his ears move around when he has feels

Suits, volleyball, and all the headcanon in between.

[Terushima, Futakuchi, Noya, Tanaka, Ushijima and Tendou here]
[Akiteru, Kei, Kageyama and Hinata here]
[Ladies of Karasuno here]


  • Black on black. No tie, open two-buttoned suit jacket that hugs his waist, the top two buttons of his shirt are undone. Tailored wingtip derbies, black and matte- polished to perfection.
    • He’s actually the one who dislikes wearing suits the most (I mean, have you seen the guy, he literally looks like he throws on whatever he has lying on his bed).
    • Oh, but if you challenge him, or if the need arises- he’s going to be the sexiest guy in the room because he sure as hell isn’t going to lose at anything.
      • Hours of research and a lot of changing rooms is not going to be for nothing. If he’s going to suffer, he’s going to do some real damage before he goes (namely to your short-circuited brain and perhaps severe blood loss via nosebleed).
    • He tried the red and black combination once, until a girl actually came up to him and asked him which host club he worked at, and he’s stuck to black from then on.
    • Those undone buttons on his shirt? Collarbones. They’re so sharp that they can slice through paper, and it makes his neck slimmer and his smirk all the sexier.
    • Everything’s been absolutely tailored at least twice, and it’s so on purpose. Can you imagine those legs- miles and miles of slim height and oh, he knows you’re staring. He’ll wink right back.
      • Now that he thinks about it, he’s never had to buy his own drink before, and thus Kuroo’s legendary alcohol tolerance was born.

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When the pressures of work become to much, sometimes all Gabriel needs is time to cuddle with Jack, especially when those hugs come with purring and fluffy ears. It’s something that never changes.

Inspired by @infinite-atmosphere and THIS POST

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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A lesson in frustration Pt 1

A/N after being encouraged by the wonderful  @ladymatt to write another follow up and then giving me a great prompt as well i came up with this. Please feel free to let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy it definately 18 plus on this one.people.

Magnus stirred, stretching his arms above his head, eyes still closed. He smiled when he felt a familiar touch on his chest. Then before he can get his eyes open, warm lips join his own.

A few perfect minutes later, he slowly raises his eyelids, looking directly into the big hazel eyes of Alec.

“That has to be the best way ever to wake up. Good morning, beautiful boy.” He purred. His hand going to cup Alec’ cheek.

“I know a better way still” Alec whispered, and moved his body to rest directly on Magnus.

He attacked his mouth once more, the kiss leaving no doubt as to his intentions. Magnus wrapped his arms around his back, slowly moving them up and down the soft skin, feeling the strong muscle beneath.

“alexander, have you forgotten something?” he asked him, between kisses.

“nope, nothing” He’d worked his way down Magnus’ jaw to the spot below his ear he knew drove him crazy. When he reached it Magnus took in a sharp breath.

“So no memory of last night or yesterday?” Alec stilled where he was nuzzling his neck and with a groan, rolled off him, an arm covering his face.

“Boy, you sure know how to kill the mood” he said.

“I actually think your mother has that market covered. We should keep our hands to ourselves, it’s just for one more day, she’ll be going tonight.”

Alec cringed inwardly just thinking about his mother catching them red handed and red faced yesterday. What was worse was thinking about last night and the show Maryse had put on after having one too many of Magnus’ cocktails. Wait till he told Izzy about that.

He needed a distraction from his thoughts and there was only one thing he knew that would do it. He rolled back over towards Magnus, holding his face in one hand, kissing him once more. Magnus could feel himself drifting off with his own desires but the thought of Maryse Lightwood walking in on them again was too hard to ignore. He put a hand on Alec’ chest and pulled away, Alec’ mouth chasing his. But he laid  finger softly over his lips full and pink from their kisses.

“No, my darling, you have to wait till tonight. Your mother has already seen way too much of me as it is. I’m not risking a repeat performance” Magnus rolled to the side of the bed, swung his legs out and stood up. He heard Alec making disappointed noises behind him.

“she’s right about one thing. You do have a nice  butt” He said, leaning on his elbow smiling back at him.

Magnus felt his lips curve but he wasn’t giving him the satisfaction in knowing it. Instead, he turned to give him a frown.

“Behave yourself, Alexander. Surely you can manage that for one day?”

Alec growled and turned his face into the pillow, biting it. Magnus grabbed various items of clothing from his massive walk in robe and headed for the bathroom. He had just entered the doorway when he turned back to see Alec starting to follow him in.

“No, Alec, not going to happen. Behave yourself and get dressed” and he shut the door, the last thing he saw was his boyfriend making sad puppy dog eyes at him.

By the time Magnus had made it out to the kitchen, Alec had made the coffee and was toasting bagels. Maryse wasn’t there yet but he could hear her in the main bathroom.

Alec handed him a cup as he stood at the counter, buttering his breakfast. Alec took a furtive glance out into the living room to see if his mother was coming and seeing the room was empty, he put down his own cup and walked up behind Magnus, wrapping his arms around to circle his waist and nuzzling his neck. He took in deep lung fulls of the warlock’s exotic scent and pulled him back against his body. Magnus close his eyes, leaning his head back against his chest, a soft hum escaping him. He reached up behind him, finding Alec’ soft dark hair and tangled his finger in it, lost for the moment in the feeling of Alec’ touch. A door closing, however, brought him back to his senses with a start.

“Alexander, no” he said softly, trying to release himself from his arms. Alec had other ideas however. Magnus had just picked up his coffee mug when he felt a hand cupping the front of his trousers, squeezing gently.

“ You smell so good, I want to lick every inch of you” a breathy whisper filled his ear. Magnus gave a gasp and then a moan, feeling the crotch of his trousers getting tighter by the minute and from the firm bulge nudging him from behind Alec was similarly effected. All of a sudden, the sound of high heels on floorboards signalled Maryse’s arrival. He startled, the coffee mug and its contents falling to the floor with a loud crash. Maryse came to the door way.

“Oh, is everything alright? Here, I’ll help you clean that up” she said and went to bend over to start picking up the shattered remains of the cup but she only got half way before she winced, her fingers going to her temples. Someone had a hangover this morning.

“It‘s fine, Maryse. I can have it done in a second, are you feeling alright?” Magnus asked her, knowing full well she wasn’t.

“I seem to have a bit of a headache, this morning. I think those cocktails of yours might have been a bit strong.” Magnus had the terrible feeling that he was going to laugh but managed to keep it to himself. He clicked his fingers, bringing up the blue flame and after waving it over the mess on the floor, he send drifts of magic in Maryse’s direction. He saw her face brighten as the headache disappeared.

“thank you Magnus, that’s much better. Now, Alec, can you get me a coffee please?” Alec had been standing behind Magnus, trying to hide his tented jeans. He was just wondering how he was going to give his mother the coffee without embarrassing himself when he heard Magnus click his fingers once more, producing a fresh cup of hot coffee. Maryse stepped forward, taking it from him with a smile. She walked out of the kitchen towards the living room.

Magnus felt Alec’ body relax behind him and he turned to face him.

“Now do you see why I said you had to behave?” he said softly, so they wouldn’t be overheard. He looked down to the front of Alec’ jeans and smiled.

“try thinking about something else, or you’re never going to get out of here” He smirked up at him.

“Like what?”

“how about Penelope?” Magnus said, cheekily.

“ ha ha very funny. Why aren’t you the same?” Alec asked.

“who says I’m not Alexander” and he adjusted the front of his trousers.” but I was smart enough to wear a loose shirt” He gave a playful slap on his chest, and walked off.

He Leaves You Breathless [Eggsy Unwin Imagine - Request].

A/N: Hello, my lovelies! Here’s some Eggsy smut for you, as requested the other day. I hope you like it anon! 

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader. 

Warnings: Smut, swearing. NSFW! ONLY READ IF YOU’RE AN ADULT. 

Disclaimer: I don’t own Eggsy and you belong to you. 

P.S: This has been edited, but if there are any mistakes then please forgive me! Oh and enjoy! <3

Eggsy was everything you thought he would be.

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I Adore You

Summary: Phil absolutely adores his baby boy Dan, so he makes him feel good. Dan loves his Daddy–and other things.

Word Count: 2280

Warnings: daddy!kink, daddy!phil, cumslut!dan, praise!kink, unprotected sex.

[Phil Tops]


It was a late night. Dan and Phil were on their way home from a fancy dinner meal with some friends, sat side by side in the back of a taxi. Their hands were firmly clasped and Dan’s head lay on Phil’s shoulder as he looked at all of London’s lights.

“You know, I’ve never gotten over how beautiful this city is,” Phil noted, looking out the window. “We’ve been here how long, and I’m still not over it,” He smiles and looks down at Dan, who remains looking out at the street as they continue their journey home.

“Yeah, me too. All the lights, they’re very pretty,” Dan says, closing his eyes and burying himself more into Phil’s neck. “Just like something else I know.” He inhales deeply, sleepily breathing in Phil’s intoxicating scent. Phil chuckles down at him, holding him closer.

“I think you’re the pretty one, Dan,” Phil whispers. Dan sets his hand on Phil’s thigh innocently.

“Whatever, Philly. I’m not the one with sparkling blue eyes. Besides,” he picks his head up from Phil’s shoulder and kisses him chastely. “I think we’re both pretty.” He sets his head back on Phil’s shoulder and squeezes his thigh. This time, maybe not so innocently.

Phil gasps at the sensation. Dan attempts to muffle his giggles and apologize, but Phil hears him. “You’re so naughty Dan, doing things like that in a taxi,” he whispers so that Dan is the only one who can hear. He now places his hand on Dan’s inner thigh. “Very, very naughty, baby. What am I going to do with you?” He smirks. Dan gasps when he figures out what Phil is intending. He quickly picks his head up and looks at Phil to confirm. The smirk and the way Phil rubs his thigh is answer enough.

“Oh I don’t know, I think I need to be taught a lesson,” he pauses. “Daddy.”

“We’re here,” the cabbie calls unexpectedly, and Dan is thankful because the thought of Phil going down on him has him shaking with excitement. Phil gets out his wallet and passes the driver the fare. Phil and Dan both exit and make their way into the building. Once they make it into the flat, they take off their shoes. Dan grabs Phil’s hands and leads him through the bedroom door with a smirk on his face.

“You know what, Dan?” Phil says, “I don’t think I’m going to teach you a lesson.” He steps closer to Dan, who takes a step back.

“Well, what are you gonna do, Daddy?” The name drips from his lips and it’s already getting the both of them hot and bothered.

“I’m gonna make you feel so good, baby.” He backs Dan up to the wall. “You’ve got nowhere else to go. I’m gonna make you writhe in the sheets, make you claw at my back, begging me to touch you, to let you cum. I’m gonna fuck. You. Out,” he tantalizes. Phil steps closer to Dan so that the man is completely flush against him and the wall.

“Fuck, that sounds so hot,” Dan breathes, tilting his head back and exposing his neck. Phil takes this opportunity to start teasing. He ducks his head down and takes some of Dan’s skin between his teeth, biting it to leave little red marks. He releases and gets set to doing the same all over Dan’s neck, while Dan gasps and moans at the amazing feeling of the sting. One side, then the other, his Adam’s apple, his jaw. Every part that’s exposed.

“Too many clothes,” Phil breathes against Dan’s neck, spreading shivers and goosebumps all down his body. He takes Dan’s blazer off and lets it drop to the floor, still nipping and kissing Dan’s neck, making the latter crazy with want. He undoes the bow tie around his neck and lets that drop, too. Phil starts to unbutton Dan’s shirt, kissing down the smooth, newly revealed skin.

“Fuck, Phil, please.” Dan groans, already sick of the teasing.

“Let me love you, baby. I want to feel you, every part,” Phil says, untucking his shirt from his black skinny jeans and sliding the clothing off his shoulders. “I love you, so much baby.” He undoes the button to Dan’s jeans, slowly sliding them down his beautiful thighs. Once they’re down to his knees, he directs Dan to step out of them, which he does without hesitation. He slowly picks up each of Dan’s feet and slides his socks off, kissing up from his ankles. He stops just at Dan’s waist, hooking his fingers in Dan’s boxers and looking up at him. Dan stares at the beautiful boy on his knees in front of him. Saving that part for later, Phil starts kissing up Dan’s stomach, leaving little marks as he pleases Dan. He stands and finally kisses Dan on the lips. Slowly licking them and tasting the sweetness of Dan.

“You taste so good, baby. You look so good. All these marks on you. So pretty, aren’t you? My beautiful baby boy,” he praises. Dan moans and bucks into Phil’s thigh. He looks at Phil for approval. “Go ahead, baby, pleasure yourself. Daddy wants to see you.” And with those words, Dan starts grinding into Phil’s thigh, rubbing his completely hard, clothed cock into Phil’s jean-clad leg. He moans out again and again, loving the feelings of pleasure coursing through him.

“Ah, Phil!” Dan chants as he pleasures himself. Sparks fly through his body, igniting every vain and making his body hot. His cheeks are pink and his chest is flushed. His body is covered in a thin sheet of sweat. “Oh my god, Phil!”

“Do you feel good, baby?” Phil whispers in his ear and kisses his neck. “Tell me how you feel, tell Daddy.”

“I feel so hot! So good, you feel so good. I love this, love you.” Dan moans out and pushes his hips harder into Phil’s thigh as he tries to grab onto the wall. “Can I cum, Daddy? Please, let me cum! Daddy, I’m so close.”

Phil pulls away, disconnecting his body from Dan’s. He whines out and Phil shushes him. “It’s okay baby, but not yet. You look so good. So pretty for me. Daddy wants to fuck you. Make you feel so good.” He pulls Dan closer and kisses him, walking backward and leading him into the bedroom. Dan wraps his arms around Phil’s neck and brings their bodies even closer.

“I want you so bad, Daddy. Want you to fuck me.” Dan says against Phil’s lips.

“Anything, my baby. I absolutely adore you.” Phil says, breaking away from the kiss. “I want to see you stretch yourself for me, Dan.” Dan nods eagerly and rushes to the drawer to get the lube.

He pushes his boxers down his hips and lets them fall to the ground before he sets himself in the middle of the bed on his back. Dan uncaps the bottle and gets some lube onto three of his fingers. He reaches his hand down between his legs, grazing his hard cock, and slowly enters one digit into his hole. He breathes out a low moan and pushes his finger in and out repeatedly. Then he adds a second digit. Scissoring them and twisting them to stretch him out.

Phil stands in the room, undressing himself as he watches Dan stretch his hole for him. It’s unbelievably hot as Dan thrashes his head at his own pleasuring. That’s Phil’s favorite to see. When Dan makes himself feel so good in front of Phil, it makes him so hard, so horny, and he just adores the faces and loves to see what Dan does. The sounds he makes are so erotic–whether it’s his fast, labored breathing or his high moans or his low and needy groans–they are all so fucking pretty and sexy.

When Dan has added his third and final finger, Phil has already undressed and remains watching Dan as he lazily stokes his cock to the sight. Dan reluctantly pulls his fingers out, knowing his daddy would be disappointed if he let himself cum, and opens his eyes to see Phil and he blushes at the hot sight in front of him. Phil crawls onto the bed and over Dan, kneeling in between Dan’s thighs.

“You’re so sexy, Dan. So good for me.” He places his cock on Dan’s hole. “I’m gonna make you feel so good. Like I always do, right baby?” Phil smirks as he pushes the tip of his cock in and Dan moans out at the feeling, squeezing the duvet underneath him in his hands. “Huh? I didn’t hear that, baby.” Phil pushes more into Dan, feeling him stretch around him. He moans low and huskily. “I think you feel so good around me. Your tight, little hole, so hot, Dan.” He groans and buries his head into Dan’s shoulder, pushing all the way into him.

Phil kisses Dan’s shoulder and collarbones as he waits for Dan to get used to the stretch. When Dan has adjusted he moans out: “Please move, Daddy. I’m re-” He moans even louder as Phil pulls out all the way to the tip and pushes back in, copying his actions again and again.

Phil thrusts into Dan with speed, feeling his lubed up hole around his cock clench and unclench around him as Phil groans into Dan’s ear. “You feel so good, baby.” Phil says.

“H-Harder, Daddy!” Dan moans and Phil hits his prostate dead-on. Little shocks of white, hot pleasure cause Dan to jerk and move his hips back into Phil. “You feel so good Daddy, harder!” Dan cried. Phil was making him feel so good. Pleasure coursed through his veins as Phil kissed his neck and anything that was in reach. Dan rocked back into him, meeting him with every thrust. It felt so good, everything. The kisses, the sucking, Phil’s warm skin on his, creating shocking sparks of the best pleasure and heating his own skin up, the hot cock thrusting in and out of him, hitting his prostate every time. Such euphoria ran from Phil into Dan.

They were both so hot. Warmth was pulling in their stomachs as they both chased their orgasms. The teasing, the hot words, the actions it was all too much for Dan. He came on his stomach with a final hit to his prostate. Phil kept thrusting, but Dan stopped him.

“Wanna taste you so bad, Daddy. Let me taste you?” He breathed and got up, pushing Phil back. Dan put his hands on Phil’s hip and took Phil’s cock into his mouth. Phil spread his thighs wider for Dan and put his hands in his hair as he moaned aloud. He looked down at Dan as he sucked and licked on Phil’s cock. Dan looked up at Phil and winked, taking Phil all the way down his throat.

“Ah, Dan I’m gonna cum!” Phil said, not looking away from the amazing sight in front of him. Dan licked the underside of Phil’s cock, trailing his tongue to the tip. He collected the precum and swallowed it, loving the bitter, salty taste it left in his mouth. He continued sucking on just the tip, pumping the rest with his hand, and Phil came in Dan’s mouth. The hot, white substance made Dan moan and he came a second time onto the sheets under him. He released his cock and Phil’s, bringing his hand up and licking his own cum from it. He moaned at the taste.

Phil looked at him, and if he a hadn’t just cum he’s sure he would have been instantly hard at the sight of Dan licking his own cum from his fingers.

“You are so fucking hot!” Phil says, getting on his knees and pulling Dan closer to him for a hot breathy kiss. Their lips mesh and their tongues collide. Their hands are all over the other’s naked body, trying to get them closer. Dan has a hand on Phil’s ass and the other in his hair, while Phil grips Dan’s thighs and back. They fall onto the bed in a tangle of limbs and lips. When they’re wrapped in each other, they pull away, breaking the hot kiss.

“That was really fucking great.” Dan says, smiling and curling into Phil.

“Jeez, you’re such a cumslut, Dan. But that was probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” Phil agrees.

“Oh yeah?” Dan giggles, biting his lip.

“Yeah, but Dan, as much as I’d really enjoy fucking you again. I’m really fucked out. And you biting your lip is like, really hot, so stop it.” Phil chuckles, tapping Dan’s lips.

“Anything, my baby. I absolutely adore you.” Dan teases. Phil blushes and they both laugh.

“I really love you, Dan.” Phil says, admiringly.

“Well, I just so happen to really love you, too,” He pauses. “Daddy.”

Phil groans, but holds Dan closer, and they look at each other adoringly, before curling up and going to sleep.



Submission by apetnamed-steverogers 

Your face is illuminated by the soft blue glow of your computer screen, the only source of light in the darkened room. After mark’s recent video, you feel compelled to leave your opinion in the comments section, although knowing it will not make any impact, being one in a couple thousand. Your fingers fly across the keyboard as you type, “ personally, I don’t see why everyone is so afraid of Darkiplier, he’s not as scary as they hype him up to be.” The second your mouse clicks comment, your body slacks against your will, frozen and slumped against the backrest of the chair. Your computer screen flickers out. You feel a presence behind you as your eyes move wildly from side to side, trying to regain control. You feel the presence move closer, feeling the traces of breath as they whisper in your ear. “Darkness has been around for ages, a thing that you humans have been programmed to fear since the beginning. A primal instinct you’ve chosen to ignore.” The deep male voice moves to the other ear, still just out of sight. “You humans are so pathetic.” You feel a hand on the back of your neck, making your heart beat faster and harder than before. “You act so brave,” he spits, his grip on your neck tightens to an uncomfortable degree. “But when the darkness comes,” he lets out a humorless chuckle, sending tendrils of fear digging through your thoughts. “It will take your sanity, rip it to shreds, and the only thing left, will be darkness.” his finger nails are now buried into your skin and your heart is thumping sporadically. “am I scary now?” he snarls. the hand disappears and you are left in the darkness.

ananasik67  asked:

Bughead 1, 6, 7 :)

1) Who rocks the Ferris Wheel seat and who flips out and begs them to stop?

Betty is afraid of many things, most of which she has confided in her boyfriend, leading to the occasional panic attack and his always comforting and understanding embrace, however Jughead loves carnivals. It’s something she just recently found out, he had been so excited when the Riverdale carnival had decided to make its annual stop in town that their was no way she could tell him how terrified she was to go on the one thing he had been raving about. Ferris wheels were not her friend. Ever since fifth grade when she agreed to ride one with Reggie Mantle and he attempted to open the door when they were at the way top, teasing around and jokingly trying to push her out. So when Jughead playfully starts rocking the Ferris wheel, Betty instantly digs her fingernails into her palms and grits her teeth, she doesn’t want to ruin his fun, but she feels like she may throw up. Ever observant he instantly notices her palms, moving slowly he sits right next to her and wraps his arms around her, whispering soothing words into her ear and gently kissing her palms. When they finally come down, he scoops her up into his back and piggybacks her over to the cotton candy. Finally something they can agree on.

6) Who takes photos of the other while they sleep?

Jughead takes constant photos of Betty, sleeping or not. But he has to admit the way she looks sprawled out on his mattress, long blonde hair looking silkier than ever on his dark blue sheets. Come on, she was made to be photographed. It’s amazing the amount of pictures he has on his phone of her sleeping or napping, he loves the way her mouth opens slightly and her typically tense shoulders relax into him. His wallpaper is currently a picture of her resting on his shoulder, eyes closed and snoozing, it was tricky to take without waking her up but he loves the way her dark eyelashes look brushing against his flannel, when he showed Betty his array of sleepy pictures she just rolled her eyes. He wasn’t even surprised to receive the ridiculously expensive camera for his birthday the month after.

7) Who said “I love you” first? and who ends their arguments in a fight with “Because I love you”?

Betty said she loved Jughead first. They had been together for a few months and after all of the drama with jason blossoms murder they finally had a moment to themselves, cuddled up at the Riverdale Cinema theatre preparing for a double feature. Betty had been staring at him shoveling popcorn into his mouth for a solid three minutes when he finally reached the end of his bag, looking up at her he shrugged apologetically “ill get some more, sorry Bets.” As he went to walk away she called after him “hey Juggie?” He looked back from the aisle “I love you. oh and extra butter this time.” He nearly tripped on his feet. That had been the last of the conversation until a few weeks later, Betty was crying in his bedroom at the Andrews, quickly picking up her things and breathing heavily, he had said something stupid again and she had told him she had had enough. He had begged her to stop, to just listen to him, through teary eyes when she asked why? he had blurted it out “because I love you god damnit!” After that those three words could never be said enough for the pair.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a scenario with hanamiya where he is asked by a girl in his class to teach her how to throw a three point and during the 'lesson' they get really close? If that makes sense 😶 maybe they accidentally kiss or/and she accidentally throws the balk at his head...

Throwing the basketball toward the hoop, you watch in anticipation as it makes its way toward your target. Before it can even get there, you hear a snarky comment from the bleachers.

“That was too weak of a throw,” Hanamiya quips.

And sure enough, the ball barely makes it within the bounds of the net before it falls to the floor, the familiar sound of rubbing bouncing on polished wood meeting your ears. There’s a chorus of frustrated sighs, one each from the both of you, as you run over to retrieve the ball. Hanamiya stands from his seat, the beginnings of an annoyed groan in the back of his throat.

“You’re not cut out for this,” he states bluntly, standing just behind the free throw line where you’d been rooted too for the past hour. “Let’s just call this quits and go.”

“Or,” you challenged, the annoyance in your own voice growing in intensity at Hanamiya’s lack of tact. “You’re a shitty teacher. It’s not supposed to be this hard.”

There’s a click in his throat and a roll of his eye before Hanamiya is stalking closer to you. You barely have time to register before he’s kicking at the back of your knees gently, making you bend them more than you had been previously. It’s suddenly so hard to breath when he moves his arms around you, grabbing the ball over your hands and pressing his back against yours. He’s positioning you, though you’re also pretty sure this is his way of copping a feel.

“Put more power behind it,” he instructs, demonstrating the way you should shoot by moving your arms along with his. “You’re not throwing hard enough.”

It’s a knee-jerk reaction, and you really hadn’t meant for it to happen, but the way Hanamiya’s breath is blowing past your ear has you moving before you can think. You reel your arms back, throwing the ball with all your might. It isn’t until after it’s left your hands that you hear the pained groan from behind you and notice that Hanamiya has now stepped back from you.

“What the fuck,” he curses, holding his nose where you’d accidentally beaned him when you reeled your arms back. He has little time to continue cussing in your direction when the ball comes flying back, having bounced completely off the backboard. It hits him again, this time on the top of his head.

You bite back a surprised squeak. “Maybe we should call it quits,” you comment meekly, watching as fuming anger practically billowed from Hanamiya.

eclectic like a thunderstorm

“You make me eclectic,” James whispers into her hair, which is actually some mundane shade in between the color of carrots and the color of bricks, but if someone asked him what color it is, he would be offended by the suggestion that there is anything else on earth like it. It is the color of Lily, he would whisper reverently, and then he would have to dodge a fist, albeit a friendly one, because the only person who ever asks him that stupid question is Sirius. And Sirius only asks when he is already looking for a reason to punch him. Sirius isn’t here now, though, which is why he can say stupid, soppy, true things like “you make me eclectic.” 

Except he can’t, not really, because she turns to look up at him and one eyebrow rises skeptically, and her eyes crinkle at the edges. “Don’t be an idiot, Potter. You’re always eclectic. That’s like saying I make you conceited.” (except as she says it, she runs her hands reverently down his bare chest, and she’s already lying in his bed naked, and it’s almost like she thinks he’s worthy of her, and knowing that definitely does make him conceited. So point Potter.) 

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Your face is illuminated by the soft blue glow of your computer screen, the only source of light in the darkened room. After mark’s recent video, you feel compelled to leave your opinion in the comments section, although knowing it will not make any impact, being one in a couple thousand. Your fingers fly across the keyboard as you type, “ personally, i don’t see why everyone is so afraid of Darkiplier, he’s not as scary as they hype it up to be.”   The second your mouse clicks comment, your body slacks against your will, frozen and slumped against the backrest of the chair. Your computer screen flickers out. You feel a presence behind you as your eyes move wildly from side to side, trying to regain control. you feel the presence move closer, feeling the traces of breath as they whisper in your ear. “Darkness has been around for ages, a thing that you humans have been programmed to fear since the beginning. a primal instinct you’ve chosen to ignore.” the deep male voice moves to the other ear, still just out of sight. “you humans are so pathetic.” you feel a hand on the back of your neck, making your heart beat faster and harder than before. “you act so brave.” he spits, his grip on your neck tightens to an uncomfortable degree. “But when the darkness comes,” he lets out a humorless chuckle, sending tendrils of fear digging through your thoughts. “It will take your sanity, rip it to shreds, and the only thing left, will be darkness.” his finger nails are now buried into your skin and your heart is thumping sporadically. “am I scary now?” he snarls. the hand disappears and you are left in the darkness.


Here’s my fic for DOQ Week - PDA.  Rated M (very M, but it’s me, you expected that, right?).  This can be enjoyed as a one shot, but is part of my Swingers verse fics, that you can find here.


It’s been a few months since they’d visited Mal in LA, and an unusually long time since they engaged in their activities.  

It had been merely a case of poor timing.  First Robin got a promotion at work, one that came with a steep learning curve, and he was pulling long hours before everything clicked into place.  By the time he did, Regina had come down with an awful case of strep throat.  Then Regina’s parents were in town, and they had that out of state wedding to attend…

So it’s been awhile, and in addition to missing Mal, they miss the wilder aspects of their love life that she always seems to bring out.

As luck would have it, Mal had to unexpectedly work a benefit on the night they arrived.  “It’s fine, the event won’t take all night. Meet me at Angels & Demons afterwards. I’ll duck out as soon as I can,” she had promised, while speaking to both of them on the phone.  She’d added a tiny quick little Miss you that hit Regina in the gut, and seems to have affected Robin in the same way.

There’s never any discussion as to whether or not they will all end up in bed together.  Mal’s never been much for pre-planned evenings. But Regina never considered finding a lifestyle club for the occasion, or trying to pick up a couple.  She misses Mal terribly, all of her, and would wager Robin does as well, if the way he keeps glancing around the club looking for her is any indication.  

“She could be late,” Regina says, when she sees him peruse around the room again.  Mal had told them that she may have trouble getting out of this event, after all.

“Right,” Robin agrees. “Sorry I just… it’s been awhile.”

“Excited?” Regina asks with a teasing smile.  “What do you expect to happen tonight, Mr. Locksley?”

“Oh, don’t play innocent, Mrs. Lockley.” He draws her in closer, ducking his head against the crook of her neck and breathing in deeply.  “You’re wearing her favorite perfume.”

Regina chuckles lightly. She’s caught, and might as well admit it. “I hope she doesn’t bring anyone else.”

“Want her all to yourself then?” Robin asks.  They are swaying lightly to the music now, hands looped around one another as they get closer.  

“I don’t mind sharing,” she replies softly, leaning in to press a soft, open mouth kissed to his neck. He moans.  “I just want to,” she scrapes her teeth lightly against the skin left damp from her kiss, “fuck her really hard.”  She hears his sharp intake of breath, and she grins triumphantly. She loves how she can get him riled up. “And I don’t want to suffer through boring introductions.”

Both their phones buzz then. Regina raises an eyebrow.  Robin laughs.  He checks his phone and sure enough, it’s a text from Mal.

She’s sent a picture of herself.  She’s in a gorgeous black dress with a deep vee that extends to her sternum, breasts lifted and separated and looking gorgeous.  Her hair’s in curly tendrils framing her face, her mouth is open, with a finger on her lips and she looks… incredibly sensual, ravenous, and… aroused.

A text follows.  

Stuck here a bit longer.  Don’t have too much fun without me.

Regina traces a finger around the image on Robin’s phone.  Mal’s tempting them, the picture is absolutely designed for that purpose. And it’s working.  It already has her imagining dipping a hand underneath the low neckline, freeing her gorgeous tits, and devouring her whole.  God, she can hardly wait.  And of course, that was what Mal had wanted with that picture.

“She wants to tease us, fine, lets tease her back,” Regina says with a smile.  She’s wearing a little silver dress, low cut and short.

She turns around and presses her back to Robin’s front.

“Touch me,” she begs, her phone out and camera on.

He does, one hand venturing underneath the hem of her dress just high enough to feel her panties, the other cupping a breast.  Despite it just being a show, he really does go for it, his hands massaging her curves, nimble fingers making her pulse with need.

Regina snaps a picture.

It’s a very… attractive looking picture.  A bit grainy and over developed, as is to be expected from the darkness of the club and shotty flash of the camera, but it’s flattering to her form, and Robin’s hands truly do look like they are in the middle of cupping and groping her.

She texts it to Mal with a message Had to start without you, hope you don’t mind.

That picture didn’t capture their faces, and she can tease Mal a bit more with one of those, so she spins in his arms, prepared to take a picture of them kissing or looking seductively into the camera.  

She sees that look in Robin’s eyes, and it throws everything off.  He’s biting that lower lip, eyes half-open and dark.  She knows that look.

“I think your plan has backfired,” he rasps into her ear.  “Now I won’t be able to wait.”

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down and dirty

So ages ago someone prompted me a “first real fight ending in an impromptu mud-bath with companions laughing on the side” fic for Solavellan, and buddy that’s exactly what you’re getting


They don’t fight. They’ve had their share of disagreements, of course – her stubborn nature won’t be cowed, even by rationality, and it has an unfortunate tendency of sparking his own, which has resulted in more than one heated debate. But that’s all they’ve been – discussions, on some occasions even bordering on arguments, but there’s always been an air of civility to their disputes, even the times when he’s felt his pulse increase, and he’s watched her eyes flash with a challenge.

But the first time Solas really allows his composure to slip is when she escapes death by a hairsbreadth, stepping into the path of a demon’s grabbing claws, her wooden staff a pitiful defence, and sending his heart careening into his throat when she barely manages to deflect the attack that had been meant for him. Even at his current strength he could have made quick work of the demon, and although he shouldn’t fault her for assuming him in need of assistance – he has, Solas realises, given no indication for an aptitude in magicks beyond the healing sort – reason evades his grasp when she turns towards him, flashing a grin and cheerfully wiping ichor on her pants.

And – reckless, he thinks, heart still caught in his throat. She’s unabashed, irresponsible, and entirely uncaring of her own safety, clearly.

He proceeds to tell her as much, although perhaps not as calmly as he’d have liked. And not tell so much as yell, and it’s the most he’s ever raised his voice, too, going by the look on her face – a curious blend of shock and disbelief, and he finds her expression reflected on the faces of the others, although in varying ways. Cassandra looks ready to intervene, Blackwall’s brows have climbed all the way into his hairline, while Iron Bull, no doubt sensing a fight brewing, sports a grin that can only be described as ferocious.

Then, confusion bleeding into anger, Ellana’s entire expression changes, features pulling together sharply, and she’s so angry she’s turned bright red, even more so than usual given her hair and freckles, and she’s practically aglow with fury.

And then she’s bearing down on him.

“I’m irresponsible, am I?”

“Yes, it was unnecessary–”

“Don’t tell me what’s necessary or not, I make my own decisions–”

“Poor ones, yes, you have demonstrated as much!”

“I just saved your ass!”

She doesn’t usually curse, but she’s livid now, and so it’s no surprise when it slips out. Her chest is heaving, and she’s still covered in ichor, a gleam of sweat on her brow – no visible injuries, but he’s seen enough of the work of demons to know it only takes one wrong step. She’d been lucky.

“It was not in need of saving,” Solas says, the words clipped, and attempts to wrangle his own anger into something manageable.

“That was my choice to make.”

“And when you are capable of saving yourself, perhaps I will concede that it is, but you needlessly endangered your own life – you may be Inquisitor, but in this regard you are little more than a reckless child!”

He regrets the words the minute they’ve left his mouth, but it’s too late to pull them back – and even if he’d had the chance, Solas doesn’t know if he’d be able to, with his anger such a raw and living thing. And it’s reflected on Ellana’s face now, alive with something almost like betrayal, and something in is chest clenches–

“Ugh, you–! I can’t believe–!” And then, chest heaving, “The only reason you think I’m childish is because you act like such a righteous old fop!” she snaps, before she stomps her foot with a muffled shriek – quite possibly one of the most endearing sounds he’s ever heard from her – and it takes him a split second to realise the ripple running through the ground underfoot is going to topple him straight into the mud.

Of course – it doesn’t take him much longer than a second to decide that if he’s going down, he’s taking her with him.

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7x10 review: “Noel Fisher and Cameron Monaghan in: Try To Retcon THIS, Motherfucker”.

*Takes a deep breath*

Okay. I can do this. 

*Deep sigh*

I can do this. 

Last night’s adrenaline left me somewhat in shock, so sorry if this review’s gonna be different from the others. I think there’s gonna be less humor, because my mood is swinging from anxious to hype twenty times in a minute.

You’re probably wondering what’s up with the title. What is up is that last night, an epic battle began. That’s right. I don’t know if Noel and Cam were aware of what they were going into, I don’t know if it was intentional, or instinctual. All I know is that I saw two forces fight against one another last night on screen: the power or love and the power of manipulation. 

Allow me to explain. This is gonna be hard, guys, but stay with me. Fight with me. 

If you read through all of this, you are officially promoted to Gallavich Knights. Or somethin’.

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Punishing Phil

Summary: Phil upsets Dan. Dan punishes Phil.

Warning: Smut, Edging, Hickies, Angst, D/S themes, Toys, Light Bondage

Word Count: 2,669

A/N: I wrote a few other fics that are similar to this. For another fic of Dan punishing Phil, click here, here, or here. For a fic about Phi punishing Dan, click here.


Fanfic Masterlist

Phil stares up at the white expanse of the ceiling. He moves his arms and tugs at the rope that bind his wrists to the bed. The corse texture rubs against his skin. It’s not uncomfortable. It will leave a mark that will fade in a day though. Until then, it’s a reminder of the situation that he’s in.

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anonymous asked: An imagine where you text Johnny because you really miss him, but he’s filming a movie somewhere. Then he comes home and surprises you

A/N: Sorry again for the wait. I’m so bad at that. Hope you enjoy! x

You wake up late on Saturday morning, opting to stay in your cozy dreams than awake to a half empty bed on your only day off. It’s emotionally draining, Johnny’s job, which requires him to be gone more than not. The times, though.. the times make up for it. When Johnny is home, the two of you always have the best time. He is a great man, even though he is constantly saying goodbye.

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The Beginning Of The End:The End

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

Tagged peeps: @sallyp-53 @winchesterreid @december-sunrise@beaconhills17@helvonasche@fly-f0rever @kaitlynnlovegood

Characters: Y/n, Derek, Kate, Scott, Jordan(mentioned)

Pairing: Derek x Y/n

Word count: 1125

Warnings: Swearing. Angst, complete angst. Character death. Sadness. 

Summary: Y/n realises it is all over. 

A/N: This is it people. It’s done. My baby has grown up and left. I loved writing this series. It was my original idea and I absolutely love it. Thank you all for sticking with it. Hope you like the ending. 


The Beginning Of The End Masterlist

I didn’t know how long I was out for. 

All I knew was, once I opened my eyes, I realised I was in some weird church type of building. 

It seemed as though it had been abandoned, the pews dusty, as was everything else. 

The whole thing was broken down, pieces of the beautiful blue sky visible through the holes in the ceiling.

It was strange, such a beautiful day would turn out to be the worst of my life.

She walked in.

A woman. 

Blonde and pretty. 

But I could tell she was a conceited, psychotic bitch. 

She had two of those bone men with her, advancing towards me, while I shivered with fear.

I knew this was Kate. 

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You’re not one for letting anything preventing you from getting the day’s work done. Car won’t start? You’ll take the bus (or call in one of your many favors). Feeling a little under the weather? Down a few pills and pack a box of tissues! Woke up late? Mentally beat yourself over the head as you pray to every deity you know that your boss won’t notice your tardiness and call you into his office to give you one of his famous lectures.

So when you wake up late on a beautiful autumn morning with a pounding headache, runny nose and the knowledge that your car battery died last night just as you pulled into the driveway and you own no jumper cables—you consider purchasing a one-way ticket to the Grand Canyon so you fling yourself off one of the many cliffs.

Except you don’t, because that would be a little too dramatic—even for you.

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anonymous asked:

lily trying to seduce james when he has a test to revise for/essay to finish

So I got this prompt like 3 months ago but a) I’ve never written something overly explicit and b) I’m forgetful af and c) today is the limes network’s battle and I thought I’d use this to contribute to the happy side. Hope you like it (it’s not very nsfw)!

The thingabout NEWT level Arithmancy was that it was hard. Really, really hard. James had been regretting his decision to carry on with the godforsaken subject ever since the beginning of the year, and with the additional pressure of being Head Boy, the fact that this was his last year to get the Quidditch Cup and the war brewing just outside Hogwarts’ doors, James really couldn’t be bothered with his homework.

And yet. His father – upon his deathbed, mind you – had made him promise to continue to work hard, not to lose hope just because one of two of his parents were gone. He has to set an example, doesn’t he? James needs these grades for a job.

So he struggles on, hoping against hope that the seemingly ever-growing pile of questions in front of him will diminish. It doesn’t, of course. Although a Vanishing Charm may be one flick of his wand away, he doesn’t reckon that would go over very well with his professor.

He’s been working through it methodically for a brief twenty minutes or so when Lily appears in the doorway.

The Heads’ office is a sort of safe haven for the two of them, away from the perpetual racket in the rest of the school. It’s a place for work, but also for the two of them to just be.

It’s supposed to be peaceful, anyway. Which is exactly why James is so surprised when Lily enters with the top two buttons of her white shirt undone, robes and jumper nowhere to be seen and skirt considerably shorter than usual. His eyes glance over the line that her thigh-high socks draw on her knees, skims up to the exposed skin at her neck and chest, and he wonders what exactly she’s up to.

“Who’ve you been snogging?” he teases, hand flying into his hair as it always does when he’s flirting with her, or trying to. Hers is wavier than usual, almost deliberately dishevelled, as if she knows exactly where the princess curls that rest on the tops of her breasts are sending his mind. (Straight down the gutter, if that wasn’t clear enough.)

She grins toothily; walks towards his place on the sofa. James swears that her hips are swaying more than usual. “No one but you, of course.”

“Good answer, Evans,” he says, staring at the way the dark eyeliner that rims her eyes makes them smoulder, before he catches sight of his quill. James groans.

“What?” she asks, perching beside him. He speculates idly over whether or not she’s deliberately brushing her leg against his.

“I’ve got a fucking mountain of –“

“Let me guess, Arithmancy?”

As James’ close friend of at least a year and girlfriend of five months, Lily is well aware of his unfortunate situation when it comes to the dreaded subject.

“How in Merlin’s name did you guess?” he deadpans, pulling slightly on his hair as if it will make him concentrate.

“Can I help?”

He shows her the question he’s stuck on, to which she winces. Having had the foresight not to take Arithmancy (it was apparently too similar to her least favourite subject at Muggle primary school, Maths), Lily can’t really offer any advice to him. “Sorry, James,” she says instead, tone sympathetic. He watches her fingers curl softly around his hand, and her thumb begins to knead circles into his palm.

Before he can say a word, she leans in, going straight for his lips and pecking them softly once before peppering a string of kisses down his jaw. He holds back a groan and protests weakly, “Lily, this is due in half an hour.”

“Half an hour? When did you get it?” she murmurs the question whilst kissing the shell of his ear, a move that renders James almost speechless.

He mumbles back a sheepish, “Last Friday,” before his lips are caught between hers once more. Against his better judgement, James’ hands move to her waist, fingers bending into the dip below her ribs. He feels her hands twist around his neck and slip down to his shoulders, and he lets out a little hum as she massages the knots there.

“Has anyone,” he mutters between kisses, “Ever told you that your hands are magical?”

She smirks against his mouth and pulls away for a second to smile at him and say, “Well, I have this boyfriend who says that a lot, actually. The thing is, he’s always busy because he’s very smart and popular – not that his ego needs anymore boosting –“ James kisses the sarcastic remark off her lips, “And he works. Too. Damn. Hard.” She punctuates each word with a kiss (on his cheek, his nose, his lips) and a dig of her index fingers into his stiff back.

“I don’t think I work hard enough, really,” he considers, revelling in the way his muscles seem to relax instantly at her touch, “I should have done this ages ago, but –“

“But it was the full moon and you are a better friend than student, I know,” she rolls her eyes, “James, your teacher isn’t going to murder you if you don’t do half of your homework for one week.”

“But –“

She bites down softly on his lower lip, transforming his objection into a sigh. His eyes flicker shut of their own accord, and he takes a deep breath before kissing her, hard. His tongue curls around hers and his hands are sliding up, away from her waist to undo her third button, and maybe their teeth bump once or twice, but James could not care less.

He has a beautiful girlfriend practically sitting in his lap; she is one of his favourite people in the world. And from the way her skirt is slowly slipping further up her thighs and his breathing is already increasing in pace, it doesn’t look like they’re stopping anytime soon.

And so they don’t. James waltzes into Arithmancy exactly thirty five minutes after (he’s vaguely aware of his lateness, but the amount of effort it takes to leave Lily is far too much), with a new spring in his step and his half-finished homework stuffed messily into his open bag. The teacher barely bats an eye. Instead, she tells him to sit down, do up his tie – he hadn’t even realised that it was draped around his shoulders – and get his books out.

The professor doesn’t even ask for his homework after all that, and as James collapses into the seat next to a smirking Sirius who passes him a note, – “I assume this is Evans’ doing?” – he cannot think of a half an hour he’s spent better in his entire life.

anonymous asked:

prompt ask - laurent and damen. laurent pretending to be a pet - roleplay

It’s a game. That’s obvious from the moment Damen sets eyes on Laurent.

Still, it takes him a few moments to gather his wits enough that he feels prepared to play. Laurent is reclining on one of the low couches in their bedchamber, propped up on one elbow, with more skin on display than Damen has seen outside of times when he was actually naked.

He is wearing the sapphire earring. Damen’s blood heats at the sight of it.

“Who let you in here?” Damen says.

Laurent gathers his limbs together and sits up. The necklaces hanging around his neck and halfway down his bare chest tinkle and chime gently as he moves. One of them is a double string of diamonds set in white gold, which Damen recognises–with a flare of amusement bordering on alarm–from a painting of one of Laurent’s ancestors. It is probably kept under guard in the bowels of the treasury. It is ancient, and beautifully wrought, and priceless.

Laurent wears it as carelessly as a fairground bauble.

“No one. I let myself in.” He regards Damen with a blatantly assessing sweep of his eyes. “Though I’m not sure yet if it will be worth my while.”

Damen smiles. “Expensive, are you?”


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caped-ace  asked:

Headcanon: Saitama can secretly play the harp really freakin' well, and when Genos finds out somehow it becomes his immediate mission to create some opportunity for his Sensei to play so he can hear this magic at work.

Saitama can’t sleep anywhere that isn’t the apartment. He always finds himself wandering the halls of hotels at night when he and Genos go out of town, sometimes going for long walks if they’re in a city, other times sneaking into the hotel’s pool and letting his feet hang over the side into the too-warm water.

That’s how on one trip, he finds himself in the grand hall, where a wedding is scheduled for the next morning. It’s eerily quiet, and everything has been set out. He probably shouldn’t even be able to get in but unfortunately sometimes super strength means not really recognizing the difference between locked and unlocked doors.

And he knows that he should leave everything alone, but he can’t resist sitting down at the harp and letting his fingers run across the strings. Motor memory takes over, and it’s like it hasn’t been over a decade since he touched the instrument. He still recalls where his fingers go, how to pluck and strum and urge the music out into the silent night.

What’s the harm, with no one around?

Genos would never, ever tell his teacher that when he leaves the hotel room, he is always only a few steps behind. He isn’t following him with any ill intent, after all, but he can neither sleep well without the hero at his side nor sit by while he walks in unfamiliar territory. He doesn’t interrupt or invade his privacy; he just…isn’t far away.

Tonight, Saitama has found his way into a banquet hall in the lower levels of the hotel, and when he goes inside, Genos sinks into seiza in the adjacent salon. He waits, listens, his alert system online, and he figures that he must be just sitting and admiring the space when there is music. Beautiful, soothing, soul-touching music that doesn’t enter Genos’s ears so much as it caresses them. There are few things that make Genos feel truly human: Saitama is one and now this…

He moves around to the next set of doors behind the warm trace of Saitama’s form inside and very, very carefully opens it a crack. His master sits at the harp, and the controlled movements of his hands, the precise and gentle strumming, they are unlike anything that Genos has ever seen him do. Usually, Saitama easily ruins fragile things - snapping chopsticks, breaking board games, one time turning a game of marbles into Russian roulette - but the way he plays the instrument is like he is handling nothing more than air.

Air. That’s the name. And his eyes fill with thick tears because he realizes that he recognizes it from the intimate funeral following the attack all those years ago, in the last days of his human life.

“Oi, Genos. What are you doing measuring the apartment?”

“Just making note of the floor space, Sensei.”


Just in case.