his cute bunny ears ;3;

I cried so much when I saw this image! I’m not kidding, I cried out of happiness when I saw my beautiful babies after such a long time! My God, just look at them. I let out my fangirl screams as I gazed at this amazing image.
I think some of you just how much I love GilRay ♥
We finally get to see them in color and oh boy the colors are so pretty!
They wearing matching swim shorts with that iconic pattern, Gil has flowers on his hat and his nails are so fab! My gosh Ray kept bunny ears on his hat, that’s so cute <3! I wanted to howl at the moon when I saw this majestic image xD
Ok, not howl just “kyaaaa” l, like any fangirl :))
I just love how in their fight, they always high-fived and now I’m seeing them so close, it’s so beautiful!!!
Looking forward to see them in the next chapter! Welcome back boys! Go and save Big Sister!

champagneblues  asked:

Hey! Its been awhile since I sent you a message, just wanted to stop by to tell you to have a good day! ❤️

Hello there, my darling! ❤️ I’m happy to hear from you! Thank you for the kind wish, I hope you will have a great day as well! To give it a bit of a push, here you go, a gift from me :3

(his cute ear and adorable bunny teeth on display, because I know you appreciate them just as much as I do)