his clothes are wrong

Not Again...

Title: Not Again…

Paring: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1,254 (it was supposed to be a drabble but things happened)

Warnings: awkward boner and a lot of fluff

Prompt: Anon- Can you write one where Dean somehow turns back into a teenager (maybe a witch did it or something). And he has always had a crush on the reader but now that he’s a teenager he can’t control his hormones very well, and he gets like boners at awkward times? Or something along those lines?

A/N: Enjoy!! Read the other parts of the Awkward Boner Trifecta here: xxx 

Dean awkwardly ran down the hall of the bunker towards the kitchen as he tried to hold his pants up. Something was wrong, something was really really wrong. His clothes were too big, his voice was weird, and he was definitely shorter.

Dean was a teenager again.

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The Signs as Things that have come out of either my/my friends mouth
  • Aries: Well stab me in the face and call me Narancia because I don't know math
  • Taurus: Maximum nut
  • Gemini: Leggyton
  • Cancer: Doppio did nothing wrong
  • Leo: Miguel's bustin out of his clothes like the incredible thot
  • Virgo: Norman Reedus and his funky fetus
  • Libra: "everyone in Drama come out" "I'M GAY"
  • Scorpio: *reaches hand in bag* hey I got something to show you! *Pulls out middle finger*
  • Sagittarius: my arms may be noodles but they can still knock you the fuck out
  • Capricorn: *with one foot in trash can* I'm going home!... Guys I'm stuck
  • Aquarius: I didn't know the goblin king was an edge lord too
  • Pieces: Maybe the cookies were the enemy stand

Lauran had been such a success at the office, Dee had made him a special night.  A scavenger hunt from room to room searching for his next piece of clothing.  If he chose the wrong room…well, those experiences were new.  Lauran knew his position and positioning would be forever changed after tonight!


But consider Cullen’s clothing in DA:I.

It’s the first time he’s been able to choose his own daily outfit since he was a child.  So what does he do?  First, pragmatism: he keeps the basic protection of full plate armor, but ditches the infamous Templar skirt in favor of practical leather breeches.

But then he takes that armor, and he covers it in soft, organic material.  Leather gloves instead of steel gauntlets.  Shaggy fur to replace the over-compensating, pointy pauldrons.  Fabric to wrap around his chest plate.  Not coincidentally, he leaves only one spot of his chest plate exposed: the place where the Templar sword glaringly isn’t.

Early on, the Iron Bull comments on how Cullen’s Templar past is unmistakeable – and it is, don’t get me wrong.  Still, his clothing in Inquisition says to me that he’s trying, very deliberately, to be a new person.  The symbolism of covering his templar armor with mage-appropriate fabrics may not be conscious, but it’s surely significant.


…. apparently Andrei needed confirmation that his love interest was an Evil fuck like he was BEFORE plundering the booty in the shower.

…. well alright then.  >_>;

Oh.  That little shitbag shed his tiger paint and came home.

…. and then he shed nearly all of his clothes?

what the fucking fuck is wrong with you??

Had a quick gasp about his older brother getting his belly scratched in the foyer.

Had a quick gasp about the growing number of babies just injected in random spots on the lot like Easter Eggs.

…. I am so serious when I ask what’s wrong with you.  D:

“When you put on your clothes, remember that Allah veils your wrong actions with His mercy. You should clothe your inward part as you clothe your outward part with your garment. Let your inward truth be veiled in awe of Allah, and let your outward truth be veiled in obedience. Take heed of the overflowing favour of Allah, since He created the means to make garments for covering physical immodesty and opened the gates for repentance, regret, and seeking succour, in order to veil the inward parts, and their wrong actions and bad character.” ~Lantern of the Path 🌸 Imam Jaafar Al-Sadiq (ع

Also known as Luvius Avitus >w> Their relationship/possession is…an interesting one, to say the least. 

anonymous asked:

Honestly all I want is louis in well-fitting clothes. I want him to get a good stylist sooo badly to see to that. Also, I think that other blogger has missed the point? It's not so much people's own classist bullshit, it's the very deliberate image of louis that is clearly being sold to the public. I'm sorry but you can't deny it has certain intended implications. Like please point me to which part of louis' current public image is working in his favour???

But you’re missing the point of the discussion.  It’s to separate his image from the clothes he wears.  The point i’ve been trying to make since yesterday when this whole thing began was that there’s nothing specifically wrong with his clothing choices.   In fact I’ve specifically said if his whole public image was different, no one would have a problem with the things he wears.  and i’m STILL sticking to that.

Something was wrong. Haurchefant wasn’t sure what it was exactly that was wrong but remembered always feeling that way. remembered his skin always crawling remembered hating the clothes he was always dressed in. Artoirel never seemed wrong. In fact, Artoirel seemed ideal to most, even as young as four, Haurchefant could tell that.

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