his cute baby face i'm crying

okay but actually imagine heidi hansen having a scrapbook literally filled with cute baby photos of evan (the super cute ones she couldn’t leave out with his father with the dad’s face cut out or scratched out with a sharpie) and the photos slowly turn into more reluctant ones with kid evan’s smile slowly diminishing for the first day of school pictures and ones where he doesn’t seem to be having fun at recitals and other social school events until it got to the point where evan couldn’t go because his anxiety became too much and heidi didn’t have things to put in her scrapbook so she started putting the conversations they shared in there to make up for the lost space wishing to look back in the future and not remember how distant her son was to her


Moments to remember forever ♥ - VS Arashi Hawaii SP 2014.11.06

Imagine Luke and Michael meeting their adopted baby girl for the first time and Michael holds the baby in his arms and kisses her forehead and makes cute faces at her saying “hi baby girl I’m your daddy,” and then he goes to hand her to Luke but she takes one look at Luke and starts crying because he’s a giant and Michael just hits him upside the head saying “now you’ve done it asshole” while Luke stands there confused

B.A.P as Kings
  • Himchan: king of sassy comebacks and juicy thighs #SassChan
  • Jongup: king of shade (you know the face I'm talking about it's the -___- face) #ShadyJongup
  • Daehyun: king of lipservice (big ass lips + doesn't shut the fuck up + eats constantly) #WhatThatMouthDo
  • Yongguk: king of pretending like he's cool but really gives everyone second-hand embarassment with his random bursts of beautiful awkwardness #MakeBabyzCringeNotWar
  • Youngjae: king of eyefucking the camera and laughing agressively #HowHardCanIHitMyMembersInAsDiscreetAWayAsPossible
  • Zelo: king of making everyone cry because 6 months ago he was a cute lil baby and now he's like 18 feet tall and has abs #PutYourShirtBackOnYoungMan
EXO member's names(plus a little bit extra) by a 4 year old
500% based off of exo names by a 3 year old
EXO member's names(plus a little bit extra) by a 4 year old

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(Showed him this picture)

Bacon, Kungsoo, Sehn, Maksok, Yikshe, Kwish, Dongdae, Tao, Jumen, Tanol, Jongin, Luhan (he can only pronounce Tao, Jongin, and Luhan OTL)

extra baby dialogue at the end:

“Gummy Bubble”


“She have spoon she mouth!”

also here’s the D.O face he really likes doing xD

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and a few more he wanted to show everyone

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(he says his bias is Baekhyun by the way)

here’s the link to the one that inspired this

Dino/Chan being a cutiewink + kiss: a compilation

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You seem to be getting a lot of hate for being the girlfriend of Calum Hood so, on your day off, you stayed in your bunk all day. Calum senses that his little princess isn’t doing so well so he climbs into your bunk even though you wanna be alone and the bed clearly isn’t meant for two. He just wraps his arms around you and brings you as close to you as he possibly can because he wants to comfort his baby as well as he can. He’s stroking patterns into your arms and whispering cute things to you and leaving kisses on your shoulders and neck. “It’s okay, baby girl. They’re just jealous. I love you so much, princess. It’s all going to be okay.” He says. And you just fall in love with him all over again and turn so you’re facing your boyfriend. “I love you so much, Calum. Forever and always.” You say wrapping your arms around his torso.