his earrings though

the-marching-madness has been spotted.

Unfortunately, Glitch either doesn’t really register their presence or simply doesn’t care. Instead of acknowledging them, he grumbles, chewing on the mangled corpse of a fallen Batter and staring blankly ahead, as most of his focus seems to be on his current meal. All four of his ears are twitching, though–he’s listening out for movement.

The tuft of hair sticking out from behind his ear though marveloznerdherder superheroically awbrainno rennersflame justjill marvelshipper charlottecat44 revolutionheart jeremyrennerfansuk jeremyloverobsessedmoi spectralarchers snowrayban lmg0517 char7 tara-ngx barnsleyprincess katsdisturbed ibrakefortomhiddleston hawkeyelover4ever hawkee1980 hightimeswithhardy d-m-jonas thiswomanwearsglasses andruargentina aliisa-jones starstrucktheoristnerd hallotom scarletlip sunny-is-sherlokid chynna-is-not-here sarabeth72 foxxyred kittieofthestars chagrintrovert rennersraven

He was blood stained and trembling still even though his ears had stopped ringing. Sarah had done what she could to mend his nose but the nasty gash across it remained from the force that had originally broken it. He wasn’t going to complain however. They had bigger problems and Yugi was lucky not to have lost any of his limbs.

On what remained of the grass Bamf was sitting under the light of the setting sun with his broken ankle and bleeding arm. He held Hera- mostly healed thanks to Silly but now with a scar across her cheekbone- and tried to settle her as she fussed. She wanted her Mama and Dada but Atem was not yet returned and Yugi was still, exhaustedly, rifling through the rubble with Silly.

“Blackmail!” He hollered. “Guy! Handsome! Randal!” Gods if one of them was dead… well fuck three of them, if Blackmail was dead… He continued to dig through glass and splinters in the wreckage of his home and, for the twelfth time, he attempted to call Atem. 

“You need to come home.” Was all he told the answering machine. “Now.”

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If you're able to, you should get your feral friend neutered. There are probably organizations in your area that offer a voucher for a discount on it, too!

We hope to eventually! We’d also like to get him vaccinated. But the time it’ll take us to catch + transport him is something we don’t have so it’ll have to wait until our schedules are more reasonable.

Jonnor 3x03 Preview

Dear Connor,

The main reason he wants you to turn down your video game isn’t because it makes his ears hurt. Even though that is a good reason too, the main reason he wants you to turn it down is because it reminds him of the time that you got shot! Yes, maybe Jude could have asked in a nicer tone, you didn’t have to call him a ‘Granny’.

The Jonnor Fandom

y'know normally I’m afraid of dogs, but old dogs are v cute and usually v nice

Law & Order: SVU: Nick Amaro [ENFJ]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by howtotallyamazing

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): It’s extremely easy for others to pick up on what Amaro’s feeling as he often wears his emotions on his sleeve. His colleagues such as Benson and Rollins are very quick to ask him what’s wrong and he’s very open to tell anyone with a listening ear about his troubles though he often tries to minimize them. Amaro cares deeply about the cases that the squad handles and often becomes emotionally invested in them. His Fe can come off as downright explosive when his buttons are pushed and he’s been shown to act violently towards perps when they manage to get under his skin.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): When Amaro first comes on the scene in season thirteen, he has a very set vision for how his life should be. He enjoys being a family man while his wife is overseas and is a dutiful father. When his vision of how his life should be is compromised, it seems as if his world has fallen apart. He’s prone to lashing out when there’s a disruption in how he sees things should be.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Sometimes Amaro’s behavior borders on rash and impulsive. Being able to think on his feet and be aware of his environment makes him a good detective and made him excel while he was in narcotics but it can also be his undoing - before he was married, he saught out a relationship with the sister of a dealer he was trying to take down and had a son because of it that he didn’t learn about. Amaro’s inability to think before he acts has gotten him into hot water: his actions caused a fourteen year old boy to be shot and he assaulted a perp that got off due to lack of evidence. He corners Cassidy while Cassidy is out with his mother because he thinks the other detective is compromised by having been undercover for so long and has a confrontation with him in a bathroom. Amaro’s recklessness causes him to get into hot water and compromises his career at SVU. He is extremely prone to being in the loop of Fe/Se.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): When combined with his sometimes volatile Fe, Amaro’s Ti reacts violently when he tries to lay down the law. In one instance, there’s a pedophile that they cannot apprehend due to lack of evidence and Amaro takes matters into his own hands and assaults the man. He beats Brian Cassidy when he thinks that Cassidy is the one implicating Cragen in the murder of a prostitute. When Amaro sees that he is going nowhere in the department due to his past behavior, he makes the decision to consider pursuing another career out in California close to his family which feels like the logical answer to his problems of a fumbling career and his family being on the other side of the country.

Horses eyes tear up like humans when dust or something gets in them.

My biggest issue with the “End the NYC Carriage Horse Abuse” crap (besides the fact that there’s no where for those horses to go, nothing else for the drivers for do, the fact that it pushed almost ENTIRELY by real-estate brokers and the money being spent COULD be going to actually save horses) is the sensationalism. Like taking a photo of a horse “crying” and adding the caption “save me” even though his ears are perked and his eyes are bright and he looks quite fucking content with his job.

The carriage horse industry is more regulated than ANY other horse-based industry. Their records for horse deaths are fewer than any other horse industry.

With the sun out and shining no one ever really thought to go towards the warehouses which is what Sour Cream liked about them. Unlike at night in the daytime the warehouse was empty of people except for him. It gave him a good chance to be alone and clear his mind or relax or like he was doing today, practice. He had all his equipment set up already and was already working. He held a headphone to his ear though let the music play in the open air. It wasn’t until the song finished and he’d looked up that he’d realized someone was there.

“Uhh…. Hey….” he wasn’t entirely sure what to say to being caught practicing. So he thought he’d try to divert attention from that. “Is something wrong?”


lol gonna be alone for 2 weeks because everyone has gone on holiday hilarious i’m struggling to handle it. i hate zero object constancy and c-ptsd. it is kicking my ass today it really is 

i can’t stop acting out my feelings it is so hard i wish i was unconscious tbh feel ashamed of last night’s antics even though i didn’t really do anything except err on the side of being inappropriate with a taken guy 

it felt so good hearing his voice in my ear though mm he has a nice voice, good and deep

ohhhh :/ 

why do i act out my rage, fear and indecision through flirting with men? i have never been so turned on directly by anything as by the thought of ‘cheating’ what the fuck is up with that and how do i turn it off it is not good or right or beneficial to anyone. need to stop! ugh! no more! next time Leo contacts me i’m unavailable, what I have with Matt is too special to jeopardize for a bit of casual flirtation

“Never again” she whispered
in his ear with certainty
Though he knew better, he just let her
go where she wants to be

She kept reminding herself
“Never again. I can do this on my own.”
Day after day. Week after Week.
But gave in. Her word she ignored.

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"Kisses all over!"

Send me “Kisses all over!” and my muse will react to yours kissing them all over their face

Scooter closed his eyes & meekly buried his face into a pillow to hide the scarlet red stains on his cheeks; It did nothing to hide the tips of his ears though, which at this point were burning red hot with embarrassment. He was kinda cross by this point- Sasha had managed to get him so flustered once again. 

Instead of continuing to act like an idiot & embarrass himself further, Scooter took it upon himself to try & be a little more adventurous than usual & get his revenge on her for making him so embarrassed. Smirking, the mechanic snaked his arms to her waist where he pushed her on the sofa & hovered just above her figure, leaning down to pepper her own face with a shower of kisses.

               ❝ l think the sayin’ goes ‘a kiss for a kiss’ or somethin’ ?
                                                  I dunno. ❞ 

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Bixlow would approach the other , fidgeting rather nervously. Something he didn't do too often. " freed..." He paused lowering the volume of his voice " did you tell anybody about... You know "

                                                He did know, he did know immediately.

It was strange to behold his best friend in such an unmistakably  n e r v o u s  condition even though Freed did get to witness said state betweenwhiles. Considering how close their bond was and how much time they spent together, of course he did. Bixlow was just as human as each and everyone of them and he was not always just happy and carefree.

As the precise query hit his ears though, Freed wasn’t entirely sure what reaction to offer. Really? Bix had to inquire after that? If he wanted to, the rune mage could just go ahead and be responsive instantly. The other option though, and that turned out to be the one he felt more like presenting, was to arch up a brow in alleged taunt.

The green-haired male was able to grasp that the seith mage didn’t wish these certain discoveries to spread, even less so because everyone would know about it within a couple of hours once the wrong person got a grip on the news.

But Freed was not one to spread such word and although he assumed that actually Bixlow was aware of that, he just desired some reassurance right this moment not least for the apparent insecurity he experienced.

So he stood in front of his friend with the raised eyebrow in silence, judging Bixlow obviously but with an actual teasing nature, before he finally gave off a low sigh and shook his head. Afterwards, he made sure to let his lips take on the shape of a small  s m i l e.

                             “Of course I didn’t, Bixlow.

[x] mekamekakushi

Yes, she’s fed up, sick, hurt. But in large, not by him. 

She grabs him by the collar, yanking him down to her level. She whispers in his ear, though her voice still cracks regardless, “Shutting others out… people who care about you,” She lets go, brushing past him before walking away, concluding with a familiar remark. Words that were apparently empty in his mind, no matter how many times they fell from her lips, “is not the best solution.”

—Take it from me.

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❛ brush ❜

Hannibal exhaled, his eyes closing, head tipping back onto Ophelia’s lap. Her stomach pressed against his ear, though he couldn’t hear anything except the routine gurgle of organs. 

He folded his hands on top of his stomach, savouring the sensation of Ophelia’s nails scraping along his scalp. 

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✿☼ (Llaara)

✿ Appearance

“Bo’s a handsome man, that’s for sure, and he has a very charming smile,” the womer smiled, “I really like his tattoo’s too, don’t see many like those walking around.”

“He really should get his ears pierced though… perhaps I could convince him.”

☼ Personality

“I haven’t known him all that long, but I’m glad I can call him a friend. He’s the sort of guy you want to have at your back, if you know what I mean. He’s funny, he’s smart, and I like spending time around him.”