his cute warm smile and his cute lil nose and his big soft hands

a list of cute jimin things

  • holding items….with his mouth
  • nose scrunch
  • pouty 
  • when he smiles so big his cheeks burst!!
  • trips over..nothing
  • when he laughs so hard tht he flies to different corners of the room
  • when he hugs the members..yes….soft 
  • also,,, a comforting jimin engulfing crying members into his arms. they must be enveloped in love and friendship
  • big sweaters!! like so big he swims in it and he has sweater paws and he just looks like the most softest n most comfortable marshmallow 
  • the v shape ballerina position thing he does with his feet when hes standing. his heels touch n its like magic
  • soft tum 
  • dimples 
  • lil hands with lots of rings
  • taking nearly 30 mins to colour in a letter “A” and a heart 
  • bed hair 
  • baby jim in the cow costume 
  • big jim in the lettuce/cabbage costume
  • v pose 
  • lying on the floor 
  • when he cried when they got their first daesang but he didnt know it was a daesang so rly he was just thinking about the members and crying over how hard everyone worked. pure 
  • this is more painful than cute but sometimes jimin pushes his hair back n he has that rly big smile on his face and im melt 
  • his laugh can solve n cure anything like ur plant is dying?? u broke ur arm?? u havent done your laundry in 2 weeks?? ur sad?? solution: jimins lil giggles 
  • its also rly cute when he covers his mouth when he giggles ffkshskdfjdh
  • natural aegyo !!!
  • when hes asked to dance and hes all serious at first but then towards the end he gets all shy and giggly and he blushes and looks down at the floor and covers his face and ahhhhhhhh cutie
  • stuffing his cheeks with food!! 
  • at that one fanmeet where he was comparing hand sizes with a fan and he says in english “my hand is very big. your hand is very small” and leans back with this proud smile on his face like how can u not love him
  • his never ending lov for everyone n everything 
  • wearing literally every type of eyewear out there except for his prescription
  • that one log where he was in his cute lil pjs and was wearing his actual glasses for once 
  • sleepy!jimin
  • the slightly swollen left eye
  • he calls himself manggaetteok if that isnt the cutest thing
  • the way he speaks is so cute like u hear that lisp????? he invented that
  • how could i forget abt his cute lil tooth that sticks out!! the most precious thing!!
  • the way he looks so lovingly at the member who is speaking
  • his ballerina spins!! good!!
  • the frustrated yell or groan or whatever sound he makes aka that loud n raspy “aH !!!!” when the members are messing with the lil bundle of sunshine
  • when he bites his bottom lip when he smiles rly wide!! and when hes shy!!! ahhh!! 
  • his lips in general. good, soft pillows from heaven
  • snow filters :’)) 
  • u kno in that one radio interview where they were asked to demonstrate how they’d wake their gf up and jimin just “AaAAHHHH!!!!!!” real good bf stuff
  • that time they were stretching and warming up before practice n he reach to touch his toes 
  • how tiny his pinky is compared to taehyungs hfhdsghs
  • chimchim star
  • cute twt vids
  • gym teacher n class president jimin 
  • that time when sunshine line was on that vet show and jimin was making the dog move forward by maneuvering its front paws ahhhhhh lil bub
  • “my name is jimin and im…very cool guy”
  • when th satoori jst comes out :(( luv he 
  • jimin x cake is always a good combo (what type of cake??? u decide) 
  • his lips form a sideways heart if u look at his side profile. even better when his lips r parted a lil bit and his head is tilted down and gravity does its work n just…plumps his lips up even more
  • lil finger hearts….large arm hearts…..his actual heart
  • peeled tangerine jimin
  • barefaced jimin…….bon voyage was a blessing
  • speaking of bon voyage its rly cute how he jus luvs to take his time and care for the members and like u kno things like forgetting to put the address on his letter. a special snowflake
  • when he lost his luggage LMAO
  • holy shit when jimin tucked jungkook in!! like!!!!!! thats so cute and caring and so kind and pure
  • all of bon voyage was a just a blessing thank u
  • the end. not rly bc there are a lot more but i needed to stop myself

anonymous asked:

plan fall dates with your mutuals and their biases ??

ahhhhh!!! this is such a cute ask, thank you so much for sending this in (also i don’t have any mutuals that stan chenle :(((( so i might just make a cute data idea for him later)

@er1anne, @ghoulcha, @melonmark mark- star gazing and camping in a field for the night, mark’s a deep baby and would just love to look up at the stars with you and talk about the universe for hours on end

@winwinprinceofchina, @multyfan1458, @spookysichengs winwin- pumpkin picking omg he would try to find the most perfect one for his perfect love

@renjuncoven, @xuxi-rolls renjun- taking you to a haunted house/location (like an actual one bc he’s crazy) or marathoning buzz feed unsolved if you get too scared/uncomfy trespassing on private property haha what a rebel

@wait-whaaaat ten- going to a cafe and drinking warm apple cider/ hot cocoa while he holds your hand across the table, of course you would be sitting outside to feel the cool brisk fall air just giving your cheeks and tip of your nose the lightest pink color 

@kuntented@lueurrr kun- halloween movie night so you can both be all cuddled together and he can easily comfort you when you’re scared, you would pick one or two and he would pick another one or two to surprise each other hehe

@wonxuxi, @boijae, @nsfw-nct-svt lucas- going camping in the mountains or make a fort if you decide to stay indoors, he would love to do something adventurous with you and probably try to show off his manly side dcndwxnuiw

@deviluwuz jungwoo- a park date/stroll so he can bask in the beauty of the gorgeous fall colors and your beauty as well giving you his soft smile when you say you’re a lil chilly so he can wrap his arm around you :>

@happyhwalloween, @jaembugs jaemin- going to a county fair, what a great way to get you more stuffed animals!! haha he would probably either win every game first try or have to pay the guy to get you the big fluffy panda you want >u

@etherealparkjisung jisung- pumpkin carving! omg he would try so hard to get a super intricate design on his pumpkin or just go super cute simple and do like a smiley face or his name haha, this of course would ultimately end in a pumpkin-guts-fight between the two of you

@doyoungys, @unapologeticapologies doyoung- taking you to a haunted house attraction, he of course just has to show you he’s not afraid of anything but hes lowkey dying inside lmao and this is a perfect opportunity to hold your hand/ let you bury your face in him when you get spooked

@spaceboy-yuta, @yutit, @seobangcha, @starryyuta yuta- night picnic bruh omg here i go, yuta is a big a$$ romantic so he would pull out all the strings, personally cooking your fav foods and setting up a candle lit dinner in the park or on the roof (of course it would be a big surprise) so then you can cuddle under a blanket after and just have deep talks for the rest of the night

@yougotthatbilly, @sowhatwecoldweold, @johnnysuglygf johnny- taking you to a local farmer market, getting you to try freshly made apples/apple cider and buying all these veggies/herbs so he can make you something when you get home, he would love to just appreciate the coziness of local farms and their fall products if that makes sense lmao

@spookyuwus, @lovingyong taeyong- cook together/bake together, ty would just love to cook for you especially when you’re there with him to help and be his personal taste tester, ugh he would be so in his element being serious when cutting up ingredients but being cute and playful when you’re waiting for everything to cook/cool down to eat

@neokollection jaehyun- going to that restaurant (u know the one) and have a laid back very comfy dinner and afterwards the both of you  look over the nightscape of the city with you on his lap hugging you tightly and slowly rubbing your arms up and down to make sure you stay nice n warm

@yukhis taeil- going to a corn maze!! he’d run ahead of you and hide in the stalks just to jump out and scare you haha and it wouldn’t be just once, when you’re done dealing with him he goes into cutie bf mode being super determined to find your way out and making sure to hold your hand along the way

@dreammutual jeno- spending the day with you smelling all the fall candles/ soaps at bath n body works, omgggg he would just have that big uwu eye smile of his when he shows you a scent he think you’ll like and you just get all wide eyed bc it smells so delicious, he would of course buy you all the scents you loved but as a surprise for later

@strawberry-jaem haechan- trick or treating of course!!! he would say ‘you’re never too old for free candy’, lmao he would either put on a simple costume like a sheet, go all out with zombie makeup or literally go out in his normal clothes and say he’s him for halloween haha don’t be surprised if he ends up stealing a good majority of your candy