his day has come

in a drastic turn of events, it only took me two hours to finish a portrait

from an idea that me and @i-see-london-i-see-klance were bouncing around a few weeks ago that never ended up going anywhere, but who knows maybe this will REKINDLE THE FLAME


I was feeling terrible because I forgot to commemorate my cat’s eighth adoption anniversary, but I just learned that tumblr will make gifs from videos! So here are some pics of my imperious kitty while he’s trying to go to sleep despite my interferences.

not only was guan shan’s phone on the inbox screen for he tian, but his phone is literally about to turn off from low battery. so he has been lying there for who knows how many hours wasting his battery and refreshing the screen so it doesn’t dim/turn off, waiting for a message (inevitably) to come through

The key word is WATCH. Which would you prefer, a watchman on the wall (during a threat of attack), who frequently falls asleep without warning; or a steady one who constantly watches. God wants us to be like the faithful watchman.
Though we know not the hour or day of His coming, He has not left us without signs. The warning is a general one - to All - WATCH! Heed the signs and increase your alertness in watching and praying. Lest coming suddenly He find you sleeping. (Mark 13:35-36)

Winter is in its last days, and he knows that his time has come.

There are not many preparations to make. He still takes care with every single one, performs them slowly, the tremble in his muscles not going away anymore. His strength has left him a few weeks ago. Walking hurts. The world has lost its scent. He finds himself sleeping a lot. His eyes don’t look for adventure now.

The house sleeps in silence, and so does the small poodle on the couch. She’s a shy thing, still, even after being here for almost a month. But he knows that she’ll come around. Her fur is bright, paws stumbling around clumsily, knocking over things. He isn’t worried, though: She loves them furiously already.

And they love her. That will be enough.

He drags himself to the bedroom. There’s not much light, just the moon, and his vision is weak. Climbing up the bed is hard; he manages.

There they are. There they sleep. Viktor is nuzzled deep into the blankets, eyes twitching under closed lids. He’s dreaming deeply, then. Yuuri is curled up, mouth open a bit. He’s grown a lot. There’s nobody else who would love Viktor like that, like a human does, and for as long as he lives.

They’ll be fine, Makkachin thinks as he lies down one more time, and then he thinks: Thank you for being my home, before he lets the last sleep come to him.

Yoongi invited to a Latin American wedding

You haven’t been able to hide your excitement since the day your favorite cousin/almost brother invited you to his wedding. The day has finally come and you (after a lot of thought) have decided to bring your boyfriend along, so he can finally meet your family. Things go a little bit like this:

You guys arrive to the religious ceremony super late because Yoongi fell asleep and waking him up took you forever. You silently sneak into the church and sit with your solterona tía, who not so subtly slides glares at you and your boyfriend whenever she has the chance.

Yoongi whines constantly during the ceremony claiming that it’s too long and too boring. Not to mention that he’s majorly confused when you tell him that once the ceremony is over, you’ll have to move to the reception venue. “If we ever get married, we’re not getting a Latin American wedding, Y/N”

Once the ceremony ends, all the guests gather outside the church to wait for the newlyweds. You take advantage to the informality to introduce Yoongi to some of your relatives, but he’s super distracted once everybody starts tossing rice to your cousin and his bride. “Why are they throwing uncooked rice to them, jagi? Doesn’t that hurt?” Of course you just roll eyes “It’s a tradition, Yoongi”.

You think you’ll finally get the time to introduce Yoongi to your family at the reception venue, but your mom drags your boyfriend to greet la abuela and some other according to Yoongi, strict-looking elders (who happen to be your uncles and aunts) before you can even stop her. He’s super weirded out by the stuff he’s seen so far and he’s a little bit flustered, but he manages to greet them with the basic Spanish phrases he’s learned while on tour, then he politely bows to them and says “hasta luego” before sneaking skillfully back to you.

Of course la abuela is dissatisfied with such short exchange so later on you she’ll make sure to have a proper conversation with the two of you, on which she’ll definitely point out how pale Yoongi is and she’ll suggest that you take him to take sunbaths whenever you can. “Look at him, Y/N! He’s as pale as a ghost!! Your aunt thought he was sick!”  You assure her that you will and then run from her as soon as you get the chance.

Fortunately, by the time he’s introduced to your cousin and his bride, Yoongi is already pass the initial culture shock so he’s much more relaxed. That’s why he almost suffers a heart attack when your cousin quietly and jokingly ofc  gives him the “hurt her and I’ll kill you” standard lecture when you’re distracted.

As always some member of the family has the duty of showing/sharing old embarrassing pictures, videos, stories, etc. of you. In this case your sister shows Yoongi a video of you trying to impersonate August D. You quickly shut her up by handing her a mojito, but it’s too late and you’re not surprised by the fact every member of your family gets a glimpse of that goddamned video.

That also means that your father will ask Yoongi to show the guests how the real thing is supposed to sound like and in the process he’ll give your bf a new name “Why don’t you show us the real version, Agustín?”

Yoongi won’t be forced to rap because you’ll come to his rescue and drag him to the dance floor; but unfortunately afterwards no one will ever be able to make your family understand that your boyfriend’s name is not Agustin. Yoongi will complain about it the rest of the day, but you find it hilarious.

 Yoongi’s dance moves aren’t as bad as you thought they’d be, but your relatives ask if his joints are hurting anyhow. You laugh out loud and when Yoongi asks why are you laughing, you bluntly lie to him “They told me a joke about you”.

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Although Yoongi is dying to sit down and probably sleep, he dances with you because a) he’s afraid that one of your relatives will talk to him if he’s sitting alone and b) he has noticed that one of the bride’s primos has been checking you out for a while.

Protective Yoongi will hold onto you tightly throughout the whole dancing session, pulling you close even when a reggaeton song comes out. You roll eyes, but you can’t deny he is cute when he gets jealous.

Your teenage cousin will join you two as the third wheel just because she wants to talk about Jimin with Yoongi. “Jimin oppa is so handsome. Jimin oppa has such a good body. Jimin is a great dancer… Jimin this, Jimin that… Jimin, Jimin, Jimin”. Of course Yoongi will give her some savage line and then he’ll turn to you: “Y/N, I think your cousin should get her eyes checked!”

At some point of the wedding (probably when old, classic Latin jams start playing) Yoongi will have to spare a dance for your mom. At first he’s as stiff as a statue, so you eye him worriedly from afar, but after a moment they seem to get along and they even laugh together.

While Yoongi is entertaining your mother and aunts you join your female cousins in the chisme… before you can even notice you’re taking tequila shots as though you are competing for a Record Guinness.

Slightly drunk, you all end up dancing to classics like el Asereje o el Meneaito and since you’re such an intercultural family, Ai Se Eu Te Pego, Danza Kuduro, Rain over me and even 피 땀 눈물. The rest of the family joins and Yoongi is once again dragged along. He probably is planning your death in his head, but he smiles or at least tries to and dances, taking the lead when his song starts playing.

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He might have a few drinks with your dad, but he doesn’t get drunk (not even tipsy) and he’s more than ready to leave by the time the clock hits 23:00 pm.

Just when you’re trying to sneak from the party by Yoongi’s hand, your cousin bride’s throws the bouquet up in the air and it lands right at your feet. Yoongi and you exchange confused glances, but after hesitating for a moment, he picks it from the floor and hands it to you before thunderous clapping resounds through the room.

 “Does this mean I have to propose soon?” Yoongi asks with a smirk.

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The party is quite eventful, so by the end of the night Yoongi is majorly tired and super glad the party is over. By the time you get home, he’s still humming Daddy Yankee’s Sigueme y te sigo and he’s unsure whether he loves your family or finds it exhausting to keep it up with all of you or both. On the other hand, your family has officially named Yoongi, Agustin (some of your relatives are super convinced that’s his name), they think he’s an ok boy (though he’s too white and too stiff for their liking) and they’ve already started distributing tasks for a wedding they claim will take place the next year…

I hope this is ok, my lovelies. Hopefully i’ll finish this series soon, but in the meantime, keep sending in your requests!!

You know what my favorite mental image is right now?

It’s Alec and Magnus slow dancing at their wedding, their first dance after being pronounced husbands. Alec’s head is resting on Magnus’ shoulder, or vice versa, Magnus’ arms are around Alec’s neck and Alec’s hands are clasped at Magnus’ lower back. They’re hardly moving, just slowly swaying to the gentle beat of the music.

There’s people all around them, some on the dancefloor, some just watching. Family and friends, people who have become both of these, all smiling or hiding a tear at the beautiful sight before them. Some know the struggle Alec has been through to get to be here, they know that he never thought he would be able to dance with the love of his life on his wedding day, and they are forever grateful that that day has finally come for him. Some know Magnus’ struggle. Century in, century out, searching for this exact moment. Searching for a love that is so close, so comforting, yet so real that he would finally be able to marry knowing that the vows they made to each other weren’t fallacies, weren’t false promises to be broken by the inevitablity of death, knowing that he would love Alec until the day either of them died, and even more so if they found a life after this one. None of the people around them matter though, because it’s just them, completely absorbed in their love for each other, because this moment is theirs and theirs alone.

Jace is playing the piano, gladly so. He’s playing their song. Elvis Presley’s I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You. He catches Magnus’ eye over Alec’s shoulder and offers him a smile and a nod. A silent thank you for everything he’s done for his parabatai. Magnus can only nod in return, because Jace does not know what Alec has done for him, Jace will never know that they saved each other.

No one knows that they gave each other a love they never thought they could have, a family they are each incredibly grateful to be a part of, and they gave each other their other half, a best friend for life. Each gave the other his heart, and held the other’s carefully in his hands, because to them, it contained the world, it contained their whole life. Of all the people in the room, nobody knows like Magnus and Alec do that both of them gave each other their soul mate. 

Hey friends, urgent advice needed: A friend was kicked out of his home two days ago after coming out to his mum and brother. He has been staying with my boyfriend since and needs advice on housing and general possibilities in London/England.

I’m not in the country right now and my bf is leaving the country soon and can’t have him stay there as flatmates aren’t comfortable with this.

Let me know if you have any advice i.e. if you know of any orgs that work with queer people of colour on housing etc. Can message me here or anonymously. A reblog would be super appreciated xx


Tom and Marco have a cute little thing they do where Tom will ask for a hug. They’ll be sitting together and before one of them leaves Tom will smile all cute and say “Can I have a hug?” And Marco always does it’s it’s an adorable little flirty game they have.
But one day Tom comes over and he has his head down and looks really torn up and asks super quietly “Can I have a hug?”. At first Marco doesn’t notice but he looks up and sees Tom in tears and realizes this isn’t part of their cute little game and he wraps Tom up in a big hug and just drowns him in affection.

Had the privilege of seeing James L perform as Scorpius over the weekend and it was mind blowing seeing her play an own original version of the character. And the most important scene for me was in Scene 4. Usually Anthony would have his head down, shoulders hunched, fiddling with invisible dirt on his trunk and clearly distraught and grieving over his mother; but James sat completely straight up, eyes shocked wide, and seemingly not caring and numb to the world (script). Not trusting himself to say anything. Until Albus interrupts his thoughts.

Albus: I though you’d send an owl…

Scorpius: I couldn’t work out what to say. 

And this scene on stage played by James completely hones down to how shocked this poor little boy is. How distraught he is and how jumbled his feelings are. He must have sat in his room for hours with quill gripped tight in his hands, trying his best to write something, anything to let Albus know. To find some comfort in his best friend knowing but not able to write a single thing down. Not able to communicate his grief and sorrow. Not able to express himself for fear that he’d just breakdown and cry. 


Star Wars Age!Squash AU, Comic #08

Padawan Era - Xanatos & Obi-Wan

Obi-Wan Kenobi barely avoided being sent to the Agri-Corps and losing his chance to become a Jedi when he was chosen as the Padawan of Xanatos du Crion. Only a few hours have passed and Obi-Wan is still buzzing with disbelief while his friends congratulate him when he is suddenly contacted by his new Master. He has not packed and doesn’t even have the time to say good bye as he scrambles to obey, eager to not disappoint Xanatos. But his new Master’s orders get stranger and stranger, and Xanatos only provides sweet smiles and no answers. Obi-Wan doesn’t know whether he should be wary of their suspicious activities or whether he should just be grateful he has a Master willing to take him at all. Obi-Wan quickly realizes he knows very little about his new Master.

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What I’m expecting before the race….

Welcome to the 2017 Australian Grand Prix!

‘Twas the night before the Grand Prix, and not a soul was stirring…

Actually, that would be incorrect, since it’s pretty busy here in the paddock. Welcome back! It’s me, your nameless host for the evening, taking you ‘round the paddock and filling you in with what’s happening:

To the left: The Ferrari garage. Spirits are high at the Scuderia! Rumors is that the Red team invested in loads of new hires, to lug around massive amounts of sandbags. It is also said, that Maurizio Arrivabene has been in such a good mood, that he started cracking jokes left, right and centre. Terrifying really, since every time he laughs, a cloud a smoke comes out of his mouth. Side effect from his Malboro days? Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel has just come back from a harsh winter break. Rumor is, that since Ferrari had been performing so poorly in the past season, the German had been looking in alternative careers. One of them being a stunt double in movies. During the winter break he was the stunt double for Leonardo Di Caprio in the sequel of “The Revenant”. He’s still sporting the beard! “IF HE CAN WIN AN OSCAR, I CAN WIN A GP”. Sure, Seb. As usual, Kimi is missing.

To the right: Ah, the Mercedes garage. Lewis Hamilton has barricaded himself in the German team’s motorhome, playing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on repeat, while wailing “NICOOOOOO!!!”. I wonder what that’s about. In any case the garage is… Empty? Where is everyone?? Wait, is that Valtteri Bottas? Why is he sitting alone, in the middle of the garage giggling? Why are those two mechanics in the corner crying??? …unsettling.

To the front: The Red Bull garage! It looks like Helmut Marko has shipped Max Verstappen’s water tank from home. Got to keep good ‘ol shark boy comfortable. Daniel Ricciardo is missing. Rumor is that he challenged Mark Webber to a duel, yelling “THIS COUNTRY NOT BIG ENOUGH FOR TWO AUSTRALIAN DRIVERS”. Dramatic.

To the back: Ah, th€€ ₩i££iam$ garag€. Nothing to $€€ h€r€.

In the harbor: That’s the Renault garage. Well… Kind of. The organizers got confused by the new teamwear and assigned them a dock rather than a garage, because they thought it was a team of fishermen.

Outside the paddock area: That’s the Sauber hospitality, which—*ITALIAN SCREECHING*
Yeah. That was Antonio Giovinazzi.

As you can see, wherever the light touches, it’s all Formula 1!
…what’s that shadowy place over there?
That’s the McLaren garage. Don’t go there.

Enjoy the race!

Previous editions: MonacoGP, EuropeanGP, BritishGP, HungarianGP


Sirius’ family is homophobic, so he assumes everyone is like that. It isn’t until he gets to Hogwarts that he realizes lots of people are actually open to different sexualities, and he even meets a lesbian couple and a genderqueer person. Although he doesn’t realize he’s gay until third year because he notices that suddenly, he wants his friendship with Remus to be a bit more than just a friendship, he knows that his group of friends are accepting and will play pranks on him no matter his sexual orientation. This doesn’t mean he isn’t scared or nervous the day he comes out in fourth year. His family has left him with the thought that everyone is close-minded, although he’s had proof that that isn’t the truth. He’s sweating slightly, and his friends are in the common room. He’s been prepping in the dorms upstairs and now he thinks he’s ready, because he knows he’ll just put it off for no reason if he doesn’t go down there. So he does. He walks down the stairs, meeting Peter on the way, who wanted to ask him to play a game of wizard chess. Sirius smiles and says he has something to tell everyone first. His heart is beating unusually fast and he’s anxious. They get down to the common room together; it’s 11 pm, most people have gone to bed by now, so James, Remus, Peter, Sirius, Lily and Marlene are the only ones here. Sirius sits down on a comfortable chair, beside Remus and Lily. Remus is looking at him like he knows what’s up.
“Guys…” Sirius starts.
“And girls,” Marlene adds.
“Shut up, Marls. I’ve got something I need to tell you.”
And all of a sudden, they were all looking at him expectantly. His stress was growing and his eyes were flitting around the room.
“What’s up, Sirius?” Remus asks, and he scoots closer to Sirius.
“I… uh… I’ve known this since last year…” he tries to start, but James interrupts him.
“You’re gay.”
Sirius looks up at James from the interesting stitch in the carpet he was staring at.
“You knew?”
“I see the way you stare at my arse, don’t deny it,” James says, then he smirks.
Sirius looks surprised, then he frowns.
“Shut up, you self-assured bastard. I don’t stare at your arse!”
“Okkkkay then, you stare at someone else’s arse.”
Sirius’ face goes red. Moony is laughing beside him.
“That’s all you had to tell us, Pads? We already kind of knew. And we’re okay with it,” Remus says, and there’s a certain sparkle in his eye. He’s smiling reassuringly. Then he leans over and approaches Sirius’ ear.
“We’re on the same page, then,” Remus whispers mysteriously, then backs away and grins again.
Sirius eyes will never be as wide as that moment.


Headcanon where Naruto and Sasuke don’t actually do the relationship thing the way you’re supposed to.

Instead, it hits Sasuke one day that Naruto has been coming to his house every single day since his return. And that they’re always together, sparring, cooking meals, even washing the dishes together.

It also hits him a couple weeks later that Naruto starts making excuses for wanting to sleep in his house instead of his own apartment. And the first couple of nights Naruto sleeps on the couch, and one morning he “magically” (according to Naruto) wakes up next to Sasuke on the bed. He never sleeps on the couch again.

Sasuke wakes up a couple weeks after falling into the routine of sleeping together on the same bed only to find that now naruto has taken the habit of cuddling him. So he sighs and wraps a lazy arm around his waist, bringing Naruto closer to him.

A little after that, they’re getting home from sparring and Sasuke goes to take a bath. And Naruto fucking joins him. In the most “pretend-it’s-no-homo” way possible. And sasuke’s pretty sure this is getting really fucking gay, but he doesn’t say anything, because it’s Naruto, and he doesn’t mind.

Sasuke confronts Naruto about this the day the blond holds his hand like it’s nothing while they’re sitting on the couch, on a rainy day. Naruto freaks out, sputters non sense and leaves the house, Sasuke doesn’t see him for two weeks.

Then Sasuke leaves for a very dangerous mission, and the fact that he’d been sulking at the loss of Naruto’s warmth next to his every morning, and the loss of Naruto’s vibrant voice and smile, makes him loose focus a couple of times.

The mission is supposed to last for a week. Sasuke and his team don’t return for 16 days and they lose communication with Konoha because of complications.

When they do return, Sasuke wonders if Naruto has missed him. It’s been a month for god sake. He doesn’t have time to think about it, because as soon as he sets foot on his house a teary-eyed blonde that hasn’t slept properly in weeks grabs him by the vest and kisses him.

Things aren’t so confusing after that.

This scene was so important for kageyama’s development. Here he is facing one of his biggest challenge to date - the very foundation, the core of his skills - his genius - is being challenged. But this is not him giving up. He is not getting frustrated. He is not getting agitated. He is looking up and staying calm. He’s ready to analyze and attack this problem with a cool and focused mind. He’s sure of himself, that he can get through this, that his teammates will stay with him and support him through this. This is amazing development, and this kageyama right now has come far from his early days in karasuno 💕

Fighting Time ^^

Hi everyone!

I knew this day would come and indeed it has. As of this morning, my account wattpad saehan01 [where I normally post first] is no longer active, which means the translations are not available [maybe to those that saved on their reading list] nor do I have access to my account. I will be making an inquiry regarding this issue with them as soon as I can. I do hope that my account and the novels can be recovered in a timely manner. If not…well, that means I have to re-upload everything or find another site to post on as to avoid this kind of shenanigan again. 

For the time being, I will be personally taking a few days off from translating so that I can deal with this issue. I will definitely inform everyone about the outcome as soon as I contact Wattpad and hear back from them. I do hope that everyone understands my need to take these days off, but I’ll be back.

Do not worry! We will continue to translate the novel!! :) 

As always, THANK YOU for your kind support as we continue on to translate~

Sae ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ [fighting time]

Inside Joe Jonas' Low-Key Luxury Chic

DNCE leader shows off vintage Godzilla T-shirt, Cuban-cigar collection and other prized items from personal style stash

“I’m a pretty big nerd,” says Joe Jonas, sitting in the L.A. house he’s newly dubbed “the Shaq-teau.” If you’re wondering why, check out the life-size cutout of NBA great Shaquille O'Neal that greets you upon entrance. Jonas – who just released his debut LP with his disco-pop crew, DNCE – has come a long way since his teen days as a sitcom star on the Disney Channel. But he’s kept a boyish sensibility, even as he’s become a little more rugged and sophisticated with age.

“As a band, we’ve always been attracted to fashion and our own versions of that,” he says, “My bass player [Cole Whittle] would, like, find a vest from a guy who’s doing scaffolding work in the Lower East Side. Whatever lets you be yourself.” For Jonas, that means having a house stocked with childhood memorabilia, as well as fine art and a wardrobe that mixes leather and letterman jackets in vibrant, dime-store comic-book colors.

Godzilla Shirt

“I was in a really rad vintage store in Harajuku when I found the T-shirt, and I freaked out. Like, ‘No way, a Godzilla shirt in Japan!’ I’m a pretty big nerd; I loved all those old shows. … It has all the villains from the movie on the back. I think it was still on the mannequin – I had to barter with the guy to keep it.

"Harajuku is one of the best shopping areas I’ve seen in the world. We always try and take a day off and go lose our minds there. That time we only got 30 minutes – I really lucked out. It’s the one shirt I’ll always wear until it falls off.”

G.I. Joe Vintage Lunchbox

“I loved G.I. Joe as a kid. I used to collect the action figures; I also loved the show. I thought I was gonna make all this money and eventually sell all my G.I. Joes. Then I found out my little brother Frankie ripped out all my action figures to play with. I was pretty bummed out, but he had a good time.

"I found the lunchbox somewhere in London. … You know, to keep a piece of my childhood. You find the most bizarre stuff around the world, all this stuff from America. Like, we were in Japan and I found T-shirts from my hometown, Wyckoff, New Jersey.”

Vintage Tuffy Boxing Gloves

“The gloves were a gift from Cole. They’re these vintage gloves from the Thirties or Forties. They’re very worn-in. To me they represent hard work. I have them hanging up in my bedroom – they’re like the first thing I see in the morning. I don’t use those, though – I have newer boxing gloves that I take with me on tour.

"I got more serious about boxing in the last year. I joined a gym in L.A. called Unbreakable. They do all kinds of training – MMA fighters, boxers, former athletes. They’ll link you up with so many different, unique trainers. When I was on the floor, I fought one of the trainers, Ava Knight – she’s a flyweight boxing champ. She is an incredible trainer; she puts me through the ringer.  I’ve learned so much from her.

"For me, [boxing] is therapeutic! You just lose yourself. You can zone out, not think too much. You’re just listening for the clock. Doing the same routine at the gym gets really annoying and boring. You can box anywhere – at home, in a hallway, inside, outside. On tour it’s very useful.”

Giants Bomber Jacket

“I’m a big-time Giants fan. I grew up right by the stadium. The band always tries to go to games when we’re in New York. We’ve gone to three games this season. This jacket is vintage. I got lucky and found it at a pop-up shop in Brooklyn. Brooklyn’s obviously very good for shopping. I rock it as much as I can. My guitarist, JinJoo, went to her first Giants game recently and has been feeling [the jacket]. She’s been wearing it quite a bit.”

Extensive Knife Collection

“It was kind of an accidental gift. One late, drunken night, my friend was trying to figure out what he was going to buy me for my birthday, and on an infomercial there was a collection of 150-something knives for $90. That was my birthday present from him. … It came in the mail months later and I was shocked.”

Louis Vuitton Slip-On Sneakers

“[Designer] Kim Jones gifted me these, from a collection he did with Colette in Paris. I don’t even like to touch these shoes because they’re really special to me and [there are] only a couple in the world. I wore them a couple weeks ago and now they’re on my shelf because they are a prized possession and a special memory.”

Cuban Cigars

“These are probably all Cuban – Cohiba Behikes. Me and my younger brother Nick are big cigar smokers, we probably have multiple humidors at this point. The cigar box itself has the presidential seal on it. I tell people it was a gift from George Washington when they come over, [from] George Washington’s great-great-great-great granddaughter. … But it’s definitely not true.”

Art by Alejandro Diaz-Ayala

“I’ve gone to Miami for Art Basel over the last couple years. I’m not a pro collector, but I guess that’s the beauty of art – I just grab stuff that I’m really attracted to. … There’s this guy Alejandro Diaz-Ayala – he’s from Mexico and is very famous for his graffiti art. I saw his work in Miami a couple years ago. I got to meet him recently. The only way I can describe it is meeting your favorite artist and actor. … He’s such a rad guy. This painting reminds me of Elvis in a way. It reminds me of my friend John.”

Art by Ryan Hewett

“Ryan Hewett is South African, but I saw his work at the Unit London. He just … kills it. He does these really big, portrait-style works. I was looking through his pieces, wanting to buy something. Then I stopped at these two figures sparring – I think one of them is Muhammad Ali.”

Rick Ross Ashtray, Assorted Art Books

“There’s an awesome artist named DeerDana – she made this cool ashtray and sent it to me. The coffee-table book was a gift from Peter Tunney; it’s actually an art piece. He worked with hundreds of other artists pulling together different curated skull pieces and they made a book – he designed the outside cover.”

Arm Tattoo

“There’s this artist named Curtis Montgomery – he’s based in Toronto and Montreal. I’ve been a big fan of his work; some of it is pretty perverse, pretty crazy. Or naughty, I should say. I really love the way he does line work. For those who don’t have tattoos, clean line work is hard to find. I was in Toronto; it was during the storm Jonas. I was doing a radio takeover in Canada, so we called it the Storm Jonas Takeover. I had a few hours to kill, so I called Curtis. He magically had the next few hours off. And it turned out he was at a shop just down the street.

"I’ve always been attracted to the number three. It’s got three points; I’ve got three brothers. Another important thing is the hand – it’s an open hand, a female hand. It’s giving, like Mother Nature.”

Jonas Brothers With the Obama Family

“I’ve been lucky to go to the White House a couple times. This photo is from when we played with Paul McCartney. The experience was one thing I was both … so excited to do and couldn’t wait to be done. I was nervous the whole time, playing for all these iconic people. But our first time there was especially memorable. We played just after Obama became president. Me and my brothers got a call being like, 'Hi, can you get on a plane and play for Obama’s daughters?’ We were the surprise at the end of a scavenger hunt for the girls. It’s so cool to have been a part of that era.”

Orange Bomber Jacket

“A paparazzi took a photo of me walking [in this jacket] next to a construction cone. So I tweeted it with caption, 'Who wore it better?’”

Shaquille O'Neal Cardboard Cutout

“When Cole and I lived together, we’d call our house the 'Chateau.’ We’d collect cardboard cutouts from radio stations and encourage fans to bring them to us onstage. We played on the James Corden show once – Cole is really good friends with the art director there. The guy made us these amazing cardboard cutouts – one of them was a massive Shaq head. I started our performance wearing the Shaq head, pretending to be Shaq. I obviously keep that at my house. … It’s now the 'Shaq-teau.’”

Source: Rolling Stone