his cute embarrassed laugh


an embarrassed chanyeollie (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄


└ No need to be embarrassed~ not when you’re so adorkable when awkward.

Cr: VS Arashi 25.05.2017 Preview

//Puddle Cuddles//

Word Count: 1055

Group: NCT 127

Member: Mark

Warnings: none

Originally posted by nctinfo

As the bell for your last hour rang, you could practically feel the relief of the entire school. It was the Friday before Spring Break and it couldn’t pass by any quicker. You hastily walked to your locker and gathered all of the school books you’d need over break. You hated doing homework, but at least it gave you something to do. All of your friends were going away on vacation, but you were stuck at home.
Glancing out the window, you noticed the overcast skies. You grabbed your adorable umbrella in case it rained on your way home. Shutting the locker door with a relieved sigh, you trudged home.

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Exo Reaction to S/O Always Grabbing Their Butts


Whenever your hand is remotely close to Sehun, he’ll somehow sense it. He’ll shake his fingers teasingly at you and act high and mighty. But deep down, he finds your habit really amusing, and it becomes a game involving you trying to touch his butt without him noticing.


Given Lay’s own penchant for grabbing other people’s butts, he’ll be very appreciative that you have the same habit. It’ll be a secret running joke between the two of you in how to express affection to each other. In the end, the both of you will end up laughing when having a contest of butt grabbing.


He would turn really shy every time that you touched him. His eyes would be larger than usual and his body would naturally tense up. Although it wasn’t his favorite way of yours to express physical affection, he would get used to it with time and accept it as a weird habit of yours.


He would love this playful side of yours and would reciprocate the action full-heartedly. It would turn to a full on competition of who can touch the other person the most. The two of you would have lots of fun together caressing each other randomly.


A huge blush would appear on his face and he would laugh in an embarrassed manner. His cute reaction would probably cause you to touch his butt more often just to see his adorable expression.


He would be so shocked at your boldness and freeze when you grabbed his bottom. After a while, he’ll realized that you’re just like Yixing and this is just your way of expressing affection. He’s too shy to return the motion but will smile secretly every time you touched him.


Although he would like the skinship, he would be weirded out in the beginning whenever you touched his butt. Once he got more comfortable with your habit, then he won’t think much of it and will just smile at you gently.


His cocky side would appear, and he’ll make innuendos to tease you. Lots of lip biting and winks directed at your way when your hand made physical contact with his bottom. You’ll end up being the one who blushes and run away embarrassed.


Every time that you touched his butt, Baekhyun would jump and laugh in shock. He would find it really cute and love how weird it is. Whenever the two of you were alone, he’ll playfully wiggle his bottom at you and make teasing remarks.

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idevett  asked:

can you do a Ben platt x reader? I would really love it!

I could not think of anything for this sooo here’s 200 words of pure nonsense enjoy buddy pal

Ship: Ben Platt x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: ‘I caught you dramatically singing to your cat that laid on you stomach and it was honestly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen’

Happy to be back and away from the busy city, you drop your groceries on the floor of the apartment. Hearing the TV you peek your head into the living room, hoping to find your boyfriend but it’s void of any sign of life. Disappointed, you head down the hallway and peer inside your bedroom. There lies your boyfriend singing softly to your cat, who’s lying asleep on his stomach.

“I think they meant it,

When they said you can’t buy love

Now I know you can rent it-”

“What are you doing?” You ask, stepping into the room.

“Ah! Uh-Nothing!” He shrieks, practically throwing the cat off of himself. Your cat flops on the bed before skittering past you.   

“Was that Rent?”

“…..Maybe.” He mutters, pulling a pillow over his face, embarrassed. You laugh, straddling his waist.

“Awwww, you’re so cute!” You try to pull the pillow away but he holds tight. “Cmon, Ben. Lemme see that cute face.” His grip falters for a second and you yank it away, tossing it in some random direction. “There he is!” You press kisses all over his face, laughing the while.

“No-Stop!” Ben laughs, trying to push you off. You eventually relent, pulling back slightly, a smile gracing your face.

“I can’t help-Oh!” He yanks you back down, pushing his lips against yours. Deepening the kiss, you place your hands on his face.A movement on the bed caused you both to jump apart, cheeks flushed. Your cat lets out a loud “Meow!” and comes to lay by Ben’s face.

“I think she wants you to sing to her again.”

NCT Horoscope: Most awkward member around you

Which NCT member of the hyung line, including Hansol and Kun, is the most awkward around you and why. 

*Hyung line = 20+ years old*


Aries - Taeil: He’d be a little awkward around you at first because he’d be a little take aback by how attractive you are. He wouldn’t know what to say to you. However, with the help of his members, he’d quickly adjust to your presence and you both would get along well. 

Originally posted by jihansol

Taurus - Hansol: He’s already a little shy but meeting a pretty girl/cute boy like you would make him even more shy, so he’d be awkward until he gets comfortable around you. 

Originally posted by lafillesansnom

Gemini - Johnny: right after the both of you met, he told his members that you were his ideal type. One of the members would tell you in front of him, so this would just make it awkward at first since you both had just met. 

Originally posted by suhyoungho

Cancer - Winwin: When you two met, you right away called him adorable. He would be shy about it and would be a little awkward around you. Soon, he’d grow comfortable to you calling him cute

Originally posted by chokemewinwin

Leo - Ten: it would only be awkward because of you. From the moment you two met, he flirted with you. You were shy about it so it made the atmosphere uncomfortable for the two of you. However, he’d still continue flirting with you to the point that you’d be used to it.

Originally posted by pourup

Virgo - Taeyong: he’d be shy around you because he had a crush on you when you two were younger. Even after not seeing each other for 4 years, he’d still find you really attractive. He would still interact with you to make things less awkward to the point where you are comfortable with flirting with each other. 

Originally posted by nntdrm

Libra - Kun: Haechan would be the reason for the awkward environment between the two of you. From the moment you two were introduced, he constantly reminded you guys that he thought you two would make a cute couple. Kun would laugh to cover up his embarrassment while you just blushed. But, I mean, Haechan wasn’t lying. 

Originally posted by pourup

Scorpio - Jaehyun: it’d be awkward because it was obvious you found Jaehyun cute. The first time you met, you stuttered a lot and you were blushing around him. It was also awkward because Jaehyun couldn’t take his eyes off of you. He found you to be really adorable. So yeah, it was awkward because of the obvious attraction between the two of you. However, you two would become close over time and your relationship would grow from there. 

Originally posted by zeusmayo

Sagittarius -  Johnny: you being shy around your long time crush would make it awkward. Johnny, however, would find your crush on him adorable. He’d tease you about it, but would try to get you to be more comfortable with him. 

Originally posted by nctinfo

Capricorn - Yuta: It would be awkward between the two of you because you were really close friends when you were little kids, but you left. After years of not seeing each other, you guys don’t know what to say to each other. You both have changed so at first it’s hard to be comfortable, but you two grow close again after catching up on what you both missed out on from each others’ lives.

Originally posted by bubwoo

Aquarius - Doyoung: seeing a pretty girl/cute boy like you wouldn’t really faze him, but you would be really shy around him. So in order to get you to be comfortable with him, he’d try to be more outgoing with you. He’d constantly tell you stupid but funny jokes and he would even flirt with you. 

Originally posted by dovounq

Pisces - Ten: In this case, Ten would embarrass himself in front of the other members by trying a pickup line on you, but you would reject him. You only rejected him because you were flustered about the random pick up line direct towards you. Right after rejecting him, he’d walk away from the awkward atmosphere and before he makes things worse. 

Originally posted by 1aeyong

-sorry I haven’t posted this week, but I was really busy with school stuff. sorry for any grammatical/spelling mistakes and I hope you like it. send in requests-

Mark Drabble

Anonymous asked: Mark and 42, 43 please :)

42-  Can I sleep over?

43- I need a place to stay

Genre: Fluff

I hope you enjoyed anon~ I love you all and stay safe~

-Admin Stroni-

You and Mark were lying on your couch entangled together, you hadn’t seen him in forever so being with him like this was the best thing ever. You ruffled his hair and lightly pressed a kiss to his forehead, you could see the redness creep up to his ears and he let out his cute little embarrassed laugh. Smiling down at his head which was snuggled into your neck you began to wonder how you even managed to get with Mark. It seemed all too surreal and you didn’t understand why he would have gone for someone like you.

You were snapped out of those thoughts when you heard his phone go off, he grumbled slightly before getting up out of your hold and went to answer the phone. 

‘One moment Y/N, it’s the guys.’

He smiled at you one last time before leaving the room, you tried to listen out for any interesting news but the voices were muffled. Not too long after he came back but instead of his usual cheery self he looked quite concerned.

‘Mark? What’s up?’

He looked at you a bit awkwardly and you frowned, he was never usually like this so something must have happened with that phone call.

‘Erm well you see, no one at the company is able to pick me up from your house because of the weather, they don’t want me walking either because of the risk of getting caught and well… I need a place to stay s-so e-erm, can I sleep over? If your parents aren’t fine with it it’s absolutely f-fine I’ll find another way, it it’s just-’

‘Mark my parents literally love you and asked me earlier of you wanted to sleep over anyway, it’s fine~’

You cut him off and give him the goofiest smile, you weren’t even lying about your parents either they always tell you to invite him round. He smiled in relief but still stood kind of awkwardly in the middle of the living room, like he had something on his mind.

‘But, umm, where are we gonna sleep?’

You smirked at him and shot up, running past him and upstairs, leaving him standing there utterly bewildered. Seconds later you were back down holding a mountain of blankets in a variety of sizes and who knows how many pillows stacked on top. You dropped them in front of him and looked at him sweetly.

‘You gonna help me build this fort or what?’

You both lied down next to each other in your little blanket haven, your dad brought in fairy lights for you to hang up and your mum brought little snacks and drinks to last you the night. The computer was set up at the feet of you both and showed a list of shows and movies that you both were going to watch together. You didn’t even realise that whilst you were gazing at the perfection of your fort, Mark was gazing lovingly at you. He started to lightly pull at your hair to get your attention and you turned to face him, your faces only millimeters apart. 

He slowly began to lean in and you soon followed suit, sharing a cute yet meaningful kiss. He pulled away and so you snuggled into his chest, his arms automatically embracing you. He began to pepper the top of your head with little kisses and his grasp on you getting tighter and tighter as if he would never even think of letting you go.

‘You know what Y/N?’ 


‘This is so much better than sleeping in the dorms.’

NCT When You Try On Dresses

Requested by: anonymous (aAAA im so sorry for the super late request!! i hope you like it :DDD)

Submission: “Hi! Could you do an NCT dream reaction to you as their S/O trying on dresses? (Maybe say, for a school dance or wedding?) Thank you~”

Genre: fluff

692 Words


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anonymous asked:

dino + stars

You were sat beside Chan on a bench, a blanket thrown over you to keep you warm. “Why did we come here? It’s freezing,” you asked Chan who told you he was going to show you something amazing, so he had dragged you out at midnight.

He grins and pulls you into his arms, shaking his head. “You’ll see.”

“What even are we waiting for?” you asked out of curiousity after a few minutes of cuddling. Chan sighed, clearly a little confused himself. “The lights here are supposed to- ah.” Now you saw what he meant, the big lights near the benches turned off and only the city lights brought you light but now you could see the huge amount of stars in the sky.

“The stars are amazing!”

He chuckles, a content look on his lips - it had all worked out in the end. He then slips his hand under your blanket, finding your hand and interlocking your fingers.

“They’re usually so hard to see in the city but I came here once alone and noticed that this way you could see the stars really well.”

“Yeah,” you reply, still looking up. “They’re incredible.”

“Did you know I know nearly all the star formations?” Chan asks you with a smirk. “Name at least three then,” you challenged him. There was no way he knew all of them, and besides he had started bluffing a lot these days but mostly just to make you laugh.

Chan successfully named two but after he realised his defeat, he blushed out of embarrassment and you couldn’t help laughing at his cute reaction. “It’s been a while so I’ve just forgotten,” he tried to explain but you weren’t buying any of his excuses. “The third one is clearly our star…” you whispered, cringing at your own words immediately.

“That has got to be the cheesiest thing you’ve ever said Y/N,” Chan commented, laughing so hard he had to bend down a little. “Did it ruin the mood?” You asked, honestly quite worried if you had but Chan disagreed and said that if anything, you had just made it better.

Admin Memesol

Only You

Originally posted by yn-g

Only You 
Rated: Mature

It had been far too long since you last seen your boyfriend. Since you last felt him. He finally made it back after the longest five weeks of your life; iKon wrapped up their Japanese tour and he was finally back home. You had romantic dinner, barely making it into dessert before he practically jumped you. For all intents and purposes it had been over a month.

He lifted you in his arms kissing you. It felt like your back hit every surface from the counters to the walls before you finally ended up in the bedroom Your clothes trailing behind  leaving proof of your haste.

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Translation: WU May 2017 – Yabu x Hikaru x Yuto x Arioka x Okamoto crosstalk

Please credit if sharing, reposting, retranslating, posting screenshots in twitter facebook or other social media!


Tolong cantukam kredit jika anda membagi, menerjemah ulang, memposting ulang atau mengambil screenshot dari artikel ini!

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Your first conversation with NCT when your friend leaves you alone.....

*You and Doyoung look at each other and then look away laughing*

Doyoung: *smiles while looking down* Hehe so Y/N right?

You: *nods while smiling*

Doyoung: Haha it’s awkward right now but we’ll get close soon. Let’s start with 20 questions.

You: Okay, what’s your favorite color?


Hansol: *coughs* I’m Hansol *extends his hand for a handshake*

You: *shyly takes his hand*

Hansol: Y/N, can we be friends?


Johnny: So what’s up? Hey, I’m Johnny. *extends his hand*

You: *shakes his hand shyly* I’m Y/N.

Johnny: Awh! You’re blushing. Do I make you that nervous?


Taeil: *awkward silence*

You: *awkward silence*

Taeil: *blushing madly* Uhum…

You: *looks at him*

Taeil: *doesn’t make eye contact till the end* This is awkward hehe…

You: Yeah…

Taeil: *awkward silence again*

You: *can do nothing but just sit in the awkward atmosphere*


Yuta: *Stares at you from time to time*

You: *doesn’t notice, starts humming ft.island song*

Yuta: Oh! You like ft.island?

You: Yeah..


     *And the conversation goes on, thanks to ft.island*


Ten: Hehe hi!

You: *smiles* Hi…

Ten: *doesn’t know what to say* Uh… I like your dress, you look so pretty.

You: Thank you!

Ten: *blushes and scratches his neck* I’ll be back, I… need to… ask something from… Johnny hyung, yeah… Johnny hyung!

You: *nods*

                 *comes back with his friend*


Taeyong: *looking at you with wide eyes*

You: *tensed*

Taeyong: *pats your shoulder* Don’t feel awkward, its ok haha!

You: *nods while blushing*

Taeyong: *smiles and chuckles* Yahh… it’s okay!


Jaehyun: *chuckles and compliments you*

You: *blush* Thank you!

Jaehyun: It might be hard for you because you must be feeling awkward with me right now, if you want I can leave?

You: No, no!

Jaehyun: Haha okay! Let me go get you something to drink.


Mark: Yo I’m Mark.

You: Yeah, I know…

Mark: *gets embarrassed*

You: *laugh at his cuteness*

Mark: I knew it! You did that to embarrass me right?

You: Maybe? …foreign swagger haha!

Mark: Yahhhh… *laughs*


Donghyuck: *isn’t awkward at all* So which year were you born in?

You: 2000

Donghyuck: High five! Me too haha.

                   *You both high five and become close pretty fast*


Jisung: *smiling continuously and cracks up whenever he makes an eye contact with you* Talk! It’s awkwaaarrddd.

You: *laughs*

Jisung: *laughs too*

You: Okay, you start!

Jisung, Noooo… you start!


Kun: *smiling cutely as usual*

You: *staring at him while smiling*

Kun: What?

You: *chuckles and says* You are so cute haha.

Kun: *blushes and laughs looking the other way*


Jaemin: *smiles*

You: *smiles back*

Jaemin: *comes closer to you* Let’s be friends…?

You: Sure!

Jaemin: *shakes your hand and soon starts having a conversation with you*


Jeno: Do you need something to drink or anything?

You: No, no! Thank you…

Jeno: *speaks shyly* Ok, but I am Jeno by the way…

You: Nice to meet you, Jeno. I’m Y/N.


Winwin will be quiet and VERY tense the whole time and will barely speak. He will say excuse me and go to call his friend.


Thank you for the request! Have a nice day. -Admin Yuni

anonymous asked:

Fluff with Jin. He thinks he boring and doesn't fit in with the rest of bts because he's the oldest so you console him and tell him he's amazing cause he is ❤️ I love Jin a lot ❤️ and I love your blog too ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

I also love Jin a lot, anon~ <3 And thank you for loving my blog!! :) <3

It’s not often that Jin gets downhearted. He’s a strong individual—he takes care of the dorm and looks out for his members. He tries his best at improving his dancing and works on solidifying his vocal skills anytime he gets the chance. Jin is an all-rounder that you’re fairly convinced god hand-sculpted to be the perfect man, and yet despite that Jin is always smiling and proud of what he does…it’s impossible be positive every minute of every day.

“Are…you ok?” you ask quietly, knuckles wrapping lightly against the wood of the bedroom door. Jin is inside his room, curled up on his mattress with his DS sitting open and untouched on the sheets beside him. You can hear the familiar Pokémon music coming from the device, and if Jin’s solemn attitude isn’t already a sign that something is wrong then his abandoned game surely is.

In response to your tentative question all you receive is a sigh, and you frown. You don’t like it when Jin isn’t himself—and sure, he’s definitely allowed to have his bad days! But that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to try and make it better for him.

“Jin,” you say, stepping into the room. You walk around to the side of the bed and gently move his DS aside, slowly sitting down. Jin feels the dip in the mattress and shifts his eyes over to you, a look of question fliting through his brown orbs.

“C’mere,” you coax with a smile, patting your thigh, and Jin doesn’t give in right away. However, after a few brief seconds of silence, he releases another sigh through his nose and shifts his position, shuffling around until his head is nestled into your lap.

Immediately you begin carding your hands through his chestnut hair, nails gently scraping against his scalp. It’s not too long before he begins melting into your touches, and you refrain from prodding at him until he’s fully relaxed—eyes fluttering shut and breaths deep and even.

“Feel better?” you ask, voice barely above a whisper, and Jin hums in confirmation.

“Rough day,” he exhales against your leg, already knowing where this conversation is heading. “I can’t get the choreography for the chorus section down pat, and when we did vocal rehearsal my voice kept cracking. I…sometimes I feel like I don’t fit in with the others. Everyone has something going for them and I’m just…boring, I guess. I kinda feel like I’m headed downhill…”

“Headed downhill?” you echo, laughing in disbelief. “Listen, I know the others tease you about your age because you’re the oldest, but you’re far from your decline. In fact, I think you’re on the rise, Kim Seokjin. You’ve done so much in these last few years.”

“Now you’re just trying to flatter me,” he snorts, voice unamused, and you frown.

No, I’m not trying to use some petty flattery to make you feel better. I’m being serious,” you say, bopping his forehead. Furrowing is eyebrows, Jin lifts his head and flips around so he’s facing you. You pout your bottom lip at him before beginning to run your hands through his soft locks once again.

“You’ve done so much since you debuted, Jin! You improved your dancing, and your live singing is amazing! You also became comfortable in your own skin and gained confidence. You go to college and are doing outstandingly well despite how many other things you have on your plate at the moment. You make ARMY smile and are definitely not a bore. You’re Kim Seokjin, and you should be damn well proud of that, alright!? So many people out there love you, so don’t get discouraged. Everyone has their off days, but you’re doing just fine. Take a break and then keep at it—you’ll succeed.”

After finishing one of the most heartfelt rants of your life, you take a satisfied breath and then shift your gaze down to Jin. He’s still staring at you, but he’s no longer upset. Instead he’s watching you with innocently wide eyes, plump lips parted in unhidden shock.

“I…how am I supposed to respond to that?” he struggles, searching for the right words to say, and you laugh.

“You don’t have to. Just know that what I said is true.”

The smile you give him is so genuine that Jin can physically feel his chest well with pride and adoration. He hears and sees comments of love and support from ARMY nearly every day, but for some reason, hearing it from you…it makes everything seem so much more real.


“Earlier—,” he begins, smile threatening to stretch across his face, and you raise an eyebrow in question. “—you said ‘so many people’ love me, but…are you one of those people, Y/N?”

“Aish, of course, dumbass,” you scold with a laugh, gently flicking his forehead. He recoils slightly, rubbing at the barely red mark, and then grins. Pushing onto his elbows, he cranes his head upwards and presses his lips firmly against you cheek, catching you off guard.

“Wha–??” you stutter, shocked, and Jin laughs at how your entire face quickly flushes a pretty shade of pink.

“Thank you for loving me~,” he sing-songs, pulling you into a tight hug, and despite the fact that your brain is short-circuiting at the moment, you still hug him back. “I love you too~”

Aish…don’t do this,” you whine, burying your face in his shoulder, and Jin laughs again.

“It’s alright. You’re cute when you’re embarrassed—and I love things that are cute and pink.”

“Soooo…Rapmon?” you question slyly, pulling back to grin at him, and this time Jin’s cheeks tinge pink.

Aish! Y/N! You know that’s not what I meant! Get back here!” he yells as you scramble away from him and off the bed, throwing a taunting gesture over your shoulder. Jin’s eyes crinkle happily at the sight, and he throws himself after you, chasing you around the dorm until Namjoon pleads at you both to stop before someone gets hurt. At that point you both give up, and Jin scolds you for teasing him before dragging you off to help him make dinner.

At the end of the day, Jin barely remembers that he’d ever been upset.

Sweet Cheeks

Member: Dino
Genre: Fluffier than a baby bunny tbh
Word Count: 1579

“Hey everyone,” you said as you walked through the door, carrying a ridiculous amount of grocery bags in your arms. Jun and Hoshi immediately grabbed all the bags from you, which looked chivalrous to everyone else, but you knew that they really just wanted to raid the bags for snacks.

“How’s our favorite slave - oh I’m sorry, I meant our household helper doing?” Jeonghan said, passing from the entrance into the living room. You rolled your eyes behind him.

“I’m not the one who doesn’t know how to take care of myself to the point of having my own boss pay someone to do chores for me.” you snorted.

“Don’t mess with Y/N, Jeonghan,” Joshua said, standing from his seat on the couch as you entered the room. “We are very grateful for everything you do.” he smiled, hugging you gently. You patted him on the back a couple times before letting him go.

“At least someone in this house appreciates all the stuff I do.” you said, cutting your eyes at the long haired boy. S.Coups came in from the other room and slung his arm over Jeonghan’s shoulders.

“We all appreciate you. How else are we gonna get food that’s not chinese takeout?” he laughed, even managing to make Jeonghan crack a smile too.

“WHAT’S WRONG WITH CHINESE TAKEOUT?” Jun shouted from the kitchen.

“IT’S EXPENSIVE AS F-” S.Coups started to shout back, but an elbow to the ribs kept him from finishing that statement. You listened to the boys bicker back and forth for another ten minutes before you remembered that you had to get back to work. Being the caretaker for Seventeen was a nice side gig, but you had other things to do that paid you a lot more.

“Okay, I’ll see you guys again tomorrow. Text me if you need anything.” you said, reaching in your bag for your keys as you headed back towards the door.

“Wait!” you heard Dino yell from somewhere inside the dorm, followed by rushed footsteps that got louder and louder until he appeared. “You forgot something!” he huffed, pouting like a little kid. You sighed and put your keys back in your bag.

“I guess I did, didn’t I.” You smiled as he turned his head and points to his cheek expectantly. You gave him a quick peck on the side of his face, and everyone else in the room cooed and commented on how ‘the baby needed a kiss’.

“I don’t see any of you guys getting kissed.” he said, turning around to smile smugly at the rest of the members. “And besides, it’s not like me and Y/N have a huge age difference; we could totally date if we wanted to.”

“Keep dreaming, Chan.” you said, patting his shoulder. The rest of the room burst into laughter behind him. You waved bye to the boys and left Chan standing there with wide eyes and a red face.

You’re not really sure exactly how this habit started, but kissing Dino’s cheeks had become kind of a ritual. You weren’t dating, and it wasn’t a romantic thing at all, but it had become a daily occurrence. At first you did it to make him all embarrassed and flustered, but after a few months he stopped pushing you away and just let you do it, because there was no use in fighting it. Now he loved the attention, and you couldn’t get him to leave you alone. You didn’t mind it though, he really was the member of seventeen that you were closest with, after all. He was the first one you had met in the first place. Without him you would be down about a dozen friends and a part time job. You kind of owed him, come to think of it.

The next day you walked around the grocery store staring down at your phone. You had a shopping list from the boys that was about three miles long. You just went shopping yesterday, there’s no way they needed all this. You groaned internally when you remembered that technically it was your job to follow all of their orders when it came to this, and if you wouldn’t get paid.

You left the store with a completely full cart, brimming with cookies, ramen, and every other crappy food they requested. You managed to get all of it in your car (barely) and started on your way to their dorms. If they didn’t share at least some of this with you, you were gonna be pissed. You pulled up to the building, but you didn’t see the usual van that sat outside to carry them from place to place. Something was fishy.

You dialed Seungcheol’s phone number. No answer. You dialed Jeonghan’s number. Nothing. Joshua’s number. Nada. You went through your whole list of svt members in order, and not a single person actually picked up until you got to the very last person on your list.

“Hello?” Chan said cheerfully.

“I need someone to help me carry all this crap inside the dorm and no one else wants to. Get down here.” you said curtly, hanging up without letting him respond. You felt kinda bad about your attitude when Chan came running down to help you, with a scared look on his face.

“I’m not mad at you.” you said, walking up to the dorm beside him, both of you straining to carry the ridiculous amount up bags in just one trip. “I just thought you guys made me buy all of this food but were too lazy to help me get it inside.”

“Nonono, the guys all went to get food. They decided that you deserved to get treated too, so they’re gonna come back with a bunch of chicken for all of us to share.” He said, looking at you as he tried to open the door without using his hands.

“All of them? Why would they all go?” you asked as you kicked the door open, not wanting to watch Chan struggle any longer.

“I, uh, I actually don’t know.” he said, moving to the side so you could get in the door first. You walked into the kitchen and set all the bags down on the counter, hissing and rubbing the red marks that the plastic handles had left on your arms.

“There’s probably not gonna be any left by the time they get back.” you said, starting to remove all of the packages from the bags and put them away in the cupboards. You didn’t understand how empty these could be, you could have sworn that they were full three days ago. Dino helped you put everything away in silence. You had probably had him scared; you knew that when you got tired you came off angrier than you thought. Even though you told him you weren’t mad, you could tell that he didn’t entirely believe you.

“Hey,” you called softly, walking across the kitchen to him.

“Yeah?” he said, not looking up from the back of the popcorn box he was reading.

“Thank you for helping me.” You leaned in to kiss his cheek like you always did, but before you could react he turned his head to face you and your lips awkwardly landed on his mouth instead. You were about to pull away and apologize, but he grabbed your arms and actually started actively kissing you. You felt your heart jump in your chest, and your eyes fluttered closed as you kissed him back. After about fifteen seconds or so you pulled apart, both of you breathing heavily, your hearts pumping fast.

“Been waiting to do that.” he said, flashing his cute little embarrassed smile. You laughed softly at his cute appearance before grabbing his hands and pulling him to you for another kiss.

“I told you if we left them together long enough this would happen.” Jeonghan said, setting a large bucket of fried chicken down. Behind him Seungcheol followed with another bucket.

“Unless you want the rest of the meme team making a big deal about this, I’d suggest separating.” he said, setting his bucket by the first one. You let go of Chan’s hands and took a step back, greeting the rest of the boys as they came in.

You helped them divide the food between all fourteen people in the dorm, and everyone sat around and buzzed about the new comeback, the tour they were about to go on, and all the promotions they would be doing in the next few months. You spent the rest of the evening over at the dorm. You didn’t have to go to your other job tonight, anyways. You helped clean up, and you were happy to do so.

“You’re not usually this overjoyed to do our dishes.” Minghao said, taking a wet dish from your hands to dry them with the rag he had. You just shrugged and continued to hum the little tune that was stuck in your head. Once you and Minghao finished cleaning the kitchen, you joined everyone else in front of the television. You sat next to Chan, stepping over a few boys to get to him. He smiled as you sat down, and your heart fluttered again. Everyone laughed and made dumb commentary about the scary movie that was on, but you weren’t even paying attention. Nothing seemed to matter except the feeling of Chan’s hand in yours.

- Marcy ♡♡♡

Puddle Cuddles

Anonymous requested: Can you do an imagine where you’re walking home from school and it’s raining and you run into your crush and notice he doesn’t have an umbrella so you offer to share your umbrella with him and walk him home so he doesn’t get wet and you guys talk along the way and maybe confess your feeling for each other? Thanks :-)

As the bell for your last hour rang, you could practically feel the relief of the entire school. It was the Friday before Spring Break and it couldn’t pass by any quicker. You hastily walked to your locker and gathered all of the school books you’d need over break. You hated doing homework, but at least it gave you something to do. All of your friends were going away on vacation, but you were stuck at home.

Glancing out the window, you noticed the overcast skies. You grabbed your yellow umbrella in case it rained on your way home. Shutting the locker door with a relieved sigh, you trudged home.

Normally you took the busy road home, feeling safe among the zooming cars and chattering pedestrians. Instead today, you opted for the longer, but more peaceful side streets. Just as you began to daydream about (C/N), the cute boy in one of your classes, a fat raindrop landed on your cheek. You startled and quickly opened the umbrella to shield yourself. 

“Oh fuckstain,” you heard someone grumble behind you. You turned to look, spotting a disheveled and growingly wet (C/N) slightly behind you. He saw you and you motioned for him to huddle under the umbrella with you. He jogged up to you gratefully. 

“Hey,” you giggled as you held the umbrella out to him. He stepped under and shook his head a little, looking like a dog. He grinned at you.

“Hi. Thanks for sharing your umbrella. My house is just a couple of blocks but I didn’t want to get sick or anything.”

“Oh yeah it’s no problem! I can walk you home.” You smiled kindly at him, choosing to ignore the fact that your heart was racing and your face was beet red.

“Praise heavens! Chivalry thrives still,” he flutters his eyelashes and clutches his chest, mimicking a damsel in distress. You snorted out a laugh, causing your blush to deepen and you to cover your mouth in embarrassment. “Aw no that was cute don’t be embarrassed!” He laughed bumping his shoulder into yours. 

“So are you ready for Spring Break?” You questioned, still thinking about him calling you cute.

“No, I’m the opposite of ready. Every person I know is going somewhere amazing or exotic, and I’m stuck at home all alone.” He grumbled.

“Not all alone! I’m stuck here too,” you laughed and bumped his shoulder, mimicking his earlier action. His eyes seemed to twinkle.

“Really? Maybe we could catch a movie or something this week. Together. Um, I mean if you want to.” He suggested hesitantly, scooting closer to you. You smiled, looking down to hide the blush that painted your cheeks.

“Yeah, that sounds like fun. 

The walk then ended abruptly, as you both came to a stop in front of a large white house. “So… this is my stop.” He said dejectedly.

 "Oh. I thought it was further.“ You replied in the same tone. He seemed hesitant to walk, to let go of the umbrella handle and burst the small bubble the two of you created. 

 "Do you ever wanna not go home? Just walk until you find an adventure?” He blurted suddenly and then bristled at his own words. 

 "All the time actually, yeah. If you’re looking for adventure um, I have something in mind.“ You said hoping that was what he was implying. Instead of answering he grinned widely and nodded his head, indicating for you to lead the way. 

The two of you finally found yourself at a park, a small playground hidden in the corner of a field. You led him to the platform there and found shelter under a plastic roof. He clamored up behind you and his foot caught on the last step, catapulting him on top of you. Your head hit the edge of the slide and you groaned a little. “Oh my god are you okay, (Y/N)? I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to at all. I’m such a fucking clutz I’m so sorry.” Your eyes fluttered open and two eyes came into focus in front of you. 

Wow. He was close, and I mean close. His hand came up and gingerly touched the back of your head. He cleared his throat as he also realized the proximity between you. “There’s no blood but you’re gonna have a nasty bump.” He stammered yet didn’t move any further from you. “Can I ask you something?” He didn’t wait for your response, but shifted into a sitting position. “There’s this girl, I’ve known her for a while now and I’ve known from the moment I laid eyes on her that she was special. We don’t really talk but I think about her constantly. I really really like her but I don’t really know how to talk to her without making a fool out of myself. What do I do?” You could hear your heart shattering. The headache would pass, but this heartache seemed like it would last forever. 

Trying to make light of the situation you joked, “don’t slam her head into any slides,” yet his face fell. 

“Damn, I’ve already done that.” And grinned. As the weight of his words hit you, he leaned forward and closed the gap between you. His lips were soft as they met yours and your hand went from the back of your head to his shirt, grabbing fistfuls of it. He lifted you onto his lap yet you wanted to be even closer. His hands cupped your face and the kiss ignited fireworks. You shifted and suddenly you were falling. Once again your head hit something and you broke off of the kiss. “That’s twice in the span of 5 minutes. I bet that’s a record or something.” You smiled as you once again cradled your head. The pain didn’t matter however, because in an instant he had gripped your chin and brought you ever closer. Everything faded except for this kiss, and you dreamily thought wow I could get used to this.


Young Remus Lupin Imagine - Dating Advice from Sirius Black

One shot where you’re Remus’ study buddy and one day in the library he kisses you behind the bookshelves and the rest of the marauders see and tease you two and then it ends in more kisses and stuff? - requested by anon

I am so so so so so so so sorry I haven’t posted in like forever.  I know school has just started but I already have A TON of homework and college stuff that I need to do.  But I promise, I’ll start doing a better job of getting these requests done.

     Today was just an awful day.  Not only had I spilled my juice all over myself this morning at breakfast, Gryffindor had lost at quidditch, I had fallen down a flight of stairs, and now we had extra transfiguration homework.

     I just didn’t know if I could handle it.

     When I met Remus Lupin, one of my best friends, in the library to work on an essay, he could tell something was up, because he took one look at me and said, “What’s wrong?”

     I frowned.  “It just hasn’t been a very good day.”

     He nodded at me sympathetically, and said, “I’m sorry.  I’m sure this transfiguration essay isn’t helping much, either.”

     “Yeah, I’m pretty sure that at this point, nothing could turn my day around.”  I laughed.

     Remus arched an eyebrow at me.  “I’m not so sure about that,” he told me, before leaning in and planting a kiss on my lips.

     It took me a moment to after he pulled back before my brain started working again.  Remus never acted like that - it was way more typical of Sirius Black, Remus’ friend and a massive flirt.

     But when I looked at him again, Remus was back to normal.  He was blushing, and his hair had fallen over his eyes, and he just looked so cute and embarrassed.  So I laughed a bit, leaned in, and kissed him again.

     “HA!” Sirius shouted triumphantly from behind a bookshelf when we broke apart, “I told you that would work!”

     And then Peter Pettigrew ran up and high-fived Remus, and James Potter and Sirius hugged him like he had just caught the snitch, and both Remus and I were beet red and I knew that we would never live this down.

     But even though I was super embarrassed, Remus had made my day a lot better.

EXO react to you telling them you want to give them a blowjob

Xiumin: “Is that so… You know, actions over words and all that. Come show me.” He’d sit back on the couch, setting his book aside and resting his head on his hand, interested in seeing what you’d do next.

Luhan: He’d burst out laughing at your blunt statement, a little embarrassed and unsure how to respond. “And what am I supposed to say to that? Please do? Or is this a trap?” But his hands would come to rest on your waist.

Kris: “We’ll play fair, then.“ He’d smirk back at you, hand brushing over your outer thigh. “First me since you so kindly offered, then I’ll take care of you.” He’d quirk his eyebrow at you provocatively. “What do you say to that?”

Suho: When you whisper your intentions in his ear, he’d preemptively grab your hands in his, leaning to whisper back. “And you told me this while we’re in public just to tease me? When we get home, you’ll be lucky if I don’t just fuck your mouth.”

Lay: He’d readily agree to what you want, appreciatively moaning your name and gently running his fingers through your hair - a direct contrast to his hips arching to meet your mouth. “You’re so amazing, baobei. So lovely.”

Baekhyun: He’d snicker, spreading his legs on the bed and cockily arching an eyebrow. “Oh, so that’s how you’re playing it. So addicted that you’re asking for midnight snacks now?” He pulls you over him and into a kiss.

Chen: “What did you do wrong that you’re covering up? I’m not complaining, but I’d like to know beforehand how much I’m forgiving you for.” He’d snicker, eyebrow arched, one leg crossed over the other until you answer.

Chanyeol: “Of course y- you want to do what?” He’d stumble in his thoughts, piecing your words together again in his mind, looking completely blank. “What put the idea into your head? Not that I don’t want you to!”

D.O: His eyes follow you as you sink to your knees in front of him, a smirk tugging at the corners of his lips and his hand taking a loose grip in your hair. “Have you learned a new trick to try since last time and wanted to show off?”

Tao: Just staring at you with lust-darkening eyes after your announcement, a small smirk would grow on his lips and he’d just pull you closer, hand underneath your chin, gently squeezing your bottom jaw. “Open wide, baobei.”

Kai: Happily surprised, he’d laugh that cute embarrassed laugh of his and try to come up with the right thing to say. “Well… I’m not going to stop you. Really, out of the blue like this, though. What did I do to deserve you?”

Sehun: Anxiously excited for you to start, he’d let out a small chuckle, ridding himself of clothes quickly and smiling knowingly. “I won’t have anyone saying that I don’t give you exactly what you want.”

- Admin J