his comment is so relatable omg

comments on my posts
  • me: pj is so underappreciated his videos are so creative he deserves more subscribers.
  • someone: yeah well, dan and phil need more subs too :\\\
  • me: makes appreciation post for pj
  • someone: omg this is how i feel about dan and phil
  • me: posts something entirely about pj and pj only. literally no relation to anyone else especially dan and phil
  • someone: dan and phi-
  • me: (ಠ益ಠ) DO (ಠ益ಠ) NOT (ಠ益ಠ) MAKE (ಠ益ಠ) THIS (ಠ益ಠ) ABOUT (ಠ益ಠ) DAN (ಠ益ಠ) AND (ಠ益ಠ) PHIL (ಠ益ಠ)