his death is so interesting and important and like

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Do you have any fic recommendations?

o u know i do

when the house falls down by sowell, 44k

this fic killed me. rly sad, real happy ending. the premise being sasuke getting thru his head to maybe not kill everyone in konoha. both naruto and sasuke could stand to use the word ‘love’ more and their fists less but what else is new. some violent sex scenes, be warned. big focus on death so, b careful. some issues w delusions. anyway have fun

in good company by weialala, 198k

THIS fic is incredible, changed me as a person, fantastic. i still havent. finished it bc i read it while it was updating but its so good itd b a disservice to not include it. very, VERY sasuke-centric, narusasu is important but not like, the main part. lots of interesting world-building. also, the hokages are ghosts and annoy sasuke a lot, what’s not to like. trigger warnings for drugs and alcohol use, a minor having sex with some sex workers when he probably shouldn’t, etc.

the spaces between us by stripeypirate, 39k, in-progress

an ABSOLUTE fave. updates semi-regularly so dont worry too much abt that. au fanfic set in the pacific northwest in the 1980s. saku/ino and naru/sasu. the setting is so charming honestly and it’s done really cleverly. huge trigger warnings for homophobia and homophobic violence, realistic depictions of gay crises. if its safe for u to read it, pls so do so, i lov it

from the corner of your eye by tolkienbs, 6k, in-progress

narusasu fic where the premise is sasuke thinking the accidental kiss was on purpose. this changes his perspective and the series of events of canon. it’s so good and done so well. i really hope it keeps updating bc its so charming and sweet

sleepless by kinomiakai, 3k

very sweet and emotional fic about naruto and sasuke post-sasuke’s return to konoha. if you love “cuddling and sharing the bed” tropes this is good

cultivate your hunger  by dawnstruck, 8k

post-canon fix-it, sort of. really angsty criticism of the ending, so be ready to be sad. it’s a nice way to cope with problems with the ending though, haha. i read this one ages ago tho so idr  what trigger warnings it needs.

i also write fic but im shitty at updating so. proceed w caution ig lmao

(hiatus rant)

So, the thing is, I have a problem with Mary and I don’t know what’s up with that. I mean, as a woman, a feminist, and someone who loves Sam and Dean to the death, surely I should be thrilled that she’s back? And I should be happy she’s this interesting 3D character and not just a traditional mom figure? And I should appreciate that she’s finally been given a voice after having been burned into nothingness, what, ten minutes into the pilot? And the thing is - I am all of those things. It was good to see her back, it was good to see her all human and imperfect, and it was good to question the original narrative and start over.

And yet, I’ve basically spent half of S12 pushing against a sense of mild annoyance, wondering and wondering where the hell it came from and why I couldn’t just be happy.

Well, today I did some serious thingking and now I know exactly why. 

The problem is not Mary - the problem, to me, is that Mary sort of exposed, very clearly, how the traditional Supernatural format just isn’t working for me anymore. I mean - it’s bad enough having characters we care about (characters Sam and Dean care about) appearing and disappearing without any kind of explanation as to what they’re up to and what they know, if anything, about the impending end of the world Sam and Dean’s shenanigans are bringing about (again), and it’s bad enough that Crowley and Cas were always part of that list despite being Very Important people in the boys’ lives for one reason or another, but with Mary - what they did with Mary stretched credibility so much I basically stopped caring about that dynamic completely. Because it just doesn’t make sense, okay? It makes zero sense that your mother’s back from the dead after thirty plus years and that that’s not the thing you talk about and focus on for months and months and months. It makes zero sense we barely saw any conversations about the past, and Mary catching up with her children’s lives. It makes zero sense, even in the context of Dean’s emotional hang-ups on the issue, that John was mentioned once in the entire season. And, I mean, they tried to keep Mary in the story despite the limitations of Samantha Smith’s contract, but, again, to me that just didn’t work. Dean playing words with friends or whatever the fuck it was as he chased after a random monster - nope. Sam having off-screen thoughts and off-screen feelings and off-screen chats with this woman whose death basically defined everything he is - nope. Mary learning who and what Lucifer is off-screen - nope nope nope. What the hell did she even do there? She ordered cheap pulp novels on Amazon and went on to read the exciting story of how her sons were the vessels of the Apocalypse and how John gave himself up for Dean after abusing him for twenty years and how both Sam and Dean were basically tortured into insanity for years by demons and stuff? She called up an old hunter buddy and he was like, Ah, yes, I remember when we all banded togeher to kill your kid because we thought he was the Antichrist, good times? Or was John’s journal this magical Pulitzer thing complete with feelings and every single event that went down until his tragic, tragic death? And, fuck - Mary learning these things - hell - knowing if Mary’s even learned these things, and how, and how much of them - show, that was important. That was interesting - arguably, much more so than the usual Brit villain who whips street urchins into becoming obedient and sarcastic killing machines, because those are a dime a dozen, but this other thing - Mary’s story, and how her return would change everything for those two guys we thought we knew inside and out - that was a BIG THING. Probably the biggest thing to happen on this goddamn show since - I don’t even know. Since Sam died the first time, maybe, and we all went, Wait - what the fuck - that’s the main character, how can he die?

So, yeah. It’s not about Mary. It’s that this you and me against the rest of the world bullshit doesn’t really work anymore, because these are not two kids who have good reasons to stay the fuck away from everyone else - these are grown men, and they have friends and loved ones and a past they should be free to face and discuss, and seriously, enough.

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I wonder if Lizzy breaking Ciel's ring could be a foreshadowing for the future. The ring symbolises the Phantomhive families hob as the watchdog, Ut even setting it on par with a dog collar. Lizzy breaking it could almost be seen as her breaking that collar. If it's a foreshadowing, then I'd maybe see it as: Ciel has to choose between his "loyalty" to the Queen, or protecting Lizzy. Or. Lizzy manages to break Ciel free from his "collar". (Which could have something to do with his family"

Nice idea, I like that. The ring is like a collar (like UT said) since it ties the Phantomhives to the Queen and burdens them with the job as the Queen’s Watchdog (which may have caused their deaths more than once). So I can definitely understand why Lizzy said that she hated that ring.

But her breaking it could indeed be some foreshadowing that she could play an important role in freeing Ciel from that collar. She certainly tries to help Ciel and while for now he’s still determined to get revenge through his title and job I feel like Lizzy is the person who has the best chances of convincing Ciel to change his goals, which might even save his life.

And in that regard it’s also interesting to mention that Sebastian was the one who repaired that ring. 

So if Lizzy stands for someone trying to free Ciel from his burden, Sebastian is the opposing side who pushes Ciel to pursue his revenge further.

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Who are your top 5 fave characters in AoT?

My top 5 characters in Attack on Titan are as follows:

5. Sasha Blouse:

Because she’s a character who never ceases to entertain me, but has also proven that even as the character who is arguably the main source of comic relief in the show, she can be just as much of a badass as anyone else.

4. Mikasa Ackerman:

Because let’s put things into perspective - If Ymir had actually tried to get into the top 10 graduates, she definitely would have and would have definitely made the top 6. Therefore, it’s safe to say that 5/6 of the top students - Ymir, Eren, Annie, Bertolt and Reiner were all Titan Shifters. And then there’s Mikasa, as the No.1 student, in all of her Ackerman and very human glory :D

3. Hanji Zoe:

Because she brings the term “Eccentric” to a whole new level that she has totally made her own, and I absolutely love her for it. Due to her quirkiness, she provides just as much entertainment as Sasha does, if not more, but she also has displayed a very sinister side to herself on multiple occasions, which I’ve always found highly interesting, as it contrasts to her usual dorky self.

2. Levi Ackerman:

Because the title of “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier” will always have an immense amount of hype surrounding it. So considering that, it’s absolutely amazing how Levi continues to exceed expectations surrounding his character. Even in a series such as this, where death could always be just around the corner, I don’t think anyone has ever feared for Levi’s life, because he is without a doubt, the badass of the series.

1. Annie Leonhardt:

Because due to her serious moral ambiguity, she was always the character who kept the most of my interest and attention, and that’s always what I consider to be the most important when judging how much i like a character. Annie keeps me guessing, and I love that about her. And goodness gracious, I eagerly await the day when she is freed from her crystal prison…

As for my ships in the series, I don’t particularly “ship” anyone. However, I’m a really big fan of the idea of Eren and Mikasa, and Armin and Annie.

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Do you think Jason would've been better off with Selina? I've seen people say that because she's a woman and they have a similar background and understanding of people of Gotham than someone like Bruce.

Is Selina the type to take a kid in? It’s all well and good saying she’s of similar background and a woman, but that’s not what makes a good mother. If she has no interest or inclination to help Jason, of course he’s better off with Bruce. 

Yes, Jason was searching for a mother figure, but his relationship with Bruce wasn’t broken at the time of his death and his moral argument with Bruce was exacerbated by his trauma, coming back. 

I don’t really find it interesting to just…separate Jason from his relationship with Bruce (it’s very important for both of them and people underestimate it a lot) and shove him at someone else like that would fix anything. Jason’s relationship with mothers is complex and it seems like he’s really trying to find Catherine again, but each time he’s let down. 

It’s also extremely hard to separate the meta-context of Jason’s death and the victim-blaming. Anyway I read interviews with the people at DC responsible last night and it messed me up so I’m really not in a good frame of mind for removing Jason’s issues from the meta-context they resided in today. 

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How would UF skelebros + alphas and mtt react to a new experiment formed by the human government to give each boss monster a six year old and say "raise them for six months". It's kinda make it or break it with this:if they mess up then monsters might not be allowed into society or possibly worse

UF!Sans: Hates the thing but eventually warms up to it. He tries to scare them into behaving because he honestly does not know how to raise a child. After a while he realizes that he actually cares about the poor thing. In the beginning it’s more of an elder brother than a parent situation. Until it’s been a few months and he sorta eases into a more ‘’father figure’’ role. He sure as hell aint ready to be a dad, but nothing is ever going to harm that kid. Not on his watch. He’s probably going to adopt them when the time is up. He doesn’t want them to go back to an orphanage or foster care or wherever they came from. 

UF!Papyrus: He’s more of a teacher. And he keeps it as strictly business and something he is doing for the greater good. It is truly a sacrifice only the great Papyrus could handle. Until he realizes that the kid actually looks up to him. And it’s not all that bad having them around. Then he flips like a switch and suddenly he is going to become the greatest dad in the history of dads. That child is now the most important thing in his life. And he’s going to train them and teach them so that they may become a heir of the great and terrible Papyrus. He does all the parent things, almost aggressively. He drives them to school and takes interest in their hobbies, he cooks for them, he does fun activities with them. What had seemed to be a certain death sentence for the poor kid turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to them. Now they have a family that’s always going to have their back. No way in hell is he letting his child be taken away when those six months are up. Don’t even try.

UF!Alphys: Listen. She’s smart and she knows that the future of monster kind depends on her actions. But you’re basically giving her a living guinea pig to work with. I’m not completely sure that the poor kid is going to survive the first couple of weeks. If they do survive them, and she actually forms a slight emotional attachment to them things might end up okay. She takes care of them well enough. But it’s more of a pet situation than a child situation. She doesn’t ask to keep them when the six months are up. If they somehow end up living with her she starts training them as a lab assistent. 

UF!Mettaton: He knows that it’s all a show so he puts up an act. That kid is getting the best of everything and they are living the star life next to Mettaton. He makes sure that they’re both treated like royalty on the surface. Imagine them both relaxing by a pool wearing sunglasses. Mettaton with a drink and the kid with a soda, just living the life. He brings them with him everywhere. Like an adorable little servant sidekick. When the six months are up he adopts them and keeps raising them. They’re like a celebrity now. Kid really hit the jackpot. 

Just finished Jack’s final walking dead season three episode.

And I’m glad Jack takes time at the end of series to explain his thoughts, so I wanted to give mine haha. 

Parts of this ep were super good, but David’s death felt so hollow. Like he was a MAJOR character and then Gabe and Clem come back and are like: “Oh David? Yeah he’s dead.” Like, that is such an anticlimactic ending for such an interesting and complex character. And it feels like they did that just do resolve the conflict of Kate and Javi being a couple?? Idk it made me really frustrated. Character development and pacing is SO important and I’d rather have another whole episode rather than rush everything at the end just for conflict resolution. 


even if it was true, like… oh no… they’re trying to save the lives of millions of impoverished people.. illegally… *takes a sip of coffee*

Apparently money was taken out of the Treasury to fund CSR payments.  The article is mostly about how the GOP fought to sue for the funds taken out of the Treasury and are now dealing with the fallout of basically fighting against their own interest. 

And his argument is ‘I think they should follow the law.’

Following the law is really important to this dude who frequently uses people for their money and then expects them to still support him when he falls flat on his ass. Like this is a dude who frequently tries to weasel his way into my side hustles so he can make money off of my work. Totes legal, still a dickhole move. 

Oh no. They broke the law so they could prevent a large number of very preventable deaths. They broke the law to legislate a program that would benefit the working class. Like I’m trying to see it from a perspective that makes it damning without sounding like the Sheriff of Nottingham. It’s really fucking difficult. 

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Genreaper hcs?

PUNCHES A WALL ok ok i like to be flexible with HCs, but it can be fun to think of various scenarios and stuff so here we go boiz

  • reyes got used to getting up in the morning and he actually enjoys it because he likes the peacefulness of early mornings. genji is absolutely not a morning person, never was, never enjoyed getting up for training in his youth nor with overwatch. but reyes makes him breakfast in bed and they watch the sunrise together and that makes it all worth it
  • reyes is a pretty damn good cook. genji got him a lacy pink apron. reyes wears it
  • genji is physically clingy and likes being close to reyes when he can. he’ll cuddle with him anywhere, anytime. he likes being in contact with reyes because it’s a tangible reminder that reyes is there so genji will go out of his way to brush against him and whatnot. reyes enjoys his touch, probably needs it more than genji does, and genji knows though reyes never admits it out loud
  • genji gets quiet when he’s upset and might not end up saying anything, just goes up to reyes to hug him
  • genji likes being pet between his metal cat ears on the top of his head. it doesn’t feel the same as it did before being a cyborg, but it’s still comforting for him. reyes pets him a lot
  • their sparring sessions get intense. they’re both very powerful fighters. they know each other’s fighting styles and moves like the backs of their hands (which would come in handy on missions, of course)
  • reyes was easily the most understanding person in overwatch. it was difficult for most to talk to genji, especially when he was always angry and didn’t exactly want people to interact with him. it was easiest to talk to reyes and least aggravating because he was never patronizing
  • it didn’t take long for genji to have immense respect for him, which was something he appreciated. if genji was going to listen to anyone, it was reyes (if jack tried to talk to him genji would flip him off rudely and reyes would have to stifle laughter)
  • sometimes they get each other flowers. they both like flowers a lot. they die quickly but they’re very beautiful while they last
  • reyes likes red roses (basic) and genji likes lilies (you know, the pink and white ones)
  • reyes doesn’t like being apart from genji too long because he gets worried even though he knows genji can handle himself
  • they don’t often tell each other ‘i love you’ but when they do, it’s very meaningful
  • even if reyes is just browsing the internet on his phone on the couch, and genji sees him, he smiles and tells him the words because he means it more than the words could ever say, but he says it because he’s so full of love in that instant he has to express it
  • reyes usually tells him in bed in the height of passion because it’s harder for him to say it otherwise
  • they make terrible jokes with each other, both are masters of deadpan and sarcasm
  • both of them have the best goddamn fashion sense and they look damn good together when they put some Regular People Clothes on and genji isn’t walking around cyborg naked
  • they like chilling with each other, listening to music
  • they have some pretty long and deep conversations about the nature of the universe and life and death and survival
  • reyes has not forgotten a single fact about genji’s likes and interests. genji’s got his sick augmented cyborg memory (which can be a liability at times) so he makes sure never to forget an important date. he knows reyes is sentimental as fuck
  • they go on fancy dinner dates for their anniversaries and genji always drops an exorbitant amount of money because he can
  • they’re both good dancers but i kind of already wrote about this
  • reyes likes to buy genji cute outfits. genji is always a sucker for gifts (easiest way for suitors to get in his pants), he really cherishes everything reyes gives him
  • back in blackwatch when genji just joined ow he was pretty much Pissed As Shit constantly and reyes was travelling for his work and got genji a silly souvenir keychain of cherry blossoms because he figured genji missed his home and it must suck to suddenly be a part of ow, alone and not even entirely human. genji still has it

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Hey, as a huge fan of your blog i am going to ask you a question: What do you think about the pair Thrawn/Vader ? I am also a fan of pairs like Thrawn/Pellaeon and Thrawn/Maul and somehow Thrawn/Vader crossed my mind. So, would they fit together and would it be a healthy relationship? I'd like to hear your opinion about that.

Thrawn/Vader is SUCH a good ship A++ would ship again. They don’t really have much going for them in new canon (yet), but in old canon there was a lot of mutual respect - and trust - between the two. They were each confident in the other’s abilities, and neither one felt the need to undermine the other to the Emperor, even though both had Palpatine’s ear and attention (and usually he tends to pit one person against the other to see who will claw their way to the top - with Thrawn and Vader, neither ever took the bait on that one. They each knew the other was competent and had the Empire’s best interests in mind instead of amassing influence only for themselves).

Vader even entrusted his Noghri assassins to Thrawn, which is HUGE. “Yeah you want to have exclusive control over a group of elite DEATH COMMANDOS that only I have had personal control of, and bent over backwards with manipulation and misinformation to get? Here ya go, ENJOY.” Who DOES that? Vader, apparently. To Thrawn. It’s HUGE. So their relationship already has a real big chunk of respect in it, and that’s one of the most important components of a healthy relationship, imho. 

…And new canon gives us a Thrawn that likes tinkering with old droid technology. Mutual interests ftw. 

I honestly think they’d form a remarkably stable relationship. Vader is impulsive, temperamental, and openly aggressive, whereas Thrawn is quiet, contemplative, and more subtly sinister. His long-term planning with Vader’s knack for on-the-spot improvisation make for an impressive complement of each other. Instead of their differences driving them apart, I see those differences being the interlocking pieces that would fit them together. And they could inspire each other with those differences, too. In old canon, Vader calms when he’s faced with Thrawn’s implacable patience and methodical logic. And I feel like Thrawn also benefits from seeing Vader’s spontaneity and passion.

It’s such a good ship ;v;

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omg can u do the bts lap one with vixx

Hakyeon & Hongbin are more reserved with actions that are intimate like this and so they’d enjoy it if you sat in their laps when you two were alone and had more privacy available to you. Hakyeon would let his hands settle themselves on your thighs and he’d enjoy looking at you from that angle, whilst Hongbin might get a little flustered but enjoy it nonetheless.

Ken & Ravi are skinship oriented people so you could live in their laps for all they cared, they’d love it! Both are the handsy type so they’d just keep pulling you closer and it wouldn’t really matter who they were with or where they were because they have something more important to focus on - you.

Leo likes having you in his lap. Definitely if you two are alone and getting close but publicly Leo would probably only pull you into his lap for one reason and that’s if he felt someone was being unnecessarily interested in you. For instance, if you guys are out with vixx and someone from across the cafe keeps staring at you, Leo might just help you find a new seat on his thighs and also death glare at the person to let them know whats up. 

Hyuk is a freaking tease about everything so sitting in his lap is setting yourself up for humiliation if you do it publicly, like his voice is going to be loud as he asks “Oh, is the chair not comfortable - or are you just looking for an excuse to touch me?” and the whole restaurant turns to look at you two or whatever. To be honest, even in private he’s gonna have something sly to say, but don’t be fooled if you try to get up - he’s pulling you back down.   

Episode 67: Osiris has fallen almost as drastically as the animation standards womp womp

… part 2!

Yami has just DEFEATED GOD by turning Malik’s own “infinite combo” against him, although he’s not looking very happy about it.

Neither is Malik…

Or the doll….

Or even Seto…

(who used up his Positive Emotions quota for the day at being excited when Yami figured it out and has no enthusiasm left to spare for seeing him actually win)

So it’s left up to Mokuba to celebrate the victory!

Damn right he did, kid!

Yugi STILL HASN’T SHOWN UP btw. He’s definitely napping. Maybe he stayed up late looking at porn or something and accidentally dozed off early on in the duel?! #we’veallbeenthere #theduelsarealittletedious #sorrynotsorry #fightme

Anyway Mokuba continues to be the onLY ONE ON POINT HERE.  Yami just stares at the doll. Kaiba just stares at Yami. Malik stares at Domino City. Rishid stares at Malik. The doll stares ceaselessly and unseeingly forward at its unending and meaningless existence, I suppose. :/

Mokuba, on the other hand, actually SAYS THINGS and DOES THINGS and tries to engage the doll, like the adorable dote that he is.

Then gives up, efficiently loots the body, like the Kaiba that he is, and hands Osiris (and the Official Kaiba Corp Battle City Tournament Puzzle Card ™ ) to Yami.

Who is still totally spaced out.


And then, ohmygod, Kaiba comes to “congratulate” Yami, but sadly he has also burned through his Not Being A Dick quota for the day in encouraging Yami not to give up so we’re back to, “I’m glad you didn’t lose buT NOT BECAUSE I LIKE YOU.”



Kaiba gets so excited, although in a gruff, aggressive kind of way, but sadly for him, Malik snaps out of his staring fit quicker than Yami does and reactivates the doll, interrupting Yami and Kaiba’s intense staring match…

… where they’re both standing with their hips forward and, you know, I’m not saying “like their crotches are magnetically drawn to one another” … but I’m thinking it really really hard.

The doll suddenly stands.

Scaring the shit out of Mokuba but the other two are, for real, too busy staring into each other’s eyes to react, until it starts talking and then - I am not making this up - they both STAND NORMALLY AGAIN.

I made a gif to share this with you. Watch their hips.


(Also I’m getting WAY BETTER AT MAKING GIFS you guys!)

Anyway, my possibly excessive interest in these cartoon dorks’ hip movements, aside…. Malik is closing in on the city and he wants to brag about how amazing he is at multi-tasking; he can see three images at once….

It’s pretty cool that he can actually see him!

“Through what we might call my default eyes.”

(He’s also timed this very well! He has excellent time-management skills, especially for a teenager!)

And the third, through the eyes of a Ghoul in the city…

“You know, Stumpy Pensioner, The One Girl, Terrifyingly Large Mouth Guy, and Abnormally Small Head Guy.” #itsliketheanimatorsdidntevencare

(Jounouchi’s pulling that face because Anzu’s still teasing him for the abortive Kaiba duel, trying to get him to admit he was relieved Kaiba didn’t actually go through with it and crush him under Obilisk’s massive fist.)

Malik proves he’s also an excellent judge of character because he doesn’t just threaten the nerd herd, he specifically says that if it wasn’t for Yami’s actions…

Now if there’s one thing that’ll make Yami take on responsibility for everyone else’s safety and rashly throw himself in danger to save them, it’s … literally anything, he will just do that by default, that’s his thing, he’s probably doing it right now, wherever he is. But if you want to be extra sure, you can imply that it’s his fault, his battle to fight, and he’ll take on that responsibility even faster and more completely.

Yami says if Malik hurts his friends, he’ll never forgive him and Malik pulls a “hey that’s my thing!”

*stamps foot*

Then, as though to prove that he’s a toddler at heart, he just fucking drops the doll face first on the ground.

Yami: … 

Mokuba: … 

Seto: … So…. are we duelling, or…?

Seto: … Is that a no…?

Seto: … duEL ME!!

(Way to run, there, Yami, doesn’t at all look like you’re skipping off into the distance.)

(Also that is 100% not the way into town.)

(The stairs were RIGHT THERE.)

Seto’s completely disgusted that Yami would go and attempt to prevent his friends’ deaths instead of staying and playing a card game with him.

Yeah! Just like you did, asshole, when Jounouchi challenged you to a duel and you ran off because SOMETHING YOU THOUGHT WAS MORE IMPORTANT CAME UP. Except Yami didn’t even agree to the duel - unlike you - and Yami’s “thing that came up” is that his friends have been EXPLICITLY THREATENED BY A MURDERER whereas your “thing” was that there was a more interesting card game happening!!

*stamps foot*

So as Yami runs randomly around the city hoping to bump into his buddies before Malik finds them…

WHY IS EVERYONE’S FIRST INSTINCT TO JUST RUN AROUND RANDOMLY I KNOW ANZU HAS A CELL PHONE Yugi wake up and tell your ghost-boyfriend to be sensible!

And meanwhile, Malik gets off his Totally Cool Boat and gets on his Totally Cool Motorbike!




This kid’s fashion sense tho… In fairness. He has literally been living under a rock. And he does somehow work it.

Skysolo AU where Luke choses to go with Han instead of going to destroy the Death Star.

Han taking Luke into every seedy bar in the outer rim, feeling almost disappointed when Luke finally gets comfortable in places like those because Luke used to stay so close to him

Luke learning the tricks of the trade and wearing Han’s clothes until they have enough cash to get him some clothes of his own

Both Luke and Han interpreting and responding to Chewbacca more or less in sync

The war is good for them, lots of work. They end up smuggling food, mostly in and out of planets who’ve been cut off from usual import and export routes.

While they’re not interested in taking sides in the war they definitely lean closer to the rebellion.

Luke doesn’t train to be a Jedi, just works on mastering his use of the force, he doesn’t chose light or dark but remains grey in his use of it. It’s gotten their asses out of trouble more times than any of them can count.

Han had been flirting for months, but Luke insists it’s “Friend flirting… Like a joke”

Luke hangs on every word Han says, even the total bullshit (which is pretty much everything he says) and preens whoever Han pats him on the back or tells him he’s done something good.

Chewbacca could rip all of his fur out with how frustrated he is.

They dance around each other and the war rages outside of their immediate vicinity but they’re happy.

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  • Why I like them: Honestly he had so much room for natural development, his world view would have been crushed when he saw how corrupt the reality of the MP is, I always thought it would be interesting to see how he dealt with his child hood heroes (his granfather, father, and later on oldest brother, I’ll explain more later), having their good name sdragged through the mud by corruption.
  • Why I don’t: His entire death scene, it felt forced by way of trying to make his really unimportant death more important by trying to make it more than just a catalyst for Jean;s character development, which was already weak.
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): Honestly when he tells Jean he’d be a good leader because he knows what it means to be weak,
  • Favorite season/movie: Season one is the only one he is actually in doing anything lol
  • Favorite line: “You would be a good leader because you know what it means to be weak.” Or any time he is yelling and pissed.
  • Favorite outfit: The potential of him being a higher up in the MP
  • OTP: Jeanmarco
  • Brotp: Marmin
  • Head Canon: Marco is the middle child of his family and wanted to join the Military Police brigade because his Grandfather, Father, and Oldest Brother all joined that branch.
  • Unpopular opinion: Is there really that much discourse over him? I gues it would be Marco has quite the back bone, meaning you can’t walk all over him.
  • A wish: That somehow he can be brought back or we at least see him one final time in the manga at the end
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: A repeat of the physiological torture his death scene put him through on top of his physical injuries.
  • 5 words to best describe them: Intelligent, leader, caring, temperamental, well intentioned 
  • My nickname for them: Freckled Jesus, Freckled devil (au type thing with a friend), Freckles, Straw berry short cake (a dish I associate with him)


Tokyo Ghoul: The Black Goat’s Egg

The Black Goat’s Egg is one of the literary works mentioned in Tokyo Ghoul. This fictional work, though mentioned twice in the whole manga, plays a much larger role than one would realize.

In Chapter 3 of TG, the black goat is characterized as a cold-hearted, inhuman, female serial killer who has a son, the protagonist of the story, thus “The Black Goat’s Egg”. The analogy so far is that Rize is the the black goat due to her characteristics as a ghoul and how her character resembles the mother while Kaneki’s character parallels the protagonist. In Kaneki’s case, he is seen as “the ghoul’s egg” instead of the “black goat’s egg” since his body has turned into a ghoul’s due to the organs that were transplanted from Rize. Simple enough, right?

Well, in chapter one, the description for The Black Goat’s Egg goes as follows: 

This description explains Kaneki’s situation perfectly, especially the panel on the left. Throughout the whole manga, we’ve seen how radical of a change Kaneki’s psyche had gone through, transforming from his kind, naive self to the cruel person willing to go to any length that he has to in order protect those important to him.

The panel on the right more or less describes the relation between Kaneki and his real mother. In this case, the “cruel impulses” would be the determination to protect their (Kaneki and his mother’s) important ones in order to ensure they would never again have to endure the pain that comes when losing a loved one. This is further developed when Kaneki is conversing with his hallucination of Rize.

We learn Kaneki’s perspective of the situation surrounding the death of his overworked mother and the loneliness he had to face since then. The irony of it all is that the pain and loneliness Kaneki’s mother was trying to prevent would be passed onto Kaneki himself. That would thus be the start of Kaneki’s journey to follow the same lifestyle of his mother.

Unlike the protagonist in Takatsuki’ seventh work, Kaneki doesn’t realize that the “same cruel impulses” his mother carried had budded in him until his death in chapter 140. Just like his mother, who attempted to support her sister and son with her strength alone, Kaneki tried to take the burden of protecting those important to him with his own strength to ensure that he’ll never have to experience the pain of losing someone close to him again. Most importantly, he understands his mother’s reasoning’s for working so hard since he is the same.

It’s very interesting to see how Ishida implemented and expanded the idea of The Black Goat’s Egg as one of the several overarching themes in the manga.

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Kenna x Diavolos, meeting as children and then book 3

okay, so, i changed it around a bit so they meet before book 3, but imagine this:

  • when Kenna and Diavolos are kids, Luther comes to Stormholt to discuss some trade issues with Adriana
  • Luther brings Diavolos along so his son can learn some things about diplomacy
  • Diavolos, being six years old and more interested in important things like horse-riding and sneaking down to the kitchens at midnight, has no intention whatsoever of Learning Things About Diplomacy
  • within five minutes of listening to the adults talk he’s bored to death and sneaks out of the room in his very stealthy six-year-old way, going off to explore the castle 
  • he’s running around one of the upper levels when he sees Kenna from an upstairs window, out on the field holding a stick and pretending she’s fighting a grizzly bear
  • Diavolos is obviously excited at the thought of grabbing a stick and fighting imaginary bears with another kid so he goes down to the field and joins Kenna
  • Kenna is annoyed because Dom is busy in the kitchen so he can’t play with her and this stranger boy doesn’t look anything like Dom so she regards Diavolos with suspicion when he first asks if he can join her
  • but he’s not bad at the whole play-fighting thing so they start fighting the imaginary bear together then start fencing when they’re bored and playing rudimentary tag after they get bored again
  • Kenna dares Diavolos to climb the tallest tree in the castle grounds and promptly learns that Diavolos has never climbed a tree in his life. She’s horrified. She spends half her time sneaking out of boring math classes with her royal tutor to climb trees. The adults find Kenna in the middle of boosting Diavolos onto a very precarious branch. Luther and Adriana are for once united in their reactions of “WTF are you two doing? Get down at ONCE”
  • Diavolos spends the whole trip back to Abanthus chattering happily about all the fun stuff he and Kenna did
  • in fact he spends literally a whole week doing that because he never gets to do anything fun under Luther’s watch. “hey dad remember when Kenna helped me climb a tree” 
  • the next time an exasperated Luther visits Stormholt he brings Marco instead. Diavolos is devastated at the loss of a fun playmate
  • turns out Kenna is too. She pesters Dom to lend her his hawk so she can send letters to Diavolos all the way in Abanthus without the need for a messenger
  • Kenna and Diavolos actually manage years of communication through this method until Marco gets wind of it and rats his half-brother out to Luther. Luther tells Diavolos that if he doesn’t cease sending letters to Kenna he’ll order his men to shoot down every hawk that flies onto the castle grounds because that’s the kind of horrible person he is. Diavolos sends one last letter telling Kenna not to send any more letters and spends two weeks giving Marco the silent treatment 
  • but obviously life goes on for both of them and then Luther kills Adriana and takes Kenna’s throne from her
  • Diavolos doesn’t know about Luther’s plan until it actually works. He’s completely horrified, especially when he discovers that Kenna’s disappeared and Luther’s on the hunt for her. He knows that could be a death sentence
  • so Diavolos decides fuck it, he’s done with this bullshit and being suffocated in the Nevrakis lifestyle his whole life, so he gets on his horse and goes off on his own to find Kenna 
  • and it takes him so long, it takes him two years, but he never gives up, and he makes it to the monastery just as Luther’s forces arrive. He knows he has to get her out of there
  • and Kenna is fighting off one of Luther’s soldiers when Diavolos bursts into the room and he’s still wearing Abanthas colours so the soldier thinks it’s two against one
  • it is two against one but not the way he thinks. Diavolos knocks the soldier out cold and turns to Kenna and in the heat of the fight she’s about to bring her sword down onto him
  • then she recognises him, even after all these years, because the both of them would know each other anywhere, and she lowers the sword, and Diavolos reaches out to her, and they don’t even need to speak
  • she takes his hand and they get the hell out of there. together. 

Oh wow, this is actually really interesting!! I never would have thought about that sort of scenario, but I could definitely see it. I really like that Peter doesn’t want to tell the Marauders because tensions are high, and that the Death Eaters treat him with respect at first. And I really like that he’s too scared to back out and he can’t confess to the Order once he’s in too deep, so he just goes along with it, anyway. That’s super interesting!! And I think it plays in well with his character in canon being something of a coward and just wanting to please/be accepted.

I think that’s a huge part of Peter’s characters - his need for acceptance. It’s always been my headcanon, too, that the Death Eaters offered him that when the Marauders were falling apart around him. I always thought that with James & Lily getting married and Remus & Sirius living together (*cough*), especially, Pete would have felt out of place after school. He would have felt like he wasn’t as important, anymore, because he always felt less important, anyway.

That’s when it would have been easy for the Death Eaters to really kinda reel him in and make him one of their own.

So thank you for sharing!!! I really love Peter and his story, too, and I don’t get to talk about him as much as I’d like to! =D

On ‘Cyrus’ and the title of the Millennium Earl.

random dgm theory time that came from talking with a friend… mostly just rambling and pls note i havent read some of the chapters in literal years so some of this is memory based. 


Anyways–I think this Uncle Cyrus mentioned may have been a noah and perhaps took the title of the Millennium Earl–or at the very least his position of the leader of the noah clan–during the time Neah and Mana were children, up until Neah ‘died’ and Mana took the position–likely around the time of his breakdown.

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