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Classroom Distractions

This is almost entirely fluff as a break from a really angsty one-shot I’ve also been working on.  I have some other stuff in the works (including a canon one-shot, AU one-shot, and multi-chap), but I thought I’d get this out.  Hope you enjoy!


Summary: Professor Killian Jones’ history lecture gets a surprise visitor. (NOT StudentxProfessor)

Everybody taking one of Professor Killian Jones’ lectures knew Mrs. Jones.  Or, if they didn’t know she was actually his wife, they knew the blonde woman who he called “Swan” and who occasionally snuck into the room and made their professor’s always excited grin grow even wider.

She first appeared in the middle of his Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Political Theory lecture about three lectures into the class.  About one-third of the female population was drooling over the handsome professor with the accent talking about the Spartan system of government when the blonde woman slid into the room and sat in the chair behind his desk as he lectured in front of the projector.

The students who first noticed her assumed she was an older student who was either playing a prank or trying to catch the eye of Professor Jones by doing something bold. However, when the man caught sight of her, he merely smiled and asked, “Well, Swan, since you seem so eager to learn, can you tell me who first imposed this code of laws on Sparta?”

She frowned thoughtfully and responded, “Lucretius?”

He chuckled. “Lycurgus, love.  But I can tell you’re listening.”  He leaned down and pressed a kiss to the top of her head before turning back to his class.  “Let’s go ahead and take our break now.  Five minutes and be back here.”

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A little too much

Shawn Mendes x Reader

Words: 750

Originally posted by mendesgif

You attend a very demanding university and it is really stressing you out. You barely have free time lately because it was the final exam phase. You feel like with every semester it gets harder. At week days you always spent the whole day in university, and on weekends you studied all day. You didn’t even called your boyfriend Shawn as often as you used to because you were so busy with studying. The past three weeks you didn’t get much sleep and every day you felt more exhausted, but you found time to visit your family next week, and you’re really looking forward to it. Especially because you know your boyfriend of almost one year is at home after a long time too.

You had a long ride with the train back home and Shawn told you he would come, pick you up from the station. As you got off the train with your luggage, he texted you he would wait in the car, since it became not save in public places for him anymore because of his fans. As you spot his car, you walked faster. He quickly got out of the car and pulled you into a tight hug. After minutes you let go of each other. “Y/N. I missed you so much” he told you, smiling.
“I missed you too” you answered and kissed him finally after a long time. “How was your arrival? You look tired. ” “oh the ride was good, and yes, I am tired.” Tired of everything, you thought as you both got into the car.

Once in the car you felt how the pressure starts to fall off from you, to know that you don’t have to go to the university for the next few days, to know that you can spend a relaxed weekend with your family and your boyfriend was everything you needed at this moment. But at the same time you thought of your exams, and you knew you didn’t were good at them as you used to be. You knew your grades won’t be as good as the semester before. And it made you feel terrible. Your parents have high expectations on you, especially your father and you don’t want to dissappoint them but this time it was inevitable.

The whole way to your home you thought about it,   when Shawn tried to talk to you, you just gave him quick answers, and were lost in your thoughts again seconds later.

You two decided to make a nice movie night, with lots of blankets, cuddles, popcorn and of course all of the Harry Potter movies, since your parents wouldn’t be at home till tomorrow because of work. You layed in your bed when Shawn put in the first Harry Potter Movie, but before he could start it you began to cry. Tears streamed down your face and you couldn’t stop them. You didn’t even know what the reason was. Shawn held you in his arms, and asked what was wrong, but you weren’t able to answer. Your sobs absorbed the words and he just pressed you stronger in his arms.

After minutes, which felt like hours to you, you finally managed to speak the words you thought about for days. “ I don’t think I can do this anymore. University is stressing me out and I don’t know what to do. I’ve studied so hard but my grades are still bad. And I miss you and my family so much and …” you managed to speak before your broke down into tears again. Shawn just held you and comfortingly strokes your back.

After minutes he answered:“ Sometimes it all gets a little too much, but I promise it will get better. I know the last weeks were exhausting but you have to stay strong, even if it’s hard. You can and will make it through. Don’t let exams or grades get you down, you’re a smart person, we all know this. You don’t have to prove anyone anything. I’m sure next week it all will already be a lot better. You’ll see.”

“I love you ” you said as you placed your head in the crook of his neck. “I love you too, so much. Please, don’t ever let something like this get you down again.” “I’ll try” “Are you ready for Harry Potter now?”  "Of course" you smiled, and for the first time after weeks you felt totally calm and happy again and fell asleep a few minutes later.

Hey, this is my first Imagine and I hope you guys like it. I´m sorry if there are any mistakes in my writing because english is not my first language, but I tried my best. :) 

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sitting on someone’s lap + ripsara

She does it, first, to show that she is the superior captain. Which, in retrospect, had sounded so much better in her head, and now in practice, made her feel kind of like she was blushing a little too hard.

And in all honesty, a little blushing for her was too much- She isn’t a blusher, she isn’t demure or coy or any of that shit, but Rip is all of those things and English, and she thinks she might just be slightly flushed in sympathy for the fact that he is, to say the least, kind of faintly purpling.

“Why,” he says, like she’s sitting on his chest and not on his thighs. “Are you? This? You?”

“Because I’m the captain,” Sara says. “And you’re in my chair.”

“You are on me,” Rip wheezes.

“Don’t pass out,” Sara says, shifting her seat. Mistake- It makes him grip the armrests like they’re about to crash the damn ship. “No, seriously. I can’t tell if you’re turned on or mortified.”

“Neither can I,” Rip says, and it’s sort of cute how his gaze is avoiding hers at absolutely all costs.

“I mean, you should get used to this,” Sara says. “We only have one captain’s chair and two captains, so-”

“This isn’t going to work,” Rip manages.

Sara pouts at him, deciding to just dig the hole deeper and mess up his hair. “Why not?” she asks. “You don’t like the idea of me sitting on your lap all the time? In front of everyone?”

And now he’s not so much faintly purple as he is violently fuchsia, like a sunset of shame occurring on his face. Breathtaking. 

“Are you going to die?” Sara says.

“Yes,” Rip replies.

“Do you want to try sitting on my lap?” Sara says.

“I can’t,” he says. “I’m dying.”

“If I like, shifted in your lap,” Sara says. “And put your face in my boobs, would that be cool? Because I’m kind of thinking that would be a fun place to take this exercise.”

“Yes,” Rip repeats. “Fun.”

She grins at him, kissing him on the forehead. “Just don’t drive when your head is in my cleavage. That’s dangerous.”

it is 4 days until valentine’s and let me fucking tell you

how much dirk strider loves jake english and how cosmically In Deep he is means so much to me. dirk is actually In Love with jake on a level I think a lot of people tend to discredit as a first crush, or they take him at his word when he cynically says maybe he only liked jake because he was the only boy around. (which is very untrue – dirk is in a bad place when he says that and is trying to distance himself from what he feels are his own fuckups wrt jake.) 

dirk has been in love with jake for at least 3 years of his life – he and jake are dancing around flirting with each other for the entirety of the dreambubble log. if it was as shallow or easy to dismiss as dirk later wants to believe I’m sure he could have handled it then. that’s not to say he didn’t put way too much pressure on jake to be The One – of course he did – but it does mean that dirk’s feelings aren’t shallow, false, or easily overcome. dirk strider is head over heels for that boy. dirk strider is so completely horrendously in love that he cannot be happy without some form of jake english in his life and when he decides to stay away from jake (because he erroneously believes it’s better that way and jake hates him now) he is in fact cosigning himself to a miserable existence where he is going to keep going in circles chasing himself about how he never deserved jake.

not that it matters since they clearly hook back up in the post-act 7 world but hey

the depth and breadth of dirk’s feelings for jake is heart-aching if I think about it too hard and I think it’s something a lot of gay people can relate to, especially tied up as it is with dirk’s fear jake isn’t interested or that he dragged jake forcibly into it. but dirk is In Love. he’s in love in a romantic epic sense and, in a way I think he probably buys into a little too much given his love of antiquity, an almost greek sense where love is a madness that consumes you. dirk is truly and deeply enchanted by jake english and he knows it and on some level knows that he can’t really ever be over it. 

jake loves dirk too, of course, but dirk is afraid that jake’s feelings can’t run as deep as his and never could. though I think this fear is largely misplaced (for understandable reasons), it’s clear to see where it came from. dirk is in love with jake on an almost cosmic, transcendent level. it’s hard to think anybody could ever return your feelings with that sort of sheer raw realness. 

they are so desperately, deeply in love though. 

they really are.

Lips, lips,lips...

A/N: Fluff-ish short oneshot I wrote during my biology class. And again, English isn’t my first language so I hope the possible mistakes won’t irritate too much xx

He watched his lips as he drank from the water bottle. They were so red and plump, now a bit moist and even glossier. 

He licked his lips, he wanted to lick his lips.

They looked so irresistibly sweet and tasty, so soft and lovable. He wanted to touch them. He wanted to feel them. He wanted to show love to them.

He looked at his lips while he talked. They moved so smoothly and calmly as he spoke words out loud. He couldn’t hear what he said but better than that, he could read his lips. His own lips formed a light smile just because.

He watched his lips as he licked them. He knew that he had a habit of doing it, he very well knew.

Now he bit his lip. He had stared at those perfect shaped lips way too long. They simply were too attractive and irresistible. He wandered back to reality as he noticed that those lips were suddenly talking to him.

”Jeongguk-ah”, Jimin called his name with a smile on his lips. It forced Jeongguk to shift his eyes from the lips to the person’s eyes in front of him.
Now he saw the most beautiful eyes ever existing. They had almost disappeared because of the wide smile.

”Please do some aegyo.”

Jeongguk gave Jimin a warm smile before blowing a kiss to him.
”For the fans, you silly”, the one who received the kiss giggled.

Jeongguk turned to look at the audience – for a moment he had forgotten where he actually was.

He smirked and blew a kiss to the audience.

MTL: likely to date a non-famous foreigner

For the lovely anon who requested it. I apologize for doing it in this format, but as I replied to your asks yesterday, I couldn’t do this in my usual format.


1. Namjoon. He is always going to be #1 when it comes to dating foreigners, because of his language skills. Also, I feel like he would prefer if the person he’s dating isn’t famous. So yeah.

2. Taehyung. He is also more likely than most of the members to date a foreigner. He would have a harder time communicating with them, but that won’t stop him. Especially not now that he’s getting better at english. And I don’t think he cares much wether his s/o is famous or not??? But he would probably prefer if they weren’t because that makes it easier to lead a normal life.

3. Hobi. He is also more likely to date a foreigner in general. He might be more hesitant about it than Tae, tho. And you not being famous will be a bonus in his mind.

4. Jin. He is quite good at english, so he would not care too much about the language barrier if he felt a connection with you. And I honestly think he doesn’t care if you’re famous or not. There’s pros and cons to both.

5. Jimin. He would definitely struggle with the language. Especially if you don’t speak english. But he might be willing to give it a shot under certain circumstances. And again, someone who would prefer if you’re not famous.

6. Jungkook. He would be very unsure on the whole thing, because of the language barrier. But, I think he would be the only member to like it slightly better if you were famous. Mainly because, if you ended up dating, it might be easier for his fans to accept you. But, if you were famous, he would struggle even more when approaching you.

7. Yoongi. Like usual, when it comes to dating foreigner, Yoongi comes last. Only because he needs to be able to communicate well with you to even consider dating you. But, if you speak Korean, he will be right under Namjoon, if not above. And he would reason that there’s both pros and cons to being famous or non-famous. But, as long as you have an understanding for his work and everything that comes with it, he will 100% prefer if you’re not famous.

Thank you for requesting, and I apologize again for doing it in this format xx

So i dont know if one of us has mentioned this yet

But one of our frequent customers is this big Texan. He is just the stereotype of a texan guy. He has the hat and the spurs and the belt buckle and the accent and the “everything is bigger in texas” attitude where he eats like 3 times the normal portion of food just because, but when he talks to his Japanese wife, his accent disappears and he speaks perfect Japanese.

He didnt speak any japanese at first and since his now wife had too much trouble learning English, he learned Japanese. He spent 8 years learning to better their relationship.

Very proud and happy at his willingness to learn so much for his wife. Very admirable.

Teach Me (Jungkook) *NSFW*

Sighing, you tugged the slipping strap of your bag back up your shoulder, your eyes slipping up to the sky to take in the clear blue. The last few weeks had been nothing but grey skies and damp air and you were happily savoring the crisp clearness that had arrived with the beginning of summer. Usually, you dreaded having to walk these few blocks to work because of the rain, but today you enjoyed the sweet, short stroll. It was a nice reprieve before what you knew was going to be a painful tutoring session.

Usually, tutoring is only painful for the student, but Jeon Jungkook made sure it was painful for both of you. It wasn’t that he was a bad student, although he was easily distracted and always doodling in his notes instead of listening, it was that you couldn’t win against him. You were a good tutor because you didn’t put up with any bullshit and made people pay attention and learn, usually. However, when Jeon Jungkook caused trouble, when he derailed the lesson with jokes, when he showed you the picture he had just drawn, you couldn’t help but indulge him. You wanted to see that light in his eyes, hear that lighthearted laugh, and watch as he contorted his face to produce some stupid expression, trying to make you laugh too.

You closed your eyes for a moment and composed yourself before knocking on his door. You heard his heavy steps coming up to the door and took one more deep breath before he opened it.

“Hey Y/N!”

“Hey Jungkook! Ready to learn some English,” you said with feigned enthusiasm.

“No,” he said in English with a smile.

“Well, too bad. Let’s go upstairs,” you said, pushing past him to head up the stairs to his room, ignoring the feeling of your shoulder brushing against his firm chest. How could someone so young be so fucking built? You were the same age, having got the job as his tutor through meeting him at the university the two of you attended, but you were so much smaller than him. Just something about Jeon Jungkook made him seem so large, maybe it was the way he was always leering over you, getting in your space, being an inch too close.

You sat down your bag beside his desk and motioned for him to sit down. “I have the journal you wrote last time corrected. Look over it first and tell me if you have any questions and then we can go over your English homework. Okay?” you said as you pulled a chair up beside his and handed him the past journal. You sat down as he read over the sheet of paper, his eyes lazily drifting over your corrections. Your eyes, meanwhile, drifted just as lazily over his profile and you couldn’t help but bite your lip. As you saw his gaze nearing the end of the page, you composed yourself and reached down into your bag to grab your notebook and pen. Once you were sitting back up you looked over to find him staring at you and you started slightly. “Done reading?”

“Yes,” he said setting the journal back on the desk.

“Any questions?”

“Why are English words so hard to spell?” he asked as he got out his English homework.

“They just are. Korean words aren’t easy to spell either,” you fired back and he scoffed, giving you a look which you returned.

“Fine, I will admit Korean is hard to spell too,” he said holding up his hands in surrender.

“I doubt your spelling is much better than mine anyway,” you joked, “now let’s see what you’ve done so far on this homework.” You got up from your chair and moved to get closer to the desk, standing beside Jungkook so you could get a better look at the desk and homework on it.

“No, wait, I am definitely better at Korean spelling than you,” Jungkook argued, spinning you around by your waist so you were facing towards him. You tried to stop the blush spreading across your face but the heat from his hands on your waist was nothing compared to the heat spreading to your cheeks.

“Mmm, sure, let’s just focus on English now,” you said with a strained smile, turning back to the desk and hoping he would naturally move his hands. But, alas, his hands remained on your waist and he twisted you back around again.

“Let’s have a spelling competition,” he said adamantly, pulling you ever so closer, holding you ever so tighter to prevent you from twisting back around. You were forced to stare into his eyes, his gaze fiery and proud, his chin slightly upturned. You hesitated for a moment, not wanting to give in, not wanting to lose, before covering your surprise at his closeness with a joking smile.

“We can have a competition on one condition,” you conceded.

“What?” Jungkook asked brightly, shifting closer to you again.

“We go over this homework first,” you said slowly, and Jungkook groaned, his hands falling back to his sides as you turned back.

“Fine, but we are having a competition.”

You looked over the homework fairly quickly. He had only made few mistakes, missing articles here and there, misspelling one or two words. You fixed and explained his mistakes sitting back in the chair to rest after standing. You heard Jungkook doing something and looked over to see him turning his chair towards you.

“What are you do-” you were about to ask him what he was doing when reached over and put his arms on either side of you before twisting your chair quickly so it was facing him. He leaned back with a smug grin, laughing at the surprised squeal you had made when he suddenly twisted your chair around.

“Competition time,” he said seriously, leaning back in his chair. You sighed and gave him a half-hearted smile.

“Okay, so how is this going to work?” you asked, knowing full well you should be tutoring him and not indulging his every desire.

“I will say ten words and you write them down and then you will say ten words and I will write them down. Whoever gets the most right wins.”

“Does the winner get anything?” you asked innocently as you got out two sheets of paper for the two of you and your pencil.

“How about… the winner gets one favor from the loser, whatever they want.” You had been numbering the lines of the sheet one through ten but paused to look over at Jungkook. His face was serious, one eyebrow raised and his head tilted slightly to one side as if taunting you.

“Deal,” you said bravely as you finished numbering the paper. You knew Jungkook would probably just make you buy him food someday next week if you lost, not too bad of a punishment.

“Okay, I am going to say your words then. Ready?”

“Ready,” you said leaning over the paper.

“갉아먹다” he said before getting up so he could lean over you and watch how you were doing. He laughed when you were finished writing and you looked up at him.

“I don’t even know what this word means,” you pouted.

“갉아 not 갈가,” he said reaching over your shoulder to write a correction.

“You are going to me really hard words for all of these, aren’t you?”

“Of course,” he said tauntingly. “The next word is 개인주의,” he said proudly and you proceeded to get that one wrong too, replacing 의 with 이. He continued with his list of words, thinking up harder and harder ones to trip you. You ended up only getting four right and you slumped down on the desk in defeat, knowing you didn’t know hard enough words for him to misspell.

“I don’t want to even try to think of hard words for you,” you mumbled into the desk.

“Well, then I guess I win,” Jungkook had leaned further over you to whisper in your ear, causing you to get startled. You slowly rose to sit up and Jungkook rose to be fully standing as well. His face and stature proud, exuding hubris.

“You win, so what do you want?” you asked unhappily looking up at him.


You froze for a moment, mouth agape before one strangled question left your lips, “What?”

“I. Want. You.” Jungkook enunciated each word as he came closer, placing his arms on the top of your chair on either side of your head.

“Okay,” you managed to say meekly as his face came close until it was less than a centimeter from you.

Jungkook smiled and brought one hand to the back of your neck as he pulled you to him his lips catching yours in an overpowering kiss. You gave in in every way to him, your body going slack as he kissed you. He brought his arms down to wrap them around your thighs lifting you up from the chair. You held onto his shoulders as he walked you over to his bed, setting you down slowly and pushing you back down on the bed as he continued to kiss you. He grew rougher once he had you on the bed, his kisses strong and his hands roughly exploring your body. You felt one soft hand slide beneath you and unhook your bra before sliding it off your body, you helping along when you could. Too impatient to bother taking off your shirt, Jungkook merely rolled it up to expose your breasts, his mouth dropping from yours to allow his tongue to swirl slowly around your nipples eliciting a moan. His fingers palpated and massaged the sides of your breast before dancing down your ribs to play with the waist of your skirt. The fingers of one hand dipped down to run over you clit as the other hand came back up to cradle your neck as he began to kiss you again, his tongue slipping between your lips as his finger began to slowly massage your clit in circles.

“More, please,” you breathed out between kisses and Jungkook smiled triumphantly at your flushed face before moving down to suck hard on your neck for a moment to tease you further before finally shifting his body to pull down your skirt and panties, before slipping one hooked finger into you, leaning forward to let his tongue circle around you clit, a times switching to suck lightly on it as he continued to pump his finger in and out. Your hands reached down, your fingers knotting in the shoulder of his t-shirt. He continued to steadily pleasure you, your grip on him growing tighter as you neared climax. But Jungkook wasn’t done teasing you. Rather than bringing you to climax, he pulled away from you right before you reached it, leaving you panting in the bed as he sat up, pulling off his shirt and getting up to quickly step out of his pants, getting a condom from the nightstand beside his bed. You bit your lip as took in his body. You wanted to trace every line of muscle that covered his arms and abs and thighs. You wanted his body on yours and you just grew impatient as he slid on the condom.

“Hurry,” you breathed as you reached out for his hand to pull him back to the bed.

“Why do I feel like this is a win for the both of us?” he asked, his voice low and eyes dark as he looked over your lust-ridden body.

“Because it is,” you said as he positioned himself at your entrance, your answer ending in a moan as he slid into you.

You brought your hands up to run over the contours of his body, feeling and enjoying the firm muscles you had only fantasized about before, as Jungkook peppered small kisses across your face and chest. He slowly began to speed up and as he did, he transitioned from sweet kisses to wet sloppy ones, his hands knotting in your hair to pull your head back, exposing your neck to allow for more hickeys. You moaned at the feeling of his hand in your hair, his body against yours. Wanting to prolong the moment, you held out as long as you could, despite still being sensitive from Jungkook’s teasing earlier.

Your nails dug deep into his back as he continued to thrust in and out, his hips rolling against yours as you rose up to meet him with each thrust. As Jungkook himself grew closer, he switched his grip from your hair to your sheets, one hand coming up to massage your breast every now and then. A growl escaped from deep in his throat, a low and guttural moan that betrayed how animalistic his desires were, and you savored the sound and the feeling of his breath on your face. Finally, as Jungkook sped up one more time, you felt your body give in, orgasming, your muscles spasming and your moans getting caught in the back of your throat. Jungkook being close himself, you felt him still as he too came, his body, which had been taut, relaxing ever so slightly. He pulled out and took off the condom, throwing it in the trashcan beside the bed before pulling the covers up to cover the two of you and pulling you close to him. He wrapped his arms around you and despite being sweaty form earlier, his body heat wasn’t uncomfortable, the opposite actually. It was comforting.

“I’m glad you don’t know how to spell,” he joked, his voice drowsy.

“I should be upset that I can’t but honestly I’m not,’ you admitted, snuggling into his chest.

“I could always tutor you,” he suggested.

“If a session with you ends up like this, I’m definitely up for it.”

Can we talk about how this is the moment when Victor realized that Yuuri wasn’t the “prince” he met at the gala.

This is important to me because I thought that he was talking about Yuuri’s potential but no, he was talking about Yuuri, about his person. He knew how charming Yuuri could be, he went to Japan because of it, and then he discovered that his prince was just a marshmallow full with anxiety and katsudon. But he left?? NO HE IS HERE NOW WITH A RING IN HIS HAND BECAUSE HE WANTED TO BE WITH YUURI AND KNOW HIM BETTER AND THAT’S SO CUTE AND PURE AND I LOVE VICTOR NIKIFOROV SO MUCH

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Hi dear. I would like to ask about what is your opinion on jiminie dynamics with each members?i love to see his moments with other members on youtube and i would love to hear yours too.. ^^.. thanks dear.. :)

My lovely anon I see that you are gonna make me write an essay about this, because I got so much to tell, so get yourself ready, make some tea, pull up some covers so we can go on this adventure together…


Now, where to even start? Because I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before or you probably have seen it somewhere, the simple fact that every single one of Bangtan members adore Jimin, because, what’s not to like? He’s friendly, caring, always concern with everybody’s health except his own much until recently, just a lovely and sweet person altogether. And if we, mere fans who don’t get a chance to see him every moment of everyday can see that, surely they can too and even better! Now, let’s begin…


“If the other member were girls, who would you date and why?”
Jin: Jimin, is so kind and so gentleman so…haha, so… I want date with Jimin (he said in English)“ source.

See, Jin knows how kind this boy is :D I’d say their dynamics is like of an older brother and younger brother, Jin takes care of Jimin and admires his kind personality, and from most of what I’ve seen, Jin is always the one who’s feeding Jimin around so he will always be healthy. I wouldn’t say they are the closest, but you can certainly see how much they adore each other.


I’d say that Namjoon’s relationship with Jimin is similar to the one he has with Jin, the brotherly kind, I even get to say Jimin is Namjoon’s favorite dongsaeng, he even said that once or twice, but for the hell of me I can’t find it anywhere! (If someone does, please send it to me so I can update this with the credits, thanks)


Mutual admiration at the highest point! That’s pretty much what Yoonmin makes me feel. Jimin is Yoongi’s soft spot, the person he would probably melt for and Yoongi is someone he trully looks up to, someone he would never see disappointing him, and what else would ask of them, it’s simply beautiful!


Jimin is someone that Hoseok sees at the same time as an equal, meaning like they would probably have the same age mentally and have lots to talk about and in common, but also as the “younger” among them all, he once said Jimin feels like the maknae, because he’s always being cute and playful around him. And Jimin in return always says Hoseok cheers him up, and is so friendly, I mean they are both bundles of sunshine, the brightest bunch. They can carry each other’s sadness away with a smile and that’s what I mostly love about these two. And you can see the love in their eyes as well, how much they care for each other. I could write about Jihope like there’s no tomorrow, they have far too many moments to be mentioned, so if you are interested and have time, check my jihope tag and have a blast!


They are the best of the best of the best of friends, and damn these boys love each other so much I dare to say it might be more than that…
They have the most fun together, are the ones that share the most interests, that are always there for each other. You know that friend you love so much you can’t stand being apart for more than one day and you are already missing them, that one you think you must be in love because you can’t get enough of them? That’s Vmin for me… once again, go through my vmin tag, you won’t regret, just too much love!


Oh boy, you’ve caught me, I’d probably be very biased here, but I can’t help it, countless times Jikook has made my heart swell and tears come from my eyes, I know you can’t really assume anything is actually going on, but when I see the way they look at each other I see the purest definition of loving someone and is just too much to handle!!
Please, you’re probably tired of the same, but just go through my jikook tag to ease my pain of having to collect moments of these two, because there are too many to take into account, please go and get a taste of what their relationship is really about and see it with your own eyes, after that, come and tell me what you believe in, I won’t be a pretentious idiot and tell you will never again see them with the same eyes and begin thinking they are in love, but there’s no way you won’t at least think that whatever is there between them is not beautiful and true and the most lovely friendship that you’ve ever seen and that would last forever.
I really started with the intention of writing much more than that, specially for jikook, but the more I analyze all of this the more it gets me speechless… *sighs* so I hope this was enough for you anon, thank you so much for sending this ask!

Please, if anyone has links for the moments I’ve mentioned, send me in my inbox so I can credit it, thanks!! Credits to the pics/gifs owners also. And don’t be shy to send me any questions, I’m always glad to answer them! :3


The concert was super fun! 2PM has the most amazing remixes and beats like I thought I was at a club half the time, lmao. JYP needs to release a studio version of all the special concert audios. Everyone had such good hair styles, they all looked gorgeous!

Fancams: Without U, Go CrazyCome Back When You Hear This Song, Hands Up, Sexy Lady, ADTOY, Again & Again & Taec dancing shirtless for jackseonwang (hope you’re alive after watching this).

Wooyoung is SO HOT in person but he looked really tired and drained, poor guy. At the end they came out in their concert tees and he had a snapback on and ugh he was just so hot. And he went totally wild during the Hands Up and Go Crazy encores, it was awesome.

Junho’s voice is AMAZING live. AND HIS DANCING IS SO SEXYYY like he seriously knows how to move. I was pretty much watching him the entire time. He looks so cuteee in person.

Jun.K’s English was so fucking flawless. He literally spoke in fluent complete sentences without barely any accent during all the talking segments. And his live voice is to die for. He kept smiling and thanking us and HE WAS SO CHARMING.

Chansung looks so good in person too. Taec and Khun kept forcing him to speak to us in English and he struggled so hard but it was so adorable and he actually wasn’t half bad. Then at the end he just randomly stripped during the encore and OMG HIS BODY.

Nichkhun looks so much better in real life. I know he’s the visual and all, but I never thought he was that attractive but now I understand. He kept asking if we ate already and to be careful of the cold. He was such a sweetheart.

Taec has never really intrigued me but I like him a lot better now after seeing them live. HE REPPED THE EAST COAST SO HARD so extra bonus points to him. He did most of the talking and he’s pretty charming too just like Jun.K.


Oh guys! You need to watch this!!!!

If I ever thought the Mall Scene was good, it was even better!!!!

I mean! We could have seen Natasha in all her glorious spy-hide-in-sight mood, and teaching this to Steve! And the escalator kiss is so hot and steamy, and at the same time It has much more sense.


1.- Steve and Nat are holding hands almost all the scene

2.- Nat chooses smaller clothes for Steve… and checked his ass…

I’m dying! don’t touch me right now!!!!

i’m a high school student in australia. I stumbled across your work and they’re so amazing omg and please if you have time could u give me some drawing advice or maybe just pick out mistakes or something that i need to improve on in my artwork if you could :) thanks a lot! :D

- Hi :) first of all, thank you so much. And sorry for late respond. Nice work! Its little hard to explain because my English is not good..! anyway i want to say, you dont need to care too much for using lines. It’s just kind of skills so I think, from now on, focus on “exact shape(or form)”. If you study human bones and muscles, you can get better potriat drawings :) I didn’t want to use word “study” ..! Just enjoy drawings :D Have a nice day!

”I need a drink”, Alec mumbled, face pushed against the back of his boyfriends blue couch. A little smile found a place in Magnus’s violet shaded lips, while he lifted the younger boys legs, so he could sit on the couch too.
“Wow. Alexander Lightwood, the blue eyed boy who drinks once in ten years, needs a drink? This will be interesting”, Magnus said and placed his hands over his boyfriends thighs.  
“There is too much going on in my head right now!”
“That’s not a reasonable reason to you to need a drink, my dear.”
“I just need a drink”, Alec sighed.
“And I need a hug”, Magnus commented, turning his head so he could see his boyfriends face.
A little laugh escaped from between Alec’s lips. “Is kiss good enough?”
“Even better.”

Should I keep writing this? Sorry for my bad english, I’m from Finland, and this is my first fic that I’m writing in english.


Read from right to left:

It’s Naruto’s birthday and his family wants to celebrate it, but Naruto arrives home too late at night and feel bad about it because he thinks everyone is asleep. But…


His Family loves Naruto too much and they will not miss this day to show how much they love him.

Naruto has been with me for almost 10 years now. This fictional character has shaped my life for the better in so many ways. He will always have a place in my heart. 

Thank you Masashi Kishimoto from the bottom of my heart for creating this inspiration character that I love so much (he is so perfect tbh *-*)

Naruto will never be over for me and I doubt I’d ever forget this story.

  • I’m not a native english speaker, so be patient if you find some bad grammar. I hope you Like it!! 



My meagre contribution to Ike’s Football AU extravaganza!! Based on this FREAKING ADORABLE moment between Iker Casillas and his reporter girlfriend Sara Carbonero after Spain won the 2010 World Cup:

Charles is standing along the press line at the edge of the field when Germany scores the winning goal. It’s been almost two hours of mounting anxiety that has steadily built to a near frenzy and Charles should be used to it by now after countless matches except–except this time Erik is playing in the World Cup final and everything is different. Goetze has barely kicked the ball into the net when Charles lunges at Hank, jostling the camera in his hands and choking him in a hug that summons a roaring wave of emotion in his chest.

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Luke Hemmings Imagine

“No, no,” he says softly, pulling your hand back from your paper. He picks his chin up from your shoulder to lean further over your back.

“Add the five to both sides,” Luke tells you, writing in a five of his own where you should’ve put it. You sigh and drop your head to the desk, “I’m so stupid.” He shakes his head and kisses your cheek, “You’re just confused. That’s okay. That’s why I’m here. How about number seventeen?”

You nod and continue with the problem but you do it wrong three times in a row and you just let out a loud grunt and grip your hair, just about ready to pull it out. “I’m so dumb!” You shout, jumping up from your seat as you begin pacing, tears settled in your eyelids. Luke just looks at you sadly and watches as you walk back and forth, knowing that if he were to confront you now, you’d just blow up even further. Finally you let a tear fall and you slide down the foot of your bed to cradle your head in your hands.

“Its just math,” you say, choking back a sob, “it shouldn’t feel like rocket science.” You don’t dare look at Luke, you don’t want to see the disappointment in his eyes. He’s always been smarter than you, and now is no different. You guys aren’t an official couple, but you spend dubious amounts of time together and are affectionate, so you’re basically dating. “Hey there,” he says softly, squatting in front of you. He kisses your forehead and wraps his lean fingers around your wrist, “Listen to me, all right?” You shake your head and bite your lower lip as the tears continue to come. It’s just a stupid math problem, why are you so emotional about it? You huff, “Luke, let’s just get over it an accept the fact that I’m stupid.” He pries your hands away from your face and forces you to look him in the eyes. “You’re not stupid, (y/n),” he says decisively, causing you to shut up and listen. His eyes are a darker blue than normal and you can tell this is hurting him too.

“Just because you don’t understand a concept in a maths textbook doesn’t mean you’re stupid. You know what you are?” You shrug and look at your knees, not liking that burning blue gaze that’s zeroed in on your eyes. “You’re funny and smart and you’re so much better than me in Science and English and…” He begins rambling about all the things you didn’t even notice about yourself, and you have to shut him up with a kiss to his nose.

“Luke,” you say softly, “I get it.” He nods his head, “Good. Now how about we try that problem again?”

[FAN ACCOUNT] 160110 INFINITE Effect in Los Angeles

Hello everyone! First of all, thank you for making our glow sticks support a success. Thank you to those who stopped by to talk to me briefly, and sorry that I was busy untangling the cords! Those were almost impossible to untangle…haha. Anyways.

I’ve been to ‘One Great Step’ in Los Angeles in 2013, and ever since then, I’ve been dying (literally) to go to another INFINITE concert! They were so amazing back then, so I had a high expectation this time as well. But boy, did they not disappoint!

After handing out the glow sticks (a big shoutout to my dear friend dongwoodont and Julie, who helped me throughout the whole weekend! And dayounggie for being with us in spirit!), me and dongwoodont stood in line to get in. It took approximately 45 minutes for us to get in. Before the concert began, they were playing the music videos on those huge screens, as they always do haha. I knew the concert was about to began once they began playing the music video for ‘Bad’, and surely enough, the venue went dark and the VCR for world tour began to play. I was holding dearly onto my Yeobongie at this point, and sweating very nervously as well haha.

All I remember is seeing the boys’ silhouettes on the screen before they began BTD. The whole setlist, as most of you probably know by now, was BTD-Paradise-Be Mine-Introduction-Destiny-Tic Toc-Ments-Footsteps-Love Letter-Between Me & You-VCR-Woohyun (Everyday)-INFINITE H (Sorry I’m Busy, Pretty)-Sunggyu (Kontrol)-INFINITE F (Heartbeat, My Girl)-Last Romeo OG MV-For You-Nothing’s Over-Entrust-Cover Girl-VCR-Take Care of the Ending-Moonlight-Ments-Back-Chaser-Bad-VCR-Come Back Again-Ending Ments-Together. They were in a really good condition; they sang so well live, and I didn’t hear them go off tune throughout the whole concert! I was very impressed by how much they’ve improved in singing compared to last time, especially Sungjong and Sungyeol. They were dancing pretty hard too, as expected from our boys. There were some stages where they messed up the lighting (I don’t exactly remember which songs they were), but other than that, I was pretty satisfied with the stage setup and everything.

I was a little sad that at times, the band was too loud and overwhelming the boys’ voices; it wasn’t like you couldn’t hear the boys at all, but the band was definitely loud enough that you couldn’t hear the lyrics at times. And most of all, I was not happy that the interpreter wasn’t very good. There were times when she would mistranslate or omit things, and that was not cool ㅠㅠ The boys were very sincere with what they were saying, and I felt like she didn’t do a very good job as an interpreter.

Also I was very sad that I didn’t get to see the boys perform ‘Dilemma’ and ‘Just Another Lonely Night’ live! I did kind of expect that they wouldn’t, but I was still very sad regardless. I also wanted to see them do cute little dances during ‘Moonlight’, but that didn’t happen either, except for Dongwoo lol.

Anyways, instead of freaking out and forgetting everything like I did for OGS LA, I tried to remember little things that happened throughout the concert.

Sunggyu: After BTD-Paradise-Be Mine, the boys had finished introducing themselves and were trying to transition to the next song. Of course, Sunggyu was in charge of talking, and there was this tear-like streak on his face. Other boys started laughing at him when they saw a closeup of Sunggyu on the huge screen, and Sunggyu, unaware that they were laughing at him, continued with his ments. Eventually Woohyun had to run to the other side of the stage to wipe his sweat lol. It was very cute. Throughout the concert, Sunggyu seemed to be in a really good mood! He was swaying side to side during ‘Love Letter’, and he was all smiley. He did a lot of fan service too. During the ending ments, he said that LA is a lot warmer compared to Korea, and all the fans there were like ‘No it’s cold.’ He continued on to say that if we ever wanted to experience what real cold was, we should visit Korea in January lol

Dongwoo: Dongwoo, with his amazing new haircut and awesome biceps/collar bones/shoulders, was ever the cheerful sunshine! He was super hyper. It was nice that he was trying to communicate to the audience in English, though at times I couldn’t really understand what he was saying haha. When Sunggyu was introducing INFINITE H during the ments, Dongwoo would blurt out stuff like “HIPHOP IS LIFE!” lol He was just so Dongwoo and he was adorable. He said that Inspirits were like the weather in English, and the audience was like ???? before he added that Inspirits were like sunshine lol. It was also funny how he was imitating the interpreter girl’s accent/intonation while saying ‘Inspirit~ Pretty~ INFINITE~ Handsome~’ During the ending ments he said that he met up with a friend in DTLA, had beef and cocktails, and played games. Also he just didn’t stop dancing lol. During the ments, he was literally dancing the whole time. He also did so much fan service I was so jealous of the girls in pit! At one point, it kind of looked dangerous because the fans’ hands were almost at his crotch level lol.

Woohyun: Woohyun was just…so cute. He was like a puppy. A human golden retriever, but so hyper. He was literally like a puppy running around the stage during ‘Everyday’. I could see his blonde hair just flopping up and down and it was just like the most adorable thing ever. He was also in my sight range when the boys came down for ‘Cover Girl’, and I could see his eye smile so clearly. I almost died. Anyways, during the ending ments, he unfortunately did not cry. (I was getting ready to see Nam Crybaby too!) But he asked first if we loved him (and we of course all screamed YESSSS), and asked the audience to promise him that we’ll come back and welcome INFINITE if they ever come back for another concert. He said he didn’t know how long it will take for them to come back to LA, but he said he will try to make it happen ASAP. We did a pinky promise with a stamp. And as expected of Nam Grease, he looked at the audience a lot and gave them hearts whenever he could. After he came back up stage from ‘Cover Girl’, he had this emoticon cushion with heart eyes while wearing heart-shaped sunglasses. He was so so cute.

Hoya: Hoya impressed me during OGS LA with the fact that he spoke as little Korean as possible and prepared all his ments in English. And this time too, other than when acknowledging and thanking Woollim staff, he talked in English pretty much the whole time. His pronunciation improved so much! I suppose his English lessons are paying off lol He started off the night by saying that he was thankful that all the fans were worried about his leg injury, and that thanks to their love and support, he feels much better now. And indeed, he danced the whole concert and he slayed it! You wouldn’t even believe that he rested from dancing for such a long time, and that’s just very Hoya. I was very glad to see Hoya dancing, because stage is definitely where he belongs. Anyways, he made all of us laugh by saying ‘Hi, I’m Hoya’ at the beginning of all his ments lol. And as I expected, he was the last one to exit the stage after all the other members had left. I felt like he looked at everyone carefully while waving bye, practically covering from the far left corner of the stage to the far right, and that was very sweet of him.

Sungyeol: Sungyeol said during the ending that he just re-dyed his hair red the day before. (Before he said that, I was wondering why it looked so bright too!) I noticed during the introduction ments how when he was wiping his sweat, his towel turned red lol He said not to worry, it’s not blood. He also recommended us to not dye our hair red because we’ll regret it lol. I think at one point during the first half of the concert, there was a part when Myungsoo and Sungyeol were facing each other, and Myungsoo was laughing at his red-stained shirt haha. Because Sungyeol was wearing a white shirt. Sungyeol had his hair slicked back like during his Destiny days, and I appreciated the shape of his eyebrows a lot lol. Before ‘Cover Girl’, as the boys were coming down from the stages, he kept on saying ‘Bye~’ so I was like ???? and then the boys appeared in the crowd like bam! I got to see the top of his head from where I was ㅠㅠ He was doing this rocking motion when ‘Cover Girl’ got to his rap part lol It was very cute.

Myungsoo: Myungsoo introduced himself as ‘your boyfriend, L’ during the intro, but during the ending ments, he said ‘your Romeo, L.’ It was funny because someone laughed at him from the side (I think it was Sungyeol). He told us to scream louder if we wanted INFINITE back in LA soon, and when the crowd wouldn’t calm down, he shushed us lol. I guess there were a lot of streamers on stage after Entrust-Nothing’s Over-Cover Girl, because throughout the next songs, he kept trying to ball them up and throw them or kick them to the side. Except he failed lol. He tried to do that throughout the span of two songs. It was kind of ironic because during the ending ments (I think), he accidentally dropped his water bottle, which was uncapped, and spilled water everywhere lol. He apologized to the crowd, bowing his head with his palms together, and proceeded to wipe the water off with the streamers LOL Sungyeol had to help him from the side. Also, I don’t remember which song it was, but he randomly gathered and threw the streamers at Woohyun too!

Sungjong: Sungjong was just so adorable. Words cannot describe. He prepared his ending ments in English, and even though his accent was heavy, he was so cute. He started off his ments with ‘My lovely Inspirit~’ (and later, Yeol made fun of him by starting his ments with ‘My lovely Inspirit~’ as well lol) and at one point called all of us his baby LOL I was like how can a baby call me a baby?? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ He thanked us for loving and supporting him. I was impressed that his singing voice was so loud! I think he was louder than Sungyeol. And I hope I wasn’t the only one who was disappointed that the boys didn’t gather around Sungjong during his part in ‘Cover Girl’! I was waiting for that to happen, but I think they were still making their way up the stage. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

Also, I (or dongwoodont did lol I was too short to see them) got to see the boys leave the venue. They came out shortly after the concert ended (which was surprising, since someone was saying that it took them 45 minutes to leave last time), and drove off in a black car. Apparently, the windows in the middle were open, and Dongwoo was doing this weird arm motion while Hoya was waving bye.

All in all, it was such an amazing concert, and I wish I could relive the weekend over and over again. I’m still recuperating from the aftereffects lol (I need to get back to my life.) The boys were amazing and they did not disappoint. I knew they were good at live, but hearing them live again was just…mind-blowing. I loved loved loved loved it. Now I’m just hoping for the day when I get to go to a Korean concert…!! Then my life will be complete haha.

Thanks for reading through this long essay, and for those of you who might be curious, I’m gonna try and see if I can listen to some recordings and translate what the boys are saying into English. It might take some time because we are still trying to wrap up with Showtime Episode 5 (and Episode 6 is coming out soon as well), but we will try our best!

P/C: dongwoodont