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Mabey you could wright a Dusttale sans and genocide sans fight? I feel Like it's be interesting to see how sans feels about himself being the one who went genocide.

(*Did you guys know that I reallyreallyreally love Dusttale? )

“It’s a beautiful day outside.
Birds are singing…
Flowers are blooming.

…but you already knew that.”

Sans opens his eyesockets, staring at the hooded figure before him.  His opponent has a creepy grin permanently plastered on his face, despite the fact that he had just left a trail of dust and despair in his wake.  

Of everyone he’s judged, of all the various outcomes he’s experienced, he never in a million timelines saw this coming.

It’s unsettling seeing his own expression mirrored back to him.  The only difference is the red eyelights and thick layer of dust clinging to the other’s clothes.  

“you know what i’m about to say, dont'cha buddy?  you’ve been here before, standing on this side of the judgement hall.”

His Dust Mirror shrugs, seeming so nonplussed by the confrontation. He finally spoke up, “yeah, yeah, burning in hell, broken promises, blah blah.  i know the spiel.”

Sans’s fingers clench in his pockets, but he tries to maintain his composure.  There’s no mistaking who this skeleton is, and it’s left him rattled.

“ok, so how about something off-script?  why did you do it?”

Dust cocks his head slightly to the side, a bony brow quirking.  "why’d i go genocide?“  Sans nods, confirming the query.  "heh. you already know the answer to that, pal.  i got stuck in the loop, same as you… only eventually, my attacks stopped working.  i couldn’t kill the kid anymore.”  He pauses, his grin widening.  "so i knew i just needed some LOVE in my heart to win.“

Sans furrows his brow a little.  "what are you talking about?  you started killing to beat frisk?”

Dust twitches a little at the name.  "no–chara.  to beat chara… to save frisk.  are you telling me you don’t know?“  He chuckles, shaking his head.  Before he continues, however, he looks off to the side, his attention drawn elsewhere.  Sans doesn’t see anyone else in the Hall, yet with the way Dust’s head is tilted, it seems as if he’s… listening to someone.

“ok, but even if you beat them, don’t they just RESET?”

Dust nods slightly, but Sans doesn’t think it’s directed at him.  "you’re right.  he’s so dense.  it’s hard to believe i was ever like this.“

Dread began to pit in Sans’s gut.  ”…who are you talking to?“

Dust scoffs.  "who else?  paps.”

Sans’s gaze hardens, the recent loss of his brother biting into his SOUL.  "enough talking.  you’re nuts, so let’s just get straight to the point.“

With that, Sans opens with a quick attack.  A row of bones jutted toward his mirror, followed by several Gaster Blasters, each larger than the last. There was a whirl of magic, building into a whine, before each of their maws opened up to unleash raw energy toward Dust.  

Each bone sent Dust’s way was countered with a purple-tinted bone, and when the Gaster Blasters fired, he narrowly teleported directly behind Sans.  Anticipating this, Sans teleported to the other side, reversing their positions.  

Dust chuckles. "not bad.  i mean, you are me, but… heh, i’m stronger than you.”

Sans narrows his gaze, focusing on the other.  Instantly, the Check is performed.

* sans  250 ATK  1 DEF
* wanna have a mad time?
* LV 37

Sans is so stunned by the other monster’s LOVE that he barely dodges the purple-tinged bone that abruptly juts from the ground.

Dust’s grin widens as Sans barely dodges being skewered.  He had felt the Check, and he knew what the other would see, knew how it would quite literally rattle his bones.  


Dust glances toward the floating form of Papyrus, his bust slightly opaque, but highlighted by the bright, wafting scarf cinched around his neck.  

“you’re right, paps.  he’s only got 1 hp still… and we all know he can’t dodge forever.”

Sans shudders, his smile tighter than it’s ever been.  “yeah?  and you have more than 1 hp?”

Dust’s left eyesocket wisps purple, and he raises his hand.  “yep.  ya’see, i used to feel like you… so hopeless.  but then, i realized what i had to do.”

Sans stares, shaking his skull.  Dust unleashes another barrage of bones, and Sans nimbly dodges each with flare, sometimes leaning back, sometimes ducking, sometimes hopping up and doing the splits.  




“you had to kill everyone, huh?  kill papyrus, too?”

Dust shrugs.  “better me killing him than the human.  besides… paps is still here.”  He tilts his skull toward the side, and while Sans doesn’t see anything there, Dust sees his brother’s phantom bust floating around him, coming over to speak close to the side of his face. 


“paps is happier this way.  paps understands that i did what’s right.”

Sans rolls his shoulders, chuckling humorlessly.  “you’ve become everything you wanted to stop, and you don’t even see it.  buddy, i know you’re not that blind.  or maybe you really can’t see with your freaky eyes.”

Dust grinned wider.  Integrity…. Justice…. who needed those traits when he had Determination?  That red tinge to his gaze was just that, shining through.  “i can see clearer than i have in hundreds of timelines, pal.  besides… don’t act like you’re LOVEless.  i’m you, remember?”

Sans gritted his teeth together and snapped his fingers.  In an instant, Dust’s SOUL turned blue.  “ y o u ‘ r e  w r o n g .“  And with hollow, empty sockets, Sans sent Dust flying across the Judgement Hall, into a nearby pillar.  Dust chuckled, shaking his head.  The attack would have been easy enough to counter, but he wasn’t worried.  He hadn’t been lying when he told Sans that he had more than 1 HP, so why not prove it?  Why not let him see how much HoPe there was to be gained from his way of handling their mutual problem?  

A bone jutted from Dust’s shoulder, jagged and broken.  He crushed it in his palm.  “still only 1 ATK.  you’re pitiful.”


“heh, hurts a lot, coming from you.”  Sans shrugs, his hands still casually in his pockets.  “i would never kill paps.  i don’t care how many times all of us die.  i’ll never stop trying to get through to frisk, and i would never hurt my brother.”

His gaze is hard; his sockets dark.  Dust’s shoulders shake briefly, before he starts all-out laughing, holding his sides as he loses his composure.  “ah ha… haha… AHAHAHAHAHA!  that’s hilarious!”  Dust wipes a purple-tinged tear from the rim of an orbit.  “never?  never ever?  sans, buddy, pal–look at me.”  He stops laughing to lock gazes with Sans directly.  

“y o u   a l r e a d y  h a v e . ”

Another bone goes through Dust.  And then another.  And another.  Sans rapidly fires them through the other skeleton, while Dust starts cackling again.  

“you must really hate yourself, huh?  too bad it’ll take you hundreds of…. of….”

Dust trails off, suddenly wobbling.  He tries to catch himself on a bone, but ends up landing on his knees on the Judgement Hall.  


Dust’s vision starts to blur as Sans steps forward, his slippers slapping against the polished floor.  

“welp, you know what they say…”  He stops right in front of Dust, his grin wide and humorless.  “karma’s a bitch.”

Karmic Retribution.  Of course.  He should have realized what was going on.  After all, the the purple tint to his eye was born from that brand of magic.
But he was used to using it against Chara, against their LOVE.  

He forgot entirely that his special attack as Judge could be used against him as well.  

Dust drops his skull, his reflection staring back at him in the shiny, golden tile.  He can see Papyrus, floating beside him with worry weighing heavily on his features.  “heh, don’t worry, paps.  i’ll see you again soon.”

Dust raises his gaze to Sans, listening to the sound of a Gaster Blaster whirling to life from somewhere off to his right.  

“get the hell out of my timeline, and don’t come back.”

A smirk crosses Dust’s face.  “don’t worry.  we’ll meet again soon.”

He chuckles.

“only next time, it’ll be when you’re looking in a mirror.”

And then the Gaster Blaster turns him into nothing but dust, while Sans grimly watches.

(* Mobile Imagine Masterlist
I’m going to start including that at the bottom of all my imagines, if I can.  )

Colors [Part 1] (Suga x Reader fanfic)

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Part 2

Part 3 

Part 4

Title : Colors

Rating: Mature

Genre: Angst/fluff

word count: 1882

Part 1 : RED

I still remember precisely it was around 5:30 in the evening, I was getting ready for my date with Yungjae. Yungjae was my long time high school crush. After our graduation ceremony on Thursday he had come up to me and out of nowhere asked “if I wanted to go on a date with him this weekend?”  I couldn’t believe my ears and I had to look back to see if he was really talking to me. I said “yes” with so much excitement it almost sounded too desperate.  In truth, I wasn’t anything special. I wasn’t super pretty; I wasn’t very good at studies either and I had zero fashion sense. So why would a guy like Yungjae, who was smart, good looking and talented ask someone like me on date. It baffled me. Yungjae looked like he popped straight out of some k-drama and I, on the other hand, was just ‘average’.

It was Saturday; I decided to wear my faded skin tight jeans, a simple tee and a jacket on top of that for the date. I didn’t like wearing dresses when it was cold outside.  I put on a little makeup, wrapped the big scarf around my neck and headed outside. Yungjae had said he would pick me up from the bus stop near my house at 6:00. But I was so excited I reached the bus stop at 5:40. And I waited. And I waited some more. Looked at my watch it was “6:02”. Then it was ‘6:10’ just like that, it was already ‘6:30’.  Then there was that sudden realization that maybe he had ditched me. Maybe it was all just a prank and he never meant an actual date. As I was getting up, my phone rang. I looked at the caller id “Yungjae’’. I picked it up immediately.


”Ah..y/n! So sorry for being so late. I got stuck with some work”

“No, it’s okay.Even I came here a little late” I lied. “You’re coming right?”

“umm.. I can’t come to the bus stop. Can you like, come to the alley next to the coffee shop? Just take a left from the coffee shop and in that alley my car is parked. A black Toyota.I’ll be waiting there for you.” Yungjae’s breathing was heavy. It sounded like he was running; maybe there was a lot of work. Though I didn’t knew what he did for work he was still nice enough to go on a date even after such a hectic day.

“Okay. I’ll be there in 20” with that he hung up the phone and I started walking towards the coffee shop. Coffee shop was only 15mins away from the bus stop. It was already 6:45 and the sun was going down. I walked a little faster and reached the coffee shop in 10mins, took a left turn for the alley. The alley was dimly lit; I looked around for a black Toyota and found one parked nearby. But Yungjae was nowhere to be seen. I leaned against the car, still waiting for him to show up. I looked at my watch again, and it was 7:15. I thought maybe I should call him once just to make sure. Just as I was getting my phone out of my purse and hand gently tapped on my shoulder. I turned around and saw boy standing in front of me. Not very tall, but still taller than me.  His hair was dark red and he was wearing a white shirt with tie and black formal pants. It was weird to see someone wearing something like that at this hour.  Even though I couldn’t see his whole face properly I could tell he was smiling ear to ear. And it kind of creeped me out.

Originally posted by spongecakechimchim

.“It’s dangerous for a young lady like you to be out here at this hour…” the man said with a creepy grin. His voice was sultry enough to send a shiver down my spine. That’s when I realized how close he was standing to me. I moved to the side a little.
“uhh.. I’m here with someone. He just had some errands. He will be back soon” I said with a little hesitation.
The man backed up a little. Now both his hands in his pocket. He was still grinning.

“Oh I didn’t realize. This must be his car then” he said as he pointed at the car I was leaning on.
“Yes” I said and the man laughed in a somewhat mocking tone.
“I’m just looking out for you. Like a good human being should, you know? World is such a dangerous place after all and sweet flowers like you…” I could feel him staring at me, as he leaned in closer. Staring at every inch of my body while he was towering over me. I was so creeped by now I didn’t even look up and I kept my eyes stuck to the ground. 

“Flowers like you, they get plucked so easily.” He whispered in my ear while  putting a strand of hair behind my ear. I wanted to run away. Scream or slap him but at that moment I froze. I couldn’t even move a muscle. My whole body was paralyzed.

“Anyways, take care of yourself sweet pea!” he said before turning around and walking away. I looked at him and saw he was gone. He just disappeared in the darkness. Making me wonder if he was even real or was I just seeing things?
By now I was so scared that I didn’t care about any date or any ‘Yungjae’. All I wanted to do right now was go home and comfortably curl up in my bed and forget about everything that just happened. As I was about to turn around and go home I heard a familiar voice call out my name.

“Y/N!” from a distance, under the street light I saw Yungjae waving at me. I took a sigh of relief, finally.

He jogged towards me. At that moment I swear I wanted to hug him so tight.

“Hey, sorry y/n for being so late. You know I had so much work to do. But I’ll make it up to you, I promise” he said as took one of my hands and stroked it with his thumb and gave me a big smile. It made me blush a little. I almost forgot about the whole ‘red hair guy’ incident.

“um y/n.. I have a surprise for you! Yungjae said as he intertwined his fingers with mine while we were walking down the street.
“Surprise? Yungjae where are you-“but before I could finish Yungjae was dragging me along with him to the nearby park.

We entered the small children’s park and Yungjae told me to stay there until he returned. And I was alone again. Something felt too off about this place. I didn’t know what it was but something just didn’t feel right. But I just brushed it off since Yungjae was here now. As I was waiting for him, I heard a faint ‘crunching’ sound. Like someone stepped on a dried leaf or something. I looked behind me and there was no one. I was sure I was losing my mind now. First, the ‘red head’ now I was hearing noises. What is wrong with me?

I heard it again. I realized someone was here.

“Yungjae is that you?” I asked. No reply.

And then I heard footsteps. Coming, closer and closer. Until I heard a familiar voice behind me. Only this time it wasn’t Yungjae.

“If it isn’t the brave little flower…”

This time I saw his face. I would be lying to myself if I said he wasn’t gorgeous. His glossy red hair parted in the middle fell perfectly on his forehead, His ‘v’ shaped face and the strong jaw line. He was muscular I could tell but it was his lips that caught my attention. The plump lips, curved up in a small smile. Something so sinister was lurking behind that beautiful face.

“You? What the fuck are you doing here! “I screamed at him. 

“woah woah.. Little flower, Calm down.  I told you I’m only looking out for you” he said coming a little closer. The creepy smirk still on his face.

“Why don’t you back the fuck up? I can take care of myself” I warned him. But in all honesty I was freaked out. I wanted to run but I knew, looking at the man’s physic, I wouldn’t get very far.

He completely ignored what I said and kept walking towards me.  “You’re sassy. But stupid too!” he said before yanking my wrist and pushing me hard against the tree that was behind me. Back of my head hit the tree so hard it brought tears to my eyes.
“oh no don’t cry little flower..” he said his hands still  holding my wrist tightly above my head. His beautiful face suddenly wasn’t so beautiful anymore instead it turned into something vicious. His teeth grinding together and nails digging into my wrists. I could feel his hot breath on my face.
“Let me go..” I pleaded now with Tears in my eyes. But he didn’t listen. Back of my head was throbbing, my arms were starting to ache and his nails digging into my wrist were starting to bleed. When suddenly…

JIMIN!” I heard Yungjae’s voice.

And the red head, who now, had a name, loosened his grip. When I saw Yungjae I pushed ‘Jimin’ with full force and ran towards him.  
I jumped to hug Yungjae and wrapped my arms around him and started crying on his chest but to my surprise Yungjae never hugged me back. Instead I heard him say
“Aaish!” and then he pushed me back. I stumbled to the ground. 

He started to dust off his jacket and gave me a disgusted look “What do you think you’re doing? You know how expensive this fucking jacket is!” I didn’t understand what he was saying.  Why would he act so cold towards me now?

“Yungjae! This psychopath just tried to rape me and you care more about your jacket!!” My anger started to rise up.

He stared right at me and with his one hand grabbed my collar and said “This jacket is way more expensive than your pathetic life!”  And that’s when I slapped him, hard. With all my strength.  All the anger I had for Jimin I used it up to slap Yungjae. Somewhere in the back I heard jimin say “Fuck!”

And before I could make out anything Yungjae’s hand were around my throat. He was tightening his grip by the second. I was on the ground and he was on top of me. I was gasping for air. I tried to scratch his face and push him off but after some time I started losing my strength and things started to go blur. I heard Yungjae say something like “YOU.FUCKING.BITCH” his face started to contort in anger, just like Jimin. Except Yungjae’s face was way uglier than jimin. And I heard jimin in the back sniggering.  And then everything went black.


About that weird smile: so TTV mentioned a theory about his constant and kinda creepy grin. So in the the part where they are all gathered in the Bounty and they all (mostly) agree to give their lives to Ninjago, there is one voice that isn’t linked up to a mouth. There’s no way that’s careless but it looks like a mistake.


WHAT IF it’s part of Zane’s character that he only has programmed expressions and just “speaks” like other robots INSTEAD of having normal and more humane expressions like in the show? So like he has a happy face, sad face, angry face, serious face, etc- but speaks his dialogue like…well think C3P0 but with facial expressions.

I don’t know…I actually think that’s a really cool idea and twist on Zane. Sure, it makes it more obvious that he’s a robot but I wonder what his movie arc will be. I just thought that was cool and I wanted to share that.

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Sorry if I'm bothering you but can I ask how would ut, uf bros and grillby react to their s/o wearing only a bra and underwear when they came back from work.

(Saucy :3c)

UT Sans: “you got some nice punderwear there…he”, not his best pun, but to his defence, he is kind of distracted at the moment.  He will sneakily feel the fabric, everytime he gets the opportunity. But mostly he will just lean bac, and let you do your thing, throwing a pretty long glanze at you from time to time. Not a bad view to relaxe to after work.

UT Papyrus: He covers his eyes. He doesn’t know if you are alrigth with him looking at you, so he blindly fumbles past you, trying to get some  clothes for you. If you tell him it’s alrigth, he will look at you trough his fingers, blushing sligthly. He will look at you for the rest of the day, always averting his gaze fast, blushing more. He doesn’t know how to handle this situation properly, help him please.

UT Grillby: Will ask you if you are to warm. Poor fire-man is always afraid he may burn or overheat you, so he wants to make sure you aren’t uncomfortable. After he is sure that his warmth isn’t the reason for your appearance, he actually takes a close look at you and his flame turns a brigther yellow. “You……..look nice…”, he isn’t a man of big words, but he really likes how you look that way, and how you look in generall. He will hug you from behind, everytime he walks past you for the rest of the day.

UF Sans: He looks after you everywhere you go, not even looking away when you look back at him questioningly. He licks his lips, drinking in your entire, wonderfull body. He keeps his hands to himself at first, mostly interested in just watching. But everytime you come close enough, he will playfully tug at your bra straps. He is to lazy to actually go after you, but looking doesn’t requier that much movement, so he will settle for that.

UF Papyrus: Will literally throw a shirt at you immidiatly, screaming about how this is not appropriated clothing for a cold place like snowdin.  His cheekbones are dusted redish. he won’t get you any pants though, always trowing a glanze in your direction until you decide to put some on yourself. He really likes your nice legs, especially withouth fabric in the way.

UF Grillby: He will pull you on his lap, to “keep you warm”. After all it can be pretty chilly in the house. He will slowly stroke every inch of your body, still fascinated by your, to him, cool skin. He will also admirer your clothes, or lack therefor. You should run around like that way more often, he would even turn up the heat in the house if that would mean you would wear less clothes. Hes pretty thirsty for sentient fire.

(And now imagine Sans staring at you, with his creepy shark-grin everywhere you go. I would hide in a closet <.<)

Mod Kiibo is back and you better believe it!

Prompt: The ndrv3 boys reacting to a shy S/O.

Saihara Shuichi:

-The shyest couple of the year right here!

-In public, everything that the both of you do will result in both of you blushing immediately.

-Eye contact? Blush

-Hugging? Blush

-Saying that you love each other? Blush

-However, when it is just the two of you together, you are both very sweet to each other

-…except when Ouma walks in and teases you two, but you two have a secret agreement to chase him away whenever it happens.

Ouma Kokichi:

-He would tease his S/O so much just because why not?

-He pranks you as much as he can so he can see your reaction and how much he can get you to blush.

-He often hugs you randomly and secretly loves when you hug him back.

-Even though he teases his S/O so much, he will protect you.

-He will literally drag you away when he sees that you are uncomfortable and will give the people who you were talking to his creepy grin to scare them away from HIS S/O.

Rantarou Amami:

-He thinks that it is the cutest thing that you are shy!

-He occasionally lowkey teases his S/O to see her blush even more.

-Amami would probably play around with your shyness at first, but if he sees that it is getting serious, he will be there for you as quickly as possible and try to calm you down.

Gonta Gokuhara:

-He is a HUGE softie and would help you whenever you get too nervous or if you are having a problem.

-He will pull you right out of a conversation while saying sorry to the other people.

-Gonta wouldn’t realize that he might be squeezing your hand way to tightly whenever you got nervous, but you wouldn’t say anything because you knew that he was trying his best.

-He loves that sometimes you will spend time with his bugs with him to get away from large crowds of people.

-Would love to carry you and give you big hugs, but he respects that you don’t like people touching you a lot, so he wants until you say that it is okay for him to do so.

Korekiyo Shinguuji:

-Korekiyo would take you outside to a park whenever you needed to calm down.

-Together you two would sit in silence, where he waits to make sure that it is okay to touch you as he knows that you aren’t too fond of people touching you.

-Sometimes he would brush your hair with his fingers and braid it, and he would occasionally let you do it to him as well.

Kaito Momota:

-He doesn’t like making you feel too uncomfortable, but he still loves to make you blush.

-He thinks it is adorable when you blush and makes sure to tell you how cute you are to make you blush even harder.

-He tells his S/O how much he loves them just to see how much they blush.

When you are feeling shy or uncomfortable around someone, he will make sure that he immediately runs up and helps you out.

Ryoma Hoshi:

-Whenever you get too nervous, he takes you to the park where you two can peacefully sit under a tree or on a bench to help you calm down.

-Hoshi and you make a special code together that will signal for him to get you away from whoever made you uncomfortable.

-He will confront anyone who makes his S/O uncomfortable, keeping it a secret so you wouldn’t worry.


-When he first sees you blush out of shyness, he immediately tries to make sure that you aren’t sick.

-You try your best to explain that you are just really shy and that you’re just blushing.

-He is confused why someone like you would be so shy since you are by far the best person that he knows.

-Even though he is very confused about why you are shy, he still tries his best to comfort you.

-Kiibo is very cautious about making sure that you aren’t ever in a situation that you feel uncomfortable with.

-He makes sure to keep the fact that he think that you are adorable when you blush to himself.

~Art not mine nya!! ~ Jet

I was never really a jealous person, per se. I was just jealous of that cute, white, furry, fluffball he was playing with!

It was about a week ago, when Saeyoung somehow managed to get Jumin’s cat, Elizabeth the 3rd out of Jumin’s penthouse. How did that even f**king happen?! Almost instantly after Saeyoung got home with her, I got a call from Jumin. He was petrified. After I explained to him what I believe to had happened, he just snapped. He began to swear and just scream into the phone.

After I had calmed Jumin down, he explained to me that he trusts me to make sure that Saeyoung doesn’t hurt, or abuse Elizabeth. He trusts me? Sweet.

Now, today, Saeyoung brings Elizabeth back to Jumin and simply comes back home, to find me sitting on the couch, hugging my knees with my phone in hand. He had ignored me the entire week Elizabeth was here. He didn’t even notice I was upset. He just smiled, got a bag of Honey Buddha Chips and sat at his computer desk.

Hours pass when he finally spins his chair around to stare at me. He awkwardly scooted the chair over to the couch and stared at me dead in the face. Heh, he has chip crumbs all over his mouth..cute.

“Hey, MC, why the loooong face?”

I looked up, just so he could see my pouty face. “How could you love a cat more than me?”

A large, slightly disturbing grin formed on his lips as he spoke. “Oh? You’re not jealous of Elly, are you MC?”

I could feel the heat rising up into my cheeks. I quickly looked away to hide the sudden blush. I don’t turn my head , but I look in his direction. Seeing his creepy, but cute grin made me stutter. “M..Maybe…”

He almost instantly leaped from his computer chair and tackled me. I was now laying on my back with Saeyoung sitting on top of me. I tried to push him off, but it was no use. He was so much bigger than me. He grabbed both of my hands in one of his and pinned my arms above my head. I swear, my cheek MUST be burning bright red by now.

He leans down and gently press his lips against me. He does love me, doesn’t he? I was just over reacting.

He soon pulled away and began speaking in a soothing, soft tone.

“Do you seriously think, I, God Seven Zero Seven, ever in a million years forget his goddess?”

Okay, I was done for. The world will forget Saeyoung Choi’s girlfriend. My breath will be erased.

His grin formed once again. He let my hands go and smiled softly. I tried to sit up, but I couldn’t. He was still on top of me.

I blinked in confusion as I stared up at him. He lifted his hands into the air and wiggled his fingers.

He brought them down close to my stomach and sighed. “Forgive me, MC”

He then began to viciously tickle me.

Oh no! he knows where all my ticklish spots are!

I just began to laugh loudly. My laugh sounded so bad…like a dying seal.

He really didn’t seem to mind. He said it was cute in its own way.

“S-Saeyoung! Stop! H-Hahahah!! I plead mercy!!”

“What’s the magic word, MC?!”

He yelled as he continued his tickling.

“Please!” I cried out as tears began to form in my eyes.

He instantly stopped when I said please. He then proceeded to climb off me and attempt to pull me into his lap.

I just sat still. “Hey, Saeyoung. Can you lay down for me for a second?”

He blinked, but proceeded to lie down on the couch next to me. I pulled my sweater collar over my mouth and grinned like a maniac. I will get my revenge soon Saeyoung Choi.

I pulled my collar back down and crawled onto Saeyoung’s stomach, staring down at him. Both of our cheeks were reddened.

I closed my eyes as a grin, quite similar to his formed on my lips. His cheeks were no longer red. His eyes though, were filled with terror. “MC…come on..please.” No..mercy

I gave him something he deserved. A very vicious tickle attack. He then began to laugh loudly as I tickled him. “MC! T-This is betrayal!!”


@theidura – When he sensed that a demon had set foot in his parlor, Undertaker wasn’t sure what to expect. It didn’t sound like the young earl was around, and it didn’t make sense to him for the butler to visit on his own since the three all knew who Undertaker preferred his laughs from. He knew better than to assume too quickly, however, deciding he would roll with his typical old cockney mortician act until, well.. he was given a reason not to. 

He made his way to the front of his parlor, having been dusting in the back. It was long overdue for a tidying up, honestly. He glanced over at the visitor with a creepy grin, his bright chartreuse hues glinting with curiosity behind long silver bangs. “Why, hello there~” he greeted, his fingers interlaced. “Might I be measuring you for one of my coffins today, or might I help you with something else?”

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Oh god I´m so uber late for this but 37 or 38 from the au prompts! and if either of those dont tickle your fancy I´m all for 49 too. (who am I kidding, I´d love anything you write, I mean you got me hooked on the consentacles story and I never expected that)

This is taking me so atrociously long, so I decided to start posting it in section. I didn’t forget you, promise! I chose “Meeting in Prison AU” This first part is coming in a little under 3800 words.

Tony took a slow breath, swallowed hard, and straightened his shoulders. It was no different than walking into a board room, a press room, a party. Stand up straight, pull the shoulders down, relax the face. Smile. No, not a smile – not this time. Look strong, look unconcerned, look ready to take on a lion with his bare hands. The door opened with a loud buzz and a sharp clang. Tony’s shoulders twitched back, not a wince, just. Tension. A minor crick in his neck.

The noise was not the same as a club. Not the same as a press conference. It was a hollow, echoing noise. A high school cafeteria noise. Tony had only been in high school for a year, and he’d hated every moment of it. He wasn’t nine anymore, but he felt the same sinking twist in his stomach as he passed through the door. Concrete floors, poured concrete tables, plastic chairs. Tan, everywhere, tan.

Don’t look. Tony kept his eyes up, relaxed his hands around the bundle of cloth in his arms. He followed the gesture of the CO’s hand up the stairs – concrete, metal railing, fourteen stairs, each stair 9” with an 8” rise. They turned to the left, followed the catwalk around. Tony counted as they passed each cell (6x10’, bunk beds, toilet, sink.) – six cells, bars 6” apart, approximately 3” in diameter.

“Home, sweet home,” the CO told him, stopping at the 7th cell. Tony stopped as well and turned to face it. It was no different than the six before it, 10 feet long and 6 feet wide with the beds pressed against the right hand wall. The bottom bunk was naked, a 3” mattress of a cheap tweed fabric folded in thirds on the metal frame. The top bunk was neatly made with a gray institutional blanket and white pillow that matched the set in Tony’s arms exactly. It looked no different from the other six, but it was different, because this one was ‘his.’

“Brought me a new friend, Wicks?”

Tony’s knees unlocked – it had only been a second, maybe three. It was okay, acceptable to examine his new living space before stepping aside – he moved into the cell as another man approached from the left and leaned against the wall.

“Play nice, Killian,” the CO rumbled.

“I’m always nice,” Killian answered, but the CO just snorted and moved away.

Tony made himself busy straightening the mattress out and pulling the sheets over it. He was aware of the other man’s eyes on him, but ignoring people was something he was very good at. He set the pillow down at the head of the bed and straightened up.

“Welcome to my humble abode,” Killian greeted once Tony finally turned to face him. He was a lean man with well-defined shoulders and arms, a trim waist, and a sharp jaw. Despite all of that, he still managed to look mousy.

“Very homey,” Tony observed, taking in Killian and the small space with a broad sweep of his eyes. The walls above the top bunk were decorated with pictures – half a dozen pinups, a postcard of Times Square, an old photograph of a man with buck teeth and a mess of scraggly straw hair. He bore a passing resemblance to Killian and could have been a younger brother, though from the state of the photograph, Tony guessed they would have been very close in age.

“Well,” Killian said with a broad, attractive smile (though his teeth were strangely yellow for as much work as had obviously gone into them), “Make yourself at home, Stark. We’re going to be friends for a long time.”


Sitting on the table, Clint watched Tony Stark walk through the commons room and up the stairs. He was a fine showman, ambled through the area like he was on a tour instead of being lead to a cell that he would, if he carried out his whole sentence, occupy for thirty years. Despite the confident swagger, Clint noticed the flicker of his eyes as he examined the cellblock, the slight twitch of his lips as if he were recording his own thoughts, the hesitation at the cell door. Clint noticed Killian slithering down the catwalk toward them and realized that Stark must have been put in his cell.

Goddamnit, like his job wasn’t hard enough already. Nat owed him so big for all this. He sighed and dropped forward to put his chin in his hand.

“Lovesick sighs for the newbie?” Pietro asked, twisting over his shoulder to look up at the catwalk. Stark wasn’t visible anymore, but they could see Killian leaning on the wall with one of his creepy grins. “Just what this place needs. Another fuckin’ bigshot who still thinks the world bows down to him.” He shook his head and turned back to his book, licking his thumb to turn the page.

Clint made a noise of agreement, but sighed again and stood up. Pietro glanced up at him curiously, but Clint didn’t bother to explain. He nodded to Steve, Dum Dum, James, and Thor as he passed their poker game. Steve’s eyes followed him, just as curious as Pietro’s, but he didn’t get up. Clint wasn’t surprised that he was getting looks – he was nominally under Steve’s protection, but he wasn’t really a part of any group and he did his best to keep to himself, keep his head down, and not draw attention. Approaching their newest high-profile white collar corporate embezzler was NOT the way to avoid drawing attention.

He took the stairs two at a time, smiled at Jack when the CO gave him a suspicious look from the opposite side of the catwalk. Clint obediently slowed to a walk and hooked his thumbs in his waistband for want of pockets. Killian had moved so that he was in the cell’s doorway, hands on the upper bars, leaning in and blocking Stark’s escape.

“Tony!” Clint said brightly with a big, fake grin, neatly shouldering Killian out of the way. Stark gave him a blank look, but Clint just leaned in and grabbed his sleeve, tugging him out of the bunk. Killian’s pinched face looked even more pinched than usual, but he didn’t say anything as Clint led Stark out of the cell.

“Don’t let yourself get corned by that guy,” Clint advised as they turned the corner back to the stairs.

“He doesn’t worry me,” Stark said dismissively.

Clint rolled his eyes, but he got it. Couldn’t look weak his first day of school. “Whatever, man. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Right. And who are you?”

“Clint Barton.” He didn’t offer his hand to shake, and Stark just laughed.

“My new best friend?” he guessed nastily.

“God, no.” Clint shuddered, feeling his lip curl up. He stopped at the bottom of the stairs and turned to face Stark. “Look, to be honest, I don’t really give a shit what happens to a spoiled pissbaby who finally got caught with his hand in other people’s cookie jars, but I owe a friend and favor. My friend asked me to look out for you. So here I am, looking out for you.”

Stark’s eyes narrowed and he examined Clint up and down. His gaze was unsettlingly focused, and Clint felt like he was being flayed open. “Who’s your friend?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

Stark nodded slowly. “I don’t need you,” he said after a brief pause for consideration. “Tell your friend that I can take care of myself.”

“Not an option,” Clint said. So maybe he hadn’t approached it the best possible way – no one in prison wanted to hear that they were being taken under someone else’s wing and didn’t have a choice about it. “I don’t want anything out of you.”

“Never heard that before,” Stark muttered, but he didn’t look moved in the slightest. He glanced up to where Killian was leaning on the upper rail, staring down at them. Stark looked back down to Clint, eyes cold and face set in a perfect mask that Clint wasn’t sure actually was a mask. “Just stay out of my way, Barton.”

“Stark –!”

“Who’s your friend, Clint?”

Clint felt Steve walking up behind him more than he heard or saw him. The man was over six feet tall with a chest built like a pyramid turned upside-down, but a lot of guys in the cellblock were. Steve didn’t get his presence from the muscles layered thick over his frame, but from something harder to identify. He wasn’t a man to cross, but he wasn’t an attack dog taking over territory either. In the three years that Clint had been on the fringes of his group, he’d yet to see Steve abuse his illusory authority or take the first swing in a fight. Clint was just hoping Steve and Stark hit it off – it would make his job so much easier.

“Steve, meet Tony Stark. Stark, meet Steve.” He gestured in between them. Steve held out a hand, but Stark just looked down at it like it might be diseased. Steve let his hand fall after a moment, his shoulders straightening and jaw firming up.  

Hitting it off: Definitely not.

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Is it cool if I share some headcanons? Because I have a lot of feels about deaf!Hinata. Like, I imagine him signing with such gusto and excitement, limbs flailing. Imagine Kageyama learning sign language and being so deliberate and precise in his movements. Hinata definitely having a thing for Kageyama's hands. Hinata being self-conscious about speaking. Kageyama and Hinata practically reading each other's minds their so in sync. Hinata calling out for a toss for the first time.

YES IT IS VERY COOL my goodness thank you. I didn’t know it was possible to draft so many feelings into one measly ask-box-length paragraph, wow.

I can just imagine what you’re describing—Hinata’s already always moving, and sign language is so beautiful—I’m sure Kageyama (and half the school if they paid attention) is pulled to him like a moth to a flame. As to Kageyama’s precise movements… we already know he can learn things he cares about in no time flat (the signing for tosses) and he and Hinata sync up almost immediately, despite the fact that Hinata keeps watching those capable hands and getting side-tracked. Whenever something comes up, either one of them only has to get through half a sentence, usually, before the other gets the gist, and the rest of the team berates them because they don’t get to practice their signing enough. When Hinata finally calls for a toss the whole team is grinning, but none wider than Kageyama.

(and it’s not one of his creepy grins, either; when Hinata turns and sees it he resolves to make it happen again)

Guilt Trip 2/2

pairing: jikook

# of words: 3,345

notes: tattoo parlor AU that wouldn’t leave my head since jimin’s brilliant performance at the 2014 MAMAs (two-shot) (part one)

now that i finally got this out of my head i’m going to start working on all the pending requests so expect updates over the next weekend!! hope i didn’t disappoint!

It just so happened that Jeongguk’s brother had a boyfriend named Taehyung.

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