his ears in the hat though

between the devil & the deep blue sea (m)


Words: 28,455. (rip)

Genre: Pirate Jimin au + smut, fluff, angst.

Pairing: Jimin x Reader.

Summary: “No matter the endeavour you were on, no matter the storms you encountered on rocky seas, or the possible threat of encountering blood-thirsty pirates, no one intrigued you or intimidated you more than the thought of him, of Park Jimin, the most notorious of pirates, the most brutal of men, the devil incarnate.”

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okay hear me out: 

you know those photo series that are like “In The Running For The Next Spiderman/Young Han Solo/Bachelor/Prince Eric/Property Brother”

and it’s just like nine generically handsome brunet white men that might all be Henry Cavill or might all be Matt Bomer or might all be the photogenic runner guy from 2012 for all we know but it’s impossible to tell because they are just so generic?

and you know how nobody really remembers what Moist von Lipwig (slash Albert Spangler where applicable) actually looks like, they just remember the gold hat, or the glasses, or the bountiful ear hair?

what I want is an adaptation where Moist, whenever he’s being an anonymous face or The Man in the Golden Suit or Albert Spangler, is played by a series of generically handsome brunet white men who are swapped out shot-to-shot.

i doodled this super quick washington in class today because priorities

On My Own (Harry Hook) Part Two

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“You swore you’d never hurt me”

“You swore you’d never leave me On My Own

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

“Tell me this is some kind of sick joke,” You remarked, staring at the two boys in front of you. Jay and Carlos exchanged an uneasy look.

“You’re telling me you took Ben, King Ben of Auradon, to the Isle where most people want nothing more than to see him strung up by his thumbs!?” You exclaimed, suddenly ashamed to be an acquaintance of the two boys. “And you thought that he wouldn’t be kidnapped!?”

“I never said we thought it was a good idea,” Carlos mumbled, looking down at the sharp look given by you.

“And now you want me to come with you on some sort of rescue mission to get him back from Uma of all people?” You quizzed, hoping it all was just some sick joke.

“On the bright side, you can go see your dad!” Jay tried to throw in before making a grimace. “Never mind, that’s not a good thing…”

Carlos worried his lip before his face lit up. “You could rub in their faces how good you’re doing.”

“I’m in.”

Your hands were shaking by the time you reached Pirate’s Bay and laid your eyes on Uma’s ship. The crew still looked as raggedy as you remembered in their war paint. They looked like a kindergartener’s finger-painting project gone wrong.

“Hey guys! They’re here!” A pirate you could easily place as being Gil, the loveable son of Gaston, called out to the crew below him.

You could practically feel your blood pressure rising when Harry’s voice filled your head.

“Welcome!” He called, pushing a terrified Ben to the Plank. Oh how you wanted to knock that grin off his pretty little face. Without thinking your hand came to grasp at the handle of the sword tucked into your belt. Jay gave you a concerned look, as if asking if you were gonna be alright fighting against the pirate if worse came to worse.

You just gave a nod before turning to train your eyes on the blue-haired sea witch, tensing slightly from your spot beside Carlos when she mentioned the killer sharks. Dumb witch, you thought to yourself. Sharks only attacked when provoked or threatened. Auradon taught you that.

Carlos nudged you slightly, motioning with his eyes to the hook-wielding pirate that was slowly but surely making his ways towards Uma and Mal. You may not particularly like the daughter of Maleficent, but you knew how unpredictable Harry could be, so you hopped onto the wooden railing of the docks, crouching down beside Mal with a hand on your sword.

You could tell he was pretending to not notice you, anyone could see that. But you could also see that your presence was unnerving the young brunet from the way he quickly started to fly off the handle. You could only grit your teeth at Uma as she gripped his hook and pulled him away from the two of you. Though, of course the flirt couldn’t without winking and blowing a mocking kiss in your direction.

It seems time didn’t change him at all.

As he made his way back to Ben, you followed his moves, not stopping until you were directly across from the pirate. You didn’t trust him to not shove Ben off the plank for no reason. Frankly, you didn’t trust him to not hook the poor King. The thought alone put you on edge. And from the devilish grin worn by the pirate as he caught your eye, you knew that he knew exactly what was going through your mind.

You could see the grin drop when Mal moved to give Uma the wand, before being stopped by the king. You could practically smell the smoke coming from the use his rarely-operated brain. Either he was dumbfounded that his captain’s plan actually worked… or he knew something was off, he knew there was no way Mal would give up the wand that easily.

You really hoped it was the first option.

You were relieved when he dropped the look, replaced by a grin at Ben trying to bargain with Uma. Maybe he was dumber than he looked. You knew it was a lie, but the thought made you feel better about your breakup all those months ago. Because, as much as you didn’t want to admit it, you’re a petty ex.

Panic began to set in once Uma demanded Mal prove the wand worked. You guys were screwed. But, like usual, Mal prevailed, using Dude-the-now-talking-dog to fake a spell.

“Give me the wand!” Uma demanded seconds later, holding her hand out. Was she always this demanding?

“Give me Ben!” Mal shot back. Uma gave her a grin before calling Harry over. Once again, you followed his movements to be by Mal’s side. You may not have been the strongest, but you knew Harry’s weak spots if Uma were to try and trick you.

You gave a slight laugh as you heard Gil inform Ben about how Gaston wishes he had finished off Ben’s dad when he had a chance. You knew it was true as it was the only thing Gaston ever spoke about. Well, that and Belle. And how incredibly thick his neck is…..You made sure to not come across him often.

Harry pushed Ben to the ground in front of Mal before drawing his sword, you made sure to do the same. You raised your gaze to meet his when he spoke.

“Aw, what’s the matter? Don’t ya trust me, lass?” He asked softly, a mocking pout forming on his face. But, it didn’t match the wickedness in his eyes.

“Cut him loose, Harry,” Uma instructed, eyes trained on Mal and the wand. Harry gave a huff, “I never get to have any fun.”

“Yeah, Harry, listen to your Master,” You remarked, smirking at the evil glare you received in return. Like you said before, you’re a petty ex.

Mal pulled Ben away from the two pirates as Uma rushed to the deck of her ship. Harry lingered, eyes not leaving yours before slowly following his Captain. You had to help Mal pull Ben away from the ship. He wasn’t the brightest King if he didn’t see through the plan. You suddenly worried if your life was in the right hands if he couldn’t tell it was a fake wand.

Uma quickly snapped the plastic wand in two upon realizing it was a fake. And then all hell broke loose. Smoke bombs and pirates alike were flying through the air as you suddenly regretted not practicing sword fighting since you left the Isle.

“Please don’t let me get my hand cut off. I don’t wanna look like Harry’s dad,” you whined before joining in on the fight.

Your eyes widened as you spotted Harry jumping into the water after his father’s hook. Though, you didn’t miss the opportunity to snatch his hat up from the dock. You placed it on your head with a smirk, “Mine now!”

Turning around and quickly ducking, you narrowly avoided getting your head cut off by an overly salty pirate. Pausing to giggle quickly at your own joke, you swiped the sword out of his hand, followed by a swift kick to the crotch that knocked him onto his knees. “Honestly, does she not train you guys at all? It’s almost sad,” You tsked, pushing him off the dock and into the water.

You cussed under your breath when you noticed Ben going against Harry, but then paused. Harry Hook, the son of a pirate, whom would try to behead anyone that dared look at his sisters wrong, was undoubtedly… getting his ass handed to him by a King that had never been in an actual sword fight in his life, literally with one hand behind his back. And it. Was. Hilarious.

“Y/N, come on!” Carlos called out, grabbing your wrist and pulling you to the tunnel after Evie threw a smoke bomb right in front of the pirates.

Pausing by the disoriented son of Hook, you placed his hat on top of his head before running to join the others. You spared the drenched pirate one last glance before disappearing into the tunnel.

Leaving him alone. Again.

“I know he’s on your mind, Y/N,” the voice of the daughter of Mulan filled your ears as you stared over the side of the boat to the Isle.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Lonnie,” You replied quietly, even though you both knew it was a lie. You knew exactly who she was talking about.

“I’m sure Harry did miss you. He just couldn’t show it with that Uma girl there,” She soothed, rubbing your back gently. You shook your head, turning to lean your back against the rails. she had just been informed on the situation on the ride from Auradon to the Isle, when you had to explain it was the Captain of your ex boyfriend that had taken the king hostage.

“That’s the problem. Even when we were together he was always Uma this, Uma that, Uma- Uma!?”

You failed to hide your surprise (and rage) at seeing the sea witch as she made her way down the stairs to where King Ben stood. You and Lonnie shared a look before rushing over to Mal’s side. You were no expert on relationships- but even you knew that you definitely did not bring your girlfriend’s worst enemy on a date to a dance you’re supposed to be with your girlfriend at.

And the worst thing was, as she stood before you, dressed in a beautiful gown that matched the blue of her hair you could see exactly why Harry would want her instead of you.

“Harry, the cotillion’s on!” The blonde boy yelled to his friend, whom was busy brooding by the window of Ursula’s fish and Chips. Gil sighed, walking over to the brunet. “Staring at Auradon won’t make you any closer to her, you know. But you can see her on TV.”

The pirate stared at him silently before walking to the table in front of the television. He could feel tears well up in his eyes at the sight of you. He missed you a lot, and it took all of his willpower to not show it when you came to the ship. But, he was scared you would try to stay if you knew how pitiful he was without you. He loved you, and there was no doubt about that. But he couldn’t give you everything you deserved if you came back to the Isle. He wanted you to be happy, even if it meant being away from him.

He took a shaky breath, wiping his eyes.

“You look beautiful, lass.”

A few days after the Cotillion Disaster, you were called into the King’s office. From what the letter you received said (though you didn’t see why he just didn’t tell you in one of your many classes together) it was urgent business, not to be discussed with anyone else. You never thought a two minute conversation could have such an impact on your way of breathing.

“After seeing how harsh the conditions are on the Isle, I have decided to bring a few more kids to Auradon,” Ben stated, standing up from his seat behind his desk.

You raised an eyebrow, watching him carefully, “And what does that have to do with me?” You asked.

Ben cleared his throat, awkwardly coming to stand in front of you. This can’t be good.

“Y/N, there’s no easy way to say this after you risked your life to rescue me from the Isle so I’m just going to say it,” He began, arm sliding around your shoulders to give you a friendly, and suspicious, squeeze.

“Harry Hook is coming to Auradon.”

A/N: So, what do you guys think? Is it good enough to have a part three?

The Son of Haggar part 1

Shangst Au

Lance always knew he was adopted, the Mcclains happily took him in. And for that he was grateful to them. He called then his family, though he did wanted to meet his real mother and his father. Wondering if they abandoned him, or simply couldn’t have him due to some circumstances. Though the adoption agencies said they found him on the beach crying at the age of 3.

Lance panted as he stared at the witch known as Haggar. Her golden eyes stared down at the wounded blue paladin. For some odd reason, she had sadness, almost like a mother losing her child kind of eyes.

“The Blue Paladin, I was once the guardian of the ocean.” Confessed the witch as she moved closer. Lance just glared as he looked for his bayard. “I won’t attack you, I have a very soft spot for you..” than she went on “We are known to be the most trusting, the most compassionate, yes?” As her long thin hands touched the Cuban’s face.

“You have my eyes…” she whispered, “you have his skin tone and hair.” She went on, Lance grew more confused. “You have his color blue But you have my markings…” Lance eyes widen in pain. He felt something sharp cutting through his face, but there was nothing on him.

“Shh..my child. This is your true form.” Lance stared at the reflection on the floor, so clear. He saw it. He had her markings, but in dark ocean blue. He saw the long elf like ears that alteans have.

Lance felt tears coming down, no he won’t believe it.

Lance grabbed his bayard but saw that Haggar had disappeared. He grabbed his fallen helmet and put it on a dark mode so the team wouldn’t see his face. And quickly ran back to his lion.

‘You found out my paladin..“ the kind voice of his blue lion whispered. ‘That Haggar was the original blue lion and your mother.’ Tears came down his eyes, “Yes I did…You won’t leave me because of that?” Lance whispered. ‘Of course not, you are mine.“ The compassionate lion said.

“Lance what are you talking about?” Shiro voice came out.

“Nothing! Just me and my beautiful blue just having a wedding plan.” Lance joked as he forced a strong joking tone. He was thankful for his classes in theater.

Shiro didn’t believe him, but decided to leave it at that. The mission was the worst of all they had, but thankful a successful one.

Blue told him how of Haggar became who she was, She was originally known as Farla. A beautiful blonde who was similar to Allura. Strong and kind. And when Zarkon betrayed Voltron, she followed him.

Blue went on saying she became pregnant with him, and had to hide him from zarkon. She hid him for 3 years or something similar to that. But the galra were getting suspicious. Haggar had put him into the blue lion and set it on sights of a far away plant. Or earth, though galra ships had attacked the lion and it crashed landed on the plant Earth. Lance was washed away from blue and onto Varadero beach in Cuba. Crying and in a language no knew he was saying.

Lance started avoiding the team, lying saying he felt sick, or just needed time to better his bond with his lion.

He started to put makeup that match his skin tone to hide Haggar’s markings. Though hiding the ears were more of a challenge. He began going to the space mall to buy different hats. Just to cover the ears, he hid them from team. By the time he thought he could go back to being the Lance they knew, something else happened.

His eyes started to change, the black pupil had change into a pale blue.

Lance felt tears coming down his eyes, it’s not fair…

– Part 2 -> https://bijellyfishy.tumblr.com/post/161513357287/som-of-haggar —————Part 3 -> https://bijellyfishy.tumblr.com/post/161534898607/son-of-haggar-part-3

happy birthday to park chanyeol heres a list of things i love about him:

1. hes the biggest ot9 stan

2. when he overreacts to jokes

3. his dimple

4. when exo were trainees he was the first person to approach kyungsoo because kyungsoo couldnt make friends

5. he walked kyungsoo home and they have been best friends ever since

6. he really has the biggest heart

7. when he wears oversized hoodies even though hes a giant

8. he purposely reads hate comments about himself to improve himself

9. he wrote a song about how his members help him through hard times and he teared up performing it

10. his big and pointy ears (when he wears hats and his ears flop down!!)

11. the first thing i noticed about him was his humor and how he made everyone around him smile and laugh, king of happiness !

12. but! he is not ashamed to talk about when he cries or feels bad

13. when growl came out he watched his own part over 500 times (he knows he looked good!) and when they showed it in an interview he gave himself a standing ovation

14. got the birthday of exols tattooed on his arm

15. wore a hoodie with ”STRAIGHTHATE” written on the back

16. his calming and deep voice

17. when his friends dog got missing he went out to look for it in the middle of the night, and posted about it on instagram so that people would help look for it (they found the pup!!)

18. ”you loving the size”

19. when his friends release music/on their birthdays he posts about it on instagram (every damn time) (king of supportive and healthy friendships)

20. he tried to come in third place in a contest on purpose because the prize for third place was bubble tissues

21. he gets really excited over bubble tissues

22. he cried after eating spicy food

23. hes so clumsy!! someone please take care of him!!

24. listed his ideal type as ”everyone”

25. his cheeks are so soft and squishy

26. underappreciated singer and he knows it!! he has to post his music and covers on soundcloud?! where is my cholo (chanyeol solo)

27. oh and he plays over 4 instruments. and writes his own songs! hes so hardworking and talented!!

28. he gets very shy and embarrassed when the camera focuses on him at award shows and he tries to hide

29. paid for his car with cash (?!)

30. he went from being ashamed of his dancing because people made fun of him to dancing in the front line

31. he thinks hes very small but hes so big (SO BIG)

32. how his face lights up with joy when he sings or when people compliment him

33. hes one of the happiest people ive ever seen!! hes always smiling and laughing and he wants everyone else to be as happy as he is!!

34. is allergic to animals but cuddles every dog or cat he can find (seriously someone pls take care of him)

35. hes so affectionate!! always hugging and smooching his friends

36. never forgets how hard he and exo have worked to be where they are today, and always remembers to thank his fans for helping him

37. he bought every member a laptop because he wanted them to play games with him

38. his :) face

39. he promotes self love

40. his eyes look like they contain the whole galaxy

41. on his 24th birthday HE made gifts and handed out to fans

42. in a thank you note for the release of their the war album he thanked his family… and his dog

43. he was so proud and excited over an album cover that he made himself, and when he showed us it was just the song title in an ugly font and a heart in the middle

44. at the airport baekhyun got annoyed that people were taking pics of him so chanyeol walked in front of him to cover him

45. his nose freckle

46. he stole a baekhyun standee and then kept it and until baekhyuns birthday (months later??)

47. when jongdae lost his wallet chanyeol gave him his own wallet without hesitation

48. when he played with that fake pup on stage and rolled around w it

49. hes so emotional in a very beautiful way

50. he deserves the world and i am so proud of him

Marauder Headcanons

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- I would just like to state that like it or not, Peter was a Marauder.

- They’re all terrible liars. It’s a wonder no one knew Remus Lupin was a werewolf…

- Well, no one other than every Gryffindor/Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw in their year, plus a few of the good Slytherins.

- Just because no one said anything doesn’t mean they didn’t know.

- Contrary to popular belief, Remus is not the best a hugs. Neither is James. Or Sirius… Actually, it’s Peter.

- James is sooooo the Mom friend.

- They each have something stashed under their bed. For Remus, it’s a ton of chocolate, for James it’s a bunch of Quidditch books, for Sirius it’s a bunch of Muggle magazines… mainly ones with half-naked girls, but there are aslo some motorcycle ones, and for Peter it’s a bunch of different pictures and candy.

- Lots of deep conversations that start out with a simple question.

- Ex: “James, will you pass the chicken?” “Hold up, guys. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I NEED TO KNOW!” 

- Remus is the best at DADA, James is the master of Transfiguration, Sirius is amazing at Astronomy, and Peter is the bomb at Charms (though at the beginning, he was literally the bomb when it came to Charms, with a little bit of help from his friends, he eventually got better than any of them combined.)

- After one night in a Muggle town near where Remus lives, the four decided to start a band. Remus was the lead guitarist, James played the drums, Peter did the piano, and Sirius sang. It didn’t work out well.

- Long story short, a guitar string may have cut Remus’ finger wide open, a drumstick was in James’ ear and the drum itself seemed to have become a hat, Peter swallowed a piano key, and Sirius’ voice was suddenly louder than usual for a few weeks, until the boys finally convinced him to go to the Hospital Wing to get that piece of magical microphone he swallowed out of his system.

- Birthdays become a week-long celebration for these idiots.

- So many stupid dares.
“Remus, I’ll bet you 20 galleons that I can eat three whole pizzas in twenty minutes.”
“Whatever, Prongs.”

- Needless to say, James was throwing up a lot that night and Remus was 20 galleons richer.

- The most common phrase you’ll ever hear any of them say is, “Sirius don’t!”

- When Peter joined the Death Eaters, he tried so hard to work up that Gryffindor courage and tell the Order. Maybe that way, he’d get some help. But whenever he tried, the smile on James, Sirius, a Remus’ faces kept reminding him of the first time they met, and all of the sudden, all the courage would disappear, and he’d only think that they’d hate him.

- Whenever Voldemort would call Peter ‘Wormtail,’ the no-longer-a-Marauder would feel his heart literally hurting.

- Those twelve years that Remus was completely alone, he’d try to drink away his pain. Finally, during the eleventh year, Dumbledore came and told him that if he could clean up his act, he could teach at Hogwarts next year. Dumbledore knew that Lockheart probably wouldn’t last. That seemed to be enough encouragement for Remus.

- When Sirius turned into Padfoot during his time in Azkaban, when everything became too much, the only reason he felt any better was because he could remember the old days, before all the drama, before all the betrayal. However, minutes later, he would have to change back because the memories made him long for something he could never have again, which, to him, was worse than any Dementor.

- The last thing James said to any of them was, “When this is over, we’ll be a proper family again, yeah?” Everyone had agreed. 

- And in a way, those words had come true. Not in the ideal circumstances, but the war was over, the Marauders were dead, and in the afterlife, they could finally go back to being the family they were always meant to be.

Dating Cassian Andor Would Include
  • Cassian not directly confessing to you
  • In fact, for a good while you didn’t have any inkling of an idea that he even liked you in the first place
    • He chided at you for not shooting straight enough at practice targets and scolded you about being safe whenever you did anything even remotely reckless during a training exercise
    • Wasn’t he like this with everyone else?
      • Actually, apparently not: according to K2, there was just enough recognition of difference in his actions for him to be confident that Cassian did, indeed, have feelings for you
      • This was only furthered by the fact that K2 would catch Cassian glancing at you “57% more than he did with any other person on base.“

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Hybrid!Jiyong [ Cat ]

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▪ Annoying little shit
▪ Always curls his tail around your arm
▪ Ears generally laid back
▪ Gets shy about his ears, and tail
▪ Moody
▪ So moody
▪ Tad dumb
▪ Gets excited over the smallest things
▪ “Look how pretty” - him
▪ “Ji, that’s the same bird that comes around every morning.” - you
▪ He didn’t hear a word you said tbh
▪ He has his random ‘violent’ moments
▪ He’ll be sitting there
▪ Both of you doing nothing
▪ And, he’ll randomly comment;
▪ ‘I have a severe urge to start a fire.’
▪ ‘…Please don’t.’
▪ Jealous
▪ “I’ll be back later.’ - you
▪ ‘Where are you going?’
▪ ‘Out, with friends–’ - you
▪ He stays quiet for a few seconds
▪ ‘Guy friends?’
▪ ‘Yes, father. I have friends who happen to be male.’
▪ Nods and just settles on the couch
▪ Overthinks the whole time you’re gone
▪ Probably sniffles a bit to himself
▪ But, easily distracts himself at some point
▪ Takes care of your hungover ass
▪ Doesn’t talk to you, though
▪ Still bitter over you ‘going out with other guys’ instead of ‘spending time with your favorite person.’
▪ Can’t help but wonder if you don’t like him because of the cat pieces
▪ One day decides to hide his ears with a beanie
▪ Tail curled up to hide, as well
▪ Though, it doesn’t take long before it becomes uncomfortable
▪ One day, you notice he looks like he’s in pain
▪ ‘Ji?’
▪ ‘Hm?’
▪ ‘You okay?’
▪ He hesitates for a good three minutes
▪ Eventually just uncurls his tail
▪ Not without a whimper
▪ The kinked up appendage swaying behind him
▪ ‘Why’d you have it curled so long?’
▪ ‘And, you know your ears bother you if you have them tucked back too long.’
▪ You say, taking his hat off, and beginning to pay attention to his tail
▪ ‘I- didn’t think you liked them.’
▪ You are a bit dumbfounded
▪ ‘What? Why? If I didn’t like them, you wouldn’t be in my house-’
▪ ‘No n o, I mean…’
▪ He becomes awkward as shit
▪ ‘Are you hungry? Let’s go out for dinner.’
▪ Avoids the topic at all costs
▪ He’s a wild person
▪ He doesn’t need to be tied down
▪ He needs to just let it go and live freely
▪ Over time, he gets to the point of dealing with his ‘non existent’ feelings
▪ Until you show up with another man
▪ ‘Ji! This is Kyungil, I wanted you two to finally meet.’
▪ And, he snapped
▪ Hell no
▪ No one was allowed to hold your hand
▪ Or kiss you
▪ Or even breathe that close to you
▪ No one, but him
▪ He made this clear
▪ One night
▪ After you two had, had your weekly movie night
▪ And ended up in bed together
▪ You panicked
▪ He shut you up with a kiss
▪ ‘Stop yelling. It’s too early for that, shit.’
▪ You just kind of stare at him
▪ ‘I’m only saying this once. I love you, y/n, and, I’m not taking no for an answer.’
▪ With that, he curled his tail around your thigh
▪ And, cuddled back up to get some more sleep
▪ A month of contemplation
▪ Explanations
▪ Hell hole of feelings
▪ Literally a shit month
▪ You both finally settled down in this relationship-thing
▪ As he called it
▪ You didn’t exactly have a title
▪ But, if someone touched you
▪ He’d probably claw them to pieces

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▪ Forehead kisses
▪ Temple kisses
▪ Hand in your back pocket
▪ Arm on your waist
▪ Tail curled around your limb
▪ Matching hair colors
▪ Clothes
▪ Tattoos
▪ Would literally buy you the world
▪ You are pampered
▪ His Queen
▪ Ironically, calls you his Kitten
▪ Insists that you pick out a collar for him
▪ ‘Why?’
▪ ‘So everyone knows to return me to you.’
▪ ‘Gag me-’
▪ You say, rolling your eyes
▪ You don’t miss the smirk, and eyebrow wiggle he offers
▪ Vanilla
▪ So vanilla
▪ Well unless he’s in a pissy mood

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▪ You mean the world to him
▪ Your the only one allowed to touch his ears, and tail
▪ Is very gentle with you
▪ Does everything to make you smile
▪ Lets you do basically whatever you want
▪ ‘Hey, Ji- can I paint your nails?’
▪ He’ll gladly stretch his hands out to you
▪ ‘Can I dye your hair?’
▪ Moves to drop his head on your lap
▪ He’s your canvas
▪ Have at it
▪ He really does care for you
▪ Very deeply
▪ If you’re unhappy
▪ He’s unhappy
▪ He’s gotta do anything to make you happy
▪ God help them if anyone upsets you
▪ They might go missing
▪ Likes to - attempt - cook for you
▪ Always sets up little dates
▪ Keeping things spontaneous
▪ Fun
▪ If you have kids, he’d gladly watch them if you went out
▪ Oddly responsible for being basically a mental child

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▪ Once again: m o o d y
▪ He’s a cat
▪ What did you expect
▪ Has a small drop of anger issues
▪ Jealousy
▪ Gets a bit cocky
▪ Like he’s God’s gift to the world
▪ He gets insecure
▪ Sometimes to the point you might fight
▪ Might nit-pick over tiny things
▪ Whines when you go hang out with others
▪ Needs a fair amount of attention
▪ Still has his panics about his ears and tail
▪ Might get annoying - depending on who you are and how you deal -
▪ You aren’t allowed to have a pet
▪ ‘But whhhhhhy?’
▪ ‘Am I not enough- I mean, I am a cat.’
▪ Likes to tear things up
▪ Like will literally sit and tear paper or something
▪ Just because he can

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▪ He likes doing little things
▪ Painting on you
▪ Biting on you
▪ Just touching you
▪ Licks you a l o t
▪ Your neck is his canvas
▪ Hips, too
▪ Likes doodling on your arms
▪ Loves when you wear his clothes
▪ Likes to sing to you
▪ But
▪ He also thoroughly enjoys being on the other end of things
▪ When you cook for him
▪ Play games with him
▪ He really loves when you read to him
▪ Or just tell him stories
▪ Likes hearing your voice in general
▪ Forts
▪ He likes anything that is fun
▪ Adventurous
▪ But
▪ Would basically enjoy the Earth catching fire if he was with you.

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In the end, Jiyong is your prince. He loves you, respects you, and wants to make sure you have the happiest life you can- whatever you want, need, want to go, want to do; he’s going to make it happen.

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Reader x Stiles Stilinski

+/- 3.3K words

Warnings: Non-penetrative smut (first time). Some swearing. Some parts are kind of awkward.

A/N: This kind of started as something, and then @bilesbilinskix convinced me I should turn it into smut. So thank her for this. Also I have no idea when this takes place. I started out with the idea that it would be season 1 for like one paragraph, but Stiles’ long hair fucks me up and idk??? So imagine a magical realm outside of time where all the seasons have merged into one so Stiles is a virgin with his hair grown out and Scott has only just become a were so things aren’t fucked up enough that they can’t keep to childhood traditions like movie-pizza night.

Summary: When a guy flirts with the reader, Stiles gets jealous and the reader wants to know why.

“Could that have taken any longer?” I complained.

We’d been on the bus for two hours, and I was feeling a bit motion sick. The cool December air helped a lot, though. I couldn’t believe I was saying this, but I was almost glad we’d gotten to the museum–even if it was a boring World War II place.

“Be glad we didn’t get stuck in traffic,” Stiles said, hopping off the bus behind me. He pulled his hand through his hair, messing it up, and smiled at me and Scott, who was already standing next to me. “I count that as a win.”

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do you think SU's character inconsistency is objectively a bad thing? i don't really even notice it when i'm watching the episodes, and i like the fact that every boarder has a different style! i like seeing everybody's slightly different interpretations of the characters.

I am not qualified in animation to judge whether something is “objectively” bad or not.

But I do know that something very important in animation is silhouette. The shape of the character has to be distinct, so it could be recognizable in every environment, light level or context. When the shape of a character is inconsistent, it can’t achieve this as well. This is especially important in SU where there’re multiples of most gems, who have similar designs and color schemes to the main character. Without distinct silhouettes, it could become rather confusing who is who.

And about noticeability, I don’t notice the off-modelness of SU most of the time either. But it is noticeable when compared to other shows. I’m gonna use AT again because its model consistency is very good.

Here is Finn’s normal self.

And here is Finn inside a trippy dream sequence.

The ears on his hat are longer. Which gives off a weird uncanny feeling, Like something is slightly off. Here Finn is drawn slightly off model on purpose to give off a certain atmosphere. But it can only work because Finn is usually so on-model and consistent that when he’s not, it’s noticeable.

SU with its inconsistent animation can’t really achieve the effect that intentionally going off model does, since its character’s proportions are always “off”.

So in conclusion, even though SU’s character inconsistency isn’t “objectively bad”, I do think it limits the show and the things the creators can do with their characters more than it gives them any freedom.

so this is love.

pairing: min yoongi | reader
genre: college au / fluff, angst
warnings: implied sexual activities, themes of cheating and heartbreak 
word count: 15,399
description: there are three things they don’t tell you about getting cheated on.
author’s note: i suggest listening to sandeul of b1a4′s mini album “stay as you are” because this was written by listening to said album on repeat. enjoy and thank you for your patience!

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There are certain things they don’t tell you when you get cheated on. Not that there were any universal secrets to the concept, but it’s something that happens in the weakest moment of someone’s life. A betrayal. An unforgivable one at that. And, it isn’t simple either.

First of all, you’ll still love them. There isn’t some magical response that you’ll suddenly stop loving that person, because you still will. The love will remain as potent as it was when you just realize that you love them. Even so, it feels as though in that moment when you find out they’ve cheated on you, it’s like you remember every moment that led you fall for them in every fine detail as if you’re brain wanted you to suffer enough. Like being in some sort of limbo, you watch the first meeting, the first dates, the first talks, the firsts… all the works. It’s etched into your brain, and as if on replay, it continues to go on and on, reminding you of what was while you suffer through the current moment. You’ll think to yourself, What could I have done to turn this around? Where did it go so wrong?

But maybe some things are out of your control.

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Day 1: Black Friday

Sorry I’m late starting, I’ve been really busy over the last few days. I have my final exam tomorrow though so I’ll get day 2 and 3 done tomorrow! Also I know that this isn’t very langsty, but it is the least langsty out of all of them, so it will get better. I hope everyone enjoys! ❤️

Normally Lance tried to avoid Black Friday and all of the sales. He heard all of the horror stories and they scared the absolute shit out of him. This year, however, he had to get the perfect gifts for his friends. All of them have finally graduated and joined Allura at her company Voltron. She was the CEO of the company Voltron, inheriting it from her father, alongside Coran who worked as a COO. Voltron was a space exploration company that was working on trying to explore the further reaches of space.

Shiro worked as Allura’s contracted bodyguard and it didn’t hurt that they were also dating. Keith, Hunk, and Pidge all graduated last year but he wanted to stay an extra few years to make sure he was as qualified as he could be before he joined them. Keith worked as Allura personal pilot, Hunk as an aeronautical engineer and Pidge as an ethical hacker.

However staying as a student meant that he wasn’t able to get a lot of the money that he needed or wanted. This year whenever one of his friends saw them, they got a very excited and happy smile on their face. Not that they weren’t always happy to see him but since it was growing closer and closer to Christmas, it probably had something to do with their gifts for him. Considering all of them were making over $100,000 a year now. That’s why he had to get the best deal possible, it might be the only opportunity he has to get a decently expensive product in his price range.

“Excuse me,” he said meekly as he tried to push through the crowd. People were pushing and shoving trying to snatch up the best deals. Every time Lance would reach his hand out to try and pick up a product off the shelf, it was either snatched off of the shelf or even directly from his hand. He would have tried to defend himself against the other shoppers but they were almost foaming at the mouth and he wasn’t sure about his own safety.

“Damn it,” he muttered when another shopper pushed past him to grab the leather jacket he wanted to get for Shiro. This was a lot more frustrating then he thought it would be, he just really wanted to go home right now. He sighed and glanced at his side and gasped. That was Killbot Phantasm Re-Mastered. Pidge would love that, she never had the time to go out and but it, and wasn’t being offered online. He had to get it for her. He started forward, if he didn’t get this for her, he would never forgive himself.

He got his hand on the very last copy and pulled it off of the shelf. He didn’t get to put it in his basket though before someone tried to grab it from his hand. He didn’t get the chance to look up at the person’s face before he was punched in the face and he fell to the ground in a heap. He quickly pressed a hand over his nose as he felt blood starting to slip down his face. He struggled to his feet and started towards the exit. This was too much for him. He walked through the parking lot, tears and blood rolling down his face. What was he going to do now?

He quietly closed the door to his apartment, Blue walked up and rubbed her head on his leg.

“Hey beautiful,” he said fondly before moving into the kitchen to rip off a piece of paper towel and wet it to try and clean the blood off of his chin. He sighed and leaned back onto the counter.

“God what am I going to get them now?” he asked himself, staring up at the ceiling. He looked back into his living room, his eyes catching the rolls of yarn and his knitting needles sticking up from the basket.

“Maybe…” he trailed off before looking over at the entrance way. His hat and mitten sat there innocently but they immediately shot Lance into action. They wouldn’t be as expensive or nice as what his friends were going to get him, he was sure but at least they would have a use. He would definitely be cutting it close with a month and six hats and six pairs of mittens, but he would be able to do it.

He wasn’t exaggerating when he thought that his friends were going to spoil him this year. They decided to meet at his place, the comfortable area familiar to all of them. Lance’s roommates had already gone home to their families and wouldn’t be back until school started again. When they sat down around Lance’s Charlie Brown Christmas tree after their meal, they decided to ignore the gifts to and from each other and started handing their gifts over to Lance.

He gaped in awe at the presents that he unwrapped. A round trip voucher from Coran so he could go visit his family, a drone from Keith, a brand new laptop from Shiro, an Xbox One from Pidge, an Apple watch from Hunk, and a fucking Louis Vuitton peacoat from Allura. They looked at him with sparkling eyes as he unwrapped his gifts and stuttered out grateful thank you’s and let out a few tears.

His eyes caught his own wrapped gifts sitting under his small plastic tree. He walked over and picked them up handing them over to everyone, each one wrapped in color-coded wrapping paper.

“Don’t open them yet,” he said when he saw Keith about to tear into the package. He stopped and looked up at him expectingly.

“Okay, so I couldn’t get you guys really good stuff, but I’ll be able to get you guys something when I get enough money, so please don’t be disappointed,” he rushed out.

“We won’t be disappointed,” Shiro comforted him. Lance shook his head but waved his hand for them to go ahead. Immediately he heard the sound of ripping paper and decided to look down at the ground instead.

“Are these?” Pidge started, but as soon as she started talking she ripped the rest of the package open with an excited squeal. Lance blinked and looked up at the cheer and his eyes widened seeing Keith and Pidge had already pulled the cat-eared knit hats over their heads and the rest of them were pulling on the paw mittens with excited grins.

“These are just like yours!” Hunk cheered with a smile. Lance faintly nodded his head still confused at their reactions.

“You actually like them?” He asked. They stared at him blankly.

“Lance, I’ve been jealous of those things for like, two years,” Shiro deadpanned. The eared hat on his head ruined the image though.

“Oh,” he trailed off. They got off of the couch and gathered around him in a group hug, many words of gratitude falling from their mouths.

He looked at each of them, smiles on their faces and small laughs coming out of their mouths. Christmas had always been important to Lance and his family and now he had another family to share new memories with.

Cuddling/Sleeping Poly!Hamilsquad Headcanons

-No big spoon, little spoon-he’s a tummy sleeper
-Comes home from work, exhausted, and drained
-Sometimes he’ll continue to work, most time you convince him to come to bed
-He kicks off his shows and lays himself across you and the others
-Mumbles about Jefferson for a few, then about what he had for lunch, about his day
-Shortly after coming in, he’s between someone’s legs, arms wrapped around someone’s torso, face buried into someone’s stomach
-He’ll only dozen off if someone’s playing with his hair

-John is he little spoon,
-He likes being held
-Will only fall asleep if someone is whispering sweet nothings into his hair
-Cuddling with Laf and Herc, he has one leg thrown over their waist, face buried into their chest
-With you and Alex, he lays in the usual soon position, your legs thrown over his waist
-Sucks his thumb

-Favorite cuddles though are having you or other of the others on top of him, face buried in his neck, so he was wrap his arms around y'all
-Can fall asleep at the drop of a hat
-Cover hogger (She’s/he’s/they’re on top of me, we need more covers!)
-Can only sleep if someone plays with his ears
-Has a hard time waking up in the morning
-CUDDLER(duh)-it’s hard to escape his arms in the morning(“Herc, I really have to pee!”)

-Tit/chest sleeper
-Buried his face in you tits(chest) smiling as his eyes get heavy
-Wraps your legs around his body
-Needs his hair played with too-or he’ll actually wear it down to bed (¿¿¿)
-Sleep talker
-Sleeps naked
-drools and snores
-always the first one up

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Do you think Bendy's horns change shape a little on certain occasions? Like they fold down like a cat's ears when he gets angry or they shoot up all pointy like needles when he's startled? Might add to his cartoony expressiveness.

I feel like they’re absolutely subject to changing shape, just like any other part of him – after all, he is a cartoon!  But I’m not sure I understand the inclination to treat Bendy’s horns as though they’re kittycat ears.  After all, they’re… not.  They’re horns.  Horns are made of bone, so they’re gonna be relatively rigid – about as rigid as the rest of him.

Basically, the way I see it, since they’re horns, they’d be as rigid as his skull.  They’ll do whatever the rest of him is doing.  He might be able to treat his set of horns as a hat, or perhaps move them individually with his hands…

…but while he may be able to interact with them separately from the rest of his head, well.  Unless he’s involved in a gag that is rather literally comparing him to a cat or something, I can’t see his horns moving independently from the rest of his head as though they’re ears.  Horns don’t have muscles in them, after all.

Basically, he functions on the same kind of toon logic as any other cartoon – his body probably follows certain rules pretty strictly unless specifically required to do otherwise for a gag.

That’s just my take on it, though.

Leshy,  in Slavic mythology, the forest spirit. The leshy is a sportive spirit who enjoys playing tricks on people, though when angered he can be treacherous. He is seldom seen, but his voice can be heard in the forest laughing, whistling, or singing. When the leshy is spotted, he can be easily recognized; for, though he often has the appearance of a man, his eyebrows, eyelashes, and right ear are missing, his head is somewhat pointed, and he lacks a hat and belt. In his native forest the leshy is as tall as the trees, but, the moment he steps beyond, he shrinks to the size of grass.

The leshy is a spirit of fairly homogeneous characteristics that are familiar to most Slavs living in heavily forested areas; the Ukrainians living in steppe country lack a fully articulated leshy and know about him from hearsay.

Where Family Is || Taehyung || Oneshot

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Word Count: 3584

Genre: angst, based loosely on the Spring Day mv and hyyh mv’s, tw; suicide, depression, abuse, alcoholic

Summary: Warm days will come after the winter storms…

The chug of the train had long left the area and silence had settled over the train station. The frozen branches hung over the stained tracks like gargoyles, protecting the spot and watching those who come by it with a wicked eye. The body had long been moved and now a young man sat at the train station, his feet placed heavily against the white snow, his arms resting against his thighs as he leaned forward and his fingers hooked to each other. Once in a while, this young man would stand, wrap his arms around a column and lean his cheek against it before leaving the wood post and hopping onto the ground. He would sit on the tracks and run his fingers absentmindedly over the rusted and blood-stained rails. He had been in this state for several weeks and he hadn’t left his post. He didn’t want to eat or sleep—in fact, he found that he couldn’t. He didn’t need to.  

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Official ranking of every cowboy emoji on emojipedia

i feel like this cowboy wants to sell me something and i don’t like it. that big toothy grin, the empty eyes, the too-shiny hat with its boxy crown. 2/10, don’t trust this one

…is it an egg with a drawn-on face and a tiny hat plopped on top? A little chick? Someone’s thumb? It’s pretty cute, whatever it is. The colors, the hat shading, the surprising head-shape, the mouth/beak… 8/10

A grim, stoic drifter type–you can tell by the way his hat’s pulled down low, and the bland little smile. Not sure what to make of the bold outline and complete lack of a line for the hat brim though. 6/10

A determined, plucky boy. His hat is very tall and makes me think The Man With The Yellow Hat more than The Man With No Name. 5/10

The Apple cowboy’s dopier cousin with a nicer, floppier hat. Just give him a drink and a slap on the back. He’s harmless, if slightly tedious company. 4/10 weird gradient

A beautiful boy with a beautiful hat. I want that hat. Look how it shades his eyes–so practical and handsome. 10/10

Kind of a minimalist version of the Facebook cowboy? Looks like a Playmobil. Cute. I don’t know if I believe in that hat though. But it does have a nice wide brim. 7/10

A round cheery boy with a funny little hat. Looks like he’s got bear ears if you stare too long. 9/10 that smile is so tiny and cute, i don’t want to hurt his feelings

Wow. This guy is just sooo happy to be here and honestly, I’m happy for him. Kinda nervous, but happy. 11/10 take it easy, little buddy. we’re all rooting for you.