his ears are pierced

reasons to love harrison ford

1. hates donald trump
2. got his ear pierced at claires because why the FUCK not
3. legit asks people to beat him up in action scenes EVEN NOW AS AN OLD ASS MAN
4. is arguably one of the most iconic star wars characters yet couldnt give less of a shit abt star wars
5. the universe tried to kill him (or at least permanently incapacitate him) twice in 2015 and it only mildly inconvenienced him
6. flies helicopters in search and rescue missions
7. was in his 40s for the majority of the indiana jones series which is fucking insane when you think about all the stunts involved
8. quote “the director yells cut and harrison cracks open a beer and then builds a fucking shed”
9. arguably sexy
10. points angrily and its super effective

This is for @uncannycookie since I asked if they wanted anything and they requested something about Mob going with Teruki to get his ears pierced, so here it is!

But then I also found I wanted to do the entire scene and I didn’t have time to draw it all so… I wrote fanfiction for the first time in my entire life. Writing is very much not my forte so I hope I didn’t make too many mistakes. I just thought it was a cute fluffy scene. Ummm, I hope you like it! *screaming over writing*

“You didn’t have to come you know,” Teruki said as he opened the door, a bell gently chiming above them. “It’s going to be fairly quick to get done.” He held the door open for Mob before shutting it behind them, leaving behind a crisp Autumn day and becoming encased in the warm, dark interior of the shop.

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Omg! There will definitely be some major disconnect between Marco and everyone! I mean, he's mentally 30 years old. And when Star Marco all grown up... I nearly screamed!!! The scene with the scissors was sweet though. I thought Marco would refuse to come home or he would come back and still be 30 but it was STAR that made him come back - not his parents or friends but specifically Star! Also, the dork as ear piercings now :D

I see that I’m not the only one who got caught offguard by Running With Scissors, but consider this: at the end of the episode Marco clearly has memories of his 16 years, but apparently reverted to being a teen not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally, being immediatly embarassed by his body, and moping about being a sweaty, insecure, 14 years old again.

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[#HAPPYJHOPEDAY] 10 random facts about Jung Hoseok
  1. His motto is, “If you don’t work hard, there won’t be good result.”
  2. His most confident feature is his nose
  3. He doesn’t have any ear piercings because he feels that it’s manly like that
  4. The last thing he does before sleeping is to go to the toilet
  5. and the first thing he does when he wakes up is to open the window for fresh air
  6. He likes this emoticon @_@ 
  7. He said that if he’s not a celebrity, he may become a teacher 
  8. His ideal type is someone who loves him, is thoughtful, good at cooking, read a lots of book, and only only loves him. He want to chill, talk and read books with her. 
  9. If he could have a supernatural ability, he would wish to control the time because he wants more time
  10. The three elements of happiness to Jhope: Family, Health & Love

chinese source from: TaeSeokie

post-Jackady concept I could not resist: 

“… do you think he knows?” Adrien asks Plagg warily after his father’s left post-hug, covering the ring self-consciously and not really sure how to feel about basically anything that’s happened since the whole mess started. 

“He knoooooooooooooows,” Plagg hisses with 5000+ years of experience with bad luck, ears going flat and tail bristling and eyes bugged out all paranoid. 

(it’s not paranoia if they’re ACTUALLY an evil butterfly-man out to get you, of course, but TECHNICALLY THE VERDICT IS STILL OUT ON THAT.) 

So Adrien, also feeling kind of paranoid now, starts wearing more jewelry to make the ring less noticeable/noteworthy. He gets a couple bracelets, he buys a few more rings, he thinks about getting his ears pierced but isn’t sure how that’d work with the transformation. And he COMMISSIONS one more ring, just in case. One that looks exactly like his Miraculous. 


Five minutes into this experiment, Nino’s like “cool bracelet, dude, it new?”, Marinette is dYING in the row behind them because Adrien ACCESSORIZES now? that’s just a thing she has to DEAL WITH now??, and Adrien and Plagg have both already forgotten which ring is which, because they are Adrien and Plagg, jfc you two. 

Cue a VERY AWKWARD head-bonk for Plagg the first time he tries to jump into the wrong ring. Repeatedly. PLAGG NOT THAT ONE THE OTHER–okay maybe THIS one–?? 

In the distance: explosions and screaming. 

Maybe this was not their BEST plan, Adrien thinks in mild panic. 


Draco Malfoy x Reader

Request: Hi can I request a Draco x Metamorphmagus!reader? She’s in slytherin and Draco likes to tease her because every time she sees him her hair turns a deep red and he doesn’t know what it means so he tease her. And he continues to do that until he sees her hair start to turn blue. Deep red means she likes him and blue means that she’s sad. Draco finds out through hermione because she’s couldn’t see her friends feeling get hurt by him anymore. So angst and fluff I hope u don’t mind!!

Originally posted by nellaey

Draco watches the room through lidded eyes, surveying the on goings of his peers. He vaguely registers that Pansy is prattling away about something next to him but he can’t find it in him to care. He’s searching for someone specific – someone wonderful. Honestly, the only person in the school that he truly cares about. “Dracy!” Pansy’s shrill voice pierces his ears and he starts, glaring at her. “What?” he snaps. Pansy doesn’t back down from his clear irritation and places one of her hands on his arm. Draco frowns down at it as she continues, “Did you hear what I said?” Draco jostles his arm, making her hand fall off, and opens his mouth with every intention of telling her that no, he wasn’t listening to whatever drivel was spewing out of her mouth, when he’s interrupted by a soft voice.

“Hi, Draco.” He glances up and smiles, glad that he finally found her – the only person that he can stand. “Y/N?” He phrases her name as a question, adopting a smirk on his face and enjoying the sight of her locks slowly shifting to a deep red. He has to say, the color really suits her. “I was just wondering if you can help me with my arithmancy essay,” she says in the same soft tone as before. “Really?” Draco asks loudly, his smirk getting even more pronounced and the volume of his statement attracting the attention of most of the students in the common room. He waits until everyone’s full attention is on him before continuing. “Come on, Y/N, that subject is so easy. If you need help, maybe you shouldn’t be taking it in the first place.” He grins up at her as her cheeks adopt a color very similar to her hair, listening to the snickers surrounding them, but his attention is suddenly diverted by a loud screech from besides him – Pansy’s signature laugh. He turns to glare at her and thankfully the force of his expression quiets her, but when he turns back around, Y/N is gone.

Y/N walks down the corridor, her hair slowly changing back to its normal color. I don’t know why I even asked him, she thinks. As the tears that were previously lurking in her eyes start to roll down her cheeks, she stares at the floor and walks even faster than before. “Y/N!” She pauses at the sound of the voice, hardly daring to believe it, and wipes the tears off her face before turning around to meet Draco’s grinning face. He glances at her hair and smirks some more, making Y/N curse her rapidly changing appearance. “Why’d you run off like that?” he asks, and she opens her mouth to respond, but he cuts her off quickly. “I wasn’t finished, you know.” Y/N’s brow furrows as she stares at him. “W-what?” she stammers, lifting a hand and nervously patting down her hair. Draco grins at her then puts on an expression of faux disapproval. “You know, it’s rude to walk away when someone’s talking to you… but no matter. I was going to say that if you’re having trouble with a subject that easy, you don’t belong here at all. Y/N’s eyes widen to the size of saucers, her heart beating so loud that Dumbledore can probably hear it from his quarters. She stands stock still, unable to open her mouth for fear of bursting into tears immediately, and stares at the snickering boy in front of her.

All of a sudden, though, Draco’s laughs turn into confused stammers. “Y-your hair…?” he trails off and tentatively lifts a hand to point at her head. Y/N fingers a lock of hair and brings it around her face to look at. The minute she sees it, she turns on her heels and practically runs away, leaving a confused Draco behind her. Why was it blue?

“Malfoy!” Draco starts at the sound of his name being called and whirls around to face the perpetrator. When he sees who it is, his face contorts into a glare. “Granger,” he sneers, narrowing his eyes at the girl. “To what do I owe the pleasure, you filthy –”  Hermione turns red with anger but manages to cut him off with a quick, “Shut up, Malfoy.” She continues, glaring at Draco and his self-satisfied smirk. “I’m only talking to you for Y/N.” Hearing that name, Draco’s smug expression is immediately replaced by one of concern. It’s been three days since he’s talked to her and even seen her… he’d be lying if he were to say that he isn’t worried. “I-is she okay?” he inquires tentatively. “I haven’t seen her lately.” Hermione simply crosses her arms over her chest and levels him with a stare. “Granger! Answer me!” She rolls her eyes at Draco’s anger but finally responds to the question. “She got fed up with your teasing, you arse. She came to me crying, her hair blue, and –” “What does that mean?”

Hermione stops, slightly confused at Draco’s interruption. “What does blue hair mean?” Hermione heaves a huge and slightly overdramatic sigh. “It means sadness. Obviously. Blue means sadness, green means jealousy, red means love, yellow means –” “Did you just say that red means love?” Draco asks incredulously, his eyes widening in shock. Hermione pauses in the midst of counting all the different colors on her fingers and nods her head slightly in irritation. “As I was saying, yellow means –” But she’s interrupted yet again by the loud sound of receding footsteps, and when she looks up, Draco’s long gone, turning the far corner of the corridor.

Draco pushes the door open with his sweaty palms, panting heavily and trying to get his breathing under control as he scans the room for any sign of Y/N. But his search is cut short when he’s suddenly yanked and pressed against the wall. He glares down at the simpering culprit, level with his waistline. Pansy. Of course. “What are you doing?” he bites out through clenched teeth, trying to push her off, but the girl just leans against him even harder. “I haven’t seen you for so long, Dracy!” The high pitch of her shrill voice makes him wince and he’s turning his head away in an effort to look over her head when he finally sees her. Y/N. It seems like everything slows down as he watches her walk across the room, his eyes widening as he takes in her form – the form of the girl he misses so much. And then she leaves; he suddenly becomes aware of his surroundings again, especially of the girl hanging onto him. With one strong motion, he pushes her off for good and, ignoring her squeals and the stares from around the room, hurtles into the hallway.

“Y/N! Shit –” Draco stumbles over his own feet in his haste to catch up to the girl, almost face planting in the corridor. He catches himself at the last moment and when he glances up again, Y/N has stopped walking and she’s staring at him with a mixture of confusion and amusement. The moment their eyes meet, though, Y/N’s hair shifts, changing to a deep blue. The sight makes Draco’s heart pang and he clears his throat, walking towards the statuesque girl. “Y/N…” She doesn’t say anything in response or even to acknowledge that she heard him – she simply looks at him, waiting. “I-I’m sorry.” The slytherin prince clears his throat – he’s never apologized before and the words get stuck in his throat, so he tries again. “I’m sorry, Y/N.” Her eyes soften at his attempts and her lips almost turn up into a smile. The sight encourages Draco and spurs him to continue. “Listen, love, I didn’t mean what I said. I – I don’t know why I did it, I shouldn’t have, and I’m honestly –” Y/N cuts his ramblings off by placing a finger over his mouth. He raises his eyes to meet hers, and then stops cold when he gazes just a little higher – at her luscious red hair. He smiles around her finger, gently taking her wrist in his hand and pulling it away from his mouth. He takes his time, gliding his fingers over the inside of her wrist and slowly intertwining their fingers before finally speaking. “Red really suits you.”

I’m so glad Teshima is a main character now because the animation team finally does some justice to his luscious locks!! Teshima’s curls are very important to me, ok. 

Literally all i see when i think of Otabek now is a sleeveless shirt with huge arm holes so you can see his pecs a little, arm and finger tattoos and ear piercings, cigarettes and solo cups, growing his hair out for a man bun, outside a lit club he djs at omfg

And yuri meeting him when they take him out to get white girl wasted after worlds as a late birthday celebration

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can I get a headcanon for Ratboy, Roadhog, Dva, Lucio, and Tracer going to the mall?

~I can only imagine the amount of mayhem they’d all get into. Don’t even get me started on a trip to Target. This was so much fun to write. I hope you like it!


  • The Cinnabon employees don’t even see him coming. They can’t believed one human can consume so much icing. The sugar high lasted for hours.  
  • D.Va talked him into getting his ears pierced at Claire’s.
  • Got everyone together so that they could eat at Johnny Rockets. Took a lot of pictures. 


  • Spent some time sitting in the massage chairs in Brookstone. The employees were too afraid to ask him to leave. 
  • Goes with Tracer into Bath and Body Works. Buys a mango lotion. He smells beautiful.
  • Lucio told him about Build-A-Bear. He made a pig. (Obviously)


  • Challenges Tracer to DDR and they quickly get an audience.
  • Got into a fight in Game Stop over ‘girl gamers’. They’re lucky she didn’t have her mech. Roadhog looming behind her was enough to scare them away. She bought him a pretzel after as a thank you.
  • Bought a bunch of graphic tees at Spencer’s.


  • Wins everything from the claw machines in the arcade. Gives it to the little kids watching him. 
  • Spends a while in Best Buy looking at headphones.
  • Got dragged into Sephora. Holds everyone’s bags. Junkrat talks him into buying eyeliner. It brings out his eyes.


  • They lose her in five minutes. Roadhog found her in Journey’s buying converse.
  • Went to The Lego Store and wouldn’t leave.
  • Bought the most things (Including a sun hat for Emily. Emily loved it when she saw it.)

(Requests are open!!)