his comment is so relatable omg


“What Men Really Think About… Their Body”

Pls watch Bob’s story (starting around 13:45) and think twice before sending shallow and meaningless comments like “OMG you’re so hot!” to Bob himself and instead send something that relates to how much you appreciate his work, his charities, or something else he values being known for.

Ya know, it makes me sad that there’s Snape-hate out there. We all know he was mean to children and wasn’t overall a pleasant man, but it seems like Snape-haters never once took a psychology course. The poor dude was physically and mentally abused throughout his childhood! I mean, come on. That obviously makes a big impact on a person. It wasn’t a shock he grew up to be the kind of person he was - well, apparently to Snape-haters it was.

I keep thinking about the people who relate to Snape because they’ve been abused and whatnot and then them seeing people bashing him and trying to justify his abuse. They must feel terrible because “wow I relate to Snape and everything he went through, but people seem to really hate him and - whoa, they’re trying to justify the abuse he went through and somehow make it his fault. Does this make me a bad person too and that I deserved what happened to me?”

And please don’t try to comment “how would you know what they think?” And whatever comments you Snape-haters come up with because I relate to him. I used to think that by relating to him I must be a terrible person somehow, but now I don’t because I realize everything that happened to him as a young boy wasn’t his fault so it’s obviously not mine.

I’m sure nothing I just said will make a difference, but Snape-hate actually makes me sad and I wish people would actually dig deeper into him and evaluate everything canon and understand him instead of only seeing him say something mean to a student and automatically saying “omg what a bad man I must hate him forever and not bother to understand anything about him. Oh, and I must continue to praise the Marauders because yeah they might have been bullies and harassed Snape physically and mentally, but James was Harry’s father so he’s automatically redeemed, Sirius was good-looking so yay him, and Remus was a nice werewolf who died for the cause later on in life. (Ya know, UNLIKE SNAPE OR ANYTHING) Wait, where was I? Oh yeah - BOO SNAPE HE WAS A MEANIE.”

comments on my posts
  • me: pj is so underappreciated his videos are so creative he deserves more subscribers.
  • someone: yeah well, dan and phil need more subs too :\\\
  • me: makes appreciation post for pj
  • someone: omg this is how i feel about dan and phil
  • me: posts something entirely about pj and pj only. literally no relation to anyone else especially dan and phil
  • someone: dan and phi-
  • me: (ಠ益ಠ) DO (ಠ益ಠ) NOT (ಠ益ಠ) MAKE (ಠ益ಠ) THIS (ಠ益ಠ) ABOUT (ಠ益ಠ) DAN (ಠ益ಠ) AND (ಠ益ಠ) PHIL (ಠ益ಠ)
Living in a Phantasy — Part 4 | The Festive Season

Summary: Dan and Phil submerge themselves in the festive spirit by going Christmas shopping for friends and family, and realise quite how horrible it is to hide their love in public :(

Genre: fluff, love, romance, phan, domestic (sort of)

Word count: 1416

Trigger warnings: a little tiny bit of angst 

A/N: Omg the title is horrible but I couldn’t think of anything better. This part is sort of a filler for more to come :)

Part 3

Part 5

Dan hated not being able to hold Phil’s hand in public. He hated how cold his hand felt without Phil’s warmth. He hated not brushing his arm against Phil’s wherever they walked. No physical contact from him was like torture.

But still, Dan couldn’t complain. Just being in Phil’s presence made his heart skip a beat.

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Exo reaction to the girl they like being sassy

Sorry for the lame one!

Sehun: *finally met his pair* 

Kai: You’re lucky you’re pretty and you know how to kiss.

Tao:*read the comment she left him on his insta acc* She’s worst than Sehun and Chen  combine.

Kyungsoo: Bye bitches Kyungsoo’s out of here!

Chanyeol: If i wanted soemone sassy I would have date Sehun!

Chen:*having a mental breakdown from all the laughing* Omg you’re so funny if you think you can be more sassy than the king of sass himself! 

Baekhyun:*hears you making fun of Suho* OMG THIS GIRL IS PURE GOLD.I THINK I’M IN LOVE!

Lay:Are you and Sehun related cause you sound just like him!

Suho: Did I heard a sassy comment from you young miss? I tought so!

Kris:*gif talks for himself* This bitch doesn’t take shit from nobody!

Luhan: Oh so you think you can be sassy and  make fun of me?

Call me pretty one more time and I’ll call kyungsoo to deal with you! Now how about another date?

Xiumin: Did you and Sehun went to the same school together? What they teached you there: how to be sassy 101?

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My favorite anime youtuber just made a video about "who's more disappointing" and guess what? Sakura is mentioned. Again. AND IT JUST MAKES ME SO SAD LIKE CAN PEOPLE JUST STOP WITH THE SAKURA SHAMING OMG.

I have stopped going on youtube bc I was so mad at people dragging her through the dirt. Like dude wtf? I have yet to see a video about a Naruto related subject and not see someone say she is a bitch in the comments. She is hated more than Obito, like wtf? What did she do to Naruto or anyone that is so unforgiving T.T. Did she kill his parents? No! And the arc where she confesses to Naruto, like dont people see how much Sakura herself is in pain? She was extremely desparate and hurt. Why do people only hate on her? They say she is the source of all problems in the manga.
But it is not only that. It has to do with a lot more. Most of the guys use the nice guys finish last argument. And the girls that hate her say she shouldnt be in a abusive relationship. And both are bs. Its a manga about ninja for godsakes. And Naruto being good to Sakura, and therefore he has to have her, is the biggest bs ever. It the entitlement issue we are dealing with everywhere. Naruto is nice to both Sakura and Sasuke, he is that kind of person, because he is selfless. And Sakura not loving him is bullshit, he is a very dear friend. She cares about him as her teammate and she also cares for Kakashi-sensei. And kakashi is also helpfull and nice to her, so why not marry him? (Lets marry anyone who is nice girls, bc otherwise it would be unfair!)
It just boggles my mind. Like one of the only safe places for Sakura-chan is on my dash, bc I unfollow everyone who bashes her or Hinata. Like get of my dash XD. I dont need to see that bullshit on my dash. ( feels like I am on of those old people screaming: get of my yard..)

the different types of youtube comments
  • “um actually I’m nine and two months and I finished this game in 0.2 seconds so shut the fuck up and learn to spell bitch I’m more mature than you”
  •  “lolololololololol I died at 3:24 XDDD pause at 3:24 for the best face ever you’ll thank me later hahahaha”
  • “stupid fucking fangirls. they’re not gay!!!!!!!!!!! he literally stared at a girl in a video once okay so shut up!!!! and even if they were it’s none of your business so stop harassing them with dumb comments saying they’re cute!!!”
  • “sweetie :) didn’t your mommy ever teach you manners? :)“
  • “Hi! my name is Erica and I make youtube videos about my life and friends and funny things that everyone can relate to, so check out my channel! peace and love - Erica xoxo”
  • “no way I have the SAME EXACT SHIRT :O WHAT ARE THE ODDS”
  • “omg did anyone else get that reference or was I the only one who noticed?”
  • “I just wanted to say thank you so much for being who you are. you inspire me, you always make me laugh, you’re always there on a day I feel sad. so I’m just here to say I love you and keep being yourself <333″
  • “are those her real eyelashes?? also does anybody know where that dress is from? also that lipstick, can I buy it in the U.S.?? thanks xx”
  • “no offences but hes cuter than u sorry no offense but just truth”
  • “subscribed”
  • “did you see how sad he looked for one eighth of a second???? obviously he feels left out and abandoned because he had a shitty childhood and now all of those suppressed memories are coming back and I’m sure when he goes home now he’s gonna cry himself to sleep but pretend everything’s fine right now because he doesn’t want to upset anybody :( <333333 I feel so bad for him”
  • “they aren’t even funny just really fucking annoying”
  • “anyone else watching in 2015?”
  • “anyone else watching in the year 2890 in their iHouse?”
  • “lol I just laughed so hard my parents gave me a really weird look I’M SUCH A DORK no one will ever understand me”
  • “FIRST!!!11!!!!!!11!!!!!”
  • “you weren’t fucking first there are like a hundred comments below yours”
  • *random panic at the disco quotes in all caps*
  • “am I the only one who’s starting to ship them?”
  • “ **you’re “
  • “this comment is hacked so you can’t like it”
  • “there are four fridays this month. like this and your crush will ask you out this friday. repost ten times or your love life will be cursed for twenty years.”
  • “no offense…….but are they gay. no offense I’m just wondering no hate”
  • “omg I’m crying X’D”
  • “don’t cry”
  • ……………………………………………….
  • ………………… ……………….
  • ………………………………………………. ………………
  • ………………………………
  • “craft”