his dark side

But what if…

“Anakin, you remember how you called me grandmother when we met?” Jocasta Nu asked.

“Yes,” said Anakin, looking guilty.

“Are grandmothers the knowledge keepers on Tatooine?” Jocasta smiled.

Anakin smiled back. “Yes, Gran-Master.”

“None of that. You call me what you’re comfortable with, Anakin. I won’t stop giving you biscuits if you call me Grandmother.”

“The Grandmothers of Tatooine are storytellers and knowledge keepers. They’re like librarians, but also like higher up Jedi, such as yourself, Grandmother.”

Jocasta Nu would almost never feel free to say it, but that was the moment her heart became open to love.

(submitted by tariaramandilwen)

After that, Anakin pretty much always calls Jocasta “Grandmother.”

Sometimes, though, if any of the members of the Council are around, he’ll catch himself and go back to “Master.” But every time he uses that it feels more wrong.

And then there are the times he catches himself only halfway through the word, and ends up calling Jocasta “Grandmaster.”

When Anakin’s thirteen there’s an entire Council session called to address the issue of young Skywalker apparently believing Jocasta Nu is the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order. Obi-Wan is horribly embarrassed.

(Rebellious Jedi younglings and even a few other padawans start referring to Jocasta as “Grandmaster” on purpose. This is definitely not behavior Anakin ever encourages.)

(And there’s definitely not a half-ironic, half-serious Jedi youth movement anonymously demanding that Yoda step down as Grandmaster and communicating with each other via space twitter using #grandmasterjocasta.)


The comic is about my au Faith!Sans’s born U///U

Faith is a golden flower composed of dark-side from people. At first, he had no soul, he gradually waked by seeing and listening something from the butterflies(messages). The butterfly that he pursued at first is from his dark-side, he still not have soul at that time, the butterfly guided him to receive his soul. At same time, Faith experienced all the dark emotions from the soul, he can heard the sounds and see all the images clearly, but he didn’t know what he can do, he was very scared.

Then, he calmed down by seeing himself in the mirror. (It was Faith’s soul in mirror after Faith close his eyes.) Faith tried to convince himself (his dark-side) that he can overcome everything, and the real soul of Faith be completed when Faith accepted the imperfect of himself.

Faith’s capability:

1.      The mirror of him can make people see the true self.

2.      Can disperse dark ( the capability set up by the faith of himself)

3.      Can catch the missing soul in the dark ( the capability set up by you believe yourself ) Faith can prevent dark, but if you want to destroy dark, you should believe yourself, then Faith can use his right arm to catch your missing soul.

4.      Transfer the dark emotion to other people ( Faith use this rarely

More about Faith:

Warm and mildness, seldom to be angry. Because he suffer too much stimulations from dark so he become hard to be startled. Full of curiosity and like the feeling of running. Faith is not keep on dispersing dark, he needs to sleep, he will wear his hat while sleeping and start to be into a state of false death ( He is a flower ). He spends time to repair the stuffs of the dump where he awaked. His favorite food is corn flake, because one day he restored a television and the first sight of that is ad about corn chips.

Can we trust everything we see in Killing Stalking?

I think the reason why I find Sangwoo to be more likable compared to other serial killers would be the fact that he seems so human even in the depths of his insanity: he clothed and showered Yoonbum, he fed him porridge in the beginning, he gave him medicine because of his crying, and we’ve seen him take Yoonbum up to the room to take care of him even when Yoonbum tried to poison the food. We’ve seen Sangwoo panic, we’ve seen him pretend and lie, got to know his honest and dark humorous side, was shown an inch of his tragic childhood, we understood he’s just not right in the head. Rather than being downright terrified of this guy, there’s a sense of charm and appeal we’re drawn to with just a little hint of fear and this kind of stumped me. Is Koogi making this a known fact by purposely making sure Sangwoo seems to do a least a little bit of good? A serial killer is manipulative and I wonder if we, the readers, are being manipulated as well…

But how? Then I went into thinking - how much can we trust ANYTHING in this manhwa? I mean, two of these characters aren’t completely mentally sane after all.

Let’s take a look towards my baby Yoonbum - 

Koogi made sure right off the bat, at the VERY beginning (even when we didn’t know about his certain hobby) that he wasn’t normal as well. He had this obsession with Sangwoo that lead to stalking tendencies such as finding out Sangwoo’s house and his combination, and we’ve known he held this torch for a very long time. Right, now then I realized most the chapters we read is in Yoonbum’s perspective and since we understood that Yoonbum’s not completely right in the head, so why should we trust anything we see of Sangwoo? 


Yeah, you’re right. Even though Yoonbum isn’t normal, he’s also not as twisted as our muscle bunny, Sangwoo. However, Yoonbum’s imagination of Sangwoo had to be shattered mainly for the character development and plot drive and thus we can see how unreliable Yoonbum’s perspective can be because further along he shows hints of Stockholm syndrome and other characteristics of an abused victim - from Sangwoo’s image turning into something scary, to gentle, to loving, then vice versa. 

To further emphasize my point let’s bring in a supporting character that is no way involved with the relationship between Yoonbum and Sangwoo.


Why I find him to be more reliable in terms of perspective is that we got to know a bit more of his background as well and the most important one was that he used to be a detective. And as we know, detectives are usually keen to nonverbal cues such as face expressions and body language. Through Seungbae’s eyes, let’s see what Sangwoo looked like: 

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Kind of creepy, right? In Seungbae’s mind, we are given a suspicious and less-desirable Sangwoo. Is it because Seungbae’s experience as a detective has honed his skills in detecting something we couldn’t see through Yoonbum’s eyes? However, Seungbae too cannot be trusted as much.

Why? Because we were also shown in his background that despite being a detective, he was demoted to a regular patrol cop. This can be like a double-edged sword - maybe Seungbae is trying to see the evil in people to redeem his worth back up, after all, we have seen an emotional scene with a picture of Seungbae and an older man (dad?) in a picture that was crumbled in Seungbae’s fist. His arc is directed towards being a hero and from my previous readings, heroes can turn towards a thorny path even with good intentions - think of Light from Death Note. 

So what can I tell you in summary? 

Take everything with a pinch of salt. We’ve seen unreliable narration with Lolita, The Great Gatsby, Othello, etc. so I’m not surprised that in a psychological manhwa like KS we are also being pushed and pulled in a direction that we do not have control of. There are also some truths embedded in KS but the best convincing lies always have a bit of truth in them. 

I guess we’ll see in further chapters but this was just my two cents.

You know what’s interesting about the ‘star-crossed’ kind of relationship that Kaiba and Atem have going on? 

That trope wise, it’s wrong.

Think about any story about reincarnated friends or lovers (you can go platonic or non-platonic, it works the same) and god knows there are a lot of them out there. You can fit Priest Set and Atem into those moulds - fine. But then it gets messed up.

Because in all of those stories, you get reincarnated and find each other - recreating old friendships/love all over again. 

But that doesn’t happen here.

If we were to follow that pattern, the clear relationship should be between Kaiba and Yugi. But it isn’t. Yugi almost gets pushed to the side - the puzzle, stating his sacrifice is for the pharaoh rather than leaving it ambiguous, the ending. 

It’s always about Kaiba and Atem.

Atem, who puts so much weight in fate and destiny seems to forget that he was never really supposed to be here. it almost makes me wonder - do we know that Atem even thought that Yugi was his reincarnation? It’s been a while. I know you’d think the hair and eyes give it away, but is it ever made explicit that that’s what he thinks - in the same way he does Set and Kaiba? Does he realise that by his own logic about reincarnation, this should not be him, the role should be Yugi’s, not his, and not shared? And what if Atem had never been there - would Kaiba now have the ‘correct-according-to-trope’ relationship with Yugi, or does his concept of destined relationships now fall apart completely?

And can we take a moment to thank the world for Matteusz Andrzejewski, who insists that his potential evil overloard boyfriend Charlie doesn’t use words like Elminiate and Duty, because thats the sugar coating that ‘bad governments’ use. You say what you mean. You don’t eliminate, you kill. Its not Duty, its want. 

Matteusz knows his boyfriend has some dark sides to him, and he won’t stand for it. He’ll push back, he’ll fight for whats right


Yeah, we gave them a good show.  What? Cyrus bet on you. He doubled his donation. It was a show for charity. You knew that. Did you think you actually beat me, little brother? I did beat you. If you have to tell yourself that, go right ahead.

Kaiba’s bursting into Atem’s throne room like ‘you are going to stand here and face me, because you left me without a backwards fucking glance, causing me unbearable pain, and we need to talk about this’.

But he doesn’t have that kind of emotional self-awareness, so he has to demand a duel instead.








Art credit to Viria 


Ben Mendelsohn as Director Orson Krennic 

Krennic is a manipulator within the Empire. He understands the system and he knows how things work, but he also is not above trying to bend it to get what he needs or what he thinks he wants.”

He’s also intended to be a contrast to Imperial officers we’ve seen before. “Tarkin is the model for these really cool, icy types, you know? Krennic runs a little hotter than that, so that’s kind of fun and it’s a little bit different… He is unpredictable and volatile.”