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I want Hugo to fight me,,,,,,, gently,,,,, with cuddles,,,,,,

Yknow what I love about Brian’s route?

Usually, in dating sims, the bachelors have some flaw or problem or emotional/psychological hurdle that they need to resolve/manage, and it’s you’re job, as the protagonist and love interest, to help them do it. Most dating sim routes have this element, and it keeps you engaged and hoping that everything goes well for the person you’re courting.

But in Brian’s route… It’s YOUR flaws that need to be examined. The main character is totally projecting his own insecurities, likely due in part to his relationship with his own father. BRIAN is fine. He’s an emotionally healthy, stable, loving person. He’s not insecure or in need of rescue. He’s not hiding behind a facade or struggling with himself in any way. He’s just a single dad who genuinely loves making friends and being a good dude. It’s the MC who needs HIS help, and that is something I can honestly say I’ve never seen in a dating sim. It’s really cool, and Brian definitely doesn’t get enough love.

(Also the fact that the writers use the budding sisterly relationship between Amanda and Daisy to sell the player on his route, even though the main character doesn’t like him, is adorable. Oh, and, since MC’s canon celeb crush is Mario Batali, who’s a heavyset ginger, it’s extra cute.)

No, [Paul] is really picky, actually, funnily enough. He knows the level of care and attention we put into these things. And I’ll tell you what a pleasure it is. He loves that it takes him back to when he actually played it, and when he played it with his friends. Because that’s what [Sgt. Pepper] is — it’s four friends making an album and saying “Screw you” to the world. And he loved the clarity that we got. Because it’s all physical. It’s not programmed. Every noise is someone hitting something, or scraping something.
—  Giles Martin (x)

While I hate to keep comparing this to the comics of old, I have to say that this is a nice take on the “Guardian” ideology. In the past, the Guardians didn’t protect Angel Island so much as…be giant asshats, steal all their technology and mentally scar their next of kin in hopes of making them stronger. Here, Knux puts in simply; as a Guardian, they protect the people, not their own hides. Sure, its simpler and less grand, but it gives their job a whole lot more meaning.

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I see a lot of people headcanon Kiri with two moms. What're your thoughts on the idea? I'm not sure if you've ever addressed your own headcanons with his family life before, so sorry if I've just missed it!! Btw I hold you as like the expert on all things Bakugou, Kirishima and Denki 😂

Oh my god haha I wouldn’t call myself an expert tbh there’s so many people with a grasp on them I honestly envy a lot!! Good kids have so many sides to them ;u;

But anyway yeah I’ve seen that headcanon going around!!! And I don’t mind it one bit? Kirishima sure looks like the sort of boy who’s grown up surrounded by girls anyway, and his backstory mentioned a mom but not a dad, so as far as we know he might as well have two~

I think I mentioned it a couple of times already, but I’m not a fan of settling on headcanons for stuff I feel like the actual canon will one day give me, so as of now I just consider all possibilities equally!! All I’m asking is for him to have been loved and cherished since the day he was born, really haha