his dumb tattoo


REALLY STUPID COMIC I AM SORRY. Present day AU older Mav and Benny are THE most dysfunctonial couple and they’re DUMB AS HELL. I am also dumb as hell.

(Also demonstates rather well why I don’t do comics on my own.)

Spawned by this drawing.


Finally did my Zevran makeup including his dumb tattoo!

Looking in photos, his whole eyelids were dark, and his lashes were very thick, looking like liner.

So I swept on some contour powder all over the lids of my eyes to darken them.
Then used some black liner, but smudged it to give it a more natural look.
Had to lighten my eyebrows with a little concealer.
Wore nude lipstick and drew the tattoo on with a brown eyeliner pencil.

Also had my gold contacts in!!
So obviously, white liner on the bottom waterline to take away some redness.

My Youth is Yours

Happy Birthday Rosie!!! ( @waiting-for-kevin-and-charlie ) I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy this little high school au!

Loosely based on this AU:

It’s pajama day and you showed up shirtless and got sent home but damn, I got a good glimpse. (x)

Ship: Derek/Stiles

Words: 3K

Rating: Teen

Tags: high school AU, background Scott/Lydia, background Kira/Allison/Malia, getting together, spirit week

Stiles loves spirit week. He lives for it. He loves character day, loves decade day, and loves the fact that he’s finally a senior which means he gets to finally rock a black class t-shirt on spirit day. Monday was twin day, so obviously Stiles and Scott wore matching plaids and skinny jeans and worn out converse. It’s not all that much different than what they usually wear, but they don’t usually match. Tuesday was character day, and Stiles wore his Deadpool costume with pride. He even kept his face mask on all day, unlike some people (coughScottcough). Tomorrow is decade day, and the seniors get to be the eighties, which is great and all for the girls (with their leg warmers and scrunchies and fluorescent sweatshirts) but it’s a bit tougher for the guys. Friday is spirit day, and Stiles already has the black and white and maroon paint sitting on his dresser at home. He and Scott are going full body this year.

Today is the lamest day.

Pajama day.

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No One Will Know... (Except for Kuroo Tetsurou) - KuroTsuki

Notes: this is the stupidest thing i’ve ever written and i love it


No One Will Know… (Except for Kuroo Tetsurou)


Tsukishima Kei kind of a had a thing for dinosaurs. They fascinated him, intrigued him. In his free time, if he wasn’t practicing volleyball or studying or listening to music, then he was more than likely reading up facts on whatever dinosaur he had recently taken interest in. Not many knew this, though.

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