his ears are pierced

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Does Andy have his tongue pierced?

he used 2 have his ear (ears? im not sure if he had both) pierced like pre tttyg and he had a tongue/labret piercing from like tttyg era to like mid ioh era. i miss it so much he looked so good with them

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Omg imagine how much hotter John would look if he got his ears pierced 🙊 he'd be off the charts 😍😍 curse me for saying this 💀

Oh shit 😩😩😩
I could also lowkey see him with a lip ring like I would die 💀💀

Imagine a Punk! Will Solace
  • Will Solace piercing his ears with a needle when he got bored in the infirmary. 
  • Will Solace having his hair in a choppy, messy undercut with a ponytail in the back.
  • Will Solace accidentally having his hair dyed bright purple by the Hermes Cabin and pulling it off with his piercings, ripped jeans and matching Dr. Martens. . 
  • Will Solace giving his favourite leather jacket to Nico when it’s cold, and claiming he doesn’t need it (though he’s freezing his balls off) 
  • Will Solace singing Ever Fallen in Love by the Buzzcocks. 
  • Will Solace on a motorcycle.
  • Will Solace creating murals. 
  • Will Solace not being the stereotypical ‘sunshine-y kid of Apollo’ so many people think he is. 

Just Punk Will Solace. 

daddy calum trying to hold himself together as his baby girl cries into his chest after bumping her head on the coffee table when calum had turned away for just a second, the ear piercing cries hitting his ears as he tried to hard to console her, rubbing her back and humming a quiet song to her, knowing that if he sung his voice would crack with tears because there’s nothing worst than hearing his baby girl cry in pain

You know what I need in my life? Punk drarry headcannons.

Imagine Harry going back to Hogwarts for eigth year and now the war is over he has developed a love for emo bands and he decides to have a change in style. Imagine him with black snake bites and eyebrow piercings and a tongue piercing. Imagine him in tight black leather trousers and a ripped mcr tank top. Imagine him with green highlights in his hair and eyeliner that makes his bright green eyes stand out even more. Imagine him with tattoo sleeves with things like phoenixes and lions and snakes and wristbands that have bands and swearwords on them.

Now imagine Draco, who has decided to change just to be rebellious and he looks good in the clothes anyway. Imagine him getting loads of piercings up his ear and chains hanging off it. Imagine him getting a septum piercing and eyebrow bars. Imagine him having a dragon tattoo on his back and it can even breathe fire. Imagine him wearing a pierce the veil t shirt and black super skinny jeans that hang off his thin waist. Imagine him wearing scuffed black doc martens that have wedges and they make him even taller. Imagine him dying part of his hair blue and constantly wearing grey eyeliner.

I just need this in my life.

More Punk! Will for you folks
  • He enjoys every single kind of rock, from classic, to punk, to indie or sometimes even pop rock, as long as the song is good. 
  • Used a safety pin as an earring once or twice (or fifty times)
  • Has his favorite song lyrics inked on chest, going from the front of his ribs, slipping a little down on the side and ending on the small on his back. They’re the lyrics to ‘City of Angels’ by 30 Seconds to Mars. He also has sleeve tattoos. 
  • His favorite piercing is a snake ear cuff one. 
  • No one except Nico is allowed to touch his leather jacket - absolutely no one. 
  • Nico always calls him a psychopath/highly functionning sociopath when they’re riding Will’s motorcycle together, because Will seems to not know the meaning of ‘slow down’. 
  • Will covered his arms at camp so no one would see that he has sleeve tattoos at the age of sixteen. His siblings once stole all his jumpers, so he decided to go all the way and wear the piercings as well. Imagine the surprise on the Ares’ kids faces when they saw that the formally known ‘goody two shoes’ has snake bites, a septum, a triple helix and an industrial.

Danny glanced into the piercing shop window. Was it worth the effort to get one of his eye brows pierced? The snake bites had been bad enough. It probably wasn’t, but he still thought that the upper part of his face felt too empty. Maybe a new ear piercing? 

He figured he’d better think on it a while more. Sure, they’d close up fast if he didn’t like it, but it was such a pain in the ass to get his skin pierced in the first place that he wanted to make it worth it. 

And, ugh, his hip was itching again. Why had he decided jeans were a good idea when he was still within the first month of that new tattoo?

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Dear Hachi, why do people wanna know if Eren wants to get a dick piercing? Love, Anon.

WHEEZES *tugs collar* that’d be due to the recent batch of drawings i uploaded where Eren has multiple piercings (three on his ears, a tongue piercing, and collarbone piercings)

so an anon was curious if his body mods extended any……lower

(surprise tidbit of info: he DOES have hip piercings, which nearly kills Marco)

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phil, do you have any b99 headcanon ?


(I actually had to think about this all afternoon as I’m so caught up in the show I haven’t extrapolated yet)

Okay. I’ve got a few

- Amy’s contact name on Jake’s phone has been “BAEmy Santiago” since forever

- Jake has no idea how to take care of his pierced ear so like the first week he has it it gets infected and he struggles through three of the six months undercover because he just can’t keep the damn thing clean

- Terry keeps his squad’s favorite drinks in a little bag stashed in the back of the cupboards in case of emergency; Amy and Charles’ favorite teas, hot chocolate for Rosa, ridiculously flavored coffee (peppermint, mocha cheesecake, hazlenut, vanilla chai surprise) for Jake, whatever’s on hand for Scully and Hitchcock, etc. Whenever anyone’s in Dire Need, he breaks into the stash and pulls out the comfort drinks.

- Gina has a personal tally on her phone that she updates whenever she’s bored of How Many Times Can Jake Get Distracted From His Work And Zone Out To Gaze At Amy Santiago (HMTCJGDFHWAZOTGAAS for short)

- on one memorable occasion, Rosa read over her shoulder and corrected the count. It was twenty six, not twenty five.

- Gina convinces captain Holt to have a dance off with her one time. It’s never spoken of again, but Holt wins.

- Charles has an uncanny ability to rhyme things and sometimes calls out the rhyme to certain words from across the room in glee.

- One time Jake’s sneakers catch fire and Rosa has to put it out by dumping her soda on them. He continues wearing the sneakers for the rest of the day (he’s in the middle of a case, okay, JUSTICE CANNOT WAIT FOR NEW SHOES) but Amy is horrified and keeps shooting concerned looks at his feet

- Amy refuses to admit this on pain of death, but she may or may not on occasion get distracted by Jake’s forearms when he rolls up his sleeves. Sometimes. Occasionally. Maybe. It’s no big deal. Just - FOREARMS, right?

- (She can ignore the fact that he’s usually rolling up his sleeves because of the aforementioned soda soaking the hems accidentally in wake of the forearms)

- (shhhh)

- Jake and Charles and Rosa have all fallen asleep in a big huddle pile of exhaustion on the lounge couch one time (it was a really long, really hectic case)

- Jake is the only one who can get away with hugging Captain Holt without consulting him first

- (and the consultations will always, 98% of the time end with the word “no”, so)

- Jake and Gina take a ridiculously pathetic number of selfies

- Jake sends Amy shitty memes at ALL HOURS OF THE DAY and it drives her I N S a N E

- One time, a sting goes bad and Rosa saves Jake’s life but almost gets killed. It’s serious and terrifying and afterwards, when they’re all patched up and the hospital confirmed that Rosa would be okay, Jake gives her a big bear hug but doesn’t let go even after Rosa’s preferred “half-a-mississippi-or-i-punch-you” hug rule. “You would’ve done the same, Peralta,” she says, but she still hugs him back.

- if (when) his two best detectives get married, Captain Holt officiates.

Fate is a Funny Thing (Ch. 8)

Enjoy! Feedback is appreciated! I love hearing your thoughts on the story and individual chapters :)

Grester AU SFW/SFF

1,446 words

Part 8/?

The romantic essence of the crashing waves and luminous sky of stars soon dissipated. Chester stood, not moving a muscle; the space around him quiet, other than the rise and break of each wave piercing his ears- seeming louder, more urgent; an attack of some great magnitude.

 He felt frozen.

 Surely, he theorized, her ‘goodbye’ didn’t signify forever. That would be far too dramatic, far too fast, merely out of the question.

However, as he stood in the very spot where he watched her walk away, it felt oddly as if their relationship ended before it even truly began. He had loved so quickly, yet, it felt he had known her forever. As if he always knew how her hand felt in his, how her lips brushed against his ear in the softest of ways, or the way her laugh melodized into something he could listen to forever. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.  Despite the multitude of expeditious feelings, they, as a couple, were new.

 He, ignoring that fact, was in love anyway.


 Grace had a shy but genuine disposition. Covertly she was strong at heart but the surface gave off a propensity of slight vulnerability. She was by nature kind; confrontation not being a card she chose to play in her deck. That is, until it was forced upon her.

 Sitting shyly, eyes locked on the road, she could fictitiously hear the wheels of disappointment turning in her mother’s head.

 The interior was quiet, far quieter than Grace’s thoughts.

 “Grace, I just don’t understand. I-I just don’t even know how to handle this. What were you thinking? You are only 17. Gracie, if he took advantage of you and…”

 “Mom! Stop. Please. Please just stop,” Grace said, starting strong, following to the end in almost a whisper.

 “This is going to be discussed Grace Anne. I just had to pick up my daughter because she was caught sleeping with an older man.”

 In less than a murmur she responded. “It-it’s not like that.”

“What? Speak up Grace.”

 “It’s not like that! Ok!? We haven’t done that. He’s different mom. I’m sorry I kept it from you but I knew that you would have reacted this way. We were waiting until my birthday to tell you.”

 “Well Grace, I don’t think that was a very bright decision- sneaking out and coming home with hickeys on your neck. He is not a good influence let alone your age.”

 Grace began to cry, all intentions to remain strong, lost.

 “Just pl-ease give him a chance. He isn’t like the rest.”

 “Not today, Grace, not today. I don’t want you seeing him right now. You are too young. I’m disappointed Grace. Not angry, disappointed. .”



 Through restrained sobs, every few moments a slight misconstruction in the road, she thought. Chester was an adult and she was a burden. It was ingenuously misconstrue of her to believe she was an exception. To believe they could have a relationship to his degree was egotistic.

 Or, so she thought.

 To Chester, however, she had incorrect speculations. He looked at her. Age was never a factor. She was Grace.

 He had hopelessly fallen in love the night he first saw her, sitting across from another man. He was soon inordinately in love that same night, when he drove her home.

 He had fallen.

 Grace spoke no other words the remainder of the ride home, her mother willingly joining the silence. Instead, she attacked herself with theories and exaggerated apprehensions, which, in her mind, were inarguable.

 She was inherently anxious.

 Loud pings from her phone signaled a missed text message that she had no intention to answer. Surely, it was Chester.

 At 5:33 am, unable to fall steadily asleep, she decided to read what she previously dismissed. Gripping her blanket tighter to her chest as a means of comfort, she reached for her phone.

 “Gracie, I am not going anywhere.  I am not walking away. This is something we can get through.”

 She didn’t answer. She couldn’t answer. Though, she wanted to.

 It was inevitable, really, that they would fall back to one another, she thought. Fate was a funny thing but even fate didn’t always come with a perfectly paved path.

 For now, she couldn’t be with him per her mother’s authority and ‘minor’ state.


 Three days she stayed in bed, refusing to go to school and ignoring the excessive strings of text messages that followed. Unquestionably Chester texted a highly considerable amount- checking up on her, calling her sweet nothings and always sending  ‘sweet dreams Gracie xo’ at exactly 10:30 pm every night accompanied by a ‘good morning beautiful’ at 8:30 am every morning that followed. He knew she needed an appropriate amount of process time. Day four, however, was long enough.  

 He needed to see her. He was going to see her.


Standing at her doorstep was a risk. It was a risk he was willing to take.

 His left hand gripped a bouquet of tulips, his right a bouquet of roses. Pacing the small space of the doorstep, he frantically searched for the courage to knock. Chester, unaware, hadn’t noticed Grace’s mother standing on the other side of the door, watching through the window. He mumbled greetings and possible apologies for Theresa, nothing fitting the terms of ‘perfect.’

 Turning away was never an option.

 With jagged breath and shaking hands, he lightly knocked. Sweating copiously, he watched as the door swung open, immediately meeting Theresa’s eyes; they looked daring although slightly kind and inviting.

 “Um- uh- Mrs. Hel- There..”

 “Just call me Theresa.”

 With a nervous smile, Chester continued. “ Theresa, I know I am not who you exactly want to uh- see right now. I just needed to apologize to you for the way we handled things. I met your daughter the night James broke her heart and treated her as no man ever should. I knew I had felt something for her before I even met her. I had only fallen more and more each and every day from that point. She is something else in the best way possible. I will never pressure her into anything or influence her negatively..”

 He took a deep breath before continuing, Theresa’s eyes not leaving his and her face expressionless.

 “I brought these for you. I’m very sorry for not handling this differently but I couldn’t imagine being without her or not seeing what we could be. It was never my intention to disrespect you, though I know I did. If I’m not able to see her, can you please give these to her for me?”

 “Chester, I don’t doubt that you are a gentlemen, I can see that you are right now, but my first impression was not so great. I know she misses you; she hasn’t left her room since. Just- go up and see her. But Mr. See there will be strict rules, very strict rules. Do you understand? I don’t care how old you are, that is my Gracie up there.”

 “Yes ma’am I understand.”

 Theresa genuinely smiled taking the flowers from his hand. “I do like you Chester and I am certain you care for my daughter. Just have in mind, I always am watching.”


 Carefully he opened her door, luckily guessing the room the first attempt. She was laying, back to him, her hair a messy bun and an oversized t-shirt swallowing her body.

 She was beautiful.

 Chester lowered himself onto the bed, placing the flowers on her nightstand, lying to face her; expectantly he started her. He quickly comforted her, caressing her shoulder and speaking softly.

 “Gracie it’s ok, it’s me.”

 She turned slowly meeting his eyes.

 “Ches what are you doing here? How did you get in?? I missed- oh my god you have…”

 He silenced her, pressing his index finger to her soft and warm lips.

 “I talked to your mom. It’s going to be ok.” He brushed his finger across her lips and delicately traced the contours of her face, lost in what was her.

 “Ches it won’t be. I’m just some 17-year-old high school student who lives at home. I’m going to end up holding you back and I-I can’t do that to you. I can’t be the girl you want and that’s not even relevant but what if it is soon? I just..”

 He silenced her with an intensifying kiss. Pulling away reluctantly, he placed a soft kiss to her forehead and met her eyes.

 “Well Ms. Grace Helbig, that is not the case. I simply want just you.”

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You mukatrash tell me. In which ear does the smart bastard have his piercings?



look at that damn ear