his dad looks so much like him

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My fav "heart eyes" moment between Cassandra and Jacob is from the episode with Jacob's dad and it's after Eve pats his face at the end and Cassandra is just beaming at him and it's great. It's gifed somewhere but I just wanted to talk about it because she just looks like she's bursting with love for him there.

Oh that’s a good one!

She is laughing at him a little, but there’s so much affection. I also love a little earlier in the scene when Baird asks if they’ve straightened out their differences. There’s so much pride in her face as she looks at him.

Thanks for mentioning this scene because I have giffed it in the past and it didn’t even come to mind when the request was made.  It really takes a village around here sometimes, people catch different things!

What are some of your favorite Jassandra moments? Let us know!

i know it’s kind of a meme in the fandom that viktor thought making A SCENE and greeting yuuri naked in japan but i think that was completely unintentional? which makes it even funnier imo?

allow me to explain

i don’t know exactly how long after yuuri’s video went viral that this scene happens, but it’s safe to say that at least a couple of days passed? perhaps a week or a bit more, even though the anime makes it look like it’s on the next day?

so he’s been avoiding the media for days, keeping his phone off so absolutely nobody’s going to be able to reach him until people forget about this madness 

which means he’s also entirely clueless about the rumors of viktor being his coach

and it makes it so much funnier because we know yuuri’s dad doesn’t know jack shit about figure skating, and viktor doesn’t know how to speak japanese AND IT WAS PROBABLY TOSHIYA WHO FIRST TALKED TO VIKTOR WHEN HE ARRIVED AT YU-TOPIA?


so what has happened was probably something like “i have no idea what you’re saying mr. foreign-dude but you’re probably here for our famous onsen so yes make yourself comfortable” which viktor, tired as fuck from his travel (a long ass flight from st. petersburg to tokyo, probably? plus the train from tokyo to hasetsu?) GLADLY ACCEPTS

hell yeah i’m going to enjoy the fuck out of his hot spring

since yuuri is nowhere to be seen why not take some time to relax after a long travel, am i right

it’s not like viktor would understand if yuuri’s parents were to say “oh yes yuuri is holed up in his bedroom but he’ll come out eventually” so as viktor is pretty sure he found the right place and that yuuri is there he’ll just wait and have a nice soak meanwhile


well, this was not how i had planned this to go but here you are?


in viktor’s mind, yuuri is this extroverted, outgoing party animal he got to know at the banquet and was absolutely mesmerized by, so he probably thinks yuuri’s going to be alright with this extra introduction? also knowing yuuri lives and probably worked at the onsen for a while viktor maybe just assumes he’s probably unfazed by nudity?

oh viktor, little did you know

it just gets funnier the more you look into it


Hayyyy I made the bby a Twitter so like if you have an account feel free to follow him if you wantttt <3333

my dad loves Bigfoot so much he showed me this photo from when he went to his parents house in California thats of him next to this giant yeti statue and he was like “look at my hand, look at my hand” and he was holding hands with it

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Jumin and MC domestic life with their 4 year old son. Jumin spoile him so much and his son loves papa so much, MC thinks their son looks a lot like Jumin but he's so shy unlike his dad.

es yes y es Y ES y e  S ik this isnt a hc request but i love this idea

  • can u just imagine this fluff of jet black hair and cold steel eyes, if it wasn’t for certain features everyone would’ve thought jumin just cloned himself
  • refuses to talk to other people most of the time
  • and not in the really awkward shy way just in a deafeningly quiet way because he’s been taught to never use vocalized pauses like “um” or “uh” 
  • jumin even gets kinda worried sometimes like does he even talk… mc where is the buttons
  • he’s so sweet and gentle and tender but with a straight face and that throws people off
  • very quiet the kid can be so fucking creepy because he can just waddle into a room and jumin is like what the fuck how long have u been behind me,,,
  • loves spending time with jumin!!! literally will cry if jumin doesn’t read him to sleep he just wants his dad )): 
  • hugs jumin a lot and just nuzzles into his side a lot
  • loves playing with elizabeth the third!!!!!!!!
  • wore suits as a kid shoutout to jumin smh
  • is surprisingly really composed for a four year old? usually they’re just rowdy little dickheads but it’s like. he’s shy and quiet and hides behind his mom’s arm in the grocery store 
  • jumin and mc take him to park walks and he always kinda hides between the two or behind the two
  • when he gets a little older he asks jumin for advice on everything and has so many in depth questions he just bases his entire character off of his own dad
  • he loves his dad and wants to be just like him and mc is like “lmao he was a mess until me wym
  • when he’s a teenager though oh boy he’s such a little SHIT
  • his features are nearly similar to jumin but he lacks that presidential smile jumin can put on that yells “you’d love doing business with me” while his son’s sideways grin warns that he bites and he’s poisonous
  • the type to stare at strangers to creep them out and never breaks eye contact
  • owns more leather jackets than jumin has ties probably
  • bad boy han
  • top of his fucking class despite his looks and super popular and generally pretty feared 
  • needs a fucking haircut like his dad tbh
  • very tall and intimidating, nearly the height of his father by now give or take a couple inches 
  • sounds literally monotone and nobody knows when he’s joking or not, nobody can tell how deep his apathetic nature goes and people are too scared to pry
  • super gentleman-y and cold just like his dad and takes similar classes to his dad
  • lowkey a softie af for fluffy animals ((:

even’s mom is much smaller than her son (he gets his height from his dad), so even always has to bend down to hug and kiss her

and when they go over to even’s place, she greets isak with one of the biggest smiles he’s ever seen and he’s so surprised at first because they’ve never met before and yet she’s looking at him like she’s known him for years and she hasn’t seen him in way too long and she’s missed him

and she takes isak by surprise and gives him a hug, squeezes him, and isak thinks “how does such a small woman have that much strength in her arms” but he can’t help but laugh a little. and as he looks over at even and gives him a look that says “is she like this with everyone?” even just looks at them and smiles, a smile that reaches his eyes 

and his mom says “i’ve heard so much about you, i think even is trying to convince me that you’re the eighth wonder of the world, i have to admit he’s been doing a pretty job” and even is like “mom” and isak is just so pleasantly surprised? you know, the way he was when even admitted that he had noticed him on the first day of school 

and the house smells of spices because she’s cooking diner and baking all these sweets and she tells the boys “i didn’t know what you liked isak, so i made a bit of everything” (the way she says his name surprises isak, because he hasn’t introduced himself, he didn’t need to and it’s just a reminder that even has been talking about him to his mom, a lot. it makes isak feel content and warm) and even says “sweet pretty woman reference there, mom” and his mom just shakes her head and says “darling, not everything is a movie reference” and even teases “of course everything is a movie reference”, to which his mom just sighs, a happy sigh because she’s just glad to see her son seem so happy and full of energy today 

and she tells the boys that diner will be ready in about an hour, so in the meantime they go to even’s room, and they talk and cuddle and kiss

but like how would parents!Victor and Yuuri react to their precious child going on his first dates with Otabek?
Both Victor and Yuuri being very supportive but also very weary
“So…this guy you’re seeing uh?” “yurio stop texting that guy, we’re having dinner!!” “but WHO is he?? can we meet him??” “He drives a motorbike? Is that safe?” “Aww Yurio! you look SO happy!! that guy again??”
And Yurio being like “daDS STOP OH MY GOD” “I already told you he’s just a friend!!!” “I text whoever I want whenever I want!” “OF COURSE YOU CAN’T MEET HIM” “yeah totally safe” “dads stoP ASKING THESE QUESTIONS”
Victor and Yuuri freaking out and panicking when Otabek randomly steals their child with his shiny badass motorbike
Yuuri: * already calling the police *
And Yuuri getting all “isn’t he a bit too young???” “maybe we should give him the talk” “what do you mean HE ALREADY KNOWS?? I didn’t know until I was like 18” “VICTOR STOP LAUGHING.”
And Victor getting all emotional “our baby is all grown up and he doesn’t need us anymore. he only needs badass manly guys.” “he’s such a little rebel, isn’t he?” “OMG IS HE GONNA BECOME A CRIMINAL???” “YUURI WE’VE GOT TO STOP HIM”
Victor and Yuuri calling Yurio during his dates with Otabek from different telephone numbers each time because otherwise Yurio won’t answer to their calls

Lose Myself

Characters – Dean x Reader

Summary – You didn’t mean to snoop through Dean’s things, but you can’t ignore what you found.

Word Count – 1,689

Warnings – None

A/N – Anonymous request: Hey there! I really love your writing -Always is my personal fave- and I was wondering whether I could get a request. Sooo Dean and the reader are bffs since they were very young and in love but too stubborn 2 admit it. One day the reader searches his closet for something and discovers a box full of mementos including photos and her favorite scarf, the one she thought she’d lost the night Dean left to go look for his dad. She conforts him about it and he admits his feelings. What do you think?

Hope you like it, Nonnie!  Thank you so much for the request!  As always feedback is loved and appreciated!  Please let me know if you’d like to be tagged in future stories.  

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You’d completely ransacked your closet twice and still couldn’t find your favorite flannel. Disgruntled, you walked back to the laundry room to see if it had inadvertently fallen between or behind the machines.  You’d been missing it for a couple of weeks now and with the temperature beginning to drop outside, you really wanted to wear it.  It used to belong to Dean, but you’d long ago taken it over and refused to give it back. 

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okay but: neil and puns
• he makes puns about everything
• literally everything
• they’re not even good puns
• they’re the super cheesy awful puns
• the Foxes love it because every time he makes a pun he gets this smile on his face
• and hes so proud of himself
• and the Foxes are like loO K at thsi lOoK at O UR sO N heS hAPP Y s O pUr E,,,,,,,,
• wymack’s just like “i don’t get paid enough for this”
• but secretly he enjoys seeing neil smile just as much as the rest of the Foxes ((wymack makes me cry so much okay he is so good and i just,,,, come talk to me about wymack, actual dad™ who has adopted all the Foxes i’m crying i love him so much))
• they can’t bear to tell him that the puns are awful
• his favorite thing to make puns about though is how he and andrew met
• “he really swept me off my feet.”
• “he took my breath away”
• “i couldn’t breathe for a full 10 minutes after seeing him”
• and the worst one: “it was like i’d been hit with an exy racket.”
• every time
• every fucking time anyone asks him about how they met
• he will make a super awful pun
• andrew raises the percentage every time he does it
• because what the fuck neil???
• but anyways
• at this point no one knows how they actually met
• they know it was when andrew, kevin, and wymack went to offer neil a spot at PSU
• but that’s it
• even the Foxes don’t know
• they try to pry it out of kevin or wymack (they think neil and andrew would never tell them)
• kevin’s response is “‘why aren’t you focusing on exy, we’re at practice nicky, what the fuck, go play exy"
• or if its a reporter he’ll just stare at them and steer the conversation back to exy
• wymack just walks away
• eventually they give up
• so at first when neil makes a pun out of it they just smile softly like oH my gO D that’s so pure????
• until they see neil smile with that little grin he gets every time he makes a pun
• and andrew rolls his eyes, mutters a number, and walks away
• and they’re like what??? is he making a pun??? what is happening??? how did they meet??? what the fuck neil
• basically neil makes puns and no one knows how andrew and neil met

• nicky: hey andrew how did you and neil meet
• andrew: *rolls his eyes and looks at neil*
• neil: oh he hit me with an exy racket
• foxes: what the fuck


Finally finished! XD A set of Rumples that I started weeks ago to go with my Belles! These were super fun to draw and I love how they came out! 

My personal favorite is little Spinner!Rum but I still can’t decide if I love or hate his crazy disco shirt in the fourth one! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ Enjoy!

Ok but consider this: Jason Grace looking for part time jobs because he doesn’t want to be maintained by Piper’s dad while he’s with them in California.

So he starts looking for small jobs like painting houses, walking dogs, distribute newspapers or even babysitting, all to start putting together his own money.

And then is Piper, who at first tries to convince him not to worry about money, but it does not happen too much until she realizes that for Jason it’s not just about money, and she could not be more proud of him.

Sherlock wearing his babies close to his chest whenever he can for optimal bonding time (that, and he’s the tiniest bit jealous that Molly gets to breastfeed them).

Sherlock attending Mommy and Me and classes when Molly is unable to (plus he just loves going to them so much).

Sherlock looking like a proud peacock every time he puffs out his chest during a PTA meeting when he hears how great his kids are doing. 

Sherlock composing unique lullabies for each one of his kids while they’re all in the womb, and he never misses the chance to play to each of them every night before bed, unless of course a case has taken him out of town, then that’s what the recordings are. 

Sherlock being a stay at home dad for the most part while Molly continues on with the career that she loves, though they always work something out if a super interesting case takes him out of town. 

Sherlock supporting his children in all of their hobbies and the things that they love, even if he doesn’t exactly understand it himself. 

Just…Sherlock being a great, loving supportive dad. 

I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again. I don’t get why people always comment that T'Challa forgave Bucky, unlike Tony. Like, let’s ignore the time span and different situations and just look at why. What, exactly, would T'Challa forgive him for? Bucky didn’t kill T'Challa’s dad, so why are y'all talking about forgiveness. Not to mention, up until the exact moment T'Challa found out Bucky didn’t actually bomb them, he was hell bent on killing him and had days to think about it. Tony had much less time to process this, was in a much tougher situation, and the Winter Soldier actually did kill his mom AND dad.

Along with that, I think a lot of people misinterpret the end credit and bunker scene too. T'Challa wasn’t ‘forgiving’ Bucky and wasn’t renouncing himself for going after Bucky for (not) killing his Dad. I believe his vengeance monologue was about allowing vengeance to blind him so much that he was about to kill an innocent man with very little details. He wasn’t ashamed of being angry, he was ashamed of being blinded. (Idk that was just my interpretation. Not the helping Bucky part, but the vengeance part)

Tl;dr: This is not a T'Challa hate post. T'Challa didn’t forgive Bucky because there was nothing to forgive, ya dingus.

y’all just like

can u imagine back when they were in the academy and fitz getting a little too drunk one night and mumbling something about his da but jemma doesn’t let him go any further because he’s drunk and not thinking straight and she just tucks him in and makes sure he sleeps 

and then months later, she beams at him and tells him he’s the most brilliant person she’s ever met and the only other person that’s ever told him that is his mum and a handful of teachers but somehow its so much different hearing it from her because he values her opinion and thinks she’s the smartest person he’s ever met. so later when they’re holed up in one of their bunks he tells her all about his dad after a drink or two (nothing that intoxicates him like it was the first time, but its enough of liquid courage) and after he’s done speaking - she wouldn’t dare interrupt him - she just looks him straight in the eye and she tells him no one is ever going to talk to him or about him like that again. and he takes it for what it is, an empty promise, but jemma means it and she holds onto that every time he gets down on himself and takes it as a personal offence every time someone doesn’t give fitz the credit he deserves

papa fitz, boi, u better hope u never meet jemma simmons cause she will end you.


Guys I know it’s Keith’s dad who’s human unlike what a lot of us thought which is cool but like it’s so bizarre he looks SO MUCH LIKE SHIRO like I kinda have a theory? Depending on when Keith lost his dad, let’s say maybe a toddler, maybe a little older? Anyway it’s possible that he doesn’t remember his father’s face too clearly so the vision makes him look like an older Shiro to Keith, someone he looks up to and loves like family he even told him he’s like a brother to him :0  


I took a break from working on paintings for others and doodled my MGS faves for the first time, yo!

Christmas Morning

For the lovely yourtropegirl who requested Hotch just making home just in time for Christmas. 

“(Y/N)” Jack asked, coming over to sit next to you on the sofa, a frown on his small face. With his brows knitted together like that he looked so much like his father you had to bite on your lip not to chuckle.

“Yes, sweetie?” You asked, setting you mug of tea down and turning to give the boy all of your attention.

“What happens if Daddy isn’t home before Santa gets here?” Oh. Your face fell slightly before you smiled, putting an arm around Jack and pulling him into your side.

“Jack try not to worry about it too much, Santa will come tonight and your dad will be home as soon as he possibly can. If he’s not back by morning then we can call him and you can wish him a Merry Christmas. Maybe even Facetime him to open a few presents?” You tried to assure the little boy, smiling comfortingly. Jack didn’t seem fully convinced so you pulled the blanket off the back off the sofa and over both of you, grabbing the remote. “Let’s watch a Christmas movie and wait and see if Daddy calls, and you can talk to him.”

“But it’s my bedtime?” Jack stated trying to hide an excited grin from you. You couldn’t help but grin in return.

“It’s okay, we will be asleep before Santa gets here, promise.” Jack took your word and you both settled down on the sofa with a Christmas movie playing happily on the television. Your original goal was to get him to fall asleep so you could put the presents out and try and call Aaron but by the time the movie end credits rolled you were both out cold.

Your phone went off around midnight but since it was on vibrate you and Jack slept right through it, missing a call from Aaron. While he was surprised you weren’t still up fretting about the house getting things ready he was also kind of relieved that you’d gotten yourself to sleep at a decent hour. Besides, it’ll be a nice surprise considering he’d been convinced that he’d never make it home on time. 


Aaron pulled into the driveway at about half past four. He let himself in as quietly as possible, hoping he’d get a few hours of sleep before Jack was up and opening gifts. He was surprised however to see both you and Jack sound asleep on the sofa, no presents yet under the tree, and the main menu for The Grinch still up on the TV.

Aaron smiled and tucked the blanket tighter around you before turning the TV off and picking up your discarded mug. He went into your bedroom and located the bag of presents, bringing them back to the sitting room.

Hotch set up all the presents for Jack, the ones from Santa, the ones from both of you, and the ones that Garcia sent over from the team. He then went and grabbed the few presents he’d bought you, placing them under the tree as well, then the ones that were signed “to Aaron from (Y/N)”. Once the sitting room was set up, half a glass of milk put out along with some half eaten cookies Aaron came over and knelt by the sofa.

“(Y/N), love.” He shook your shoulder slightly, glancing at his watch. Just after five. Far too early and he hadn’t even slept yet. You blinked your eyes open, smiling sleepily.

“You made it!” You whispered, accepting a kiss as Aaron leaned in and nodded smiling back.

“Begged the team to fly out at around midnight when we wrapped up. Not that anyone argued, they all wanted to be home for Christmas morning.” He explained, “Wanna come to bed? We can maybe squeeze one or two more hours out before he’s up and ready to go.”


“Or not.” Aaron laughed, turning his head, “Hey buddy!” Jack jumped up, arms going around his father’s neck in a tight hug.

“You made it!” He grinned, pulling back and looking over his shoulder, “Santa came!” He yelled pulling away from his dad and dashing towards the tree, eyes wide with amazement, “He came while we were sleeping on the sofa! (Y/N) He was right here!” You both laughed and Aaron slipped onto the sofa, beside you, curling up under the blanket.

“He was!” You smiled, “Look how many gifts Jack, you must’ve been such a good boy this year.” Jack picked one up.

“Can I open one? Please? Please?” Aaron nodded and wrapped his arms around you, “Sure, and you can play Santa, bring us a gift.” Jack laughed and nodded. It was a wonderful and peaceful Christmas morning and you were more than thankful Aaron got to be there for it.

For the anon who requested the guys being first time fathers/seeing their newborn baby for the first time:

Yo its Mod Gonta! This is my first time posting a prompt on here and I spent a lot of time on this one so I hope the anon who requested this and everyone else here enjoys!

Rantarou Amami:
-is probably the most calm out of everyone in this situation
-He’s very slightly nervous that some complications could possibly happen and you or the baby could get hurt.
-When the baby is born, he is smiling so much his jaw begins to hurt, but he can’t stop smiling anyways.
-“S/O, they look just like you!”
-He’s literally the chillest dad ever. He barely lectures his children at all.
-His child ends up having tiny double ahoges just like him and he finds it adorable.
-Is very supportive of his child and everything they do!
-They want to play basketball? he’ll go to every game! They want to become a musician? He will pay for everything!
-His favorite thing about being a dad? teaching his kid how to ride a bike.

Kokichi Ouma:
-He acts like he’s chill when his S/O is going into labor but he’s internally screaming.
-When the baby comes out he immediately takes the baby in his arms and is in awe over how cute and innocent he looks.
-“You’re gonna be the most evil supreme leader some day!”
-The nurses have to stop him from feeding Panta to the baby.
-is a huge jokester for a dad!
-all of the kid’s friends find him to be the coolest dad ever, but the kid finds him somewhat embarrassing
-likes to prank his kid a lot, but his pranks towards the kid are quite harmless (airhorns, putting honey on the doorknob, etc) even the SHSL supreme ruler has slight morals when it comes to kids.
-He likes to purposely embarrass his kid sometimes just to annoy them. Sometimes he’ll blast inappropriate music out the window when going to pick up his kid from school.
-Kokichi also likes to send his kid memes while they are at school.
-Basically he is more of a best friend than a father.

-Obviously a robot can’t get anyone preggo, so he adopts a human baby with his S/O!
-Does a TON of research on taking care of human babies before he gets one!
-When he gets his human baby, he’s amazed at how adorable they can be and that all humans once started out this small!
-“where are you going? Get home before dark! its unhealthy to stay up too late! Do your chores! Get your homework and studying done! Finish your fruits and vegetables!”
-encourages his child to be respectful to everyone. Does not tolerate an ounce of disrespect and will lecture his child if they disrespect anyone.
-He is a master at helping his kid with their homework and studying for tests; his kid ends up getting straight A’s in all of their classes just because he’s amazing at tutoring his children.
-D r e a d s parent-teacher conference day
-Poor Kiibo gets so many weird and disturbed looks from the teacher.
-“This teacher is a robot racist!”

Shuichi Saihara:
-Oh boy he’s a nervous wreck
-he’s shaking, sweaty, and very red in the face while watching his S/O go into labor.
-“What if I’m not a good enough father??? What if I let something happen to my child??? Will (S/O name) be okay???”
-When the baby is born, it looks a lot similar to him. It has beautiful grey eyes and long eyelashes
-he’s very surprised that he managed to hold his baby without dropping it after it was born.
-The kid likes to take his baseball cap and wear it around the house, and he just melts whenever the kid does this because its really adorable.
-He even lets the kid wear the baseball cap to school sometimes.
-Shuuichi tries to distance his kid and his job from each other as much as possible, he doesn’t want his child to see anything disturbing.
-His child thinks that his job is really interesting though, and considers their dad a hero.
-Shuuichi tends to spoil his child a lot unintentionally, its just so hard for him to say ‘“no” when his child asks for the toy they want.

Korekiyo shinguuji:
-He tries to stay calm about having a child, but is a bit nervous.
-“Will it be frightened by my appearance???”
-cannot believe his sight once he sees his child for the first time, “What a beautiful human baby!”
-If the baby starts crying in the middle of the night, he gets up and rocks it, singing it to sleep. The baby falls asleep so fast because his voice is so soothing
-If the child ends up growing their hair out, he likes to braid and style their hair in a bunch of neat and unique styles before they go to school (the kid’s friends are jealous)
-Lets the child play with his hair and won’t get mad if they knot his hair by accident.
-He reads his child a bedtime story every single night before they go to sleep, he has a whole stack of books filled with bedtime stories to tell his child.
-Whenever the child has nightmares, he lets the child lay on his chest while he reads them a calming poem.
-After the child ends up falling back asleep, Korekiyo falls back asleep himself and its literally the cutest thing ever.
-He sometimes tells his child creepy folktales that involve misbehaving children so his child won’t misbehave, but he makes sure it isn’t too scary.
-Him and his kid love to bake and cook together! They just both genuinely enjoy it and its just a cute bonding activity for them.

Gonta Gokuhara:
-He is filled with so much anxiety on the delivery day.
-“What if the kid doesn’t think I’m a gentleman?”
-Once the baby is born, he is stunned and amused by how adorable it is and how small it is compared to him.
-The baby smiles and coos at him when Gonta holds it in his arms for the first time, it feels very safe and secure in his arms.
-His s/o will have to help him out quite a bit with raising the baby, due to his upbringing he doesn’t know too much about raising a child properly.
-He loves to find new insects for the child and let them keep some of them as pets! of course not the poisonous ones, though.
-If his child is male then he preaches to him about being a gentleman and makes sure he treats everyone with respect.
-especially women
-If his child is afraid of bugs then he is willing to help them get over their fear!
-Is respectful if his child is not interested in insects, though
-Like Shuuichi, he has a problem saying no to his child since he is too nice. He ends up unintentionally spoiling them.
-But if you aren’t acting like a gentleman or if you intentionally kill a spider? you’re grounded

Ryoma Hoshi:
-Before the child is born he is hoping to god that the child won’t grow taller than him.
-After the child is born, his depression starts to improve a lot
-It makes him so happy to have a child in his life !!
-Tries to be a strict dad but whenever his child does something cute he m e l t s
-He likes to take his child to the park afterschool everyday and practice tennis with them
-its a very cute bonding activity for them and they both enjoy it very much and have a lot of fun!!
-He sometimes loses his patience with the kid and gets angry with them, but will feel bad and apologize profusely later.
-The child ends up growing w a y taller than him and he is pretty upset about that.
-He likes to tease his child about them being tall as much as the child likes teasing him about him being short.

Kaito Momota:
-Is very excited to have the baby!
-He does a lot of shopping ahead of time while his S/O is pregnant!
-The first things he buys are a space mobil and glow in the dark stars for the ceiling
-if his baby is crying he will take it outside and gaze up at the bright stars and moon at night with the baby.
-Is the dad who constantly takes photos of his kids when his family goes on trips!
-Also the generic dad who wears an apron and flip flops and flips burgers on a grill in the summertime
-buys his kid pajamas with stars and moons all over them
-Will sometimes scold his kid if they do something wrong, but he keeps his composure and tries not to get too angry.
-He still apologizes later though
-Teaches his kid about all of the different planets and stars and shapes in the sky when they look up through his telescope together
-The kid ends up getting all As when they learn about space in science, thanks to kaito.