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Babe (Mingyu)

A/N: My first Mingyu fanfic…. 

Genre: fluff 

Word Count: 1,534

Summary: Mingyu and you were inseparable. Just two best friends acting like how they usually would, since childhood. But that’s not what everyone else thinks, they think that you are lovers, hugging each other, hold hands, and showing PDA. To you and Mingyu, it seemed like a normal thing, that how all best friends acted like, right? 

Warning: Cursing

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Babe. A word I heard more often than not, coming from my best friend. No, not my boyfriend. It was a word that we called each other daily, like how couple may call each other cheesy nicknames, but Babe was only used for us. Mingyu and I. As kids we played a lot of House and I was always the mother and Mingyu was the father. We would call each other honey, sweetheart and all that, but I think Mingyu and I liked babe the most. Which may be why it stuck with us, even when we weren’t playing House.

“What now, Babe?” I rolled my eyes in a slightly annoyed, looking at the latter. I was currently laying in his bed, waiting for him to get ready for our weekly movie and TV show marathon.

Mingyu walked out from his bathroom with only a towel covering his bottom half, “Have you seen my favorite pajama shirt?” he asked as he walks to his closet look for clothes to wear.

I wasn’t really fazed by Mingyu being shirtless, since I have seen it so many times. But maybe, if and only if, I wasn’t so close to Mingyu, then maybe, maybe I’d be drooling like the how all the other girls look at him. But of course, I had enough decency to look away when he was changing his bottoms cause I’m not THAT comfortable.

“Which one?” I raised a brow at him. That’s odd, he didn’t usually like to wear shirts to sleep.  

He was currently looking through his closet like a madman throwing clothes here and there, after putting on some pants, “the oversized baby blue one with the cute unicorn balancing a pole on its horn,”

My eyes darted up, “WHAT?!” it came out more like a yell than question. I’m not shocked at the fact that this 18-year-old sleeps with a shirt that screams 8-year-old, but at the fact that that shirt was mine and it was also one of my favorite that I thought I have lost.

“Oh. Nevermind, I think I foun-”

I cut him off as I screamed, “You ass! That’s mine! You stole it from me didn’t you?” I looked at the shirt he pulled out. It was mine! The exact same one, with the sauce stain on the bottom right, that I had made when I was eating spaghetti but now with a few new additions of stains. What the fuck Mingyu? What did you do with my shirt?

“Oh shit!” Mingyu cursed before letting out a guilty laugh and running away with my shirt still in his hand.

“Get back here, you ass!” I pointed at him, chasing after him around his house.

I followed the sound downstairs as I could hear him stomping down the stairs with his loud ass steps. Luckily for him, no one was home except for us so he wouldn’t get in trouble for running around, since his parents were out on one of their Friday date nights to keep their sparks going, I don’t even want to think about what they might be doing but whatever floats their boat. Mingyu’s house was pretty big, but since he was so tall there wasn’t many places that he could have hidden. Knowing Kim Childish Mingyu, he probably would’ve hidden in one of the closets, and sensing that he hadn’t made much noise after coming downstairs it was probably the one closest closet.

I turned right, tip toeing to the closet that was close to the main entrance of the house. I was going to get revenge, he stole my favorite shirt and didn’t even ask. I was going to scare him since he was the biggest scaredy cat I know, despite his somewhat cold looking outer appearance and taller frame. As I approached the closet, I could hear his muffled laughter, probably trying to use his hands to silence his laughing but the situation was definitely not in his favor. You little shit.

I quickly opened the closet trying my best to make “Boo!” sound scary. What was I thinking? I succeed for a few milliseconds seeing him make his adorably yet ugly derp face he did when he was scared but only to have him jump in fright and fall down on me. His body, heavier and taller than mine, landing on top of me.

“Ow.” I grunted from the pain that hit me when I fell, I couldn’t even see properly “You asshole. You’re heavy. Get off of me,”

As my vision cleared, I soon realized that he was hovering right above me with his 2 hands on either side of my face and his body still on top of mine. I tried to move my way out of his imprisonment but more like struggled since it wasn’t helping that he was taller and stronger than me.

His face displayed a devious smirk, “Only if you give me your shirt,” he negotiated.

“Um…” I pretended to think for a minute, “how about NEVER?” I stuck out my tongue at him while making a face. He was not going to get away with stealing my shirt, so I made an offer back “only if I can take one of your sweaters then we’ve got ourselves a deal,” I looked at him jollied, there was a jumper that I saw him wear a few days ago that I wanted for myself.

Mingyu was thinking furiously, knitting his brows together “Fine,” he gave in and sighed, getting off of me and patting himself down from the dust on the floor.

“Ew. Put on some clothes, you indecent human,” I jokingly made a disgusted face as a got up.

“I know you love all of this,” he cockily shot me a smug look.

I didn’t really care that he didn’t have a shirt on but I was tired of looking at him with no shirt. Other people wouldn’t be but I didn’t really care for shirtless guys, especially Mingyu. Eww more like Ming-ew. Seeing him put on the shirt that he stole from ME, I couldn’t but laugh at the sight before me. He normally wore dark coloured shirts or monochromatic black from head to toe, to apparently show off his current “bad-boy” concepts that he said was in. And now he was wearing a childlike baby blue shirt that, although big on me, fit him perfectly.

“Hahaha! You look like a fool!” I commented, trying to catch my breath from laughing to hard.

“I’m only a fool for you, babe” He winked at me, showing his adorable canines that I will never admit.

I fake gagged before letting out a smile, “Okay, babe.” I rolled my eyes at him in a playful manner “we’re going to miss the episode if you continue to play around,” I started heading to his room knowing he’ll follow after me.

Arriving in his room, I noticed the mess that he had caused early and tried to help him clean up because that boy was a mess and always disorganized. Within the pile of clothing that I had cleaned up, I found the grey jumper that I had my eye on.

I guess Mingyu saw that the jumper that I chose was also one that he treasured since he shook his head furiously saying “No,“

I looked up at him from my shorter height, “Please…” I begged, intentionally forming a pout and batting my eyelashes at him. I knew his weakness was my aegyo, no matter how much I hated doing it, I really wanted this jumper.

“Fine” he complied, “don’t ruin it. It’s my favorite,”

I wrapped my arms around his waist and squealed into the sudden hug, like a little girl going to Disneyland for the first time, “Thanks babe. You’re the best, you know that?”

“Only when it comes to you,”

It was currently 2 am. I was snuggled up to Mingyu, on his bed. We finished watching the last season of our favorite show and we ended up watching movies back to back, ranging from romance to horror. But we mostly skipped horror movies cause we both had low tolerance for scary stuff, and if we felt daring enough, we usually end up playing a game with each other, whoever screams or jumps first, loses. This always brought out our competitiveness even though we wouldn’t win anything except bragging rights. Most of the time I would win. Of course. But not totally as sometimes Mingyu would get so scared that he’d scratch me, leaving me with a few scars that will probably stay there for a few days before fading away.

“I’m tired,” I said yawning, trying to shifting my position to a more comfortable one. I laid my head on Mingyu’s chest, his one hand wrapped around my shoulder and the other holder the controller. My eyelids started to feel heavy as I was about to fall asleep to the motion of his chest rising up and down. The last thing I remembered was the latter pulling me closer to him and telling me something but I I couldn’t hear him from my drowsiness.

It was probably good night anyways.

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For You - Chapter One

Author: Admin J

genre: fluff, a later chapter may include smut

pairing: jungkook x you

word count: 2938

notes:  This is based on the BTS Japanese release MV: For You. Intended for a female reader as Jungkook’s on screen girlfriend in the MV. I hope you enjoy it as much as I wrote it. This will be chaptered/ released in parts so stay tuned for more! (credit to @chimchimbang on twitter for text translations, I spiced them up a little to suit the story though lol)

Long distance isn’t a problem for Jungkook. He’d travel cross country just to see you, which is what he did. But it’s all worth it. Because it’s for you

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