his dreams were crushed


Request: Maybe a fic where Negan finds the reader (or a short girl with curly hair named Miranda? pretty pls) from “before” in Alexandria (not a community member, a traveler who convinced the guard to let her in). She was like, his cute little teenage neighbor who had a huge thing for him that he ignored bc she was only 16. But now she’s legal and less shy and just a smidge flirtatious. Like she says things that are borderline innuendos and pick up lines. And keeps joking about daddy issues. - Anon

Pairings: Negan x Miranda (OC)

Warnings: language. smut. (oops I did it again)

Age 16

Running a hand through your long and curly hair, you let out a loud and guttural sigh. Tracing the outline of your current drawing over again, you glanced up from your sketch pad. Your street was calm as you swayed back and forth in your hammock chair on your front porch. The late afternoon air was crisp, and you smiled as you heard a few birds whistle beautiful tunes. Checking the time, you sighed and leaned back as to let the chair swallow you whole.

Your dad never came home this morning, and you had a pretty good idea why. He had been shacking up with some woman almost every night of the week, and would go out drinking without as much as a goodbye. Ever since your mother walked out on you, your dad had completely changed. With no siblings to care for or spend time with, you were left utterly alone for the majority of your time. You had grown accustomed to it, however.

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Tiny Until Dawn headcanon
  • Mike is ambidextrous.
  • Sam was born with hearing issues (which only became worse after handigo screamed in her ear and the explosion, and she needed to get surgery to fix her hearing. Mike, who also started experiencing hearing issues after being around so many explosions and gunshots, learned sign langue to communicate with Sam till she had her surgery)
  • Chris and Matt are both double jointed, but Chris more so than Matt
  • Jess memorized the alphabet backwards due to how many times she’s been pulled over from a DUI or was in the car with someone who got pulled over
  • Emily knows the capital of every state and almost every European country.
  • Ashley and Emily are “band buddies”. Ashley plays the flute, Emily plays the piano and violin.
  • Jess is secretly jealous that Ashley has such nice hair (and she doesn’t even have to dye it) and is not so secretly pissed off that she is always covering it with a hat.
  • Matt and Mike constantly have petty “who’s stronger” contests (especially when they’re drunk) such as: arm wresting contests, push up contest, pull up contests.
  • One party, they had a race to the end of the block and back, and Josh, being much drunker than both of them, decided to join in. He ended up falling in a bush and then puking on himself. (Matt won)
  • Chris had nerf guns as a kid. But not the regular nerf gun kid, like the one who has a special closest for all his guns and a basket of nerf darts that he keep fully stocked, just in case.
  • Sam’s mom was a first generation Polish American, so she taught Sam polish when she was little and she’s still half fluent in it.
  • Emily is a first generation Japanese American, so she is fluent in not only Japanese, but Spanish, and French.
  • Jess is secretly a really good artist. She never had any lessons or anything, she’s just always been doodling in class rather than paying attention (she does it for therapy after the incident)
  • Matt wanted to be a doctor as a kid, but his dreams were crushed after he began struggling in school and decided her wasn’t “smart enough” to be one.
  • Ironically, Mike wanted to be a professional football player as a kid, but his Senator father crushed his dreams and made him drop out of the sport just before high school.
  • Josh was a master at magic tricks as a kid and had a plastic wand, cape, hat, and everything. He used to put on shows for Hannah and Beth. (Hannah loved them. Beth thought they were boring because she knew how he did the tricks.)
  • Chris on more than one occasion played his “lovely assistant”, and even wore a dress one time. (He has since burned all the photo evidence of it after the Washington’s embarrassed or blackmailed him with it one too many times)
  • Sam and Beth used to go to the gym together and were hiking partners. Hannah once tried to go to the gym with them and ended up nearly fainting from exhaustion.
  • Emily and Jess always throw each other surprise birthday parties, but it quickly turned completive as they always tried to out do each other. Jess always threw the better party, and so on year Emily threw Jess’s a month in advance, just to win by having the biggest surprise.
  • Ashley has three cats and she loves them all. She’s always covered with cat hair and Emily and Jess bring lint brushes every time they visit her house. 
Is it really you? Part 2

Request: No
Summary: The reader, Jason’s sister, commits suicide after Jason’s death. but some how was revived. she comes back a year after Jason as a singer/vigilante
Word count: 1,028
warnings: suicide, depression, fighting?, guns, cursing,
Key: y/s/n on here stands for your stage name and y/h/n stands for your hero name.

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So I was re-reading Haikyuu!!

And ofc chapter 86 gives us our first glance at the broken tsukishibros

wow such sad. Very angst. But look at the details Furudate put into this scene

I mean

It’s obvious that Akiteru threw his volleyball trophies

And ripped down his posters because of the guilt he felt towards not only betraying his baby brother but also the fact that his dreams of being Karasuno’s ace were crushed under his feet.

And let’s not just focus on the fact that teenage Akiteru had a meltdown, let’s also look at the smaller details most of us overlooked

What looks like a family photo?

More photo frames???? I wish I could make out the details but it is what it is

tO Y diNO Asurs



These little details in this scene really emphasize not only Akiteru’s absolute love for volleyball but also his common interests with Kei and how much he loves his baby brother. Speaking of megane-kun,

He’s clearly not angry, I don’t know anyone who makes that kind of face when they’re angry. If anything, it’s dejection. It’s “you’re not the hero I thought you were.” He looks sad. Kei looked up to Akiteru as a role model, a hero, and seeing his brother break down like that impacted him just as much as it impacted Akiteru.

The next panel shows Kei remembering what he saw five years ago, and the look in his eyes is not only that same dejection but also fear of feeling the same pain his brother felt.

Kei loves and adores Akiteru, like any younger sibling (speaking as a big sister), that’s plain as can be. He’s just afraid of making the same mistakes he did when he was in high school. He believes that if he puts his heart into something, it will only end up crushed in the end.

Wow, I didn’t mean to cry this much but these two are my absolute weakness.


Characters: Baekhyun x You (ft. Kai & other members)

Type: Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 1830

A/N: Re-posting an edited version because Tumblr deleted my scenarios.

»Trust is probably the most important thing in a relationship, besides love of course. Be careful and protect your loved ones, because you never know who may want to steal them away from you. «

The day Baekhyun confessed to you wasn’t one of your greatest. You were in love with someone else and he knew that. But he also knew that you wanted to move on. So you accepted and now you were glad you did.

Dating Baekhyun was one of the most beautiful things in your life. You started to fall for him and loved him dearly. How could you not? He was always there for you. Yet, there were things going on you couldn’t understand.

Why was Baekhyun suddenly so hostile towards you?

He changed suddenly and when you confronted him, he blew up on you, voicing out doubts. He thought you were cheating on him. With whom? Your previous crush.

You couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t trusting you, rather he trusted that damn man that wanted you guys to split and it seems like that person reached it.

“He never trusted you, you see. It needed just a photo of a random bought underwear and he instantly trusted me that you slept with me and cheated on him. He was so blind with anger that he didn’t even made sure if it was yours or not. Laughable.”

You were just a crying mess. Sitting on the ground, you were hugging your knees while your face was buried in them. Your small frame shaking as you hiccuped.

Kai was obsessed with you, he started to stalk you and watch your every move. He was always around you in the shadows. And now, he successfully blackmailed you with the well being of his friends to let him into your home. He was threatening you with his friends, he was just inhuman, a psychopath.

The moment Baekhyun asked you to be his and you accepted, he snapped. Strange things happened to him after. Kai changed, he wasn’t him anymore and you were glad that he didn’t get the courage to ever ask you out.

But Baekhyun didn’t trust you anymore and your mutual friends probably as well. Baekhyun knew that longer, they were better friends. They wouldn’t be on your side, no one is. Not after you tried to make them believe you, yet they were not letting you speak. They were not listening.

The only person who knew everything and believed you unconditionally was your best friend Yujin and you hoped that she would tell the guys everything, because there was no escape from Kai this time. Not when he locked you guys into your home.

“Why are you doing this?! This is not love! You are hurting me!!” You cried into your hand, not understanding how he could have changed so much to the worst. What had you done to deserve something like this?

“You don’t know what love is.” He whispered. “You don’t love me yet to understand, but don’t worry…” He came closer towards your figure on the ground, crouching down in front of you to take your head in both of his hands. You froze instantly, feeling utterly disgusted at his touch. But he would flip out if you dared to slap his hand away. Kai getting angry was definitely something you didn’t want to happen. He would get violent for sure.

“I will make you fall in love with me.” He breathed out, his eyes stuck on your lips before neared his. Feeling his breath against your lips, you squirmed instinctively, trying to show him away from you. This surely fuelled him on as he pulled you to him aggressively, crashing his lips to yours. It wasn’t sweet, it wasn’t gentle. His kiss hurt. He was suddenly biting your lower lip so hard, bringing you to whimper as you tasted your blood. making them bleed. Mistaking the sound as content and a sound of pleasure, Kai smirked amusedly not stopping once.

He was really thinking that you were enjoying his torture. He was sure that you would love him back soon enough. He was insisting that you never stopped loving him. Because you were now his and nobody would be able to tore you apart.

Kai was in bliss. Finally having you in his arms, by his side. His.

You on the other hand felt like throwing up. Feeling your strength leave you to the mercy of the man who is forcing himself on you, you let your tears run down your cheeks. He was already lost in his own believes to see reality. Your true feelings for him. Hate.

However, this wasn’t enough anymore. Kai needed more. “You are finally mine.” Pulling you up, he shoved you into a wall while murmuring. His hands ran down from your face towards your hips, pulling them towards him. He loved the friction, and he wasn’t really hiding that fact as his breath hitched.

A sob broke out of you. When will this stop? When will someone come to rescue you?

Slipping his hands into your shirt, his lips found your neck, leaving painful red marks. The moment his hands reached your bra, though, he was shoved away from you, letting you slide down the wall as Kai was forced into the bathroom with a punch by none other than Baekhyun himself.

Letting you head fall between your knees, you hugged yourself tightly. You felt dirty, so overly dirty and used that you were on the brick of hating yourself.

Seeing the state you are in, Baekhyun saw red. If it wasn’t for Chanyeol pulling him away and Tao locking Kai away, he would be pouncing on the younger without mercy. With the intent to kill him, if not hurt him severely. He didn’t seem to be able to tone down his anger, especially not with Kai shouting.

He was pounding on the door, shouting that you were his and that he would get you no matter what and that he wouldn’t stop and leave you in the hands of anyone else.

Not being able to calm down, you breathed in and out deeply, rocking yourself back and forth. Seeing your distressed and frightening state with sad eyes, guilt rose in the guys immediately. They couldn’t believe that they judged you without even hearing you out. The only thing they could do now was thank heavens that Yujin told them everything in time and that they actually listened to her. How could they have doubted an innocent soul like you? You were like their little sister and they didn’t trust you enough. Why would you, out of all people, make something up about one of their friends?

You on the other hand didn’t now what to feel at the moment. You were extremely freaked out and scared as you noticed someone stalking you. Totally shocked as you found out it was Kai, a friend you knew longer than Baekhyun. Heartbreak and a whole new level of sadness, when your friends and Baekhyun jumped to conclusion without listening to you or hearing you out and leaving you alone But extreme relief that you were saved now.

These were too many emotions at once. So it was no wonder that you would be crying messily, trying to forget what just had happened. How the touches felt. How his kisses felt like. You felt like puking, rubbing your skin dry and clean of anything.

“I can’t believe we didn’t listened to what she had to say. I can’t even believe that we didn’t – that I didn’t – notice her changes and how scared she always was,” D.O mumbled, eyes watering seeing the state you were in. “We are such jerks…”

“Baby.“ Baekhyun whispered a tear escaping his eyes as he tried to walk near you. You flinched the moment he touched your shoulders and retreated instantly seeing your reaction. It just broke him more. How could he ever think you would cheat on him? You the person who ran after him rather than the other way around.

“We broke her.” Chanyeol breathed out. “How could we?”

Baekhyun fell to his knees, hands balled into fist ready to pounce on the man who did this to you. “That son of a-…”

“Baekhyun?” Your voice a mere whisper as your head cleared and you recognised your boyfriends voice. Was it really him? Or were you dreaming?

Baekhyun sobbed, pulling you towards his chest, basically crushing you with his arms.
“I am so sorry. I am so sorry. You were always protecting us and we just tossed you away, I am so sorry!”

“I was so afraid Baek.” You sobbed. The boys were taking some steps back, giving you guys a bit of privacy, discussing what they should do with Kai now. He was a friend after all, but his actions were unforgiving and based on the protests and noises he made in your bedroom, he wouldn’t give up so soon. The police was needed in this. (Past) Friend or not.

Baekhyun pulled away to look into your face, wiping away your tears and you doing the same with his. He slowly leaned his forehead to yours, smiling sadly at you. “Can you forgive me. Scratch that, I will do anything for you to forgive me. You mean so much to me.”

More tears fell down, but this time of happiness. You just nodded in delight and Baekhyun couldn’t believe it. He was really dating an angel. One that seemed to always forgive him. He didn’t deserve you, but he would make up every mistake. He would earn your forgiveness and trust again. It won’t be easy and he didn’t expect it to be, but he will do his best.

The moment you smiled at him, he was dazed again, unconsciously locking his lips with yours. It was an innocent peck at first, but soon turned out to be much more. He started to move his lips softly pouring all his feelings into the kiss, till he became needy. The kiss turned into a rough and passionate one, yet still so gentle, so different from Kai’s before, so him. It was making your head dizzy, giving you so many tingles. You were shivering from the intense feelings. And to your luck, it made your mind hazy, making you forget what just happened minutes ago. You two were in bliss, this was it: perfect. It was everything.

The first one to pull away was you, catching your breath as you smiled even brighter. Whatever he did, he was always the one holding your heart, being the owner of it. And his heart belonged solely to you.

“I love you so much.” Baekhyun huffed out, kissing your face all over.

You giggled at the small tingles it left on your face. “I love you too. So much! Just…listen to me the next time, okay?”


@serenityxbecca Luhan had always been taught that good things come to those who wait. However, in the world of Alphas, Omegas, and Betas, the middle tier (aka the Betas) rarely got the good things. It was because of their genetics– Alphas were made for Omegas, and vice-versa. Betas were basically scraps for Alphas who didn’t want to deal with needy Omegas, or caretakers for Omegas in heat. Luhan’s parents were strongly hoping he’d present as an Omega, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. He was a Beta, and that was that. When he learned about mates, the idea sounded so lovely to him. Who wouldn’t want a lifelong partner to love and care for them? Luhan imagined himself with a wife or a husband that loved him unconditionally, and he fantasized about how they would meet. His dreams were crushed when his mother snapped on him one day, telling him that Betas were not suitable mates for anyone. Alphas were meant for Omegas, and vice-versa. There was no changing that. But as he wiped down a table at the café he worked at, he thought about the idea again. A soft, upset sigh left his lips, and he lifted his head as he heard the bell on the door chime. A beautiful couple walked in– Alpha and Omega, from what he could smell– and his heart stopped. Mates. That’s what his wolf told him.

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Uh, Surprise? - Finn Bálor One-Shot

Warnings: None except the feeling of being extremely nervous 

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“Oh no,” You mumbled to yourself. “This cannot be happening!” You dropped the plastic stick on the ground, your eyes shutting tightly as you began to run your fingers through your hair nervously. You glanced back down at it, noticing the clear and evident positive sign. The two lines read it all. It declared your future. A future that included either you and Finn together, or him getting his things and leaving you to be by yourself with this issue.

Biting down on your bottom lip, you knew you had to tell him. He would catch onto your sudden change in emotion so it obviously wouldn’t be a secret for long. Your heart was pounding, your breath becoming hitched in your throat. You finally managed to get to your feet after what felt like twenty minutes of sitting with your back against the wall, the test on the tiled floor in front of you.

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Cersei is a character we love to hate. These are 15 things about Cersei. It’s only book stuff. 

1. Cersei was told from an early age (6-7 years) that she would marry Rhaegar and she grew up dreaming of the day she would be his wife. She even drew a picture of her and Rhaegar flying on the back of a dragon. How sweet is that! When Jaimie found it she lied about who those in her drawing were.

2. At age 10 she sees Rhaegar for the first time and is infatuated with him.

3. During childhood she and Jaimie slept in the same bed. A servant caught them doing something improper together *ahem the beginning of twincest*. Their mother was shocked upon hearing about it so she put a guard at Cersei’s door and moved Jamie into another room.

4.Her mother had arranged two marriages that never came to fruition. Cersei was to be married with Oberyn Martell and Jamie with Elia Martell.

5.When Rhaegar married Elia, Cersei’s dreams were crushed.

6. Tywin still hoped to marry his daughter into the Royal family, hoping that Aerys would agree on a marriege between Viserys and Cersei.

7. At 15 when she finds out that Jamie is to be wed with Lysa Tully( who later became Lysa Arryn through marriage, you know the lady with that boy sucking at her teats, the one that Littlefinger pushed through the moon door), Cersei cracks a plan that would make Jamie stay with her. This plan of hers at first works (Jamie becomes a kingsguard sworn for life to not marry), but then it backfires because Tywin becomes pissed about losing his male heir and takes Cersei with him back to Castlery Rock.

8. She was happy about marrying Robert Baratheon until their bedding when he called her Lyanna. Their relationship deteriorated pretty quickly because Robert would fuck around and hurt her during the nights he visited her chambers in a drunken state.

9. She became pregnant once with Robert and terminated the pregnancy. Yes, she grew to hate him that much.

10. She would sometimes pretend Robert was Rhaegar.

11.Her obsession with Rhaegar follows her well into adulthood. She thinks to herself that she would have given him true born children and she would have loved him.

12.This obsession goes so far that when she sees Aurane Waters( a bastard who fought for Stannis) she thinks that he looks like Rhaegar. She even pardons him for fighting for the Mannis and grants him the position of grand admiral of her fleet. Later, he runs away with her ships.

13. It is implied that Cersei killed her childhood friend to prevent the prophecy becoming true (plus she was kinda annoyed that Mellara liked Jaimie). However, by doing that, the prophecy kinda became true because the witch also said that Mellara would die that night.

14. As children, the twins, oft exchanged clothes. Even as an adult Cersei wishes she was a man because then she would have more power.

15. She pleasured another woman once just to get the feel of it. She did not accept to be pleasured back and pretended it never happened.

The truth about PHAN?

Okay, so I’ll start this off by saying that I ship them.

There are different ways of shipping people. Thinking it is cannon and/or strongly believing that it is. Or simply just liking the idea of two people being with each other. Shipping them in a way that you strongly want them to be together, or just cause they seem cute together. Combinations and stuff too.

For me it is both simple and complicated. I like the idea of them to be together… But I can’t say for certain that they have that kind of relationship. I want them to be together really bad, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t accept it if they are just friends.

There is a lot of proof around. But that doesn’t always automatically mean that they are a couple. A lot of it is convincing enough to make the less-aware-of-the-situation people believe it. But some of it is just a massive over-analysis.

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Griffith is such a deep character. It makes me sad when people ignore everything leading up to the Eclipse and only label him as a monster. He was passionate, he had ambitions and dreams that he would do anything for but he was still saddened by those who died for his sake. He cares for his friends and we can see that on numerous occasions throughout the manga. He was broken and destroyed but even after his torture we can see him still caring for Guts and the Hawks. After that beast basically told Griffith he was nothing and could never be the person he was before, that’s when his dreams were crushed. For God’s sake he even tried to kill himself!

Right before the Eclipse starts we see Griffith terrified and even telling the Hawks to “Stay away!!” He knew by now what his fate would be and what would happen. He warned them! Yes the sacrifice and the events of the eclipse were terrible (you can still argue whether it was truly him or the influence of Femto) but  ignoring the details of his character and relationship with others truly makes me sad. Griffith is an amazing unique character and I’ll always love him no matter what.

I noticed there’s still a little debate between the Dominator and Hater love arc, some think Dominator’s existence was hinged solely for being a love interest, and this just isn’t the case. Let me tell you why. As a girl myself, I see no problem with the past story arc, because it never belittled a woman in any way.

At the beginning of the series we had a glimpse of Dominator and how nasty she could be, nearly killed Wander and Hater right off the bat, and the gang escaped with their lives.

The next story arc we see Dominator revealed in front of everyone. We don’t see all the villains falling head over heels in love with her, no, all of them bowed down to her in respect. It was only Hater and Wander that acknowledged her existence of being a woman, and there’s nothing wrong with this, but we have to look into the intentions of both characters to see why they acted this way.

Hater as most all of us know, is really a softie at heart, shy, embarrassed easily, dorky teenager type. He has a soft spot for girls and doesn’t know how to act around them, so when Dominator, who he sees as so cool reveals herself, he is smitten. Not because she’s just a GIRL, but because she has qualities he admires, and he looks up to her as being a boss villainess. Dominator saw Hater’s reaction and pushed it, because she’s evil that way. She egged on Hater’s crush, not because she liked him, but because she saw what a huge dork he was and how easily this fight could end. From then on in the series we see her entertain his crush toward her, just so she can get something out of him. She’s not appalled that Hater likes her, she thinks it’s downright hilarious and entertaining that she can shoot at him and try to kill him and he keeps coming back like a needy puppy. She had him wrapped around her little finger and could do whatever she wanted with him.

As for Wander, his reasons for Dominator and Hater getting together again wasn’t because she was just a girl. If that was the case he could have tried pairing a ton of other girls with Hater. He chose Dominator in a desperate attempt for Hater to start caring about someone else for a change. Hater won’t be friends with anyone, so romantic love is the next possible way to reform Hater, because friendship goes hand in hand with love. Seeing Dominator having, what at first appeared to be the same likes and dislikes as Hater, Wander was just being a meddling matchmaker with good intentions. …and we all saw how well that turned out.

Hater was the only villain in the Galaxy who truly had a crush on Dominator, none of the others tried to woo her except Awesome but knowing that shark’s reputation, it was inevitable. That, and Awesome didn’t have the same innocent, genuine crush as Hater, Awesome was just looking for a girl to party with. His mistake.

Throughout the second arc we see Hater trying to impress Dom in ridiculous ways, because he has absolutely no idea how to be around girls and what they like. He just assumes pink and ponies is something girls like, which isn’t WRONG per say, it’s just that ALL girls don’t necessarily like those things. Hater being inexperienced, how would he know that? If he has next to no experience being with girls, how could he possibly know what girls like and don’t like besides what little knowledge he has? He wasn’t intentionally belittling Dominator, he was just so desperate to impress her, he did it the wrong way. Dominator never cared though, never once did we see her incredibly frustrated about Hater, she just took it all like a joke, especially in Showstopper where she paused her destruction just to listen and crack up. He was her cheap entertainment. If she really was bothered by him, she would have put a stop to his gags a long time ago.

It wasn’t till this most recent episode we saw Hater really TRY to be a gentleman, because in the back of his mind he KNEW he had to treat her the best way possible, because he thought she was so amazingly cool and out of his league, she deserved only the best. It’s in My Fair Hatey we see he genuinely loves someone, and cares about them, not in a superficial way or for his own selfish gain. He’s willing to do anything that would make Dominator happy, because she deserves the best and he considers her The Greatest. He doesn’t want to bring her down to his level, or lower her and use her like a pedestal, he sees her as an equal, even more than an equal. He treats her like the most precious thing in his whole life, which is how it should be. Of course it wasn’t a full, true love since love is a two way experience, but he was on the right track. Unfortunately for him, the time he finally understood how to love and care for someone, all his dreams were crushed. All his love stifled, as Dominator laughs in his face.

Dominator is tickled pink he would think of her that way, and in her cruel mind she doesn’t care the slightest bit. She crushes Hater’s love and laughs as she nearly drowns him in lava. Now that’s a real villainess. The crew didn’t once make her look weak or used her just as a love interest, she was far better than that. She was…as she puts it…The Bad Guy.


Hello! im sure if youre in the rpgmaker or mogeko community right now you shouldve heard about the user pyokeke being run off the site by a few mogeko fans. His urls pyokeke and pyoblog have been stolen, and when i post this do not follow them. do not ping them. do not send them anything.

this is a we love pyokeke project in an attempt to bring back the bird! pyokeke likes birds of any type, and has made characters for a game he wanted to develop. if it werent for the current people using pyokeke and pyoblog, he wouldve been able to make the game too. his dreams were crushed when one or both of them harassed him off the site.

so i propose we draw pyokeke fanart of his characters, whos art is scattered throughout the site, and write encouraging posts for him, as well as reblog or draw pictures of birds for him!

if you participate, you can submit things to me, or tag pyotori directly! just refrain from any triggering or dubious content, as it would make pyokeke uncomfortable!

The Belly of the Beast.

“This is stupid,” Faustus grumbled, brushing strands of his dark hair back with an agitated wrist. His backpack weighed him down more than he would have liked; despite carrying only some maps, a few books, and his laptop, it seemed that his weight’s worth of stuff was riding along his back. Koop ignored him, her ruby eyes scanning the darkened forest for any sign of life. To be fair, they had been trekking through the woods for only God knows how long; her boots and jeans were caked with mud and Faustus’s own outfit was pretty much ruined. She would check the clock along her phone, to see how long they had been out, but it died out a while ago, along with her tablet… She too was starting to get hungry, and tired…

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natarialis replied to your postI have to say, I love Mako with a mustache. He kind looks like Gary Oldman from the Dark Knight trilogy to me (which is appropriate since Mako’s a cop). :)

I CANT TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY WITH IT HE LOOKS LIKE SUCH A DORK KHJGDS but then he is a dork so i guess it works out


But please just imagine him and Bolin having a serious, sit-down discussion about how they are both growing up

“You know what that means.”

“Yes. Beards.”

AND BOLIN’S FIRST INSTINCT IS TO GROW A HUUUGE FULL OUT BEARD so he can trim away at it and easily try new styles but it grows in so PATCHY LMAO BUT HE IS SO PROUD and Mako sees hair on his little bro’s face and he’s like :’) “they grow up so fast”

Mako has the same patchy beard problem and Korra hATES IT SHE’S LIKE SHAVE IT OFF FOR FUCKS SAKE YOU LOOK TERRIBLE!!

But Mako has wanted this for so long so he’s like “pls just give it a chance bb you’ll get used to it I promise.” she doesn’t budge and she probs leaves the city for a bit for Avatar reasons and she’s like “if that shit isn’t gone by the time I get back I will tear it off hair my hair with my bare hands.”



AND THUS THE MUSTACHE IS BORN and Korra is too busy trying not to pee her pants with laughter when she gets back to remember her past threats.

what is this look at what you made me dO.

a later date ; ashton one shot

okay so hayley ( @fairymoth ) has been bugging me nonstop to write something about sitting next to ashton on a plane. so u ask i supply. here you go!!! its a little over 2k words long and i actually fucking love this so i hope you do too! also this has the potential to be a series, but only if you want me to continue it. just let me know, and feedback is much appreciated (: 

You had been waiting for this flight ever since you bought the plane tickets. Your mother finally allowed you to go to California on your own for the summer, on the terms that you stayed with your aunt and uncle while you were there. Despite agreeing, your mother and father were still worried sick – and fretting over everything.

Your mother had helped you pack, asking multiple times if you had everything you needed, even so much as going through your whole suitcase a couple times to make sure. But you assured her that you had everything, and that you were going to be okay and in the good hands of your aunt and uncle.

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"Is There A Reason You're Naked In My Bed?"

Shots. Shots after shots after shots. So many shots you were now past the point of drunk, but so was your best friend Pietro so that was okay, It was his birthday and he wanted to celebrate it drunk with you, and you were never one to crush his dreams. Who were you kidding you loved getting drunk, you were a fun drunk so when you were with Pietro and alcohol was involved the night was going to be good. 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 The harsh sun shone through the curtains making you slowly peel your eyes open, your hangover taking its full effect as you glanced around your room. Rolling over you were confronted by something hard and the worst part was the fucking thing groaned. Pietro. “P, why are you in my bed?” you asked his eyes just adjusting to the light as he rubbed his forehead, 

“What the hell, shit y/n, where are my clothes” he mumbled looking under the covers noticing he was in fact naked, something that when you checked, you found out that you too were naked. “P, any reason why you are naked in my bed?” you questioned him just pulling a nervous face towards you. 

“Fuck printsessa, just clothes your eyes whilst I grab my boxers” he spoke, you following his demand as he grabbed his boxers off the floor, before sitting on top of the covers. 

“P, can you go in the drawer there and grab me my underwear please?” you pleaded him doing so slowly as he knew that if he ran his headache would get worse. As he turned his back to you, you noticed multiple scratched coated his back something that made you hitch your breath. Pietro passed you some underwear and his shirt that your threw on now feeling somewhat less exposed. 

“P, I don’t want to make a big deal out of this but er you have scratch marks on your back” you murmured his mouth opening a little in the shape of a small gasp as he gave you a nervous look. Pietro then got up and ran over to the trash. Once he returned he gave you another nervous glance before speaking, 

“There’s a condom in the trash and by the looks of the giant hickey on your neck it appears that we may have y’know last night” he trailed off chuckling a little nervously. Pietro sat next to you on the bed, wrapping his arm around you and kissing your forehead. “This is weird no?” he questioned to which you nodded quickly making you both laugh a little. There was silence for a few moments and you both knew what was coming next, the idea of you and Pietro sleeping together should have made you feel awkward but honestly it turned you on. Within seconds your lips were on his, you both giggling into the kiss Pietro mumbling a round two in your ear as he began to work on creating a much better hickey on your neck. He wanted you to remember this one. 

Story Telling Time: Villains- Tezzeret

Hello everyone! It’s Thursday, Villains day. Today I’m going to talk about Tezzeret. It seems appropriate to get this post up before we finish with Kaladesh, after all, who know if he’ll still be around after that. This one is REALLY long. But really detailed, I like to think.

Anyway, we’ll be covering his history, his personality, his motives, his powers, all of that good stuff. So `gather round. It’s Story Telling Time!

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