his colors

some facts about gumdrop:

  • he collects bouncy balls, paper weights, marbles and snowglobes
  • his tongue color changes depending on his mood ( @tinymush​ ‘s idea)
  • @color-therapy​ would be gumdrops blog
  • he was almost named windmill im serious
  • he’s addicted to caffeine
  • he’s gay can u tell
  • he’s extremely energetic and charismatic and happy go lucky he loves life… i envy him
  • he has an older brother that is pretty grouchy. his brother doesn’t have a mane or a name as of yet but One Day

imagine for his first comeback, Ravi decides for the concept to be playboy bunnies–but all his backup dancers are wearing suits and he’s the one dressed up in a strapless leotard, fishnet stockings, red stilettos (because he can’t trail too far from his brand color), and bunny ears, complete with white cuffs and a cute collar. he’s never felt more at home on stage.

She glances up at Bjarg’s face whenever she dares, drawing courage from his steadfastness. The dawn light cuts through the trees giving his cheeks a tawny glow, adding warmth to the whiskey color of his eyes, and she does not know how she can ever be enough for such a man. She does not know how, but she knows she will try. At least for as long as she can.

From Wandering Hearts by @ravenwritesstuff

Look who’s trying to sneak on my bed :V!!! Senor Muttonchops!!! 

 (I have a problem and it can’t be helped ;v;…i needed a tsum tsum Kallus) 

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the proportions are. wrong in the second one so that’s something i’ll fix before coloring it but. it felt good to draw period so i’m not going to. well i’m going to try not to linger on it


they’re just sketches anyway it’s not like anything in them is set in stone

Dallas Winston headcanons

- loves coffee
- hates hot chocolate and tea
- refuses to drink tea, even when he’s sick

an actual conversation
- “it’s water that lies about being tea.”
- “Dal, coffee is just water that lies about being coffee.”
- “coffee is different.”

- has like three leather jackets
- and two jean jackets
- he stole four of them
- Mrs. Curtis gave him a leather jacket, that was actually his size
- the rest are a bit too big or a bit too small

- his favorite color is black because it hides everything
- that’s why he dresses in dark colors
- he can blend in and hide himself from real life

- sometimes he’ll tell the gang he’s sleeping off a hangover just so he can avoid functioning for the day

- acts like he hates country music
- but after living at Buck’s for so long, he doesn’t mind it
- there’s some songs he actually likes

- hates condoms more than he hates little kids

- does not know how to take responsibility for his actions
- he’s always putting the blame on someone else

- he doesn’t forget anything
- remember that time you borrowed ten bucks from him on September 19th, 1963 at 4:17 pm? cause he does.

- his mother is Russian
- like both her parents are from Russia but she was born and raised in America
- his father has English background
- that’s how he got his English last name

anonymous asked:

Do you have any theories on why Branch's hair is shorter than most Trolls and grows longer at the end when he gets his colors back? I'm guessing the height of a Trolls' hair could signify status or a hierarchy of some kind like maybe Trolls with the tallest hair is royalty?

It’s actually mentioned in the art book as a design choice, it has no social meaning. The character designers wanted Branch’s hair to resemble a “contained volcano” because he bottles up most of his feelings and emotions when he’s grey. Poppy, by contrast, is supposed to look like an “exploding volcano” in her ponytail because she wears her heart on her sleeve and is very open and passionate about the way she feels.