his ears are all askew and his left eye is not that sharp but it's the best i could do

rated e for ethereally short and incredibly weird
word count 1,391
namjoon for hoseokjung; in which he is you and you are the sanity he reaches for in the dark.

The smoke rises in spires, dreams and wistful thinking, curling through air too stagnant to breathe. Your foot dangles over the arm of the sofa. Time drips down the wall in steady drops. Drip-drip-tick-tick-tick.

“You know I hate it when you smoke.”

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Fraternizing with the enemy

SOrrynotsorry I just love Gajevy Mafia!AU too much and saw this little thing and got inspired!

Fraternizing with the enemy

“HQ for Little Blue. Do you copy, Little Blue?” Levy sighed heavily, who came up with all these bloody code names!? She pressed button on her ear piece that allowed her to talk back.

“Go for Little Blue, copy that.” Levy McGarden, one of the highest ranking agents in Fairy Tail, a somewhat ‘good’ Mafia group, yes they stole, murdered and commited extortion, but they were on the authorities’ good side, any rival gangs they defeated were sent straight to the police. Her sky blue hair - the reason for half of her code name - hung loosesly around her shoulders, framing her childlike face. She wore matt black leather jacket anong with a pair of black skinny jeans, soundless boots were strapped securely to her feet. covering her hands were fingerless leather gloves and around her upper thy was a gater with a gun holder.

She quickly assessed her surroundings; over two hours ago some Fairy Tail associates had found out about suspisious movement in the rival Mafia network, Phantom Lord. She kept herself pushed back against the wall, breathing low and steady as her brown eyes scanned the catacombs for any Phantoms. Her tiny fingers gripped the pistol in her hand, waiting for a reply.

“What’s your 20, Little Blue? We can’t find you.” At the sound of footsteps she tensed hurredly whispering into the small headset.

“Underground catacombs, directly underneath PL base.” She swallowed, craning her neck so she could catch a glimspe at who was comming. She stifled a fearful gasp; a man clad in a formal, black, suit was headed straight towards her. His shirt was untucked and tie slightly askew, suggesting that - wherever he was going - he wasn’t making an effort to look presentable. His unruly jet hair tumbled in unkempt tangles down his back and sat atop his head was a grey fedora. But what had caught Levy’s attention the most was his facial features, striking crimson irises acompanied by a crule snarl and the many iron piercing that littered his face made the petite girl think of a common sadistic gangster. However she noticed at once the widely known Phantom Lord insigna tattooed on the top of his right shoulder. She smiled.

“Roger that. Over and out.” She shrunk back as far as she could into the shadows of the wall, her piercing gaze latched unmovingly onto him, she sucked in a deep breath and held it, just as he walked passed. Once he was out of hearing range and turned down a tunnel she made quick work of contacting HQ again.

“HQ, do you copy?” She whispered, waiting until the hiss of 'Copy that’ reached her ears, “Target Black Steel has been spotted. Repeat, target Black Steel has been spotted.”

“Black Steel Gajeel?”

“Affirmative, should I shadow him?” She took a tentative step, hoping for a yes.

“Affirmative.” She grinned, quickly following down the path Gajeel had dissapeared down, she slunk back against the wall spotting him a few meters away disscussing something with a blue haired woman, “Is he in sights?”

“Affirmative, standby.” She strained her hearing tapping into their conversation.

“- master Jose told Juvia that someone had been spotted down here. Should Juvia find them?” The girl questioned, Levy tensed, how could someone have spotted her? She made sure to stick to the walls and shadows!

“No, I have a feeling they’re following me, let them follow, I’ll catch them off guard.” She relaxed at the sound of the man’s gruff voice and rolled her eyes, now she knew what was coming she wasn’t going to be caught off guard, she never let her guard down anyway.

“Standing by.” She muttered into her head set, making sure to keep her voice low and quiet.

“Rodger, we heard what they said, change and continue to shadow. You will find a set of spare clothes in your pack. Good luck Little Blue, over and out.” The voice of her best friend Lucy rang in Levy’s ears as she quickly slipped her bag off of her back. Hastily slipping out of her shoes, jacket, top, gater and jeans, she pulled a dress from her pack, along with a small back clutch and a pair of glossy black stilettos. She donned the dress, pulling the gater back on and sliding her pistol into its hold, she smothed down her hair and reached into the clutch, pulling out a tiny make up kit.

She glanced up at the girl, Juvia she’d called herself, and Gajeel, they were now talking in hushed tones, too quite for Levy’s trained ears, so she ignored them and quickly applied a thin layer of gloss to her lips and liner and masscara to her eyes. Once done she shoved er no-longer needed pack behind a pillar and picked up her stilettos, not wanting to make any noise with the heels.

“Juvia wishes Gajeel-San the best of luck… Gajeel-San cannot get himself killed, or Juvia will be very angry.” She had an odd way of speaking, Levy mused as Juvia turned and swiftly moved in the opposite direction.

“Yeah… You too Water-Chick.” Gajeel then scaled the steel rungs up to the man hole and lifted it up effortlessly, pulling himself out and setting it back in place. Levy hated this part of her job. Sighing heavily she gripped the shoes between her teeth and scrambled up to the opening, she hooked her leg over one of the beams and steadied herself before pushing at the iron plate with all of her might. She shoved it off and speeded out, setting the shoes on the floor, and heaved it back into place. Sliding her feet into the stilettos her eyes darted around, thankfully Gajeel had only just left the ally way and was turning the corner.

Levy pursued him, blending with the crowds when Lucy’s voice appeared in her ear again, “HQ for Little Blue.”

“Go for Little Blue. Target is entering a hotel, seemingly to attend a party.”

“Copy, as of now you are on the list as A. Jones. Good luck.” She watch Gajeel tell the doorman who he was and enter the building. Smiling sweetly she moved towards him.

“Name please, Miss?” He asked searching through his list,

“Jones, A. Jones.” He nodded and let her pass. Shit, she thought, lost him! The hall was filled with rich and famous faces, all mixing and mingling, Levy gently pushed past a few people eventually spotting Gajeel at the end of the room, leaving through a door.

He glanced around before retreting behind the door. This was her chance, she darted towards the exit and entered what seemed to be a study. As soon as the sound of the door closing and a lock clicking was heard alarm bells screeched in her head, she knew something was wrong. She was plunged straight from the dephaning murmurs of the party into a deadly silence.

“Little Blue, get out of there! Signals-,” Lucy’s warning was cut short and Levy was yet again left in a sharp stillness. It suddenly became hard to swallow, it was some sort of trap.

“You’re right where I want ya, Shrimp.” The grating sound of his laughter filled the silence, her heart pounded in her chest, “Thank you for making my job that much easier.” She turned on her heel, rapidly pulling the pistol from her garter and holding it with steady hands to Gajeels face.

“Check mate.” She smirked at his bewildered expression, “Are you sure it’s not the other way around? Maybe you waltzed right into my trap, I can make all tables turn.”

“I like a girl who keeps me guessing.” She rolled her eyes, his cocky sneer irritating her, “That was cute, Shrimp, but not good enough.” Before she could even think of a response - he just called her cute, she was not cute - he swung his leg up, kicking the pistol from her hands, “Guns are for actions, not threats.”

She took a step back, glaring up at him, he seemed a good foot or two taller than her, 6'7" maybe? “That’s a cute moral, think of it yourself?”

“No, I stole it off 'a some guy I used to know.” A mischivious glint flashed in his crimson eyes as he threw a punch.

Levy dodged into a roll, appearing behind him and swinging out her leg to dig her heel into his gut. He grunted, stumbling back and glowering down at her. He threw his jacket off, lunging for her and slamming her onto the floor. She swiped her leg out, knocking him to the floor next to her and rolled on top of him, straddling his hips. She pulled a knife from her garter and placed the blade on his neck, she was just about to question him when Lucy’s voice popped into her ear.

“Stop, don’t kill him! We need him alive!” She froze, staring wide eyed at him, “You need to get him to co-operate, over.”

“What are ya wating for, Shrimp? Too scared to take a life?” She didn’t have time to tell him the mess up because he had thrown her off of him and pinned her to the wall.

“No.” She spat, wanting to scream much crueler things at him but she knew she couldn’t afford to waste time. She struggled against his grip but his strength overpowered her, “My orders aren’t to kill you.”

“That’s sad then, ain’t it?” He lent down and his lips pressed right against her ear. She shivered as he spoke, “'Cause my orders are the exact opposite.” He yanked the knife from her hand, now holding it to her throat.

“He’s the one we want to use as a double agent!” Levy knew exactly who he was now.

“Wait!” She gasped, he paused, humoring her as she lowered her voice to a whisper, “My orders are to offer you a part in Fairy Tail as a double agent!”

“Double agent?” This had sparked his interest, he lowered the bade, “What’s in it for me?”

“Is this room bugged?” He shook his head, “Well first off and obviously, you’d be given protection, not just against us, but inprisonment too. Also Fairy Tail pays well, I should know, being a member and all, you’d probably get paid quite a lot.”

“Hm… I like the sound of that… I want two more things though.” She nodded, signaling for him to carry on, “My frie- um… colleague, Juvia, gets in on this protention and shit.”

“That seems reasonable, we can do that.” He then smirked at her, his eyes sweeping over her, assesing her almost.

“Second, I want you-,”

“Me? Me what?”

“If you let me finish woman! I know who you are; I didn’t know you were with Fairy Tail.” He wasn’t making sense, who was this guy? “You got to the book store almost every day.”

“H-how do you know that!?” Her eyes widened and she made a few more futile attempts to push him away from her, he laughed. It was a deep, almost animalictic, laugh that, for some unknown reason, entranced the petite bluenette.

“Calm it, Shrimp, I ain’t some kinda stalker. My kid goes there and I go keep her company when I don’t have a job request.” Her mouth hung open in shock.

“Y-you have a daughter?” His face was void of all emotion, then, just for a moment, he smiled. Then it was gone, stolen away, like a theif into the shadows.

“Yeah, she’s not mine… I found her a while back and kinda adopted her.” H rested his forehead against hers as she gazed into his eyes, “And my second request thing, I don’t want you, I just… I worry about her, I want you to look out for her a bit, maybe she could come to Fairy Tail, ya’ know? I don’t want Jose finding out about her.”

She smiled at him, heart clenching at his story. Now that she thought about it, she had seen a man and small girl in the book store more than once when she’d been there. “I’m sure that’d be fine, but why didn’t you go to social services?” She regretted the question as soon as it left her mouth.

“I’m in the mafia, Shrimp, they’re not gonna let me keep a kid, and I don’t wanna loose her…”

“You won’t have to.” She reached up and placed one hand on his cheek, a determind smirk eched onto her china-like face, “I’ll make sure of that.”

“You’re really hot when you get all determind.” He stated it like it was a hard cold fact, which made her blush a nice shade of very bright red, “And cute when you blush!” She glared venomously at him and as if she’d gained some sort of god-like power - more like Gajeel had let his guard down becuase he was laughing so much - she switched their positions, her heels giving her a boost so she wasn’t too short compared to him.

“Don’t ever call me cute.” She snarled. Gajeel smirked, licking his lips and pushing his face so close to hers she could almost feel the ghost of his lips on hers.

“What happens if I do?” His voice was low and husky, his red eyes challenging her, daring her. She laughed a slow mocking laugh.

“Darling I’m a nightmare, dressed like a daydream.” It was as if everything had stopped except them, he caught her in a hungry and passionate kiss, lips locking and eyes closed. His arms made their way to her waist and hers to his neck, an attempt at trying to bring their bodies closer. There was nothing tender and sweet about this kiss, it was hard and unforgiving and yet, she sighed in relief against his lips.

The ear piece connecting her to HQ had fallen from her ear some while ago, dangling between them, alone and forgotton - if one was to listen closesly you’d hear someone trying to get Levy’s attenion. Well whoever it was and what ever they wanted, they could wait.

He flipped them around again, shoving her up against the wall with a bit more violentce than intended, but they were both in a heated battle for dominance, after all and niether would give up, even if their lives depended on it. His hands then roamed to her thighs to pull her up, to which she responded with locking her legs around his waist.

“Little Blue, Little Blue, come in, do you copy? Little Blue! It’s no use Master! What if he’s attacked her? …. We’re sending reinforcements, Titania and Frost. Repeat Titania and Frost are on their way.” Lucy’s frantic voice whispered into the ear piece, however neither of them heard it - or if they had, they were simply ignoring it. She suddenly left his lips, trailing small nips and kisses down his jaw and neck, tugging the tie off and throwing it elsewhere. He pulled her chin up, crushing his lips on hers before helping her unbutton his shirt, steadying her with one arm.

A dull banging could be heard somewhere around them, but they hardly heard it over the beating of their own hearts. Fed up with the buttons, Levy simply resorted to pulling the shirt open the rest of the way, shoving the offending item off of Gajeel’s shoulders to pool around his feet. He disconnected their mouths, and like Levy had done earlier, nibbled at her neck. She pushed her head back against the wall so he could gain a better access, sighing in delight as he bit down on her collor bone.

“W-we-,” She gasped slightly, letting out a strained moan before carrying on with her weak protest, “We should be doing this.”

He paused, bringing his lips back up to hers, “Do you want to stop?” He muttered hoasly to her, when he didn’t get an answer he smirked, “That’s what I thought, Shrimp.”

“Don’t call me that rediculous name!” She took a sharp intake of breath, the banging became louder along with muffled shouts, but they didn’t hear, “My name is Levy.”

“I know.” He spoke against her lips, growling out the last part, “But I don’t care.” He bit down on her bottom lip, electing a delicious moan, which he swallowed up with his kiss. He smirked against her lips as her fingers ran through his hair, his hat seemingly fogotton. He reached around her back for the zipper to her ridiculous dress and-

The door broke down.

It literally crashed to the floor, swiftly followed Gray Fullbuster, Levy’s friend and colleague at Fairy Tail, who stayed on the floor clutching his (for once clothed) shoulder. Erza then appeared though the door frame, jaw dropped and eyes wide at the sight of them.

Neither Levy or Gajeel had the common sense to bolt away from each other and the whole room froze with tension as they all looked at each other in utter bewilderment. Or horror, Gajeel wasn’t sure. He was glad, all of a sudden, that he hadn’t had the chance to unzip her dress.

Levy was the first to recover; she quickly unlocked her legs from Gajeel’s waist and scrambled off of him. She then picked up his shirt and threw it at him, forgetting the various other items of his clothing scattered around the room. He put it back on silently, not bothering with the buttons.

“W-well… There seems to have been a missunderstanding.” Erza stuttered, face almost as red as Levy’s which, inturn, rivaled Erza’s hair. Gray then stumbled up, still clutching his shoulder, “We though you were killing each other or something. You stopped hearing us when you suggested the deal to Gajeel. Oh and Gray, you’re paying for damages.”

“You’re the one who told me to break it down!” He instentaniously shut up when she sent him a glare, “A-aye sir!”

“We didn’t have time to get to that part.” Gajeel smirked. There was a sickening crack as Levy slapped his arm with all her might, resulting from a wince from Gray. Levy’s glare told Gajeel that he wasn’t needed in the conversation. He lifted his arms in mock surrender.

“Are you ok, Gray?” Levy questioned, a note of irritance in her voice.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He rubbed his shoulder, “Just embarassed really.”

“Um… We’re not allowed to forget this are we?” She groaned, hiding her blush with her hands.

“Sorry, Levy.” Erza gave a sympathetic look before grabbing Gray by the scruff of his neck and swiftly turning to walk back down the hall, “See you back at home.”

There was a paused silence before Gajeel’s gruff voice echoed, “So… do you wanna go to my place?”

“What about your daughter?” She asked, disconecting the dangaling head set and shoving it in her clutch - which had been left on the table.

“She’s at a sleep over.” She was about to protest again when Gajeel growled, “We’re not having a conversation about it now, Shrimp. Can we please just skip all the drama and go to my place already?”

The same defiance and determination from before sparked in her eyes, “Make me.”

He smirked, grabbing her by the waist and throwing her over his shoulder, a wicked smirk on his face. He went in the opposite direction they’d come and slunk out the back, his appartment was only a few minutes away anyways.

“Gajeel!” She slammed her small fists on his back, but he could hear the laughter in her voice, “This was not what I meant!”

“Too bad, Shrimp,” He sniggered, lightly slapping her ass for good measure, “This is what you’re gettin’.”