his ears are pierced

“who’s that?”

“michael clifford. stay away from him.”


“i hear he got his ears pierced at claire’s”

i refuse to believe that noiz’s piercing holes closed up that quickly, no matter whaT CANON SAYS (ESPECIALLY GAUGE HOLES, CHRIST)


after i made this post i…well. things happened

in case you don’t want to go read it for explanation; this is the secondary wedding which they travel to the shire for at bilbo’s insistence. it takes them a few years to get everything organized but, being in a time of peace, the kingdom (left with fili and balin in charge) survives well enough without them for a few months. many bells, many flowers, much dancing, much ale

whenever i see a guy with jst his left ear pierced i always giggle to myself because I know that he has, at some point in his life, googled “which ear is the gay ear”

Every time I publish a blog post or post to social media and use masculine pronouns for my son (whether I’m talking about his desire to be called Mrs. Clooney, get his ears pierced, etc.), people – no matter how accepting and progressive they think they are – tell me I’m using the wrong pronouns. They insist that my son is transgender and that I’m not honoring that.

Good for them. Seriously. Good for more people pushing others to honor people who are transgender.

But, gender policing me sometimes seems like it isn’t an act of understanding, but rather an act prompted by a lack of understanding.

I couldn’t be honoring my son’s gender identity any more when he is expressing himself as female and I use the masculine pronouns that he prefers.

He is a boy who likes to wear skirts, lip-gloss, sparkly ballet flats and (for now) clip on earrings. He knows what it means to be transgender, he’s watched two of his friends and countless adults transition.

He insists that he is not transgender. He identifies as gender nonconforming. He says he’s a boy who only likes girl things and wants to be treated like a girl. He doesn’t like it when people use feminine pronouns to address or talk about him. He loves his male anatomy (as 9-year-old boys are wont to do).

In the new gender binary, he has no home. Cisgender vs. transgender. He’s neither.

In the old gender binary, he has no home. Male vs. female. He’s neither.

—  The New Gender Binary | Lori Duron for the Huffington Post
[#HAPPYJHOPEDAY] 10 random facts about Jung Hoseok
  1. His motto is, “If you don’t work hard, there won’t be good result.”
  2. His most confident feature is his nose
  3. He doesn’t have any ear piercings because he feels that it’s manly like that
  4. The last thing he does before sleeping is to go to the toilet
  5. and the first thing he does when he wakes up is to open the window for fresh air
  6. He likes this emoticon @_@ 
  7. He said that if he’s not a celebrity, he may become a teacher 
  8. His ideal type is someone who loves him, is thoughtful, good at cooking, read a lots of book, and only only loves him. He want to chill, talk and read books with her. 
  9. If he could have a supernatural ability, he would wish to control the time because he wants more time
  10. The three elements of happiness to Jhope: Family, Health & Love

chinese source from: TaeSeokie