were doing it because they liked him, then he’d go bright red and stare at them in shock, his eyes wide.  He’d blink a few times, quickly, before fumbling out, "Because you… like me?”  He’d take a few seconds before lowering his legs, sitting with them flat in front of him, and then he’d pat the ground beside him.  Once they sat, he’d furrowed his brows and hesitantly reach over to grab their hand, looking away all the while, feeling extremely embarrassed.  "…I like… you, too.“  He’d hesitate before looking at them and swallowing hard.  "And uh-… that…”  He looked down, gesturing at the sweatshirt, before looking back up at them.  "…It looks… really good on you.“

Jyushimatsu:  When he heard his s/o talking to someone in the room, a weird expression would cross his face- his usual big smile, along with those big, skeptical eyes he occasionally got.  He’d sneak up to the room, peeking in slowly and covering his mouth to make sure he was completely quiet.  His usual smile would grow even wider than some may think possible, his eyes practically sparkling as he jumped from foot to foot in place, excitedly, upon seeing them.  If he heard them do his famous 'Muscle, Muscle!  Hustle, Hustle!’, Then he’d jump right into the room and join them, shouting excitedly, "Muscle, Muscle!  Hustle, Hustle!”  If they seemed shocked, he’d just laugh happily and then start to imitate them, doing an almost scary accurate impression of them, except, his excitement would shine thruogh in every impression and he wouldn’t be able to stop laughing in between.  It would turn into a contest of who could imitate who better and, after playing around for a bit, Jyushi would look at them in mock shock and point out one of his long sleeves at them.  "Uwah!  A mirror-!  It’s me, it’s me!“  He’d run right up to them and make a stupid face, causing them to mimick his expression.  He’d burst out laughing immediately, wrapping his arms around them and swaying them from side to side, feeling really happy about the whole situation.  Playing with his s/o was his favorite thing to do- and seeing them in his clothes would make him feel really loved and appreciated, which would just make him want to be all the more affectionate with them.  He’d kiss them all over their face and then say loudly, "My s/o is the cutest!”  If they asked him not to yell it, he’d get a mischievous look in his eyes before running away from them.  They might laugh and run after him, trying to pull him away as he opened the window and loudly shouted, “MY S/O IS THE CUTEST!” before allowing himself to be tackled down onto the floor.  They’d laugh happily together and he’d hold them as tight as he could, showering them in kisses.

Todomatsu:  He would be the sneakiest out of his brothers.  He’d probably catch on to what was happening pretty early on, as soon as he heard them from down the hall, speaking in an overly cutesy voice to themself.  He’d whip out his phone and face it towards himself as he whispered, making a cute face, “Ahh- I think I heard something from around the corner!”  He’d sneak over to the doorway quietly and peek the phone into the room, watching the screen and carefully adjusting it to get a good shot of his s/o- from the most flattering and adorable angle, of course!  He’d record them for a little while at first before peeking his head in, phone still recording, as he feigned innocence and asked, “Oooh?  S/o?  Is that you?”  He’d step into the room with a cocky little smirk on his face, playing dumb.  "What are you doing in my clothes– hmm?“  If his partner flushed, he’d smile happily and coo, "Ahh- what a cute face…  Can you look into the camera for me?”  They might gasp and shrink away from the camera, at which point he’d giggle and continue, “Aw- are you being shy?  How cute…  Ah- did you want me to turn it off?”  After this, it’d likely become a fight for the camera- in which Tottie would dodge them with ease, keeping the camera fixed on them the whole time.  "You’re gonna have to take it from meee!“  He’d chuckle happily, gasping if his s/o caught him off guard, stumbling a bit, and then deciding not to catch himself, allowing them both to topple backwards with his s/o landing on his chest.  He’d turn the camera to record both of them in the position and he’d gasp into the camera before saying, "Oh no!  Looks like we’ll have to cut off here!”  Once he stopped the recording, he’d slide his phone away and giggle before wrapping his arms around his s/o and giving them a mischievous smile.  "Wearing my clothes… could it be that you missed me?  Well- I’m here now…  What are you gonna do about it?“ He’d tease and nibble on his bottom lip excitedly as he peeked up at them.

YoI episode 9

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Also known as “I always suffer with the Free Skate”. Why? Because if you fail a SP, you can still find redemption in the Free Skate. But more often than not, you skate a good Short Program and then mess up during the FS.

I don’t mean to say Yuuri will fail, but anything could happen. If he’s worried about Makkachin, it could affect his performance. While I think he can still function without Viktor, it’s obvious that his absence will play a significant role in his performance during the FS because that’s what coaches are for. They are supposed to help you calm down.

So what did I expect from this episode?


-Skaters messing up their programs

-A full program with Emil because we still haven’t seen him

-Please let Asshole lose

Meanwhile, we have Viktor dealing with Makkachin’s illness, and I expected to see something about Viktor’s past as well as Makkachin getting better.

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All Hallows Eve - Part Five

TITLE OF STORY: All Hallows Eve
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Fantasy, Romance, Drama
FIC SUMMARY: A village girl is late returning home on the most ghoulish night of the year and is chased through the dark forest only to be saved by something - someone - just as strange and monstrous.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES/FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: “There are no happy endings because nothing ends.“ Yeah, last chapter would have been a decent place to stop it, but I have more in my head for these two. This chapter seems a little light on the fairy tale vibe, and it kind of waxes and wanes for the rest of the story, but hopefully it reads well and you don’t mind too much. Thanks for reading. xoxox

Previous Chapters  1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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