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13 Going on 30 (Part 3)

Summary: When your 13th birthday party goes awry, and you make a life changing wish - you wake up to discover you’ve flash forwarded 17 years ahead. 

Word Count: 1,719.

A/N: This part was super fun to write! Hope you enjoy, and feedback would be greatly appreciated. (also can we take a moment to appreciate this beautiful gif)

@spidweeb - you’re a gem, and thank you so much for always being a great help.

Part 1 Part 2

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Some Gifts Come Unwrapped


Warning: smut

A/N: sorry this took so long, and i’m not even sure it’s any good. but the best way to get past writer’s block is to write, which is weird, but here ya go lmao

You couldn’t keep your eyes off it, scared that if you’d blink it would disappear. It was beautiful and luxurious and everything you’d dreamed it would be. After pinning an endless supply of pictures of the seemingly unobtainable automobile in your “future car” folder on Pinterest, it was completely and utterly surreal that it was now perched in front of you in all its glory, tied up in a satin red bow.

“It’s white.” It was hard to breathe. “You remembered.”

“Of course I remembered.”

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Congrats on your milestone! Would you mind writing some Shiro and Keith back at the garrison? Thanks!

ohhhhh I do believe I‘d love to

There weren’t many places at the Garrison that you could hide out in. There shouldn’t be, given the type of place the Garrison was, but it hadn’t stopped Keith. He’d only ever found two such places: behind the water tanks on the roof of the dorm building, or here. This one was harder to get to: the armoury butted up next to the vehicle garage, and both were heavily guarded and monitored, but in the corner where the two buildings met, there was a patch of totally invisible rooftop that looked out over the perimeter fence, over the desert horizon, all the way to the edge of the world.

It was where he hid out when he was trouble, most of the time, and this was no exception. He felt invisible, here. Between worlds. Not really away from the Garrison, but not really trapped there, either.

Which is why it surprised him when a scrabbling sound below him resolved into Shiro, who pulled himself up into Keith’s favourite hiding spot with the ease of long practice.

“How the fuck,” said Keith.

Shiro just tossed Keith a can of juice and settled next to him, forcing Keith to scoot over. He took his time cracking his own can and relaxing back against the vent, during which production Keith watched him suspiciously.

“So,” said Shiro eventually, “you’re on their shit list.”

“Figured as much.” Keith opened his juice, the snap-hiss abrasive in the quiet.

Shiro was quiet for another moment, the can dangling from his fingertips, elbows hooked loosely around his knees. Keith tried to keep his eyes away from the silhouette of him, solid in the faraway bleed of the base’s lights. Even in the chill of the desert night, Shiro had his sleeves pushed up past his elbows.

“They don’t want to kick you out,” Shiro said. “You’re too good a pilot. But they will, unless you give them a reason not to.”

Keith shrugged. The canned orange juice was too sweet, and tasted like metal.

“What’s this really about?” Shiro was looking at him, now: patient and present and infuriatingly here. Keith stared out at the desert, trying to be angry. Failing at that, too.

He rolled the can between his palms. “You don’t have to babysit me, man. What do you even care?”

Shiro was still looking right at him, but his expression had changed. “You know I care,” he said, so simply that every one of Keith’s thoughts deserted him.

He dropped his head. An honest question deserved an honest answer. Shiro deserved that. Keith stared at his hands, at the stupid juice, at the outside edge of his shoe, where it was only a finger’s breadth away from bumping up against Shiro’s.

Keith closed his eyes. “I’m just so sick of people telling me what I can’t do.”

Nothing, for a moment. Then Shiro’s shoulder bumped his, and Keith’s eyes snapped open - on the moonlight over the desert, on the stars above it. On Shiro, intent and confident.

“So go apologize,” Shiro said, and for a breath - maybe two - the focus of the world seemed to shift just a little wider. “Take your knocks. Then show them what you can do.”

It should have been an inspiring moment. Almost was. But then Keith just looked down at the can of juice in his hand, and at Shiro’s.

“Ah,” said Shiro eloquently, and even in the dark, Keith could tell his face was bright red. “That was unintentional.” He stood, suddenly antsy, but didn’t go right away. He tipped his head back, hands in his pockets. Stayed there in the starlight for just a moment longer. “Just…think it over,” he said.

Keith successfully resisted the urge to grab him by the ankle and stop him from leaving. Shiro hopped down and out of sight, back into the world.

And Keith, after one more minute alone, followed.

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Masterlist / Request

(Somewhat mature content)

- Not Requested -

*In which things are starting to get a little heated…*

“Alright, lets get you to your room, bud. Its way past your bedtime.” You hear your husband as he prompts your five year old son, Tanner, to get into bed. It was about 9:00 at night and his normal bedtime would usually be around 8:00 but Zayn had let him stay up a little longer so he could watch Toy Story 3 with the two of you. Now you were about half way through the movie and he was already snuggled up close into your side getting ready to drift right off.

“Go with dad, sweetie. Ill see you in the morning.” You coo and place a kiss on the top of his head.

“Okay..” He murmurs sweetly before sleepily rubbing his eyes with the back of his palms. Pretty soon Zayn was lifting him up into his arms so he could carry him back into his bedroom. 

 Minutes later Zayn was back inside of your shared room already starting to discard the clothes off of his body until he was in nothing but a pair of boxers. You then felt as his inked arms pulled you into his bare, shirtless chest. He then lets out a sudden yawn.

“Im exhausted.” He chuckles raspily against the back of your neck, his warm breath giving you chills as he places a gentle open mouthed kiss there. You sigh in content as he continues to leave a trail soft kisses down your neck until he eventually reaches your collar bone. You lift your hand up to run it through his thick, messy hair and he uses his elbows for support to hover above you, his lips barely grazing yours.

“You don’t seem that tired to me.” You tease before eventually letting his soft lips connect with your awaiting ones, finally closing off any space that was left in between the two of you. He hums contently as you deepen the kiss and his tongue soon starts to peak out of his mouth to slide along your bottom lip, but before things started to get a little too heated you pulled away.

“Not tonight, Zayn. I’m tired and on top of that I don’t want Tanner to wake up…” You confess and soothingly run the tips of your fingers up and down his bare back. 

He groans and buries his head in the crook of your neck , “C’mon baby, please.” He breathes against your skin and places a couple more kisses there. “We haven’t done anything in so long..”

That was the truth. You guys had just been so busy with work and on top of that raising a child together wasn’t the easiest thing to do. It was like you never got time to yourselves anymore and you weren’t gonna lie, It was tempting, it really was, but you couldn’t risk it. Not with your child being fast asleep in the other room. 

“Love, hes not going to wake up, I promise. The doors locked, anyway.” He urges once more as his hands travel up your shirt and begin to roam up and down your sides. You sigh at the soothing feeling of his warm hands contrasting with your freezing cold skin and pretty soon it was becoming harder and harder to resist him.

Within seconds his lips were connecting against yours once again, but this time the kiss was even deeper. Immediately you felt as you started to get lost in the kiss and everything around you went blank. Your hands travel up his back and your fingers tangle all through his hair, earning a slight, pleasureful groan from the back of his throat.

“Alright, fine,” You give in, “you win…” 

And you were able to feel as a smirk started to form on his lips, “like always.” He chuckles lowly. 

You sigh as he makes his way down your neck again and nips lightly at your bare skin. Soon he was leaving a trail of tiny love bites from your neck to the beginning of your collar bone while you soothingly tugged on the roots of his dark hair.

“I love you so much…” His hot, shaky breath murmurs against your neck. His lips soon find their way down your chest making sure to kiss every single inch of your exposed skin that wasn’t covered by your shirt. His fingers then begin to toy with the hem of your cotton tank top, but everything came to a sudden stop when the door handle began to rattle.

“Mommy?” You hear your son’s sweet voice through the other end of the bedroom door which causes Zayn to let out a deep sigh.

“Shit..” He mutters out and starts to uncover himself so he could get up from off of you to let him inside.

Soon Zayn opens the door only to reveal your little boy standing on the other end, “Whats wrong, baby?” You coo as he runs over to you, his tiny feet padding against the cool, hardwood floor.

“Tummy ache.” Is all he manages to mumble out and then begins to climb up the edge of the bed so he could lay right next to you again.

 Immediately Zayn was walking over to the medicine cabinet to grab some children’s motrine to give to him and then climbed into bed with Tanner in between the two of you.

“What did i tell you.” You whisper and try to hold back a giggle being careful not to disturb your five year old that was nearly asleep by now. 

He chuckles lowly and extents his arm so that he could place your head onto his chest, “You just want me to admit that you’re always right…” He teases and presses a soft kiss onto your temple.

 “And that’s because i am always right..” You correct looking up at your husband In admiration. He was practically already half asleep, and you smile as you run your fingers through his hair and place a small kiss on the side of his cheek.

He lets out a slight laugh and pulls you a little closer to him, “Alright, you win this time, Y/N…”

- I feel like i could’ve made this way better but i didn’t want to write anything too mature. if you like it then great! Feel free to also request anything in my inbox also.

“Stop doing that Thomas,” you groan, tapping your pencil and trying to focus on your textbook.

“I’m not doing anything,” he smirks, leaning against the chair next to you, his elbows resting on the back as he rests his head against his arms watching you study.

“Oh shuttup, you know exactly what you are doing!” You groan.

“I’m just sitting here chilling, don’t you have work to do love?” He wiggles his eyebrows, biting down on his lip.

“I’m trying but you are sitting there playing with your lips and being all hot and I can’t focus,” you groan, throwing down your pencil down.

“Study babe,” he grins, yawning and stretching his arms up, his shirt lifting to show his v-line. He gives me a wink, resting his head back on the chair to watch me.

“Screw this,” you shut your book, moving your chair closer to his and running your hands through his hair, pulling his lips against yours. “I can study later,” you whisper against his skin.

iKON Scenario #9

A/N: This was a request from an anon! Hope you like it :) 

You wear something of his 


  • “Stay babe.” Hanbin whined pulling you down by the waist back onto the bed. “But-” His lips cut you off before you could object any more. “No buts. You’re staying here with me tonight.” A smirk spread across his lips as he brought you closer to him. “What am I going to wear? I can’t sleep in this.” You squirmed under his strong arms ,but you didn’t get very far. His face scrunched while he thought of something. “Nothing.” He whispered into your ear sending chills down your spine. “In your dreams.” You laughed elbowing him in the stomach. “Fine, fine. I’ll just give you one of my shirts. Sound okay?” You nodded in response and he unwrapped himself from you. Moments later a shirt landed on your head.You huffed and marched over to the bathroom to change. Thankfully the shirt is quite big so it covered enough. You sauntered out back into the bedroom aware that Hanbin’s eyes were glued on you. You climbed under the sheets and snuggled up against Hanbin’s chest. His arms found their way around you waist once again. “You should just wear my shirts all the time.” 


  • You swayed your hips back and forth as you walked out into the living room wearing only yoga shorts and one of Bobby’s hoodies. You felt the smirk appear on your face knowing that he was watching every move you made. He always loved when you opted to wear his clothing. You took a seat on the couch next to him. You could tell his was watching you out of the coner of his eye. You draped your legs over his own. His hands made their way across the legs and up to your thighs. He traced circles on the sensitive skin getting further and further up your thigh. His fingers grazed the fabric over your core making your breathe hitch. You calmly got up from the couch and over to your DVD stand. “What movie do you wanna watch babe?” You asked innocently before bending over.You knew exactly what You were doing to him. Moments later you felt his bulge up against you and his fingers digging into your hips. You stood up straighter and he pulled your body closer to his chest so close could feel his hot breathe on your neck. “I’d rather watch my hoodie get stripped off of you.“ 


  • He never minded if you wore his clothes - but he would always appreciate it if you told him what you would be stealing when you stole it. But you’d forgotten to ask if you could have one of his t-shirts, and it so happened to be his favourite one. But after a little while you forgot you even had it. So everytime he asked you if you knew where it was - you honestly said no. When he returned home after the tour, he was putting his clothes away in the wardrobe. he was humming quietly as you sat in bed, waiting for him to come and cuddle you - when he turned around with the shirt in his hands, “You said you didn’t have it! You little liar.” he grinned, slipping the jumper on and lifting the neckline to his nose. He inhaled and sighed, smiling, “Smells just like you now.“


  • "This sweatshirt is so warm!,” you exclaimed, sliding the too-big sleeves over your hands. “It is, isn’t it? I” Yunhyeong chuckled, handing you a mug of hot cocoa and taking a sip from his own. “I don’t think I’m ever giving it back,” you teased, admiring the black sweatshirt. “I wouldn’t want you to, you look adorable in it and I don’t want you to be cold,” he smiled back. “I’ll never be cold when I’ve got you to keep me warm,” you reply cheeseily, snuggling against his chest. “That sounds like a pick up line,” Yunhyoeng laughed, setting down his steaming mug of cocoa. “I don’t need to use pick up line, I’ve already got you and your sweatshirt!” you replied, sticking out your tongue. 


  • You woke up and rolled over to find your boyfriend not there next to you. You yawned and slowly got out of bed. You grabbed the first shirt you saw and slipped it on. You walked down the stairs while rubbing the sleep from your eyes. You walked into the kitchen to see your boyfriend making breakfast. You slowly walked over to him, dragging your feet slightly, and wrapped your arms around his waist. You put your chin on his shoulder. “Good morning babe.” He said. “Good morning.” You mumbled while yawning again. He turned around so that he was facing you. His eyes scanned your body and a small smile crept up on his face. “Are you wearing my shirt?” You looked down and realized you were wearing his shirt. You laughed “Yes, I guess I am.” You leaned into him and kissed him tenderly. “Problem?” “Not at all babe. But I think I should take you shopping. To the men’s department. You look gorgeous in my clothes.” You chuckled, “Whatever you say Dongy.” You kissed him again and got ready to have breakfast with your silly boyfriend. 


  • You had this habit of stealing his clothes from his drawers. they always smelt like him, and it comforted you. you never bothered to ask however, seeing as you assumed he would just be fine with it. He was home from tour, looking through his drawers with a furrowed brow. He turned to you, seeming to have gone through his entire shirt drawer, “Where’s that Saint Laurent shirt i have?’ he asked, to which you grinned. Instantly he smiled, coming over to you and tickling your side, “You stole it, didn’t you?’ he laughed, peppering kisses over your face. 


  • He pressed a kiss to your temple, the two of you just chatting quietly about the past few months in which you hadn’t seen each other face to face. it wasn’t too hard nowadays - the days moving quickly and skype and calling being easily accessible things for the both of you. sure, you missed each other, but it wasn’t so impossible to cope. He sighed and toyed with your shirt, "I lost that white sweatshirt i had.” he said with a pout, to which you laughed. He furrowed his brow as you moved from his arms and to the wardrobe, digging through your clothes until you pulled out the white material, “Nope. i just stole it.” you grinned, slipping it over your head and torso before crawling back into bed with him. He shook his head and smiled, “You’re so cute Y/N.“
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|genre| fluff+angst

|plot| girl next door au [jungkook x reader]

이사; let’s not forget this scent, wherever we are

|a.n.| im so sorry friends for being pathetically lazy, inactive and making yet another series without finishing the others! but this is my love and i must post it. 

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Target aquired, he thought as he took one last swig of his beer. Fixing his crooked tie, the predator eased off his seat with his eyes fixated on his prey, the girl in the black dress by the bar, who had been staring at the door for over twenty minutes now.

“Babe, just face it,” he said after planting himself directly in front of her, blocking her line of sight. “He’s not coming tonight. But you know who’s already here?” Lifting an eyebrow, he looked into the deep brown eyes of the young girl, an aura of lust and bad decisions oozing from his pores. “How about you and I go back to my place, and you can show me what this douche is missing out on,” he told her in a whisper, laced with the deep vibrations of his growl.

The busty brunette got real close to his face, a smirk spreading across her cheeks and alluring eyes squinting. With a curl of her pointer finger, she brought him even closer, and whispered in his ear, sending chills down his spine, “You’re not seeing anything, you jackass.” Quite intriguingly, she propped her elbows back on bar and took another sip of her drink, as if nothing had happened.

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The only intersection of Dex and Nursey’s completely disparate musical tastes are jazz standards from the 1940s to 1960s. Somehow, the angelic chime of Ella or the whiskey-over-gravel of Louis fits with both Nursey’s attempts to achieve counter-pop-culturism through the most pretentious means possible, in addition to working with Dex’s general briefs of ‘dad rock’ and am I out of touch? No, it is the children who are wrong’.

Nursey is chilling in Dex’s room, propped up on the bed while Dex taps away on an assignment at his desk. They make good study partners - ensuring silence with a bullheaded fervour, or bouncing problems off one another. He’d successfully had his nose buried into an anthology for his 19th Century Lit class for an hour and a half, but one Dickens sentence too many pulled him out of it. He’s left sitting in the quiet, tapping his pen on the end of his nose and trying to concentrate, desperately, to get back into an elusive groove. But while Nursey is all too aware of himself, Dex doesn’t seem to be at all. Nursey watches sidelong, as Dex chews his fingers from where his head rests in one hand, elbow propped on the desk, eyes roving back and forth. His eyebrows crinkle at the code on screen, and something clenches tight, fragile, in Nursey’s chest. 

It’s still quiet, though, quiet until Dex mumbles out some lyrics, picking up the tune from his headphones, speaking them into the heavy silence. 

“I can’t give you, anything but love… baby. That’s the only thing… I’ve plenty of.”

The fragile thing in Nursey’s chest shivers.

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Imagine the love making the audience didn't get to see after Jamie and Claire finally say "I love you." And/or the conversation they have afterwards about why it took so long to say.

“Have you really loved me since that first night at Leoch?”

Jamie lifted his face from the warm hollow of Claire’s shoulder. A Dhia, she smelled like him. He settled his head close to hers on the pillow, smiling. “Did I no’ promise ye honesty, Sassenach?”

She laughed – full-throated – and then gasped as the motion shifted him inside her. Her right hand traced his face in the dim firelight, thumb parting the seam of his lips. He was completely at her mercy.

“But why did you never tell me? Why hold it in?”

His tongue traced her thumb – and he turned his head to kiss her palm. Her right palm – the hand that bore his ring. He sighed and drew her even closer against him.

“So many of the things that have happened since ye came here – since ye came through the stones – were things ye had no say in.” He laced the fingers of his left hand with her right hand, thumb stroking her iron ring thoughtfully. “What happened when ye met Randall, when we took ye to Leoch, when ye were forced to tend to me. When Colum held ye prisoner. When Dougal took ye on the road. When – ” he swallowed. “When ye were forced to marry me, though ye clearly didna wish to.”

Claire’s heart broke at the sadness in his voice. She rose up on one elbow, exposing her bare shoulders to the chill of their bedroom. “Jamie – ”

Gently he eased her back to their pillow and tucked the coverlet around her shoulders. “Shh. I ken ye dinna see it that way – but I do. When Dougal told me we were to wed, and I kent ye didna wish it – I said to myself, if this world willna give her a choice in anything, let me be the one person to give her choice in everything. Whether to lie with me or no. Whether to live with me as my wife. Whether to stay in this time, or go back. Whether to love me.”

Overcome, Claire shifted closer and wrapped her legs around his hips, deepening their connection, anchoring his body to hers. He gasped at the sensation, but held her tight – cradling her to him. Cherishing her.

“I’m sorry I took so long to say it,” she whispered against his lips some time later. “I’ve known it for such a long time. But I was scared – so scared to admit it to myself.”

He kissed her softly, slowly, for a long while.

“What were ye afraid of?”

She kissed the tip of his nose. “Of letting myself just feel, I suppose. Of losing myself in you.”

He kissed her brow. “And now?”

Suddenly she shifted them so that she straddled his hips, pinning him to the bed.

“I’m not afraid anymore.”  

His big hands settled on her hips as she started moving atop him. How she made him feel – this strange, beautiful, headstrong, stubborn woman.

“I love ye, Claire,” he croaked, overcome.

She paused and bent her head to his. “I love you, Jamie,” she whispered against his gasping mouth.

Master’s Order. (Muke One Shot)

“Why are we doing this.” I laugh, running a hand through my hair as I stare at the dark maroon hardwood beneath us. “It’s stupid.”

“What, do you suggest something better, princess?” Luke snickered, elbowing Michael. A rush of.. something ran through my blood, sending chills down my spine.

“Why did you just call me that?” I begin to feel hot, my heart pounding as I couldn’t help but crave the look Luke was giving me.

“What? Don’t you like it?” He purred, licking his lips as his eyes darkened on the spot. My hands began to get somewhat clammy, words getting stuck in my throat.

“I, uh..” I couldn’t help but to feel defeated, Michael now taking a step in.

“Oh come on, (Y/N). Let us not forget what happened the other night.” Michael flicked up his eyebrow, his voice slow and thick.

He gave me a moment to think, confusion clouding my thoughts. Somehow a light bulb turned on in my head, a shocked expression obvious on my face. How did they find out?

He smiled as he read my expression, my face heating up from nothing but embarrassment.

His voice came out as a soft whisper. “I think we all know what you’d like to do.”

“But how did you-”

Michael stood up slowly, clearing his throat. “Why, I don’t think that’s very important at the moment, is it? ..Kitten.”

I whimper and clamp my legs together, my breathing starting to speed up.

“I knew that one would have an affect on you, gorgeous.” Michael snickered, his palm meeting my left knee as his free hand pushed my chin down, our eyes locking.

“All we need is the ‘okay’, darling. Trust me, we can make you feel amazing.” His voice was hushed, my eyes not being able to look away.

All of a sudden I had found an ounce of confidence building up inside me, wanting to challenge him. “What makes you so sure?”

I began to develop fear as I saw his expression change to a smirk, watching as he pushed himself off of me.

Luke joined behind him, staring somewhat down into his eyes– due to the minor height difference.

“I don’t think she knows exactly what we’re capable of.” Michael says quietly, his eyes meeting mine for a split second.

“I think she needs a little punishment to whip her back into shape.” Luke smirks slightly, throwing my head back on the couch. Great.

Michael stays silent for a while, and then agrees.

“(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N). Tonight, was supposed to be all about you. But, since you want to be a bad girl and underestimate our power, you are going to pay for your rude comment.” I swear under my breath and feel myself getting pulled off of the couch.

My clothes begin to get torn off of my body, my bra getting thrown onto the floor. Luke exits the room for a moment, leaving me with Michael.

I sigh out a moan as he rough handles me, my jeans getting yanked to the floor along with my undergarments.

“Soaking already I see?” I hear him chuckle, hissing as I felt him blow cold air on my heat.

“Michae-” I feel an immediate burn to my backside, blood rushing to my bum as he was now face-to-face with me.

“Don’t you ever call me by my name, got it? Luke and I are your masters. Call us anything else and you’ll see hell.”

I swallow hard, his growl turning me on way more than it should have.

“Sorry, what? I didn’t hear you.” I felt the pads of his thumb and his index finger latch on to my nipple, twisting it harshly. I let out a loud cry, my teeth biting down on my lip as I murmur my groans.

“Fuck, ah. Y-Yes, master.” I pant, sighing of relief as he let go.

Suddenly I heard footsteps behind me, my arms getting yanked behind my back.


“Shh. You’re only getting what you deserve.” Michael chuckled, cold hoops getting locked tightly around my wrists.

I turn around to see Luke, only to see a devilish smirk plastered across his lip. I groan and try to break free of my restrains, earning a laugh from both of the two.

“Oh, (Y/N). You really think you’re going to get out of those handcuffs? Might want to think again, baby girl.” Michael’s thick accent teased, making me whimper.

“Now. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. If you follow our rules, you’ll be one step closer to your sweet reward.” Luke taunted me, feeling his cold fingertips roll down my right side.

“Yes, master.” I say quietly, letting out a soft moan as I was forced to my knees by a sudden harsh pressure on my shoulder.

“What a good girl you are..” Michael complimented, pushing a loose strand of my hair behind my ear.

I stare up at both of them with a flirty batt of my eyelashes, hearing a grunt from Luke.

Both discard their shirts rather quickly, hearing the jingle from both belts. I pierce my lips together and take a deep breath, shutting my eyes as I prepare myself for what’s about to come.

“Come ‘ere, baby doll.” I heard Luke’s groggy voice speak first, fluttering my eyes open. I watch as the waistband of his boxers slide off of his torso, my eyes following the fabric to the floor.

I look up at him, watching him rub his red tip over my lips.

“Open up, sweetie. Go ahead and show me what you can do.” I obliged, separating my lips and letting his member slip into my mouth. I begin to bob my head, earning a satisfying moan from Luke.

“Deep throat me.” I heard him growl, his fingers knotting in my hair. I braced myself and let him slide down my throat, my nose resting on his pubic bone.

“Oh my god.” I heard Michael moan, hearing Luke’s heavy breathing. Eventually I pull back for air, spit dripping off of my chin. My eyes were watering, knowing that my mascara had to be rubbing off.

*picture above* I noticed both of the two with mouths shaped in ‘O’s, my teeth biting down on my bottom lip as I noticed Michael’s hand dug in his own boxers, watching me.

I gasp as I felt Luke’s grip on my hair tighten, pushing me towards his length. I take it back in my mouth, hallowing my cheeks. I heard Luke moan loudly, feeling my wetness begin to drip into my inner thighs.

I hummed into Luke’s member as I let him fuck my mouth, the curse words leaving his mouth making everything worth it.

“Look at you, shit. Do you enjoy getting fucked in your dirty little mouth?” Michael grunted, making me moan as I innocently looked up at him.

I felt Luke twitch, his head thrown back. He let me take control again, making me sit up straight and hum into him– knowing it would set him off.

His moans got extremely louder, and shorter. I felt his cum shoot down my throat, making me gag.

“Swallow it, all. Now.” Luke choked out, making me nod. I swallowed the warm liquid, Luke pushing me back so I sat on my heels.

I watched as Michael stepped forward, his hand still buried in his boxers.

“Give it to me, master. I want it.” I moaned, making him smirk.

“Mhm, I bet you do.” He groaned, stopping his pumps and pulling his underwear all the way down to where they pooled at his ankles. I gawk at the state of his member; veins were bulging out, his tip was bright red and leaking. He was so close.

He steps closer and pushes his cock in my mouth, automatically tasting the salty precum. I immediately get to work, knowing he was too close for me to tease him.

Out of nowhere I feel Luke behind me, unlocking the handcuffs and setting my hands free. I moaned in relief and backed away from Mikey, pumping him as I caught my breath.

“I’m so close, fuck.” I heard him moan, my lips attaching back on his tip as I continued to jack him off.

I heard him give out his final moan, feeling his load spill on my tongue. As I finish I feel him push me back onto the couch, all of us out of breath.

As Mikey came down from his high, I watch as Luke made his way on top of me. His hand was set on my inner thigh, smirking.

“Are you dripping..?” He cooed, his finger swiping up my slit. I let out a hiss, propping my elbows up on the cushions behind me.

I let out an uncontrollably loud shriek as I felt his two fingers massage my clit, finally getting the pleasure I was craving for.

The satisfaction was soon taken away from me as he removed his fingers, smirking as he toyed with his lip ring.

I watched as he stood, joining Michael as they both towered over me.

“I hope you’re ready, (Y/N). We’ve got a lot planned for you tonight.”


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ladyorpheus  asked:

Fluffy prompt: Barry catches a Cold, Cold catches a Barry

A few things, before I begin: Sorry this is late! It actually grew into like this 10k fic with porn? But someone asked for the story without porn, too. So. I have decided to release this in two parts, the set up, for now, and the porn for a later date, should anyone still care to read it.

Also, my inbox is always open for prompts. I may take my time getting to them, but they are always welcome!

Lastly, I hope this was close to what you were looking for. <3

(also on AO3)


Barry protectively curled his arm over his side as he slid off the medical bed, taking a few cautious steps before he raised his wrist to his nose and wiped the snot on his sleeve.

“You’re sick, Barry,” Caitlin said, setting her hand on his shoulder and urging him to sit back down. “Jesse can take care of this. You know you’re out of commission until your powers come back.

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morbidmusing asked for deancas huddling for warmth


“Jesus Christ, Cas, would you get off my dick?”

Castiel grunts, lifting himself on his elbow and turning over to face Dean, eyes narrowed and hair in complete disarray. “Why don’t you turn over? I could do without your penis—erect penis, I’d like to add—digging into my spine.”

Despite the chill around them, Dean’s turns a brilliant shade of heated red, but he refuses to back down, scowl still in place. So he gets a little hard with a warm body up against him, who doesn’t?  “No. I’m not gonna be the little spoon here, Cas. If you weren’t grinding all up on me this wouldn’t even be a problem.”

Castiel gives a sharp, exasperated little noise, flopping back down onto his side, facing Dean still. “The entire point of this was closeness. Warmth. Or have you forgotten? Not enough blood flow to your brain, perhaps,” he says flippantly, and Dean’s jaw drops.

It’s not his fault they’re stuck in some shitty tent in the middle of shitty winter in some random part of shitty Canada, hunting some shitty monster that’s been attacking campers. Still, Cas is right, and the inch of space between them is rapidly filling up with cold air. “Shut up and turn back over.”

“No. I’ve had my fill of being the smaller utensil. It’s your turn,” Cas says, and then he’s putting his hand on Dean’s shoulder and pushing him, grumpy and determined to get some sleep and, more importantly, his way.

Dean smacks his hand away, irritated. “Not happening, dude. Just turn back over and let’s get some damn sleep.”

Castiel stares for a long moment. Dean almost wishes Cas did have laser vision in those simmering blue eyes, because they could really use the heat about now. Just before Dean realizes he’s holding his breath, Castiel shifts, pushing his arm under the pillow and sliding in closer, startling the life out of Dean.

“Dude, what the hell are you doing?”

“Compromising,” Castiel responds flatly. “You should try it sometime,” he says, and then he’s settling himself in against Dean, hair tickling along Dean’s nose.

Christ, this isn’t huddling. This is cuddling.

“I hope you know you just succeeded in making this about ten times gayer than it had to be,” Dean says under his breath as he wraps his arms around Castiel in return, burying the chilled tip of his nose in the warm mess of Castiel’s hair.

“Gayer than your cock pressed against my ass?” Castiel shoots back, and fucking Christ, Dean feels a jolt throughout his entire body. Since when does Castiel, former Angel of the Lord, throw around words like cock? In no way is that any kind of okay. “It’s good to know where your standards are.”

“Go the fuck to sleep, Cas,” he says, and if there’s something of a smile on his lips when he does, that’s between him and the soapy scent of Castiel’s hair.

There was nothing to choose. Pushing Dean aside was instinct; an instant move familiar to your muscles. It took a few long moments to realize the pain of the bullet driving itself through your shoulder. 

Dean stood and lowered his gun, staring at you. Your shoulder for his heart. 

“Y/N” your name was quiet rolling off his tongue. You held his gaze while reaching up to your shoulder, squeezing your hand hard against the bleeding wound. “Y/N!” Dean said louder, his feet carrying him closer to you. 

“What the hell were you thinking?” Dean shouted while grabbing your elbow to support you. 

Dean began to open the door. You swallowed and grit your teeth, “I was thinking I didn’t want to lose you”. 

He stopped in his tracks and held the doorknob tight in his fist, the cold night wind whipped against your face. With a deep breath he continued outside, holding you tight against his side. 

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I Noticed

Alright, I’ve started on the little Captain Swan drabbles for the prompts some of y’all sent in for my Christmas “I Love You” thing. This one is based on prompt #89: I noticed as requested by the lovely @sammmtacular. Don’t worry, y’all have six more coming. Enjoy you guys. If you like it drop a review on ff.net or in the tags (I love reading your reactions when you tag and don’t be surprised if I respond).

It’s the cat caught eating the canary look on his face that gives him away.

Also, she knows what day it is and she knows her mother…and how hard it is to say no to her mother. Especially when you’re a pirate who just so happens to be madly in love. With her, not her mother.

“So, a quiet dinner at Granny’s, huh?” she asks, resting her head against Killian’s shoulder.

He hums his agreement.

“However did you talk my mother into that?”

He flashes his most charming grin. “I believe your instructions were quite clear, Swan. She wants to make you happy.”

Emma laughs. “Yes, well, she and I occasionally have different ideas of what will make me happy.”

“Don’t I know it,” Killian mutters.

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You Know That I’m Not Telling the Truth

Paring: Eren/Mikasa & Levi/Hanji (Implied)

Setting: Modern AU; Psych Crossover

Rating: K


Notes:I absolutely loved this because Psych is one of my favorite, favorite TV shows. I’ve been watching it from day one and I still haven’t watched the last season cause I don’t want it to be over ;-; That being said I had such a hard time coming up with something for this. Levi is stern but he’s not hot tempered like Lassie is and my modern AU Eren is normally goofy but he’s not arrogant like Shawn can come off (Armin would probably be a good Gus though and just always done with Eren’s shit lol and Mikasa is a good mix for Juliet) So I tried to blend as much as I much as I could so they were still true to their characters but still have the fun of the Psych character banter.

If you’ve never watched Psych the pretense is basically lifetime slacker Shawn is incredibly good at picking up small details no one notices/photographic memory and putting assumptions together to come to a deduction, things he learned from his father who was a cop. Shawn uses the ability to pretend to be a psychic and solve cases for the Santa Barbra PD. Also if you’ve never watched it please do yourself a favor and do so. The whole series is on Netflix! The title comes from the theme song :3


The Sina Police Department was always full of people, activity and noises. It was loud with people talking, shuffling papers around, people unhappy about going to booking or holding cells, and just the bustle of the other officers. It took Mikasa a little bit of time to get used to just how busy this department was from where she worked as an officer in Shigansina before she was promoted to detective. Even from her spot sitting at her desk, her eyes scanning over a few case files and the busy day going on all around her she could still pick up one sound that was more familiar than all others: the distinct sound of sneakers on the tile.

Lots of people wore sneakers in the department, that wasn’t unusual. What made this sound stand out was the way the shoes sounded as they got closer, there was an air of carefree confidence in each step and they almost always had smaller softer footsteps trailing behind trying to keep up.

Mikasa found a smile pulling at her lips the moment she saw hands pressed up against her desk. “Good morning, Eren,” she said looking up to see the now familiar head of messy brown hair, bright turquoise eyes, tanned skin and toothy smile that always took her breath away as much as she tried not to let him get to her.

“Morning, Mik. How are we this fine day?”

“Just looking over a case,” she said, gesturing her hand down over the papers in front of her.

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