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Cute Little Family

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imagine: you and scott go out to get a puppy together and things end up getting heatedly. 

warnings: cursing, oral sex (both receiving), fingering, public sex. I guess that’s it. 

word count: 2420

“I still think this is a bad idea, honey.”

“Oh, no, Scott.” I muttered whilst shaking my head in denial, not believing for a second that he would dare to start up with that shit again. “We’re getting a puppy and that’s it. Don’t even try to talk me out of it, you know you suck at arguing with me.”

“Fine. This isn’t over, though.”


Giggling, I left the frowning man behind and started to explore the huge house, watching closely the distinct breeds of dogs scattered in small white fences. This particular place was a farm upstate, meaning that we had to travel for a couple of hours to get there, but I was so excited that I didn’t even mind.

Ever since I was a kid, I always enjoyed a lot the animal company, choosing every time to be amongst them rather than being with the ordinary humans. However, due to my parents’ work, I kept moving from city to city, which forbid me to have a pet of my own. Of course it saddened me deeply, but I understood the reasons beneath it and I learnt to work things out.

Everything changed when I moved to small town called Beacon Hills. My dad started working at the police station and my mum at the local Hospital, both at firm jobs, therefore allowing us to finally have a spot to call ours. Yet, that wasn’t why I loved it so much. It was there I met the most amazing people in world, my friends, and a super stubborn boyfriend, whom I admired to the bone, despite his apparent hate towards dogs. Might be the competition though, considering the boy is an alpha werewolf.

Oh, yes! My caring partner, besides being that, was also a supernatural creature. The most powerful of them. And I was his mate. It is sort of a complicated story.

“How do you like them so far?” Scott quizzed, gripping my shoulders and pulling me towards his chest, leaning in so he could kiss the crook of my neck, sending chills all the way down my spine. “Huh, babe?”

“Stop that.” I purred back, eyes slightly hooded. “I don’t want to rip your clothes off and ride you in front of all these adorable puppies.”

“If you keep talking like that, I’m the one who’s going to do the ripping.”

I laughed, pulling out of his embrace and tuning around, capturing a gaze filled with sin. The smirk that curled his lips wasn’t exactly pure either. Urgh, I was going to kill him for doing that to me in public spaces, especially when he knew I was right about to enter my heat period.

“You smell so damn good…” His voice sounded extremely soft on my ear, again erupting a series of jitters. I just couldn’t resist the sensations the black haired boy gave to me. “Fuck, babe.”

“Stop with teasing me, Scott…”

Upon hearing those words, McCall swiftly pressed me up against a wall, sucking love bites on every ounce of skin his tongue managed to find. In the light of such actions, the wetness inside my panties started to increase considerably, making me throw my head back, feeling his hands sneak down, finding the hem of my dress and playing with it as he kept savouring me. I couldn’t avoid the strangled moan that left my lips.

“Sh, we don’t want anyone to hear it, do we?”

I nodded weakly and watched while Scott got down on his knees, yanking my hips closer to his face. Afterwards, the boy stuck his head in between my legs without reservations; I could feel his warm breath fanning over my clothed pussy, making me clench instantaneously in anticipation. He placed a single kiss on it, his tongue slowly sliding down, wetting the fabric with his saliva.

“My poor wolfy needs her alpha, doesn’t she?” Another pant crawled out my lips whilst I blurted out an “yes”. He chuckled, strongly gripping the back of my thighs, poking my clit with his nose. I wasn’t going to last long if he kept this game going. “Very well, I must fulfill her wish then.”

My boyfriend pushed my knickers to one side, revealing my throbbing core, and didn’t hesitate to dive into it. While his mouth done wonders, I felt two digits being pushed inside my slit, hitting sweet spots and provoking a couple of low groans. Senseless, I instinctively bucked my hips forwards, trying to deepen the intimate contact. Scott growled, pinning them on the wall, speeding up the pace, thus bringing me insanely close to a damn good orgasm.

“Oh, shit.” I muttered, chewing my bottom lip to avoid the pornographic sounds I so desperately wanted to make. “I love the way your pretty tongue licks my clit, babe. Keep doing just that. Fuck.”

“Does my baby girl want to be fucked by it?”

Although the tall man had made a question, he sure as hell didn’t give me time to answer it. In a blink of an eye, my leg was placed on his shoulder, widening my entrance to him, nearly making it look like I was a buffet and he was going to feast on it. His fingers were drawn out of my aching pussy, they were glistening with my juices still when Scott began circling my bundle of nerves with them. However, the breaking point was the silky touch of his tongue on my core, pounding in and out at a hellish stride.

A couple of more thrusts, along the constant stroking, and I came loudly, yelling for him. His name falling over and over again from my lips. I couldn’t help it. My entire form was shaking. Plus, if Scott wasn’t holding me, I would have fallen to the ground, for my legs were limp. My high had won me over completely.

With a proud smile on his lips, McCall stood up straight, snaking an arm around my waist to keep me in a normal standing position. I was still breathless when an old lady showed up, her eyebrows scrunched together, and asked if we were okay. The glasses lying on the tip of her nose made her look severer than she probably was, which drove me to be nervous, because I was clearly doing something I shouldn’t.

“Oh yeah, thanks.” Scott waved her off, wearing his good boy smile. The woman’s traits softened and she walked to us, offering to show us around. “That would be lovely.”

“Than come along.” She said, after Scott happily accepted her proposition. “We will hopefully found a perfect pet for you.”

“I’m sure we will!”

With the lady explaining each breed’s particularities, I found myself more and more in doubt of which I should take home. Also, I was a bit tipsy from the mind blowing climax from earlier. Although I didn’t want to, my mind kept going back to those scenes, getting my panties soaked up all over again.

Scott cleared his throat, forcing me to look at a small litter of German shepherd puppies which were grunting and clawing the small white fence that held them together. The second I laid my eyes on those little things, I knew it had to be love at first sight.

“Those.” I said, approaching the gorgeous babies. There, I knelt, exposing my knuckles to them, feeling the puppies biting them playfully. Yes, it was damn right choice. “I want one.”

“Oh, they are lovely! I’m sure it will fit you well if you want protection.”

“That’s not my worry. But I’ll take one anyway.”

“Alright.” The woman nodded lightly. “Do you want a male or female?”





“I’m the one who’s choosing.”

“But I don’t want a male dog!”

“Sadly, that is not up to you.” I picked up one, once the lovely lady told me which ones were male, and held him close to my chest. “This is it, thanks.”

“Okay, I’ll fill in the paperwork and then I’ll just need your signature.”


The same way she appeared, the woman left us alone quickly, disappearing within the dark corridors. I glanced at Scott, who had his arms crossed and was frowning angrily, obviously not pleased with my decision.


“You better know you’re paying the big bucks for this.”

“By big bucks you mean fucking me until I’m senseless?”

“You bet I am.”

“Then I’m looking forward to pay the big bucks, darling.”

Grunting, he followed me to the front door, where I signed, rather swiftly, the adoption papers. Afterwards, I matched to the Mercedes parked outside, resting my back against it and watching Scott approach slightly upset. Yet, albeit his traits looked as if he had chewed lemons, I knew Scott wasn’t really that mad. Matter fact, I was sure he was loving the whole situation.

“Come on, Scotty.” The mellow sound that left my lips broke the twenty minute silence he built up once he started driving. “Don’t be so mad. Didn’t I say I was going to make it up to you?”

“I’m not mad, darling.”

“Of course you are!”

“No, I’m not.”

Sighing, slightly frustrated, I slided my hand up and down his right thigh, feeling its warmth against my palm whilst Scott moved uncomfortable in his seat. A smug smirk curved my lips as I kept going up, only stopping when my digits were dangerously close to his crotch; the contact made him gaze at me with eyes narrowed, mouth hanging open.

“Stop with that, please.”

“Stop with what exactly, baby?”

“Provoking me!” He abruptly stopped the car, hitching the tires on the road by doing so. “How am I supposed to go home like this? It’s so fucking uncomfortable!”

My eyes fell to the bulge underneath his trousers, which made me chuckle softly; poor boy was in need of a helping hand. Maintaining the amused traits, also not saying a word, I carefully placed the doggy on the back seats, preventing him to see what was going to happen next. Once the little animal was safe and sound, I went back to my place, guiding my hands to slowly massage his hard on, hearing him grunt while biting his bottom lip.

“Get rid of those for me, baby.” I asked, staring at him with all the desire I had within me. My entire body was lit, craving to be touched, to be pleased. And McCall was painfully aware of it, so he didn’t hesitate to kick off the pieces of clothing he had on, exposing his length to me, causing my mouth to water instantaneously. “Good boy.”

“Now what, babe?”

“Oh, Scotty, don’t worry.” Wetting my lips, I started to position myself so I could reach the place he needed me the most. Scott’s breath hitched on his throat when I got too close to his twitching cock, staring at it with desire. “I’ll help you blow off some steam. What do you think of that?”

“T-That’s great.” He stuttered, sticking his fingers on his hair, anxiously. I couldn’t help but think he looked incredibly cute all nervous for me.

Not being able to hold any longer, I firmly supported my elbows on his seat, clutching his throbbing dick and giving it light pumps, just to set the mood. As I moved up and down with my hand, I could feel my own sex getting slicker, for the whole scene was overwhelmingly hot to me. I just couldn’t help myself.

Scott, noticing my bad shape, reached my backside, slapping it hard and roughly shoving two fingers inside me. I groaned, finally placing a wet kiss on his tip, gaining a raspy moan as a response. Satisfied with the outcome, I started to playfully swivel my tongue around it, sensing him tensing up under my touch.  

“Go all the way, babe.” McCall pleaded, hoarsely. “Please.”

Deciding to grant his wish once and for all, I sank down on him, swallowing his cock until it reached the back of my throat, eliciting a gag mixed with a silky, girlish moan. Saliva started to drip from the corners of my mouth as the movements got slightly tougher. The alpha werewolf growled, soaked in pleasure, and grabbed a fistful of my hair with his left hand whilst the other one slammed into me using two of its digits.

“O-oh, babe.” The boy murmured, tightening the grip on my hair. “You have such a nice mouth!”

I could feel that he was insanely close to his orgasm, which drove me to intensify my tongue work. My nails were sliding down, scraping the bare skin of his thighs, erupting a series of low, raspy pants and causing him to curse under his breath.

Sweat coated my forehead, I could feel the droplets falling as I continued to bob my head and up down on Scott’s length. As for me, the built up tension on my lower stomach only grew worse by the second. I knew I was on the verge of my second peak. However, before I could get there, my boyfriend screamed, cumming in hot spurts inside my mouth without any kind of warning. He squeezed my ass, giving another set of thrusting until his high was over. I gulped it down, raising my gaze to observe his blissful state.

“Feeling better, darling?” I quizzed, turning around and lying on my back, my head on his lap. Scott was trying to even his breath, but he didn’t mind to start circling my bundle of nerves again. “Oh, shit.”

“I said you’re paying the big bucks.” His tepid fingers dipped on my entrance, making me screw my eyes shut and feel the tension all over again. “Count it up.”

“Don’t stop, S-Scott.”

Taking his stride to a whole other level, I wasn’t exactly surprise when I came undone in a short amount of time. Scott’s name slipped through my lips in loud squeals while I arched my back, the climax winning my form over. Feeling completely fulfilled, I just heard our ragged breaths mingle and let out a tired laugh.

“Can you please be nice now?”

“Oh, my darling, if getting mad at you means I get a blow job like that, get ready to be mad all the time.”

“You’re a jerk, Scott.”

“A jerk that loves you.”

“I love you too.”

Pecking my lips, he helped me back up and we went on with our little trip, both completely happy to have one another and to have started our own cute little family.

The Falcon and the Wolf Part 3

Summary:  This is an AU where you and Dean have been separated by a terrible curse for over two years.  You’re banding together with some old friends and old enemies to bring down the person responsible in hopes of removing the curse.  This is part three in a multi-part series.

If you missed Part 1 get caught up HERE.

If you missed Part 2 get caught up HERE.

Characters: AU!Dean x Reader, AU!Sam, AU!Cas, AU!Gadreel, AU!Arthur, AU!Cain, AU!John, AU!Crowley (mentioned), AU!Jess (mentioned), AU!Abbadon (mentioned), AU!Rowena, AU!Kevin, AU!Metatron (mentioned)

Word Count: 3495

Warnings: SMUT (unprotected sex, wrap it up people), canon typical angst, canon typical violence, death of an animal

A/N:  This is partly inspired by one of my favorite childhood movies Ladyhawke, though I’m taking it in a different direction.  This will be a multi-part series.  This is my first AU series, so feedback is very much appreciated!

Thanks to the fabulous beta @wheresthekillswitch, you are so wonderful! I don’t know what I’d do without you!

Thank you to the amazing @arryn-nyxx for the BEAUTIFUL aesthetic you created!  You capture a feeling with color, light and pictures that I can rarely find with words.

My tags are open so send me a message or an ask if you’d like to be added to the list!

Italics are flashbacks.

Castiel and Gadreel follow you on horseback riding north to find Sir Arthur Ketch.  Castiel’s freedom fighters are heading back to the compound with Sam and Dean.  Truthfully you could have made the journey on your own, but you’re reluctant to visit him alone.  No one has seen or heard from him in the years since the curse took hold.  Recently, word made it back that he was seen near a monastery far east of the Winchester stronghold.  As you soar through the sky your thoughts drift to your times with Arthur Ketch, or Ketch as you always called him.

Stinging pain hits your skin the moment the wooden sword makes contact with your leg.

“Sloppy, Y/N.  You can do better.”

Blowing your hair out of your face you stand with your sword ready again.

“Come at me, love.”

“Gladly,” you say darting toward him, swinging your sword.

Ketch twists out of the way, anticipating his move, you quickly sweep at his legs though he manages to jump away.  You bring your sword over your head; he meets it with his own, leaning into you.

“Getting better, love,” he says looking into your eyes.

“Just wait,” you say pushing away from him.

You circle each other feinting moves, trying to get a read on each other.

“Don’t hesitate, Y/N.  Move.  Action is best.”

You launch towards him again, successfully bluffing him, he goes left and you catch him across his side.

“Very good,” he rubs his side, a smirk playing on his lips.  “Again.”

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Bludgers (Harry Potter x Reader)


Request: “Hi! Can I please have a Harry Potter with 9 10 and 13? :)”

9 - “I think I like you”

10 - “Stop fucking around with my emotions”

11 - “That’s just my luck these days”

Harry Potter slowly walked into the Great Hall in deep conversation with his best friend, Ron Weasley. He had recently found himself intrigued with one of the Gryffindor girls, who happened to have been friends with Hermione ever since the train ride to Hogwarts in their first year. They had bonded over their academic ability and was somebody who could be seen speaking and helping the Golden Trio with everything they needed, but wouldn’t be seen with them. Her name was Y/N, and Harry adored her. Whenever she was around, he found himself focusing hard on the way her soft lips pronounced her words, the way her eyes crinkled whenever she laughed, and he often found himself speechless at just how marvelously beautiful her smile was. Both Ron and Hermione had observed Harry’s change in behavior around her, but neither decided to speak about it in front of her; she was unaware of how different he acted and Harry would be embarrassed if she knew.

“I just, I think she’s amazing Ron. Do you think she’d accept if I asked her out?” Harry bit the side of his thumb as he bashfully spoke, avoiding Ron’s smirk and gaze.

“Not bloody likely! Haven’t you heard? Apparently she’s been snogging Goyle in Hogsmeade,” Ron took his lip into his mouth as he attempted to hide a humorous look on his face. 

That’s just my luck these days,” Harry sighed and stopped when he got to the benches at Gryffindor table, completely dumbfounded. It must have been Goyle’s greatest achievement to even be in the same vicinity as a girl as wonderful as her. He couldn’t comprehend why she would even look at him that way. Feeling slightly sick, Harry shook the thought away and sat down to breakfast; he put some toast and scrambled eggs on his plate and filled his goblet with orange juice. His eyes glanced to the Daily Prophet.

“It’s incredibly ridiculous, Y/N, you can’t go on a date with that slimy-” Harry’s head looked up as he saw Y/N and Hermione walk into the Great Hall, both had exasperated looks on their faces. Hermione sat down next to Ron, and Y/N opposite her, next to Harry. She smiled good morning to Harry and took some toast of her own, not eating as much as usual.

“I know, ‘Mione. However, I can’t go back on it now. I already said I would, and besides it’s just one date.” 

Hermione’s face was filled with disgust as she looked at her best friend across the table. She too found it hard to understand why Y/N of all people accepted a date with Goyle. It disgusted her; he and his entire gang were tiring and annoying, an Y/N was usually one to complain about them whilst in the Gryffindor Common Room.

“Who are you going out with, Y/N?” Harry asked, looking in her direction as Hermione’s facial expression changed to a more sympathetic one as she looked at Harry.

“Gregory Goyle. He seemed desperate enough and no one else has asked me out so why not?” She laughed as she teased the other three. “I’m just joking. I pitied him. He won’t speak to me again after this date, it’s just to say that he went out with me.”

Harry raised his eyebrows, his glasses shifting up his nose slightly. He wanted to persuade her not to go, but didn’t want an argument or for her to find out his true feelings of how much he loved her, so he kept quiet, turning back to his plate and stiffly finishing his breakfast. Y/N glanced to the clock at the front of the hall, seeing the time as eleven’o’clock. She finished her toast quickly and began to drink the rest of her water.

“Going somewhere?” Ron asked her. Y/N sighed, then nodded.

“I was really hoping you wouldn’t ask. I agreed to meet Goyle in the morning, so that I could have the evening to do homework. And I’m meeting him in fifteen minutes actually. So, um, yeah. Goodbye, I hope you all have a good day,” she smiled as she grabbed her bag and jogged out, Harry watching after her with longing eyes.

Harry’s heart ached for the rest of the day. What did Goyle have that he didn’t? He was a pureblood, yes, but she didn’t care about that. Harry did not seem to be big-headed but he was certainly a lot more attractive than Goyle was. He was a lot nicer than Goyle was. And he didn’t follow somebody around like a lost puppy, like Goyle did with Malfoy. Harry wasn’t sure how he felt after thinking about her snogging Goyle, the pig who can never think for himself. He thought about Malfoy being there too, telling him exactly what to do whilst she was with him; needless to say, Harry was sick to his stomach and incredibly infuriated. Infuriated with him, for taking her away, and deeply frustrated with her for not choosing him.

Harry was sat doing his Potions essay when she returned. Y/N walked into the Common Room, Hermione at her side, her face pale and her lips blue, as though she had saw a ghost. The two were muttering under their breath, and Harry couldn’t help but feel slightly happy when she came back, obviously dissatisfied with how it went. Ron’s eyes widened, and he too kneeled at her side. Harry couldn’t understand what the three were saying, but he slammed his book shut and held it, walking to the side of them and gaining her attention.

“Enjoy your date, did you? Can’t say I’d uh, quite enjoy it myself. Snogging Goyle and all. How was it?” He asked, his voice laced with sarcasm. An arrogant smirk was on his face as he asked her. Tears formed in her eyes as she frowned, looking at him and holding her head as she looked at him, to stop herself from fainting.

“What on Earth are you talking about, Harry?” she whispered, people around them were glancing around at the two and the silence in the room was uncanny. Nobody else around them was saying anything, and Harry and Y/N maintained eye contact.

“You know what I’m talking about. Stop fucking around with my emotions.”

Y/N gasped, horrified that Harry would suggest such a thing. She stood up, jogging to the girl’s dorms, shoving Harry as she went past him. She slammed the door to the girl’s dormitories behind her, and Hermione shot Harry an angry glare.

“Harry James Potter! She lost a bet, you arrogant git!” Hermione followed Y/N up to the girl’s dormitories and Harry stood still, looking at the direction that she was last sat. Ron was staring at him, biting his lip. 

The next time that Harry spoke to Y/N was the Quidditch match against Hufflepuff the week after the brawl in the Common Room. He saw that she had isolated herself from everybody and he felt a bit bad about what he had said to her and how he had told everybody in Gryffindor that she had went on a date with Goyle. She was beyond angry with him, he didn’t know any of the story and just assumed everything. She knew the Quidditch match would cause a problem between the two of them. She played Beater for Gryffindor, and he played Seeker. Lee Jordan began his commentation, Madam Hooch blew the whistle and the game began. Y/N watched as Cedric and Harry both rose on the broomsticks; Cedric was racing around helping his team, whilst Harry just remained in the same position. Y/N nearly crashed into him.

“Merlin, Potter. Move your ass!” She yelled, giving Harry a foul look. He made a snide remark back, which made Y/N fly her broom back towards him. She gave him an earful about respect and manners. Suddenly, he raced above the top of her head, making her scream in anger. She took her bat, and found the Bludger, hitting it at Harry as hard as she could. He screamed, not moving out of the way quickly enough; the Bludger hitting him, causing him to off his broom. She felt bad immediately and stood there helpless as he fell a minimum of fifty feet from the air. The Gryffindor’s booed while the Slytherin’s watching cheered. Harry had still caught the Snitch, and so her team had won.

Y/N was unable to face Harry for three days after that. He was currently staying in the Hospital Wing; he had broken six bones during the match and was managing to throw up his food, whatever had happened had damaged him badly. Madam Pomfrey assured everybody that it could be fixed, but there was still a constant burning sensation in Y/N’s chest. She knew it was time to apologise.

Hastily, she practically ran through the stone walls of Hogwarts and made her way to the Hospital Wing. There she saw Harry, alone and reading a book. She paced towards him, gaining his attention. He rolled his eyes when he saw her, a strong hurt embedded deep inside of his chest as he looked away from her. Y/N took a step towards his bed, and opened her mouth to talk before Harry cut her off.

“Just- go. I don’t want you here. You attacked me, blatantly. We were on a team! Go.”

Her eyes widened, and she did as he wished. She left, straight away. When she got back to the Common Room, she wiped tears from her cheeks. Hermione gave her a confused look, and she grabbed her arm, taking her to the corner. Hermione hugged her and let her sob into her shoulder, rubbing Y/N’s back as she hiccuped and struggled to get a proper sentence out. 

“H-he means so much to me, ‘Mione. I know what I did was so stupid, but I was angry at him, I don’t understand how he could say that to me, and I bet he doesn’t understand why I attacked him.. I just went to apologise and he basically kicked me out of the Hospital Wing. He hates me, a-and I just, I love him so much.” Hermione smiled as she finally admitted her feelings. Y/N had been in denial for a long while about her love for Harry.

“I know, Y/N. Ron and I both know. I can’t excuse what you did, but I can talk to him when I visit him later, if you wanted?” Y/N nodded, happy that she had a friend as good to her as Hermione was. 

Hermione put Y/N in the girls dormitory and told her to wait there, which she did. She traveled to the Hospital Wing and her eyes widened with surprise when she saw Ginny there. She made her way next to Harry’s bed.

“Hey, Hermione.”

“How are you feeling Harry?” She asked, looking intensely at him and glancing at the small cuts on his face.

The boy sighed. “Terrible, I was a bit hard on Y/N earlier and I have no idea if she’ll come back.”

Ginny tensed up next to him. It was no secret to everybody that Ginny fancied Harry, and had done ever since she first saw him. Unfortunately for her, Harry was more interested in Y/N and she was going to have to accept that.

“About that, Harry. She just came to the Common Room, crying her eyes out, because she feels awful about everything. I really think the two of you need to sort things out.” Harry nodded and glanced to the doorway. He never wanted to argue with her, he let jealousy push her away and he was desperate to get her back.

Hermione told Y/N that she had spoke to Harry and she skipped happily to the Hospital Wing the next day, eager to sort things with Harry. However, when she got to his bed and opened the curtain, she was faced with Ginny. She looked up at Y/N, a foul look on her face.

“Why are you here? You’re the reason he’s in here.” She muttered, frowning slightly at Y/N.

“Ginny-” Harry tried to intervene, but Y/N knew there would be nothing to stop her from taking Harry away from her.

“I’m here to apologise and sort things out, actually. I’d like it if you could leave.”

Ginny gasped, standing up and walking towards the girl. “I’m not leaving, if you want to talk to Harry you can do it while I’m sat here.”

“Why? So you can make sure nobody takes him from you? Harry, she fancies you. Did you know?”

“You went on a date with Goyle!” 

Y/N was a bit taken aback, but Harry interrupted.

“Ginny, please go. You can come back if you really want, but this is a conversation between Y/N and I.”

Ginny rolled her eyes, grabbing her bag and leaving in a huff. Y/N sat down in the seat next to Harry’s bed. She exhaled softly, before speaking.

I think I like you, Harry. No, I know I like you.”


“You heard me, Harry. I’m very in love with you.” And in that moment, she pressed a kiss to Harry’s lips. He moved to hold her waist as she leant over the side of his bed. The two were complete with one another and the moment, even though Harry was in pain, there was nothing which would damage the value of the time shared together at that time. The two kept their kiss lingering for a long time, both incredibly happy and content with the other.

BBRae Week - Day 1: Pining


Two weeks.

It’s been two cursed weeks since he’s been gone.  Two weeks since Robin sent him to Steel City so he could lend a helping hand against an uptick in crime over there, while things in Jump were getting uneventful to the point of being boring.

Which gave her a lot of time for thinking, and moping, and pining.

Not that they were dating. Or going out. Or seeing each other. Or having a… thing. Or whatever you would call a normal romantic relationship between two teenagers desperately in love with each other.

Of course they weren’t. It was stupid to even think about it. She was anything but normal. It’s not like she could have a romantic relationship with anyone, let alone inflict herself on him. She had to keep her feelings hidden from him, and from the others.

But of course, all of that didn’t mean she didn’t miss him terribly. Miss the sound of his voice, the green of his eyes, the flash of his grin. Yearn for the comforting, calming, almost overwhelming tide of love that flowed into her every time he was near. How in Azar’s name was he able to stir everything up in her and yet calm her down?

She groaned, exasperated and irritated by him for being impossible even when he wasn’t around.

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Originally posted by markjin

Characters: Jackson Wang (GOT7) x You (OC/Reader)

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Length:   2,847 words

Warning/s: Mentions of depression, mild anxiety, mild physical violence and minor cursing…

A/N: Abrupt writing, something that I came up with while I am contemplating with my life ;)  Also, this is First person POV.  Zero proofreading was made here as well because I was too lazy lmao I hope you enjoy this!  Choosing Jackson as a character was not planned also, I just began typing his name when I am writing this hahahaha

There will always be a reason to smile… No matter how tough life gets… Or no matter how hard your battles are…

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Request: Anon. Can I get a daryl imagine where youre arguing and say you find out about his backscars(I dunno his shirt rips or sum)and he suddenly becomes this sad wounded puppy and there’s a lot of crying and hugging and feelings are admitted?

Word Count: 2109

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse, fighting, swearing

A/N: This one took a bit longer, but once I started, I just didn’t want to stop..


Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

“The hell is your problem, Dixon!?” I screamed as I reached forward to stop him from walking away.

“Ya wanna know what my problem is?” He snarled, whipping around to face me. “My problem is that ya think ya can just do whatever the fuck ya want! Ya don’t care bout nobody but yerself!”

“Are you fucking kidding me!? You seriously think that about me? Then you don’t know me at all Daryl Dixon. Here’s an idea; why don’t you get your head out of your own ass and join the rest of us? Don’t you dare think for one second that I’m a selfish little brat, who’s only goal in life is to look out for herself!” I knew I should have walked away, but I was too riled up, so I did the next best thing I could think of; I punched him in the face. No, not slapped, punched, right square in the jaw too.

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Gold || c.h.

WC: 1.8K+

A/N: Here is the very anticipated Calum installment to my Color series. This one really isn’t my favorite but that may just be because I had a hard time with the AU. Please, please, please let me know what you think! Once again this one shot was inspired by @thehalcyonclub‘s Calum one shot, Green

Read the other installments here: Red | Blue

Gold was the color of the pendent that usually dangled from your neck but today was perched between your lips. Calum watched as your eyes scanned the notebook in front of you, the pendent never leaving the safety of your mouth. You were deep in thought, this much he knew. He’d been observing – or stalking as his friend’s teased – you for weeks now. Something about you intrigued him, you enticed him. Lost in thought, he hadn’t realized he was still staring until he felt a delicate tap on his shoulder. “It’s not polite to stare,” you smirked, before waltzing out of the library. Calum was hooked. 

Gold was the medallion awarded to Calum and his team for their championship win.  You watched as your fellow classmates rushed the field to congratulate their football team from your seat between your parents. “You can’t sit with the commoners,” you father, the King, had sneered when you brought up the idea of sitting with your friends. Instead, you were stuck between the two as they clapped courteously, your heart sinking as you watched girl’s from your class peck Calum’s cheeks in celebration. That should be me, you thought before you were being whisked away by security. The unmarked black car waiting for the three of you to take you back to the safety of your palace before the real celebrations started. 

Gold was the color of the sand squished between your toes, your feet sinking a little more with each step you took. You had never felt something so warm before, your parents having forbid you from ever parading around the beach like a commoner. But they weren’t here tonight, having left you in your dorm only a few hours prior with no security upon your request. It was only when they left did you tip toe out of the dorm towards your floor mate, Calum. 

“I can’t believe you’ve never been to the beach before,” he said, brown eyes wide as he watched you trace patters into the soft sand. 

“My parents are strict,” you answered, scooping up a handful of sand watching as the wind blew it from your hands. The grains swirled in the air, dancing with the wind until falling to the ground. You were mesmerized, your hands quickly scooping up more sand to start the process again. 

Your hands were halted though, when you felt a familiar presence behind you. Calum wrapped one hand protectively around your clothed middle, while the other gathered the hair twirling at your shoulders. He pushed it aside before his fingers grazed the collar of your shirt, tugging it towards the left so the material fell from your shoulder. It only took seconds for Calum’s lips to replace the warmth your shirt was providing you, leaving a trail of kisses from your shoulder to the nape of your neck. 

A chill coursed through your body as Calum spun you around, his arm that was once around your waist now clung to your hips. The two of you stood in silence, admiring each other’s beauty under the golden hues of the sun. You marveled at the way the dim rays of light gave Calum’s brown skin an aurora of gold, the harsh black lines of ink contrasting with his soft skin. Meanwhile, Calum admired your beauty, amazed that someone so beautiful could be so unaware of it. 

“If you brought a bathing suit we could have gone in the water,” he mumbled, his words nearly getting lost in between the kisses he showered you with. 

You pulled away from Calum, eyes trained on the waters ahead of you. The sounds of the waves crashing on shore were like a lullaby, but instead of lulling you to sleep they were calling for you. You had never touched such tranquil yet destructive waters before and you craved to. 

“Who says we need bathing suits,” you smirked, tugging the hem of your shirt up and over your head. Your mother’s nagging words reminding you that “Royals were only nude while bathing” played over in your head as you shimmied out of your shorts. The constant mantra of a princess is pure, prim, and proper, a mere fleeting thought as you unclasped your bra before taking Calum’s hand and dragging him towards the ocean. 

You finally felt free. 

Gold was the color of the tiara placed delicately near the crown of your head. You stood beside your mother, your father a few steps in front of the two of you addressing the crowd of civilians and media personal. Calum’s heart dropped as he watched the spectacle play out on the small television in the dormitories’ common room. His eyes immediately glazing over as the camera panned to your face, your lips in a tight line as you were forced to smile at the boisterous crowd in front of you. Calum had to sit down, his legs failing him as you smiled, your wrist poised in the air waving at your admirers. Your father’s words began to slur together, the room around Calum spinning. The last thing he remembers hearing was the King’s promising words that he would find his daughter a suitable Prince. Everything went black. 

Gold was the color of your iphone. Or, at least the color your iphone was before you threw it against the wall hours after returning to the palace. The sound startled your wait staff and it was only minutes before your mother was over the intercom scolding you for your un-lady like actions. He hadn’t answered. Not the first time, or the second time, or the thirty-third time – not that you were counting. He hadn’t even answered the tens of text messages you had sent. Nothing. Calum had gone radio silent and it was killing you. 

Gold was the color of the mask left in front of Calum’s door. The glistening mask, was tucked safety into a black box until he found it, opening it to reveal the mask. He observed the piece of craftsmanship, his fingers tracing the curve of the edges before he held it up to his face, the mask molding to his face perfectly. Calum placed the mask on his bed, turning his attention to the box it came in. He searched for a note, even something as simple as a dorm number in the hopes of finding out who sent him this, but more importantly why. In defeat, he flipped the box over and that’s when he saw it. Written in your loopy handwriting was the note he’d been looking for,  “meet me in the palace gardens at 10. I’ll be waiting.” 

Gold was the color of the golden retriever puppy chewing on the strap of your left heel. You fumbled with the right heel before unclasping it, you winced as your feet hit the cool concrete. “Stupid shoes,” you mumbled to yourself before tossing the right heel towards your dog, Reign. “Here, you can eat that one too.” 

You bent down to pat Reign before making your way over to the large bench situated in the corner of the garden. Sitting down, you reached your hand up to the tiara digging into your hair. With one swift movement you tugged it free, placing it down on the bench before unraveling your hair from the tight curls your mother had forced you to sport tonight. You were unraveling the last tendril when you noticed the looming figure standing near the dimly light passage way. Before you had time to greet the figure, Reign was off, his puppy legs hurling himself towards Calum. 

“Hi there buddy,” Calum laughed, before kneeling to pet the over excited pup. 

“Sorry about that,” you mumbled, tapping Reign’s nose while scolding him. 

“It’s okay,” Calum answered, eyes refusing to meet yours. 

The two of you stayed silent for what seemed to be forever. The only noise coming from Reigns whimpers as he tried to fit the entire heel of your shoe into his mouth. 

“You never returned any of my calls,” you breathed, a sudden wave of courage washing over you. 

“You lied to me.” 

Your heart dropped, sighing you grabbed his hand and lead him towards the garden bench you had previously been sitting on. Reign followed after, his tail wagging, totally oblivious to the storm that was brewing between Calum and you. 

“I didn’t lie.” 

“Okay, but you still didn’t tell me the truth,” Calum said, his eyes darted from the floor up to meet yours. “Why didn’t you tell me you were the Princess?” 

“It wasn’t important,” you shrugged. 

“You’re the fucking heir to the throne. I think it’s pretty important to tell the guy you’re dating that tidbit of information.” 

“We were d-dating?” you asked, stumbling over the foreign words. How could you not realize you were dating? 

“Are you serious, Y/N?” he shouted, stopping only when he realized his mistake. “Er, I mean Princess Y/N. What did you think we were doing? Last time I checked friends don’t just sneak out of their dorms and meet at the beach to go skinny dipping or spend hours binge watching stupid American sitcoms!” 

“Cal,” you choked, his name felt so foreign in your mouth. Almost like it didn’t belong. “Calum, I’m so sorry.” 

“Why’d you ask me to come tonight, Princess?” Calum asked, eyes stone cold and arms crossed in front of his chest. 

“Don’t call me that,” you groaned. “Just call me Y/N, okay?” 

“Fine,” he said. “Why did you ask me to come tonight, Y/N? Isn’t this supposed to be your debut or something? Find a nice Prince who has no shot at ruiling his own kingdom to woe you so he finally gets a shot?” 

“This isn’t Frozen,” you chuckled, finding humor in his comment despite the tension between the two of you. “But yeah, that’s the general idea of tonight.” 

“Well then I won’t keep you waiting,” he sighed, standing up from beside you. Calum bowed poorly towards you before turning around. He managed to take two steps, before something collided with his back. A pair of arms wrapping around his middle pleading with him to stay. “What are you doing?

“I don’t want any of those stupid Princes Calum,” you sobbed. “I want you and only you! Please don’t leave me.” 

“What about your parents?” he asked, hesitant to wrap his own arms around you. 

“They’ll get over it,” your cried, words muffled by the fabric of Calum’s shirt. “My mom’s not even a real royal so she can’t say anything bad about us.” 

“No more lies?” 

“I promise.” 

Gold was the color of the ring Calum presented to you on your 712 date. You’d been dating for nearly two years when the brown boy knelt down on one knee, brown eyes glistening with tears before he even opened his mouth. The candle light of the secluded table made the gold ring glimmer, the lights reflecting over the walls of the Italian restaurant. “Y/N Y/L/N, you may be the Princess to the country but to me you’re the Queen. I’d be honored if you’d take my hand in marriage, so we could one day rule this Kingdom together.” With shaky hands, Calum slid the gold ring onto your left finger while you cried cheers of joy. Finally, your life felt complete. 

fratboy!luke (part 2)


a/n: back at it with part two! basically there is never enough fratboy!5sos so here I am contributing to this movement. i’m trying to get back into writing so feedback is highly appreciated to help me improve and give you the stories you guys want to read!  let me know if you want more of this because I’m thinking of making it a series…anyways enjoy

requested: yes!
word count: 3,847

It wasn’t that Luke was a terrible flirt. That wasn’t it at all.

In fact he was incredibly smooth in his choice of words, to the point where you couldn’t tell if he was flirting with you or if he really was just a natural born charmer. Each day without fail he complimented you on the way you were dressed, or the particular way you’d styled your hair, or even how beautiful your highlight looked when the sun was shining in through the window at just the right angle. You’d be lying if you said it didn’t have any affect on you. No matter how many times he complimented you, you’d blush and try to hide your red cheeks behind a curtain of hair or in the hood of your sweatshirt.

The problem wasn’t Luke at all. Rather it was you. You saw right through the little mind game he was currently trying to play with you. So part of it was Luke, because, well, he was the one trying to get you to chase after him. But most of it was you, refusing to acknowledge the fact that he was genuine in his compliments because you’d built up a security wall around yourself, that even Luke, with his long limbs and tall stature would never be able to climb over.

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“If you love me, don’t let go. If you love me, don’t let go Hold, hold on, hold onto me 'Cause I’m a little unsteady”

//Loosely Based of the song Unsteady by X Ambassadors\

warnings: Brief use of Language, violence, blood, death

word count: 1,175

“I can’t hold them off much longer” I screamed out blinking away the blood that trickled into my eyes as i continued to punch and kick my way through the sworn of enemies who had me surrounded. I could hear Steve calling my name as he fought his way through the crowd, his vibranium shield clashing against the floor as he’s knocked onto his back his head coming in contact with the slick road as a deafening crack echoed through the noisy streets. I let out a shrill shriek as i watch the masked figure loom over him a gun securely in his grip pointing directly at the man i had spent 2 years my life loving and cherishing. 

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anonymous asked:

Will u do a very ute SONAMY story. It can be short or long your choice

Thank you anon for the request! I know just the thing to write! 

Setting: Sonic Boom universe, after the puppy-con episode that will appear in the future! Also I imagine the game puppy-con being a console game. 



He didn’t think his day would get any weirder until his companion told him that she might be going crazy. Again.

“I…what did you say?”

Sonic stood in the entrance of her living room, leaning against the door frame and adjusting his weight between his feet. Jerking his head up, he peered at her through the luminous contrast this room emitted. The walls were painted with a bisque yellow so that whenever the sun glinted through glass the color emulated into your face like a mirror. However because of that, it made Amy’s pink fur look platinum, silky and smooth. But the biggest difference were her eyes, the sunlight made the green within them look gold, so vivid they instantly grabbed your attention. Her quills hung over her shoulders like a bridal veil as she watched him with amusement.

“I said a new game of puppy-con is coming out.”

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If You Were an Angle (you’d be acute one) Pt.1

Pairing: Jimin x Jungkook/Jikook

Genre: High school au, Fluff and Humour, Pining, Romance, Comedy

Summary: The au where Jimin is hopelessly in love with the first year that he tutors and Jungkook has a cold attitude but is really just a shy little bean.

A/N: This is the first fic I have posted on Tumblr, it may or may not have just been an excuse to write something with a shitty pick up line as the title.

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You are Divorced, but he tries to get you back. (Luke)

Okay, this was literally my first request ever, so I hope the user that requested this is happy with my work. The original request was “they are divorced, they have kids, and he tries to get her back” I’m sorry I got carried away and only ended up doing one for Luke, but if you want the rest, send me a message and I will continue it with the three other boys.

First Request!


You sighed as you battled with your children’s belongings, trying to fit them all in two average-sized school bags. You would have thought all of those hours you played tetris during your childhood would come in handy at this point, but no matter how you folded their clothes, and how you placed and piled their toothbrushes and other necessities, they didn’t seem to be cooperating very nicely today.

You were stressed, extremely so, and you shouldn’t be, after all, this wasn’t the first weekend your children had spent with their father. The sole memory of him made your heart twist, saying you didn’t miss him was an absolute lie. You missed Luke. You’d missed him from the moment he signed the divorce papers and walked out of your house forever. In all fairness, this was a feeling you’d grown used to, you used to spend months at a time sleeping alone in a bed made for two while he was touring, and even when he finally WAS home, he’d be away on promo, at interviews or at the studio with the boys.

When you met Luke, you knew he was the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. The moment your eyes locked with his, you’d fallen hard. He was the love of your life, your one and only, the first man you had ever loved. You knew the downside to his glamorous career, you knew what you were getting yourself into when you started your relationship with him, and you were okay with it, because Luke was there for you at all times, on the phone with you, texting you, sending you silly snapchats, and he would fly home or fly you out as many times as possible. You couldn’t be happier.

But somewhere along the way, something went wrong. You had your first child with Luke, and you thought you could never feel sad again. That was until he left for tour, and you were left changing diapers alone, dealing with bringing up a child basically on your own. You couldn’t fly out as often as before due to your child being too young to go on planes. You saw Luke less. Even when he was home, he was too tired to help you with your child, and you could tell your baby’s cries stressed him. As your child grew, he became a gorgeous toddler, Luke’s spitting image, but to him, his own father was practically a stranger. That’s when your second child came along. She looked exactly like you, but sported Luke’s beautiful blue eyes.  You were happy, but you couldn’t help crying yourself to sleep every night, because now you’d be left raising two children by yourself.

Your son grew up quickly, and as soon as he was able to speak, he started asking questions that broke your heart.

“Where is Daddy?”

“Why is Daddy not home with us?”

“When will Daddy come home?”

“Does he not love us?”

Soon those questions faded, and became statements.

“Daddy isn’t home with us.”

“Daddy doesn’t love us.”

You tried your best to keep your family together, but it just wasn’t working, you couldn’t fight this on your own, and Luke clearly wasn’t putting any effort on his side. You tried very hard, until he decided an interview in another city was more important than your child’s birthday. That’s where you drew the line. You called him up, but he never picked up, and by the time he got home two days after, he found his belongings in boxes and suitcases by the door, divorce papers sellataped to them. That’s when he realized he had made the biggest mistake of his life.

He tried to convince you through calls and texts, and showing up at your door, for weeks, to stay with him, but you refused. After a while, he gave up, and signed the papers, agreeing to shared custody, where he would get to see your children every weekend he was in your city.

You were snapped out of your daydream when you heard the doorbell.

(His P.O.V)

I walked up to the door, and pressed on that damn button I had helped connect myself. I shuffled on my feet uncomfortably, tugging on my flannel, trying to straighten it out. In less than one minute (Y/N) was at the door, and my breath hitched, she looked as beautiful as always. I struggled not to stretch my arms out, and wrap them around her delicate frame.

“Hi” I said awkwardly, my hand rubbing the back of my neck. She gave me a strained smile out of politeness, and my heart twisted. Oh how I missed making her smile for real.

“Hi. Kyle! Bri! Dad is at the door!” She called out to them, and soon I heard the thumping of small feet down the wooden stairs. The moment my two kids came into view, I knelt down, and opened my arms for a hug. Brianna jumped into my arms instantly, but Kyle hesitated, crossing his arms and looking up at Y/N. She nodded at him, and he sighed, walking up to me and allowing me to hold him. Great, my son still hated me.

They hugged their mum goodbye, Kyle held onto her a little too long, looking up at her with pleading eyes, but she shook her head at him, sighing heavily. He kissed her goodbye, and turned away, walking towards me with sad eyes. It broke my heart. My own son was upset over spending time with me. Bri giggled as I secured her seat in the car, at least she was excited to see me.

Being with them was difficult, because they grew a lot while I was away, and it was hard to notice how much I missed, a constant reminder of how I ruined the best thing that ever happened to me. Bri was wonderful, chatting away as soon as we got home, but Kyle was impossible, I just couldn’t get through to him. He sulked in a corner playing his Nintendo. My heart twisted and contorted in pain every time I remembered how stupid I had been, but I was ready to put an end to all of that. I thought it over for the three days, and as it got closer to the end of Sunday, I called the kids into the kitchen, and offered them a seat.

“Listen kids, I have something important to ask of you, so listen close” I started, noticing how Brianna opened her eyes wide and sat up on her chair, while Kyle just stared at me blankly.

“I know I have been a fool, I know I have missed a lot. But I want us to be a family again. I want your mother and I to be together again. I want to live with you. I want you guys to give me a second chance, and I want you to help me get your mother back.” I pleaded, tears stinging my eyes, threatening to fall down my face. For the first time in years, Kyle’s eyes looked at me with a sparkle in them, his lips slightly wider apart, and my heart somersaulted.

“Do you mean it Dad? Do you really want us to be a family?” He asked me, reaching out to hold my arm. I stared down at his hand on me.

“Yes Kyle, I am serious. Will you please help me?” I asked him, and he nodded eagerly. I knelt down to hug him, not being able to contain myself, and to my surprise, he returned the hug. Maybe, just maybe, I’d be able to get my family back. I started to explain my plan to them.

(Author’s P.O.V)

Sunday night came quicker than you thought, you stared at the hands of the clock on your wall, waiting for that doorbell ring, signaling your kids were back. As soon as the hands hit 8, you started hearing music playing outside. You ignored it at first, but curiosity got the best of you, and you poked your head outside your window to see what all of that was about.

Your heart skipped a beat when you saw Luke there singing his heart out to you, guitar in hand,  both of your kids beside him, holding two large signs above their heads “LET’S BE A FAMILY PLEASE?” and “DADDY SUCKS BUT HE LOVES YOU, GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE?”. Your eyes were wide, but you couldn’t help giggling to yourself. You shook your head, and darted for the door, stepping outside.

“Luke what the hell are you doing?” You asked him, and you knew you should have been a lot less nicer to him after everything he did, but God you missed him, and you knew you were his the moment he gave you that dorky grin of his.

“Trying to get the love of my life back, obviously” He replied, as he continued singing.

“Mommy, Daddy wants us to be a family, see? My sign says it. I want us to be a family, so I never have to miss him again.” Your daughter told you, pointing to her sign, and you smiled at her.

“Mom, I know Dad sucks, and I know he isn’t the best, but he promised he would be here, he promised he would try. I want to give him a second chance… Will you?” Kyle asked you, and you gasped at his words. You couldn’t believe your son, who before used to dislike his father greatly, was now asking you to get back with Luke. You looked up at your ex-husband, with tears in your eyes.

“Please Y/N… I know I was a fool, I know I did you wrong, and I don’t deserve you, any of you. But I love you. I want you back. I want us to be a family. I promise never to make the same mistakes. Please?” He asked you, his blue eyes pulled into a puppy stare. You bit your lip, walking closer to him. Without a warning, you crashed your lips into his, his hands letting go of his guitar, and placing around your face. His lips felt soft and warm against yours, and the moment they touched, the sparks were there again, just like the first day. When he pulled away, you saw tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Thank you…” He whispered with a broken voice. Enveloping you into a tight hug, which both of your kids quickly joined into.

“It won’t be easy, we will have to work on this, step by step. But we can try to be a functional family again. Doesn’t mean you are fully forgiven yet though.” You warned him, giving him a stern look, and with a shaky voice, he laughed, and pulled your head against his chest.

“I don’t care, Y/N. I will prove myself worthy of your love again. I will do anything. Thank you. Thank you so much” He whispered into your hair, kissing the top of your head repeatedly, as he looked down at his family. Yeah, it would be weird, difficult, and awkward at first. But you were a family again.

30 Day Writing Challenge

Day Seven: Light

The sunshine that seeped through the curtains woke me up. The second I opened my eyes, I felt how sore my body was. The cuts still stung and my muscles ached. The past two weeks had seemed like a horrible nightmare, but I knew it really happened. I weakly rubbed my eyes and yawned and cuddled up to my pillow, ready to fall back asleep.

“How are you feeling?” He asked in a husky voice from behind me. I could feel his eyes on me. It comforted me knowing I was back home with him.

I rolled over and looked up at him. He looked down at me coldly.

“I’m sore,” I whispered. He leaned down and kissed me softly.

He was still covered in my kidnappers blood.

“Why haven’t you showered yet?” I asked softly.

“I don’t want to leave you alone,” he replied. He pursed his lips and began to examine my cuts and bruises. I winced, causing him to look back up at me.

“You’d think I’d be used to this kind of pain after the many nights we’ve spent together,” I said with a smile. He didn’t find it too funny.

He got out of bed and carefully lifted me, walking me into the bathroom. Once he turned on the bathroom light, i saw my reflection and gasped.

I was covered head to toe in cuts and bruises. My hair was a mess from the constant being flung against a wall, I still had dirt on me from being locked in a basement. I looked like I belonged in a horror movie.

He sat me on the toilet and began to gently strip off my clothes after running the bath water. Once I was naked, he went to go pick me up again to put me in the tub.

“I can do it, honey,” I said as I raised my hand to stop him. He gave me a warning look before lifting me anyways and setting me in the warm water.

I sighed and allowed him to wash me. He went over every inch of my skin gently with the washcloth, careful not to cause me anymore pain. Once I was clean, we sat in silence.

“I hate seeing you like this,” he said softly. I looked up at him and brushed my thumb over his cheek softly. He leaned down and gave me a gentle kiss.

It was rare that people saw this side of Mistah J. Underneath all of that crazy was, well, even more crazy. But underneath all of that was a loving and caring man. He never understood how to love or how to be loved, so these feelings scared him. The only thing he’d ever known was how to cause fear.

Because of this, we almost didn’t make it as a couple. I had met him at his club. I was new to town and got a job as a waitress there. He must have liked what he saw because it wasn’t long until I was the one who was always bringing him his drinks. He was there every night i was working and didn’t leave until my shift ended.

One night, he walked me to my car and offered to take me out to dinner. I hadn’t known about his reputation and he seemed like a decent enough guy, so I accepted. I had been secretly crushing on him for a few weeks beforehand so I was excited. We hit it off the night we had dinner and have been together ever since.

It wasn’t always rainbows and puppies, though. The first time I had ever told him I loved him, he lashed out at me. It got so bad that he almost hit me. He threw many shot glasses against the wall and kept pinning me against the wall and yelling in my face.

“Oh you love me? You love ME?!” He’d then laugh loudly and say, “Hate to break this to you, sweetheart, but you were just a fuck toy to me,”

His words broke my heart and I left. I didn’t talk to him for a few weeks. I had thought what we had was over and done with until one evening when he showed up at my apartment with a bouquet of flowers. He didn’t look good. It looked like he had gotten shit faced drunk every day since I left. He had dark circles under his eyes and his eyes were bloodshot. He was skinnier than he usually was, his cheekbones were hollowed out.

After a very long talk, I agreed to go back with him and we’ve been inseparable ever since. He worked hard to keep me safe and loved it when I went and caused chaos with him. He always called me his little cherry bomb. Sweet and innocent but a real firecracker.

He hated it when people compared me to Harley. He especially hated it when they said I was anything less than her. Usually those conversations ended up with a dead body falling to the floor and our maids having small hissy fits about the mess.

I don’t know where I’d be without Mistah J. Probably living a boring life with a boring job in a boring apartment somewhere. He was my other half, my partner in crime, and my soulmate.

(Sorry it went up so late! I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t been able to write! ❤️)

(P.S sorry it’s a little sloppy. I’m like 45% awake right now but I really wanted to add day seven)

(P.S.S thank you for all of the notes & follows! Makes me happy knowing some people like my writing! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo)

Bad Boy Michael

The bad boy of the school is not someone I had ever pictured myself to be best friends with, but some how here we are. Sitting in front of me with his leather jacket, eyebrow piercing, and white hair was Michael Clifford. I’m not quite sure how I finally agreed to be apart of his shenanigans but I did.

This guy was persistent. Every day he’d talk to me but never make me feel uncomfortable. He’d ask me about my day, simple things like that. Everyone else however, told me to stay away. They all said he was a bad influence and only wanted to get high and have sex. I didn’t really believe them, for some reason or another it all seemed like bullshit to me.

Now keep in mind, I didn’t completely give in to his charm, no I made it hard for him. He was never an asshole about it though. I’d tell him to leave me alone and he’d immediately say okay and back off. He didn’t know I was joking, it was kind of like a friendship by that point. I’d pretend to be pissed while he annoyed me and we’d laugh at the end. It bloomed into a beautiful friendship.

Over the coarse of three years, I learned that he was nothing like anyone told me he was. In fact, he was the exact opposite. He wasn’t rude, he was rather polite. He didn’t sleep around, he liked to stay home and play video games. The drugs however, he did smoke weed but I mean, what’s harm can he cause? Eating his own weight in food? Nothing was harmful about him. If anything, I’d like to compare him to an oversized kitten, which he completely disagrees with even though he knows it.

So that brings us to now as we sit in his bedroom, poster littering the wall, mountains of clothes hiding the floor as Michael sits on the edge of his bed, a joint in between his lips. I curiously watch as he takes it with his fingers while the smoke escapes his mouth. Despite how many times I’ve been around him when he smokes, I’ve never actually tried it myself. I crawl next to him from my spot on the bed and look at him with puppy dog eyes because in the amount of time that he’s become my best friend, he’s also become extremely protective.

“What?” He asks furrowing his eyebrows. I shift my eyes from the joint back to him, hoping he’ll get the hint. “No.” His eyes widen as he back up. “Please?” I beg, wanting to know what all the fascination is about. “Y/n no.” He responds sternly. “Well what the fuck Mikey? You smoke in front of me all the time and the one time I wanna try it you keep smoking it in my face and tell me no?” I ramble. He sighs. “I don’t want you getting in trouble, okay? Cause if something happens where you end up doing something stupid, it’ll be my fault and I won’t forgive myself if something happens.” He explains. “Michael pleeease? I’m right here where I can be supervised and you won’t let me do anything stupid.” I frown. He looks at me for a moment while thinking. “Okay fine.” He gives in. I smile as he sits back down next to me. “But you have to promise me that you won’t do anything else other than this. Anything other than weed and you could get seriously hurt.” He tells me. “Okay, I promise.” I nod, letting out a small laugh. He begins to show me what to do before talking again, causing me to groan out of frustration. “And DO NOT let anyone give you anything except for me. Do you understand?” He asks raising his eyebrows. “Yes!” I say out of frustration. “I’m fucking serious! Promise me?” He says, worry in his eyes. I soften up, understanding that he’s just trying to be there for me. “Okay, yes I promise. Sorry for being an impatient brat.” I pout. “It’s okay.” He lets out a breathy laugh. “Okay now, take this and hold it in between your fingers like this.” He instructs, holding my hands in the right position. “Now bring it to your mouth and inhale.” He says as I take it in between my lips and let the smoke fill my lungs. “Hold it.” He says as I begin to feel myself wanting to cough. “Okay breathe it out.” He says nodding. I exhale and immediately start coughing harder than ever, as if my lungs would come tumbling out at any second. “Just let yourself cough, it’s normal when you first start.” He says rubbing my back as my eyes water from the constant coughing. I stop and am finally able to breathe clearly again as Michael stares at me with a worried expression. “You good?” He asks sincerely. “Mhmm.” I nod, my throat feeling irritated but still leaving me wanting more. I watch as he takes another hit and soothingly blows it upwards into the air. “Do you want more?” He asks as I eye the joint. I simply nod before he takes it and puts it to my lips. I breathe in again, this time knowing what to expect. I hold it in like he told me to before and release the smoke from my lungs, coughing like before but not as bad. “My best friend is growing up.” He says smiling a soft smile. “Shut up you dork.” I shove my shoulder against his, giggling. I suddenly feel the high start to settle in and everything feels so peaceful. I feel a bit tingly and giggly as I lean my head on Michael’s arm. “Doing okay?” He asks taking an ash tray and putting out the joint. I nod while he pulls back to look me in the eyes with his deep green orbs. I start laughing as I twirl a strand of his hair around my finger. He begins laughing as well before we both end up on the floor in a fit of giggles. “You’re cute as fuck.” He giggles, rolling on his side to look at me. “Really?” I ask laughing as I hold my stomach. “Yeah like…” He pauses for a minute think with a serious face as he returns to his position of laying on his back while he stares at the ceiling. “You do all these things that are so cute like you giggle at the stupidest jokes and you make me give you piggy back rides and you always pick fights but it’s adorable especially when you win and god damn sometimes you piss me off but I can’t stay mad at you cause you’re cute as fuck and Jesus Christ I love you.” He blurts out as his eyes light up. “Y-you love me?” I mumble, comprehending the three words. “Yeah.” He smiles a goofy smile while turning back to look at me. “If you don’t love me back that’s fine. But I love you even though you make me mad.” He grins, gazing at me. “Wanna know something?” I ask with sudden realization. “Hm?” He hums, still staring at me adoringly. “I love you too.” I admit, crawling on top of him so that I’m straddling him. “Wow.” He breathes out. “What?” I ask, panicked that I made the wrong move. “It’s just… This is really happening. I can’t believe that the girl of my dreams is actually sitting here and she feels the same way.” He smiles, playing with my hand. He suddenly rolls us over so that he’s hovering over me, his hair a mess from rolling around in the carpet. “Can I kiss you?” He asks inches away from my face. “Yes.” I smile before he gently presses his lips to mine, my hands tangling in his hair. He leans his forehead against mine, smiling like an idiot as he tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. “I love you.” He says again, pecking my lips once more. “I love you too.”

This was a wild ride of emotions my oh my. Feel free to request fluffy things! ☺️

stuck on you

so a long time ago an anon asked me to write stevebucky + stuck in an elevator and i only got around to it now. i’m v sorry. but i hope 5k of fluff makes up for the wait.

featuring sick bucky, pining, and lots of comfort. you can also read it on ao3.

“Are you dying? Because you look like you’re dying.”

Bucky sniffles and glances up at Sam, swallowing once and grimacing through the hurt in his throat. “No, I’m fine.”

Bucky is not fine.

He is the opposite of fine.

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